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Find cheap flights from Riviera Maya to Los Angeles

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March Best time to beat the crowds with an average 4% drop in price.

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December Most popular time to fly with an average 14% increase in price.

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$224 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$197 or less

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Sun Country Air
Overall score based on 9,095 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Awesome prices. T,he gate crew was informative and helpful with the flight status and early check in procedures. Good food choices and variety, and prices weren't terribly out of line"
Cons: "Flight crew didn't give many updates for sights or geography, if at all. Seats are probably the smallest i've seen, the the middle seats don't recline at all which is uncomfortable."

Pros: "Boarding was very smooth, gave early boarding to the military, 737-800's,"
Cons: "FA's were a little matter of factly."

Cons: "1. no precheck 2. no wifi"

Cons: "-four hour flight with no wi-fi?! -movie option for free? -flight attendant traffic was disjointed. waited nearly an hour and half for trash to come around"

Pros: "i honestly had never heard of your airline, but when i got stuck in Minniapolis do to the delta meltdown last week, i found a ticket home on sun,, your price was excellent and the service was fantastic in first class, Nice people great food great price considering i was in first class for less than any other airline in coach thanks Don Dokken CEO DokkenEnterprises inc"

Pros: "I like the staff, the clean planes, the on time service"
Cons: "I fly Sun country all the time (every month) and I do not have any negative experiences."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything."

Pros: "Very nice flight attendants and very accommodating."
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "Reminder email notices and services"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Please read thoroughly"
Cons: "The whole experience"

Pros: "The flight was on time, the ground crew were very helpful and friendly. When I landed at LAX there was no wheelchair. I had to wait for at least 30 minutes for a wheelchair. I missed my shuttle and after arriving at 4:45, the shuttle did not come until after 6:30."
Cons: "The grounds people at LAX were not as nice and friendly as the flight crew and the ground crew in MN. Certainly not as helpful. After waiting for my wheelchair which had been pre arranged, I missed my shuttle and had to wait almost 2 hours for another shuttle."

Cons: "I tried checking in online multiple times, but it kept saying there was an error. I would then call the customer service line and sit on the phone for a very long time until finally hanging up because no one answered. I was thinking about extending my trip but I couldn't because I couldn't ket ahold of anyone."

Pros: "Paid more for priority seats roundtrip to find out nothing about it is priority. They boarded our section last. All rows were bparded before rows 4 through 8. What a waste of money. Never flying Sun Country again. Not to mention the flight attendants repeatedly bump into my wife by reaching over her to serve people in the row in front and behind us. So rude..."

Pros: "Great seating and service. Friendly helpful flight attendants."

Pros: "I had never heard of Sun Country before, and thought I would be in for an uncomfortable Spirit Airlines type of experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the seats were comfortable, there was room for my carry-ons, and everyone was pleasant."
Cons: "I just acquired a Known Traveler Number for TSA Pre-Check. When I checked in at the airport, the self-service screen showed my KTN, but printed the boarding pass without saying PreCheck on it. I didn't notice until I was at security and was no longer able to get it corrected. I was told by the TSA person (not a Sun Country employee) that it was "random," but surely your system can factor KTNs into boarding passes automatically, especially since I (and other passengers) paid for the DHS enrollment. I was also hoping for electrical outlets in the seat so I could use my laptop."

Pros: "On time boarding. Nice flight. Plane looked new."
Cons: "Three men in my row were 220 lbs. and more. Made for tight seating. The food and entertainmemt sections did not apply on my flight."

Pros: "Timely departure and arrival Aircraft was relatively clean."
Cons: "The event I flew to attend got changed, so I had to change the dates of my 'Going To' and 'Coming Home' flights. It was not my fault, but I got horribly overcharged to change my flights. I am not working right now nor do I get Unemployment; I booked the flights months ago while I was still working. In that situation, the airline could help a bit more financially. Airline crew going out was courteous and helpful, but there was one attendant on the flight back who was frankly rude to me and bullied me. I do wish airline food was a bit more reasonably priced, and cash payment was accepted."

Cons: "Not able to lay back to nap."

Pros: "It was a pleasant trip I would recoment to any one"

Pros: "I liked the leg space. It was an improvement over the 3 days earlier Spirit A320 modern cab that seats don't recline"
Cons: "I like to have head phones for free to listen to Air Traffic or music. This flight didn't have that"

Pros: "Seats were fine, had a decent single serving friend."
Cons: "Delayed for an hour with no real apologies. Extremely rough landing not even at the gate, had to get herded onto busses to take a 20 minute bus ride to get to the terminal and got no explanation as to why it happened or what was going on."

Pros: "Prompt, friendly!"
Cons: "Uncomfortable. Had an aisle seat."

