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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46516 reviews

Pros: Excellent plane from comfort to entertainment.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Well my flight was cancelled a few hours before my departure and was sent on another flight to a different city that was 3 hours away

Pros: The plane felt new!
Cons: The carry-on space underneath the seat was limited by the entertainment system box

Cons: Many of the crew members seem as if they hated their jobs. I hesitate asking them anything.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The media was not working. The eating table was broken . I made a complaint to the flight attendant snd she just said “ we apologize “. Terrible and old flight. Travel from Rome to Charlotte which is too long to have that type of issues

Cons: I love it

Pros: Desk attendant was very kind, but clearly had no idea what to tell us.
Cons: See previous flight post, another delay for mechanical issues, another round of poor communication.

Cons: The food terrible

Pros: The seats were awesome Excellent leg room The old airbus is a winner
Cons: The entertainment system is really outdated

Pros: All was great - we even arrived early.
Cons: Not even a cracker

Pros: The cost.
Cons: I could not even get the flight rebooked I never got on the plane Los Angeles and they acted like I was there and all was well. I never checked in.. emergency led to a reschedule but contact was never accommodated.

Pros: Flight crew offered me compensatory AA aadvantage miles for screen not working
Cons: Screen did not work on video display. As always, seat was terribly uncomfortable. Felt like I was sitting on a wooden playground bench.

Cons: Lost our bags on our 6 hour layover in Bogota and when we arrived in Lima (our last stop cusco) they were not nice about it at all. So rude. We almost missed our flight to cusco because of it as well even though we had almost a 3 hour layover. Took more than 24 hours to get the bags

Pros: The Bogota based crew provided the best service I have ever experienced. Extremely pleasant and customer focused. We were flying with twins and they assisted us through out the flight. Once we landed in MIA they helped us maneuver through the maze to reach the customs & immigration area quickly. All in all a great experience.

Pros: Latam lounge in Bogota
Cons: Pay for premium seats, not enough leg room a rip-off

Cons: Left 2 hours late from Bogota

Pros: Everything was perfect
Cons: Everything was good to be honest

Pros: Although the flight was short, everything worked as it should have.
Cons: I miss snacks! Even a bag of pretzels would have been appreciated.

Cons: Seats and food

Pros: Everything went very well.
Cons: No room between seats.

Pros: The flight was on time
Cons: The food was so so nothing special

Pros: Everybody answers me any questions that I have. And treat me very Gental. I thought that I lost a Lounge but in my next fly from Bogota to Pereira apair in Pereira airport.

Pros: Cheap seat had leg room

Pros: Crew was very helpful
Cons: Seating onsite didn't facilitate the experience. Traveling with a minor, it is important to seat with family members how can help throughout the flight. First come first serve seats approach not a good strategy as a customer approach. Charging extra for regular seats to choose online...not a good approach. Not having vegetarian options a big mistake. What do we eat?

Cons: No entertainment, no food

Pros: Long walk and less than an hour. Very difficult for senior. No assistan e available.
Cons: The pain from carrying bag between gates

Pros: Value for money
Cons: The staff doesn't hold passengers accountable to carry on bag size and additional bags. It results in cabin luggage storage being full before 3/4ths of the passengers board.

Pros: Worst plane to travel 5 1/2 hours. Almost no legroom, very small seats.

Pros: roomy flight, great movie selection, food was great

Pros: Their customer service sucks.
Cons: Their customer service sucks.

Pros: Arriving early
Cons: Having to pay for the wine.

Pros: I would like to include these miles to accumulate them. I flight with Latam to Río de Janeiro renta y. How can I get them?

Cons: When we arrived at AirPort El Dorado, we discovered that our flight was cancelled/has been changed without warning us! They scheduled us a new flight with Vianca and Iberia: Bogotá-Madrid + Madrid-Brussels. My partner and I could not sit together on any of these flights! 1 of 10 hours and of 2 hours! I would NOT recommend AA to anyone! This was full responsability of AA!

