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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Yekaterinburg? 25% of our users found tickets to Yekaterinburg for the following prices or less: From Los Angeles $769 one-way - $865 round-trip, from Miami $1,146 one-way - $869 round-trip, from Chicago $872 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Yekaterinburg is January.
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EmiratesOverall score based on 15605 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "The crew service is very bad, they are rude. And the thing from dubai to Hyderabad one of the attendants doesn't even help with the luggage, don't close the top shelf behaved as if untounchavility prevailed which Is very bad"
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Cons: "The crew service is very bad, they are rude. And the thing from dubai to Hyderabad one of the attendants doesn't even help with the luggage, don't close the top shelf behaved as if untounchavility prevailed which Is very bad"
Cons: "An airline not only with the best service but the best looking flight attendants. They genuinely smile"
Cons: "Everything!! My seat was not extra wide, it was broke and would not recline...14hr flight!! Entertainment system didn’t work right."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Seat was okay and the laptop bag considered an extra carry-on was not good and I had to consolidate."
Cons: "Qatar airways allowed us to take both separately and we could take up exit row if available without payment"
Cons: "A 15 hour noisy flight. Careless mothers and their screaming kids. No Manors on telling them to be quiet or stop screaming. They played with their kids in an awfully loud sound."
Cons: "No it was good"
Pros: "Crew was very calm, courtesy, and cheerful."
Cons: "Crews attitude"
Pros: "As usual Emirates deliver a very good prduct to be relied upon where ever and whenever you travel."
Cons: "The lunch was not very hot."
Pros: "Thank you"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "- We were made to sit in flight for 2 hours. Then all were offloaded. - We were made to sit on airport for flight for about 6 hours. - I was not allowed to exit or reschedule the flight until i waited for 6 hours. - Still its not confirmed whether the flight will depart on given time. - I missed my important work in India. - The new flight arrives Mumbai midnight 2:30 am which is very hectic for me. I paid more for the flight at the time of booking knowing it will reach in the evening."
Pros: "Excellent!!!"
Pros: "The comfort and smooth boarding procedure"
Pros: "The leg space and the entertainment. The crew were very nice."
Cons: "The bathroom must be kept cleaner."
Cons: "Better & flavorfull food .. Qatar & KQ Airlines hands down have better tasting food"
Pros: "Very responsive and friendly crew"
Cons: "Would like to see more vegetarian options"
Cons: "My seat was booked on Ile. it was chanded to window which I hate"
Cons: "Horrible service. Flight delayed for almost 4.5 hrs at the DFW. Missed connecting flight and requested them to switch another carrier. Request was denied and put in a red eye flight for next day. Pathetic Airlines"
Pros: "The exit row due to my size good choice"
Pros: "Great service and smooth flight!"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Flight attendants not friendly, some downright rude and looked like they hated their jobs (bumped into seats, rushed service, visibly irritated when people would ask for assistance), my video wasn’t working properly and was told “it’s an old plane, there is nothing we can do, it will be retired soon, we can get you some you some magazines”, food was terrible."
Pros: "Crew is great and on their game"
Cons: "Stuck next to and surrounded by crying babies on a long haul flight is terrible. So uncomfortable! Wish I could afford to upgrade but I suppose I must tough it out:/"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Nothing really. Packed like sardines in seats which are too narrow."
Cons: "2 hour delay at DFW because other flights de icing Diverted in mid Atlantic to Dublin because of problems with toilets. Waited 2-3 hours there. Missed connecting flight from Dubai to BLR. Only good thing was that Emirates gave me a boarding pass to a later flight and a meal voucher that was accepted with bad grace by the barista at terminal B Costas. Two of the meal voucher choices Cozi & Burger King had gone out of business!"
Pros: "a vast improvement on the flydubai flight that took me there"
Pros: "Nothing much."
Cons: "There was no hotel reservation and I have to pay out of pocket. Why? I need a refund. You guys are responsible for that."
Pros: "Great service and airplane!!!"
Pros: "Nice travel from Dallas to Dubai and I am happy."
