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DeltaOverall score based on 30284 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The crew and seats were both great"
Cons: "HAving live TV would have been great."
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Pros: "The crew and seats were both great"
Cons: "HAving live TV would have been great."
Pros: "The two people who were in charge of boarding the plane were especially nice, efficient, and accommodating. I really really liked them."
Cons: "The flight was too warm."
Cons: "More communication on the flight delay"
Pros: "New long haul service is a real improvement in quality"
Pros: "Great entertainment"
Cons: "We just boarded pretty late for apparently no reason"
Pros: "The crew on both legs of our trip were nice and accommodating."
Cons: "Vegan options"
Pros: "Just fine, beverage service was friendly."
Cons: "The entertainment system was out the entire flight. The flight attendants were just talking to each other as we left, even when I tried to say thank you."
Cons: "Seat assignment with Economy ticket."
Pros: "The best"
Cons: "Again the boarding process took forever"
Pros: "The flight wasn’t overbooked so there was plenty of room. So important on such a long flight."
Pros: "Crew ok . Seat not so comfy"
Cons: "Food"
Cons: "Crew did not make passenger in front of me bring his seat back up for landing."
Pros: "Check in process & text updates were awesome!"
Cons: "My flight to PDX was quite bumpy so food and beverage service were impacted, which I totally understand. However, the fact that I was not served at all, does not sit well with me! They had to stop service with only a few rows left to go due to turbulence but rather it just being a delay in service, the flight attendants never came back to check on the customers they hadn’t served even when the seat belt lights turned off. I really enjoy flying Delta but not this time!"
Cons: "Change my seat when I was boarding. I already had my seat # assigned before boarding. Sat next to a man with a strong body odor. I came down with a sore throat last night so I was feeling pretty bad. Then to endure a long flight with that smell which made my trip very uncomfortable."
Pros: "How does one describe spending 10+ hours in a metal tube approximately 18 feet wide at 30,000 feet with 300 of your closest friends breathing the same air while having the seat in front of you pushed back so you cannot adequately see the passenger monitor because it's too close to focus on as your knees are under your chin? Flying in "steerage" is not comfortable as humans get larger and airplane seats get squeezed smaller. Please unsqueeze! Cabin crew members were excellent. Other than that, Europe was great!"
Cons: "See other side."
Pros: "On the fight back I had enough space; good service; fine food. Great trip. On the way to Amsterdam, I sat next to a very overweight woman and her body hung over my seat. I couldn't move around enough and I ended up with a trigger point problem which immobilized me for 3 days and kept me from sleeping at night. It was very disappointing, since this was a family visit trip."
Cons: "See above!"
Pros: "Free wine and spirits and food really not too bad in economy Very large movie and tv show library - something for everyone Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Overhead bins a bit small on this older 767-300"
Pros: "Going back home to the US"
Cons: "I had 15 hours layover in Amsterdam so I got me a hotel.one hour after I got to the hotel I got a notification from Kayak app asking me to go get my bag from Schiphol. My bag was supposed to be directly shipped to PDX. I had to leave my hotel back to the airport and spend 2 hours trying to find it only to be told that it was going to PDX. I lost my $170 hotel room, over $70 for taxis and ended up spending the night on the floor at Schipol. I do not think I'll ever use Kayak again. The travel guarantee is a joke too."
Pros: "Attentive, respectful and nice crew, swift take off and landing and awesome views"
Cons: "Nothing. Everything went well"
Pros: "Easy, fast boarding. We arrived early too."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "I dont like that you change my flight and I have to wait 8 hours at the airport to flight to Mexico City"
Cons: "Seats a bit cramped"
Pros: "Great entertainment, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Middle seat with zero chance to switch."
Pros: "Wi-FI available (although I didn't use it)"
Cons: "No direct flight in the morning, so had to take two connecting flights, and leave home very early in the morning."
Pros: "Good drinks and movie selection"
Pros: "everything except in flight internet."
Cons: "Gogoinflight hasnt woked as it said it would on any flight on any airline for a year."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The fact they wasted two days of my trip with my son travelling from the U.S. to China because they didn't know about transit visa regulations. And so far they offered a 75 dollar voucher for participating merchants. Unacceptable"
Pros: "The crew has a good vibe, makes for a pleasant trip"
Cons: "First time for me to have delayed baggage, made me think that somebody is not minding the store."