Pros: Nothing. The entire experience with AA was horrible. Flights delayed, poor protocols to accommodate passengers in other flights.AA does not take responsibility of reimburse or compensate the passenger for cancellation of flights for technical problems of their aircraft even thought the flight is operate by AA. Zero help and communication with airlines (AA and LATAM) involved with the delays, lost connections or frights cancellations. I should be reimburse or compensate for all the inconvenience generated.

Cons: Not once but twice we boarded, sat on the plane for an hour and then were asked to deplane due to mechanical issues. It's understandable for one plane to have problems, but absurd to have issues again with the second plane. After all this, our flight was delayed until the early hours of the morning, leaving many passengers to sleep in the airport. It was uncomfortable, disappointing, frustrating, and the crew seemed very unsympathetic.

Pros: Check in and boarding was quick

Pros: Crew was excellent but it was literally the most uncomfortable plane ride I have ever been. There was even an empty seat in the middle and I couldn't sleep at all. The seats were super shOrr and the headrests sucked

Cons: Paying extra for seats

Cons: Crowded seating, smaller seats.

Pros: Modern plane
Cons: Required to board bus for a half minute a ride to get on plane in front of "gate". Business class only 8 smallish seats. Economy have was as cramped as ever. Long restroom lines.

Pros: Plane was clean boarding was fine.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I called around 5 times since june or july to change my flight because I was injured at work and couldn't travel. I called customers service and they told me that I cannot change my flight they dont give another solution they just told me that I have to buy another flight ticket. I will not recommended amy of my family or friends to travel in vayama.

Pros: No delays except for weather.

Cons: Having to pay $50 to check bags when if I had been able to to Ak Air check in they would have been free

Pros: Good options of entertainment.
Cons: Bad service of few members of the crew. Always seem to disturb them. In the long flight, they never pass to offer water (flight Bogota-Barcelona)

Pros: Fast boarding
Cons: My entertaiment system was broke, I let the crew know about it but they never pay attention on this issue, seat 13F

Pros: Accuration and responsability
Cons: Long conection

Pros: They switched my flight promptly when I missed my connection.
Cons: I missed my connection for no apparent reasons. When asked for compensation they said there was nothing they could do and cited reasons Regarding the boarding and deboarding of a special needs passenger.

Pros: United uses a code share with Avianca for regional flights.

Pros: Good job

Pros: Efficient boarding and friendly crew

Pros: United is fine.
Cons: They have a Delay and they comunicated late. I traveled with a 3 month old baby, so you can imagine whe you have a delay of more than 5 hours.

Pros: The seats were very comfortable
Cons: The crew were not very organized or friendly. The food was very mediocre

Pros: Made up time lost to bad weather. Several announcements from pilot-I always like that. Makes me feel more personally cared for. "My friend the pilot is taking me there". That might explain how it makes me feel. Wish they did it more. Don't usually complain but below you will see I did.
Cons: Your headrest are especially cheap, plastic like, with little padding. Being in back row(no recline) would have been manageable if I could have leaned head to side to rest on something that extended out. Left too much light on (all down center) for an overnight flight. Served heavy dinner at 2am. Woke everyone up. Later light breakfast would have been more appropriate. Bathrooms reeked and waste bin overflow. Stewardess in back chatting. Don't they ever check?. They didn't seem to want to there.

Pros: The lounge and boarding area at Houston Airport were great. The staff at boarding did a good job keeping everyone happy and in line and boarding in the proper zones.
Cons: All the flight attendants were trainees. I was served cold coffee because it took so long to get from the front of the plane to the back. I was given a toothpick to stir it with. My headrest detached from the seat, and I had to sit uncomfortably during the flight. The plug for headphones was broken.

Cons: Crowded planes.

Pros: Nice and courteous crew
Cons: Better on increased International viewing options.

