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Spirit AirlinesOverall score based on 62021 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "I got home alive"
Cons: "Plane was late then crew member showed up late causeing further delay and another delay waiting for checked bags"
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Pros: "I got home alive"
Cons: "Plane was late then crew member showed up late causeing further delay and another delay waiting for checked bags"
Pros: "Pretty comfortable. Slept most of the way. Flight attendants were delighted. Easygoing."
Cons: "Entertainment."
Pros: "Process was easy."
Cons: "Crew service could be better. On my first flight to Houston from Detroit, one particular crew member could be better. I was sitting in between my family & had taken my mask off for minute & one of the agents (who was a person of color) had told me to put my mask on which is 100% completely fair because it is the rule, so yes she was right. BUT there was a person next, in front and diagonally all with their mask off as well (also people of color like the agent) and the agent did not tell them to put their mask on except for me which I thought that was discrimination & did not appreciate that. Also that same agent, I was looking at the food menu & after she told me I can’t use cash (that’s all I had) she walks away before I even finishing speaking. This agent was not pleasant AT ALL."
Pros: "On time flight"
Cons: "Less over charges on luggage a drink or a snack and nice flight attendants"
Pros: "There was not much to like. The flight was delayed 4 hours and we were never given an explanation why."
Cons: "The flight could have been on time."
Cons: "Seat extremely uncomfortable"
Cons: "Quick and easy flight and great price Normally I do Amtrak but that 5hr and $170 This was 45min and $80 What else do I need to say"
Cons: "Flight was delayed, then we were stuck on the plane for an hour, had to get off the plane, was told it would be an hour, then 5 minutes and back on the plane-only to sit there for another hour!! And we were refused any snacks or beverages-even when we said we would pay!"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "What didn’t I like?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not being told until everyone was at the airport that the flight was delayed 4 hours. Then not being offered anything, not even waters. Thanks spirit for being so cheap you don't even care about the people on your planes and treating them like numbers."
Cons: "Wait 10 hrs before bord due to no reason"
Pros: "Everything crew was great ,fly awesome very satisfied..."
Cons: "It was nothing i didn't like i was very happy with everything ..."
Pros: "Non stop"
Cons: "2 screaming 2 year olds for over an hour whose parents did nothing to discipline or quiet them. Both the woman next to me and myself had raging headaches when we got off the flight and were stressed out"
Pros: "The overall flight was very good. Really have no complaints. Was a little rough coming into Boston but the pilot did excellent on landing"
Pros: "It was a smooth flight. Very nice staff."
Cons: "I paid for a seat that said it was bigger then the rest and it was the same. I basically paid for a window seat. Not the worst but I was looking forward to the extra room."
Cons: "There is nothing that says I had to be checked in within a certain time to board my flight. Flight left at 11:35 am and I tried printing my boarding pass at 10:51. Now I will not arrive at my destination until midnight"
Pros: "Flight was delayed 1hr then had to wait for police to come and take a disgruntled passenger off the plane. It was not well handled and a sad scary situation."
Cons: "Entire experience. Awful customer service, worst US carrier police had to come on board. loud uncomfortable."
Pros: "Plane departed on time and arrived early."
Cons: "I have flown on a lot of budget airlines, both domestically and internationally, but this was my first time flying with Spirit....and it will be my last. I am used to the a la carte pricing and know how to avoid additional charges, so I wasn't expecting anything different than usual. What I wasn't prepared for were the smallest seats I have ever seen. Granted, I am 6'2", but these seats cannot be anything but pure torture to anyone over 5'9". If you're shorter, maybe it's worth it, but I can't guarantee it. But, if you're 6' or taller, I would recommend you avoid regardless of how much cheaper the flight is; It's not worth it."
Pros: "Just great! Pay for things you need only."
Cons: "All good"
Pros: "The flight crew was very nice and accommodating."
Cons: "I absolutely hate the fact the seats do not go back."
