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TPA — St. Maarten
Nov 28 — Dec 51
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Sun 11/28
Sun 12/5

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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to St. Maarten is September.
  • Morning departure is around 15% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Qatar AirwaysOverall score based on 11221 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Qatar airways didn’t let me board the plane despite of all the requirements. Never flying again with them"
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Cons: "Qatar airways didn’t let me board the plane despite of all the requirements. Never flying again with them"
Pros: "comfortable seats. Crew was friendly. Food was good."
Cons: "cannot think of any. I am Qatar airways fan"
Pros: "The crew was amazing. Food was great. Clean bathrooms. Great entertainment."
Cons: "We had our passports and boarding passes checked five times in the course of 2 minutes by five different people one after the next. My cabin luggage was searched right before boarding. I appreciate the need for security, but that was excessive and unnecessary. In the peak of the Corona virus craze, the security made all passengers take off shoes and walk without any protection. This is not Qatar Airways doing - New York JFK security B S, but I am sure airways companies have some say to change it."
Pros: "Best crew we’ve ever had."
Cons: "Qatar website needs work"
Pros: "Plane quite empty so lots of space."
Cons: "Service not very attentive, had to repeatedly ask."
Cons: "Internet connection from Doha wasn't there,"
Pros: "The entertainment was good."
Cons: "The food, while it tasted good, made me a little sick because it’s pretty unhealthy. I am vegan and would have like lower calorie option meals. I tried to find an option on the app to order special meals, but couldn’t. It would be good if Qatar made it easy to order special meals on their app."
Pros: "Every thing"
Cons: "Service"
Pros: "Crew was excellent"
Cons: "Boarding at JFK is very bad. They do not know the meaning of priority. Food from JFK to Doha pretty bad."
Pros: "Very packed and no leg space"
Pros: "Everything ,good service ,friendly crew affordable rates"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Crew members are waking up for lunch and breakfast but not for snacks and other beverages. We are feeling hungry later. we aren't knowing when they ll provide."
Pros: "Great"
Pros: "I really like the Qatar flight from Auckland to Manchester. But beware now that the Akl leg leaves 1 hour later the transit in Doha is officially 1.15hr. But since the first leg is always getting in and you have to bus to the terminal, transit time is about 30 mins. Although they are efficient and i made it this time, i wouldn't want to do this with kids."
Cons: "Short transit time"
Pros: "The business class service is second to none. Very courteous staff, superb on demand menu with ausome selections."
Cons: "Cleanliness of cabin. Aminity kit is outrageous."
Pros: "Everything is fantastic from the stuff, food and a lot of leg room."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The service was fantastic"
Cons: "Screaming babies. But hey, great flight"
Pros: "The check-in for my first flight was great in Philadelphia."
Cons: "There are no lounges in Philadelphia that accepted my Priority Pass. Your economy passengers deserve options, which I have paid for. Movie options were not as good as expected."
Pros: "Service and food were excellentpA"
Cons: "Announcement volume too loud"
Pros: "Staff was reasonable"
Cons: "Little to no leg room on a 15 hour flight while travel with kids was an extremely difficult/painful experience. International airlines have to stop squashing people in the economy class. That is insane."
Pros: "Overall the flight went well. Flight attendants were attentive and boarding went fairly quickly and flight was smooth."
Cons: "The bathrooms ran out of water. Not a great movie selection and almost didn't have any choice for lunch."
Pros: "I liked their customer service, food, and the flight attendants were friendly. They have a very nice shopping mall at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar."
Cons: "They have less space to move your feet and after a while your left knee begins to hurt because you have been sitting in the plane for a long time. Whenever I asked to get a drink of water or soft drinks, it took the flight attendant 10-15 minutes to arrive with my drink. I understand she was occupied with other duties, but she should have made me her priority."
Pros: "Everything was good - food, entertainment, on time."
Pros: "Best business class I have ever been on. Better than most First class."
Pros: "Food , Crew , Plane, Cleanliness and Entertainment were good."
Cons: "Didn't like the fact that I was never notified through email that the flight was from a different , newer airport in Islamabad. Originally my booking was from Benazir International Airport Islamabad but on the day of flight when I went to that airport , it was totally closed for operations and flights. And I asked people in the street e.g taxi drivers etc which airport my flight could be from. They told me that a new airport in Islamabad had become operational and my flight could be from the newer airport. I went to the new airport but I was late for boarding because my time was wasted in going first to the Benazir International Airport and then rerouting to the new airport. Fortunately the fight from Islamabad to Qatar was delayed and I was able to make it to the boarding and flew from Islamabad to Doha."
Pros: "The best airline I have ever flown."
Pros: "Very nice staff."
Cons: "Lack of diversity with the area crew. It would be good to have some Black area crew staff."
Pros: "Crew"
Pros: "Excellent crew and plane. Not very crowded."
Pros: "Helpful and friendly flight staff, comfortable business class seating that provided privacy and room for personal carry-on bag and toiletries."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "In-flight treatment"
Cons: "The seat"
Pros: "Hospitality, boarding process"
Cons: "Food was slightly undercooked (chicken). Should have better process to check for that"
Cons: "Checkin at Jakarta needs fine tuning. Checkin in started 30mins later than what the QR rep informed me an hr previously. QR lounge needs upgrading."
Pros: "Food is really good and you guys also have options for vegetarian people as well."