Pros: "Fairly standard flight, comparable to southwest. Legroom was reasonable and seat was fairly comfortable. I like that the airline is loyal to its hub: offering local craft beers and some snacks unique to the region. Sun Country offers a lot of direct flights out of MSP to popular regions. A direct flight on Sun Country is way better than a connecting flight on other domestic carriers. The crew was nice and the plane was well maintained and clean. Check in was speedy and friendly."
Cons: "Plan on bringing entertainment ahead of time: book, laptop etc. The airline offers rental tablets loaded with movies but does not have seat back entertainment. I believe it was ~$10 to rent a tablet. The airplane I was on had three restrooms (one reserved for first class). The two remaining bathrooms always had a standing line (if you are in the back of the plane, expect to have someone hovering over you or resting against your seat the entire flight). The restrooms were a bit "ripe" by the end of the flight and the back of the plane smelled like it. I'd recommend avoiding sitting in the back of the plane as much as possible"

Pros: "All employees were super friendly and helpful"

Pros: "Very painless experience. Everything went smoothly."
Cons: "No complaints from this trip."

Pros: "My flight back was really good the crew was really nice got offerd plenty of complimentary beverages the pilot was really nice in letting us know where we were and what time we would be landing overall the flight back was good"
Cons: "The flight there wasnt that plesent the boarding was really slow they didnt board us accordingly they just boarded in whatever order they felt like didnt get offerd any complimentary drinks and when i asked for one they said they didnt have any of what i suggested also no entertainment unless u want to purchase one"

Pros: "The cost of the flight"
Cons: "Just your average/normal flight. You get from A to B simply"

Pros: "I would like wifi on the plane!!! Southwest has free wifi and you can watch all kinds of tv's nice on a long flight!"

Pros: "That we landed"
Cons: "The plane was late getting there and then we boarded and waited an hour to leave. That plus five babies who cried And screamed the whole time. No utensils with my food, batbtoom disgusting. Pilots flew ok and landed ok."

Pros: "Fast boarding and such a smooth flight. Ticket was so affordable!"
Cons: "No entertainment and no free food. There was trash in my seat compartment."

Pros: "Same aa precious flight"
Cons: "Flight crew not as friendly"

Pros: "Everything was on time, and the service was good."

Pros: "Everyone was nice, great leg space , comfortable, very helpful, reasonable baggage prices."
Cons: "Great experience until picking up baggage. My stroller was broken and 3 of my bags were destroyed!! To make matters worse there was no one to help.. No one at arrival desk, no one to be found by anyone in the airport!! I'm nervous how/if we will be compensated for our stuff."

Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time, in this day and age that seems to be about all you can hope for (also our checked bag was not lost). When checking at the airport in my wife and I had our seats moved together in the exit row for free."
Cons: "For or flight to LA the plane was not at all full but when I tried to check in 23 hours ahead of time the only seats listed as available that were together were in upgrade area's ($15 a seat). We figured when arriving at the airport they could fix this for free but was definitely strange..."

Pros: "Very friendly and helpful customer service across the board - check in was a breeze, flight staff very attentive and cheerful, pilot was amiable and gave us a pretty smooth flight."
Cons: "The seats and rows are incredibly compacted - unless you're a small person you won't be able to move much at all. The aisles are the narrowest I've ever seen - if you sit on the aisle expect to be bumped repeatedly. There's also much less room under the aisle seats for putting bags/personal items."

Pros: "The crew was great. Courteous and attentive. Liked the selection of food that included healthier options like the fruit plate."
Cons: "I am really displeased that there is a charge for baggage. With the price of fuel so low, I find if appalling that airlines charge even for the first bag."

Pros: "Very accommodating Wonderful staff Comfortable seating (exit row) Funny: Willy Wonka on the exit row instructions!"

Pros: "Good flight. Good crew. Would always prefer to fly Sun Country for LAX to MSP."
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to a maintenance issue. Didn't mind that. Would rather be safe than sorry. As a traveler, I would have appreciated knowing what the maintenance issue was. When we landed, there was no place to pull in so we had to wait on the tarmac for a while after an already delayed flight. Not Sun Country's fault - that's just the reality of LAX."

Pros: "We made it there"

Pros: "The layover was good."

Pros: "Everything was great"

Pros: "Flight attendants were very helpful. I loved how they came through twice with drinks."
Cons: "Where was Sky Mall magazine??! The aisle seat was uncomfortable because I couldn't rest my outside arm on the armrest without people constantly running into it."


Pros: "crew was awesome and very accomidating!"
Cons: "the video players offered should have ability to play music"

Pros: "Good flight."
Cons: "One bathroom but had to take smaller plane due to medical emergency. Could give peanuts!!"

Pros: "We haven't travelled Sun Country in a long time. Everyone from the gate agents to the flight crew did their jobs right and with a smile. No food or entertainment but we didn't expect that."

