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NRT — Ohio
Sep 23 — Sep 301
1 adult
0 bags
Thu 9/23
Thu 9/30

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  • Most visitors from Tokyo Narita Airport need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter Ohio. Citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States, certain family members, and other individuals who meet specified exceptions, will be allowed to enter the United States.
    Please find list of entry suspension for certain countries based on the last proclamation.
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  • Visitors from Tokyo Narita Airport are not required to quarantine after entering Ohio.

  • Visitors from Tokyo Narita Airport must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 72 hours before departing to Ohio.

  • Current regulations for vaccinated travelers to Ohio: most visitors from Tokyo Narita Airport may enter Ohio but may still need to provide proof of negative COVID test.

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  • Masks: Recommended in public spaces and public transportation.

    Restaurants: Open with restrictions

    Bars: Open with restrictions

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DeltaOverall score based on 29827 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: Stop pandering fear with masks.

Read more about Delta

Cons: Stop pandering fear with masks.

Cons: Everything was great

Pros: Crew was friendly and efficient. The flight got in slightly early. Baggage was swiftly delivered after our arrival.
Cons: Very little legroom. I would have appreciated a small lunch item, beyond a tiny bag of almonds or two small cookies. But this is where we are these days with air travel.

Pros: Crew, movies
Cons: Too many announcements. It seems like they were announcing something all the time and it became annoying.

Pros: Crew was amazing
Cons: Everything was pleasant

Pros: It was one of the best international flights I've been on. Overall a very pleasant flight.
Cons: Food quality is always an issue on flights.

Pros: New long haul service is a real improvement in quality

Pros: the crew were amazing, very friendly, welcoming and attentive.

Pros: The gate agents and flight crew were very accommodating.
Cons: I was extremely annoyed that TSA Pre-Check was unavailable at Terminal 2 at 8:15am. This is unacceptable and not the TSA's fault. I fault the airline for this oversight. Delta needs to communicate better to the passengers if there is a possibility of this service being unavailable at an airport.

Cons: Bring back the Narita to Minneapolis.

Cons: The flight attendant did not want to be there.

Cons: Even the baggage was quick (highly unusual for Columbus, Ohio)! Everything went smoothly.

Cons: Person next to me overflowed into my seat…

Pros: Crew and generous pours of wine
Cons: The food was at best edible

Pros: Decent drinks and food. Attentive crew
Cons: The lady who sat beside me kept asking questions

Pros: Although the weather was sketchy and the flight was delayed about 2 hours, the actual flight was much smoother than forecasted.
Cons: First time I've experienced a boarding procedure that seemed disorganized.

Pros: Again, Delta used to offer this level of comfort and service on domestic flights. Great food and entertainment selections.
Cons: For some reason overweight people like to get the middle seat and then spill over into the adjacent seats. I had to lean out into the aisle to sit comfortably without touching that person. This resulted in me getting hit by every person walking in the aisle or the serviré carts. While I do understand that overweight people have the right to fly, they should pay for the space they occupy like the rest of us. This person literally should have had two seats.

Pros: Departed on time. Very courteous crew.
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: The floor of the aircraft was cold!

Cons: Crying baby

Pros: Immagration was fast and organized didn't take long to move through customs. Quick and smooth

Cons: It was a late flight and didn't see the flight crew much at all

Pros: Excellent crew, snacks and coffee, comfortable economy seats. Plane landed 15 min early. Bags beat me to the carousel.

Pros: Generally, Delta is cleaner, their terminals are much nicer, and the experience is better than one with American and United. I wish they had more direct flights to my normal destinations--I'd fly with them more!
Cons: Someone unloaded a lot of crumbs on my tray table and they all got smooshed on the back of the seat between the tray table and chair. It was pretty nasty. (The tray table was clean, the back of the seat wasn't. Please be nasty.)

Pros: Gate Agent was extremely helpful and compassionate regarding making sure our family (traveling with adolescent children)was accommodated .

Pros: On Time, comfortable seats, good coffee and mixed nuts, smooth flight and landing.

Pros: liked the main meal
Cons: didn't like the pastrami sandwich snack before landing.

