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May 24 — May 311
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DeltaOverall score based on 30762 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Food & timeliness"
Cons: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
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Pros: "Food & timeliness"
Cons: "Cramped seat and no window (14a)"
Pros: "great everything!"
Pros: "Very attentive and engaging crew."
Cons: "really nothing!"
Pros: "The two people who were in charge of boarding the plane were especially nice, efficient, and accommodating. I really really liked them."
Cons: "The flight was too warm."
Pros: "Short flight and no problems."
Pros: "Great crew, early arrival"
Cons: "Old screens, snacks getting smaller, too much ice in the drinks"
Pros: "Great crew, nice plane, awesome entertainment"
Cons: "Bag drop agent was not helpful."
Pros: "I liked the choices of movies"
Cons: "The seats were dirty and the snack choices are not healthy at all."
Cons: "Late flight. Unacceptable"
Pros: "Crew was great, seats were comfy and the entertainment options were good."
Cons: "Flight was delayed but it happens."
Pros: "Everything went smoothly. Everyone was helpful."
Pros: "Great Service and flight was without problems or delays. Arrived on time ."
Cons: "Paid for particular seat within 2-3 rows of back galley as unaccompanied minor for my son. For his comfort, he chose an aisle seat. Flight attendants onboard moved him to farthest back row in window seat and he was not able to get out to use the lavatory easily."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Better customer service. Your employees should be te-trained and reminded they are in a service industry where your clients have other options to fly."
Pros: "Yes, . Amazing crew Seat was comfortable."
Cons: "Plane left 4 mins early knowing that passengers were on a delayed flight."
Pros: "Inflight entertainment was the best I’ve seen in coach. Free games, movies, moving map, etc."
Cons: "The seating is too cramped. It has just gone past what is reasonable. Seems too tight on both the knees and elbow room."
Pros: "Crew was awesome"
Cons: "The only problem with the food was it was all canceled because of rough weather."
Pros: "Great service!"
Pros: "The plane was 2 hours late and I could not get home. Missed the connection to Greenville at 11:38. They told me there were no hotels in Atlanta and I would have to stay in the airport and then take the 8:55 am fight to Greenville. That took an hour in line and there was no help."
Cons: "The pilot was awesome. He flew as fast as he could to help anyone make their connection but it didn’t help. But I appreciate him trying. Just frustrated that being military I didn’t get to board earlier or that they didn’t help me find a way home"
Pros: "Surprisingly comfortable for such a short flight. The approach is impressive. Friendly attendants and captain kept everyone updated when there was a slight delay. Was overall a really nice flight"
Cons: "Delta put me on an aisle rather than window I am broad shouldered and got pummeled throughout the flight by passengers and crew passing by Gal next to me fell asleep on my shoulder It was ok. She was attractive. :-)"
Pros: "Crew provided first class service and were in good spirits for a very full flight. Full first class beverage service"
Cons: "No food except cookies and salty crisps in first clsss. There was ample time for a full breakfast."
Cons: "Crew did not make passenger in front of me bring his seat back up for landing."
Pros: "Friendly crew and on time flight"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "You guys did an all around great job and my flight experience was the best I’ve ever had. The quality of the service was exceptional."
Pros: "Snacks & drinks & TV movies good"
Cons: "One hostess was very rude & slow forget our headphones Kept getting me to help her with getting attention of other hostesses also very bad at giving snacks and kept my husband and another man waiting for 10 mins while she gathered rubbish despite repeated requests which would have been easy as she was at the front of plane obviously unsuited for this position"
Cons: "This was the longest part of a three flight trip back to DCA and there was no movies. This was completely unexpected, so I wasn't prepared to entertain myself for 5 very long hours. It would have been nice to have know this ahead of time so I could have brought a book with me. Early notification thru the app is the way to go."
Pros: "Despite the turbulence and delay, this was possibly the best flight I've ever been on. I have never been treated so well by a flight crew before. Also, the attendant at the gate managed to get my wife seated next to me when our seats ended up separated. Great experience!"
Cons: "Turbulence and delay was bad, but the flight crew made up for it."
Cons: "not prepared in Maintenance to fix a very small problem in an efficient timeframe. Also, this plane was very dirty ..bathroom, walls, seat rails, floors....not good Delta"
Cons: "was a difficult transition from delta to west jet in Toronto and we almost missed the flight"
Pros: "Lisa, the flight attendant, went above and beyond to help solve a situation that occurred during the flight."
Pros: "Quick flight, great landing and takeoff."
Cons: "Everything was great today."
Pros: "Comfortable seats in coach Good snacks Friendly crew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Wi-FI available (although I didn't use it)"
Cons: "No direct flight in the morning, so had to take two connecting flights, and leave home very early in the morning."
Pros: "Free movies helped make the flight go faster. Also when possible my girlfriend and I were seated together despite having seats assigned at the gate."
Cons: "Being in zone three meant checking bags on every flight. That's a side effect of picking the cheapest tickets so not really Delta's fault but it says that I have to put something here."