Pros: "The crew was pleasant"
Cons: "The flight was very delayed and we were not given very many updates just told to "stay near the gate just in case" Very frustrating - I understand the flights are very cheap but not sure it's worth it when you're so late for what was already going to be a short trip"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Fast service"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled. Not notified until arriving at airport."
Pros: "Seats are okay."
Cons: "Cancelled flight. Very rude staff. Lost luggage. What's not to hate?"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This was my first time flying Spirit. I didn't realize that you had to pay for a single checked bag, and pay even more for carry-on bags. I also didn't know that if you don't check-in online, you have to pay to check-in at the airport, and it is cheaper to pay for your checked and carry-on bags online. I didn't know that I couldn't select my seats in advance without being charged another fee. Having my seat randomly assigned if I don't pay this fee is stupid. I also didn't know that there were no free snacks and drinks on the flight. I just wanted a cup of ice water and was told I have to pay $3 for a bottle water! The line at BWI for Spirit to check bags was VERY LONG AND VERY SLOW. I got to the airport 3 hours before my flight and just made it in time. Several of the machines at the counter were broke and at times it seemed like only one person was working to check bags. I will rethink the "cheap" Spirit flight next time I fly and consider other airlines, especially if I am checking bags."
Pros: "I liked the cheap plane ticket, but that's about it."
Cons: "The unreliability, the poor customer service, the hidden costs/fees, the inaccessible website, and the complete absence of basic technology, such as the inability to do a digital boarding pass. I never even got on the plane because it was indefinitely delayed and I had to book another flight on another airline"
Pros: "The crew were delightful! Tried very hard to please. Went beyond other flight experiences."
Cons: "The pay for every little thing is annoying. No influght entertainment at all. Flight from lga to dfw way to long for no amenities. 47.00 for a carry on bag is absurd. Will avoid taking spirit! Loved the flight attendants."
Pros: "All good"
Pros: "Nice crew...that's about it"
Cons: "Small seats. All food/beverage cost extra. No luggage included in airfare fees so you get a personal item only then you pay for any luggage/carry ons. No entertainment on flight. Very minimal."
Pros: "The price , but you pay for carry on and checked bags. Cheaper if you get online . They don't say."
Cons: "No seat assignments until check -in. Can only check in at airport. No free water , no recline seats , terminal was like a bus station . Overcrowded and run down. Flights are always late . No tv screen."
Pros: "$108 fare"
Cons: "Small seats"
Pros: "Nothing, I feel sorry for the people working for the company."
Cons: "We will never fly with Sprit airlines again. They are no bargain. We could not add baggage online before the flight and was charged an extra $300 at the gate which made the ticket price higher than other airlines that provided free drinks and snacks. Worst of all our flight back from LAX was over 4 hours late and because of Spirits schedule problems not the weather. Spirit did not even give us peanuts or water after their mix up. PLEASE NO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES, THEY ARE THE WORST!!!"
Cons: "Seats were insabely uncomfortable. I am 24 with no back problems and my back was killing me by the time I got off the plane."
Pros: "What they provide is as my expectation. On time, friendly, enough space......... That's so good!"
Cons: "the gate attendant called zone 1 and then zone 2 soon after. There was a rush and a lot of confusion"
Cons: "The $75 carry on luggage fee was a shocker. I figured it would be free as it was a small roll on that easily fit in the overhead bin. I guess this is how they make their money, through these deceptive charging practices. I will never fly Spirit again, despite their excellence in other ways."
Cons: "Kayak should post baggage fees and the fact that you have to buy your seat if you want a confirmed seat, so you and traveling companion can sit together. Seats we're most uncomfortable seats I've ever flew on. Plus on checked bags anything over 40 not 50 is considered overweight and costs more. I know problems happen but being delayed 2 hours didn't help experience at all. No free beverage or snack must pay for everything."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "We sat on the plane for almost 2 hours waiting for take off. There was no communication by the staff."
Pros: "Plane clean flight on time"
Cons: "To many add on you have too pay for ever little thing Stewardess We're not very Friendly"
Pros: "Flight was delayed. Could of been better"
Cons: "Delay of flight"
Pros: "I loved the price....."