Pros: "The boarding process and take off were smooth. The crew was pleasant. Overall good experience."
Cons: "They charge for snacks. There is not a lot of leg room."


Pros: "I never flew on Sun Country Air before but I'm glad I did. It was much better than expected."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Was next to crying child. I do understand crying children. But I should have footed a free glass of rose."

Pros: "The seat was super comfortable, because of o lot of place for legs"
Cons: "The crew sometimes seems not to be happy with the passengers"

Pros: "Nice big plane, new technology"
Cons: "When landing in LAX we were unloaded far from anything and loaded into buses and taken to the terminal. It was like a weird sci-fi movie LOL."

Pros: "Good service. The crew was very attentive. The pilots were very good about relaying Typhoon related issues to the passengers; and doing their best to get us to our destination as close to on time as they could"

Cons: "Ticket was never issued."

Pros: "Flight attendants were great. Special note for Payton very attentive to my needs. Great personality. I will fly AA if all attendants are half as good and responsive as she was. She definitely deserves a raise."

Pros: "The crew was nice and friendly. I was super tired so I slept almost the whole way through. But they still left a bottled water and snacks for me. Very thoughtful."
Cons: "Everything was good, no complaints."

Pros: "I loved the movie options, It really made it a great experience."

Cons: "No food served on a 5+ hour had to pay extra for it and it didn't look like it was worth it. You also had to pay to choose your seat to be with other members of your group....this is all after paying for the flight itself! For the trip to Ireland from LA, for a group of 6, it was another $1000+! Just another way to get a few more bucks because they can! :("

Pros: "No blankets no entertainment"

Cons: "American Airlines had put my luggage on a flight earlier than me and is still NOT FOUND."

Pros: "On time departure, early arrival. Comfortable journey. Our pilot was a woman! Go girl power!"
Cons: "The WiFi did not work. You couldn’t download the American Airlines app. The crew forgot to give me my complimentary drink. After attempting for 10 minutes, Gave up."

Cons: "Entertainment system went down toward the beginning of the flight. The crew seemed irritable, but that was probably because people were upset about the entertainment system. We had to listen to a loooong speech about their credit card. I, personally, don’t like sales pitches over the intercom in the middle of a flight. Had the movies been working, it would’ve paused during the long speech. Not cool at all!"

Pros: "Organised, clean"
Cons: "Food... pizza... bad idea to serve during a flight. Moreover, the smell and the taste was bad"

Pros: "The flight was great--good food, good service, good entertainment, on time."
Cons: "They lost our luggage. Four people traveling together arrived in Phnom Penh, but our luggage didn't. It took almost 2 days to be reunited with our luggage."

Pros: "Good flight. Arrived early. Great crew. A321 is a nice aircraft. Good legroom."

Cons: "Cabin crew seem frustrated and don't like the work"

Pros: "This JAL flight was actually operated by american airlines using an american airlines plane. This flight was not great compared to the JAL flight we took to Haneda which was actually a JAL plane which was roomier and had pretty good food."
Cons: "Food was extremely salty, overly sauced. The breakfast options were salmon or omelette and i got salmon. It was spongy and didn't look like salmon. It must have been mashed with something else and reformed into a roll form."

Pros: "We made up time in the air and landed early. Seats were very comfortable."
Cons: "We landed early but had to wait a half hour to be able to get to an open gate. Then when arriving at the gate the jet bridge was unavailable so we waiting on the plan for an hour after touchdown. Then during my baggage claim pick up I found it open and spilling out into the bin and it was the first time I used this suitcase. Overall, I don't think it was the airlines fault but the airports fault at LAX, however all of these thing combined made it a less enjoyable flight/experience."

Pros: "Nothing I could not take the flight"
Cons: "They did not let us board because the connection time was not enough for our bags - no one took accountability and they finally rescheduled us on a flight the following day after 3 hours on the phone. Terrible"

Cons: "Service was terrible. Uncomfortable and good was not at all tasty"

Pros: "We hit a very bad bout of turbulence. They were concerned as to our wellbeing and comfort throughout the flight."

Pros: "I did like that the flight attendant checked my bag for me land was very forth coming on tips on how to save money with traveling. The fights we very smooth."
Cons: "I didn't like that airport staff didn't alert when the plane was leaving (no announcement was made and staff gave wrong information, I ended up"

Cons: "Taking 2 shuttle buses to transfer from AA to PAL."

Pros: "Excellent, friendly attention from flight attendants."

Pros: "we had all the necessary conditions for work, rest, sleep and eating. The level of service has increased"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "We flew with 4 different airlines on our trip to New Zealand and American Airlines was by far the best. We were comfortable and had plenty of good food and free entertainment. I would fly with American Airlines again."
Cons: "I can't think of anything."