Cons: "Seats a bit tight"
Cons: "My trip was business class from US to Dubai: The attendant woke me up for lunch time to tell me you have only one option as all other options are already taken! Wifi service was not working the whole flight duration because it was not even installed yet on the new aircraft."
Pros: "All other service was ok except not giving hotel room for staying for the purpose of connection..."
Cons: "Stay over night for connection and emirate dine giving hotel"
Pros: "Everything very, very good!!!"
Cons: "Movie selection terrible."
Cons: "Firstly the check in for boarding pass took forever since there was only one counter that charged for extra luggage. I had to line up 3 times to get a boarding pass and almost missed my flight even though I came 2 hrs earlier. Secondly emirates does not give you Hotel even if your layover is for 14 hrs. Since my airline for final destination is another airline they said I don't qualify for it. It's a nightmare. I have travelled all other airline but by far emirates is the worst airline I travel. Terrible experience and I will never fly Emirates."
Pros: "Emirates service is what set them apart. The crew is always smiling and helpful. Makes for a great flight experience."
Pros: "Food, comfort, service -- all excellent for the 10hr flight from Athens to NYC! Hands down better than any other airline I've flown with for same number of hours and distance."
Cons: "While there was much in the way of options for entertainment, navigating the system & touch screen was a pain. Often the mouse doesn't follow your touch and you end up clicking things you didn't mean to click + having to press multiple times."
Pros: "Good"
Pros: "The food was horrible. We were served almost an hour late after everyone and not given and option to select our food. I would like some kind of response from the airline service on this."
Pros: "flight attendants, food, nighttime lights, seats, movies"
Cons: "when the PA announcements came over the loud speaker, when i was listening to a movie, was extremely loud"
Pros: "The food was great. Flight attendants were nice and polite."
Cons: "Flight 123 Dubai-Istanbul was cancelled due to weather conditions in Istanbul. Emirates put us on a new flight, we were waiting in queu for 30 min, and my queu wouldn't move because of one passenger. I asked the person in charge, if it will take another 30 min, I should go to another queu (because the other two queus already finished with lines up longer. ) the guy said nothing. I was next in line and when my turn arrived, I asked for a similar seat or something at the window, he give me an angry look and give me seat 50B on EK121. That is the last seat next to the toilet. I adked him to change and give me somthing else because I have medical condition and easily get nauseau if I sit toward e end, he said, that is it ma'am. I repeated to him my request and medical conditon, he turned his face away and said next person in line! There were at least 50 more passengers booked after me and 50 more seats available, he intentioanlly gave me the seat I asked not to be given just because while standing in line I asked him, why the line up hadnt moved an inch in 30 minutes. This is a very un professional behaviour and unacceptable behaviou. I had never before had such uncomfortabel flight in my life. I had nauseau during the whole flight!"
Cons: "Our Emirates flight was delayed for 21 hours. They didn't have enough non-vegetarian meals, we were forced to eat vegetarian breakfast and lunch throughout our inbound flight."
Pros: "So comfy... Great service. Wished the flight was longer b"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Everything rom booking to boarding to reaching the destination."
Pros: "Emirates business class is excellent."
Cons: "Cannot think of anything to complain about."
Pros: "La amabilidad de la tripulación, que sí el menú es completamente vegetariano. No como otras aerolíneas que te ponen manteca, leche para el café..."
Cons: "Todas las veces me cae muy, pero muy mal. Cuando llegó el momento del té o café, me dieron sal en vez de edulcorante. Demasiado condimento. No es comida para un vuelo, es difícil de digerir. Hasta produce síntomas de indigestión."
Pros: "Cordial staff and good food"
Cons: "Leg room and head phones did not work properly"
Pros: "Everything was great. Crews were nice and helpful. Flight was early which was very helpful. Our luggage # was displayed on our screen efficiently."
Cons: "They have been a nightmare to deal with and outright unethical. I do not plan to use Kayak any more due to this situation"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Was perfect"
Pros: "Crew was not very frindly and the Turkish airlines staff at Istanbul are not at all friendly and so rude. I will never recommend Turkish airlines to anyone."
