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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $1,103 or less one-way and $769 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly is February.
  • Morning departure is around 68% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Air ChinaOverall score based on 5755 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "na"
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Pros: "na"
Cons: "Couldn't reach airline by phone to change my flight. After several attempts and an hour on hold they disconnected. Website won't help. Air China isn't a reliable airline."
Pros: "The Air China crew was exceptional. They made sure wheelchair service was available all of the time without a hitch. They were very compassionate"
Cons: "The coach seating is very tight. I wish there was more leg room."
Pros: "Boarding was easy."
Cons: "Food ! Tasteless and bald.."
Pros: "Nothing. Domestic flights are better than this"
Cons: "1 meal in 8 hour flight No beverages"
Pros: "Boarding was streamlined, planes took off on time and made it to destination before time. Entertainment options were decent."
Cons: "Food isn't the best (had Hindu meal for my flights) not sure if there is a better option. There isn't much in terms of snacks, outside the set meals. Some of the crew members do struggle with communicating in English, but I always found someone to work with."
Pros: "Nice food and great crews!"
Pros: "This flight served my needs well. I wanted a layover in Beijing on my way to and from Bangkok, and this flight accomplished that. Nice crew, good service, good entertainment system. A very decent flight."
Pros: "Air China is a good solid performer...with modern planes and decent staff. Clean, On-time, safe. Our 748-8 had a modern entertainments system. Seats a bit tight for a 5'10 guy...but fine for my 5'1" wife."
Cons: "PEK boarding ramps really rundown at PEK. Signage for Immigration misleading. Range of local overnight hotels is more aimed at smoking business travelers from China....not some must Americans and Europeans. Transfers to and from airport can be unreliable...especially for very early or late flights. Coris hotel is a safe but expensive choice...with excellent staff and transit vans."
Pros: "The flight attendants where excellent."
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "meals were served well, free beer and wine was great"
Cons: "food was not good, no veggie option , plane seemed outdated, seats crammed, in flight entertainment was not good. Remotes and navigation were terrible."
Pros: "same as above"
Cons: "Same as above."
Pros: "I assume that everything will be alright but instead of landing in San Francisco, I am still stuck in Beijing waiting for my flight."
Cons: "Well, I could take the flight because our flight was delayed. So I need to wait at the airport until tomorrow for my next flight."
Cons: "The plane was dirty. Entertainment system at my seat was broken. Food is nearly inedible. They are still flying outdated 747s that are literally falling apart and show their age. The plane is overdue for new paint and a refurbishment or just retirement. This is the typical experience with Air China. Fly Korean Air, ANA, JAL, or China Airlines for a better experience."
Pros: "Can’t beat the price"
Cons: "Pushy flight attendants don’t want you on your phone even if it is in airplane mode. Movie selection was slim."
Pros: "Transit time"
Cons: "Food, entertainment"
Pros: "It was the fastest boarding that I have ever experienced in an aircraft of that size."
Cons: "I was requested by 2 flight attendants to trade seats with another passenger so that he could sit with his wife who was sitting right next to me but wouldn’t ask herself. Eventually, the wife moved and there was an empty seat that was then filled with my neighbor who put her feet in my lap when she sprawled out. I did not sleep for the entire 10 hours."
Cons: "I will never fly Air China again in my life. Absolute worst customer service. They lost my bags for 5 days and didn't do anything to try and make amends for it. The staff is extremely rude. No one speaks English except for "hello" and "goodbye". The meals are dog food. The seats are absolutely claustrophobic. Worst decision to try and save money by going through Air China. SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE. All four flights with them were consistently terrible. Stay away. It's not worth it....."
Cons: "Seats too small"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "i give 0 star"
Pros: "In flight movies."
Cons: "Long delay - forced to sit in plane at gate. Very little cabin air. Stuffy and very hot!"
Cons: "Horrible service, part of the ceiling light came off, got so hot when we were boarding - I was nervous that there was a big issue with the plane"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours without any notification on signage in the airport. When there is a delay, posting an estimated time of departure is a basic courtesy. Because they did not do this, and multiple flights were delayed for the same gate, the gate was extremely crowded. When an earlier delayed flight was boarding, there was no announcement and no indication on the signs! As a result, some people were uninformed of their flight departure! There was also a tremendous amount of jostling and pushing to allow people to board. This is clearly a problem for the ground crew and airport to make more efficient and flyer-friendly."
Pros: "I arrived safely and had no issues with luggage. The staff were pretty good about going through the plane to offer water (especially important, since a second screening at the entrance to the plane confiscated all water, including bottles purchased passed the initial security check!)."
Cons: "That there was no worry of the water confiscation-only second security check. To not be allowed to bring any drinking fluids on an 11-hour flights poses a pretty serious risk of dehydration unless plane crew are significantly committed to ensuring passenger hydration. On the food front, my eggs were kind of dry."
Pros: "Good leg room."
Cons: "Got food poisoning"
Pros: "Price is good. And the airline service is also great."
Cons: "Airline didn't make an effort to hold the connecting flight. Also tried to book passengers two to a room for the 24 hour delay. Delay did not come through on vayama/kayak systems so when I called vayama they couldn't help because they thought the flight had departed on time."
Pros: "Everything worked, boarded quickly and crew served passengers efficiency. Luggage was already on the conveyor belt when I arrived."
Pros: "The crew was pretty responsive."
Cons: "Not a great selection of in-flight movies."
Cons: "Terrible ticket change process"
Pros: "Good movies, quick boarding."
Cons: "Was a bit bummed they did a water/beverages security check at the gate before boarding the plane. Full, unopened water bottles purchased feet from the gate were not allowed to be brought on board. With it being a 12 hour flight, I would prefer to have a water bottle ready whenever I need a drink instead of relying on the flight attendants to bring water by the tiny cup full. Seemed inconvenient without any purpose stated. Also in one section of the plane it smelled strongly of an uncleaned bathroom."
