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American AirlinesOverall score based on 49296 reviews


Plane was cold. only offered one beverage, nothing more. the person in the Admiral Club check in desk was on the phone the entire time She was checking us in. Then, she asked me To scan my boarding pass And cerificate twice. I felt unattended and like she did not care if we visited Or Not. The lady cleaning in the admiral Lounge Was most friendly and attentive However.

The inflight food service only had free snacks. There were none available for purchase. Also, it is a long way between gates in Philadelphia for the flight to Norfolk

The CRJ900 is a small plane. For larger passengers, it is only tolerable, even in 1st class. Perhaps avoid 1st row

Very nice at check in and flight attendants were very accommodating. You could tell they liked their job!

Delayed flight, missed all my connections. They re-routed me on a 20 hr series of flights, charged me $230 for one extra bag, because of all the steps in the new flight that THEY set up because of THEIR delay. Absolutely unhelpful/unempathic counter help. This was easily one of my worst trip experiences, and I fly a lot.

Great flight and crew. Left on time arrived early. Couldn’t ask for more.

American's movie selection is not great and the user interface for selecting a movie is really not easy to use.

Pros: "Can’t say that...crew was professional but lacking good service attitude.No smiles, Nothing special."
Cons: "I almost lost my coincidence with my other flight"
Cons: "Accommodates"
Pros: "Uneventful flight! Love that!"
Cons: "The crew is just over it all. They are Tired & put out by the job. They cannot even pretend to like their jobs. Quite unfortunate."
Pros: "They got me home eventually"
Cons: "Timeliness was awful. Late crew delayed the flight 50 min. Then ripped cargo net resulted in cargo shift."
Cons: "No deberían cojerse los artículos personales de los pasajeros"
Pros: "Seat uncomfortable. AA put me on a middle seat in my last 4 trips. I will never fly with AA."
Cons: "Better seat options."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Comfortable seats tv screens for seats"
Cons: "Commuter jet boarding at DCA is going to stink until the new terminal is completed. Just is."
Pros: "The crew at the airport was outstanding .. getting out of their way to help us"
Pros: "Boarding was fairly quick, and improvement has been made with people waiting for their boarding group to be called from crowding the boarding line. The crew was friendly and accommodating."
Cons: "Several seat changes had to be made, but it all worked out."
Cons: "small plane"
Pros: "Landing and deplaning"
Cons: "Literally everything else"
Pros: "Finnair uses the American Airlines flight for this destination. Non-stop flight Raleigh to Heathrow (round trip).. Fantastic, on time and comfortable aircraft."
Cons: "It would have been easier to book our seat assignments if Fdfinnair had directed us to contact American Airlines directly to get seat assignments. Could not pre-select through Finnair. If you did not want the meat meal the vegetarian meals on both flights included mushrooms...not into fungi."
Pros: "Very nice crew. Thank you. I get to see my family."
Pros: "I found the crew to be nice and friendly and the breakfast was good."
Cons: "It seems like American Airlines has lived up to its reputation. More seats in a plane and less comfort. On top of that, the entertainment system has not been upgraded since the 70's. TV monitors in the middle and everyone has to watch the same thing. Of course, the sound system did not work for one entire side of the plane so I could only watch the movie and not hear it. If you are not going to have individual monitors for each seat, allow your passengers to what from their mobil devises like almost all other airlines are doing."
Pros: "All good, on time, crew was pleasant!"
Cons: "All good"
Cons: "Food was terrible and the audio was broken for the entire plane and couldn't watch the movie they played on the flight."
Pros: "Food, cleanliness"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Middle seat"
Pros: "CRJ 900s have more leg room than expected"
Pros: "I was in Business class and had some room to spread out."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by almost three hours. Crew provided NO service, but it was a late flight."
Pros: "I am happy to have made it to my final destination."
Cons: "This was a disappointing experience to say the very least. The boarding process in Quito was chaotic to say the least. The AA staff did not make an effort to maintain any kind of order. My husband and I are both enrolled in the AA frequent flyer program and had at least 6 people cut in front of us while on-line. When we finally approached the AA representative, Dayana Gómez, She was rude and not helpful. Our seats on the UIO-Dallas flight did not even recline. We sat completely upright for the duration of the 6 hour overnight night flight into Dallas."
Cons: "American refused to board me becouse LAN did not send the reservation to AA system. Flight was full and AA did not even talk with me about what to do. They just unloaded my bag allready checked to MIA.. After two hours standing at LAN counter they changed my flight to Lima and than to Miami. I came to Miami 12 hours late, very disappointed by this service. According to AA my ticket was never confirmed by the airline !! How can you sell it to customer ??"
