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The flight was late leaving the airport, but the seats were comfy enough and the flight crew friendly.

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The flight was late leaving the airport, but the seats were comfy enough and the flight crew friendly.

Wasn't a very good selection of entertainment. The chairs were a bit uncomfortable.

Ross, the flight attendant. Won't fly another w his working it.

Cons: "Flew first class but still had to pay for internet. We also waited 20 minute in the runway after landing"
Pros: "The crew amd aircraft was wonderful"
Cons: "Made us check our carry ons and there was plenty of space in the cabin overhead comoartments"
Pros: "The crew was awesome! The steward was engaging and made us all laugh and feel comfortable for a short flight when he didn’t have to. He had a great sense of humor and gave the kids cookies and wings. Something I haven’t seen in many years. He and the pilots were great!"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Crew was amazing."
Pros: "The crew was pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The plane was an outdated jalopy. I thought the exit doors were going to fly off. This was in vast contrast to the 737 plane that we had taken earlier in the day for a flight from BNA to ATL."
Pros: "Older plane."
Cons: "Our section, Main 1 (towards tail end of plane) had strong smell of unine which thankfully dissipated once plane was in flight. Also, bathrooms even on boarding were not clean with urine all over the toilet."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Better customer service. Your employees should be te-trained and reminded they are in a service industry where your clients have other options to fly."
Pros: "good service"
Cons: "Ran 2 1/2 hours late, poor customer communication"
Pros: "Seat was uncomfortable and hard as a rock, confined and tight."
Cons: "a new plane with more space and bigger seats, better service at T4 at arrivals, that place is a zoo"
Cons: "Overall, a good short flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They might have had a pilot so the flight didn’t take off 6 hours late. Missed all my connections. Trying it again today."
Pros: "All was smooth on s busy day in Puerto Vallarta. Everyone cool, supported by good crew,"
Pros: "I appreciate how Delta always takes care of their passengers. Comfortable seating and accessible entertainment"
Pros: "Amazing SLC Skyclub crew"
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "They ran out of my preferred menu choice for the first meal. Martha went out of her way to bring my first choice for the second meal, which was very thoughtful. Nancy brought my friend an extra meal."
Cons: "I thought there would be more new releases to watch, but overall the selection was good."
Pros: "Didn’t major it on the flight. Sleeping in Atlanta. Not the house I paid for in totrtola."
Cons: "Terrible planning. Didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Took a stupid path. 10 minutes cost me a day."
Pros: "Great services ce."
Cons: "Baggage was delayed overnight. With modern tracking, should have been notified that the luggage was not loaded on the same flight as me, eliminating my wasting 45 minutes at ATL realizing that my baggage was not coming and then having to queue to notify the airline that it had not come."
Pros: "On Time, comfortable seats, good coffee and mixed nuts, smooth flight and landing."
Pros: "Loved how there was food to purchase on this flight. Great from having to run from one flight to the next."
Cons: "Stood by as people blocked aisle during boarding, making snide comments. Instead, the two should have assisted & encouraged the passengers to step out of the aisle & move along. Was very cold hit call light fir blanket. No response for 10 min so went to the bs k of plane where the crew was chatting & eating. When I asked about blanket, they didn’t look fir any & said they didn’t have any unopened. Upon leaving big plane, I saw a stack of about 5 packaged blankets in the front. Just rude & lazy older crew. Time for a different job fir them"
Pros: "The flight was good, Boarding was smooth and fast"
Cons: "I asked one of the crew members to help me to get a better seat as I was very tired and wanted to sleep better during the flight and he didnt pay attention to me. I realized there were emthy seats available during the flight"
Pros: "Fast, orderly boarding."
Cons: "These planes are too small. I’m average in size but women have hips and it’s not easy fitting into the seats. Why are they stacked so closely together? It’s ridiculous."
Pros: "Service"
Pros: "Nothing really."
Cons: "Boarding process was horribly handled. Food was inadequate. Stewardess was saccharine. Bathroom door didn’t shut completely. I was told this wasn’t an international flight and therefore no free alcohol. Aero Mexico flight to Mexico City had much better food, free alcohol and more attentive service personnel. Also delays because of equipment problems."
Pros: "The crew was nice and friendly and the plane was half empty."
Cons: "When are the Airlines going to start serving a decent coffee on board? It does not matter Delta is now serving Starbucks. Something they do that messes up the whole thing, probably overheat for too long."
Pros: "Left on time!"
Cons: "Too cramped"
Pros: "Power outlets, snacks, beverages."
Cons: "Boarding (goes faster if the rear of the plane boards first), delay, insufficient space at seat, no advance notification of needed app for entertainment access, app not available on kindle fires."
Pros: "Charging stations and in-flight texting."
Cons: "The pretzels were oily and nasty"
Pros: "Fast and very friendly staff."
Pros: "EXcellent"
Pros: "Checking bags at the gate and picking them up at the gate on arrival"
Pros: "The crew on Delta create a welcome atmosphere every time I have flown with them."
Cons: "It was delayed by 4 hours"
Pros: "Comfort and boarding"
Cons: "Delay and food"
Pros: "everything on schedule; courteous staff and great pilots"
Cons: "everything was very ordinary so cannot complain"
Pros: "The moviea"
Cons: "The time of night"
Pros: "Individual screens and earbuds for sale."
Pros: "Friendly staff. On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Smooth flight. On time. Satellite TV."
Cons: "One boarding agent for the whole plane and he was slow. Started boarding fairly early but didn't finish until 15 minutes after scheduled departure. Very cramped for 5 hour flight. Older model entertainment center. Paying for usual amenities. Crowded gate set up. Grumpy crew."
Pros: "Flight attendants were competent."
Cons: "Air conditioning was extremely noisy."
Pros: "Everything from boarding, service, arrival time and deplaining was smooth"
Pros: "the aircraft was fine. leg room was slightly larger than other commercial flight i took recently."
Cons: "the crew at the boarding counter was unhelpful. my girlfriend and i were rescheduled to a later flight and were randomly assigned to 2 separate seats. online seat selecting did not work at all."
Cons: "They didn't even pour me a full cup of orange juice."
Pros: "Carol Ann flight attendant was very good at keeping us comfortable with the delay in takeoff. She kept us comfortable"
Cons: "Flight delayed due to change of pilots"

Aside from the 5-6 texts for the flight changing the flight was pretty comfortable

very bad experience they closed the flight 10 minutes before the flight girls very bad attention

Pros: "The crew was amiable. The plane was crowded but clean."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The crew was rude, we took off over an hour late, there was no food for sale on board"
Pros: "The crew was so friendly and helpful and nice. Love the whole online entertainment thing that AA does now."
Cons: "There was an awful flight delay and the reschduling options sucked at first. Once that got sorted to my liking, however, everything else was perfect"
Pros: "Getting from one location to the next. Making sure everyone was okay with the turbulence."
Cons: "There was no Dr.Pepper, took forever for the WiFi to kick in. Only had the biscotti cookies for the snack."
Cons: "The jerks left early despite the fact that security and baggage were backed up. We ran to our gate and barely missed the flight. Jerks! Who leaves early when so many passengers are missing?!"
Pros: "Everything was normal, except ...."
Cons: "Takeoff was delayed twice for a total of 40 minutes late."
Pros: "Crew was amable and entertainment is good with lots of choicest."
Cons: "My seat would not recline. Although many other seats we available I was assigned to a middle seat with both aisle and window occupied. The flight was delayed by 2 hrs. Austin baggage services was closed and check in attendants were unablento help me delivered the luggage that was cracked for replacement. I ended up paying for a 2nd checked bag and leave it at Miami AA baggage services for replacement."
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "More snack choices"
Cons: "First plane broken, second plane broken, overall 4 hours late, 2 hours of that sitting in a hot plane"
Cons: "baggage was not transported from BA flight to London to the BA flight to Glasgow"
Pros: "The crew was awesome"
Cons: "Make the chairs more comfortable. Also I would rather buy good food not eat cookies."