Pros: "Flight was fine, some delays but Ok"
Cons: "Air China lost my bags, and never once helped me in retrieving my lost luggage. Got my bags back 1 hour before my return flight 10 days later. Thanks in no part to Air China, about 3 hours of long lines and frustration trying to find my lost luggage."
Pros: "Foot rest at your seat."
Cons: "They don't allow you to board with a bottled water and wont give you one on board. Therefore on a 12 hr flight if you want to sleep (who doesn't) and you would like water, you have to have a little cup without a top to be on your tray table or in the easily hit with your knee cupholder. I ended up drinking my small amount of water quickly so I wouldn't end up with an accidental spill onto my feet. Not good foresight by a major airline."
Cons: "Cancelled flight without notice. 24 hour postponement; marginally passable accommodations. No compensation / upgrade / consideration / anything. Horrid staff, passengers, food, plane, etc. 16 hour layover in the frozen prison camp called the Beijing airport. Avoid like the plague. Fly literally anything else."
Pros: "Flight and Crew were good but entertainment wan't as they had old selections in Entertainment."
Cons: "I had booked "Hindu-vegetarian" meal (it's completely different than Chinese Veg or other Veg) and they often had Chinese Veg in the flight. If they can't offer "Hindu-Vegetarian" then they should remove this option from their list of meal."
Pros: "Overall the service of the flight crew was good, seats were comparable to other economy class flights on other airlines. Boarding was easy, and meals were good and served at appropriate times."
Cons: "Our connecting flight between Beijing and another city in China was cancelled, there was no Air China staff at our airport in the US to handle the rescheduling (the check-in counter staff actually worked for another airline) and so we could only try to reschedule when we got to Beijing airport. There was a staff member at the gate to give us directions to the general check-in area, but then once we got to the area there were no signs directing us where to go. We were waiting in line for half an hour before I learned that we were supposed to be in a different line to first reschedule our flights (a 40minute wait), then wait in the line we were originally in to check-in (yet another 40minutes in line). This on top of waiting more than 1 hour in the customs line. Staff at the airport counters in China were brusque, and they seemed understaffed as the lines were often very long. On the flight, the touch screen entertainment system as buggy and would sometimes freeze, although the selection of entertainment was decent."
Pros: "entertainmanet was pretty good. crew was kind and give us enough pillows and blankets."
Cons: "around middle of flight, bathroom condition became too smelly and was difficult to use."
Pros: "The plane tickets were cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for."
Cons: "Airport staff in Beijing was rude. We boarded our plane and then proceeded to sit on the runway for 2 hours during a known weather delay. Airplane was very uncomfortable with few movie options. Flight attendants were rude on every flight I took with air China. I guess this was an improvement as the entertainment system was broken on my way there. My luggage was lost both ways of travel. In trying to report lost luggage, the desk attendant was rude and not helpful. She wasted about 30 minutes of my time just to tell me she couldn't help me. She should have told me that initially when I described my problem to her and she didn't listen. This delay caused me to miss my connecting flight. Overall I had a terrible experience and will never fly Air China ever again!!!"
Pros: "I enjoyed the entertainment offered, and the hot jasmine tea was yummy."
Cons: "They did not give us enough water for a 12 hour flight. They only came around four times – once before the two meals and once after – and they only filled up the small cup about half way each time. I left the plane dehydrated after the first flight. On the return trip, I bought a bottle of water in the terminal to take on the plane, but they confiscated it at the gate. I've never had that happen before, especially since I bought it past security in the Beijing airport. Since they took it, I probably annoyed the flight attendants with how much I asked for water, but I didn't really care."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and they let you get drinks when ever you wanted."
Cons: "For the price, no complaints."
Pros: "The flight was full in economy so they upgraded me to economy plus. The extra space was great and I appreciated getting the space that I could not afford otherwise. Thanks, Air China"
Pros: "Great selection of movies, friendly flight crew."
Cons: "Food was ok."
Cons: "plane was late to start boarding and there was no communication about that. After boarding we had to wait about 1 hour for the plane to depart from Beijing causing to land extra late in SFO."
Cons: "there was a gas leak on the plane which caused me a headache and when I asked to move, the stuartesses were very obstructive. I would recommend people not fly Air China again."
Pros: "I like the small screens for tv, games, and movies."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable, bad food, and way too many interruptions about turbulence. They could have just said this once, but they would repeat the message in Mandarin and English 3 or 4 times in the span of 5 minutes. We get it. Just say, "Please stay seated" and leave it alone"
Pros: "staff, food, attention, cleanliness"
Cons: "crowding, no space to put incidentals during the flight, movie choices. Flying over, we went economy plus. Much more comfortable. Later found out that seats were not what we thought so took economy seats. Big difference in terms of space. (Don't think I got my money refunded either, for their booking mistake.)"
Cons: "Wouldn't let us bring liquids on the plane and didn't go around enough with water."
Pros: "I didn't like any part."
Cons: "I hated how they expressed the flight was full and there's was son many available seats. They place me in the emergency exit after I expressed I didn't want to be placed there. I will not be flying air China ever again."
Pros: "Service n food"
Cons: "Nothing"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Shenzhen to San Francisco

Airlines flying from Shenzhen to San Francisco have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Shenzhen to San Francisco

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Shenzhen to San Francisco

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Shenzhen to San Francisco

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Shenzhen to San Francisco

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Shenzhen to San Francisco

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