Pros: "There were a lot of free movie options for a 6hour flight. The tv was new and had good definition. The food offered was quite substantial. The staff kept coming around with water and asking if there was anything else we needed. They gave free blankets. The lavatories were a little larger and more well lit than other airlines."
Cons: "The seats did not recline for anyone on the plane."
Pros: "on time"
Pros: "Staff was friendly, and we got there safely"
Cons: "Really wished we had tv's like we had on our flight to SLC. It really helps with those who have anxiety to distract their minds. Wifi is expensive therefore I chose not to use it"
Pros: "Food was OK, ice cream at mid-flight was my favorite thing. I liked the choice of movies. Drinks are also good but why not include pure cranberry juice? It goes great with vodka."
Cons: "Boarding is ridiculous. Everyone who is not some kind of VIP is asked to line up and is treated like cattle. 5-feet tall woman holds above her head a sign with the zone currently boarding. Nobody can hear or see anything. Why not use the big LCD displays at the gate??? In the plane they had to restart the computer system as some TVs were not working and it took longer than they said. Toilets were kind of stinky and I could smell them from my seat on row 26. Blankets are way too thin for the blasting AC."
Pros: "crew was very respectful and kind"
Cons: "Flight was moved to a different gate, then delayed. We were given the absolute last seat in the plane that could not recline- not the seats I had selected before hand."
Pros: "Attendants were cheerful and extremely courteous."
Cons: "Legroom but that's because we can't afford 1st class. Hahahaha"
Pros: "Entertainment is now free."
Cons: "This was the fourth first class leg of our overall trip and the first three flights on Delta were great. The attendants were pleasant and even fun. I have allergies and requested a special meal on all legs. No problem on the first three flights. All attendants approached me to confirm my allergy and the special meal. They were very polite. But on this flight, the attendant didn't speak with me about it at all. She tried to give me the regular meal. When I explained I needed an allergy free meal (mind you this was first class), I was told I could not get it and got no apology or other accommodation. Her attitude was take it or leave it. I found this interesting since on two of the other flights an announcement was made about another passenger with an allergy to peanuts so no one could have them on the flights and the attendants were very concerned."
Cons: "Need more legroom"
Pros: "Loved everything, the meal was good, spacious seats and friendly staff."
Pros: "Pilot was hot."
Cons: "4 hour maintenance delay. Arrived at 2 am, after boarding a different plane."
Pros: "Ditto from above"
Cons: "Ditto from above"
Pros: "Great crew and aircraft"
Pros: "Wonderful staff, very helpful after our plane was diverted"
Pros: "Arrived on time"
Cons: "No food. Only snacks and very good snacks"
Pros: "Again, despite poor flight schedule I made it on my connecting flight and it all worked out in the end."
Cons: "Again, Kayak should allow at least 2 hours of transfer time when booking flights through LAX. I had to go from one terminal to another AND go through immigration and security. In order to make sure I had enough time to make the connecting flight, I didn't check in my luggage which lead to me having to minimize liquids and pastes in my luggage (no vanilla extract or tequila). Also while making the transfer I felt rushed and stressed out. I might search for tickets using Kayak but I would not buy tickets directly from Kayak if my route involves a transfer at an airport that I am not familiar with."
Pros: "On time and very smooth boarding"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Good service once I finally got on a plane."
Cons: "The alternative routing after my missed connection was not good and would have resulted in a very long travel day on a comparatively ill-equipped aircraft. So I stayed in Amsterdam on my own dime to take the same direct flight one day later."
Pros: "The boarding agent took the scattered seat assignments of out party of six and got us all co-located - of her own initiative. I really appreciated that."
Pros: "On time, new airplane and good entertainment system"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See abo e"

American Airlines customer service was extremely poor. They canceled our flights multiple times. Then put us on standby trying to get on flights instead of booking us on a confirmed flight to get us home. So flight after flight we kept our hopes up just to be disappointed and stuck from a connecting flight. We had never been to Dallas so we were sleeping on the floor at the airport waiting to get home.