Pros: "Nothing was better than standard"
Cons: "It felt like the staff had instructoions not to smile not even once. The food was beyond terrible. I’m not asking for hot bread like other airlines do, but at least serve it at room temperature instead of super frozen. Same for the butter. The continental breakfast had nothing continental about it"
Pros: "Good seat though cramped."
Cons: "Cramped. I don't like in flight credit card offers."
Cons: "Limited legroom is a problem. Otherwise, the flight was fine."
Cons: "The legroom on AA's new planes is atrocious."
Pros: "Easy flight"
Cons: "No backseat TV or usb charging outlets"
Cons: "Seats in the plane not good, overall an old plane looks like."
Cons: "Mechanical problems deejays the flight and I missed my connection. Uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "Ease of check in"
Cons: "DIdnt understand why a seat as not assigned. A few people had the same issue and the gate agent suggested we may not get seats. Very stressful given he need to make an international connection. Gate service was not available early enough."
Pros: "Getting home EVENTUALLY"
Cons: "10 minutes after leaving Austin the pilot tellsnus Houston air traffic control is grounding all westbound flights due to a storm in Dallas that's causing too much congestion. So we sa on the Tarmac for 90 minutes. I have a difficult time believing this situation was a surprise. Possibly it was just to free up the gate and not have to go through reboarding. Also leg room is getting reduced to 28 inches. I'm 5"11 and cramped. How is JetBlue better than American? How much will these airlines continue to bend us over. I didn't even take the screaming infant into account.... since it's not AA's fault for letting that baby on board."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "They lost our bags in Dallas. The customer service rep was useless"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "westjet delayed my flight once again, so I was stuck in the LAX airport for 5 hours"
Cons: "Wanted more food. Haha!!"
Pros: "My Mom was very grateful for the friendly assistance as she is wheelchair bound and was flying aline. Excellent service!!"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Smooth ride, easy security"
Pros: "Flight was on time. Attendants were nice."
Cons: "For the 100th time, you seats are too dang small."
Pros: "easy on and easy off. ontime."
Cons: "a little more room between people and more padding in the seats. also delta used to have a screen in each seat and you could see where you were and how far you have gone and so on. could also see more and music."
Pros: "Good price, effective transportation, nothing special"
Cons: "Very full, not super comfortable"
Pros: "Good entertainment options in newer flights."
Cons: "Food options for first class could be better."
Pros: "It's just like very other airlines."
Pros: "When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! The plane was undergoing maintenance but they found another plane and did not have to cancel the flight, and ultimately got us to our destination safely. Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 4 hours so my half day of travel became a full day, half of which was mostly wasted at the airport. Would rather have been with my family than sitting at the airport."
Pros: "Quick boarding to make up for a late flight arrival."
Pros: "I was flying with 2 children on my own and had an issue booking seats together, the gate agents worked to find a solution when we arrived and we were all seated together. Thank you so much for keeping us all together, as my one child has aspbergers and the other is only 8 and we are not frequent flyers. I highly recommend your airline to everyone I meet. Everything met or exceeded our needs. Thank you so very much."
Pros: "Airport expansion"
Cons: "Due to construction traffic is a problem but still manageable"
Pros: "I like the movie selection"
Cons: "The landing was horrible like slamming on the brakes in traffic. Also when I bought the ticket from Alaska Airlibes on kayak I had bought it at a higher price specifically for that. There was an American Airlines ticket that was cheaper but I opted to pay more because I thought I was flying on Alaska not American. I was very disappointed to see that I was actually flying on American once I was pro ting my ticket and after purchase and "no refund" message. I was very upset about that!"
Pros: "Quick connection"
Cons: "Tiny overhead bins - even in first class"
Cons: "Kiosks were not functioning and we were forced to stand in long lines for customer service for luggage tags Many passengers missed their flights No help for those using malfunctioning kiosks only one person to help hundreds of stuck customers and we barely made our flight"
Pros: "Our experience was very smooth. We appreciate all the work that went into making this a pleasant experience for all of us."
Pros: "The flight was very good. Boarding was good, shorter flight, smooth, landed and off we were."
Cons: "Seating still needs a little more padding for comfort. Delta airlines has a screen on every seat and you can see where you are and how far you have gone and so on. That would be nice. It was very difficult to hear what the pilot said when he spoke to say hello and whatever else he said. Entertainment? There wasn't any on this flight"
Pros: "wifi was great"
Pros: "Plane did not crash."
Cons: "Has anyone at AA ever watched the insane boarding process? No running water on the plane, not hot anything (coffee, tea, food). Generally terrible experience, like most of the airlines."
Pros: "Infrastructure"
Cons: "Staff behaviour"
Cons: "There was no food offered. The stewardess was not happy to be at work."
Pros: "Staff was wonderful."
Cons: "The 20 minute wait before we could dock at the gate An annoying air vent making an intermittent noise... Something broken obviously"
Pros: "I prefer this size plane to the other alternatives."
Cons: "No snacks were offered at all."
Pros: "The flight was only 30 min"
Pros: "Plane was amazing! As always I will wish for more leg rim due to being tall. The food was wonderful and the entertainment was well varied and contained several new releases."
Cons: "Leg room!!!!"
Pros: "The female crew member was a bit abraisive. The wifi didn't connect to my phone."
Cons: "Better wifi connection"
Pros: "The 787 was spacious."
Cons: "Plane was delayed on takeoff and landing."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "Plus seating was wonderful. Very comfortable."
Cons: "Could have used more water."
Cons: "One of the csbin crew was very angry, rude snd confrontationsl to the wheelchsir assistsnt. He challenged her sbout not picking up my carryon from the foor where he put on the floor. She commented she did not like to work for Uunitd because they were demsnding and demesning. This united rmployee csme back 4 times as we werr behind each other when we deplaned. Twice he szid,"L'm dorry but....." finslly he adked fpr her nsme. Tsking out hid isdues on another employee was unvslled for and unprofessional."
Cons: "They dont accepted the seats Im requested before, when you charger $ 15.99"
Pros: "Delta customer service rerouted me to an American Airlines flight that got me in only 4 hours late."
Cons: "If I'd kept my original flight I'd have been over twelve hours late."
Pros: "Good flight, boarding, crew, and comfort."
Cons: "No food, no entertainment that I could access, no power for my devices (it didn’t work)."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Delays"
Pros: "Some of the attendants offered me one of the bigger seats since I'm a big guy."
Cons: "The main flight attendant wouldn't allow it since I didn't pay for it."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "Thay threw our checked bags around like trash and we had precious items in the bags. We thought they would fit in thebo erhead bins. They were small - bins were smaller."
Pros: "Staff was very nice"
Cons: "My seat was double booked and then I was moved three times while everyone else was also boarding. I was clearly treated as an after thought even with having checked in to the flight and confirmed my seat 24 hours in advance."
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "United's flight was delayed five hours going to Nashville and on the return flight was delayed over an hour. I have yet to be on a flight with United that was on time. I've learned my lesson and will NOT fly United again."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "This was a smaller plane (4 seats across). Knowing this, they didn't bring enough luggage carts, so they only brought some of the luggage to the baggage claim and didn't tell us this. 5-6 of us waited and waited and finally asked someone who told us that they had to go back to the plane to get the rest of the luggage. Those of us still waiting got to wait another half hour for our luggage. Talk all they want, United just can't seem to get it right. PS: those of us who had to wait were the ones who got to the San Antonio airport the earliest and thus our luggage was on the plane first."
Pros: "Good on time flight"
Cons: "Flight attendant was short and not friendly. She would accentuate every announcement as if we were in first grade and not listening to the teacher. (Put ur bags UNDER your seat.) every time."
Pros: "No issues and it was on time"
Cons: "Not applicable"
Cons: "Dirty"
Pros: "Mas o menos"
Cons: "En el manejo de mi maleta me rompierón una de las ruedas de la maleta."
Pros: "The space of the plane since I volunteered to be at the emergency door I felt comfortable..."