Pros: "Movies, wine"
Cons: "When checking in the staff was so incredibly rude, nonexistent during the whole check in process that it led to several people missing their flights or almost missing it. I had to run around asking for someone to help the long line of people including me who were all in danger of missing their flight because no one was around to help. And then when I finally do get checked in using the now kiosk only option for the plebeian class while anyone above economy gets to talk to real people (way to highlight the class divide guys) I missed my check in time by 5 minutes and was told by the kiosk to find an agent. Then I go running around looking for an agent. I find one and she says you missed your flight. I told her I still have 45 minutes to make it, and she rudely just tells me to get in another line to pay for a new ticket. LUCKILY someone in the priority line saw I was having a problem, a customer not an agent, and she told me to try to talk to someone on her side. After 3 agents told me no one finally told me yes. I made my flight but just by a hair. If the agents would have been around to help or been willing to help me from the moment I spoke to them this would not have been a problem. Thanks for almost ruining Christmas for me. When I spoke to others everyone told me they always have issues with AA. Will never fly AA again."

Pros: "Decent movies"
Cons: "Seats are incredibly close to one another. I'm pretty short (5'5") and I felt cramped to say the least. The food isn't great, it's okay but don't expect to be wanting seconds."

Cons: "A guy passed out prior to boarding, then they put him on the flight. We push back from the gate and start the engines and the guy passes out again. Now we are delayed 35 minutes. Why did they put someone one the flight that was clearly sick before he ever boarded then you make everyone miss their connection in Dallas. We got to the gate for our connecting flight 9 minutes before the pushed back from the ramp and they would not let us on??? WTF poor customer service!! Fly southwest from now on!"

Cons: "We had purchased the tickets months before flying - It was Quantas, but we flew on American and Alaska- no one seemed to talk to each other - not one site had the complete itinerary. Took hours of phone calls and a lot of anxiety before we completed the trip. I used my American airline frequent flyer card and even though we flew over 14000 miles, we got credit for 500."

Pros: "The crew that showed up at the Departures counter when we all lined up to be reticketed for our flight that was cancelled the previous night was great."
Cons: "Our brand new 787 had a mechanical issue. We were scheduled to leave at 7:20pm and sat on the Tarmac until 10:45 while we waited for shuttle buses to take us back to the terminal. We waited in line for over two hours for hotel vouchers that they did not have. We paid for own our room and returned at 11am as instructed, but the plane needed a part that had to be shipped from the U.S. which pushed our scheduled departure from 2pm to at least 9pm. My family grabbed a bus to Narita for a 6:30pm flight. C'MON AMERICAN AIRLINES! COULD YOU SERIOUSLY NOT GET ANOTHER PLANE TO HANEDA?? OR AT LEAST PAY FOR OUR HOTEL?? The ground crew at Haneda was very kind but overwhelmed. Terrible experience. And it's the reason I don't fly American. In fact, KAYAK, I booked our flights on JAL intentionally to avoid American. The fact that these were partner flights on American completely and unpleasantly surprised me...also not a good experience."

Pros: "The staff were all quite polite and helpful"
Cons: "the boarding process is chaotic. No one pays attention to the boarding numbers and it's just a big, pushing, shoving mess. I'd like to see a little more use of the system to keep.people more orderly."

Cons: "American Airlines isn't as friendly or accommodating as other airlines or staff."

Pros: "Medical emergency response and support was excellent."
Cons: "No pre-boarding for infant. Straight legroom in 13D still had seat in front recline into my knees at 6'5". Extra legroom purchase did not provide any extra legroom. Need to know what seats provide extra legroom for 6'5" tall passengers."

Pros: "They were very professional and very welcoming. Made my eleven hour flight feel short with the entertainment the airline provide and the delicious meals that were provided. Definitely will be flying again with American Airlines for my next flight."
Cons: "Can't complain. Pleased."

Cons: "the flight did not have charging areas on the plane for phones for the regular seating. also, the seating was much tighter and our arm rest was not functioning. On all the planes going to our destination the accommodations were much different."

Pros: "That I finally arrived and got off the plane"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for three hours, we landed and sat in the plane for another hour to wait for a gate to open up. After apparently being hbaged three times. Terrible experience"

Pros: "Entertainment screens were easy to use and fun. Crew was extraordinarily nice and attentive."
Cons: "Boarded 2 hours late due to the flight crew reaching the maximum amount of hours they can fly by law. American should be more aware of their employees' hours. Seats need better head rests. Menu needs more vegetarian options and the prices need to be lower."

Pros: "Loved the people, very friendly and accommodating. I sat in first class and felt very comfortable."
Cons: "I think needing your own device for entertainment is awful then having to pay rental fees, even if you're in first class."