Cons: "Too tight seatings"
Pros: "Yes everything was perfect"
Cons: "Everything including food was excellent"
Pros: "Slept in the flight for 5 hours and my toddler did too , was quiet in the cabin and this is the only good thing"
Cons: "Boarding they kept me and couple othee guys like seeiously 5 staff people at the gate doing nothing and you ask anyone please help i want to tag my stroller so i can board ans go on boarding line, no response only one peeson will work. the rest of the four are completely useless, i eventually told my wife to board with our daughter so they have the time to sit and prepare food etc and pull things they will need durimg flight Andi waited on this last staff person at the gate until she gave me the tag to the stroller and boarded later First meal they said either fish or beaf meat balls, i like both and no problem, but the crew said no fish anymore so you you will take beaf, OK Luckily neither my wife or daughter ate it Because after I ate it, 3-4 hrs later, I had the worst stomach pain ever and was in pain the rest of the flight and the remaining of the day after we landed FYI I ate just crackers and like all bread sandwiches all morning and was completely fine- just the beaf meat balls either not cocked or remains of non good beaf and other things- horrible food"
Pros: "The food and the selection of movies"
Cons: "Nothingn"
Pros: "customer service was great and the food :)"
Pros: "Every thing normal and in time"
Cons: "Food was everage"
Pros: "Friendly crew, boarding on time, leaving and arriving on time, well maintained planes, clean."
Cons: "The seats were so close to each-other that you can't even get in or out without a big effort. I am not a large person, but I am pretty tall. Fro someone over 6 feet tall, the seats are like a torture chamber."
Cons: "To long of a flight"
Pros: "Turkish Airlines offers an experience much better than your average two-hour plane hop in the U.S. There was a full meal served, staff were kind and didn’t try to sell a bunch of extra stuff to you, and there were many choices for in-flight entertainment."
Cons: "Unfortunately, the children on the plane were really poorly behaved and loud. In addition, the flight was delayed by 1 full hour and when we arrived in Vienna our luggage (and the luggage of many other passengers) had not been sent with us. We waited in line for luggage for 30 minutes, then another line for at least 30 more minutes to report the missing bag, and we were then told that it wouldn’t arrive for another day and would be delivered to us within a 3 hour window in the middle of the day. This was essentially an entire night and day lost to a mishap that the airline didn’t even notify us of when we landed. Pretty frustrating."
Pros: "Great entertainment, good seat comfort (even in economy seat), good food and friendly service."
Pros: "The crew was very attentive. I was surprised at the amount of food and drink service. It was nice to have on such a long flight. Seats were comfortable and I was able to sleep well which is not easy for me on planes."
Pros: "Route"
Cons: "crew was so helpful"
Pros: "Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. They fed us and gave us blankets and pillows and slippers. They were lots of movie and tv choices. It was a very pleasant experience."
Pros: "I bought a ticket for three persons: my wife, my daughtet and me. I am Nigerian, my daughter American, and my wife's Turkish. However, because of the diplomatic row between Turkey and the U.S., my daughter was refused entry into Turkey. Turkish airlines' policy was to refund the ticket of any American caught in this row. They said they will refund my one month old daughter's ticket. However, my wife and i will not receive a refund. We bought the three tickets together. Our ticket numbers ended in 235...51, 235...52, and 235...53. However, they will not refund our whole money by cancelling the ticket but only that of my daughter. So this is the question: Does Turkish airline want me to leave my one-month old baby in the U.S. and tavel with my wife to Turkey? What kind of parents will we be if we were to abandon our daughter to take a trip to Turkey. Even, the people in Turkish airlines will judge us evil parents, yet that was exactly the only option they gave us. Lose your daughter or lose your ticket money. They will not even just change our iternary or give us another destination we suggested without penalties which are almost 3/4 of our initial ticket price. They just made away with our money. You cannot say, 'We are cancelling tickets for American citizens' but make no exception for parents of infant citizens. This is the height of criminality. So, me and my family couldn't take the flight and lost $1500. We had to buy another ticket by airfloat to get to Georgia. But Turkish airlines refused to even contact us on the refund for my daughter. A truly criminal enterprise."