Pros: "Cheap"
Cons: "My roundtrip flights with delta were all delayed at least 2 hours. That's what you pay for for a cheap flight. There were no inclement weather and the staff didn't give a reason for the delay."
Pros: "Staff was friendly, and we got there safely"
Cons: "Really wished we had tv's like we had on our flight to SLC. It really helps with those who have anxiety to distract their minds. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it"
Pros: "I paid only $100 more round trip to DTW from SLC then I would have with other carriers, minus the hassle of connecting flights and paying fees that they don't tell you about up front (like $25 for a carry-on bag, oh and a another $12 per leg for a window seat). My experience, like my previous Delta experiences was absolutely enjoyable. From the quick boarding, super friendly gate agents, and flight crew, to the free on board entertainment, Delta has won me over once again. Oh and did I mention how great it is to board a flight, relax and watch a good movie, take a small nap, and deplane at your destination! Awesome!!"
Pros: "Quick trip and relaxing --- no high way traffic issues, accidents or construction hold ups."
Cons: "There wasn't anything I did not like."
Pros: "shorter flight"
Cons: "Entertainment system is not working."
Pros: "Ok"
Cons: "Was ok"
Pros: "I liked the service. It was incredible."
Cons: "I did not like the delay or the continued delay on the runway"
Cons: "We did not board at the scheduled time, although I believe we arrived on time. The crew was demeaning and singled out individuals who were causing the aircraft to not move. It was in a very pretentious manner, not like southwest personnel who have similar antics but with a playful tone. The plane is a small one where bags don't fit overhead and many head bumps occur. We arrived fine which mean the flight was successful but it was not very enjoyable."
Cons: "Enforce your baggage size and number limits. A significant number of passengers take bags onboard that are oversized."
Cons: "Delta connect carrier not good for comfort seating and service. Would not fly them again. Would go to another airline iinstead."
Pros: "Everything was great from the check in process to the de-planing in Detroit. When we checked in at SLC the agent used my last name, which showed me the extra mile Delta staff will go to make the travel with them professional and curious. The flight left on time and when we arrived in Detroit our bags were already there waiting for us. Couldn't have asked for more!"
Cons: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The attendants on this flight were gossiping right behind us and we heard them talk about ignoring calls from people during our wait on the tarmac at LAX. Again we were in the last seats in the plane and this time it was stinky."

Late. Take off. Due to having no crew to fly. Food dry and old. In first class. Poor service. Crew just sat in galley talking

Aisle seat other passenger kept bumping into my shoulder as they walk by with no regard or sympathy to apologize for bumping into me

I like it because everything looks good

Lots of people entering plane at the end of boarding that we’re not at the gate, entered at tarmac, looked like illegals from Latin America

Pros: "I missed flight. Rescheduled this morning 4229 when I went to bed. Today, there is no record of the flight. I have a screen print showing the seat assignment. The 1-800 said it will call back in 4 hours. Crap! Flight scheduled in two hours."
Cons: "Lack of social distancing with American Airlines"
Cons: "American Airlines has to be the worst airlines there is. It never fails that they try I Cath someone and try to pretend that their carry-on bagIs too big. They have this tiny little frame no reasonable carry-on could possibly fit into. Over and over again I see people including myself and my traveling companion’s having to check their carry-on bag because their “too big” this is nonsense. These are standard size bags. It’s more than enough space on board the plane. In a way in which the gate check individuals handle this interaction is a palling you’re insulting demanding and don’t give you a chance to rearrange your luggage so I can go into their absurd dimensions"
Cons: "I wish there were charging ports so I could charge my device on such a long flight."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and the flight was almost on time."
Cons: "The power outlet at my seat didn't work. The baggage was delivered to the wrong carousel at DFW. The seats are TOO DAMN SMALL."
Cons: "Nothing. Everything was great."
Pros: "Fast boarding and efficient, friendly crew. I paid for an upgraded economy seat, which had more legroom and fit my body (more or less)."
Cons: "AA's seats seem to have gotten thinner in recent years, so I find them less comfortable. There's no in-flight entertainment; you have to download the airline's flight app on your device and stream from there."
Cons: "Flight was 90 mins late departing"
Cons: "The wifi didn't work at all"
Pros: "last minute upgrade was nice, made sleeping much nicer. food was good, flight uneventful which is always a good thing."
Cons: "Some of the flight attendants had an attitude and we not very personable to others. Just doing their job, ticking off the boxes. One was very kind, the others not so much."
Cons: "I was forced to check my bag bc the plane was “full” but when I got on there were more than 5 completely empty overhead bins. So now I’m waiting in baggage claim, after an already delayed flight, when there was absolutely plenty of room on board for my bag (which was of acceptable size)."
Pros: "Wi-Fi and USB ports worked great. Seat was comfortable after 11 upgrade. On time."
Cons: "Having to pay extra for a aisle seat"
Pros: "Seats were nice, flight was efficient, arrived early."