Pros: "Professional courteous friendly and communicative"
Pros: "Polite staff keen to help"
Cons: "Didnt have food My mother has diabetes and she had one meal in her 14 hr flight Unacceptable"
Pros: "The plane number one is very good but the onther one to cairo is good not like the first"
Pros: "Flawless boarding, service, food."
Cons: "We arrived 2 hours and 40 minutes late due to technical issues with the aeroplane. We were kept informed and we arrived safely, so this is a nibir complaint."
Cons: "On O-Hare Airport, Qatar Air Line's staff is very rod, I never recommend to anyone. Now if anyone ask from me then i refuse to buy Qatar Aiway ticket then they buy Emirate or other air line tickets"
Cons: "It was an older plane. It seemed smaller and we had no choice in entertainment"
Pros: "It was a short flight, so no problems"
Pros: "High quality gluten free meals (best I've had on Qatar Airways)."
Cons: "Seating needs to be more spacious."
Pros: "food"
Cons: "Worst customer service ever seen in my 15years of flying experience. Initially charged $1000 for 3 tickets for modification of return trip - confirmed the same and tickets issued (i'm fine with this). But, after i made arrangements for new date, I got a call saying calculation error and asked to pay another $500 leaving me no choices. How can such a reputed airline have no tools to calculate the pay? Other airlines offered one-way for half of the price i paid. On top of it, online helpdek promised front line seat to satisfy me but nothing was offered even if i ask explicitly. Simply declined saying i am not in priority list. Why do they make false promises? Friends, Just don't fly for food ....."
Pros: "Qatar is not glitzy. Better than that, it was straightforward and relaxed and comfortable. Crew was pleasant and helpful."
Pros: "The food was perfect"
Pros: "Movie selection was good."
Cons: "Everything else. Boarding was chaos, Ground crew should show authority while boarding passengers."
Pros: "This plane had lots of room and was comfortable. The food was good and unexpected. The amenities provided was thoughtful and useful."
Cons: "Too late."
Pros: "upgrade flight"
Cons: "n.a"


Cons: "WiFi wasn’t working"
Cons: "flight was delayed"
Cons: "Very good airline. Worry free"
Pros: "Crew was great and plane was cleanly."
Cons: "Plane was delayed"
Cons: "Flight ended up being nearly 3hrs delayed. And there was little to no communication on the status of the flight while we were waiting."
Pros: "comfortable seat, more room for legs"
Cons: "the altitude reduced too fast when we approach to boston"
Cons: "Apart from being late by 45 minutes, overall experience of flight was positive."
Cons: "JetBlue, comfortable enough plane, nice crew, on time service. Need better free snacks."
Cons: "Being on time."
Pros: "The plane was updated so the seating and entertainment was good."
Cons: "The issues started with another JetBlue Plane having mechanical problems. This led the JetBlue personnel to plane swap where the Newark Flight took our Boston Flight and gave us the broken plane. This practice of plane swapping to avoid Airport Penalties is absurd. Terrible Experience!"
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "I was going home for a funeral, so my thoughts were just in another world and not occupied with the travel."
Pros: "Crew were very friendly, boarding was easy."
Cons: "They emphasized a completely full flight when boarding but there were several empty seats, entertainment screens in seats were low quality despite offering good options, I couldn’t connect to WiFi."
Cons: "Do not let people book a connecting flight with only 40 minutes in between. If anything goes wrong, say your first flight is delayed an hour, there is no way you are making your second flight, and will spent a hell of a lot of money to get home close to originally planned."
Pros: "It was very spacious the seat and you can reclined very Wells."
Cons: "Old plane old seats old tv limited movies"
Pros: "Good service and smooth flight!"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 4 times and was delayed by 2 hours total. Notifications were sent, but overall the delay was an issue."
Pros: "Jetblue is very dependable"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time, smooth, appreciated coffee and snacks. Quick de-plane. Very pleasant personnel."
Cons: "The plane was clean and comfortable..I enjoyed the various selections of available FREE movies to watch during the flight."
Cons: "It was not s dislike, I did not use the entertainment offered so not able to rate it properly-and the snacks -no complaints-they were quite nice as snacks go,just not a big snacker"
Pros: "It was all good."
Pros: "Cabin crew was warm, friendly, engaging, fun, yet professional and prompt with their service"
Pros: "The boarding crew was amazing, my boyfriend and I had different seats and they were able to arrange for us to sit next to each other. They were polite and very accommodating."
Cons: "The flight was terrible it seemed like this was the first time the pilot drove a plane. Even two pilots that were sitting were speaking about how terrible the flight was. And the flight attendants were acting like they had no home training, no manners/ professionalism and always had an attitude. These flight attendants were making jokes about a belligerent passenger instead of trying to help fix the situation. This was my first time ever taking a JetBlue flight and will sure be my last, especially when I paid 100 dollars more for this flight than what United was offering- I should of took United."
Pros: "JetBlue is always great! Thank you!"
Pros: "I liked that the stewardesses were attentive."
Cons: "a Bit of a rough landing."
Pros: "Convenient and fast"
Cons: "The TVs were not working and shutting off sporadically."
Cons: "No satellite TV and overhead lights due to mechanical issues."
Pros: "Seat was fine"
Cons: "Plane was blowing excessive amounts of cold air on my seat, and airflow could not be adjusted. I explained this would trigger a sinus infection, a common issue for those prone to sinus infections, not to mention it was simply uncomfortable. I asked for this to be addressed. It was not, despite I was told turning down the air might be possible. No follow up was provided. Sure enough, I now have s sinus infection."