Pros: Very comfortable and didn't feel cramped. Quick flight.
Cons: No choice in snack and I couldn't eat what I was given. Staff appeared checked out and not bothered. No entertainment but it was a quick flight.

Pros: Female flight attendant was incredibly personable and had a bubbly personality. Definitely made you want to smile

Cons: Not enough room. Could have better technology and better food choices.

Pros: Always nice to be on an American plane out of an American airport.....SO much more professional. :))

Pros: The initial boarding process was quick, smooth flight
Cons: I've never had a flight wait over 30 minutes past departure got other people to make a connection and get on to this flight. Seems beyond normal and wrong to those that were there in time and on the flight to support an on time departure

Cons: For the second consecutive Delta flight, one at LGA, one at JFK, (it’s never happened on any other airline) TSA pre-check was closed and over a dozen agents trying to upsell the CLEAR program were working hard to get people to spend $175 not to wait in the resulting one hour long line.

Pros: Had tv & movies available but kept losing signal
Cons: Terrible turbulence. Very rough landing. No beverage service. Late taking off.

Pros: The staff was excellent, and very patient with the customers
Cons: Being 6'2", the leg room left a lot to be desired, and I was cramping after approximately 9 hours flight time (flight to Tokyo).

Pros: Crew
Cons: Old 747 ER needs to be junked

Pros: Landed 45 minutes early! Allowed me to take an earlier flight Detroit to Boston which made me really happy

Pros: I was going for weekend trip and because of delays I would've been there less than 20 hours. But Delta was terrific in giving me a refund and essy to work with via Twitter. 2 hour phone delay but they called me back to complete refund.
Cons: Chaos at gates. Changed gate 3 times. No real updates.

Cons: Super delayed. Sat on runway for 2.5 hours

Pros: They were courteous and prepared, when they couldn't offer something they gave me options for other things, and seemed genuinely concerned about my experience!
Cons: i don't have any real complaints. Economy seating is still economy seating, so those problems didn't go away

Cons: Delayed flight, mechanical

Pros: Excellent. Smooth staff. Lots of humor and smiles
Cons: No entertainment except paid WiFi.

Pros: Food was OK, ice cream at mid-flight was my favorite thing. I liked the choice of movies. Drinks are also good but why not include pure cranberry juice? It goes great with vodka.
Cons: Boarding is ridiculous. Everyone who is not some kind of VIP is asked to line up and is treated like cattle. 5-feet tall woman holds above her head a sign with the zone currently boarding. Nobody can hear or see anything. Why not use the big LCD displays at the gate??? In the plane they had to restart the computer system as some TVs were not working and it took longer than they said. Toilets were kind of stinky and I could smell them from my seat on row 26. Blankets are way too thin for the blasting AC.

Cons: See above.

Pros: I was very grateful to have made this flight on standby.
Cons: Someone has to sit in the seat next to the restroom. Had I a choice in the matter, I would have preferred to sit elsewhere. But as I said, I was grateful to have made the flight, and arrive at my destination a mere 3 hours late.

Pros: Got on earlier flight as standby.

Pros: Cookies
Cons: Late

Pros: This doesn't really have to do with Delta Airlines however it does affect my experience. I had a very rude TSA agent speak to me na very degrading tone prior to boarding the plane. This experience affected my travel experience with Delta. I realize this person is not a Delta employee however the rudeness that I experienced affected my travel experience.

Pros: Attendants were cheerful and extremely courteous.
Cons: Legroom but that's because we can't afford 1st class. Hahahaha

Cons: Paid for Comfort+ at the Kiosk. My app said I had a Comfort+ seat, but at boarding found out I had two (yes, two) non Comfort+ seats assigned to me. Had to call and tweet to get my payment for Comfort+ back. All in all a very poor showing for Delta's seat assignment and reservation system.

Cons: If they can’t serve beverages. Can we be allowed o e water bottle through security?

Cons: remove justfly

Cons: The crew was rude, we left over an hour late due to human error, there was no food for sale and the internet was down

Cons: Super hot inside the cabin and little we could do to lower the temp

Pros: Yes

Pros: flight took off exactly on time & arrived on time

Pros: I was with Japan airline and they were amazing crew and amazing service with very good food
Cons: The seats and entertainment could have been better

Pros: Arrived on time

Pros: Early arrival!