Cons: "Gate agent spoke so ridiculously fast and swallowed so many sounds that it was virtually impossible to understand most of what he was saying. Most importantly we all missed that our roll-on bags wouldn’t fight in the overhead bins. As a result many people pulled their bags on and fought and struggled to force their luggage above, only to give up. The on-board agents recognized early the problem and then proceeded to allow many other passengers to stroll by them with their large roll-on bags, only to delay the boarding process and frustrate everyone. When making their safety announcement the flight attendant was clearly competing for fastest speaking human and rushed through at blazing speeds. In all my 30+ years of travel, I’ve never heard anything like it."
Pros: "Nothing it totally messed us up"
Cons: "We missed our 1night in Rome-had to go home and come back the next day-we missed our train tickets and hotel in Rome and it made our trip a lot shorter!"
Pros: "I liked the fact that, my flight was miraculously on time leaving salt lake city"
Cons: "I don’t like, however, the fact that 3 of the last 5 times I’ve flown American round trip midland tx to Salt Lake City I have missed my connecting flight on the way back due to no fault of my own. I have flown this trip once a month for the past six months and have to do it two more times before December. American sucks"
Cons: "Seats are so uncomfortable! Too close together"
Pros: "Time was good. Ground service was good. In-flight was okay. Because I love Cathay so much I took a 3 hour longer trip through LA (vs. Seattle) and paid more. But I was berating myself for that. But the flight back was Cathay service at its finest."
Cons: "We were not told our passports needed to have an expiration past six months of travel even though we got back before the expiration. We entered our passport info including our expiration dates and we’re given no warning. We even had our boarding passes prior to showing up at the airport. We will not use Kayak in the future and will book direct through the airline moving forward."
Cons: "charged a surprise of $175 for my third bag although Kayak mentioned i should be charged $75 at the time of booking. AA says it is due to Jordanyan Airlines, why was I surprised by this extra charge?!"
Cons: "Snacks were okay, nothing to shout about. Streaming movies is still of a mystery to me, not an intuitive experience in any sense of the word. the sites AA provides to answer one's questions don't give any real guidance on 'how', just state what, kept pointing me to the app which doesn't have any menu item to view movies. took me well over ten minutes to find any helpful information."
Pros: "Cabin crew was excellent."
Cons: "Deplaning at an inconvenient remote terminal with unattractive and minimal facilities, which involved waiting in a long line for a series of buses for transport to the main terminal. Arrival at the main terminal required climbing a flight of stairs. No in-flight food service offered except a choice between one cookie or one cracker."
Cons: "I am very frustrated that a single part could not be located in the early afternoon to allow the plane to fly. I will be late again for work and it seems to be American Airlines and not Delta that has all the delays or is late."
Pros: "Flight attendants"
Cons: "The flight got delayed from salt lake and we had to spend a day in Charlotte before another flight came"
Pros: "Everything was perfect"
Cons: "Not enough snow in salt lake"
Pros: "I went to check in for my flight and was told that it changed to American Airlines. By the time I arrived to the gate it the flight was full and they wouldn't let me on. I want a refund."
Cons: "See above."
Pros: "Good in-flight service, comfortable first class seat."
Cons: "Arrival gate was remote from main terminal, requiring a crowded and disorganized wait for a bus to the main terminal and baggage claim. The extremely small overhead storage cabinets of the Canadair required many passengers to check normally acceptably sized carry-on bags after boarding and finding it impossible to fit. Waiting time for retrieving these on the ramp at the destination was excessive."
Pros: "Free movies and tv"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The Three days it took to get 10 hours away horrible customer service no one was there to help us.30 people were stranded"
Pros: "They were so helpful as we checked in and checked our bags! :)"
Pros: "Comfort, snacks, boarding process"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "All good"
Cons: "No entertainment without paying"
Pros: "Both American flights (on Airbus 321, I think) I've taken in the past two weeks had comfortable seating with great legroom. My knees were not knocking the seat in front of me! Seat width also comfortable. Not sure how I lucked up on both flights!"
Pros: "For tall people more room for the legs"
Cons: "The Seats aré very near"
Pros: "Grest staff"
Cons: "Thought the first row seating would provide extra leg room which the reservation page said it would and we paid extra for the seats - not so. it also felt quite claustrophobic with a panel within a short distance of our faces. We had upgraded for better seats but it turns out the seating wasn't better at all. The flight home in seats much further back were MUCH more comfortable. I'm thinking the airline shouldn't book the front seats by the panel as 'better' for the extra price as they were definitely not."
Pros: "Courteous and professional crew"
Cons: "Delay taking off, due to technical issues with aircraft. Seat area is much too small for an adult."
Pros: "Snacks and entertainment"
Pros: "The planes were comfortable."
Cons: "I didn't get a boarding pass for my third flight."
Pros: "Completely satisfactory for my needs"
Pros: "Good pilot communications. On time departure and arrival."
Cons: "Very cramped quarters. Broken seat. Out of control heating system. Rude staff An hour wait for baggage."
