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Sep 28 — Oct 51
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Tue 9/28
Tue 10/5

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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
JetBlueOverall score based on 19758 reviews

Pros: Crew was excellent The seats was very comfortable

Cons: This is more of a complaint about another customer. Allowing travelers to take three bags of chips while the rest of the plane is waiting. It was rude and inconsiderate of that customer. They run out of certain flavors. I just need some plain pretzels. She then took 2 more later. The attendant did grab another bag of pretzels and returned Ed later. I’ve been on other flights (other airlines) in which the attendant has said no to seconds unless some remaining at the end.

Cons: The tv didn’t work well making it very hard to enjoy any programming

Pros: Good communication on delay. Friendly and courteous crew.
Cons: No explanation what caused the delay.

Cons: Everything was great!

Pros: NA
Cons: Na

Pros: Quick flight, felt like we took off and next thing we were landing.
Cons: Everything was good, no complaints, just a easy flight to JFK.

Pros: It was all good
Cons: This is not a jet blue issue but there is simply no one at logan airport to help. I almost called 911for assistance in finding my way.

Pros: Flight was cancelled by JetBlue and rebooked in unprofessionally

Pros: the carry-on luggages were checked-in free at boarding to avoid chaos of the over-head bins space shortage

Cons: Better customer service. Flight attendants were rude and lacked social skills

Pros: Crew was friendly. Food was good, especially the beef at dinner
Cons: Breakfast omelette was rubbery and really not good. Layover was way too long (4h). Not looking forward to my 11h layover on the way back, but at least JFK is a nice airport and I have lounge access through one of my credit cards

Pros: return flight was better service

Cons: My main comment is that the wi-fi didn't work for all passengers. One of the reasons I flew this airline was because they promise reliable wi-fi on the flight and despite multiple attempts to troubleshoot, it never worked.

Pros: Flight attendants were unbelievable. There were two people who were ill during the trip and they took such care in making sure they were ok.
Cons: I could not get comfortable. I was freezing and could not sleep. The chairs are so uncomfortable. The chair hit me in all the wrong places...not sure if it is because I am petite.

Cons: All good

Pros: The charging outlets at every seat in the Charlotte airport waiting area!
Cons: We were about half hour late leaving.

Pros: Free Inflight WiFi Snacks Leg room
Cons: Changed gates 3 times Delayed 3 times resulting in a hour delay

Pros: good crew, quick service
Cons: The temperature could not be regulated and about 90% of the trip was so freezing, it was uncomfortable even with jackets on

Pros: Very professional and efficient. Nice leg room.
Cons: Seats don't recline.

Pros: Lots of leg room, smooth flight and landing, polite staff
Cons: It was so hot! Our air conditioner put out heat the entire ride and it was very stuffy.

Pros: Everyone was so friendly. I loved the legroom and the fact that they give you a full drink without having to ask.

Pros: Clean, comfortable ride and great selection of snacks & drinks.

Cons: Flight was delayed for almost three hours. Ver inconvenient for the traveler and the ones picking us up at our destination.

Pros: Crew good, flight good
Cons: late due to gate issues

Pros: Seats had lots of leg room and individual TV screens. Choice of movies was limited on our return flight from Boston to Sacramento but more varied on the leg from LAX to Charlotte. Our flights from Charlotte to Boston and Boston to SMF were both delayed due to weather (no fault of the airlines) but the pilots were able to make up time in the air. I was also notified of the flight delays both by Kayak and the airlines. Kudos to them!
Cons: The airlines changed planes at the last minute on our outgoing flight from LAX to Charlotte so we didn't get the exit row seats we had chosen. Support dogs are allowed in the cabin and I had to change seats due to allergies. Two dogs were in adjacent rows on our flight from Boston to Sac, which required a bit of seat shuffling to separate them.

Cons: Flight was delayed, making us miss a connection. Next option was two days later with three connections before our destination. Makes me seriously question using kayak in the future.

Cons: Wish there was an option to turn of the headrest display so I don’t have to see the same ads over and over again

Cons: my TV didn't seem to work to faint

Pros: Frequent updates from crew and quick boarding. Everything ran smoothly.
Cons: There was a slight wait at arrival gate for gangway operator.

Pros: Nothing I missed my pick up cab due to the too long delays from jet blue I had a very bad experience with this airline
Cons: Everything

Cons: Made it to my destination 2 hours later.

Cons: Screens broken

Pros: The crew was fine
Cons: Never leave on time. Sat on plane for ever

Cons: Delayed, no food.

Cons: Need free movies

Pros: The crew
Cons: The plane being 4 hours late and then arriving in Chicago only to find out we have to taxi for 30 minutes because there is no free gate for us. I’m really tired and should have been in bed 5 hours ago

Cons: Our flight was delayed making it so I and several others had less than 4 minutes to catch our next flight. The flight attendants wouldn’t help us at all. Instead of having us come to the front of the plane to exit first we had to ask the rest of the passengers if they didn’t mind letting us through to catch our flight. I have severe psoriatic arthritis and I had to sprint to my next gate that had been changed making it much farther away from our arrival gate. Now I get to spend my vacation in pain trying to recover.

Pros: This was one of my best flights

Pros: Stewards were attentive and if needed extra they got it for you. Flight was clean and the legroom makes a big difference then the major carries legroom which is nothin. And the fact we took of a few minutes late but arrived exactly 48 minutes early was a big surprise after the cross country flight.
Cons: We loved anything. Direct TV was down on flight but still had one channel of XM and three movies that were just in studios. So was able to watch two movies to pass time.

Pros: The staff was very welcoming but there was a little delayed after all great flight

Pros: Easy on, no line organization but not a real problem. Friendly crew. Typical lovely JetBlue experience.

Pros: On time, very smooth flight

Pros: Smooth flight. Smart boarding (the board window seats first!)

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They cancelled the flight and rerouted me without my consent and cancelled my flight from JFK to HK when I specifically said do not do anything when I was figuring out my way from CLT to JFK. Spent 4 hours get it solved!

Pros: The equipment was in new condition. Legroom was comfortable and I liked the adjustable headrests. The bathroom, while airplane scale, was larger than other trans Atlantic flights I have taken and it wasn't as cramped. We were served our meal with real stainless steel utensils (no plastic) and the food was very good. I had a few problems with the media monitor which some instructions would have helped solve. The flight attendants were nice but not over friendly-- no one initiated conversation or engaged much with passengers. I find that odd since the Portuguese are such friendly people. Of course, this crew could have been a mix of nationalities from anywhere. All in all, a very good flight and I will definitely book TAP the next opportunity I have t fly with them.

Pros: Staff was very friendly and helpful in every way.
Cons: Nothing I didn't like! Great experience

Pros: Fatal
Cons: Muy malo el viaje

Pros: Short flight good crew
Cons: Better seats and comfort. Better plane and at least a much more cleaner plane. These air planes are showing their age and need a refresh of the cabin.