Cons: "Not giving me my seat number because my ticket was not a standby ticket and I seem to think that the agent thought that I was on standby but I have to go to him several time to make him understand that my ticket had a confirmation number and I did a reserve and I needed a seat number it was not on standby when he checked it he said okay and I also explained to him that I was a military personnel ... The agent should treat us with respect you should have gave me a better information and just throw me away then going back to him several times for the correct solution..."
Pros: "Staff very courteous & very helpful with a smile!!"
Cons: "I've nothing to say that we disliked."
Pros: "Great service!"
Pros: "it was not overbooked, and had plenty of space"
Cons: "Wifi prices were a little expensive"
Pros: "Everything!"
Cons: "Chair spacing, being 6 foot and two inches, it was hard for my legs."
Cons: "That it was direct from San Antonio to Brownsville. The Jet from Houston to Brownsville was very small."
Pros: "Everything its gteat"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Friendly, eager to please, amazing staff."
Cons: "Wish flight was longer.... lol... hey, I enjoyed my time!"
Pros: "Boarding and landing ahead of schedule"
Pros: "Everything went fine and they sorted out a spot for me to sit even though the flight was overbooked"
Pros: "Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection."
Cons: "Seats were small, very little leg room also,"
Pros: "The crew including Captain & ground staff were very professional, courteous and caring. Take off and landing were very smooth. The Captain & the crew must be complimented for that."
Cons: "Can't think of any."
Pros: "People were friendly."
Cons: "Instead of beginning to board the groups the agent decided to hold up the lines to fix or maybe even find a passengers name. I know how that push off is and it seemed that we were past our boarding time and I actually had a connecting flight at my arrival destination."
Pros: "United covered my hotel room and gave me $30 in meal vouchers. Would have rather been at my destination though."
Cons: "Mechanical failures flights canceled had to rebook the next day!"
Pros: "Plane was clean"
Cons: "Gosh---no feedback on delay of takeoff . Didn't seem like they tried to avoid the turbulence which lasted the entire 4 hour flight . And to top it off the landing tossed us around in our seats because it was so rough. No apology and no sign of pilots when we disembarked very odd"
Pros: "We boarded timely, and quickly. All the staff were friendly."
Cons: "Overhead storage in back seats, area was full of flight attendants belonging. Hard to find room for our 1 carry on. (I realize they need room too, but thought they had their own space)promot"
Pros: "Staff was nice"
Cons: "Uncomfortable plane"
Cons: "Very cold"
Pros: "Great, friendly crew. Plane was delayed by weather but that shortened my layover, nice."
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "Not one thing"
Cons: "We were delayed due to computer issues, the two different mechanical issues, then it took over an hour to stand in line to get help. They had to hire a bus to take us to Houston, once I got there, I realized that San Antonio crew lied to me and had not booked me a ticket on the flight they told me, then they sent me to talk to Air Canada, then back to United. They had booked me for next day, but was able to fly as stand-by the same day."
Cons: "3 hr delay., real reason. :("
Pros: "Good customer service"
Cons: "did not like how when I booked my flight and chose my own sit and they switched me to a different sit that I did not choose when I purchased my ticket."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Called customer service and lady was siper rude!"
Cons: "The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side"
Pros: "Nice staff and comfort."
Cons: "I didn't like that when I got on and off my flights. When I asked for help because I am deaf and mute no one would escort me to the planes cabin or the right gate. Had to ask 3 different gates which way do I go because I cant hear and I was upset because I thought I wouldn't make my flight. My wife made sure that they put on my information in the system that they would help me, but I guess it doesn't work like that. In future I will make different arrangement so that I can get the help I need."
Pros: "The communication via Kayak was great in notifying me there was a 25 minute delay."
Cons: "Not seating with my kids but they loved the sense of independence."
Cons: "I am TSA approved. I am Global Entry approved. The TSA pre- check did not appear on my boarding passes. I was body searched 3 times, had no privileges, my luggage opened and scrutinized."
Pros: "The friendly service and easy experience. As well as the car of the crew"
Cons: "The seats were A bit stiff but that is the only thing out of many positives."
Pros: "It was a very nice direct flight. Crew was pleasant and captain gave a friendly goodbye and thank you on the exit."
Pros: "San Antonio flight to Denver delayed too long where could not make connection in Denver to Toronto. Had to make other flight arrangements."
Cons: "The chairs on the flight could definitely used more cushion, also some kind of inflight movie would have been nice."
Cons: "The rep. at the baggage drop off was being unnecessarily unkind. Though she did not attend to us, it was obvious to all those in line she was upset. She gave her co-rep. attitude &created a very uncomfortable environment. We do not know either of their names. The negative rep was the AfricanAm lady."
Pros: "Left ahead of schedule, got to destination ahead of schedule and the pilot and his staff were true professionals that kept us informed. I flew Frontier two weeks ago, same destination and had a 30 plus minute delay, this made up. AWESOME! Thanks Frontier."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The flight was excellent. The staff was very friendly."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed by 4 hours. We were told to arrive at the airport at our scheduled time but that caused a 6 hour wait for us at the airport. No one was at the counter to keep us informed."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Frontier has mastered the art of a cheaply run airline that nickel and dimes you to death with extra fees for EVERYTHING. The Airbus A319 was equipped with hard shell seats with a tiny flip down tray large enough to barely hold two plastic cups with the tightest seat pitch I've ever encountered and rigidly upright non-reclining backs. They made Lufthansa seating a Cadillac by comparison. The tall guy behind me's feet stick out between my feet because he literally had no where else to put them. It's as if they tried to make the plane as uncomfortable as possible. I've flown across the Atlantic in a military transport on nylon webbing seats that were far less painful. There's a fee for baggage, even carry-ons, and for everything in the cabin, including water. The fares aren't cheap either, but I had to get to OKC for the weekend and American and Southwest were fully booked. Only Frontier had seats available, and now I know why. If it's too expensive for you to fly a decent plane, Frontier, just shut it down and save the traveling public a lot of aggravation and discomfort. if it's a choice between Frontier and the bus, take the bus!"
Pros: "Everyone was sweet and engaging and the best was arriving 20 mins early"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The flight was great and we enjoyed the airline but the kids behind us on the way back were awful! Loud, feet in our backs, music without earphones. Not sure the airline could fix that if we had complained and it wasn’t their fault. We will DEFINATELY fly with them again. Timely, great staff, great value too."
Pros: "The crew was in a difficult situation, and they handled it well."
Cons: "We sat on the tarmac for an hour because, as the captain informed us, “some paperwork had to be completed.” Okay, these things happen. But then to fail to offer complimentary snacks and beverages to make up for it strikes me as a poor miscalculation. How easy it would have been ro say, “We’re sorry for the delay, enjoy these snacks and beverages on us”? I overheard more than one pasenger remark that they would not br flying Frontier again anytime soon."
Pros: "How fast we boarded"
Cons: "We had an hour delay due to maintenance issues, they kept us in the plane for an hour without ac. A lot of turbulence throughout the flight. Very shaky. One of the worst flights I’ve been in. :("
Pros: "Fast enough to board"
Cons: "A little bumpy"
Pros: "The cheap ticket prices."
Cons: "My flights wto and from were both delayed 4 and 2 1/2 hours with no reasons why. The seats are drastically uncomfortable and don’t decline. They are understaffed and I don’t think have enough planes in their fleet if there are problems."
Pros: "The price of the ticket was cheap!"
Cons: "If you want a snack you have to pay for it. Even Water will cost you. The prices are reasonable for a plane ride though. Seats are very close together unless you get the exit row. Each bag you bring cost you unless you are active duty military. Active duty gets one checked bag for free but you have to take it to the ticket counter the day of the flight. A carry on will cost you. Pay before you get to the airport. Both flights I took were 30-45 minutes late due to the plane being cleaned. The luggage was also slow coming down. An airport employee told me that 2 other major airlines bump Frontier a lot when it comes to unloading luggage but I didn’t confirm that with Frontier."