Pros: "Convenient and close to home. Don't have to drive many hours either to Omaha or Denver."
Cons: "Seats don't recline."
Pros: "Delta is better"
Pros: "Everything went well. Great assistance because I can't walk far. They got me to my gate on time."
Cons: "Delayed plane on last leg of flight, over 1 hr."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything!"
Cons: "I had to sit next to a huge overweight guy who took all of his own seat and at least 1/3 of mine. He had to have a seatbelt extension... not so cozy. My shoulder was damp from his armpit sweat by the time I arrived in Dallas. The flight was full or I would have requested a different seat."
Cons: "The boarding process was a mess. The terminal was crowded and there was no clear line to board."
Cons: "I am still not feeling well to travel, so I was staying at home and no Madrid, may be in the fall or winter when I get better, I will visit Madrid one more time."

This flight never happened. We were not even in the airport because the connection was delayed hours past when this one was supposed to leave. Everyone knew it would be. But United didn’t say anything until they canceled it at it’s departure time.

Pros: "The crew was polite"
Cons: "We got stopped waiting to pull up to the gate for over an hour. This on top of the flight being delayed. The TV screens didn't work and the flight tracker didn't work."
Pros: "It got me home"
Cons: "I got bashed by the cart many times"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Better foods and free entertainment (movies..)"
Cons: "Fellow passengers; too many howling kids with clueless parents"
Pros: "The crew were very nice and polite."
Cons: "No snack options. Only pretzels. Seat cushion very thin."
Cons: "Flight attendants seemed completely unwilling to accommodate any requests outside of their "service time"."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This airline sucks so bad........I had a flight that' was suppose to leave at 6 pm from salt lake.....to LA .needless to say it's 11pm and I'm still seatingbon the runway"
Pros: "Was not offered snacks or food. Usually when I take united to california, which is a shorter flight, they give out pretzels or something. Was not even offered the chance to purchase breakfast."
Cons: "Stated above."
Cons: "We were in First class and were served a yoghurt that had already been opened and oatmeal that was stone cold, I mean refrigerator cold. Also the in flight entertainment kept buffering so that it was basically unwatchable. United touts Polaris, but maybe they should concentrate on their current classes of service instead."
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "Did' agree with decision of Ua air to include unannounced stop at Rapid City to drop off crew as it was not a part of my scheduling ticket. A bit confusing at the gate w/ looking for flight to Fargo. Had to ask other passengers at gate what was going on."
Pros: "Everything was wonderful"
Cons: "The trip was too long but it is what it is"
Pros: "I'm 73. Delayed an hour from SLC for no apparent reason meant racing like crazy with 5 mins to make my connection. I'm in good shape for my age but I'm 73! I was the last one to board and barely made it. Very stressful"
Cons: "Crew was friendly but let's face it, I didn't expect much from united and their recent antics publicly"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No one is actually caring. They read a script without emotion this making the safety inspection a nuisance rather than informative. Southwest is much better st this."
Pros: "On the whole plane,my row was the only one with a vacant seat. I needed wheelchair assistance getting from check -in counter to the plane and the person who helped me could not have been nicer or more helpful."
Cons: "The savory pretzel snack was very skimpy and I could not drink their water because they only had Dasani which contains an ingredient that I am allergic to."
Pros: "Fast flight."
Pros: "We had 2 stops each way, I'm glad all of the gates were next to each other and our flights were on time."
Cons: "It was great"
Pros: "free entertainment"
Pros: "Flight was wonderful!"
Pros: "Boarding was orderly, crew was reasonably nice."
Cons: "Comfort, food and entertainment (extra $$) is very mediocre."
Pros: "Drinks in flight movie"
Cons: "I wish I could have gotten more beverage (water) during the flight. Very dry in the cabin but all-in-all, it was a pleasant experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Gate attendant was rude and prematurely gave my seat away before boarding was closed so My infant and I missed the original flight. Check in attendant was rude, picked up my bag stickers and when we disagreed on a military regulation he set the stickers down and walked away and did not assist me. Boarding was extremely disorganized and not enough room for carry on items. It was an aweful experience and I will not be traveling with united airlines ever again."
Cons: "Those delays I mentioned."
Pros: "The staff was most welcoming and helpful! The space was good and we really liked the overall comfortability. Also, we liked the individual T.V.'S too!"
Cons: "Really no complaints"
Pros: "The friendly co-travelers as there is no food or entertainment for people on a budget. Better than my flight TO SLC which was cancelled the first day, then delayed the 2nd day. Airport services saved my day by carting me to the connecting flight TO SLC from Denver as there was only 15 minutes to get from one end of the concourse to the other. A little difficult to run there at my age. Any chance of allowing people with connecting flights disembark first instead of last in this situation?"