Pros: "Speed check in"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The kiosk didn't work and sent us to check-in from which they couldn't figure out why the tickets wouldn't work. There was only one attendant at the ticket counter for the entire airline. And finally when the problem was finally resolved we nearly missed the flight; despite being there nearly 2 hours early."

Cons: "no leg room"

Pros: "I liked the seats I paid for on the flight."
Cons: "American Airlines flight attendants are horrible! Unhappy, disgruntled and it shows! They are not a good reflection of JAL!"

Cons: "Missing luggage is a common thing in British airway, which is not so common in other airways."

Pros: "The flight landed early. The Entertainment on the plane."
Cons: "When I got on, my seat mate spilled her coffee and almost got it on my clothes. The service felt rushed - the attendants seemed to want to clear the trays and sit in the galley chatting. They forgot to serve bread to the 2nd half of the First Class cabin and had to be reminded to do so. Definitely not their best day, so the experience could have been better."

Pros: "Great crew. Good, friendly service throughout. Even in coach the seats on this new A321 were pretty nice as far as the back of the plane goes. I'm 6'2" and had enough legroom. Inflight entertainment is decent. I watched the multi view flight map all the way -- now every seat is a window seat. M"
Cons: "Nothing. It was an excellent flight."

Cons: "Changed equipment and my aisle seat went to middle seat with no advance notice"

Pros: "The plane was nice and new and I really enjoyed the free entertainment option"
Cons: "I can't even come close to counting how many flights I've ever been on in my lifetime, but for me, this attendant was the absolute WORST I've ever come across. He was SO rude to so many passengers, I could hardly believe it. I've also maybe only ever taken the time to write less than a handful of reviews of flights, so I hope that leaving this comment says something. If I were American Airlines, I would NOT want this person representing my business. I took a photo of him on my phone with the original intention of reporting him directly to the airline. I have yet to find the time."

Pros: "I liked the at seat TV and the selection of movies"
Cons: "I did not like the fact that they ran out of most food choices."

Pros: "Upgrade and lay flat seats."

Pros: "the price of the flight."
Cons: "have to pay for entertainment, no good food selections, seats don't recline much,"

Pros: "Flight was on time and luggage was not lost. In flight meal service was better than average."
Cons: "in the last row battling for share if the armrest."

Pros: "New planes were more comfortable and I love the entertainment being free and with own devices"
Cons: "Basic economy should not be an option for mileage plus members"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "That my flight got delayed in Denver over an hour and I missed my flight from LA to BJX because of that. I was suppose to land in BJX At 6am on Friday April 28th for a family emergency and now my next flight isn't till 1pm! This is the worst flight experience I have ever had in my life. Never in my life will I ever fly with united again. My plans got ruined, I was forced to sleep on the cold dirty floor of LAX. This cost me a lot of time and money, and I am upset about it. I will tell all my peers about this horrible experience and encourage them to never fly with united ever again. I do expect some sort of compensation over this horrible experience."

Pros: "All services where very good from check in to arrival In L.A."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I didn't like."

Pros: "Crew was friendly"
Cons: "The aircraft was super HOT and the seats were smaller than any plane i have ever been on. there was zero leg room available."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled, instead of a direct flight back, we had to go to Munich and then fly to LA"

Pros: "The Stroopwaffle"
Cons: "The hour delay"

Pros: "It was a good flight and for a great prize"

Pros: "Good crew. The crew is very nice and accommodating. On my previous flight with United the crew was Kurt and not so good. Sorry very happy to see how nice and accommodating this crew lunch."

Pros: "No big incident, was offered a small bag of pretzels, complimentary."
Cons: "Seats have uncomfortably small spacing."

Pros: "United is very reputable airline with great pilots and safety record. Prior to leaving for Mexico, the plane was examined amd found a 'mechanical issue'. All of the passengers were immediately switched to a different airplane. The safety of the airline and the pocedures used to ensure the craft was 100% was very comforting."
Cons: "I was bothered by the fee to check in 1 bag and the lack of food and ebtertainment upon the return flight from Mexico to Los Angeles. During the entire 4 hour flight, passengers were offered a bag of chips and nothing else, not even for purchase. Thus particular plane didn't have any screen for entertainment. I was most bothered by the baggage fee of $50 ($25 each way ) because the ticket price doesnt reflect an airline that charges for necessary things."

Pros: "I enjoyed the speedy boarding process"
Cons: "The flight was over booked. Very crowded and when we arrived in Los Angeles we sat on the runway for over an hour"

Cons: "Left my Kindle on the plane. It has yet to be returned/found."

Pros: "Didn't make me check my bag, and I got to destination early. 0pilot communicated well."
Cons: "There was gum under the armrest of my seat. No inflight entertainment. Flight attendant wouldn't help my find the power outlet. Boarding was a little slower"

Pros: "nice flight attendancts"

Pros: "There was a lot of space and a quick departure."
Cons: "When we got to LA event though we were early we had to wait. I know its not the airlines fault but it sucked."