Cons: "They had a vague refund policy for Americans, forgetting that American infants can also have none-American parents who are as much victims in this as the American infant. For them to be myopic and keep repeating talking points of their refund policy is unfortunate to say the least."
Pros: "Good service everywhere"
Pros: "friendly staff"
Cons: "Asian vegeterian meal was bland , I had a big piece of brocolli in my meal as oppose to curry , did get bread in my meal . Entertainment options were not alot esp new movies ."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth. Staff friendly. Great selection of movies."
Cons: "Dinner was really poor experience. However I guess it is a matter of taste (pun intended)."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Comfort, service, food"
Pros: "Pleasant, very standard flight, arrived safely."
Cons: "Flight time left origin very very late at night, would suggest to leave earlier in the day"
Pros: "Great crew and food"
Cons: "Seat comfort/space"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "Very professional. Also the transfer in Istanbul was very easy."
Cons: "I felt cramped in my seat. the footrest, rather than helping, got in the way of extending my legs."
Pros: "The entertainment and accommodations were superb. I appreciate all the things they think of to make you comfortable. The seats were a bit hard but they reclined nicely."
Cons: "The first delay during my trip was due to an emergency but my layover was delayed again. I'm not sure if this is an outlier event or if this is a pattern."
Pros: "Great choice of entertainment, food relatively good for plane food."
Cons: "Crew was fine but not as friendly or cheerful as I'm used to flight attendants being. The leg room was pretty poor on this particular plane, there wasn't even space to put a small bag under the seat in front of me."
Pros: "Crew members were nice People were good at check in as well"
Cons: "It was ok but room to improve everywhere It's matter of process where it may help to choose international standards rather than follow ones preferences"
Cons: "Internet"
Cons: "There was not enough milk while they know there is alot of kids"
Pros: "It was a full plain but overall ok I will take this flight again"
Pros: "Food, service, comfort packs."
Cons: "Not much Very decent efficient operation Always room for improvement"
Pros: "Comfortable seats. Rich food and beverages menu. Rich and updated entertainment on board. Crew is polite and service is good."
Cons: "When boarding no air ventilation on board, so air is hot like sauna. After departure air condition is excellent."
Pros: "The seats was comfortable"
Cons: "The price was good"
Cons: "not all the crew spoke English"
Pros: "It was nice and easy trip to USA and back home to Moldova. Crew was attentive and helpful. Food was good and plenty to drink."
Cons: "It was red eye, and the light in the cabin did not turn off for a long time."
Pros: "We travel and used different airlines but Turkish airlines is one of the best."
Pros: "The flight was good. The food was good and the air hostesses were courteous. There was fair leg space in the economy flight and entertainment was also good. However, the negatives far outweighed these positives."
Cons: "The layover arrangements were a shame. No proper accommodation was provided despite having over a 24 hour wait period. I along with other passengers were stacked in dorm style non barricaded rooms in 1.5ft wide beds like animals. It was in total poor taste. Half the Turkish Air employees I approached at the Airport for help with directions and clarifications were dismissive to the point of being obnoxious. Walking through the airport, all I could think was what a disorganized and hard to navigate airport it was. It was an unpleasant experience and I will never recommend Turkish Airline to anyone. It was my first Turkish air, and it will be my last."
Pros: "The Air hostess are aware of what they are doing, they can manage extra requests from different people."
Cons: "The workers at the boarding they don't have good language to new people they think every one should know every thing about Turkish schedule and other information, It is a little bit strange to have no where to sit at Instambul Airport while having wheel chairs for sick people after bringing them at the waiting place where do you think they will be sitting."
Pros: "Loved the seating space"
Cons: "I was traveling with my sister and the lady's who gave us our boarding pass had trouble with our tickets and sat us separate."