Cons: "Due to inclement weather conditions no liquids were served. Small bottles of water would be great - less likely to spill over in bad weather and thirst would also be quenched. Lack of luggage space for those of us with the correct allowance hand luggage instead of all the extra large pieces because people don't want to go to baggage claims or pay for baggage. Truly their suitcase not paid for is the same as mine paid for. Difference is the inconvenience of having to keep my hand luggage at my feet because of the larger pieces filled by passengers in group 1, 2, and 3 over my designated seat area."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 6.5 hours. Then they delayed another hour. Then they sent a message that it would only be an additional 30 minutes so we rushed back. Then it was delayed another 2 hours. The United people would have happily stuck me with an overnight hotel so I could take their flight the next morning. I asked for the AA routing that worked for a same-day arrival. They happily agreed."
Pros: "Nice attendants."
Cons: "Cancelled and rerouting of flights. Long waits in airports."
Cons: "My luggage took about 30 min, incredibly frustrating. Most airlines have this process figured out, wish United could do the same."
Pros: "I liked the takeoff it was entertaining and fun also I liked the flight crew where every 30 min they would check on us and bring us water and snacks."
Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice. The plane was clean."
Cons: "The economy seats are TOO CLOSE TOGETHER. Attendants NEED to be more aware of the size of carry-on items and the amount each person brings onto the plane. People in the front 10 rows of the plane should not be putting their luggage in the back, taking up space so people in groups 3-5 have space to put their luggage."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Baggage didn't make next flight"
Pros: "Boarding Zones included seats throughout plane so it wasn't so bunched up when putting luggage away."
Cons: "Seats too close together and no TV's"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Kayak did not confirm my seat. Was not able to get a flight. Called customer service and they told me to rebook. My card was charged twice. The airplane had faulted hardware. Waited in line for 2 hours to get a different flight. All flights to Phoenix were full. Didn't make the standby list. Couldn't make the rebook flight. Worst day ever Now, No one can give me a refund. mind you I took a day off from work this was a last minute. The reason this trip was so important to me is because my grandma is in the ICU. I hardly ever complain about any customer service experience. Overall to get a hold of customer service is awful."
Pros: "Everything was in time."
Cons: "Due to my initial delayed flight I got to O'Hare during a drastically busy time. Due to the amount of people, noise, and dishevelment my PTSD became aggravated and I found myself having an attack. I chose the initial early flight to ensure this would not happen. I am aware of what causes my PTSD to become aggravated and I take that into consideration when I make all plans."
Pros: "The crew was helpful to a family with a girl in a wheelchair."
Cons: "Tray table and windows were dirty. Don't care for the waffle cookie they serve."
Cons: "Hours and comfort was horrible"
Pros: "The crew. The booking experience and the check in were all very good to great. I liked the plane on the Houston to cle flight. A 737 I think"
Cons: "The small planes to spend the day in cle to Chicago to slc And the small plane to Houston. Did not eat or use entertainment. No not used answer avail"
Pros: "I love to fly! Everyone with United was great. TSA was pleasant as well."
Pros: "There was a wonderful man named Mr. Hanson that helped me tremendously. This was the first time ever to fly and I was tremendously scared. He made my experience wonderdul. I intend to fly more often now. Thank you for hiring someone that loves his job."
Cons: "The seats on the layover flight were over booked. If Mr. Hanson had not of taken care of me on my my flight I would have had a different outcome on flying."
Pros: "On time, boarded quickly, checked my carry on all the way through Tampa for me"
Pros: "Nothing. Due to weather delays, there should have been a much better approach to resolvong the problem. Customer service was horrible"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Accommodating, T.v's, timely."
Cons: "It was delayed so much I almost missed my connection."
Cons: "Flight was an hour delayed and I was never told the reason.. There was no enough of the beverage I wanted to be given just one can of juice.."
Pros: "I like that united airlines. They are normally on time and great service."
Cons: "That my flight was delayed from SLC Utah. I was 1 minutes late. Exactly 1 minute late from when boarding closed. they had already given my seat out... In the end I was late to a very important business meeting and may have lowered my chance of getting a raise. Thank you very much United airlines. I can't blame the crew members or the pilot. But I am very disappointed"
Pros: "Had to de-ice and I think the pilot got lost looking for the pad. This added about twenty minutes to the "flight" before take off. Then in LA there was an issue with the plane at our gate this added another hour of tarmac time. I don't like being stuck in plane on the ground that is not moving any longer than I should have to be. There were some balls dropped on this flight. Makes me want to stick with Delta or Southwest."
Pros: "Efficient, & nice crew"
Cons: "Too crowded Most complaints had to do with airport experience. Delays, delays, crowded, too tight with seat placements!"
Pros: "Seat"
Cons: "Space"
Cons: "A drink other than water would be nice (like soda)"
Cons: "Checked bag did not arrive. This happened because the crew was 30 minutes late receiving the SLC to DEN flight. What should have been a 60 minute layover became 30 and the bags did not make it to the connecting flight. This also prevented us from buying food in Denver for the final leg."
Pros: "Richard along with the other flight attendants were super nice and helpful with anything needed."