Pros: Quick flight, great crew, orderly boarding. Updates to gate were clearly communicated
Cons: Very annoyed at "Basic Economy" being a thing. Annoying way to get more $ for the same seat. Avoiding any airline with this status.

Cons: British Airways/American Airlines lost/delayed luggage again! Then send an email in the middle of night with a link to schedule home delivery of the luggage that was valid for 4 hours only. It is clearly an attempt to cheat out of their responsibility of home delivery of the luggage that was delayed the second time. Poor, poor service by American Airlines.

Pros: comfortable seating, lots of movie choices. food and drink selections were nice.Galley snack choices were underwhelming
Cons: Staff was fair, but nothing compared to the service on JAL from CA to Tokyo. Very loud throughout the flight pushing the drink cart through the 8 Business Class rows instead of just delivering drinks to the 32 people in the section. Once the initial food & beverage service was complete, the service practically disappeared unless i sought them out in the galley.

Pros: Flight attendant was beyond excellent, Yaniel, who smiled and greeted me helping me to my singular seat on the right side of the plane. He was very professional and kind, with a very well appearance and a fantastic attitude. He was quick with delivering my snack and coffee. Very pleased!!!! First flight attendant to ever make the trip as exceptional as possible. Thank you Yaniel very much.
Cons: Unbelievable wait times at LGA. Late arrival of plane, extremely late departure at over an hour passed original departure time. Waste of money choosing that ticket and time frame when it was clearly not a concern of American Airlines that I was missing my rides, late getting to CMH etc.

Cons: I guess I was lucky to get a seat at all, since this last leg of my itinerary was deleted from my ticket when I got to the airport. So my bag couldn't be checked through, and they wanted to charge me for it even though it was a connection to the international flight I had just taken. A truly dreadful experience.

Pros: DCA based AA gate agents were awesome. We were booked on a flight that was delayed, turned out there was a flight about to depart (it had been delayed 2.5hrs due to weather), but was departing prior to our reg scheduled flight so they put us on standby. No doubt the crew was also columbus based and eager to get they did. Couldn’t be more pleased to get home

Cons: Seats are cramped

Cons: Meal, comfort, crew

Pros: I like that the flight left on time and arrived early at LAX.
Cons: They ran out of breakfast. Seat configuration was 3-3-3 in economy and not 2-4-2 like on the JAL flight on the way to Japan. The level of professionalism is much higher on JAL in regards to the flight attendants than AA. The boarding process still needs a lot of work to be more organized (take a look at JAL as an example - they treat customers like kings and queens). Also, there was no way to get a seat assignment through the JAL website. That website looks and acts like it’s from the late 90s.

Pros: see above
Cons: see above

Pros: Entertainment was great, amenities such as USB charger and outlets were convenient. Flight departed about 10 minutes early and arrived early as well! Crew was friendly.
Cons: Food was not great.

Pros: Crew members provide better service than I expected. It seems that American Airline has increasingly improved its service which is a good sign. Food was good. A wide variety of movies and otger entertainment on board is offered on each passenger's personal screen.
Cons: Space for seats in such a long flight should have been bigger. Compared to other Asian airlines, AA seems to be thrifty on seat space.

Pros: The onboard crew was very friendly and attentive. American’s service has been vastly improved on international flights over the past couple years. It’s always nice to have a good selection of on board entertainment to keep you busy for 10 hours.
Cons: The boarding process was disorganized and I was told I wouldn’t be able to carry on my luggage even though I had flown 2 other American flights that week and had no problem. I measured my bag before starting my trip and it fit in the bin. After demanding an explanation from the gate agent. She let me board with it. The seats on every airline get smaller and smaller. have less leg room and are hard. I’m a 5’10 woman and was incredibly uncomfortable after a few hours.

Pros: flight time was very good, arrived early
Cons: Food options were even more deplorable than the last flight. Ate very little. Might go with ANA next time.