Pros: "Extra foot rm. Clean"
Cons: "almost an hour late"
Pros: "Generous free beverages and snacks Very comfy seating, tons of legroom even in cheap seats Free music, wifi, movies, TV"
Cons: "two hour delay due to lightning storm, but totally not Jet Blue's fault Pilot kept us apprised of news whenever he got it"
Pros: "The service and timeliness was excellent"
Cons: "The machines to print the luggage tags were not working so we had to stand in a long line - after I had checked in and paid the fees the night before to avoid that."
Pros: "Leg room Information: “We are first in line to take off” Flight attendant “here, I’ll help you with that” (pulling my seat forward in preparation for landing.)"
Pros: "Great crew and comfortable seat, generous drinks and snacks."
Cons: "Flight was delayed twice, and then boarded even later than second delayed time."
Pros: "I was pleased to be able to check in and pay for my extra luggage online. The line to check in luggage moved briskly! Surprised there was no TSA screening of carryon luggage and shoes. I’d even wore socks."
Cons: "Surprised that I couldn’t find the Tampa Airport Jet Blur kiosks readily. Too many passengers milling about and no overhead directional signage. Not clear which lane I should have been in for help. Turns out there was no HELP DESK during the heavy traffic time as it had been absorbed into the check-in process, yet with no change in signage."
Pros: "I got home"
Cons: "Delayed due to yesterday’s storm by 2 hours. I wish the airlines could let people know a bit earlier so we don’t just sit in the airport."
Cons: "It was very interesting to see that the flight attendants on the plan were taking people orders for beverages with a note pad and then coming back with a tray. This just seems like a very inefficient way of getting a simple task done."
Cons: "that flight was canceled. customer service is bad. they made it so hard to get refund."
Cons: "Had a lot of trouble connecting to wifi. I wasn't sure how to do it or it wasn't working properly."
Pros: "I live in Puerto Rico and because of the disaster we had very little or no communication. The airline said they left emails or called but we had no knowledge of it. But we did recieve an email to check in the day before the trip. That day we found out the flight was canceled and they couldn't find another flight to accommodate us. We almost lost our trip."
Cons: "I do not understand why Jetblue wanted to help Puerto Rico if they can't help thier own customers. This reservation was done on March and so was our cruise. I really think before you asume your customer received your notice that you talk personally with them especially under this condition."
Pros: "boarding seemed faster and effortless"
Cons: "older tv screens, can we get hd?"
Pros: "Boarding was simple, the seats were spacious, the flight was easy, the landing was smooth. I love flying with delta!"
Cons: "I have nothing negative to say with my flight today."
Pros: "Our experience leaving tampa to San juan was absolutely perfect! We were starting our honeymoon and as a courtsey, the attendant who checked us in, was absolutely so sweet. She even upgarded us to even more space seats at no extra charge."
Cons: "The flight back to tampa from san juan was a complete nightmare! We arrived at the gate 15 minutes before and was extremely upset to find out that the gates were closed. The pilot and the attendants saw that we were banging on the door and yet they just stared at us. The plane wasnt detached from the terminal which is why I didnt understand why they couldnt let me in unless they sold my seat. An attendant finally came out by the name of Chanel (the AD Lead). All she did is rebook me for 2 days later and told me that that flight might get cancelled due to the hurricane. She wasn't even trying at all to help me. She had a rude attitude and told me that she will be back to help me. Yeah right! She came back 3 hours later! I could not stand to even look at this unprofessional employee. I paid extra to fly jetblue as I have been told they have great customer service. Pshhhh.... I myself had to call jetblue and spoke to melinda (customer service supervisor) she was trying everything in her power and it really showed. An attendant came and started checking the next flight out of puerto rico to ft. Lauderdale. Melinda put me on stand by for the flight and ecen spoke directly to the Natalie who was checking guests on the flight. Two seats came available for me and my husband to get back to florida. We then rented a car and drove 4 hours back to tampa. I was just completely disgusted on how Chanel handled the whole situation. I told her that I had medical treatments the next morning in tanpa that I could not miss but yet she did not at all seem to care. As a lead I thought she would at least put me on stand by to go to ft. Lauderdale. That wasnt even an option for Chanel. She was completely worthless and had a stupid look on her face when she saw me get on the plane to fy. Lauderdale. Something she could have helped me with instead of saying she would be right back and left me for 3 hours later with no help. Jetblue, I say this in the kindest of ways, please fire chanel. People like that will only cost you guys more in the future as you will loose so much clientel due to the unprofessional conduct and customer service she gave. Hire more Natalie's and Melindas who help you regardless of the situation and not Chanel who didnt care and was a bother to her to put in the same type of customer service that Melinda and Natalie gave me."
Pros: "Very good"
Cons: "Flight was an hour late, presumably due to an overrun in planned maintenance."
Pros: "Comfortable flight"
Pros: "Me gustaría hacer un pago extra para regresarme en primera clase porque mis piernas las tengo lastimadas mi correo en me podrían decir como lo hago yo regreso a Estados Unidos con la misma aerolínea gracias"
Cons: "Mis maletas de New York a Dubai fueron abiertas y me sustrajeron algunas cosas que llevaba de regalo a mis familiares en Filipinas"
Pros: "I communicated to your crew that since you were 2 hrs late, and I had a 2 hour connection time in BOS for my PEK flight, I might miss that flight. Your crew communicated this to your BOS office who sent 2 persons waiting for me at the gate to transfer me to the Hainan Airline terminal. I was also allowed to be the first to deplane. This level of service is superb and first rate."