Pros: "The staff was very helpful and maintained a great attitude the entire time."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 7 hours due to what seems like mismanagement of available aircraft as well as space. At one point our plane was in the runway and sat there for 30mins trying to get in to a gate which still had a plane. Also, the timing continued to update every hour and give a new take off time of one hour right starting with noon and ending with 8:45pm. There was no analysis as to what time the flight would actually occur. Someone in the planning cell took the easy way out and just kept pushing out new timelines that shifted everything one hour tonthe right."
Cons: "They delayed the flight more than three hours to a time that the airport had shut the security gates for the night. Their customer service on the phone was useless. They wouldn’t help me with an alternative flight, nor with hotel accommodations once the tsa lines had closed. They offered me the next available flight, 4 days later. Frontier has no business in San Antonio."
Cons: "Too expensive. They charged me $95.00 for my luggage even though one was my skis and the other one my boots. Every other airline I have traveled with waves the boot bag, but they refused to honor that policy"
Cons: "Boarding passengers that need assistance with the rest of the flight was not smart"
Pros: "crew"
Cons: "you should be arrested for those seats"
Pros: "The fabulous front row seats!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The attendant was rude on two different occasions. he needs to be trained in customer services. They Charge for everything. what's the point of giving a food price if you end up charging more than a better airline at the end of the day. terrible terrible airline."
Cons: "Long waiting after boarding."
Cons: "In San Antonio not available early enough at the counter. Couldn't log into their computers to accept bags. Bag drop should always be available because of online check-in and baggage payment. All we needed to do was drop a bag. Should't have to stand in line at check-in when everything is done and all you have to do is drop a bag. No incentive to use online check-in and payment."
Pros: "Even though we didn't have seats together, we were able to get them together with the help of the flight attendant."
Pros: "There was no pressing weather, but delays simply from a lack of a crew. However, the crew was friendly and nice on board. But every time I fly frontier, we get delayed."
Pros: "Didn't know that frontier now charges for carryon bags and any drink on the plane (alcohol and non-alcoholic). Probably will not fly frontier again"
Pros: "Nothing. This was the worst experience I have ever had with an airline."
Cons: "The wait to check a bag was about an hour. Then, my flight was cancelled 30 minutes before takeoff due to "weather." None of the other airlines were delayed. I ended up booking another ticket with a different airline, because other passengers said they had been trying to get rebooked on frontier for the previous week."
Pros: "They totally failed. Never again. Totally ripped me off. Almost didn't make my scheduled visit with my daughters I only see twice a year. I had to spontaneously book emergency flight with United, which was great by the way. But cause was such short notice cost me 900 dollars. Frontier did not refund my checked bag fee and left my bag in la-la land. I found it. Thank God. Then they, frontier, only refunded me 50%. Do t k of why. Will dispute. What a headache, inconvenience, rip off, and waist of valuable time. I learned. You get what you pay for people."
Pros: "I liked the convience of be able to relax and eat while waiting to aboard the plane!"
Cons: "I didn't like that all the seats were taken in the waiting area"
Pros: "Was an extremely quick process from check in to boarding. Super fast flight and very helpful staff."
Cons: "Main issue was that I had to wait at the back of the plane because I was assigned a duplicate seat on my ticket to someone else but eventually they found my seat after everyone else was seated."
Cons: "I will never fly Frontier again. The low fare was eaten up with all of the extra charges that they charged."
Pros: "I liked the price."
Cons: "I didn't like not being able to bring a carryon without paying, but I can get all of my items in a backpack so that is what I will do on future flights. Drinks and snacks also cost additional money, but they will give you water with ice for no charge."
Pros: "The crew: Friendly and Professional"
Cons: "Too much nickel and diming: Pay for seat selection, ridiculous fees for baggage, no free drinks..Really?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The chairs do not move at all. The trays in front of you to use for a laptop or book, well my phone barley fit as well with a glass of water."
Pros: "The flight attendants were all very nice and helpful. Leaving Denver was ok. The seats were uncomfortable."
Cons: "The people at the gates leaving San Antonio were rude. I understand the policy they have for luggage fees , but my husband is active military. As his spouse I have the right to check in his bag for him at the gate , I even had his and my id to show them . The only reason I was trying to check one bag at the gate was because my husband was feeling sick and I'm pregnant I can't lift heavy things. One worker dosent know the policy and asked her manager , but they didn't want to help us politely , kept giving me excuses why I couldn't check the bag in for him , finally they did take care of it but with my husband having to stand there in front of them , but they didn't tell him anything. Too have a policy that really does help military service men and women is a great idea and really nice, but too be rude about following that policy , and not helping the spouse of the military member , trying to charge me for my husband's bag and giving me a hard time isn't the way to show support to our troops. They like to take advantage of everything that they can charge extra for , which makes most people not have a good experience flying. Yes cheapest ticket until you add in your baggage fees $35-$60 , drinks and snacks , seats if you want your party to seat together or a certain seat."
Pros: "The in-air staff was fantastic."
Cons: "The people working in San Antonio on the boarding process was disputable, demeaning and downright rude. You"
Pros: "Happy that the maintence crew found that the engine was broken BEFORE we were in the air & agents clearly communicated the progress- both good and bad."
Cons: "Waiting for 6 hours...."
Cons: "I was surprised that I had to pay for my carry on, I could not choose my seat and customer service was poor."
Pros: "The woman seated behind me referred to us flying in "this tuna can." I'd say that's accurate; the plane sounds like it's going to fall apart upon takeoff, there is no leg room, and the "tray table" is about 5x7"."
Cons: "Extra charge of $30-40 for second carryon. Fly this airline with a single purse or backpack; any more than that will cost you! Only water is free -- BYO snacks and beverages."
Pros: "They had a late flight which was convenient. The assigned seats made sure that take off was smooth. Price was unbeatable."
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable and crammed. Initially they only had one agent checking people in at the terminal and the line had about 50 people in it."
Pros: "I liked the timeliness of the boarding process."
Cons: "I did not like the attitude of the one of the male flight attendants and found that he was unprofessional. The seats were the most uncomfortable seats I've had to sit in during a flight. The airline doesn't offer free complimentary drinks and they still don't offer a TSA precheck option for their flights."
Cons: "Seats do not recline, no place to plug into the seat for music, have to pay for carry on luggage."
Pros: "Boarding process was smooth both legs of the flight and crew was great on both legs as well."
Cons: "No options for entertainment, no snack options besides chips and junk food."
Pros: "none"
Pros: "Didn't go"
Pros: "We had to wait for a long time inside the aircraft after landing in Denver before reaching the alight gate. I understand that this is due to a shutdown of Denver airport. We were worried about the possibility of missing the connecting flight to SFO."
Cons: "We liked the way the situation was managed by the crew. We liked the cooperation by the passengers so that the co-passengers to connecting flight like SFO and Portland."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed made me miss my connecting flight couldn't get a flight out till tomorrow morning none of the workers seemed like they could do anything to help I want my full refund"
Cons: "You charge for baggage. .you lose your discount fare ..that makes it more expensive that competition"
Cons: "No company should succeed using a business model that treats customers this badly. Your ticket buys nothing: you pay extra for a seat, extra for taking anything (whether checked or carry-on), with prices going up as you get closer to your flight. Planes are finished to the cheapest possible standard: stiff, unpadded seats that do not recline, so rows are closer together; "tray tables" that are five inches deep; no amenities anywhere. Naturally, nothing is available on board without cost, including water. Three of four legs of our flights were more than an hour late, some of it avoidable, but company policy clearly called for cost savings over customer needs. We will NEVER fly Frontier again and urge everyone else to avoid this carrier like the plague."
Pros: "Crew was professional, friendly and helpful. Economy seating seemed to have decent leg room but the seats are uncomfortable."
Cons: "I don't like all the hidden costs of Frontier. You bought a ticket, great! Oh, by the way, now you have to pay for a seat on the plane when you check in. You want to take a bag? Well that's extra, even if you carry it on yourself. Oh we're sorry; Frontier doesn't participate in TSA Pre-check program. That tiny cup of soda is also extra by the way."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Hope to not fly frontier again. Many people were complaining to the agents about the luggage policy. I felt sorry for them."