Cons: "The seats were somewhat uncomfortable, but that comes with the price."
Pros: "A quick flight. Comfy cozy. Exactly what I paid for. Thank you."
Cons: "Not at home...."
Pros: "The crew was relatively nice and patient about peoples issues/problems. The tickets were cheap and literally you get what you pay for."
Cons: "The thing about a cheap airline is that, sure it might not be the most comfortable flight, but at least it'll get you from point A to point B, right? Well with all the delay problems, I began to doubt that was possible. 1. They overbooked the flight, which they do on all flights apparently. It doesn't make any sense that if I or anyone else bought their tickets weeks in advance, that we need to wait on those who bought tickets last minute for an ALREADY FULL FLIGHT, and see if someone would give up seats for them. Its not the last minute customers fault and its not the early buyers fault, its Spirit's fault for overbooking their flights. If I was a waiter at an Italian restaurant, and I sold out of all the lasagna dishes, you wouldn't expect me to take in more orders for lasagna and ask other tables if they would give up their lasagna for the next table over! If you sold all of you seats, say the flight isn't available. 2. Last minute "flight delays" We were all buckled in and we were about to leave our gate. All of a sudden we stopped and the pilot came over the intercom. He told us that we were delayed because "we had to pick up company cargo to bring to Atlanta", which wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't at the last minute! We waited 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. About 50 minutes later we finally heard back from the pilot saying that we were waiting on another plane to bring in that cargo! Everyone around me was in agreement that we should've either left without getting the cargo or waited off of the plane before we boarded. Analogy time! If we were at that same Italian restaurant and you were about to leave from you table since you paid for your check, and I stopped you and said that you had to vacuum under/around your table before you left. You agreed to it, but I told you the vacuum was in another restaurant and you had to wait for it to be delivered to our restaurant. If it wasn't originally meant to be on our flight, don't delay the flight to get it on there. I'll save you the time and tell you that there were extra delays getting off of the plane, so if you were needing to rush to connect to a flight, then you weren't going to make it. (telling everyone to sit down when you already told them to stand, flight attendants leaving the plane first, etc). If you chose to still fly Spirit, only have a carry on and BUY THE $10 FLIGHT INSURANCE. If your flight leaves on time and you don't have any connecting flights, maybe you can risk it for the price, otherwise spend the $20 more to fly on another airline!"
Cons: "Too many fees"
Cons: "Boarding, food? that's funny!"
Pros: "55.00 charge for each lugage. Know yu will have no customer from my stand point."
Cons: "Spirit have lost me as costomer foe ever regardles if offers me a free rate."
Pros: "Spirit does provide food on board for purchase, reasonable prices. I wished they can offer water for free. There is not entertainment (both flights, connecting) were 2.5hrs and 3hrs"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed multiple times, without any time info. Only "delayed" but never were we informed for how long. Our gate was moved in the same manner. Once onboard and seated, we all waited with our seatbelts fastened for over forty minutes before the pilot spoke to us and announced that there was a line for the runway and we were waiting our turn. Spirit had rude flight attendants who searched through our bags to make sure we had no water bottles or drinks purchased after the security checkpoint - a shameless extortion effort to secure out purchase of insult priced in flight drinks. The flight attendants insisted that nobody wait for the restroom in flight anywhere near where they were sitting and promptly removed any waiting customers to the aisle. We had a baby on the flight with us and were forced to purchase the incredibly expensive water onboard for the baby, as he had been battling with staying hydrated throughout the vacation. With at least an hour left on the flight, while most everyone on board - (including the baby) had fallen asleep, they woke everyone on the flight through speakers that were about six times too loud and shocking to pass out immigration forms. The only reason I could think of to wake so may visibly sleeping customers with more than an hour left on the flight to fill out the forms is to simply get the task out of the way for the extremely unfriendly and rude attendants. I have never flown on any airline that will search your bags for drinks or treat customers with such blatant disrespect as I have seen during this flight. I have certainly never had an experience this terrible and I will never be purchasing another ticket from Spirit airlines again."

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