Pros: "waited for us. We were late from Yuma"
Cons: "The flight attendants were friendly, watched a movie, thanks for the ear buds to listen to the movie. There was a lot of turbulence but I feel our pilot managed it very well bringing us in safely and smoothly as possible. I can't think of anything that could have been improved on."
Pros: "Nice stewards"
Cons: "Gate agents crabbie"
Pros: "Good crew"
Cons: "The boarding process was terrible. The boarding time changed every 5 minutes"
Cons: "Inflight Wifi was spotty"
Pros: "plaту"
Cons: "boarding time, delayed for 3 hours"
Cons: "Cabin temperature"
Cons: "Need to have handheld device to watch entertainment. Terribly uncomfortable. Delay getting out of Dallas."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "No gogo WiFi"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "I had very bad emotions sickness from London to Dallas TX. After I got on the plane I asked one crew member if I have any chance to switch the seat to sit by the bathroom because I am very sick, but seems no one cares. They said there is nothing they can do and tell me to get back to my seat. The whole fight I was sick. It was a horrible no crews member were asked me how I felt. No crews member checked me if I were ok. I had fever and so sick. There were late. I never have any bad fight like this forever."
Pros: "Good service in-flight. Pretty comfortable seats and decent in-flight food/beverage options."
Cons: "Crew was slamming overhead compartments before take-off and would ignore questions from passengers. Late take-off, very late gate change and late arrival. No help from crew on the plan to get bags taken care of so boarding took forever."
Pros: "Nothing - except getting my seat upgraded from the 'claustrophobic zone'."
Cons: "Having to wait 5 hours for the flight as my FRA to DFW flight arrived late. I had been up over 26 hours already and was struggling to stay awake prior to the flight. (My day didn't end until I'd been up more than 32 hours.) Crew from the late arriving flight should have announced the connecting flight delay well before landing at DFW. The flight should have been held for 20 minutes, as it appeared that the majority of the passengers affected were able to clear customs and arrive at the gate in time. Headphone jack had a very poor connection. Plane was dirty."
Cons: "Great flight great crew. Only issue was something was wrong with the entertainment system on my seat. Never worked"
Cons: "Flight was late"
Cons: "Had terrible seats with no reclines and near the bathroom. They charge extra for better seats, they should offer something in return for below average seats."
Pros: "Flight crew was pleasant and efficient. Everything was on time."
Cons: "Cramped seats with zero leg room."
Cons: "My check in bag it’s lost got wrong boarding pass even when I told them I had electronic boarding pass on my phone. Really disappointed with this."
Pros: "The employee who checked me in was very helpful - found my frequent flyer number for another airline and give me a free checked bag."
Pros: "I liked the way the Pilot (Captain) addressed the passengers before and after the flight."
Cons: "The wait at the customer service counter in the terminal at LAX."
Pros: "All went well"
Pros: "Nothing. Had a family emergency"
Cons: "I had a family emergency and had to buy a ticket to Pittsburgh to get home instead of going to Portland."
Cons: "American completely missed the mark. AA did not successfully change our reservation when the initial leg of our trip was delayed by an hour due to a fuel issue, which caused us to miss your connection in Chicago. Since American partners with Alaskan Airlines, American should have changed my reservations with regards to Alaska Airlines, but they failed to do that. I stood at the Alaskan Airlines counter as the plane left the gate with our empty seats because there was not a ticket. American Airlines did not change a reservation successfully and so although we had boarding passes with our names and seats and the flight number, the plane left without us. I was stranded and Seattle airport at midnight with a child and an infant with one diaper and one bottle left and it was a terrible experience with American Airlines. I do not recommend flying American they cannot get it together when problems happen with delays."
Pros: "I slept the entire duration."
Pros: "Arrived very early"
Pros: "Comfortable first class seats for a regional airline, although no food or entertainment. Flight attendants were great, very friendly and they checked up on us often. On time departure and early arrival. American Airlines has always been great for me. Will be back"
Cons: "No food in first class, but it was only a 2 hr flight on a regional"
Pros: "The trip was on time and with no issues flying. I really enjoyed the ability to watch a movie...this was AWESOME!"
Cons: "Wow, the seating was VERY tight and I was happy for the TV screen in front of me to keep me busy. All the inflight interruptions on the movie I was watching."