Cons: Nothing

Pros: Great crew, spacing of passengers, comfortable, on time

Pros: The aircraft was extremely clean. Crews were helpful and patient with passengers as they boarded and asked questions.

Pros: The crew was amazing and the flight was fast and smooth. Seating was great
Cons: Nothing needs to be corrected

Cons: Traveled Comfort Plus. Looking really crowded in the main cabin.

Pros: The crew was amazing and polite.
Cons: Nothing needed to be done

Pros: Flight crew was very friendly and helpful. The drink package for comfort trip was fantastic and worth it.
Cons: There was zero entertainment inflight and logging onto Wi-Fi was very difficult. I would rather have had free Wi-Fi and a screen to watch movies/games on rather than or in addition to the drinks.

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: Thermostat broke, wi fi didn’t work. Temp 60 degrees entire trip. Sucked

Cons: It was FREEZING throughout the entire flight. Freezing. No blankets. Missed having screen in seat but was able to start a movie on my phone so it was fine.

Cons: Great

Pros: Free movies
Cons: Bad food, cramped seating, slow food service

Pros: crew was amazing
Cons: there was water leaking from window during landing and the food was not hot and was just bland and uncooked

Pros: The crew was very friendly and helpful. With the plane full they managed to serve all with smiles on their faces and solved all problems, including cabin luggage problem.

Cons: I had an isle seat. I felt jostled all the time.

Pros: Delta as always top notch!

Pros: Crew was friendly and graciously got the hot tea I wanted.

Cons: I had window seats on all flights and was boarded after those in middle/aisle seats 3 out of 4 times. Less legroom in the cheap seats. High whining pitch on speaker during announcements on last leg.

Pros: All ok

Pros: Food was great Legroom was excellent Stewardess super nice Was able to sleep
Cons: No leg rest

Pros: Flight attendants
Cons: Food

Cons: They changed the gate twice on me and by the time I got to the correct one, the flight had already left.

Pros: Everything
Cons: No chicken sandwich.

Pros: Service on tme
Cons: Small plan

Pros: Short flight! Crew nice enough!
Cons: Boarding seemed slightly delayed

Pros: Staff

Pros: Same exact comments as first flight
Cons: Not a complaint

Pros: Good movie selection
Cons: Just about everything else was mediocre

Pros: Good staff, plenty of room, comfortable flight, smooth flight
Cons: Some passengers behind me didn’t get snacks and drink

Pros: The movies
Cons: We boarded late, then sat in a hot plane for an ester 30-40 mins because the route got cancelled. They wouldn’t serve us beverages while it was so hot inside. We landed over 49 mins later into Lax

Cons: Delta staff is not too friendly

Pros: We were early, I had free Wifi, I love Delta!

Pros: Crew was great
Cons: No entertainment on flight. No smoking in Minneapolis airport

Cons: My flight got cancel two days in a row due to outrage power in atlanta.

Pros: it was easy to navigate .

Pros: Very pleasant customer service, excellent bag delivery service.

Pros: Kind bar
Cons: Booked my flight and paid to pick my seats. Did not end up getting the seats I booked. Boarding and departing was extremely slow.

Pros: A pretty well-run flight, till we landed and waited on the tarmac for a gate. Otherwise, uneventful. Lunch was decent. Crew was good.

Pros: Quick boarding/unboarding.
Cons: Wouldn't allow me on earlier flight, when there was room, without change fee

Pros: People

Pros: Good selection of free, in-flight entertainment.
Cons: Our flight was delayed on the runway, but that wasn't the airlines fault.

Pros: Upgrade. Comfort. Gourmet Oatmeal Breakfast.
Cons: Need more cooking shows (British Bakeoff would be fun) or something besides what has been there for too long.

Pros: Plane and flight were ok
Cons: The restaurant in CHS took 15 minutes to tell me they didn't have what I'd ordered thereby denying me the chance to a real meal all day. I wish they'd put real meals back on the flights

Cons: Delayed over 3 hours with no explanation from Delta or any information. Once boarding finally began, another 30 min went by before they closed the plane again without any explanation. As a connecting flight after a long international flight, it was awful. Unfriendly and impatient staff.

Pros: you must be kidding me!!! nothing to say good about this fly !!The sad part I'm American Express Delta SkyMiles credit card holder and they couldn't do anything for meThe only good thing we arrive in Mexico
Cons: flying to Mexico with. my two boys !!to begin I have to call Delta to put us seat together because the time of the fight had changed!! before we are siting by de middle of the plain when a booked r three seat together !! but than i got a imail confimatin with separete seattle for the kids!!we end up sitting all the way back on the plan!! we end up sitting all the way back on the plane l!! no TVs no windows in the last sits by the only two bathrooms on the plane with two boys that was not fun at all !!The sad part I'm American Express Delta SkyMiles credit card holder and they couldn't do anything for me when I called them

Pros: Crew was great. The video game quiz re knowledge of cities worldwide was entertaining and educational

Pros: They had some weather in atlanta. So they drove us out to the runway and then we sat for 45 minutes with the engines off waiting to leave. I guess it is nice that they want to keep you safe. After missing our connector - they did put us up in a hotel overnignt. However we still had to pay extra for taxi back, parking an extra day at the airport, and extra meals. Oh - and the extra trip to detroit...
Cons: So after waiting 45 minutes on the tarmac - we left and headed to Atlanta. There we landed and waited because they had no gate for us. Then we finally got off the pane and ran to our connector which left without us. We were told they don't hold the plane for less than ten people. So the four of us don't matter. We sat and sat waiting...and then lost another day due to travel.

Pros: Landed safely
Cons: Last row of a cramped 18 row plane with seats that did not recline!

Cons: No leg room, seats vastly too narrow

Pros: Short layover
Cons: No fee for luggage

Pros: I had a connection flight which would not be for another 11 hours so I left the airport to get some sleep coming back the same carry-on I have with me now cannot come with me they want me to pay 40euro. In the meantime the flight is 40% empty and plenty of over head and yes is the same size of plane I came in the first place. However the agent was nice after I explain my situation she not charges me.
Cons: Same airline coming from one place have different methods it’s a bit confusing.

Pros: The food was good
Cons: The seats were very cramped

Pros: The crew were truly great as I had an extremely difficult flight due to tremendous pain in my knees. Coach economy are way too narrow, even if I paid for preferred seating. A joke. Cldnt move. So uncomfortable.
Cons: Boardingvwas delayed so we left a good 50 minute late. Ran out of meal choice so we had to eat what they had left which was pasta that was too spicy for me anyway. I was very disappointed bec I preferred chicken but there were none left.

Pros: Crew excellent...seats small and not too comfortable for business class.

Pros: Boarding was quick and good

Pros: fast boarding

Cons: Due to a delayed flight the night before, we were rescheduled and consequently missed another flight. Nothing was done about this since it was a separate trip. We had to pay another $1300 for new airline tickets to get back to the US.