Cons: "TPA departure was 2 hours late."

Flight was on time. Crew courteous and knowledgeable. Good flight

We arrived early, then sat on the runway for almost an hr. I then missed my connecting flight.

Cons: "Flights are quieter during COVID. Hard to give a high rating with no service. Boarded, landed on Time."
Cons: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "The crew failed to enforce ANY mask policy. The WiFi did not work. They over served alcohol to the passengers."
Pros: "Fast transportation and great seat"
Cons: "The air hostess were rude."
Pros: "Delays. Very hard to rebook. Crew was inattentive. No chargers or TVs. Little overhead bin space. Terrible flight."
Cons: "Fix everything mentioned above"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Pros: "We flew economy, so it was what it was. Not really comfortable."
Cons: "No free inflight entertainment. Did serve a beverage and a small snack. Crew and staff were friendly."
Cons: "Flight entertainment it's kind of hard to set up depending on the device you own"
Cons: "Taxi time on both ends were ridiculously long."
Pros: "borden pass hade no gate no."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The seat was So so"
Cons: "My food was cold had to send it back"
Cons: "My bag is misplaced and no one has an answer"
Pros: "Plane had three delays. Apparently American mechanics are not allowed to strike so they have these fake or very slow mechanical issues."
Cons: "Be on time. We missed our overseas connection and had to buy new tickets to Italy"
Cons: "Paid for seats so I could sit with my guy - still had zero leg room. Generally disappointed with the state of air travel in the US - feels like we're being herded like cattle. Would like to vote with my dollars to help airlines that value customers and aren't trying to pinch pennies/nickel & dime us"
Pros: "Smooth for most of the flight"
Cons: "4:41 pm flight took off at 7:00 pm. Landed and now sitting on the tarmac waiting for a gate."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing. The flight was delayed to the point to where I had to stay overnight in Tampa because I would have missed my flight, connecting flight in Philly."
Cons: "Made it so I would have gotten out of here on time to make my connecting flight, and not have to spend another day in Tampa"
Pros: "Well the flight was cancelled due mechanical issues. Didn't receive any compensation. Hopfully leaving a day later"
Pros: "Flight attendant called in sick flight delay for 1.5 hours leaving Tampa, could not make connection and all other flights overbooked until tomorrow."
Cons: "If I did not have a 24 hour delay in arriving!!"
Cons: "Excelente"
Cons: "Multiple lengthy delays, gate agents in Charlotte not committed to explaining the problem and solutions"
Pros: "Professional"
Cons: "The boarding process at the gate was brutal and very disorganized and the persons working for American Airlines were overwhelmed and announcements relating to the delay were very confusing"
Cons: "Circled for too long and had no updates from the captain on what was happening."
Cons: "Popup ad in already terrible gogo inflight media playback site stumped entire plan."
Cons: "They lost my bag in my layover at DCA. Even with a first class orange tag and 1:10 layover, they didn’t transfer the bag between planes on a Thursday evening. The planes were probably 300 feet away. Clearly their entire luggage tracking systems at DCA are broken. Even with 1:00 connections at O'Hare, DFW, PHL, my luggage has not gotten delayed."
Pros: "Both flight were on time and the crews were delightful"
Pros: "Everything on time."
Cons: "-"
Pros: "It was an average flight"
Cons: "Delay of 2 hrs and it wasn't due to weather"
Pros: "the plane looked new and clean"
Cons: "the leg space"
Pros: "Fast"
Cons: "Terrible rough landing for no reason"
Cons: "Our original flight was cancelled so we were rebooked for a much later flight which impacted our vacation. Call system was not working efficiently."
Pros: "Crew was great. No electrical outlets, wntertainment was mediocre. This was an old 747 that needs an update."
Cons: "The space between seats is very short!!"
Pros: "Crew was polite and respectful"
Cons: "Communication was irregular, a meal was promised that was never delivered, delay on tarmac handled poorly"
Pros: "Legroom, interactive lcd screens on seat headrests. Would fly again, affordable as well."
Pros: "We had a newer plane. I LOVED that the seatbelts had a little more room, and also that each seat had it down screen. I really enjoyed the new pre-flight video; it was entertaining and I appreciated that it allowed the crew to get ready, rather than demonstrate a seatbelt for us."
Cons: "I am not sure how boarding groups work, but I will never understand why we don't board from the back of the plane to the front. People waiting and trying to load luggage or climb over others makes the pre-flight more stressful than it needs to be. (This is obviously not specific to you airline.)"
Pros: "I liked the way the AA gate supervisor too charge of the problem and solved it, with great deal of personal imvolvement and follow up. Also check-in crew was very much the best. I would say that AA showed the best of passages care to me. Truly outstanding."
Cons: "Because of a mixup, though not of AA doing, I was literally forgotten at the gate. However, AA personnel showed the very best of can-do attitude and got me home for Thanksgiving. I am very proud of everyone working at AA at the TPA airport."
Pros: "Quiet clean bathroom good layover time"
Pros: "If you are not in first class, they treat you like dirt."
Cons: "I saw the whole plane packed in the back with 6 people in a row, when the middle of the plane has plenty of empty seats. It seems that American Airlines will pack people who don't pay for choice of seats in the back. Distasteful practice."