Cons: "No entertainment at all?"

Pros: "Enough space."
Cons: "Ground staff was racist. Standards vary depending ur color. Specially at Heathrow. Ask personal question loudly."

Pros: "refund"
Cons: "Hour delay that made me miss my connecting flight. Customer service agent, Theresa, at the United gate was more interested in checking her cell phone text messages & handing out $10 food vouchers than the long of people who have conflicts with connecting flights or missing events in the destination they were flying to. Every minute lost could prevent customers from obtaining another immediate or comparable flight to their destination. Customer service agent sent those who were going to have problems with their connecting flights to the United Airlines service desk, of which, there were no customer service agents at any of the four available stations. I waited 10 minutes for an agent & no one arrived. When I went back to the original line I was standing in, I was forced to go to the back of the line rather than the place I was originally standing. Therefore I waited in line an additional 20-30 minutes. Once I was served they did not have any more seats available on direct flights to Melbourne. They wanted me to fly to NY, then Sydney & then Melbourne. Additionally the customer service agent did not seem confident this flight was not going to have any hiccups. Worst of all, I had been planning this trip for months & it was ruined by United Airlines."

Cons: "The most unpleasant crew we have ever had in our flying lives. Rude, condescending, treating passengers as if we are not human. Lufthansa should carefully examine their customer treatment training."

Pros: "That i got home safely."
Cons: "4 5 Hour delays accompanied by apologies with a $10 expired food vouchers."

Pros: "Gate personnel were great."

Cons: "When i came back to my country everything was ok until i got my credit details and i saw that your receptionist stole money from my card. I should have pay for an exstra suitcase 60 dollars so i gave the receptionist my credit card. Yesterday I got my credit details i saw an extra charge of 400 hundred dollars !!! I am so mad and im waiting for you to cancel it and recompense. I hope it will be soon before i involve a layer and require you. My phone number is +97224518838."

Cons: "Flight was an hour delayed and I was never told the reason.. There was no enough of the beverage I wanted to be given just one can of juice.."

Pros: "The flight was ok but they got my luggage almost destroyed and I couldn't complain once I got it, because no one was working in the courier."
Cons: "The flight was ok but they got my luggage almost destroyed and I couldn't complain once I got it, because no one was working in the courier."

Pros: "n/a"
Cons: "delayed 2 hrs, terrible turbulence"

Pros: "Crew was old and arrogant. Way too entitled. Layovers killed me. Overbooked flight qas annoying and no options to change to nonstop flights."

Pros: "Friendly flt. Attentive flt attendants."

Pros: "The stewardesses were polite and helpful."
Cons: "United does not take care of military. They have terrible customer service and charged me for my bags when Delta waives my baggage fees. The baggage people were so rude and didn't want to help anyone in line."

Cons: "Plane old , no music, no tv, no plug in"

Pros: "My ipod which was keeping me from goimg ballistic"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 3 hours but then the plane broke and I had to wait another hour. I know stuff happens but god willing I made it home, after taking nearly 12 hours to get from Atlanta to LA, this experience has made me rethink flying with united airlines."

Pros: "It was my 1st time flying United. I am diabetic. Would have been nice to have been given peanuts or some kind of snack, on a couple hour flight. Also, no free WiFi sucked. Other then that, the crew was friendly for the most part and I really have no other complaints."

Pros: "Convenient to home... More,direct flight"
Cons: "Leg/knee room was poor... With a rear row seat, reclining was limited. Trying to bend down to loosen my shoelaces, it was barely possible, and tying shoes,on landing was impossible... No room to lean forward to reach down to get to the shoes. Not the most cramped flight I've had (that record was in a CASA124 from Friendly Island Airway from PPG to Vava'u, Tonga) While I attempted to sleep, my partner was interested in the entertainment, but was shocked to find it was all watch for $$$. Perhaps we are so used to international carriers with free movies on demand, with a choice of 30-40"

Pros: "I liked that I was randomly selected for an upgrade in seating."
Cons: "No snack on a 5 hour flight? That's ridiculous!"

Pros: "The fast boarding"

Pros: "He flight attendants were good but the seats are terrible."

Pros: "There was one flight attendant that was really nice and funny and tried very hard to make everyone have a pleasant flight. But there was no movies or tv on a 5 hour flight and the United app will not let you watch anything even if you buy the internet. I won't be flying united again."

Cons: "I did not care for the male flight attendant. Showed arrogance towards passengers."

Pros: "It was my first time flying United Airlines and I was satisfied with the service. I would definitely recommend this airline. Everyone was very courteous and available to answer questions."