Cons: Better time management.

Pros: Crew was courteous and professional. Food was okay.
Cons: Seats a little wider and little more leg room.

Pros: Crew was nice. I will go again with Lufthansa.

Cons: Big and unjustified dekay

Pros: The fact that it was indeed a plane that went to europe. that's it.
Cons: The staff (especially ticketing) was rude. And hung up on me when I asked for their name because they knew they were wrong.

Pros: 1st time on a transcontinental flight and 1st time using Lufthansa. Very enjoyable.

Pros: The flight was smooth and the flight attendants were very polite and helpful. It was a great experience
Cons: The bathroom was a bit smelly

Pros: The airbus looked nice, crew was friendly.
Cons: Boarding was chaotic, the seats were ok. The USB port did not work and the touch screen was unresponsive, hard to use. Four bathrooms in the middle of the plane did not seem sufficient, toilet paper running out, long wait.

Pros: I like everything about Lufthansa in terms of quality and service
Cons: Punctuality. I fly lufthansa twice a week and I have yet to fly on time. There are always a delay.

Cons: The flight was delayed and there was no one at the counter to get any information for several hours. When there finally was someone there they were not very helpful.

Cons: The connecting flight to Bremen from Munich was missed due to delayed flying from Munich. Then we had a reconnecting flight and 15 minutes prior to boarding it was cancelled. No more flights to Bremen so we then were redirected to a flight to Hamburg. We had to fly from Munich to Vienna and then from Vienna to Hamburg. The flight from Munich to Vienna was delayed by 40 minutes which made us lose the connecting flight. We had to wait until the next morning for a flight to Hamburg, where as we arrived our luggage was lost. The staff ensured us that our connecting flights were waiting for us, however the flights had left 20 minutes prior to our arrival. The staff was nice but the communication was poor.

Pros: Everything except that cookie!
Cons: I liked everything except the cookie. It reminded me of the low quality supermarket American cookies, way too sweet and flavorless. They used to give little sandwiches, excellent in quality!!! A cookie is good too, but a better one would do a great difference! It was early morning, who would eat a sugary chocolate chip cookie for breakfast? But otherwise, I would fly with Lufthansa again in a heartbeat!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Pros: La atención del personal y el sistema de entretenimiento.
Cons: La comida, no tenía buen sabor. El avión es poco cómodo (Airbus A340, clase económica).

Cons: Waited an hour after boarding in the plane.

Cons: seating is very cramped when the plane is full

Pros: Great staff, quick boarding and vegetarian options were avaliable. This was the most pleasant experience I've had with a flight service. I commend Lufthansa and the crew of this aircraft.
Cons: Minimal entertainment but understandable for a short flight.

Cons: Less movies (Hindi) and economy seats aren't as comfortable as emirites.

Pros: The crew was fantastic and very kind the entire flight.
Cons: We left nearly two hours late (all the while sitting on the plane) and once we finally got to Newark airport nearly the entire plane waited almost two hours to get our luggage.

Pros: Nice plane. On time, excellent service, great entertainment options. I almost always fly Lufthansa as it’s the best value for the price.

Pros: Breakfast should not be served 4 AM Cairo time, 40 minutes after boarding

Cons: No language options on tv besides english.

Pros: Excellent crew and service on board.
Cons: Airport boarding staff have room to improve in customer care.

Pros: Great crew. Leg room reminded me of old days flying comfort.
Cons: Flight was continually delayed, 15 by 15 minutes until 4 hours had elapsed.

Pros: Mothing
Cons: I didn't like anything

Pros: I always enjoy flights on Lufthansa. Very professional and nice crews.
Cons: More movie options would be good.

Pros: Very friendly staff and food was delicious.
Cons: I had to run from Terninal A to Z to make this flight since our first flight was delayed arriving due to weather. As a result, my luggage didn't make it to my destination.

Pros: I like flying with Lufthansa. It is one of the best airlines to fly with but a bit pricey.
Cons: The food was not good at all. For a flight that cost so much, the food could be better.

Pros: Service

Pros: Not much
Cons: Delays and cancellations required me to go through security 4 times, deal with 4 different check in agents (at 3 different locations) and 2 international calls to Lufthansa customer support before being able to rebook my ticket. It took 3 hours to get rebooked, and just barely made it to the new flight. Lufthansa Agents at airport were rude, would often make me wait while they did other things, and then just tell me that they couldn't rebook me, and I needed to go to another line.

Cons: My entertainment screen did not work even after being reset twice. And the flight was too full to move.

Cons: Also, just one meal and no snacks served on a 7 hour plus flight

Pros: Very friendly personal, good food and drinks.

Pros: Crew was extremely friendly! Great variety of the newest movies. Toilets were always kept clean.
Cons: Horrible food: over-salted and "mystery meat" for lunch; only given a small piece of bland cheese pizza for dinner and that was it. I suggest providing a small bottle of water for a long flight instead of a small cup of drink during the two meal times. I felt dehydrated during the flight (wasn't able to buy a bottle of water beforehand) and didn't want to keep buzzing the flight attendants repeatedly.

Pros: Lufthansa service
Cons: No entertainment

Pros: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed assistance to the boarding gate. The attendants were very helpful and courteous.

Pros: The crew was incredibly joyful, happy and patient. Always a smile throughout the long flight. Very willing to help. Nice new planes, liked the lower galley for restrooms. Very much appreciated the warm face towels at beginning of flight...would really appreciate a warm face towel at end of flight too. Good amount of water available throughout the flight, sometimes airlines are way too limited on amount of water they make available. Appreciated the wine and aperitif as well. Excellent flight! Would try to fly Lufthansa again!

Cons: You lost my luggage

Cons: I will never fly Lufthansa again anywhere

Pros: The TV system
Cons: Can't check in on your website

Pros: Treated so very well, like a guest not a passenger.

Pros: Service with a smile. Great food. Great use of space for bathrooms away from passengers

Pros: Great service, food, crew.
Cons: Seats too small, very uncomfortable.

Pros: I liked how generous they were with food and drinks
Cons: Free WiFi could have made the flight a lot better

Cons: No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem.

Cons: All of the less than good, obvious!

Pros: The crews were pretty great!
Cons: The regulating of the temperature.

Pros: Usual faultless KLM experience
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Fast boarding
Cons: Slow in refuelling, got us delayed for 40-

Pros: economy plus seats were nice, great movie selection, especially international movies
Cons: crew was not friendly, i had to ask for water many times, usually water person walk the aisle. food was terrible. other carriers food were better

Pros: very nice crew
Cons: my baggage was lost

Cons: The flight from Manchester to Amsterdam has been delayed which led insufficient time for me to transfer to HK

Cons: Don’t be late

Cons: The flight was a bit delayed, but the airline handled it incredibly well. I was put up in a great hotel with good free food and caught another flight the next morning.