Cons: "Delayed a couple hours."
Pros: "food is always great, even if my flight is two hours or less. seats are comfortable and I enjoy the leg space."
Pros: "Flight was great overall, but the one piece that I'm hoping is not a repeat is the overly frequent reminders, especially since this was an overnight flight."
Cons: "Too many redundant and unnecessary announcements"
Pros: "I liked the food"
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable, the entertainment screen haven't changed since 2001 i guess; very bad quality, and it broke down at the middle of flight."
Pros: "The overall experience was very good. We had a 19 hour lay-over, pleasantly spent in a new, very comfortable hotel to which we were shuttled and from which we were returned to the airport the next morning -- hotel/shuttle comped, as was the impressive breakfast at the hotel. We will definitely fly TurkishAir again. The staff was excellent and the in-flight entertainment system was wonderful."
Cons: "The cabin was very warm during the flight. No personal air vents to help cool down. That is my only small complaint."
Pros: "The food was acceptable for a person from the US. The seats were adequately comfortable but seats were shorter than our Istanbul to Dhaka flight."
Cons: "The leg room was too short for a six foot tall American."
Pros: "Hot towel, full beverage menu, free slipper toothbrush eye mask etc. large tv screens with a lot of movies etc. also the captain didn't come on every hour during a red eye flight to say something I didn't need to hear about which has happened on the last few longer flights I have been on. New interior of plane."
Cons: "Food wasn't great, seats were closer together than some other airlines."
Cons: "Yolculuk genel anlamda iyiydi fakat bagajim kayboldu. Thy gibi bir kurumda bagaj kaybolmasini anlayamiyorum. Tum guvenimi kaybettim."
Pros: "The price and timings"
Cons: "Cabin crew not accommodating as would not hang my coat which I never had any problem traveling internationally. Toilets very small and smelly. Toilet pack was good as they included slippers."
Pros: "nice large screens for entertainment."
Cons: "the cabin temperature was too warm making the flight rather uncomfortable."
Cons: "More space between seats"
Pros: "The meals are always generous and pretty feeling, nice and knowledgeable crew"
Cons: "The TV remote is getting old, it didn’t respond when I press any button, so it was impossible to watch anything or use it at all"
Pros: "Helpful and friendly crew."
Pros: "Все"
Cons: "The plane was an oven for 30 minutes, while we waited for the engine to be turned on, wrost flight experience ever"
Cons: "All"
Cons: "The delay of our bags at the airport we waited almost 2h hours"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Just on time flight, good service from crew on board."
Cons: "They do not offer liquor in an international flight. Long wait for baggage at SVO. Entertainment service has poor usability."
Pros: "Service was very good"
Cons: "The seats are horrible!!! The 2 plug system for the headphones which prevents you from using you own"
Pros: "Good price for the tickets."
Cons: "Worst airport i’ve been thru."
Pros: "Friendly staff, they were very helpful and smiled"
Cons: "No vegeterian option on the flight. Long flight with a lot of food, but not the best food. Snacks were good though"
Pros: "My flight was on time and boarding was really fast also"
Cons: "Food was horrible! And seats are so tiny"
Cons: "Due to wrong time in the boarding pass and unclear calls for boarding I missed my connection flight and all subsequent legs of my trip"
Pros: "The staff were very polite and attentive, they made the flight very pleasant. I was very pleased with the entire process, from rapid speed of checking my bag to the completion of the flight, the service was far better than I had expected."
Cons: "Crews rarely smiles"
Pros: "The plane was modern and comfortable"
Cons: "Maybe include other type of drinks besides water"
Pros: "The seats, considering they were in coach, were comfortable and all the armrests went up for freedom of movement sake."
Cons: "The food was not great, over cooked veggies and bland. For an 11 hr flight, we were served dinner and then upon waking, served another dinner - no breakfast? The bathrooms smelled like urine even before take off. Most of the flight attendants were nice. Ours while pleasant, rolled her eyes when I asked for some wine and a glass of water, like “ugh Americans always have to be so decadent” lol, but she did serve me, so wat ever that’s worth. The movies selection was pretty limited and the system that played it was super slow and a little archic."