Cons: "I called your customer service department which I believe is in India or Pakistan three times to ask them to help with an alternative flight and each time I got different information, when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told by the punk on the end of the phone that that wouldn't be possible. I asked for his name and employee number and he told me his name was Michael, difficult to believe when he sounded Indian"
Pros: "Staff"
Pros: "Food was okay.."
Cons: "Had a bulk head seat that turned out to be not one."
Pros: "Timely I have no complaints. The flight went well."
Cons: "Timely I have no complaints. The flight went well."
Cons: "Horrible long delays."
Pros: "Tiny airplane but single flght crew managed my and from what I could see fellow passengers needs commendably. Whilst I didn't like needing to hand in my carry on (without much warning so I didn't have time to pull out a magazine to read) on the plus side it was stored well as my suit carrier came out unscathed and you get your bags curb side as soon as the plane lands so you don't have to wait for the rest of the bags to unload."
Cons: "Because the airplane is so small there is not much room to move in the aisle (thankfully most people just sat down for the short flight), also you have to hand in your carry on baggage so that it is stored with the main bags."
Pros: "The only good thing about the flight is that it was nonstop."
Cons: "This four-hour flight had no movie and no seatback entertainment system. It didn't even offer SiriusXM to listen to. How old exactly was this plane?!"
Cons: "Horrible experience in the ground system, they charged me $240 for my bags and the staff are really confused."

Everything. The flight not being delayed for 3 hours would be a good start. You will lose a lot of customers if you haven’t already if things don’t get better

Pros: "Seat could have been more comfortable."
Cons: "Seat sofrness"
Pros: "On time departure"
Cons: "Free drinks"
Cons: "8 hour delay. No communication at the terminal. Spirit is a terrible company"
Pros: "Not at all"
Cons: "Your rules! Spirit allows 1 carry on? Sucks. You have to bay $50 to check A single bag? Sucks and too expensive why don’t you try to be like Jet Blue and make it nice for us flyers. Spirit blows"
Pros: "I like the option to have a big seat up front without the cost of first class tickets."
Cons: "Our luggage didn’t even make it on the plane! My husband was there on a business trip and now doesn’t have any of his tools for work for the week. Spirit told him his luggage didn’t even get loaded on the flight."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "There was a persistent wining sound next to the exit seats the entire trip that gave me a headache. The other passengers complained and were compensated on the price of their ticket upgrade but it was loud in the seats behind as well and we got nothing."
Pros: "Crew was amazing! ESPECIALLY Erica!!!! My daughter became extremely anxious due to the storm & turbulents & Erica was so kind & comforting & was able to relax her! THANK YOU!!!"
Cons: "Weather, lol!"
Cons: "Seats are too cramped. No in-flight Entertainment! No free snacks, but a $65 bag fee!"
Cons: "Lack of information on flight delays, complete lack of employees available to handle baggage once we got to Chicago"
Pros: "Good pilot and servers"
Cons: "Stop being communist and let people remove the mask"
Cons: "If you really want to know about our experience with Spirit, then call 580-678-4080 and talk with Patrick."
Pros: "The crew was amazing."
Cons: "Nothing. It’s what I expected from Spirit. Got me from A to B as simply as possible."
Pros: "Smooth and quick flight."
Pros: "No"
Pros: "Big seats"
Cons: "Free wifi"
Pros: "Crew was great. Flight landed 20 minutes early."
Cons: "More room. Less people during pandemic."
Pros: "Uneventful trip and arrived slightly early."
Cons: "The flight was packed! No empty seats between people to heed the Covid-19 suggestions! First flight since Covid and not happy! Plane was out of refreshments and only had water"
Cons: "The plane was full. I was told the middle seats would be empty due to covid but that was not true."
Pros: "None"
Cons: "Every thing"
Pros: "The crew was nice boarding was fast, tickets are cheap"
Cons: "My bag got lost, seats are not comfortable, wifi would have been great"
Pros: "Went smoothly and the service people in the terminal went every friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Didn't have food or entertainment."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Flight was faster than anticipated"
Cons: "QRS code for boarding pass wouldn't load on mine or my boyfriend's phone (using Gmail and Outlook). Computers were down at the gate in Tampa so I had to wait in line for full-service for over 30 minutes, despite "checking in" online (no bags). Employees at ticketing gate wouldn't reassure myself and 14 other passengers that we would make our flights due to Airline error. Once on the plane, unable to even open my 15inch laptop all the way because the seats were so small and tray tables were impossible. Surrounded by children. Asked for headphones, none provided. When I removed my coat from the under seat compartment, it had a piece of twizzler and an orange stain on it."
Pros: "That the airplane stayed in the air until it was time to come back down."
Cons: "The fact that our fight attendant was testing her (bad) stand up material on us, the fact that our fight attendant was peddling a credit card to us, the fact that the flight attendant who did most of the speaking certainly did not have a good grasp on the English language, the fact that the man sitting behind me hadn't (in my guesstimation) brushed his teeth since Reagan was in office, the fact that a soda cost as much as my first car and last but not least the chairs have zero recline ability :(. Next time I will pay the addition $17 and fly Delta. P.S. The seven emails I received today informing me that our flight was delayed were neither helpful nor true. I'm not even sure why they were sent?!? Our flight left at the exact time that I booked it for."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Such a poor customer service. Last minute 'delays' (as usual) but this last time was because the pilot's limo didn't show up in time to pick them up. They got to our flight an hr later. On top of this there was nothing offered by the airline to re-compensate for their mistake. They continue to charge for carry-ons, etc ..."