Cons: Lines in oranestad

Cons: No food.long flight if you come from a connecring flight. They serve pretzels which exclude people who don't est wheat. Serve an option of mixed nuts.breakfast was the ssme a cookie serve a rice cake ootion. I ordered celiac snd got the cookie on the Panama City to Asuncion flight

Pros: On-time departure. Grouped boarding
Cons: Had to gate check bag, but I’ve flown this flight often enough to know that. Missed beverage service while dozing . Cart was just 2 rows past and never got a chance.

Pros: The cabin was very warm and uncomfortable for the entire flight and tarmac time. The overhead air wasn't working either so that didn't help. Other than that, the flight was great.
Cons: Cabin temperature

Pros: The flight’s crew was very efficient, and the flight arrival and departure was close to what was promised.
Cons: The check-in was done by machine and the ticketing crew didn’t mention that the luggage was going directly to destination nor was my gate info for the second leg of my journey printed on my ticket. You’d figure United would know this info a few hours prior to departure.

Pros: Flying on the beauty Dreamlier Boeing 787
Cons: Luggage crew too slow in both airports

Pros: Nothing
Cons: 1) a 5-hour flight to Honolulu was delayed for 6 hours due to mechanical problems, twice! First plane had issues and we had to change to another plane, found issues again before being taxied. Poor maintenance United! Are your planes even safe? 2) United first class is terrible! It isn’t even near first class standard with very tight seats and rude flight attendants. Absolutely zero service! No more United!

Pros: Service and food were great. Flight was smooth and a lot of leg room. Will definitely fly again.

Pros: Help changes with my seat assignment
Cons: Leg room bad.....attendants. not very happy

Cons: None

Pros: One flight attendant who went above and beyond to compensate for the airline having prepared a vegetarian meal option
Cons: Called ahead to secure a vegetarian meal option for a 6-hr flight and the meal was promised. Once on flight it was explained to me that vegetarian option was not offered on this flight. If customer rep would have explained that, u would have taken measures to bring along a prepared meal for myself. Not okay.

Pros: Overall it was a fairly comfortable experience.
Cons: The United WiFi was not working on my device. I could not connect.

Cons: The flight was full to capacity

Pros: Economy tickets were over sold and I was moved to 1st class seat! Best flight ever.!!!
Cons: Customer service, baggage policy, service at the airport counter, in short everything.

Pros: Absolutely nothing.
Cons: I missed my connecting flight due to delay and thus had to spend unneccessary money for a hotel, as well as an additional plane ticket to Cusco. Thanks for nothing.

Pros: Flight was delayed but the pilots got us there in time to make our connecting flight. Thank you!
Cons: On an international flight didn't expect to pay for movies and our seats didn't recline. Made for a long and uncomfortable flight.

Pros: Because of the delay, I missed my connecting flight, but a United staff member was ready to hand me a boarding pass for a new flight right when I got off the plane. That took away any worry or hassle for me, which I appreciated.
Cons: We sat on the runway for 2 hours. Also, my headphone jack was broken, so I could not connect my headphones to watch a movie. When I tried to explain the problem, the flight attendant misunderstood and just ended up bringing me a new pair of headphones... not helpful.

Pros: Movies on plane
Cons: Over 2 hour delay caused necessity of connection to be unusable - no explanation. Virtually useless help in getting a new connection.

Pros: Flight attendants were very nice
Cons: The overhead a.c. spout didn't work. Plane was very hot.

Cons: United check-in at IAD was chaotic. Worst process I have ever seen.

Cons: I would like to rate my flight HOME. United CANCELED my flight one hour prior to boarding. PISSED

Cons: Crew said flight was over booked then read assigned me to another flight. Then last minute told me I could board the flight. I was unable to eat and had to wait at the terminal.

Pros: The crew was great
Cons: I was not able to use the TV because the key to change channels was broken. I did not like the food, Too many calories and starches and the airplane was old and outdated. Thanks

Pros: The plane was almost empty so I took a 3 seat and layed down to sleep. There is not entertainment or reading material so there is nothing else to do. The crew was exceptional in all ways.
Cons: There is not entertainment or reading material so there is nothing else to do. It would have been miserable if the flight was full.