Pros: "All connections-smooth"
Cons: "Only airline we flew that didn’t have pre boarding for families with small children."
Pros: "No individual screens to watch. Get with the times for long flights !"
Pros: "•Boarding was easy - small plane. •No crazy flight maneuvers, so I guess good pilots"
Cons: "•Cash only for drinks?! C'mon AA, it's 2017. •Charging for checked bags is greedy, I don't care if others do it, that's not a good excuse + Southwest doesn't charge. •Plane left 30 min late (and arrived 30 late), then had to sit on Tarmac waiting for a gate. •Placed us at the farthest bagged claim from our arrival gate (all bagge claims walking up to ours were empty), so thanks for thinking of the customer first there. •I reserved an aisle seat, they changed me to window without asking. Thanks. •Overall, there are too many other choices in airlines... I may just be one customer, but this is one less they'll have, as other major carriers haven't ever racked up this amount of annoyances in a single trip with me before."
Cons: "I don't know if I need to contact american airlines directly or what. But this is the 3rd flight that has been delayed with no reason given or for whatever the reason was tonight. Its obsurd. I booked a flight on Alaska Airlines specifically because american airlines had the issue of delays. Then come to find out, the flight WASN'T on Alaska...but its affiliate. It would be really nice to get some answers."
Pros: "Flight attendant, Billy, on flight to Chicago encouraged everyone to help each other figure out how to manage close connection times due to a long delay leaving Charlottesville. He then arranged for folks with short times to move forward. We would never have made our connection without him. Gate agents also kept the door open for us as we dashed to our connecting flight and hustled us on board. Amazingly the ground crew also got our luggage transferred in the short 10 minutes we had. Thank you American!"
Pros: "We moved due to job change and American would not work with us to Change a reservation."
Cons: "The plane was 2 hours late . It was in the hsngar. They said they were fixing the plane. It was an old plane. No Screen anywhere . It was 5.5 flight across country. Only pretzels. I will try not to fly American again."
Cons: "our flight was delayed, and no other options"
Pros: "On schedule and met all my expectations."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "Boarding seemed extremely unorganized. Crew skipped group 2 when calling groups to board, resulting in a mad rush."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "My luggage was lost!!! People were sympathetic but no apologies or compensation Also, we were forced to pay extra for our seats before we were able to print boarding passes. My husband and I were not able to sit together which was upsetting to me."
Pros: "Nothing unexpected happened"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Narrow seats . No plug in for music or phone .. Bare minimum for same cost as better flight"
Cons: "Booked flights together yet sat apart.. kid kicking back of away just uncomfortable"
Cons: "Terminal at LAX requires a bus."
Pros: "Arrived 25 min EARLY for a change!"
Cons: "Cancelled and put me on a flight over a day later with no hotel voucher"
Pros: "Crew was nice including those helping with boarding. Smooth ride."
Cons: "Limited snack options."
Cons: "Having to pay extra 24 hours in advance for a seat. There were no available "free" seats 24 hours before flight time."
Pros: "It was fine. I was comfortable and I slept throat most of it."


Over flight was ok it just sucked you had to download the United app to order food and beer and to watch movies and it would have been great probably if the app downloaded but it didn’t so it sucked not sure of the app was down or too many people trying to download it or what but other then that it was ok the seats weren’t too comfortable but I reckon that’s too be expected only my second time flying the first time none of my flights where on time but this go around they where on time with everything.

LOL, food? What food? At least they give you the whole can of soda/water/whatever, though. Sat at the gate, boarded, for 45 minutes, but as far as I could tell that wasn't anyone's fault (mechanical issue). As I didn't want to plummet from the sky, I can't blame them.

Pros: "Staff was very nice"
Cons: "Flight delayed, again. Blankets smelled molding or worse."
Pros: "Thanks for bringing us water when my husband needed to take some medication, some airlines won’t do that."
Cons: "Excessively busy at DIA, seemed under staffed, lines stretching across the airport."
Pros: "Seats comfortable. Cabin and bathrooms really clean. Crew friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Pockets on back of seat need to be bigger/deeper."
Pros: "Liked the option of multiple snacks rather than being restricted to pretzels."