Pros: Really friendly crew

Pros: The fact that the plane landed.
Cons: American Airlines is running neck and neck with United, competing for the world’s worst airline. They have crammed so many seats onto their planes that I’m surprised it isn’t a health hazard. I was in an aisle seat and every time I started to fall asleep, someone going down the aisle slammed into me, making any sort of rest impossible. And the flight attendants had the typical U.S. flight attendant perma-rage, of course. I feel sorry for them, underpaid and overworked, but always p***ed off. Anerican Airlines needs to look at Emirates and other non-U.S. carriers to learn how to treat their passengers.

Pros: very friendly crews , nice entertainment selections and very reasonable fare. I enjoyed very clean and neat environment. I will fly again with this one.

Pros: The flight crew were all very nice and attentive. The on-board entertainment kept me busy during my waking hours. I appreciated the complimentary blanket, pillow and earbuds.
Cons: The quality of the food selections were ok but could have been better. The remote for the tv screen did not function well with the games. Also, the seats were very hard, sleep did not come easily.

Pros: Current movie selections
Cons: The seats are cramped. They served the final meal very close to the actual landing. The legroom is not comfortable enough for an average size adult. i asked the attendant at the gate for a seat change but never heard back.

Pros: Crew was very polite.
Cons: For international flight that plane was way to tight. It was like being stuffed in a can for 11 hours. I will try to not fly international with American again.

Pros: The plane was very comfortable. The steward as very helpful - just a cup of coffee when I entered the plane - but after nearly missing connections, it was very welcome.
Cons: The flight was perfect.

Pros: on-time, very organized, fast checkin
Cons: cramp leg space

Pros: Not much
Cons: Seating horrible

Cons: Prefer ANA to JetStar!

Pros: Other members of the crew were very helpful.
Cons: I sat in an aisle seat and one of the crew, old man with a lot of facial hair, must of hit my arm going and coming 15-20 times during the flight. Not one apology. NOT One!!!

Pros: The crews were very kind to young people.

Pros: Great service

Pros: Snacks, meals, movies
Cons: Too squishy Flight attendant didn't give us a card to fill out for customs. She just walked right by quickly without asking.

Pros: Not much! The flight was smooth and without event.
Cons: Originally, I was scheduled to take a JAL flight from NRT to DFW, but for some reason, American Airlines switched the service to their own aircraft and crew. If I would have known that beforehand, I would not have purchased my ticket through During my original online booking, the screen said JAL service from NRT to DFW. Just about everything was bad about my American Airlines flight. I travel to and from America several times a year from Asia. Each time I travel, I swear I will never fly an American based airline for the trans-Pacific portion of my flight. My latest experience with American Airlines only reinforces that resolution. The in-cabin crew is (and I'm being nice) pathetic! They are veteran flight attendants and they look and act like they could care less about the customers on the flight. Frankly, I'm just downright disgusted with the service and personalities of the American crew's attitude. They act like they are old and tired, uninterested in quality service, and that we (the passengers) are an imposition upon their life. For example, mid-flight, I walk to the back of the airplane for something to drink, instead of assisting me they point to a "station" at the Emergency Exit door stocked with random drinks and snacks. While they are chit-chatting, looking at their smartphones and reading newspapers, books, and Kindle-type devices. That has never happened on an Asian-based airline flight. Another example, in-flight food service, the cabin crew members are waking people up to serve food and, instead of being gentle and cordial, they are rude and impatient. My 2 row mates were both Asian, and because of being awakened and the ambient noise in the aircraft, they could not hear what the flight attendant was asking. So, with a tone of impatience and disrespect, the flight attendant virtually shouted at them their choices for the meal. Whatever happened to the "customer is always right" or the "customer is king"? My renewed resolution: I will no longer fly American-based (because Delta is even worse) airlines to and from Asia. If needed, I will pay the higher fees and fares to fly anyone of a number of Asian-based carriers. It is worth it for the 24 hours it takes me to cross the Pacific. I am sick and tired of the begrudged and entitled attitude of the archaic cabin crews of American-based airlines.