Pros: "Little"
Cons: "Mechanical issues, late late late, bad communication, no apologies or compensation for huge waste of time."
Pros: "Crew were very attentive."
Cons: "Video did not work Was re-booted twice and still did not work. then could not be turned off keeping me awake."
Cons: "Completely ignored for beverage service"
Cons: "Poor communication Delays -3 hrs"
Pros: "friendly staff and good entertainment options"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "Onboard crew was very cheerful and did their job very well."
Cons: "Terrible boarding process. It took me literally two hours and a half to get my boarding pass and check-in my luggage, due to a very long queue and maybe a lack of personnel at check-in. I got my boarding pass twenty minutes before departure time, which was obviously terribly stressful., moreover I had a train to catch at destination."
Pros: "Everything lined up perfectly"
Pros: "Crew were friendly and helpful given the situation."
Cons: "I changed my flight because they said there would be bad weather. I would have gotten there on time if I never changed it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It's AA, never again"
Pros: "The entertainment was a new release movie - liked that. The food was okay."
Cons: "Seats not comfortable, especially for a 7 hour trip! My tray table broke and would not close. I informed a stewardess and she apologized for the inconvenience and did her best to duct tape it shut (twice). It's an old plane, I would not recommend for a flight more than 2 hours. Wasn't greeted at boarding. Had to interrupt staff to ask which side of plane I should walk down to get to my seat. I paid extra for 12th row - waste of money!"
Pros: "The guy at the check in counter was awesome, even though his English wasn't great. He upgraded me to the exit row seats since my legs are long; usually you need to pay for this. The seats were huge and comfortable, though the arm rests didn't move, so you could stretch out (the flight wasn't that full)."
Cons: "One flight attendant was basically rude to everyone. She was so comically unfriendly that people on the plane were actually mocking her (for good reason). She refused to explain to us how the emergent slide worked. We asked because the visual instructions on the door were different from those in the seat back pamphlet. In fact, I still don't know which directions are the correct ones (they were contradictory)."
Pros: "Great crew, early boarding and early departure."
Cons: "Not every seat has electrical outlets. very few poorly spaced screens. Food is average. Seats don't reckine very far. I'm told it's worth catching the British Air flight from Philly bc the planes are better with a screen at each seat"
Pros: "Both power and USB plugs at each seat. Entertainment options not bad."
Cons: "Very narrow seats with little leg room. Reclined seat in front of you is right in your face."
Cons: "No food, no good entertainment"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Had to board three times, two different planes. I understand mechanical problems, but 3 hours later, and on another plane, the captain starts making stuff up, saying that the only reason we hadn't moved in the last hour was because people were using the bathroom, then something about having to deplane because the plane couldn't back up with us on it because of some sensor? And then, surprise ! All of the sudden they noticed there was an issue with his and some of the crews' hours and we had to wait till they could locate more crew. But they gave us each a 1/3 glass of water and later a $12 food voucher which didn't even cover a meal and beverage. Whoop-de-do. 7 hours later we finally boarded for the third and last time. The crew on the other hand stayed professional and friendly."
Pros: "Medical emergency response and support was excellent."
Cons: "No pre-boarding for infant. Straight legroom in 13D still had seat in front recline into my knees at 6'5". Extra legroom purchase did not provide any extra legroom. Need to know what seats provide extra legroom for 6'5" tall passengers."
Pros: "Once we boarded, business class was very good."
Cons: "Food was pretty bad, dinner and breakfast. No taste at all."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "My luggage was lost!!! People were sympathetic but no apologies or compensation Also, we were forced to pay extra for our seats before we were able to print boarding passes. My husband and I were not able to sit together which was upsetting to me."

Meal preferences were not saved/changed despite having the information being saved on the United profile, requested at the time of booking, and requested again more than 24 hours before the flight. As a result, a suitable meal was not available during the flight.

Service, punctuality, and efficiency were excellent. Airline food ...well a choice other than a chicken sandwich would have been appreciated. Otherwise, I will certainly fly again with United Airlines. The staff in Lima for the flight to Houston were absolutely wonderful. Muchas Gracias United!