Cons: "Seats not comfortable, didn’t have any food"
Pros: "Nothing the seats suck"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was delayed almost 2 hours and subsequently missed my connecting flight. When waiting, the staff did not have any info on when the plane would come in or any info about connecting flights which would be missed until 10 minutes before boarding. They had over 2 hours to figure this information out. Very disappointed in this airline and will not be using it again."
Pros: "Excellent, efficient boarding process. We left on time even though the inbound flight arrived late. Friendly and efficient crew. We are arrived on time. The aircraft appeared to be new, and the interior was very clean."
Cons: "I paid for the "perks" which allowed a checked bag, a carry on, and a more desirable seat (assigned in advance). Despite buying a seat with additional legroom in the front of the cabin, the seat on the airbus 319 was uncomfortable. The seat is narrow and has little cushioning and back support. In addition, the cabin was uncomfortably warm for the first half of the flight. I was among the first to board, but I was asked to put my back pack in the overhead compartment 2 rows behind my seat (again, I had paid to have a carry on item). This is a problem when deplaning, as everyone immediately takes up the aisle and there is no way to go back to retrieve the item until most of the other passengers have left the plane. The food/beverage service is for purchase only. The only complimentary service is a cup of water. There is no entertainment system, and little room for a laptop or even an ipad if the person in front of you reclines the seat."
Pros: "I am a mom of two young children flying solo. The counter staff was friendly and extremely helpful. With limited ability to handle multiple items and my small kids, the woman at the counter was beyond polite and helped with my bags immediately. I am so grateful for the friendly staff and the extra attention they gave to my kids and I."
Pros: "Crew was kind and helpful."
Cons: "Please forward this to everyone you know! Do NOT EVER fly on Frontier Airlines!!!!!! They are a total joke and charge fees for EVERYTHING!!!!! Want to carry on a bag or push everything you need into a small backpack? Oh, need to take clothes? Well that's $40...per carry on, $60+ at the airport. Oh, you wanted to sit down? That will cost you...$10 per seat minimum, again more at the airport. Btw, those fees only cover one leg of the trip. You can save by leaving your luggage there. See how helpful we are? You think you are getting a good fare but the fees have made my trip almost three times the initial fare. United is testing similar "economy" fares. None of this information is presented upfront so it's a bait and switch scenario. Also, trying to reach a human being is nearly impossible. I feel sorry for the customer service reps, they should get hazard pay. They have to try to justify these ridiculous policies. Save yourself money and frustration and NEVER FLY FRONTIER AIRLINES!!!!!!!"
Cons: "$45 for a carry on? Seats are like folding chairs. They don't even recline. Metal tray is so small it wont even fit an I pad. $3 for a bottle of water? no snacks, beverages and a barely padded metal chair that doesnt even recline?"
Pros: "Crew helped us get on connecting flight easier because our initial flight was delayed"
Cons: "I felt misled when I bought this airfare. Who flies from Utah to Orlando and doesn't need luggage? I was so excited that the fare was low, and I ended up finding out that you have to pay for all luggage. Luggage including carryons are not included. You pay for everything including assigned seating, and for the snacks on the flight. It would have been better going with JetBlue. We would have at least been able to watch TV"
Cons: "I showed up 43 minutes before the fight and there was no ticket agent. After waiting 5 minutes, I went to the kiosk to check in. I was informed by the machine I had to go see an agent. After searching the terminal and going to baggage claim to find someone, I was informed I had to be there 45 minutes before the flight because the ticketing agents are also responsible for boarding passengers. I checked the reservation and couldn't find any information on check in other than the cabin doors close 10 minutes prior to boarding. When I called the help Center I was informed they would not apply the payment from the missed flight and I would have to pay for the ticket again. Every other carriers I deal with has a 30 minute check in policy. If they aren't going to use the standard time frame they should make the policy clearer."
Cons: "you charged me twice what a bag cost in processing fees and didn't inform me they would be add3d to my card along with the 40 for the carton while I was purchasing the caryon, leaving me with no bus money to get home from Chicago. I really like you guys, but seriously, Not cool"
Cons: "Those seats with no recline and minimal cushioning - tough on the over 40 crowd."
Cons: "My flight was canceled 45 minutes before the scheduled departure. No explanation was offered and the compensation--a $400 credit toward a flight on another airline did not cover even the cost of my original ticket. The cancellation ended up costing me an additional $400, not to mention the inconvenience of spending a day in Atlanta and the added stress of having to find an additional flight and go through the hassle of security a second time. The flight staff at the gate was extremely terse when passengers asked about the reason for the cancellation. It was a very negative experience. I do not plan to fly Frontier again."
Pros: "The flight was an hour late leaving; had to pay ridiculous baggage fees; had to bring my own food or pay yet again; seat was supremely uncomfortable and I waited over an hour for my bags. Done with Frontier airlines forever."
Pros: "40 dollars for checked luggage + 45 dollars for a carry on bag is more than shocking. I will choose Frontier again because of all the rediculous and surprise fees."