Pros: "Cheap fare, newer plane, it was great to get an advance email warning of flight delay so I was able to leave for the airport later."
Cons: "Very little leg room with bulkhead (window) seats, at least in the rear of the plane where Spirit assigned me when I didn't want to pay extra to select my own seat. Simple bag drop at BWI airport meant waiting in three lines because evidently you can't use your boarding pass on your phone, it must be a paper version, so after waiting to drop bag off was redirected to the check in line to get a paper boarding pass, then had to go back to the bag drop line to check my luggage, only to have the attendant there reprint my boarding pass (I don't understand why she couldn't do that when I was in that line the first time). Frustrating experience with the BWI crew..."
Cons: "Both flights were delayed . I did though receive prior e mail communication about the Tampa flight being delayed. Once in Chicago, no gate listed on my ticket, all personal kept directing us to a gate that a flight to Boston( which was delayed also ) was boarding at the same time my flight to MSP was.suppose to board. absolutely no communication whatsoever about where my flight was or was being boarded or that is was delayed, until 5 min before boarding time . This experience was very irritating and upsetting.. pissed me off and will keep me from using Spirit Ailrlines again!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were delayed 8-10 time, an hour at a time. They back 1 hour. I called customer service to find out what the problem was and they were not helpful. I was trying to check in online but could not, and customer service said it would be just fine to check in at the airport. I didn't not know a hard copy of the ticket was needed... and also the flight was showing already full and was worried I would be left without a seat. Upon check in at the airport I paid $115 for 2 carry on bags!! This was completely unexpected as when I booked the flight originally, it was $20-$30 per bag. Lastly, upon landing at our destination which is home, the plane lost power and we were delayed in exiting the plane. I am extremely disappointed and will never fly with Spirit in the future"
Pros: "The staff was very polite knowledgeable and always smiled and some joked with made the flight a pleasure."
Cons: "I didn't know that the bag check was 40 pounds most are 50. I booked though a 2nd party and was not informed about having to pick a seat and the you had to pay for a carry on. They do not tell you about this be for you check out and also if you booking for 2 you may not be together on the flight unless you. pay before hand and then pick your seat. Also when looking for a phone umber on the web site and you hit contact us it sends you to the help and doesn't not show a phone number to talk to a person. The flight was good. I don't think that you should have to pay extra to make sure you are next to your family when traveling"
Cons: "I traveled with my daughter her husband and my grandson. We loaded a recently purchased holdup stroller at the entry door with a cup holder and when we got it in Detroit (which was better than their arrival in Tampa as the stroller did NOT arrive until later that night as it was lost somehow) it was missing. My daughter went to the lost luggage service counter and asked if they could find it, and was told that WE should have known to remove it and if they wanted to purchase it and send the receipt they would reimburse. No one informed us of removing it at the door, we were told to board and leave it. Replacing only the cupholder will be extremely difficult. So this made me very disappointed as a customer."
Pros: "Tampa air port has comfortable and convenient waiting area."
Cons: "Baggage fees and so many others fees remove Spirit from a low cost airline unless you fly without luggage, carryones, aren't hungry or thirsty, don't care where you sit and have no leg room to boot."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the flight was delayed again and again for over 18 hours even as other planes from other airlines took off around us. at one point we boarded the flight and sat 10 feet from the gate for over an hour before they returned us to thr gate and made us disembark. for another set of delays we were told that the person supposed to tow the plane had lost his access badge and another person had to drive in from home to do the work. other than this, the gate staff gave the passengers limited to no information. no amenities were provided to delayed passengers (no snacks, accommodations, etc). plus, the terminal had only one women's restroom with only two stalls, one of which was frequently out of toilet paper."
Pros: "Had great weather for both roundtrip Chicago-Tampa flights and they were both smooth and I felt safe. The staff at the gate and on the flight were very pleasant (and happy). I also like that the seats were leather-like and not cloth which I think is easier to keep clean."
Cons: "The reason I will avoid Spirit Airlines 'like the plague' from this day forth is due strictly to their ridiculously high costs for my initial flight (booked over a month in advance) and for their unclear and expensive "checked/carry-on items" policy. Felt "nickel and dimed to death". I live part time in Europe and fly the budget "no frills' airlines often and Spirit is way out of the reasonble range. Example: a roundtrip Milan-London ticket on RyanAir for the 2017 Easter weekend purchased today would be less than $100 while a Spirit Chicago-Tampa purchased today would be $250 (and online baggage purchases on RyanAir are at least 50%-75% lower.) I read the Spirit baggage policy well and crammed everything into a small carry-on that and was told at the airport that "because it had wheels", I would be forced to pay the higher “at the counter carry on" fees. I was pissed. I could have paid less to check a larger suitcase with wheels in advance had I known. Really, I was pissed off and still am. I promptly found a computer and paid online for my bag for the return flight, vowing to avoid Spirit Airlines as best I could from that day forth. My Milan-Chicago Lufthansa roundtrip flight (purchased on the same day as my Spirit flight) cost less and I had a purse, a carry-on and a large checked bag and had two meals and wine and coctails and watched movies FOR FREE. Come on Spirit. Don't be so greedy."
Pros: "The crew were perfectly nice and had no problems."