Pros: worst experience. Airplane people not so good

Cons: I bought tickets for JAL Japan Airlines but it was American Airlines !! If I know that when I buy tickets I don't buy it !! I will not buy tickets at KYAK anymore.

Pros: It was a fairly routine flight. Could use a more substantial snack for a four hour flight.
Cons: While waiting for our baggage in Phoenix, we noticed a few random bags with tears, rips and clothes hanging out. Then we saw our suitcase. The zipper was torn away from the lining so that it no longer closes all the way. There items hanging out of the gap. What was happening in the basement that caused at least 4 damaged bags?

Pros: Sears had more room than as medal, service and hospitality much improved over as. Dinner and breakfast were scrumptious and drink choices were abundant.

Pros: the plane, a 380, had comfortable seats, fewer occupants, more and easier access to bathrooms, did not like the larger plane I flew on going to Australia, it held 700 persons could physically reach the lights and when on, they didn't disturb anyone vegetarian food was delicious and nutritionally sound and varied love the soft blankets
Cons: not a very good choice of current movies

Pros: Na
Cons: Na

Cons: The flight attendants were rude and short. They were not welcoming and an attendant asked if I could "just pick the meat out" of the food considering I am a vegetarian. That is unacceptable and overall they just seemed annoyed that they were working on that flight and did NOT go beyond to make the 13+ hour flight comfortable.

Pros: New airplain.
Cons: As usual bad luggage handling in USA. At passport control, noticed that my luggage handle was removed half way but I had to re-check in the luggage and airline people did nothing about the handle with tag. And the luggage was lost. Can someone study how other country luggage handler care about customers ' luggage? Save your operation cost!

Pros: We were delayed out of Tokyo and missed our connector into Tampa but the airline did a stellar job of being here at the gate with our new flight and boarding passes and also Did a great job makeing sure our luggage arrived in Tampa.
Cons: Plane going over much better. Had better tv screens charging ports and seemed more comfortable. We were delayed 4 hours out of Tokyo but I know that just happens when you travel sometimes

Pros: Economy comfort seating was nice but overpriced. Not sure its worth the $150 ish i paid. American even seems to charge for aisle seating as a premium.
Cons: Most of the flight attendents acted likenthey wished they were somewhere else. Tired of there jobs.

Pros: - approachable staff - plane was insulated enough where I wasn't too cold - ample food options on flight
Cons: - plane was older and less comfortable - limited film selection - films only played at certain times so you had to wait in queue until the next showing started

Pros: Crew was good but being 6’4 and 300 lbs set was very small
Cons: Leg room and seat room

Pros: Boarded quickly and got into air fast.
Cons: Way behind schedule and virtually no snacks or drinks.

Cons: Food not great. Seats in economy cramped.

Pros: Good crew on both trips
Cons: No crying children

Pros: Nice attentive crew
Cons: N/A

Pros: Plane on time
Cons: Newark airport security was awful. Only one X-ray security area. Small tight area. No air. Security/TSA kept blaming the customer’s for the slowness. When is lack of X-ray and machines.

Pros: They lost my luggage.

Pros: Nothing except the movie selections and wine.
Cons: Better seating... seats are small and crampy. The flight attendants were not friendly and attentive. I pressed the call button 3 times within an hour to receive headphones and they never came. My neighbor let me borrow hers. The food was terrible. Not many vegan options.

Pros: Service, Hospitality, food, & comfort.
Cons: Need more Hindi movies selection.

Pros: Amazing amount of legroom! Very comfortable seating, even in economy.
Cons: I would like to see passengers behave better. One lady pushed in at boarding and went ahead despite the checker telling her she was out of order, Another passenger used both underseat storage in front of him and under him so the person in back of him had no place to put things. Staff should try hard

Pros: We arrived earlier than expected.
Cons: I noticed two flight attendants hand hot beverages without looking at you when they pass it to you. Its a bit dangerous, especially if it accidentally spills on you. The Japanese translating flight attendant for flight UA78 on 3/27/19 was gruff and rude in her tone of voice. She needs some help!