Cons: "The seat cushion was not very comfortable--like it was squished from having been sat on several too many times."
Pros: "Very pleasant and accommodating."
Cons: "The size of the seats"
Cons: "Flight departure could have been on time"
Pros: "Free entertainment options"
Cons: "4 hour flights should get a little more free food than crackers."
Cons: "Seats are very small, could be bigger and more comfortable"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no leg room, no outlets for charging, only two restrooms for economy and no aboard carry on. It was overall very uncomfortable and unenjoyable. Alaska is much better"
Cons: "Getting to San Francisco flight was canceled, make a line for 3.30 hours to let us know what they were going to do with us, they give the place to go at 3 a.m with not directions were to take a bus , later someone come and told us the bus stop running at that time and I have to go upstairs to take a taxi, I was alone and not use to be alone at that time never in my live I had to pretend I was afraid. Of course the hotel only take you until 12pm so I spend so many hours in the airport waiting for re ticketing they told us to be at 6pm we wait and I got my ticket leaving at 9.45pm but the crew come one hour and half late. From Panama to Lima flight was late . I had a conference very important to be Saturday morning, I lost my investment and relationships with the company I was going to start a business there excuse was they couldn’t relay on my punctuality, honestly. I got there more than a day and half LATE. If you ask me how was my trip I will tell you horrible and I can’t recommend anybody, this company doesn’t have any personality at all"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "everything started when we tryed to check in online for our flights with Lufthansa, when we got some errors saying that our flights does not exist. NO Emails, not calls, no messages, no voice mesagges left by the company! -called the client service, located in Philipine apparently, the lady confirms that all our flights were canceled (3), then she hangs off the phone. -called the second time, another lady is rebooking me on a different flight, but she informs me that my husband is not on the same reservation as me, so basically he is in another flight. Eventualy she is changing his reservation as well and puts him on the same flight as me. -waiting for the confirmation email, of course the reservation is just for me, no husband anywere. -called the third time, a nice canadian gentelman informs us that the second flights was canceled so he will redirect us via NJ instead of Washington. -we are rushing to the Richmond airport to catch the NY flight, at the counter they let us know that this flights was canceled and we are back on the DC flight. -when ready to board in the DC flight they are announcing the this flights is delayed from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm due to weather conditions. -waiting in the line to be rebooked in another flight, after 3 h of waiting they decide they can fly to DC at 4:45 pm, with about 15 people on board."
Pros: "Easy boarding"
Cons: "Everything but the easy boarding. Horrible comfort level to the point of wishing I could have hurled myself out of the plane."
Pros: "Flight left on time and landed early"
Cons: "A window alarm went off loudly for about 20 minutes during the flight. The crew seemed to be aware of it but made no attempts to stop it or to inform passengers what was going on."
Pros: "The WiFi didn’t work although it would charge you’re credit card."
Pros: "The plane had a nose problem so we had to wait for maintenance when we are a seated. Only took about 15 minutes for the okay and paperwork. That was amazing."
Cons: "Passengers bringing their luggage on the plane when I had to pay $25.00 to check my bag. That is backwards. It also slows down on and off time."
Pros: "Fast flight, friendly crew"
Cons: "The gate changed, the United App did not update and we did not look at the flight status board upon arrival as we were relying on the United App. Ran all the way to the 'old' gate (90) only to realize b/c we heard something over the loudspeaker about a flight to Portland at Gate 60 (we had just landed from IAD right near that gate). Looked at the board and realized the gate had changed, had to run all the way back to the other gate and it wasn't boarding yet. When I mentioned all this to the gate agent, she told me i should have checked the board & refreshed my app...i refreshed my App 6 times and it still didn't update - i'm not an idiot but she made me feel like one. She had no sympathy and was not nice or helpful. When we got on the flight, realized it was empty and we were sitting WAY in the back when there were plenty of open seats, so we moved up thank God!"