Cons: "The flight was oversold and I found the gate agents to be difficult to work with. I purchased my ticket in advance and made it to the airport 2 hours early to check-in and was still not given a seat assignment. I was told 3 different times that there were enough volunteers and I would be on the flight. Those volunteers were told they were not needed and the gate agents told us, the remaining passengers "too bad, this happens, they have seats, you don't." I have worked with many gate agents and though I know there job is stressful, never have I encountered such rudeness and condescension. Also in all the disorganization, the flight left even later than the scheduled delay and people that boarded had to wait until the gate agents figured out the seat arrangements. I was willing to forgo comfort and amenities for price but this disorganization and failed customer service is unacceptable."
Pros: "I slept while onboard through both legs. I didn't want to be awake for the flight after the booking expirences."
Cons: "On the outbound leg from Dallas I volunteered to move seats for weight and balance reasons at Spirit's request. My return leg was canceled by the gate agent or the system had me as a no show. I tried to check in for the return leg and was unable. I called to get this resolved and got a CSA that didn't understand airline travel or English not sure which. (One example was I spelled my confirmation code 5 times both phonetically and in plain language) I tried to explain that my return leg was cancel for some reason when I volunteered for the seat adjust on the outbound leg. She continued to ask me to book and make a new reservation. I asked for a supervisor and received no help. Decided the best course of action was to hang up and try to get someone else. After navigating the voice prompts again I finally got someone who asked me for proof I was on the outbound. I informed him no one saves the boarding passes he needs to check the manifest the TSA requires of all airlines. He backed off after he understood that I knew the system and reactivated my return leg. It is still a mystery to me why my return leg was canceled after the airline requested me to move seats. It seems Spirit have saved money on front line employee training and saved a good bit on off shore CSA call center. Last time I'll fly Spirit and I'm posting it everywhere I can. I'll see you on the internet. Spirit Airlines-HC6N2Q"
Pros: "I liked the price of the ticket. I was looking for an inexpensive ticket without the bells and whistles and Spirit fit those requirements"
Cons: "1) Hidden costs for everything 2) Wouldn't refund the extra baggage fee we didn't need to pay; gave credit instead that I would never use 3) website is not mobile friendly and this very hard to use on a mobile device...which is what most people use when traveling! 4) departing flight was delayed last minute due to "air traffic control" what is that? 5) returning flight was canceled due to "air traffic control"...with no bad weather 6) only available flight was 3 days away; no attempt to cover some of costs incurred due to having to extend stay 7) when I tried to call the airlines on my iPhone was told they "could not accept calls from my phone device" what?!?!"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "I thought I got a bargain on the flight to Cancun, but this flight ended up costing me nearly double when they charged me $80 for a checked bag that weighed 51 lbs. Every other airline is 50lbs and they are only 40. Then the flight attendants let the back of the plane passengers use all the front luggage bins and I had to fight backwards while deplaning to try and get my carry on. After my layover they straight up took my bag and aI was forced to check it at the gate. Seems like a bargain until they nickel and dime you for anything they can."
Cons: "We were suppose to fly out of Tampa at 8:40 pm. and we didnt end up flying out until 11:30 p.m. due to a bird hitting the front of the plane. I understand that they were looking out for our safety but, I think that they could have been more effecient. They made us wait a very long time before informing us what was happening. The amount of time that we had to wait in the airport was extreme. My family member had to come and pick me up at the airport in Detroit at 2:30 in the morning instead of 11:15 p.m and then had to get up for work a few hours later. Spirti acted like it was no big deal for the delay. My family and I fly back and forth to Florida from Detroit alot and we have always used Spirti Airlines. We might be booking with other airlines from now on."
Cons: "Captive audience shilling of credit cards during the plane. $3 water is ridiculous. Forced to make an acct on spirit even to check in. Did not have to do this to buy. They are clearly forcing memberships even if we don't want one. Did not make it clear during buying tickets that prices go up for carry-on or checked bags if you don't buy it with the ticket. I had to google afterwards to find this out. The "$9 club" gives misleading prices. Who charges $10 to print a boarding pass at the airport? Spirit does everything online but does not have an online boarding pass? Seems like just another low-brow grab for money."
Pros: "The flight left on time. A remarkable feat for Spirit airlines."
Cons: "Spirit is almost always late leaving, delayed or cancelled. And I have encountered many displays of spectacular incompetence with Spirit airlines employees, however my most recent flight experience took my opinion of the airline to an all time low. I am filing a formal complaint with Spirit as well as the DOT - with the support of nearby passengers who were as thoroughly appalled as I was with the insolent manner in which I was spoken to by a flight attendant. I have never encountered such a patronizing, disdainful attitude by anyone in the service industry for any reason. Even after a fellow passenger spoke up to tell her that she was out of line, and I had calmly and respectfully communicated to her that she was speaking to me in an unacceptable manner, she proceeded to engage me. I asked to get her information so that I could file a complaint and then when I attempted to take a photo of her badge she covered it up and demanded my boarding pass repeatedly. I told her I would give her my boarding pass upon receipt of her information and she proceeded to bring me a paper that said it was a felony to "interfere with the duties of a flight attendant" and stated that my refusal to do was interfering with her duties. I chuckled in disbelief and handed it to her. As she left with it passengers continued to suggest I report her and give me their contact information. She brought my boarding pass back and then told me her first name was Cecelia and that she had made the pilot aware that there was a problem on board (me). I thanked her for being such a classy professional with the utmost dedication to customer service. On the contrast, I am a professional woman, I own my business and I would never speak to a vendor (or anyone else for that matter) in any comparable manner, let alone a client. This is a disgrace, even for Spirit standards."