Pros: Crew were all friendly and trip went very smooth in the air. Havent flown for years so computer checkins were a bit overwhelming at first but staff again very helpful. thanks for a great experience Mildred Johnson

Pros: On time
Cons: The aircraft was a bit older for a 6 hours flight so I felt too closed to a person next to me

Pros: It didn't crash...
Cons: Paid for upgraded seat. So narrow that the guy next to me spilled over into my seat and the ceiling of the cabin was so close I had to keep my neck folded like a taco the whole flight. Could hardly stand up after we finally landed. Shame on you, you should not be allowed to charge extra for torture.

Cons: Boarding was awful ,

Pros: The crew was great
Cons: Late flight and plane was not parked right at terminal in Chicago so it made for a long wait to get off the plane

Pros: N/A
Cons: I missed my flight because on the printed ticket, the boarding time was the same as the flight time. It read that the flight was on time, so I arrived a few minutes before the boarding time per the ticket and the flight was already leaving. So I had to cancel the flight and they re-booked the flight for the next morning, pretty late morning, which made me miss a scheduled day of work. There was also a child kicking my seat behind me so I had to move my seat in order to avoid any issues.

Pros: That we arrived alive

Pros: Boarding was painless despite being a full flight. Plane left on time.
Cons: Complete failure of the wifi based streaming system. And not just for me, but the whole plane. Probably never fly with UA long distance again for this. Failed on the way out and on the way back. I have no faith that it will work the next time. Crew were sympathetic but powerless to fix it. A stale sandwich is forgivable, not having any on demand movies to watch for 11 hours isn't .

Pros: refund
Cons: Hour delay that made me miss my connecting flight. Customer service agent, Theresa, at the United gate was more interested in checking her cell phone text messages & handing out $10 food vouchers than the long of people who have conflicts with connecting flights or missing events in the destination they were flying to. Every minute lost could prevent customers from obtaining another immediate or comparable flight to their destination. Customer service agent sent those who were going to have problems with their connecting flights to the United Airlines service desk, of which, there were no customer service agents at any of the four available stations. I waited 10 minutes for an agent & no one arrived. When I went back to the original line I was standing in, I was forced to go to the back of the line rather than the place I was originally standing. Therefore I waited in line an additional 20-30 minutes. Once I was served they did not have any more seats available on direct flights to Melbourne. They wanted me to fly to NY, then Sydney & then Melbourne. Additionally the customer service agent did not seem confident this flight was not going to have any hiccups. Worst of all, I had been planning this trip for months & it was ruined by United Airlines.

Pros: Good crew
Cons: Delayed

Pros: Everybody help me good information Thanks

Pros: The overall punctually of the flight was very accurate and i appreciate that very much.
Cons: One flight attended in particular was very rude. Blonde short and slightly over weight. Her deminer towards the passengers was very unprofessional. It is unfortunate to have someone like that in a 6 hour flight. Seats are very small and couldn't charge my phone. Also couldn't watch the flight path unless I paid for the entertainment

Cons: Was late like 7 hours

Cons: Planes have mechanical issues, but they could have done more things at the same time like reboard while the post repair system checks ran and sort out baggage weights so that there weren't delays on top of delays. That was after not noticing issues with the plane until after waiting for late passengers and taxiing out. We arrived 4hrs late for a 3hr flight. They also only had one agent to rebook flights and assign hotels at the end even though they had hours to know the connections would be missed.

Pros: Punctual, good service

Pros: Great Dep and Arrival times. Punctuality. In fact flight arrived an hour earlier.
Cons: In flight service appeared to be just mechanical..

Pros: Professional airline. Comfortable seating. On time. Most impressive airline I've flown with in a very long time.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from South America to North Dakota

Airlines flying from South America to North Dakota have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from South America to North Dakota

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from South America to North Dakota

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from South America to North Dakota

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from South America to North Dakota

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from South America to North Dakota

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