Pros: "Smaller plane! Easy board, quick flight"
Cons: "Seats are packed in, no wifi, arrived way early sat on tar mat no fresh air my chest was hurting from the smell of jet fumes until we finally pulled into a gate!"

Pros: "changed my flight to SF to Chicago rather than LA"

Pros: "Great variety of entertainment and enjoyment experienced once on the flight."
Cons: "I traveled with my girlfriend and we were split up on our flight from Newark to LA. We were told that our seats would be adjusted once at the gate but the attendant stated there was nothing they could do to help us with our seats. When purchasing, there were no available seats thus I came to the airport early to make the arrangements necessary. Flying 5hrs across country separated from your significant other is not ideal and did not make either of us happy."

Pros: "Cabin cre were nice"
Cons: "They only served drinks not like in other airlines were in they serve treats or snacks for short trips. Especially for a 5 hour trip."

Cons: "The flight was so hot no air"

Cons: "My husband & I booked seats together and you separated us to opposite sides! There was not a single movie since there weren't any TV screens. There were no USB plug ins."

Pros: "All"
Cons: "Everiything"

Pros: "Was boarded quickly"
Cons: "No charge ports for my phone"

Cons: "No tvs..."

Cons: "Complimentary drinks & snacks"

Cons: "The social distancing was completely random. I had two girls sitting next to me meanwhile there were entire rows of seats completely open. Totally unnecessary!"

Pros: "I very much dislike the professionalism this company provides to the consumer, never never will I return to use their service"

Pros: "Good price, cheerful people, direct flight."
Cons: "Not charging extra for everything-- bag, carry on, seat selection, etc."

Pros: "The seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Better training with the crew"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "There were four gate changes. My husband was in a wheelchair and we were running back-and-forth trying to keep up with the changes. They don’t even give you water on the flight. If there is no food OK. But there should be water. The whole thing reminded me of traveling on a second class bus. Won’t do it again"

Pros: "Todo esta bien"

Pros: "I sat in the first row so I had a lot of space and leg room. But the seats in coach looked super super cramped, and I heard people complaining. The crew was very very nice."
Cons: "Check in was very very very very slow and the crew didn’t seem to care at all. I also got charged 75$ for my one bag. The people at the gate were not professional and everyone around me was complaining about their experience. I will never ever fly Volaris again. They should GO OUT OF BUSINESS.!"

Pros: "The trip was for my mom , she couldn’t aboard the plane because the need a confirmation number not just with her name ,she lost the flight"

Pros: "nothing"

Pros: "on-time flight and arrive"
Cons: "- Worst seats ever. I felt that I was sitting on stones. Limites recline, limited legs space.No entertainment, no water. Worst boarding system EVER!!! , No flight again, Do not fly this airline!!"

Pros: "I love Mexico the people the food"

Pros: "Like how they offer family boarding with kids."
Cons: "Their flight service crews and counter workers need some customer relations skills."

Cons: "Check in was super slow. Had to pay for everything"

Pros: "Nothing. This is like the 3rd time I fly with this airline and it’s always something."
Cons: "Not having us sitting for 40 minutes because they arrived early and we couldn’t get out. If they get there early it should be something good for everyone but it’s actually the worst."

Pros: "volaris charged me 20 usd more only because I had 11 kg of luggage , the limit was 10 kg"
Cons: "The airplane wasn’t clean, spaces very reduced, bad service... that’s the problem with cheap companies but Volaris can do better"

Pros: "Timeliness its great to be on time."
Cons: "The seats it’s too cramped, also paying 4 dollars for a water is ridiculous and to top things off children crying the whole flight I rather spend my money on another airline"

Pros: "I was able to sleep."
Cons: "They weighed my 2 carry on together, incliding my food for the trip, and they charged me overweight. Which they did not do on the way to Mexico. The trip was not cheap to begin with."

Cons: "I arrived at the airport on time, I had Mobil check in, went to boarding, waited for my turn. after an hour, my docs were check. then I found out that I had lost my coding form. I was directed to immigration to get a replacing form. On my way back, the tripulation didn't let me inn. I was 15 min. b"

Cons: "Never booking with this airline again."

Cons: "Volaris closes flight doors an hour prior to departure. Thats unheard of. Meaning they close even if you do not have to check luggage and even though its within boarding time, if you are not checked in at least one hour prior to departure you will not be able To fly And they offer no refunds or reb"

Pros: "The crew was nice; however, the seats from LAX to MEX where extremely uncomfortable. The seats practically didn't recline at all and there was hardly any leg room. I am 5'3 and had ok legroom but it was not comfortable for taller people. Everything on the flight was being sold."
Cons: "Seats could have a bit more leg room and should recline a bit more. Water or a small beverage should be complementary."

Cons: "They need to look after their passengers. For example I was running 10 minutes late from when I found out that they were boarding the flight and none of the people from the checking stands where telling me what I could do or were to go. Especially if they are seeing me struggling with my luggage."