Food and crew sympathy could be improved

No delays, and everything went smoothly, right on time

Flight delayed over an hour with no updates. Initially told crew had arrived and needed to make their way to the gate, but that was obviously a lie because I couldn't walked that distance a dozen times in the 70 minutes it took. Delays happen: fine. But failing to provide updates and informing passengers is inexcusable.

On-time landed early too- excellent service around!

Pros: "nothing."
Cons: "there was no flight. pay attention, kayak."
Pros: "Crew was super nice."
Cons: "Bathroom was horrible and smelled very bad. Flight was delayed and delayed."
Cons: "Leave on time. Friendlier and helpful service"
Pros: "Very well-run flight. Crew was on top of everything. Very cheery."
Pros: "Fast boarding good entertainment"
Cons: "Better snack choices"
Cons: "First class seat and it barely reclined at all"
Pros: "Delayed by 2 hours"
Pros: "Departed 1 hour late, messedup plans in New York city for us."
Pros: "Quick early flight. Good entertainment system. Quick luggage pickup. Announcements in English and French. We could reserve seats for free"
Cons: "Boarding was a little chaotic."
Pros: "The boardong process was well organized and we arrived earlier than expected."
Cons: "No complaints"
Pros: "Crew were helpful. They got the plane boarded early for an early takeoff. It was easy getting from landing gate to my next takeoff gate."
Cons: "The boarding was a little quicker and more controlled."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Entertainment free and plenty of choices"
Cons: "Not even any free snacks, seats do not recline much at all"
Cons: "Continuously moving departure time back."
Pros: "Everything went well on the two flight legs.. I just may subcontiously book UA flights to get more of those Dutch stlye cookies!"
Pros: "The service staff was very friendly when they told me they were out of every food item I wanted."
Cons: "Lack of variety in snacks, foods and purchases on the plane."
Pros: "We flew business class and slept most of the way in very comfortable environment"
Cons: "The cabin crew insisted that we had to claim our baggage in Houston and go thru customs with it. THEY WERE WRONG! . we wasted 15 mins for luggage that we then found out did not need to be picked up as it was routed direct to Vancouver. This almost made us miss our next flight and caused us a lot of stress. We had specifically asked the crew to check as we thought it was ticketed to Vancouver but they insisted WE WERE WRONG"
Cons: "I understand aircraft safety is paramount, but 2 hour delay also meant we missed dinner reservation at destination on Mother's Day"
Pros: "Instead of just giving a cup of the beverage of choice, they gave us the whole can. I liked the snack they handed out much better than the pretzels on the trip out. The wheelchair assistance was wonderful."
Cons: "You ask us to rate the entertainment, but there isn't a n/a box and there really isn't any unless you use an electronic device."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No meal on business, no free internet, no entertainment"
Pros: "Passport checked twice AFTER passengers had passed main security (at the gate). Bottled water purchased AFTER passengers had passed main security (in the terminal) not permitted on the plane. Flight attendants were completely unhelpful and passengers had to find space in the overhead compartments for their carry-on luggage by themselves."
Cons: "Passport checked twice AFTER passengers had passed main security (at the gate). Bottled water purchased AFTER passengers had passed main security (in the terminal) not permitted on the plane. Flight attendants were completely unhelpful and passengers had to find space in the overhead compartments for their carry-on luggage by themselves."
Pros: "It's was a straight threw flight."
Cons: "The flight was delayed on the way there and on the way back. I checked the flights to see if they where running on time they said they where. Then I'm told the flight was delayed first 15 min then an hour. The Flight back was even worse the flight was suppose to leave Saint Louis at 3:30 to Newark was delayed 2hours and 50 minutes I checked the flight status said it was going to be on time. If I had know it wasn't going to be on time My son wouldn't have had to wait at the air port as long as He did"
Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "The air hosts were in friendly and didn't say goodbye. The cabin was improperly pressurized and hurt my ears going up and landing. My ear is still popping."
Pros: "Did not receive my flyer miles for the trip. Not good!"
Cons: "The fact that only one cup of coffee with 2 creamer was the maximum I was allowed. She was no friendly at al"
Pros: "Too many delays to be able to take the flight."
Pros: "I had no complaint when I flew from Newark to Lima.flight attendants were nice and respectful they knew what they were doing. My travel back to the States were different. Since it was an overnight flight i expected to sleep most of the time. When I was resting suddenly one of the attendants literally scream in my ear to ask if I wanted chicken or beef??? I was like" can you see I was sleeping? To me that was rude. Also they didn't coordinate to serve drinks they took more than usual to serve. No one even ask if we want more drinks or not. Hope they do better"
Pros: "Attendant was nice."
Cons: "Unexpected, unannounced delay put us into Chicago 30 minutes late. I was scheduled to have a 45 minute layover, now down to 15. I was given no support getting to my next gate, that plane was not held despite the fact that I ran across the terminal to catch it."
Cons: "It was a new crew and stewardess walked down aisle looking straight ahead while I had my credit card out waving trying to buy some food!"
Pros: "Stewardesses we're kind and helpful"
Cons: "One of the stewards spoke ill and loudly of a passenger he was irritated with as passengers were exiting the plane in Houston, which I found to be incredibly unprofessional."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Lost my bag"
Pros: "It got me to Boston!"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats!"
Pros: "Everything!"
Cons: "Wish I used y'all for my other flights!"
Pros: "this was the cheapest flight i found. It wasnt bad. Just your typical airplane ride. I just kept myself busy during flight. wish they showed a movie or something."
Pros: "Early"
Pros: "The boarding went smooth on both flights. I even got a refill on coffee for the first time."
Cons: "Why don't you have review questions about TSA and the airport?"
Pros: "Very solid crew able to be efficient and courteous."
Pros: "Flight cancelled"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. Had to wait 30 minutes to speak to United service rep to rebook to Boston. No other Manchester flights. Forced to check carry ons. There were 10 terminals for service reps and only five reps. Line was very long and reps were in no hurry to assist. Not a pleasant experience. They should pay us a cancellation fee like they charge us when we cancel. Incurred additional expense getting to Manchester, NH. Not happy with United."
Cons: "Too tight. Not enough leg room. Bad service."
Pros: "Nice flight crew Nice gate agents Flights were on-time"
Cons: "Seats are a little tight To select seats during online check-in cost $33 per seat"
Pros: "I liked the in flight entertainment option through the United app. Nice staff and waffle cookies were way better than peanuts."
Pros: "Staff excellent"
Cons: "Everything else, space restrictive"
Cons: "The plane was delayed."
Pros: "The stewardess was personable. The staff at the United Club reception desk, helped with a seating problem on my return trip."
Cons: "The climate of both planes was not great. It may have to do with the age of the plane."