Pros: "Googlooking, elegant and courteous flight attendants. Good service, good food, tooth brushes in the bathrooms in econom class too."
Cons: "Too few options of food and drink for purchase in the "Flight caffe" and te same options of food for the second food service in econom class."
Cons: "Shremetyevo airport is a hell. For connecting flight from international to domestic you required to leave clean zone and go through security check again, then airport is very noisy and gates always changes! There are zero chance that the gate will be the same as printed in boarding pass. The flight itself was good"
Pros: "Very good food"
Pros: "Good crew."
Cons: "My earphones did not work. Food was not very good. The plane was noisy."
Pros: "Nothing to complain about."
Pros: "Late departure but the flight crew made it up. Comfortable window seat. Breezed through customs."
Pros: "Comfortable seats, entertainment that worked, food that was good, and room..."
Cons: "I don't know as it may be me, but on the transatlantic flights with Aeroflot, I find myself roasting even though I'm sitting in the window seat. I usually wear an undershirt and light safari shirt (pockets) and find that I am baking! Boarding can be improved with marked lanes for customers of different status."
Pros: "Crew, Russian film selection (!), comfort"
Cons: "Food has been better on previous Aeroflot, and it would been nice to have been served more beverages and offered wine with dinner"
Cons: "I had a very bad experience with my trip. I was not allowed to get on the plane from miami to moscow because i did not have a russian visa, even though i had a visa for Belarus, my final destination. How would i know that the flight from russia to minsk is a domestic flight? There is no information online about needing a russian visa when being a transit passenger in Moscow. I was not offered any refund for my ticket and the cheapest option was to pay an extra 600$ and fly in 2 days to NY JFK and from there to fly to Moscow-Vilnius. My flight from Miami to JFK was very delayed with American Airlines and i missed my connection to Moscow. I had to pay another 100$ and fly the next day to Moscow. That fight was again delayed and AGAIN i missed my connection to Vilnius. I got to the gate 20min before the take off time but i was not allowed to get on the plane.I had to fly later that night. The whole trip, which was supposed to take 14 hours ended up being 4 days and almost double what I originally payed, not to mention the stress and waste of time. If i knew how the trip would pan out I would never have taken this route."
Pros: "Crew staff worked hard."
Cons: "I was given wrong information about my baggage at the Moscow airport. Therefore, I wasted about 2 hours in locating my baggage on the carousel while my baggage was with the Aeroflot staff."
Pros: "Gogol airplane was fun to fly"
Cons: "Some minor organization flops at boarding in Miami airport"
Pros: "thank you"
Pros: "Friendly and halpfull stuff"
Cons: "Food is very poor quality and untasty. Last rows of seats do not have chosee because alternative meal is finish..."
Pros: "Service was great and details were on point. Loved the toothbrush and tooth paste in the bathroom when everyone woke up from a 9 hour flight."
Cons: "There wasn't much to complain about."
Cons: "The plane smelled very bad, the on board tvs did not work, and the served pancakes were to hard to cut."
Cons: "Went to find my suitcase on the baggage carousel wide open with my prescriptions missing. I need these to control my nerve pain and I cannot get them until I go back to America in three weeks. I don't know what to do. They also didn't have my vegetarian order, so I ate bread for each meal."
Cons: "The checkin process took almost an hour and the line wasn't even that long. One of the employees ended her shift even though there was still a line of people waiting. Passport control was even worse, this may be the airport's fault but most of the people were there after the long checkin process. There were about a hundred people waiting as our flight was boarding. It was very very disorganized and no one was there to provide assistance."
Pros: "Fast and easy boarding. Nice crew. Individual entertainment TV set with multiple options."
Cons: "Food was terrible; it made my boyfriend and me sick. Attached (unremovable) headrest made seat more uncomfortable. Bathroom smelled like urine."
Pros: "The Russian hospitality, the food, the route of the flight, the 3D airplane tracker."