Cons: "Rediculous baggage fees"
Pros: "Not much to like other than the cost of the ticket, they kept us unmoving on the runway for almost an hour, before taking off, boarding was at 2:50 pm, flight was supposed to be 3:25 pm, we didn't actually take off till 4:15, scheduled arrival was at 9 pm, and we arrived 9:20, and weren't able to deplane till 9:35, and ended up standing around baggage claim for over thirty mins waiting for our luggage, frontier might have some good ticket prices, but next time I'm willing to pay more, if it means better service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I never recieved a notification that my flight was canceled through my email I arrived at the airport to find out my flight was canceled which has created a mess for me on my christmas break. There should be better integration with Frontier and Kayak on the fact I never got an email."
Pros: "The crew were polite and we arrived in Denver early."
Cons: "We were kept on the plane and not allowed to disembark, erasing any gain from the early arrival."
Pros: "When I was done working with this airline."
Cons: "Ten passengers were not let on the original flight because the attendant at the desk wouldn't let anyone have their boarding pass with 45 minutes left to board. The airport was completely empty and we could have easily made the flight. After being made to reschedule, the flight attendants were very unfriendly. I knew to expect uncomfortable seating, no onflight entertainment, etc. I can justify paying less for less comfort, but to miss a flight needlessly and deal with angry employees is enough to never fly Frontier if at all possible."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The whole thing"
Pros: "The flight got me there."
Cons: "It was an incredibly bumpy ride. The seats were not sufficiently padded. The tray tables were about a quarter the size of other airlines, not big enough to put my tablet on. All food and drink was an extra charge. When I asked why, I was told that cheaper flights have fewer amenities. But the flight was not cheaper than my return flight on a different airline which did provide a beverage and cookie."
Pros: "Low price compared to alike flights. Crew and pilots were nice, friendly, and always helpful. Boarding was very fast and easy. I was on time if not early for all 4 of my scheduled landing times. Clean plane. Overall a great experience."
Cons: "My gate number to board changed 3 times within 1 hour, which may not be Fronteirs fault. Uncomfortable seats that don't lean back. No entertainment. Food and snacks cost money, no complimentary food/drink except water. Cost money for carry-on bag. No puke bags in the seats. They nickel and dime you for everything, but it's worth it if you travel light and don't care about the little things. I was surprisingly pleasantly surprised."
Cons: "Our flight was oversold. They bumped 27 people do to a "downgrade" of the flight to a smaller plane. This meant they avoid full compensation do to FAA rules. Got bumped 24 hours because Frontier does not partner with other airlines. Despite never having been given a seat assignment they didn't standby tag my checked luggage and sent it ahead so I had to stay an extra night without a change of clothes, etc. Next day the flight was oversold again and they bumped another 25 people. Every flight this trip left and arrived late. The pilot explained that the baggage handlers were in a contract dispute with management as they were overworked and underpaid. As a result they were also short staffed. Saw many miss connecting flights as a result. I will never fly Frontier again."
Cons: "My flight was delayed from Denver to SLC and we were not notified, given any other option or any compensation. The previous three (3) times I've flown frontier I have had flights cancelled and received no compensation. Do you know how frustrating that is?"
Cons: "They called out for boarding for people with children under 5, then 5 seconds later called zone 2, so I didn't make it before the crowd and still had to wait on the jetway."
Pros: "The flights were fast, and easy to to board and disembark."
Cons: "Charges were added 24 hours before the flight to decide what seat to have. I chose this flight because it was supposed to be cheaper to go to Charlotte, but the added charges made it the same price almost. Would not fly frontier again as they charge for everything"
Pros: "I was on a flight with amazingly patient passengers. Including the children"
Cons: "First I was told my flight would be delayed a couple of hours due to weather in Memphis When I get to the gate, I'm told it's a five hour delay due to a mechanical problem that later explained as a non functioning beacon light. Honestly .....five hours for a light bulb. When we finally arrive in Phoenix we are held up on the runway due to backed up traffic. I recognize that's not the airlines fault. Then a plane is sitting at our gate and can't leave due to a broken tray table. Lame excuses"
Pros: "I did like the price a lot, the flight was cheaper than any other when flying across the country."
Cons: "My flight was an hour late departing, causing panic at the layover spot for several guests because their flights were waiting just for them. The first flight I wasn't asked for food or drink or anything. The seats weren't as cushioned as any of the other airlines I've flown and paying $25-$30 for a bag is quite a bit."
Cons: "While I am thankful that we made it back to the airport after some mechanical issues. I called Frontier and ask them to get me on a different flight that night or first thing the next morning. They would not help me. They kept telling me I had to talk to the agents in the terminal. There were 200 other people standing in line waiting to be helped. They offered no alternative. Wouldn't even book me with another airline to get me to my destination. The best Frontier customer service on the phone would do was changed my flight to Saturday night. Which did not good since I was coming back from my trip on Sunday."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight delayed and they couldn't rebook"
Pros: "it got my mom from one place to another in less time than a car would this flight was actually on time"
Cons: "cramped seats"
Pros: "The cabin crew was friendly enough. Once we were finally in the air the flight was fine. It was a cheap flight and you get what you pay for. I would use them again if their flight was cheap, i certainly wouldn't seek them out or recommend them based on quality, cost is the saving grace for this airline."