Pros: The UA crew from NRT to DEN met my (lowered) expectations. The best thing is the exceptional comfort afforded by the 787--it is hard to book any other aircraft if I have a choice! Going through immigration and customs at DEN is very efficient as well, and DEN makes a great connecting point.
Cons: I wish the NRT-DEN service were offered by NH instead of UA!

Pros: Seats were comfortable
Cons: One flight attendant a little short with customers or maybe just dry humor, hard to tell. My daughter did not want to talk to him entire trip because of earlier altercation. It would be great if United could put in foot rests in economy and economy.

Cons: I flew the first leg of my trip with ANA and the next leg with United and I certainly noticed a difference in terms of customer service. They are less friendly and seemed to have spent more time with a couple of passengers who appeared they know personally than the rest of the passengers.

Pros: United was the worst airline.
Cons: They did not have our special meal. They just say we forgot. They gave us leftover food from other flights.

Pros: Enough food was provided.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything

Pros: I love everything and ANA is so care about every details for customers. Food is good, service is good ,and thank you for the great time.
Cons: I really really really very very hate United. everything about UA. worst service, worst cost, and everything.

Pros: The ladies who were a part of the crew on this fight were great. They showed class and quality service

Pros: This was a United flight. Not ANA. The flight to Tokyo was ANA and was a very good, full service flight.
Cons: United is a joke in Every way. The plane wasn't clean, food was gross, service was non-existent.

Pros: I wasn't impressed by anything.
Cons: Worst airline food I've ever had. I can eat anything, but this was absolutely repulsive. Bizarre movie selections. I've never been on a flight where there wasn't a single film I wanted to watch.

Pros: The plane was run by ANA. It was super clean, the food was good and the attendants were great
Cons: It was the best economy flight I have ever had. Super.

Cons: When purchase we were told that this flight was operated by ANA airline and we got an ANA flight number, but turns out that it was United Airline and the service was much worse than ANA airline.

Pros: Gate crew was fine. Flight was smooth and on time, seating was reasonable. Food was just okay, but I don't have high expectations for airplane food.
Cons: The English speaking flight attendant who announced various messages on the PA system, although a native English speaker, was horrible at speaking.

Pros: The 787 dreamliner was such a fantastic aircraft, one of the best aircraft I've flown across the Pacific. Despite being delayed, the flight crew was so accommodating and helpful with getting us to our destination quickly and safely. I hope to fly this route again soon

Pros: On my flight home from Columbus, there was one guy running the whole ship! He. Was. Everything!!! So Attentive but not overly so. And he read my mind and gave me what I needed before I even realized I did. Thank you to him for one of my best flights!
Cons: There really wasn't an entertainment option. A lot of airlines these days have much better service that's simple yet good. Also, just a small pack of pretzels? Fail. You have to keep up with the Deltas and Jetblues of the world!

Pros: Food was good
Cons: Boarding took forever Not enough overhead space

Pros: Punctual flight and not filled to last seat. Excellent amber beer.option, no extra charge for beer or wine. Crew members were friendly and eager to please. They were happy to supply extra snacks and coffee or water between regular service. Seat reservations were properly done (unlike a flight in June on Etihad).
Cons: In boarding, putting groups 3, 4, and 5 in the same line works poorly. Location of electric outlets needs better (i.e. some) documentation; had to ask crew. The heat fluctuated between too warm and too cold; had to put on and take off a fleece every 10-15 minutes. Chicken option for dinner rated spicy, so had to opt for pasta. No Asian options on flight from Japan; sad. So-so movie selection, controlling screen not very easy, screen often too dark. The list of movies in the United Magazine was incomplete and inaccurate. The size limits on carry-on bags and personal items was smaller than other airlines, unnecessarily so for the latter given the size of the space under the seat in front. United is inconveniencing customers without any justification.

Pros: The flight got us back home alive.
Cons: mechanical delays in Tokyo with only fair communication especially after we were in the plane.

Pros: I am not a big fan of United Airlines, but this flight was surprisingly good

Pros: The flight crew were much better than the one on the out-bound flight. Our steward was really good.
Cons: The Polaris class thing is not fully put together. The ANA cabin was more comfortable.