Pros: "Need more comfortable seat"

I didn’t see a WiFi option . That could have been better .

My flight canceled at the last minute. I missed a family event, this is very unprofessional.

This flight was the worst I've ever had,and also will be never thinking about booking with this company again , sucks

Pros: "Crew was very very helpful had children with they accommodated us and cheated us very well"
Cons: "B/a"
Pros: "Getting home"
Cons: "Being nickled and dimed for everything, rude service and completly uncomfortable accommodations. I was coughing bc we had to run to the gate. I asked the flight attendant for down water and he have me a tiny cup with 1/4 of the cup of water. Water would have solved it but due to their careless mess I couldn't rest or stop coughing. Then a bottle of water is $4. Awful turbulence, though not their fault, would it provide water till it stopped. Forced me to stuff my purse into my bag which caused extra creases, I did not have to do this on the flight there, when I explained that they said too bad or pay $50 more. Every step of the way was rude, careless and inconsiderate"
Pros: "I was told that I've been checked in but still have to join a terribly slow queue."
Cons: "That we were not offered even cold water."
Pros: "The check in process was swift and efficient"
Cons: "1.The plane had a crying child the entire 4 hours and the parents did very little to calm him down. There were other children in the plane but this poor child kept crying and no one helped him.Flight attendants walked past and did not ask the parents to calm the child down. 2. I was seated in third row at the front of the plane. I have never seen so much unprofessional conduct by flight attendants. I fly monthly for work and this was the first time I have seen an A320 plane all 6 flight attendants congregate at the front of the plane to chit chat the whole time. They stopped to serve drinks and went right back to chatting animatedly. I admire that they as coworkers get along but flight attendant is a revered profession and they should uphold it as such. Not act like its a picnic job by laughing and catching up on stories in full view of the entire flight :-( I guess I cant complain too much because its Spirit Airlines after all. You get what you pay for."
Pros: "It was an awful experience. From my plane “leaving” a half an hour before it was suppose to leave supposedly to my bag being over weight because I combined two bags because you charge for carry on. I threw away 3 pairs of jeans and my blow dryer. The lady that told me I missed my flight told me she could book me a new one (for another $99) on Friday. This was Wednesday. I was flying into a major airport. Spirit is a rip off and I will not be flying with them ever again nor will I ever suggest any of my friends to do so either!"
Pros: "No me gusto nada..."
Cons: " cobraron $100 por la maleta pequeña por q hubo un error cuando compre mi boleto,error de ustedes no mio,hice escala y me cobraron 50 y 50. hay personal suficiente que hable Español,estaba perdida y sin ayuda en español. dan Meriendas en los vuelos,todo lo cobran. 4.espacios pequeños en el avion y el avion vacio y me dieron el peor asiento. 5.tuve una muy mala experiencia tube que hacer chek in 2 veces,salir y volver a entrar cuando no era nesesario...tuve un pesimo dia y hasta llore.."
Cons: "The worst experience in my life, I showed up a hour early, only 2 kiosks that work to check in. The rude lady directed me out of line to use the kiosk again instead checking me in, so I couldn't miss my flight. You could obviously tell it was my first time. So I missed my FIRST flight for my 30th birthday. Their only rebuttal to my dilemma was "you should have show up 2 hours early". A horrible experience I will never forget. The human that don't display common courtesy for his or her fellow man should be replaced by robots. I would gladly pay double for my next flight than to EVER use Spirit again."
Pros: "What I enjoyed about this flight were the pilots. Take off and landing were great, and the flight arrived on time!"
Cons: "Poor customer service. Flight crew served beverages/snacks. Afterwards, the entire staff remained in the front of the cabin socializing most of the flight. One even had the audacity to tell me to put my tray up as we were landing, and my trash had not been picked up, so that I could put up my tray (still had liquid in my cup, and there was a lot of turbulence throughout the flight). Staff ( Jeremy) addressed a passenger very rudely, and the passenger was very irritated with the flight attendant. It’s not what Jeremy said, but how he said it. Instead, of Jeremy de-escalating the situation he continued to address the passenger rudely. Then he walked to the front of the cabin pointed at the passenger he was arguing with and was very animated in his telling of what just occurred to another employee. This infuriated the passenger. Disgusting behavior, Jeremy! Can’t believe Spirit staff have not been trained on flight safety. One, we are in a confined space, approximately 34,000 feet in the air, and it just takes one incident to unravel the peacefulness of the cabin, and place passengers at risk, but instead of Jeremy trying to manage the situation he continued to agitate the passenger. Then he sends another staff over to harass the passenger/family. Unprofessional and placing passengers at risk; because you never can predict how a passenger will react. To top it off staff did not say goodnight to passengers. I’m disappointed, because I recently sent a nice review to the CEO on Facebook. I guess I spoke too soon! The flight crew for flight NK 817 on 11/27/17 DFW to LAS, requires training, and may need to be separated for training purposes, because your flight supervisor cannot mange them, and it’s corrupting their behavior. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth. What is the standard for flight service, Spirit Airlines?!"
Pros: "the price"
Cons: "FIRST OF ALL-so they tell you can have one "personal item" well let me tell you most airlines, consider this to be as big as a backpack or small luggage sometimes. I got to the airport and they made me buy a prepaid visa card AT the station by spirit airlines, only good at their store because I only had a little cash on me, and not enough on the card that I did have. They do not accept cash, WHICH IS CRAZY TO ME BECAUSE THAT IS LEGAL TENDER..... So I buy this thing, because they told me I had to pay for my bag since I couldn't consolidate my PURSE into my mini travel bag it would be considered two and that was the rules... so an EXTRA $50 there and $50 on my return flight.... they got me for an extra $100. WHO are the people taking no bag flights? Whatever, anyways it was a less than desirable experience. The plane smelled like a used toilet and the flight attendants were rude. They don't seem happy to be doing their job. I was going to celebrate my birthday and this made it a less than desirable experience. I'd only recommend this airline for emergency flying only. They don't even offer beverage, and it's ridic over priced. Hopefully someone will read this and reach out to me. This doesnt' reflect my experience for opinion of Kayak. Always great. But I'll never take spirit again, it is NOT worth the low fair."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines does not care AT ALL. I will never fly them again. No explanation of delay, which then led to a full cancellation, in which they then had us waiting in a line for 20 minutes until they (finally?) ejected us out of the security zone because they put our bags at baggage claim, so I wasn't able to buy a flight at a desk from another airlines right nearby because I had to go back through security so they messed up my timing entirely. I have also not received my refund for my baggage / seat extras and it's been a full week. Horrendous. If I could give them negative ratings I would."
Pros: "Flight crew was extremely nice and helpful."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines offers low fares but then uses slight policy differences to charge extra fees. They reduced the size of carry on to an impractical size. I have never had a problem with my carry on, but it would not fit into their criteria, so I had to pay extra. The charge was not based on fitting in the luggage compartment it was just an extra charge for size. First bag $50 and second $60. They charge extra for a bag weight over 40 lbs when the majority of the airlines allow 50 lbs. You're only allowed one item to take on the plane, not a personal item plus a carry on. They charged for water on the plane. I do not recommend flighting Spirit and will not be a repeat customer."
Pros: "Friendly crew, comfortable seats, wider than some planes in the aisle"
Cons: "I chose to try Spirit because it was cheaper than other airlines, but then they charged for everything! I have never been charged for one carry on bag! They charge more for the carry on than for a checked bag!!! So on the way back I checked both bags, only to find out that they charge even more for a second checked bag!!! Get on the plane, and find out that you don't get a free drink... I had to pay for a cup of coffee. So much for cheaper... this was probably the most expensive choice, once I paid for all my small bags."