Cons: Head support for 6 feet plus people on seats would be good

Pros: Seat was good
Cons: Depart on time (1 hour late), hostess put a laptop in the overhead, which fell out and hit me when the bin was opened

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Passenger who needed wheelchair assistance it took KLM 50 minutes to get him off plane which delayed our boarding. KLM not prepared to handle passengers with needs

Pros: the drinks
Cons: seat reservation. having to pay for luggage....

Pros: The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated.

Pros: Amazing services .. on time just exactly .. I feel really happy onboard KLM ❤️

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They check for everything in the counter as if it was a low cost airline. If you go a kilo more over your baggage allowance you have to pay 100 eur. And for your cabin luggage you only have 12 kg that they check you twice and they have security staff at the airport specifically check in this.

Pros: Very pleased with KLM - efficiency all round and especially the baggage handling at Schipol swhere I had 20 minutes to transfer and my baggage came back with me to the UK which is no mean feat given the hustle and bustle of such a large airport
Cons: No downsides at all

Pros: Crew was nice and efficient
Cons: Economy seats don’t recline enough.

Pros: Time was excellent even considering a connection delay they had. Very polite crew members. Good entertainment options.
Cons: Cabin was crowded. Leg room was scarce, short seating space. Almost no room for sleeping if you're not a frequent economy traveler.

Pros: Flight duration
Cons: Very stingy with the drinks Cramped seats

Cons: My suitcase didn't come with the airline.

Cons: Landlords gave an unpleasant service! Which continued with late of 50min of the flight, they didn’t do anything to help/ to provide the passengers the answers. The food was cold It was comfort place to sit. Bad experience with KLM

Pros: Landing
Cons: I’ve traveled a lot internationally and this was the WORST flight I’ve ever had to endure. I felt like I was being tortured and didn’t sleep at all and so slept when getting into Amsterdam rather than being able to explore the city. I was out $200 for the Airbnb (could’ve stayed in the airport cheaper) and $200 for a dinner cruise I slept through. NEVER AGAIN

Cons: The flight advertised meals..a small pastry was served an hour into the flight. I asked when the meal would be and was told a few hours...which turned out to be breakfast..i wated all night for food that only came an hour before landing. Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !!

Pros: Great service

Pros: Good selection of movies.
Cons: Very small seats with no leg room and very little room on either side. The food was bad - even when compared to other airplane food. Plane is kept too warm.

Pros: Seats were comfortable and there was enough room for hand baggage. I slept during the flight so do not have opinion on entertainment.
Cons: Not able to charge my digital devices. When serving beverages and food, the same flight attendant missed me a few times. That was annoying but other attendants were very nice.

Cons: Flight was cancelled.

Pros: The leg room, was surprisingly roomy
Cons: The food and that there was no entertainment.

Pros: Crew
Cons: N/a

Pros: He missed it due to having a 32 minute layover, which he ran all the way to board.
Cons: he had no choice but to look at the closed door of his flight, and wait an additional 7 hours and they didn't even give him a voucher for food. I'm his mother, I'm currently visiting family in Scotland, so couldn't help him much. I'm pretty disgusting and disappointed by the whole experience.

Pros: Sandwich was incredibly tasty (although not much filling)
Cons: 2 hours on the tarmac delayed with no explanation. Uncomfortable seats, no leg room. Poor management of seating, there was enough empty seats to have groups together but they were split up. Drinks served from a communal bottle in a polystyrene cup.

Pros: Good flights. Good prices.

Pros: Seats were comfortable
Cons: Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Could have gone to Amsterdam and come back in that time

Pros: Good efficient flight crew friendly and helpful

Pros: The flight was very good, specially considering it was a daylight one. Staff was friendly and servicial. Tue food was above the industry's average.

Pros: Short-hop flight, fit for purpose.

Pros: Easy boarding, plenty of room

Cons: OLD plane without comfort or entertainment

Cons: Our flight was canceled from Amsterdam to Bordeaux and did not receive any direction and had to find alternate flights for ourselves with the personal expense of using our own cell phones. Then our luggage lost for 3 days. Not happy!

Cons: Terrible service in flight and customer service wise .. app functionality was below

Pros: Easy airport business

Pros: Very efficient boarding, fast and professional but warm and friendly. The plane was very clean and quite spacious for a two by two configuration. On time departure and landing and smoothed processing at the other end.
Cons: Nothing to improve

Pros: I fly delta this was run by KLM they weight all bags delta does not they don't take TSA preach Check. Delta does It was a free for all with check in and getting into plane
Cons: See above

Pros: Wide selection of entertainment, food was good.
Cons: Boarding unorganized, but that may have been more of a passenger issue then KLM

Pros: It was a short flight so it was O.K.
Cons: Boarding was odd. Go to airport early and counters were not open, did on line check in so was able to avoid the self check in at airport. Also self check in luggage seems confusing with no ground crew to help. It didn't affect me but lots of confused passenger.

Pros: Very good flight, excellent service and good food.

Pros: A nice short flight
Cons: We had booked business on our flight to Milan, and it was extremely disappointing that on this sector they put us on the last seat in the back of the plane. There were plent of seats on this flight that had extended legroom. A bit of a mystery, why Westjet elected to put usin the last seats on the plane?

Pros: Got assisted to the plane by airport staff as I was in a wheelchair
Cons: Food on board was awful. Ordered hamburger but not availabe having already pre paid. Pizza was poor quality and had no taste. Range of food disappointing

Pros: the seat was comfortable
Cons: the food

Pros: The flight was on schedule.
Cons: Not very friendly crew and slow on service.

Pros: The in-flight entertainment system is very good (once you get past the spam video ads for Icelandic attractions). The flight crew on both flights was very attentive and friendly. I really appreciate that IcelandAir gives out toy boxes to the children on the plane; that's very nice.
Cons: My first flight was over 50 minutes late. Since I only had 1 hour and 5 minutes to begin with to catch my connecting flight, this forced me and several other passengers to do a mad sprint through Kevlavik Airport. We made it to the gate drenched in sweat and gasping for air - not a pleasant experience. There was also no time to use the airport restrooms or refill my water bottle. The cabin crew on the first flight completely ignored the fact that we were this late - there were no announcements about flight connections, or even an update as to that we were running behind at all. This should have been handled very differently. (Also, general pet peeve: They give you no food whatsoever, even for transatlantic flights, and they do not make you aware of this prior to being on the airplane. If you want to eat, you have to purchase their overpriced airplane food from the menu.)

Pros: Great crew, and half decent refreshments and seats.

Pros: Crew seemed okay comparatively to other airlines/crews.
Cons: airport delays up to 2 hours, not knowing which gate and changing it all the time in Reykjavik, seating was hyper cramped, no food to compensate for the extra long trip, my carry on was taken from me even though it easily fit in overhead (it's a legal size duffel bag). I was exhausted after spending well over 14 hours in airports and 2 planes from Paris to DC.