Everything was great except Spirit airlines damaged my brand new Porta Suitcase that I purchased in Peru. When I retrieved my Checked suitcase at ft Lauderdale Airport, my suitcase was damaged with a dent on 1 of the corners of suitcase

Better chairs

Everything needs to change. From the crew members. To the way they connect flights. To at least provide one drink in a 5 hour flight. The way they charge for luggages and force me to check in a book bag as a luggage. The experience was horrible . Spirit airline is such a horrible line and makes its own rule about food that you buy in the airport to bank on extra money inside the flight. Everything was horrible. I missed my connecting flight, I was charge for extra luggage, there was a fight between crew and customer next to me. A lady was pulled behind my de at because she wanted to throw up and the crew members didn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t even know where to start. It was so horrible I’m going to complain to the USA department of transportation, as well a consumer affairs.

Seats are small-not a lot of personal space.

My flight from Chicago O'Hare to Boise was not booked. I feel disappointed about it.

I'll start with after purchasing my tickets on Kayak... I purchased my tickets with a carry-on and checked bag for both me and my husband. When we arrived to Fort Lauderdale, there seemed to not have been a checked bag for my flight to Peru. After paying for the checked bag and rechecking my tickets, Spirit changed our baggage to having a carry-on to Peru and a checked bag coming back to Fort Lauderdale. This was not the most pain aching part of the trip. As it neared closer to time for us to fly back to Fort Lauderdale, I began my check-in process 24hrs before our flight. I attempted to add the carry-on bags, that were taken off of our return trip, and an extra checked bag. Spirits system would not allow it and I have the screen shots to prove, however, without adding anything to the checkin process I was able to checkin smoothly. This was very concerning as it seemed Spirit was forcing flyers to be charged the fees at the airport. I called management and had notes included on my reservation to honor the prices that were online and via my screenshots. At the checkin desks in Peru, I was told that they could not make any changes and I had to pay the prices from the airport for my luggage. Only after requesting that the young lady provide me screenshots of the what she was seeing on her screen with regards to the notes from management did she inform her manager of the situation to adjust the price. After all of that, the price still wasn't correct and I paid an extra $20 than what I was supposed to. I shouldn't have to negotiate my baggage with any airline when their systems are not working correctly. As I was wrapping up my transaction, there were other flyers going through the same situation. It is very unfair and unprofessional the way that Spirit treated us in that flight. This type of experience is what makes flyers rethink flying Spirit.