Pros: "The people I sat next to were nice and flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Our plane was 2.5 hours late to start. The flight was uncomfortable but the company was good. However, since the first plane was late, it meant I would miss my layover & second leg of my trip. When we landed from Texas into LA (at 815pm) the flight attendants told us to speak with the check in people about our new flights. When i went up to the counter, no one was there. A guy in a yellow vest popped up and helped me look to see when my next flight was leaving. He told me that I would have to spend the night in the airport since the next flight wasnt for another 12 hours and since they dont partner with other airlines that I would have to go to Alaska if I wanted a flight home tonight. When I asked about a refund for my ticket he said maybe I would get one for the second leg of the flight. Needless to say, I'm flying home on Alaska and sticking with them until Spirit can figure out a better system. Talking to people next to me on the plane, they all had cancelled flights from Philly and had to spend the night at the airports too."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "After 7-8 hours of delay after delay they boarded everyone onto the plane, let us sit there for 5-10 minutes and then asked us get off the plane. They then proceeded to tell us due to weather our flight would be cancelled. I stood in line for 2 hours for them to tell me the next flight our was not for another 5 days. They also did not place me in a hotel, thankfully I had a friend that lived close to the airport and I was able to crash there. I asked for my money back and rebooked my trip with Deta airlines. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way."
Pros: "A few (very few) helpful clerks in the end that got me a seat home."
Cons: "Other than the usual Spirit surprise up charges for basic services included in other airlines (which should be factored into the Kayak search engines more clearly from the start), the seats did not recline and minimal leg room made for a very uncomfortable flight from FL to CA. The topping on the cake was a cancelled flight getting home Ft. Lauderdale to St. Thomas. The 1250pm flight was delayed to 6pm due to weather even though several other flights were flying that same route at that time. Then the 6pm flight was cancelled due to weather. It was the lack of professionalism, accommodations and communications that followed that were horrendous. They would not address the group directly so we had to find out from the people at the front of the line trying to rebook that there were no seats available until Saturday and Sunday. It was Weds. They were not going to accommodate us in any way with the exception of refunding us for that leg. In my case that would have been a little over $100. Flights on other airlines were over $700. Families who could not afford that cancelled their vacations to St. Thomas. People, like myself, that were simply trying to get home got booked on Sunday flights. They put us on stand by but were unwilling to give us seats that were available. Finally, on Friday with making enough fuss and talking to the right people they reluctantly gave us seats. It appeared that because we had seats on Sunday that we were in no way a priority. Very disappointed, mostly for everyone who was trying to visit my island and said they will never come here. Thanks Spirits."
Pros: "Brand new airplanes, and pleasant stewards."
Cons: "Over two hour delays waiting to board going both ways. In both cases the planes and cabin crew were on site but waiting for pilots. Apparently the pilots are suffering from 'blue flu' because they're not getting paid as much as other airline pilots, so they're intentionally calling in sick at the last minute. If the pilots keep this up they won't have airline to work for. Also didn't like that you pay for ANY luggage (even one carry on bag). By the time you pay for the add on fees your right back at the same price as other airlines. Then you add the time delays on, and your losing out. Won't be flying this airline again."
Pros: "Honestly, there was nothing to like."
Cons: "I can't give it a rating because they cancelled the flight and had nothing to book us on. Waited over 3hrs before they finally found me something. Gave me a hotel voucher but when I finally got to the hotel, they had no rooms. The transportation to the hotel cost a fortune because the hotel shuttle would not pick up the phone. They finally put me in a room with someone else from my flight. I got 60 min of sleep before having to return to airport. I'm a 49 yr old woman that flies often and this was by far the worst flight/airline experience that I've ever had. And, the lady at the hotel kept my food vouchers so I didn't even get to eat the next day."
Cons: "Check-in at reservations section was terrible...there were 2 lines of passengers checking in and 1 line had 3 agents checking passengers in and the other line had 1 agent checking passengers in. We were second in the wrong line with only 1 agent checking passengers in...we waited 20 minutes to get helped, because the party in front of us (with 2 in line) actually had a ticket for 6 passengers (4 of whom showed up several minutes later), who had to decide/pay for luggage options ,etc.. If you have 2 lines & 4 agents, 2 agents should be serving each line...enough for me never to fly Spirit again!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "When arrived I had to pay 10 dollars to print my boarding pass. I then had to pay $50 dollars to check my bag. I went to my gate and my flight was delayed. Not a big issue it was just delayed by 45 min. Once we boarded we sat there for about 30 to 40 min just to be told the pilot never showed. So they pulled us off the plane. We were then told that they had another pilot coming but it's going to be 2 hours. I was delayed 4 hours not beacuse of weather or plain issue but beacuse the airline could not keep there schedules in order. How did they not know a pilot was not going to show. How annoying it was to load on a plane to be pulled off again and loaded on again. Worst flight I have ever had and after all that they did not provide a complementary drink or even offer to refund my bag check beacuse of the huge mistake on thee behalf."
Pros: "The flight attendants were friendly and the airplane was very clean. The space underneath seats was roomy enough that I could easily fit my bag. Flight was very affordable, especially for a holiday weekend."
Cons: "I did not like that I was forced to create an account with Spirit to check in for my flight. I have never had to do that with any other airline, and the experience was frustrating. I also would appreciate if they would give water for free in flight. I understand their policy is to require customers to pay for extras, but water would be nice. There was also no explanation about which security line to get in when I bought the "bypass security" option and no one to ask when I arrived at security until I had gone through the full line. An explanation when the ticket is purchased would be helpful."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "6 hour layover turned into 11-12 hours. Repeatedly got emails during the layover that the connections was delayed an hour, 2, 3, ,4, 5, then 5 minutes, then another 20 minutes. How does the schedule work that way?? First night of vacation was taken by poor planning and management. Oh, we were giving $28 in meal vouchers for airport meal prices. The lead flight attendant was constantly occupied with her own stuff. It was just annoying. It was also annoying how she tried to talk fast over the intercom like she had it down, but it was obvious she didn't."
Pros: "Flight home to Boston was great! Wonderful crew, entertaining and a smooth flight."
Cons: "Flight 857 to Dallas was awful, inside the plane cabin was a high pitched loud noise that hurt my ears for 15 minutes before takeoff and 15 minutes after landing. It was never explained by the crew and was definitely not normal. Sounded like a serious mechanical issue and no customer should be subjected to that. Also sounded like landing gear was not working properly, it kept making grinding noises. Also bratty children on the flight and stewardess did nothing to stop several customers from playing videos out loud on their phones before takeoff. Why were they not told to use ear phones? Very disrespectful to other customers. The 8 y.o. in front of me reached back in to my compartment and tried to shut my window! I had to yell "no, stop don't touch my window!" And his mother sitting right next to him did nothing. He also rang for the stewardess call button for no reason, she did not punish him for that either."
Pros: "The crew was sympathetic to us when we arrived with a carry on bag that we had no idea was a charge - they were nice and considerate about explaining Spirit's appalling charges."
Cons: "Spirit Air is so full of fraudulent business practices where do I start? You buy a ticket thinking you are getting a great deal, until you realize you have to pay for EVERYTHING: your carry on, your bags (OH, and they only have a 40lb limit, beware), your seat, and so much more. They are not helpful at check in and honestly don't want people to even have to deal with their agents (do it all online) and charge you $10 extra if you do need to speak to an agent. They are terrible. Food is expensive and they don't give you ANYTHING as a courtesy. I can't believe they are actually making money - but they do it because we all buy a ticket thinking it is a great deal only to find out we have to pay all the fees. I think KAYAK needs to REALLY consider if this is a business they want to promote as a low cost airline."
Pros: "The staff were friendly"
Cons: "The website wouldn't let me check in my bag prior to arriving to the airport. Tried multiple times and kept getting an error. Spoke with an agent upon arrival, showed her my screen and she suggested I do it again. Which produced the same result. They ended up charging me the online price anyway, because it wasn't working. I had two rather large folks in my row and immediately asked the flight attendant if I could move, he told me maybe, but probably not until after take off. He then moved two other folks into the row adjacent to me which caused the original gentleman sitting there to get up and move to a row without three people in it. Seemed kind of rude for him, he offered me his seat since I'd asked. I declined as I figured the attendant would get back to me. He did approach me later and said I could move into the only other open seat in the other row, but I didn't want those folks to feel put out. I was going to ask to move to a different row adjacent as there was only 1 gentleman there, but the attendant had already left. On other airlines, once the door is closing anyone can move or trade and wasn't sure why it was such an issue for me or for anyone. I felt I was hanging out in the aisle for 2.5 hours while touching hips and arms with my seat mate."