Cons: "I could not check in on my phone. I never received email or link to check in. I tried 4 times in the previous 24 hour period. Using the app wasn’t mentioned until on the plane. When we arrived at the gate, 45 prior to departure, we were initially told to wait until the boss was there. 15 minutes lat"

Pros: "Crew was helpful but a bit was marginal...should be replaced (seat cushion had caved in)"
Cons: "better notice of the delays....cleaner plane...don't appreciate boarding right after others deplaned without sufficient time to prepare for next flt"

Pros: "The crew was fine"
Cons: "My flight supposed to be $220.00 but when I got to the airport the final price was $340.00. It was rather unfortunate to learn that they lied with their online prices. It was until I was at the terminal did they start charging me for everything that was not included in the online bill."

Pros: "Flight attendants very helpful with luggage"
Cons: "Flight times changed. If I had not logged into email I would not have realized my flight actually left 45 minutes earlier"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed one hour both ways. The gentleman who checked me in was absolutely awful. He was rude and argued with me over the weight and height requirements, despite his colleagues assuring him my carry on was meeting the requirements."

Cons: "arrival"

Cons: "when we arrived to LAX we had to wait on the runway for about 45 minutes because supposedly there was another airplane in the place where we suppose to disembark."

Pros: "New plane"
Cons: "Entertainment"

Pros: "How fast the actual flight was."
Cons: "The accuracy of the departure information."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Never ever am fliying with volaris airlines they charge for everything for seats for food and service horrible they didnt let me carry my little ourse i had on the side like really bad experience"

Pros: "Excelente el tiempo de llegada :)"

Cons: "The gate change of the flight was not properly notified."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No TSA Pre Dirty plane Rude staff"

Pros: "That the plane landed. Attendants were friendly and followed protocol."
Cons: "Seat felt like a public bus seat. Charged for water but I was surprise that there was no charge for toilet use. Volaris gets you to destination but charges $60 to check-in luggage. Carry on must way less than 10kg (my purse was weighed with suitcase so I was over). No movie or music."

Cons: "The line to check in was extremely long and not organized at all! I waited 3 hours to check in my bags!!! I have never had to wait that long! We almost missed our flight. By the time we got bags checked in and got to the gate they were almost done boarding!"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "All the mosquitos that entered the plane upon boarding."

Cons: "I had to pay 95 dollars per bag when they told me it would only be 60 dollars per bag , i only got them because i had no other choice."

Pros: "I liked nothing, literally nothing."
Cons: "Between almost making us miss the flight because they couldn’t identify or scan the boarding passes THEY printed out (which were just little stickers on the back of our passports with no information), the flight was over 45 mins late! Additionally, the pilot said it was flight 911 to Los Angeles and then laughed and corrected himself to flight 900 - are you serious? Not a joke."

Pros: "Helpful check in Pleasant crew"
Cons: "Hard seats, worse than a bus seat!"

Pros: "Great service"

Cons: "When booking flight said luggage include , but when I got checking my luggage $50 fee luggage this ridiculous price to pay. Very disappointed"

Pros: "The flight was just fine"
Cons: "The main problem was that when I checked in online, I tried to add on more piece of luggage—for a total of 2 checked in. But the computer ended up totaling it as 3 pieces of luggage. There seemed to be no way to change this online. So I asked them to change it when I got to the airport, but they wouldn’t. What was done couldn’t be changed. Another issue I have is with this review questionnaire. They are questions for rating the food and entertainment which the airlines don’t provide anymore. These should be removed from the survey. They should, however, ask how was the process of making the reservation, check-in, and customer service in general. Both from the airline, and any third party service like kayak or kiwi. I’m not satisfied with kiwi as they were closed when I tried to call them. So I had to just fend for myself and spend money needlessly."

Cons: "It was late"

Cons: "After getting off the plane we had to take a shuttle bus to the terminal due to the large amount of planes landing at the same time (but that’s not the issue), the problem was that while on the bus, the pilot assumed I couldn’t understand Spanish and began to make demeaning comments about a “certain kind of people” (as he put it) referring to gay men. I understand that may not be the way the airline feels about the LGBTQ community; however, the pilot is the highest ranking member of it for this particular flight making him the “image” of Volaris while wearing the company uniform. But the rest of the crew was very nice."

Cons: "The fly was asking for money for mexican kids, that is not right"

Pros: "They were able to get me on an Aeromexico flight which got me to LA two hours before the nonexistent flight would have."
Cons: "although they confirmed a flight to LA on tuesday nov 14, it turned out Volaris did not fly to LA on that date. It took about an hour to arrange for the replacement flight"

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Riviera Maya to Los Angeles

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Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Riviera Maya to Los Angeles

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