Cons: When I booked this flight last March the booking info said 1 free bag. When we got to the airport we were told that we had to pay $94 Can per bag because we had Economy Light class. We had the same issue returning but the cost was $55 US. On top of that Iceland Air changed planes and bumped us from row 10 to 41 - the last row. Bizarrely there is no customer service desk at the Reykjavik Airport - they just give you a little card with the website for customer service. I don't understand how any airline does this! BTW, they blame the third party for the issues! That is you!!!

Pros: Nice leg Space
Cons: They were missing lots of food on the menu. There was an delay but we didn’t get any info or apology.

Pros: Straightforward and friendly crew.
Cons: The layout of the terminal in Reykjavik is obviously under renovation, but they could still make it look presentable

Pros: Nothing
Cons: It was a very uncomfortable flight as there was a box under the seat in front of seat 26E so I could not get comfortable and I’m only 5’7”. As it’s in the middle of the plane they we were the last row to be served

Pros: Crew and food was nice If you are a Saga class passenger like my wife and I left something to be desired
Cons: Boarding procee in Iceland for Saga class means you get called up first to wait in line for bus to plane. There you wait for others to check in the gate. Then you proceed to board the bus. Saga class was with everyone. By the time we got on board waiting to climb the stairs we were soaked from the rain. Our bags were marked priority yet to our dismay it took 20 minutes for our bags to come on the carosill after others started getting there bags. Glad We had those priority stickers as we were clearly in the last of the bunch. 0

Pros: The plane was nice and I truly loved the movies offered on board.
Cons: I wasn’t aware of the fact you need to order your food prior to departure to get it on board.

Cons: The booking was too tight. We BARELY made our flight to Minneapolis and the airport in Rehkjavik is way too small for the number of flights coming in at the same time. We were in a winding, snakelike line for security that went on forever and then when we got through, the lines for the gates were mixed up, without proper seating areas and separation. People were in the wrong lines because it was too crowded to see where we should be. This is a POORLY run airport that needs significant expansion and improvement.

Pros: Staff was professional and nice. Like the base of operations at Terminal 2 in Minneapolis instead of Terminal 1. Besides audio on one video screen, airplane(s) were in good condition.
Cons: We purchased our tickets in Sept of 2017 yet we were on standby. Also, seat assignments were shuffled a bunch for both flights. On flight back, we were placed in the back of the plane twice. One of the video screens audio wasn't working (on the 1st flight). Not even a scrap of food provided...not even a snack on a transatlantic flight! Also, if you aren't serving any food gratis, charge a reasonable amount for the food you offer! Even Delta provides a meal. Also, had carry on bags that work just fine in the U.S. but was forced to check luggage. Also didn't like the fact that Icelandair doesn't have a permanent counter at CDG so forced to wait (to check luggage) until staff showed up...which delayed entry through security.

Pros: Flight crew very pleasant and helpful.
Cons: Operations at Rekjavik airport are a disaster! Flights are so late that you cannot possibly make the short connections Icelandair has built into its schedule. The crowds are overwhelming. There are not enough gates for planes, so they park out on the tarmac and buses are used to take passengers to the terminal, which slows down the transfer process even more. Then the bus sat at the terminal with its doors closed and didn't let us off immediately. Once in the terminal, quick transfer cards were given to other flight's passengers, but not to ours. We showed our boarding pass to the person collecting the quick transfer cards. Our boarding pass plainly showed our flight was to depart at that very moment and the security person still sent us to the long line for passport clearance! The only reason we made our flight was because literally every flight was delayed, so our connecting flight left late. They were calling our names over the PA as we ran through the terminal, after finally getting through passport control. We have never had this problem at Rekjavik before. We asked what was wrong and the personnel told us this is the normal situation now. This is unacceptable! I will think twice before using Icelandair again!

Cons: We were Travelling as a family with 2 kids - 6 year old and 2 year old. They gave us two separate seats - 10 and 34. One parent with each kid. There was no other group besides us who was split like this. It was the most inconvenient flight we have had. Being an international flight, we would have hoped for a better level of service. We requested the change at the time of check in (that’s when we were informed about this arrangement). Later when we got into the flight, we requested the crew members, but there didn’t seem to have any willingness to help our family. On top of that, I noticed that the two ladies sitting next to me were only 2 people who could have easily been moved to the other seats so we could have been together. After that, tge passengers sitting next to me/my daughter as well as the one sitting with my husband/my son, were getting irritated and rolling their eyes.... most people realize that traveling with young kids is not easy, but to break up the family on the flight and then have fellow passengers get irritated was not our idea of how our vacation should start. Hope they take this feedback and no other family has to go through this. Thanks!

Pros: They didn't kill us.
Cons: Do to always having a layover there is added risk flying with Iceland Air. Our first plane got in late so we missed our connecting flight. They couldn't rebook us for a full day. I offered that instead of completely screwing up our vacation, they could put us on a flight to another city. We were willing to make the best of the situation but Iceland Air was having none of that. They did however get us a hotel in Iceland for the night.....which they kicked out of 3 hours later and moved us again. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. And we are now out $1000's.

Cons: I missed my flight because my flight into Chicago was delayed by 3 hours. I called Icelandairs customer service 7 hours before I missed my flight and told them the situation and they gave me the wrong information and gate number. Once I arrived in Chicago I couldn’t find anyone to help me at the airport and I was brushed off multiple times. After staying on hold all night long with icelandairs customer service I was hung up on. I ended up buying a completely new ticket and still haven’t been able to talk to a representative about it.

Pros: Boarding from the back of the plane. Crew were nice. Inexpensive flight. Good entertainment. USB for device charging. WiFi. Overall good experience.
Cons: The range of rows called to board at the same time was too wide. Calling fewer rows in quicker succession would help people to line up more in order from rear to front. On return flight, crew was not directing passengers during boarding for overhead storage. Causing overheads to completely fill up with poorly stored luggage when much more space could have been available. People didn’t put their carry-on wheels first, nor personal items under chairs. Many people had several shopping bags (personal items) in addition to a backpack or purse and their carry-on. Everything was strewn throughout the overheads without proper instruction. Reflection of the people more than the crew, but some instruction and intervention could have helped a lot. FYI. You have to go through passport control at the airport even if Iceland is not your final destination. Can be stressful when you have a short connection. They wait a little if the line is really crazy and it moves really fast but don’t doddle thinking you can go to your gate straight away. Also, you sometimes have to load a bus to be driven to your plane on the tarmac. You don’t want to hold this up either, or you can get some annoyed stares.