Pros: "My flight wasn't delayed and I had no trouble with my luggage. Once I was at the airport, everything went smoothly. Ticket price was reasonable."
Cons: "My only bad experience was checking in online. I made a mistake when one of those incessant ads popped up, and afterwards I could never get back to the screen for checking in. I was forced to do it at the airport. When I called customer service the guy on the other end could not suggest anything except to try over and over what I already knew was useless--- checking in online. He was very polite and helpful but the fact that he couldn't speak English very well made it even harder to communicate on the phone. Spirit airlines is a great way to save money, but don't bother with their customer service."
Pros: "Was able to get a flight on relatively short notice at a decent fare and without having to switch between carriers."
Cons: "Baggage restrictions and fees are absurd. Standard carry-ons are charged for (you can bring your one 'personal item' free of charge if it's small enough). A single checked bag is $51. Most carriers offer your first checked bag for free. Add $50 to your fare for a bag and see how competitive Spirit really is. No complimentary snacks or beverages---a soft drink is $3. Seats are very tight, unless you pay for an upgrade. Need to fly fast and don't need luggage, or expect basics like nuts and a cup of soda, then Spirit may be a cheaper carrier. Add the 'ala carte' items-like luggage-and the fare becomes average."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very pleasant and helpful !"
Cons: "That i have to print my BOARDING PASS The kiosks were inoperable and shut off and did not allow me to print my boarding pass for my 11:30pm flight. Nobody was there at the Spirit airline desk. I had to yell and wreak havoc to get a spirit airline personnel to print my boarding pass for me. This is highly inconvenient. Often times when you are traveling for work you don't have the time to go to a printer and print your boarding pass!! There are no personnel present to guide passengers or notify them about a gate change. No sign near the listed gate number. There are only two people and its insanely chaotic! Passengers have to just talk to each other and figure it out."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Not only was the flight's departure delayed by two hours, but once we were finally able to board the flight, the a/c wasn't working. After taxiing aimlessly for 45 minutes in the Dallas summer sun with no air conditioning, the pilot announced we would have to return to the gate so that "the engine could be started". Fortunately, at this time, the air conditioning was also repaired. After an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes of repairs, taxiing and waiting, we finally departed after a total delay of 3 hours. Upon landing in New Orleans, we were forced to wait for an additional hour while we waited for our gate to clear. All in all, we arrived 4 hours after our initial arrival time, and spent 3 hours on a plane for a 1 hour and 8 minute flight."
Cons: "I am a Spirit member and I did not like that the website clearly states that if the luggage fits within the box you do not have to pay to carry it on...mine did fit, yet I had to pay $55.00 to carry on. I did not receive credit for the mileage and when I called to get that corrected I was put on hold for 25 minutes before I hung up. I think that $2.00 for a 6 oz. cup of coffee is ridiculous and to get the attention of a flight attendant was not worth the time. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. The next flight I book will be with a reputable airline that may price the flight a little higher, BUT will be upfront about luggage fees, provide incidentals and hopefully not treat me like I'm a burden."
Pros: "first flight was fine"
Cons: "I flew form DFW-Fort Lauderdale and it was fine. My flight from Fort Lauderdale-San Juan was a disaster. I boarded the plane and took my assigned seat as usual. Little did I know someone else was assigned the same seat as me and it was a family of 4( the parents and two kids) the Lady was extremely rude because I was sitting on her kids seat. The flight attendant asked me to move and wait in the back of the plane until every passenger has seated. I wish she could've been more nice about the situation. I felt as it was my fault for booking a ticket with Spirit. Anyway, I walked to the back of the plane to wait until people were done boarding. Another flight attendant in the back were just staring at me as if I was taking over her space without even asking how was I doing, no greeting or anything that a customer deserve. Everyone boarded the plane and eventually they found an open spot on row 10, by the EMERGENCY exits, I dislike those seats, but nobody asked if it was ok for me to seat there. I was willing to wait for another plane if possible, but I felt like the whole crew did not care about the situation. The add more to the mess, I sat on that one open spot that was left and that area of the plane was freezing. I was wearing a tank top which made things worse. My whole flight was a mess, crew wasn't friendly or helpful, no one oppologize for the incovenient and no one actually care in fact made me feel guilty for buying a ticket with this airline. I work in customer service and this is not how you threats people."
Pros: "The cheap fare"
Cons: "Not having curbside check-in. Printing a boarding pass to join the line to speak with an agent to check-in luggage or baggage drop. The price for one piece of checked luggage on went from $26 a week before the trip,$42 the day before the trip, and then $56 the day of the trip. Not to mention feeling bad for the customers who did not use the kiosk to print their boarding to passes to either have pay the $10 fee at the counter for a boarding pass or go to the Kiosk print out a boarding pass for free then to turnaround and have to rejoin the check-in line all over again if they have to do a baggage drop."
Pros: "The cost of airfare was good but also competitive with other airlines like American and United. I chose Spirit Air because the flight worked with my schedule."
Cons: "I missed my flight along with others because of a delay going through the TSA security check. Arrived at the gate 14 minutes prior to departure. An international traveler with a small child was waiting to board as well. The CSA had just walked down the jetway and was suppose to return. Four minutes later the flight pushed out of the gate, departing 10 minutes early. The staff knew of the TSA delay. If I had made my flight it would have cost me an additional $100 dollars to check my carry on suite case that I have been flying with for the past two years on other airlines without any fee. Spirit Air requires you to have a smaller carry on suitcase than the rest of the industry. So my $96 dollar fare would now be $196. American Air was also offering a deal at the time for $91, but the time did not work with my schedule. Spirit Air is not a deal. If you check your carry on suitcase on line it will cost you $45. If you check your bag at the gate it will cost you $65. If you check your bag while boarding it will cost you $100. Traveller beware!"
Pros: "The flight was generally OK, and got me from Dallas to Chicago virtually on time, inexpensively."
Cons: "Once again I had a frustrating time trying to check in the night before, via my phone. The system never let me do that. Consequently I had to pay more to check my bag, since I was unable to do it until arriving at the airport. I joined their 9$ Fare Club before the Chicago-Dallas trip, but their system never recognized that or gave my any benefit from that money. I also hate that they nickel-and-dime you by not giving you even a glass of water or a bag of pretzels without payment. How much would adding those basic courtesies really add to the cost???"
Pros: "The crew on the actual flight was helpful and nice and the seats were comfortable."
Cons: "That there are inconsistencies between carry on sizes from DIA to Dallas. I was charged double to check my carry on even though its size was accepted through DIA. The only explanation for this that I got was "the Denver airport wasn't doing their job" by monitoring the size of the carry on and so ultimately it became my problem at the gate as well as a few others in the same situation being charged a ridiculous amount over what we should have for our bags. I hate the fact that this isn't a cash airline, there is little communication about checking bags, and essentially anything over the size of a backpack is super expensive to check. There are no complimentary items and based upon what I spent to check my bags, I could have probably gotten cheaper airfare with another airline because I would have gotten two free checked bags. I will probably never fly with spirit again unless all I am carrying is one small carry on, it's not worth it and ultimately was not competitively priced against other airlines because of this. Way too expensive for all the extra things which were not very well communicated. If I had known any of this before I booked my flight I would have gone with another airline it might have even been cheaper after paying for my bags both ways. This was my first and last experience with spirit."
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "Everything is an add on and it's so crazy expensive!!! 55 for a carry on and ONLY one way?!?! You have got to be kidding me. Then they make you pay to even select your seats. I will never fly spirit again. Because of all the add ons for the "services" they provide it becomes the same or even more expensive than other airlines. At least with other airlines you get more comfortable seats and TVs, music etc and other airlines won't make you pay for a glass of water on a 4 hr flight.... Never fly SPIRIT!!!!"