Pros: "The lady working at the gate 17 checkin for the flight from TPA to IAH was excellent!"
Cons: "I arrived to checkin in my bag early so I could relax in the airport only to be created with a sign stating that no one would be available to assist me until 4 PM which was two hours later? I then proceeded to pay by the kiosk to check my bag to be safe but then was unable to leave it. I then had to still carry the bag around only to return and be at the back of an extremely long line of people waiting. I finally get through then proceeded to my gate 17 to checkin. Once one the plane I noticed several people with bags the size of mine as carry on which meant I just wasted $52. I was extremely disgusted because I could have possibly had this issue resolved and saved my hard earned money if someone was at the baggage checkin desk."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was canceled just a few hours before the flight was scheduled to take off. We had to buy the last two business class tickets with American Airlines in order to make it to Dallas in time for a national sports tournament. Absolutely horrible."
Pros: "I got there and back, albeit not on time"
Cons: "This airline is a joke. They advertise low prices to entice you to buy flights from them, then they've got you. The fees and charges to actually complete your trip are OUTRAGEOUS. My family and I began making jokes about all the fees, just to keep our sanity. I had initially booked us on American but switched it to Spirit because I thought I was saving $400. In the end, I spent 20% more flying Spirit We almost missed our return flight. After overly scolding us for cutting it so close, the lady at the ticket counter did everything possible to cause us to miss it. We sprinted to the gate where we were again chastised for not being earlier. Of course once we boarded, we sat there at the gate for over an hour due to maintenance issues. We concluded that they call the airline Spirit because they break your spirit if you fly this airline."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for two hours with no explanation and the boarding into the flight was too disorganized a very shameful experience"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by weather. However, the Spirit e-mails were inaccurate and I almost missed boarding because I believed the e-mails and the airport board. When I, by chance checked the board, I found out that the incoming plane in question had landed and, therefore, went to the gate and learned that Spirit had "secretly" moved things up and would soon close the door. Had I believed the e-mail from Spirit, I would have been left -- and they would have blamed it on me -- because I relied on Spirit's e-mails."
Cons: "Spirit has a 40 lb limit on checked bags, instead of the usual 50 lb limit. I had to carry loose dive gear on the plane in my arms, which did not save them any weight on the plane, just a huge inconvenience to me. Also baggage in expensive for both checked and carry on , $50/$55 each. Also the check in process was quite slow at Fort Lauderdale. I had my seat assignment and baggage receipt , and it still took the agents about five minutes per person , multipled by everyone on board."
Cons: "We were in the airport, past security, in the terminal waiting to board a plane that never showed up. Kayak sent an email saying the flight was cancelled. There was no indication from Spirit through electronic communication, notifications on their in airport boards, and there were not even any spirit employees in the airport terminal. I called spirit. They confirmed that the flight was cancelled and assured me that it was okay and that they would be able to get me on another flight... in eight days. Yes, really, 8 days. I demanded a refund, flew with another airline, and vowed to never fly spirit again."
Cons: "an hour after our supposed boarding time, we were told that the plane needed to reboot but I would still make my connection flight in Ft Lauderdale. After another 2 hours I was then told that I can board the flight which was now leaving at 3 am opposed to the scheduled 9:30 pm flight, but they did not have another connection flight until the next evening at 9:30. Eventually, I had to cancel my flight and was refunded my money. I spent another 2 hours trying to get my luggage off the plane and the both women, one ticket agent and another Spirit employee were attempting to help me, when i went back to the desk they were gone and didn't return. I had to contact the Tampa Airport so that they could find a Spirit Airline employee to get my luggage. I finally received my luggage at 3:30 am. I had to stay in the airport because my next flight through another carrier was leaving at 730 am. I will NEVER even think about booking another flight with Spirit!! Their customer service was horrible and inconsiderate of any of the patrons who were traveling on that flight. Unfortunately my trip was not for pleasure but due to a loss in the family and they didn't seem to have a care in the world about anyone's cancelled flight. Amongst the few hours that I sat there, every other person that was on the same flight continually complained that this is not their first time traveling with Spirit and there always seemed to be an issue, either flights departing late and being cancelled completely"
Pros: "I liked that I was boarded in group 1. I don't know how that was selected but I was happy to receive that option. The travelers on the flight were all very friendly. I'm not sure if it was because I was surrounded by Midwesterners or if those of us who fly on Spirit are a weird bunch. There was a collective sarcasm about Spirit and the quality of the airlines expressed by the passengers. No bashing, lightly comical."
Cons: "I did not like the lack of interest by the flight attendants. I understand that this is a budget airline, but a smile shouldn’t cost extra. It felt as if we were inconveniencing the crew with our presence on the plane. They did not seem to enjoy their job very much at all. The seats on the plane were very close together. There was very little room in any direction. I was glad to have an aisle seat. I felt that the baggage fees were excessive. The website claims that the airline is more cost effective because the travelers only pay for what they use. My expectation was to receive a low cost flight, pay for my bags as necessary and receive an overall savings to the other airlines. I was willing to give up some comfort for cost savings. At the end of it all however, THERE WERE NO COST SAVINGS. The “discounted” base fare, plus the bag fees ended up costing more than the other airlines. What I gave up in comfort did not justify the costs that I had to pay financially. I will not make that decision again. My overall experience with Spirit was dissatisfaction. In the future I will make other arrangements."
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