Pros: I liked everything. Unlike what others are saying food is served, you need to buy it either ahead of time are in flight. I think the most important thing is to read up on your flight level as free bags are not included in certain areas. All in all, I still give the them five starts because as long as you do your do diligence by longing onto their website everything is explained. The customer service from the crew and over the phone was wonderful. I have traveled to many countries and on many airlines, this airline is now my favorite. Also, a cool option they have is a stayover option. Basically, you can stay over in Iceland for up to 7 days with no extra charges, you can just pick up another flight to complete your trip. Excellent options for world travelers like myself who like flexibility when traveling.
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: flight was delayed an hour, another hour to get luggage... main problem, however, was that once i was at FRA airport, the added a $105 surcharge on my luggage because supposedly it was an "economy light" ticket that doesn't allow checked luggage. It wasn't on the way over and it doesn't say anywhere on the ticket. To make things worse, none of the people at the counter were actually Iceland Air employee, so noone was able or willing to tell me anything about this (quote from employee "everything I tell you will be used against me" not sure if she was flippant or scared) Anyway, watch out for them screwing you over where they can

Cons: The pilots was great, but the baggage was partially lost and we had to wait an hour while they found the rest and loaded it. For that hour, the airport positioned another jet with its engines firing into our air intake, so we spent the whole time coughing in fuel fumes. The crew had forgotten to put blankets out for about 1/3 of the plane on the overnight flight and didn't have enough to go around when the mistake was pointed out to them. Also, the check-in kiosks and web check-in were both faulty, so the desk assistants were overworked. Overall, the service was well intentioned, but inept. Not worth the cheaper ticket price.

Pros: The flight crew was kind.
Cons: Good evening, I’m not sure under which category our complaints should fall on your website so I will include them here. To summarize our complaint, we booked our tickets on Icelandair through Kayak (and Webjet) and upon arriving at the check-in counter on December 2, we were informed that the baggage fee for our flight would be $95 each! Understandably, we were shocked and very displeased. Nowhere in our confirmation emails or flight details was there anything about having to pay such a high rate for our luggage. The first employee we spoke to said that your airline has recently started charging such fees to compete with WOW Air and as I said to him, I would like to point out again that this is the very reason why I never choose to fly with WOW Air: they clearly state that there is a high baggage fee from the beginning of the registration process and I know of too many other airlines who don’t have such inflated fees. This ticketing agent and the manager said that the level of our ticket (apparently called Economy Light) indicated that we would be charged this baggage rate. It is now my understanding that on the Icelandair’s website, these levels are described but no such options were listed or explained on the Kayak website or any of our confirmation materials/emails. It is the responsibility of your site to post these important details in a conspicuous place so that travelers can make informed decisions. We could’ve flown with Air Portugal for a mere $50 more and saved not only over $200 each but also the inconvenience and frustration. Upon the check-in manager’s suggestion, I looked up our flight by the booking reservation number (LCWNEG) and again, the only “flight type” shown was called Economy, nothing more. The same is true for when we checked in online and reserved our seats - there was never an indication of the fees that were awaiting us. All this to say, we were incredibly upset to be surprised with an additional cost of $200/person (round trip ticket) but then, to add insult to injury, not only did we nearly miss our flight due to the length of time spent at the check-in desk, once we got on the plane and we realized we would not be served anything other than water or soda - since all food/meals must also be paid for in most Economy levels. This was our first experience with your airline/website and I highly doubt we will ever choose you in the future. I know now for a fact that other passengers who have booked through 3rd party sites have found themselves in similar bad situations. If you choose to work with airlines and offer lower rates, it is only honest and fair to make your policies clearly known to your potential customers. We felt mislead and deceived as these rates seemed hidden until it as too late. I eagerly await your response and look forward to hearing what steps will be taken to rectify the problem and make amends for this unacceptable situation. Sincerely, Mandi Vermilyea and Judith Arp

Cons: food and drink is a nickel and diam which doesn’t go with the brand.

Cons: Boarding was late by one and a half hours. Almost missed my connection flight in Reykyavik. First time on an International flight they did not serve any food, not even snacks. And there was no indication when booking the ticket (which was about $700) that there wouldn't be any meals. Even the selection to purchase was poor. In a 5+ hour flight the crew passed only once with beverages. They completely turned off the lights during the entire duration of the flight. Overall, by far the worst International flight I have ever been on. I wont choose Icelandair again. And I will let my colleagues know about my experience.

Cons: There was no food on the flight provided

Pros: Punctual and no toilet line ups
Cons: Seats were hard and food was very expensive.

Pros: I need a cheap flight and at the time that was my best bet. Didn't have a bad time but next time I will fly direct from the US.
Cons: Seats were so so, leg room was barely substantial. Iceland is expensive even on a layover, thankfully it wasn't very long.

Cons: I've travelled to 40 countries in my life and this is the FIRST time on a international flight that I was NOT given ( free ) food.

Pros: Swiss air and Lufthansa are probably better than Icelandair
Cons: I barely made my flight because I was rebooked to an ealier! flight via Switzerland instead via Iceland and that only three hours prior to regular departure, and without any notification on my cellphone. If I had not been more than two hours early at the airport I'd miss my re-assigned flight because it was leaving more than an hour earlier than my original flight. In the meantime I still got messages that the flight via Iceland would be delayed (which could have mislead me thinking I might have even more time than I actually had). Due to the subsequent rush at check-in my bag got pulled out by TSA and arrived two days late at Frankfurt! Meanwhile I had to travel to France without clean clothes and medication.

Pros: Staff
Cons: Airport in Iceland cannot accommodate the number of passengers that fly through there. Long lines, no seats, standing for hours. I won't fly Icelandic air through Rejikyvik again. Also the plane departing from IAD to Iceland was old and uncomfortable. Overall, I feel that I had to run the gauntlet of discomfort and tedium before I could actually enjoy my trip----as if the suffering was part of the package. This airport impacts the flight itself. Now we are supposed to accept an hours delay without apology as if that's ok. Standing in line at the airport for two hours in Iceland just makes me commit to traveling less and becoming more selective in my choice of airlines.

Pros: I will start positive: I eventually got To my destination and I eventually returned home. That said, my flight from Chicago was 90 min late and therefore missed my connection in Iceland to Paris. Icelandair put me in a nice Hotel for the day and covered meals, but if they were more efficient with boarding and take off, we could have been there on time. The return home? Orly flight was total chaos, as was the boarding process to Chicago. Herding would be more effective with border collies. I will never use this airline again. What you save in airfare you lose in aggravation and inconvenience.

Pros: The flight itself was nice. Love the free WiFi and entertainment options. Icelandair is one of the most comfortable flights I have been on.
Cons: I am very upset with how icelandair handled luggage for our layover. Our layover was and overnight, 17.5 hour layover. Not a single staff member told us they would be withholding our bags for the entire layover. Not at check in, not during boarding, not when we landed. We had to figure it out ourselves by asking the baggage info, to which they responded with "if you wait 2 hours maybe it will come on the carousel and you can take it." Mind you it is 1:30 in the morning and we had already waited for an hour, not knowing this was the answer. I am extremely disappointed that we could not access our bags and that not a single staff member told us our bags would not come. I've never had a problem with icelandair until now and I strongly hope this does not happen again to anyone else.