Cons: "They made a big deal about flight time from "wheels up to wheels down" being 56 minutes, and then announced that per Frontier policy no drink service was offered for flights less than an hour. We were stuck on the plane for much longer than an hour, it was super hot, and the flight was late, seemed like they could have made a gesture and brought around something cold to drink. The flight was cheap but look close at the fine print, my bag was small enough to be considered a personal bag but had it been much bigger it would have cost me an extra $50."
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "The seats are very close together, with little padding and tiny tray tables. Obviously they are going for volume here and not comfort. You get charged for all luggage, whether carry on or checked and many of the seats cost extra, and so do snacks."
Pros: "I like how easy it was to book."
Cons: "I didn't like how I was lured by low prices only to find out I have to pay for a carry on. $60!! How dare you have this hidden charges, I fly all the time and have NEVER paid for a carry on. I will never fly frontier again."
Cons: "Flight was delayed both directions. I don't like the extra charge for a seat and the extra charge for beverages."
Pros: "The fact that I was able to check in online."
Cons: "The fact that after I check in online, I still had to go to the ticket counter to receive my boarding pass. Showed up to the airport, made my way to the counter, low and behold not a soul was there. Tried to get a digital pass off the online check in, nothing. Needless to say, I missed my flight. No worries though, I was able to purchase a one way ticket through Southwest which was actually cheaper, because I didn't have to pay extra to check a bag. I would like to thank frontier airlines for helping me realize that a cheaper airline ticket isn't always the best way to go, considering all the additional fees added up cost more than other airlines where they have 1-2 free checked bags and better customer service."
Cons: "Where to start? Our first flight was delayed by over two hours with no explanation. Our connecting flight was also significantly delayed. Once we arrived at our destination, we realized our bags had not. All three pieces of our checked luggage are missing. We're on a beach vacation nearly four hours from the airport with no swimsuits, towels, toothbrushes. Thanks for nothing, Frontier!"
Cons: "They changed the time like 5 times, almos cancel the flight. I was going to miss my conection so I ended up buying a Delta ticket and then they told me that the flight was on again in schedule. Just a horrible mess and when we landed in Washington DC I figured it out that they lost my bag. I will never fly Frontier again in my life."
Pros: "Only the price."
Cons: "This flight was three hours late as there was no other plane to send to us in SLC and the one coming from Atlanta was held up in weather."
Pros: "Leg space."
Cons: "Charged for every little thing. Didn't even get complimentary snacks or drinks. Prices ridiculous for food and drink. Seats were not comfortable. Neck was sore. Won't be flying this airline again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge for everything. Only water is free in the flight. They charged me 60$ for carry-on items and I did not know anything about this until boarding"
Pros: "smooth organized on time new plane web check in"
Cons: "extremely uncomfortable seats unable to recline / hard cushion gate agent giving people a hard time by asking them to pay for carry on items - extreme rudeness"
Pros: "In every way"
Cons: "A to Z"
Pros: "Cheap, efficient budget airline, good for weekend getaways with a personal item and no carry ons."
Cons: "water is $, boarding is constantly lagging because people argue with boarding agents about cost of carry ons"
Cons: "They charge more to carry-on than to check. By the time they made that clear, it was too late to check and they just threatened to raise it from $40 to $60 if I didn't act quickly. Everyone involved—from the gate attendant to customer service—has an impatient, condescending response about how these policy was made clear at the time of purchase. They are obviously very well practiced at explaining their ostensibly clear policies to throngs of ignorant masses who somehow didn't understand them when they purchased their ticket. In fact, their speech is so well rehearsed that you'd almost—almost!—start to question if they have actually made their baggage policies as clear as they think."
Pros: "Friendly employees, comfortable seats on this particular plane (for me... I like seats with no bulgy headrest), and efficient boarding/unloading. I like that this airline is a "no frills" carrier. You pay for only what you want or need. Also, my flight with them was fast! We landed early."
Cons: "Almost got caught off guard about the carry on bag policy! Make sure you read and understand it before booking. If you can fit ALL your stuff into an under-the-seat size bag, you won't have to pay extra for any baggage."
Cons: "We were told the flight was canceled due to weather. We were also told the next flight out from Cleveland wasn't until the following Wednesday. We gave other airport options for departure and arrival and still we were told we wouldn't be able to fly in until Wednesday. I understand that flying into Denver wasn't an option due to no fault of the airline, however I am sure with the multiple airports we could have flown out of and flown into we should have been able to make the trip before the following Wednesday, 4 days later. Also we had no idea how much extra the baggage cost was, or that there even was one."
Cons: "The $40 baggage fee is unreal. The crew was very unprofessional. The flight left earlier then scheduled and even though I was there on time I missed it. No one was at the desk. And the phone number for frontier was no longer in use."
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