Cons: "n/a"
Cons: "Flight overly delayed to 6 hours. My ticket was paid 300 us$ but not used"
Pros: "Smooth flight."
Cons: "Entertainment console didn't work. Obviously, this made for a long trip."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly."
Cons: "I was not able to choose the seat accommodation while booking tickets (that option was missing when I was booking the trip). Trip alert was not sent to me (via email) a day ahead (like other companies do). When I arrived at the airport 3 hours in advance - there were VERY limited seat options left. Very disappointing! Tight room leg (it's a 10 hour flight!)"
Pros: "Liked the movie selection"
Cons: "Didn't like my Carry On being checked then lost Didn't like the lack of support and terrible response time Didn't like inability to contact by telephone Didn't like the general unfriendliness of staff Didn't like the food served on the Airplane Didn't like the Crew"
Pros: "Various food options available to select 36hrs prior to departure, few new movies available, considerable legroom in economy."
Cons: "Rude crew members."
Pros: "Cordial and good service. I will recommend Aeroflot for any travel to Europe, Asia. It was a pleasure flying into my destination."
Cons: "Nobody let me know that flight will be late more than two hours. And I miss bus in Moscow- Belarus."
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "No respect from crew, no beverages, everything no good!"
Pros: "The crew was simply superb. The plane also very clean and modern. It was a beautiful experience!!I was very pleased with the overall service and attention."
Cons: "The boarding process was a bit daunting. Once I was on the plane everything was fine and even exceeded expectations!!"
Cons: "There is no reason to wake my small sister, if I've asked not to do so."
Cons: "Kosher food option was not great. We got the same dry roll, humus and chicken salad for three meals in a row and the hot entree was greasy and also repetitive"
Pros: "no problems during flight )"
Cons: "somewhat messy boarding zone in the airport: two planes were planned to board from one counter at the same time, so that corner of the airport was little overcrowded"
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Safety measures for airlines flying to Yekaterinburg

Airlines flying to Yekaterinburg have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Yekaterinburg

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Yekaterinburg

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Yekaterinburg

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Yekaterinburg

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights to Yekaterinburg

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17h 00mMIA-SVX
1 stopAeroflot
30h 00mSVX-MIA
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 50mBOS-SVX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 25mSVX-BOS
1 stopTurkish Airlines
22h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopAeroflot
25h 15mJFK-SVX
1 stopAeroflot
27h 55mSVX-JFK
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
49h 00mDFW-SVX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
49h 20mSVX-DFW
1 stopTurkish Airlines
70h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopTurkish Airlines
22h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopTurkish Airlines
22h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
27h 05mMIA-SVX
1 stopMultiple Airlines
23h 50mSVX-MIA
1 stopTurkish Airlines
46h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopTurkish Airlines
22h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopTurkish Airlines
46h 15mBOS-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
19h 30mSVX-BOS
1 stopEmirates
33h 25mDFW-SVX
1 stopEmirates
27h 10mSVX-DFW

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Recent one-way flight deals

1 stopAeroflot
14h 45mJFK-SVX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 50mJFK-SVX
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
40h 25mJFK-SVX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 10mJFK-SVX
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 00mJFK-SVX
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
18h 10mJFK-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
70h 25mJFK-SVX
1 stopTurkish Airlines
46h 25mJFK-SVX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 50mJFK-SVX

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Recent domestic flight deals

nonstopUral Airlines
2h 15mDME-SVX
nonstopUral Airlines
2h 30mSVX-DME
2h 30mSVO-SVX
2h 50mSVX-SVO
nonstopS7 Airlines
2h 30mDME-SVX
nonstopS7 Airlines
2h 45mSVX-DME
nonstopUral Airlines
2h 15mDME-SVX
nonstopUral Airlines
2h 30mSVX-DME
nonstopUral Airlines
2h 30mDME-SVX
nonstopUral Airlines
2h 30mSVX-DME

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Yekaterinburg (SVX)Russia

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