Pros: Flight was fine, crew was fine.
Cons: There were complications during checkin that resulted in everyone waiting on line for three hours while the employees tried to figure it out. They couldn't and eventually hand wrote boarding passes. In my opinion - they waited too long to make the decision to do this (over two and 1/2 hours us waiting in line no movement). Because of this, our flight was delayed. We made our connecting flight but our luggage did not. We took Icelander partner Swissair to Amsterdam. We went to the Swissair lost luggage office and spoke with a gentleman who informed us that our luggage was still in Reykjavik and would be flown to Amsterdam the next day (this was Monday at noon). I told him that we were not going to be in Amsterdam, but we're driving that afternoon to Koblenz, and would be staying there until Friday. He assured me that they would fly our luggage to Frankfurt and deliver it to our apartment the next day. I gave him our information, and he gave me a baggage claim with the phone number to check on the status. He told me they would contact me by phone the next day for delivery and that we would have to be present to sign for the luggage. We did not use this as an opportunity to go on a shopping spree. Instead, we bought some essentials (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, underwear and a shirt) knowing that we had laundry facilities at our disposal. We did not receive our luggage on Tuesday. I called the number given to me Tuesday afternoon (after not hearing from the airline all day) and was told that my luggage had been shipped to Amsterdam....not Frankfurt. I explained again that we were not in Amsterdam and would not be back there until Friday. I was assured that they were putting the baggage on the next flight to Frankfurt via KLM airlines and we would have it the next day. On Wednesday afternoon, I again called the number after not hearing from them all day. I was informed now that our bags made it to Frankfurt airport but would not be delivered until the next day, Thursday. We had been wearing the same clothes since we left NY on Sunday. I asked to speak to the gentleman's manager. I wanted assurances that we would receive our luggage as no one, up to that point, from any airline (Icelandair or Swissair) had followed up with me. I was the one calling each day. He was very hostile and told us his manager was not there and there was no one else we could speak to. There was no other number we could call to discuss our claim. He got defensive and his answer was that the baggage was in KLM's hands and he could not answer for it anymore. Yet I wanted to know why I had not received an update each day, why after three days we did not have our luggage, and why none of them (Icelandair or Swissair) was making this a priority. Remember, our luggage was not lost at any time. They always knew where it was and they always knew where we were going to be. This representative hung up on me .

Pros: Once we got to the shuttle, boarding was quick and efficient. Flight was not expensive. Flight from Reykavik to Chicago had numerous movie/tv selections. Many were older, but plenty to choose from.
Cons: Seats very close together--if the person in front of you reclined all the way, you had to as well. Seats were a little stiff (not terrible, but not very comfortable). Boarding at Reykavik was chaotic. Airport was boarding 4 big flights all from the same small (but new?) end of the terminal and it was hard for people to figure out which line they should be in due to the placement of the screens and the sheer number of people all boarding simultaneously. This is not an IcelandAir problem but likely an issue of Reykavik airport being under-prepared for the ginormous amount of visitors and layovers.

Pros: We had a most wonderful flight attendant named Axel Arnason on our flight who was great and made the flight not only bearable but actually very good. We were very unhappy at boarding and he recognized this, took the initiative, and went out of his way to insure that we were happy. One of the other flight attendants also gave us a free meal. I thought the airline should have given everyone a free dinner due to such lousy service at the gate. I would highly recommend that your executives take a plane ride in economy. It may open your eyes!
Cons: We had a two hour delay before leaving in Oslo. We walked into the most chaotic scene i've ever experienced at a terminal. Despite having a two hour window, nothing had been done to prepare for all the people arriving and needing to connect. There were no lines, no signs, no people to tell us where to go or how to board. It was a big fat mess! There was no time to go to the restroom, get something (less expensive) to eat or take with us. Very poorly handled. Once on board the plane, the very least that should have been done as to give everyone a free dinner. If we hadn't had such a nice flight attendant I would be requesting reimbursement for the meal we had to buy on the plane. I don't know if we will fly with you again. The seats are tiny, no snacks provided, and not a very good food menu.

Pros: The entertainment system was great. There were tons of movies that were available in flight which was nice.
Cons: The crew was not that nice, there wasn't even a snack offered (I was told no multiple times when I asked for water), and they failed to keep us updated on all delays/connections. I was very disappointed when we were delayed 45 minutes and were given no updates as to the delay. We had a connecting flight from Reykjavik to JFK and we landed 10 minutes before the connecting flight was to take off. No one on board made an announcement or really knew what was going on. For an airline that has branded itself "my stopover" they should have reassured and updated all passengers as to connections and delays. It was very nerve wracking and did not need to be that way. Very disappointing.

Pros: There were so many things wrong with our flight from Gatwick to NYC. The check in staff were rude and homophobic at check in, forcing my partner and I to separate for check in while we watched heterosexual partners check in together freely. The disabled toilet alarm broke as we descended into NYC and we listened to end-of-the-world death sirens as we were landing. It was not communicates that food was a microtransaction on flight and was so overpriced so we went nearly 13 hours without food because the flights were also delayed on the tarmac. The de-icing tow truck in Iceland was broken down so we were delayed two hours on the layover. On return, both Icelandair gates opened late. During the layover we were kettled in hot container units before 20 min before being bussed to the plane and held for 15 minutes. Then, the icing on the cake was landing back at Gatwick and seeing my brand new luggage I bought on the trip damaged with thr back pocked ripped out along the bottom seam. I will never again ride with these rude, price-gouging, apathetic amateurs.

Pros: Flight good. Missed the pay for food trolley, so didn't eat.
Cons: Reykavic airport has the least amenities I have ever experienced. Very few seats in the lounge. Most are forced to stand or lie on the floor. Don't think that getting through the gate will mean getting on plane, it's too another waiting room with a few seats, mainly standing. The airport has no seated restaurants or cafes. So getting off a plane hungry id not pleasant. I will never again fly to and from New York via this 'airport'

Pros: The crew, flight, food and entertainment were great.
Cons: The boarding process was an absolute mess. It's like the ground crew forgot there was a flight or something. I don't know if it was the fault of the airport (CDG) or what but Iceland air didn't have an actual check in desk and they didn't have any roped lines and it opened 30 minutes late. There were 260ish people with all their luggage creating a makeshift line that stretched into the next hall It blocked Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines (both were checking in their own flights) and a major passageway through the terminal. I don't know how hard it is to set up a monitor with a screensaver that says "IcelandAir" and cordon off some rope lines, but apparently it's pretty hard at CDG.