Cons: "Am a retired disabled vet and was to on my only trip for the year. I arrived for my flight 2 hrs in advance but i travel with a portable oxygen machine. I was refused boarding because I didn't have the correct letter from a doctor saying I was auth to fly on Spirit Air Lines. I am treated by the VA and they pay for the POC for me to be able to fly. I called the airline about a refund and was refused a refund because the flight had already left. I told them i was denied on the flight, but that was not an excuse. If i didn't do what is correct, I accept that, but not to give a refund is wrong. I have told everyone on Social media to be aware"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our flight home was cancelled "because the pilot didn't want to fly" on an 11pm flight. Chaos ensued and we ran for the ticketing gate. We arrived 4th in line. We were assured we would be ticketed "in order" and we had asked for the earliest flight back. Needless to say, we were NOT given an early flight, yet others after us were. There was no refund issued for baggage and this process took 2 and a half hours--remember, we were at the front. There was rudeness to many upset or frustrated passengers from the staff that seemed unwilling to assist people to the best of their abilities. More so seeming more agitated than the sleepless passengers. NEVER save a little money by taking this airline!! There are many reasons this airline has 1 star ratings!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Having to pay for my carry on bag, $45 each direction! Seats are small and don't recline. They don't accept the TSA PreCheck cards, so I had to wait in a HUGE line! Having to pay for water!!! Then to make matters worse, I ordered a Jack Daniels and a can of coke. Since my flight left over an hour late, I had a few drinks at the bar before I boarded. As I was ordering, the flight attendant said I smelled like beer. I said that was because I had two beers in the airport bar waiting for my flight, because it was delayed over an hour. She said I'm sorry sir, but if you were drinking prior to boarding, she could serve me any alcohol? So I can't drink and fly? I'm not driving. And if you can't have a beer before you board, why are their bars in the airport??? Spirt so"
Pros: "Their honesty and the price. They tell you upfront that you are paying for a seat from point A to point B and that's it. Anything extra will Cost you. With that in mind I prepared myself to try and not receive any additional costs and I didn't. The staff was very friendly And helpful and our flight attendant was awesome and made our trip even more enjoyable. Being only 5'4" tall the leg room and seat size were accommodating and comfortable for me. We didn't pay to sit together but we checked in online at the same time and wound up sitting in the same row!"
Cons: "I wish there was a way to know where we were flying over since we were on a 4 hour flight and the scenery was exquisite! Other than that, no complaints!"
Pros: "Price was very good on a short booking, did not realize the limitation of baggage and food would increase the true cost."
Cons: "Requested wheel chair assistance in airport, noted on boarding info that I would need help at both start and end of the flight segments but had to wait for help, you switched gates at the start of the flight and no one looked to provide help to move. No one at destination again after the flight, agaiin I had to wait for help to get to baggage claim, 100% rated disabled veteran, no spirit of help provided from the staff. I informed boarding argent I would need extra time at boarding, time between asking for disabled patrons and phase 1 boarding was 3 seconds, again no help on this issue, plane was late on the turn so it wast just get then in so we can leave the gate."
Cons: "The crew on my first flight were very accommodating and friendly, but on my second flight they were NOT so friendly and everyone around me was talking about how rude and unfriendly they were. This was my first time flying on Spirit and I asked for a pillow and the response I received from the Flight Attendant was "What!....we don't have pillows" Another reason I was unhappy was because on my connecting flight from Texas to Chicago we were delayed on the plane and NOBODY told us what the problem was and why we were not moving to the runway. After 42 minutes we were told "we are waiting for paperwork from Maintenance" that is it! Not how long they expect the wait to be or come around and offer us some drinks or snacks. The Flight Attendants DID NOT even walk the aisle....not even once! We finally took off after 75 minute delay. It was if we were on the plane alone...this is not how I would have handled the situation. I also obtained the Spirit credit card to rack up some miles, but not I am giving it a second thought!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Because their ticket counter was backed up and the machines were not working I got my ticket late, because I got my ticket late me and 10 other passengers missed boarding. We arrived when the plane was still there and connected to the walkway. They refused to let all of us board even though my sister was told that they would hold the plane for 5 or more. I had to fly to San Diego and then pay for a new flight on southwest. SOUTHWEST IS THE REAL MVP. Take my advice, never fly spirit. Also, 50 bucks per luggage per way, so one bag totaled 100 to fly it."
Pros: "The man at the counter was nice enough to upgrade my seat after seeing I was military and had to pay an insane amount for my baggage."
Cons: "I am NOT saying that the military deserves hand outs. We don't, we just do our jobs. I do however feel that the baggage fees were ridiculous. I have never flown with an airline that charges for the overhead bin.The money you "save" on a plane ticket is all added back on with the baggage fees The crew did not appear to be enjoying their flight, which during holidays can be stressful and I understand that, but this is their job. My flight to Texas was absolutely awful, I had children yelling obnoxiously behind me and even the stewardesses noticed, but they didn't say anything even after witnessing the child kicking the back of my seat repeatedly. One of the bathrooms was also out so there was a line of people down the isle. I personally did not like knowing that a bathroom was out of order because it made me wonder, what else was wrong with the plane? I will NOT ever be flying with spirit again."
Pros: "Our flight attendant during the trip back was entertaining."
Cons: "Absolutely horrendous customer service at the gate. Charged me $200 to "board or move aside" because of bags we DID NOT pay for on the first leg of our round-trip flight. Complete disregard of any pertinent info about this. AND when I got on the plane it was as if the bags didn't even exist, just slid right into the bin with no questions. HORRIBLE treatment from DFW crew. The nerve to say you gotta pay or get out of the way because the plane needed to be boarded. THEN we sit on the plane for another 25 minutes? Not that these surveys matter, seeing as all the complaints I've read about online are disregarded in the first place. I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my 30+ years of flying, NEVER felt so disrespected, NEVER felt so adamant about refusing to fly an airline again. And I don't care if you have little signs posted by the gate with a little cubby to measure your bag... If it is a POLICY it should be enforced at ALL TIMES, not whenever you guys feel like it. Especially not with representatives Iremalise and her "manager" miss Pauline Kanouse who garnered no such supervisory respect from us with her unhelpful negative and belittling attitude. Terrible."
Cons: "Never made it. Lost our luggage. Diverted us to Phoenix. Got one $14 voucher for food. told us other airlines not an option because,spirit has no agreements with other airlines when flights are cancelled. Flight from Phoenix to Chicago delayed again. Agent complained that flight was overbooked and it wasn't her problems that everyone didn't have a seat. Again, very unprofessional. Finally made it back to Chicago a day after our original flight should have landed. They still "don't know" where our luggage is...and made no promises it would be returned. I would never fly spirit airlines again, you obviously get what you pay for."
Pros: "I thought that the rate is paid was great cause the leg from Dallas to Phoenix is a regular route. I only usually paid about $15.00 more. But my surprise came when I was ready to board. My carry on was a regular sized back pack that weighed 9lbs , Because it was 4inches taller than the carry on sizing box I had to pay $55.00 in order to board my flight. Now keep in mind I only $69.00 dollars for the flight it self. The ticket agent was rude and threatened to charge me $100.00. I would never fly this airline ever again, and I will spread the horrible experience"
Cons: "Many people who were waiting to board other flights shared my feelings of being dooped by this airlines strategy. If you have to wait and charge people ridiculous prices at the boarded point I feel that is being dishonest. I would rather be told all of the fees upfront without surprises at the end."
Pros: "I enjoyed just relaxing and reading."
Cons: "The bathrooms became out of order during the flight. There was one up front. There was a child wondering around the plane after we landed and was still moving before the seat belt sign was turned off. He was trying to go the bathroom and was told to return to his seat, but supposedly the father said he didn't care and told the child to go the bathroom. This was very dangerous and unfair to the other passengers who also had to use the toilets, but waited until the proper time to unboard the plane."
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