Cons: "1. The flights within the US and Canada was delayed. 2. The United Airline staff in San Francisco told me to pick up my luggage when I get to Seattle despite of the fact that my final destination was Vancouver. I questioned the staff about this ata this seemed odd, but he insisted that I pick up my luggage in Seattle. Upon arrival to Seattle I went to the baggage claim area to find out that my luggage was already put through to the connecting airline to Vancouver. This resulted in me having to go through a long line of passengers to do all of the security checks again to enter the international airport gates. This almost resulted in me missing my connecting flight to Vancouver. The only saving grace was that the flight was delayed by another hour. 3. Changes made on my connecting flights were only given to me during my check in at Auckland. My previous booking was Auckland -San Francisco - Portland - Vancouver. The boarding pass I was given in Auckland omitted Portland and was changed to Seattle. I was never informed about this by United Airlines. 4. United Airlines website NOT allowing me to log in using my e-mail."
Cons: "I left at 7 am East coast time and didn't make it back to Portland until 11:30 pm Pacific time due to flight issues and delays. And my luggage didn't arrive."
Pros: "Left on tarmac for 20 minutes prior to takeoff. Late flying into IAD with no guidance from crew or ground crew with very short time to catch next flight. With no info, felt abandoned."
Cons: "Lack of info from United crew."
Pros: "We finally was able to get home after a long ordeal with customs, tsa and airlines."
Cons: "Why are schedules so tight and then late which we had to go through long long lines at customs and tsa then run and miss our flight. Plane was there but they weren't let us on. Lufthansa put us up for the night. How do old people make their connections ...ask for wheelchair assistance?"
Pros: "The flight arrived. Pilot did well with turbulence and cross winds at landing."
Cons: "Flight left 30 minutes late, seats were terribly uncomfortable, many passengers had to stand up or walk around just to get out of the seats. Seats did not recline and had very little leg room. I assume the seats are just worn out since I have never had a seat that had such little cushion on a flight."
Pros: "The staff, especially the male flight attendant, watery knowledgeable, professional, and went out of husband way to make everyone satisfied."
Cons: "The televisions breifly went out of service during my return trip from Denver to Des Moines. The issue was resolved promptly, but on such a short flight I was unable to use the service."
Pros: "Relatively, on time."
Cons: "The seats were hardest, most uncomfortable airline seats yet. No padding whatso ever. They now have 4 boarding classes plus the 'special' folks. If you drag your bag to the gate , which slows down boarding, you get it checked for free, if you check it yourself at the counter you get to pay 25$ ... Since older people generally do not want to be carrying luggage up the 'stairs and through the Chicago airport', it means they get to pay extra! I think it is age discrimination that all the airlines are doing. Only the young can fly the cheapest."
Pros: "N/A due to them rerouting my itinerary."
Cons: "N/A due to them rerouting my itinerary."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Never got to do this flight because of the previous flight which is reviewed below: My seat was broken and wouldn't stay in upright position. This really pissed off the passenger behind me. Crew kept telling me to put my seat upright, I kept having to tell them the seat was broken. Old airplane with no in-seat entertainment. they advertise on the seat that you can watch all their entertainment content for free, but then you have to pay for wifi to watch so it's not free then, is it? Every movie or show requires "additional software" so you have to purchase internet to do the download. This is an 11 hour flight, I would have appreciated being able to watch a movie or something without forking out $30. Flight was delayed, so we were low on time to make our connection. I asked a flight attendant twice if we could get help deplaning early or at least get moved up some rows since we were in the very back of a 747 (there were plenty of vacant seats). They said no, and told us that customs would only take a minute and that the other united flight knew we'd be coming and would wait. I don't usually fly united; other airlines typically will actively take steps to help (like moving connecting passengers to the front shortly before landing) if they are the cause of the delay. Customs had only one agent working and we were pretty much last in line so that process took over an hour. Just moving us 10 rows forward before landing would have made all the difference because our connecting flight closed its doors and taxied for takeoff less than 5 minutes before we arrived. They had some united employees guiding and directing a couple of passengers that were going to be late for a connection to LAX, but no help for those of us connecting to portland. Customer service didn't even offer a verbal apology. Last time I flew with united, I also had a terrible experience for different reasons. I did not intend to fly united for this flight, but I purchased tickets through and for Lufthansa, and this flight was regrettably operated by united. Another thing I don't like - the food was horrendous. It was a breakfast sandwich that was advertised as "hot and fresh" on the packaging but was served straight from the refrigerator. I was in the middle seats with one person to my left and two people to my right. Everyone took only one bite and threw away the rest. Just don't bother serving the food if it's going to be that bad, it's very wasteful. I always appreciate a hot towelette after a long overnight flight. United offered no such thing which was a first for me. Regarding boarding: they called us all up to line up in boarding groups and then we had to stand in line for 65 minutes. I have a bad back and had to sit on the carpet to avoid being last in line and not having space for my carry on bag. Would have been nicer if they would have just let us sit in the chairs at the gate in comfort until they were ready to board."