Boarding was 30 min late due to late worker. Getting baggage took 42 minutes on almost empty flight.

Pros: "Service malo"
Cons: "Service malo"
Pros: "The crew members on board were professional and attentive"
Cons: "Extremely poor management during the customs process. Many hours delayed, no social distancing, no prioritization for individuals and families that had connecting flights and therefore over a hundred people lost their flights and were told they had to wait over two days for the next flight without vouchers for food or hotel. It was embarrassing, to say the least. There needs to be better organization so people with connecting flights can be prioritized and seen before to avoid such an awful situation."
Pros: "The crew on board made the best of the situation."
Cons: "Ground staff were unhelpful or just not around at all."
Cons: "Non reclining seats on a red eye = terrible Even though I paid for an upgraded seat, I found out upon boarding that it did not recline. No seats do on spirit. I will not be flying spirit again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Literally everything. It was my first and last time on spirit.. They seats were like folding chairs bolted to the ground and didn't recline. They made usthrow away our water that we bought at the airport and then charged $3 on the plane. Hidden fees everywhere. F this airline."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact i had to pay 2xs for the same luggage round trip! First time for me, and certainly the last with spirit."
Cons: "Absolutely rediculous that you don’t even offer a cup of water or coffee."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "Service Assistance was poor and they were asking money for what is their job"
Pros: "first time and last, i never flew so uncomfortable before, this airlines sucks!!!"
Cons: "everything!!"
Cons: "Some of The staff memebers were rude. Had to go through like four different check points for luggage, delays boarding and not very effective. One staff memeber checks your name, another one asks to attach name tag to luggage, another one has a questionnaire for suitcase asking for items in it, this is all before even checking in!! At the gate before boarding there's another huge line because again one staff memeber checks for boarding pass, another checks passport, another one goes through bags and then check in to board plane. Have to buy any food you want to consume, not even water for free."
Cons: "On time"
Cons: "Didn't like that the flight was over booked"
Cons: "No complimentary water on an international flight. Limit of 40 lbs per suitcase. Excessive charges for luggage/carry ons. Rude customer service."
Cons: "The attendant was joking around too much. He got upset when u joked back and forced me to move from the exit row. Unprofessional... flight attendants shouldn't joke about safety in the first place!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Not a "discount" airline bc after paying for bags and everything else, $ is comparable to other airlines who actually take care of their customers. International flight w seats that are plastic and don't recline, no water, no tray table, no room. Delayed flight so missed connections and had to wait 5 hrs for the next flight. Unsympathetic staff. Terrible! Will never fly sprit again."
Pros: "It was cheap"
Cons: "The seats don't decline and are not very padded"
Pros: "Low food vouchers for delay and credits"
Cons: "Low food vouchers for delay"
Cons: "I know it's a cheap airline but the seats were really uncomfortable and didn't recline. I missed the drink and snack service too"
Pros: "Delayed ."
Pros: "Price at booking"
Cons: "$250 in fees - bags, boarding pass, seat assignment. Flight out had overbooked so a dozen people got left behind. Flight back connecting flight was cancelled, and they couldn't get us to Detroit for 36 hours. They had cancelled the flight before to Detroit also, so they had 2 planes worth of people to deal with. On all flights the seats were hard as boards and packed so tight you couldn't straighten a leg or take a deep breath withou pushing against your neighbor. Meal vouchers were only good at the airport and only 3 meals in 37 hours and only $7 per airport prices. NEVER EVER again."
Pros: "Sucks.!!"
Cons: "Make loose my 7.00 am o clock flight, now wait till 3.00 pm to abord the next one , sucks sucks sucks"
Cons: "Flight cancellation. New flight was going to be 36 hours after."
Cons: "Extortionate arbitrary $70 baggage fee. Same bag they didn't charge me for on my flight down. A guy waiting on the same flight at the gate had *literally* the same bag and said he didn't have to pay the fee. Also extremely uncomfortable seats considering it was a six hour overnight flight."
Pros: "Although weather was bad and we took forever to take off, our flight attendant was HILARIOUS and appeared to love his job!"
Cons: "Due to their own delayed flight I lost my connection and instead of whatv is done with other airlines that move you to another airline in order to get the sooner flight, they dont give a thing for ur time and they dont even pay for a room."
Cons: "Spirit delayed my initial.flight from.lima so I had to rebook. They delayed the flight even more and I missed my new connection flight. I was told spirit is not responsible for the length of lines for tsa check points. I had 15 minutes to get to my gate once I finally got my bag. This one is on spirit."