Pros: The water and longer seat belts.
Cons: Poor communication at the gate when boarding leaving many people looking around lost and confused. No real boarding process - a real scrum once on board. Can't even provide a small bag of nuts or chips, very limited selection of beverages which are complimentary and the foods offered for sale did not have much option for people with dietary restrictions (and I didn't see a place to special order). Besides hard seats and outdated movies and screechy classical music, what can I say about the entertainment. Not all seats and entertainment equipment in working order.

Cons: The gate situation at the Iceland airport is terrible. They have no place for people to sit. We flew through Iceland from Amsterdam continuing on to Portland. When we went to our out bound flight there was no place to sit. Hundreds of people were sitting on the floor. Eventually it was standing room only for over an hour. Immediately adjacent to our gate were 4 other gates. All flight departures from these gates were scheduled with 20 minutes of each other! That's nearly 1,000 passengers gathering in a narrow concourse with no separate gate seating. Very miserable conditions. Need I say more.

Pros: Staff was friendly
Cons: There was no way to reserve seats for the flight. I made our reservations eight months in advance and there was no way via kayak or Icelandair to choose seats. When we tried calling the airline, they told us we needed to call back 36 hours before the flight. When we called 36 hours before the flight they told us all of the seats were alr day taken and we needed to speak to the agent when we checked in. When we were given seat assignments at checkin and asked why we'd had no input into the seat selection, they said we should have called in advance. It was really frustrating, especially because we ended up in th back of the plane. I was in a middle seat, winch don't have any space for a bag under the seats in front of them. Then there were no meals served on the overnight flight. I bought a small salad for 12 euros. I have never in my life taken an overnight flight where they don't serve at least dinner, if not both dinner and breakfast. The flight was on time and the attendants were friendly, but I wasn't terribly impressed otherwise.

Cons: Flight was almost an hour late departing IAD, and arrived too late in Reykjavik for us to make our connecting flight to Paris, which Icelandair did not hold at all for the many passengers who were connecting. We were sent to England, then connected with another airline after a four hour layover. Our arrival in Paris was 8 hours late, and our bags did not get to us at our hotel until four days later. This was poor customer service by Icelandair all around, that could have been avoided by holding the connecting flight for 45 minutes. It affected many passengers, not just us.

Pros: Handed out a bottle of water to each passenger during boarding
Cons: In summary: The cheap ticket is not worth the stress and aggravation. The details: 1) Lost luggage - Over a dozen passengers were told that the pilot deliberately took off knowing that not all of the bags were loaded. We were lucky that after some Facebook shaming, Icelandair was able to locate our bags. We got them the next day, albeit after losing 24 hours of our trip. We were fortunate because our schedule was flexible and we could stay a little longer than intended to pick up our bags from the airport. We met other passengers at the airport who had been waiting for their bags for more than 2 days. Ground crew told us that 16 luggage carts needed to be used to bring in all of the late/lost bags. Worst of all - no compensation offered whatsoever. 2) Flight delays - Two of the four flights we took on Icelandair were late. There was no explanation for the delay, and the airline has so few people on the ground that it could not update the gate or boarding time information timely. This resulted in a mad dash through the airport to get to the gate when the plane finally arrived. We were given no notice but told to get to the gate for immediate departure, as if we were the ones running late. 3) Boarding/stampeding - I have never been on a flight where there is absolutely zero order to the boarding process. Almost every other airline assigns boarding zones/groups but Icelandair simply opens up the doors and lets chaos ensue. Even if the airline does not want to go through the cost of changing its systems to assign boarding zones, it would not cost a thing for the gate agents to simply board from the back of the plane to the front. This is why the boarding process took twice as long as normal and even for the two "on time" flights, we still took off and landed late.

Pros: Entertainment system
Cons: No food, beverage service very limited.

Pros: The flight themselves were fine. Crew and planes were all up to par
Cons: The layover in Iceland was very tough for me. our the first leg of our journey has been delayed which is fine those things happen the airline had auto rebooked us as we were going to miss our second leg. However it wasn't until we attempted to board that new flight that we were told we needed new boarding passes as we had been rebooked again. We went and got our boarding passes and went to our gate to wait. We had been waiting there for maybe 15 minutes and became worried as no one standing around us was headed toward our destination and our flight was not on any television screens. I went back to the service desk and found out that there had been a gate change. We ran accross the airport and were nearly the last people in line for our next leg. Naturally our luggage did not follow us. We did receive our luggage a day later.

Pros: The air personel were really professional, nice and accomodating except for the flashing light of the duty free cart at 2am in the middle of a dark sleepy plane.
Cons: Where to start? I'm traveling with my wife and we decided to consolidate our stuff in one luggage since she is pregnant and I don't want her to carry any bag... We are allowed for 2 luggages of 23kg each combined it's 46kg, our bag was 30 kg. Through my previous trips with various airlines we had no pb with that until we reached the check in counter, the lady very politely explained that she has to charge me 35£ back and forth for excessive wait on the bag which I found outrageous so i had to squeeze a bunch of stuff in the hand luggage to send it as a cargo Then she infomed us that the plane is gonna be late for 1h while eventually it was delayed more than 2 h On the plane the staff was very friendly however the variety of food is so limited and the hostess passed by in the middle of flight with the duty free cart decorated as a Christmas tree while the lights were off and everyone was sleeping Finall we reach the airport, the bags took 45 minutes to reach us I love Iceland but i will not book with the same airline again

Pros: flight itself was fine and on flight service was good. Flight was cheap.
Cons: Strikes at the airport in Iceland are causing significant delays and causing people to miss connecting flights all over Europe and in the US. The airport was completely jammed with people waiting to fly out to the point you could not access the bathrooms. My checked bag also must have been left outside in significant rain for quite some time because it was soaked completely through with water. I had a thick wool blanket on top as well as my clothes in packing cubes and it was all soaked with water. Terrible!! You get what you pay for.

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13h 42mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
10h 11mKEF-CLT
1 stopIcelandair
13h 42mCLT-KEF
1 stopIcelandair
10h 11mKEF-CLT
1 stopUnited Airlines
9h 00mGSP-KEF
1 stopUnited Airlines
9h 46mKEF-GSP
2 stopsLufthansa
26h 45mCHS-KEF
2 stopsLufthansa
37h 56mKEF-CHS
1 stopAir Canada
9h 25mGSP-KEF
1 stopAir Canada
9h 46mKEF-GSP

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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 55mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
14h 10mCHS-KEF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 55mCLT-KEF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 55mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 55mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
35h 17mCLT-KEF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
16h 55mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
1 stopJetBlue
12h 35mCLT-KEF
1 stopIcelandair
12h 35mCLT-KEF
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
37h 30mCHS-KEF
2 stopsBritish Airways
15h 30mCLT-KEF
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
33h 58mCHS-KEF
3 stopsAmerican Airlines
25h 16mCHS-KEF
2 stopsBritish Airways
16h 58mCLT-KEF
2 stopsLufthansa
42h 11mCLT-KEF

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