Cons: The space in the seat, too narrow, difficult to to strenghten feet. Also the bathroom already smelly, I understand that but needs to have freshener.

Pros: Not a damn thing apart from getting off the flight
Cons: The fact that i was ripped off, by flying United and not ANA. I have flown UNITED 7 Times now and i wanted ANA just to get away from UNITED, and i get UNITED again!!! Total rip off

Cons: The flight was delayed several hours And no one knew what was going on

Pros: Seeing as we were flying with ANA instead of United, everything was excellent, especially the crew. The food was amazing.
Cons: there was absolutely no notfication that we were flying with ANA! I understand the flight was booked with united and you guys are part of the star partnership thing or whatever but it made finding out where to check in very stressful and time consuming! Stop overbooking your flights!

Pros: The crew were pretty quick and responsive and the seats were pretty good.
Cons: The dinner was alright but the breakfast was awful. The breakfast was the worst I ever had on a flight and the only thing I found edible were the little cookies that came with it. I had the omelette meal and it made me sick taking even one bite of it and the smell was pretty bad too.

Pros: The entertainment was okay although the controls were having some issues since they weren't working properly
Cons: The unfriendliness of some of the crew. We were given ice cream and it came with a wood spoon however I am allergic to wood utensils and asked one of the crew members if they could provide me with a plastic spoon or a plastic fork and he just ignored me and I had to go all the way in the back to ask to another crew member for a plastic utensil.

Pros: Flight was on time and the staff was nice.
Cons: My chairs audio jack did not work, so I could not listen to anything for my 11 hour flight from narita to newark.

Pros: Crew staff was excellent
Cons: Flight was delayed for 4 hours due to a delayed aircraft; followed by a broken seat. Seat seemed to have tape wrapped around the seat back tray.

Pros: Cabin arrangement and chair configuration.
Cons: Although acceptable, service on United is nowhere near the quality of service on ANA.

Cons: United airlines was generally uncomfortable and had bad food

Cons: The crew we had was not real accommodating IMO. They passed by me for dinner and breakfast and I had to get up and go ask for my meals. Not very service oriented. The crew from Chicago to Hong Kong on Jan 16 was fantastic in contrast.

Pros: Due to being late to the airport I didn't get on the flight however the staff was very courteous and rerouted me
Cons: N/A

Pros: It got me back to the USA
Cons: Everything associated with United Airlines: bad food, wifi that didn't work, filthy restrooms, old plane, etc.

Pros: I am surprised by the strong attitude and the rude way of treating the passengers by the personnel of the airline

Pros: Movies were great. Crew was helpful but seemed flustered.
Cons: Food was terrible for a ten hour flight; I think we all had upset stomachs from it. Passenger next to me was huge and definitely had mansplain going, not cool.

Pros: Felt like a bothersome passenger even though I did not ask for anything. The snack was tossed at me in an empty seat instead of handed to me.

Pros: the plane was on time, smooth take off and landing, crew was efficient and friendly. it was great !

Pros: Everything except food
Cons: Food in seating

Pros: It was comfortable for a 13 hour flight. Entertainment was good. Crew was nice.
Cons: Food was gross except for the ham sandwich and the drinks were warm.

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Heightened sanitation

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Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Tokyo Narita Airport to Ohio

Pre-flight testing

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17h 13mNRT-CMH
1 stopUnited Airlines
28h 05mCMH-NRT
1 stopAmerican Airlines
19h 19mNRT-CMH
1 stopAmerican Airlines
17h 55mCMH-NRT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
19h 15mNRT-CMH
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 19mCMH-NRT
1 stopAmerican Airlines
19h 19mNRT-CMH
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 19mCMH-NRT
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
19h 15mNRT-CMH
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 19mCMH-NRT
1 stopAmerican Airlines
17h 34mNRT-CMH
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 19mCMH-NRT
2 stopsDelta
23h 56mNRT-CMH
2 stopsDelta
36h 00mCMH-NRT
2 stopsDelta
22h 23mNRT-CMH
2 stopsDelta
36h 00mCMH-NRT

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Tokyo Narita Airport - Ohio Flights


Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)Japan

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Ohio - Tokyo Narita Airport

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