Cons: "My first flight was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting flight (Flying from Peru, to Florida, to Chicago). Upon arriving in Florida- Spirit staff was rude, would not answer questions, provide info, or help us get on new flights- we were only put standby and as more and more flights were cancelled without reason- I was told I would be stuck in Florida for 36 hours. I had to buy a ticket on another airline to get home after waiting 14 hours for Spirit to help. I was so upset, missed work, tired, and overall let down with their lack of compassion or even kind concern for the issues."
Pros: "I made it home."
Cons: "Delay after delay after delay Pay for literally everything (tickets, seats, bags, water on the plane...)"
Pros: "The inside plane was clean and I liked the big seats"
Cons: "The waiting area at Logan was horrible. No even enough chairs for people and dirty with teas"
Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "The leg room and the overall comfort was couldn't bend the sit."
Pros: "The trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Panama was a smooth trip."
Cons: "On the other hand waiting to be checked in needs to improve and also the pricing of luggage need to be more of a realistic price for all travelers."
Pros: "Night flight, had a chance to sleep just as planned."
Cons: "3 hours late, missed the next flight I had book and subsequently a friend's birthday dinner on the next end.."
Cons: "I was running late for my flight and the charged me for a whole new flight."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the worst flight I had ever in my whole life. Kayak should not work with them anymore!"
Pros: "Delayed too long"
Pros: "Inside female crew up in front of FW very stern, no intro's/smiles/pleasantries/, no eye contact. Strange. Would not be acceptable in my business."
Pros: "On time, everything went smoothly"
Cons: "Couldn't carry liquids or water on the plane"
Pros: "Crew were nice and helpful..."
Cons: "Seats for the International flights didn't recline!!! that it totally unacceptable on long legs!!!"
Cons: "My ticket was from lima To FLL, florida my final destinación was phl which I took Southwest. While in Lima I tríes To pay for my luggage vía internet for more than an hour the System try To have me sign And open an Spirit Account over And over call And customer sevice gold me To go To the counter. In the airport pay $172 dollars for my 2 luggage a my small bag It cost me so much more To use your Airline plus It was so unconfortable having the sit not reclining for over night flight. In Miami I check out my Bag with Southwest It was like Heaven using the other Airline. Never again."
Pros: "We didn't die"
Cons: "The only positive was that we arrived safely. We were told to stand in line early for no reason. Boarding took forever and seemed rushed then we sat for an hour before take off. The plane was so cramped my knees didn't fit. I'm only 6' and 180lbs. We couldn't bring water on the plane that Doesn't give you water. They opened everyone's bags in line without privacy. Rough flight and rough landing. I could keep going but no room."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Too expensive!! They charge you for all"
Pros: "I liked nothing!"
Cons: "The plane was delayed in Lima for maintenance isuuses for almost two hours on the tarmac. This caused me to miss my connecfting flight in Ft. Lauderdale. Then I was rerouted to NYC and that plane was delayed two hours because the pilots were stuck in traffic."
Cons: "I have used airlines for the last 20 years. Without any doubt this one was the worst. Not even the airlines in a third world country work like them. I will tell all my friends about how horrible SPIRIT is."

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16h 53mGRU-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 17mMHT-GRU
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 43mUIO-MHT
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
33h 02mMHT-UIO

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2 stopsAmerican Airlines
29h 55mUIO-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
21h 44mLIM-MHT
2 stopsSpirit Airlines
18h 48mLIM-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
19h 59mLIM-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
21h 19mLIM-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
13h 00mUIO-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
21h 12mUIO-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
15h 54mLIM-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
19h 58mLIM-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 44mLIM-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
21h 44mLIM-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 44mLIM-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 44mLIM-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
21h 53mLIM-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
18h 34mGRU-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 54mEZE-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
18h 32mGRU-MHT
1 stopUnited Airlines
20h 10mGRU-MHT
2 stopsUnited Airlines
26h 42mEZE-MHT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
25h 33mEZE-MHT

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Manchester (MHT)United States

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Manchester - South America

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