Pros: "Staff was courteous and professional. I had a layover and the connection was short but thankfully the staff was helpful. I will continue to do business with united."
Pros: "The older planes of United Airlines could use some remodeling. The entertainment system with controls in the middle of the arm rest where the elbow rests is such a bad idea, didn't even bother with this crappy unintuitive system. It was annoying and flashy with bright advertisements or something popping up on a night time flight just sooooooo annoying, turning it off was not intuitive and had to ask the flight attendants how to turn it off during their very busy work of handing out packages with five miniature pretzels and drinks to the passengers, was happy to get a whole cab of juice to myself though."
Cons: "We arrived early and then sat on tarmac for so long we were technically late.."
Pros: "We didn't die in a fiery explosion. The flight attendants were nice too"
Cons: "I know that I was in economy, but JEEZ! Everything was super cramped. I don't take up much room, but you couldn't do anything. I had a larger dude partway into my seat, my seat barely leaned back (and would slowly creep it's way to upright anyway), and of course I had no leg room at all, not that I was expecting that. Also, a six hour flight with just a snack offered is pretty absurd. I know cutting corners saves money, but I'm still paying money and it would be nice to have a slightly more pleasant experience. This was easily one of my worst flight experiences"
Pros: "Due to a computer error there was a slight delay on take off. However, the flight crew bought us a tasty beverage for the inconvience. Kudos to the flight attendant as she had a short amount of time to provide our service and did a wonderful job. Thank you."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flights were significanly delayed that resulted in missing connecting flights. During my return trip I ran to make my connecting flight just barely on time and once boarded we sat on the plan for an hour before taking off. Flight to get to Richmond on united was a major problem. I work up with a notification that my flight time had been moved up 2.5 hours ( a problem as I live 2.5 hours away from the airport) I called and they said it was a mistake that I was good to take the origional flight. A few hours later I get a phone call from united asking if I could be at the airport 2.5 hours early. I said unfortunately no because I had already spoken to someone from united and they had reassumed me that the origional flight was still good. She then said if I couldn't make it early it was no problem. So I get to the airport at the origional time after speaking to two different agents who told me this was ok to find the plane delayed and causing me to miss my missed connection."
Pros: "The crew and flight staff were friendly and professional."
Cons: "The seats are very narrow and crowded and the seat backs do not go back far enough to provide any additional comfort. The 1.5 hr flight only had peanuts or pretzels for a snack"
Cons: "Upon approach we were suddenly deverted to Seattle. I had a few issues. Number one you could not hear the pilot so that made it worse. The lack of communication was horrible. I have been on flights when there has been clarity given a change in plans but this was bad. We sat at the gate for an hour and a half, again no real communication, the fligh attendant t hope was joking when he said there was a half a bottle left for the whole plane...much later we were served water. Announcements were made but no clarity. We were told to collect baggage at number 2. Get a voucher for a hotel. After deplann9ng about 25 of us stood in line at the customer service desk where there were two staff working slowly. Then after an hour they announced we were in the wrong place, couldn't that have been explained earlier? Once we made our way out of the terminal to the ticket count the line was all the way down the hall. still with little info we waited. We landed at the alternate airport at 945, at 130am I had my vouchers, the food not useful until the following day, the hotels were full, no one picked up the phone for the shuttle bus to the hotels. I finally elected to sleep at the airport on a bench. We had actually all been reassigned a flight on our same plane. So I am not sure why we had to wait in line all that time. Our bags were not removed from the plane an irritated baggage claim attendant told me. It was a mess. The flight the next morning was fine, short, without problems for me. united needs to work on its communications. It would have been helpful to have someone out side running the line giving out info. And at customer service they should have been paying attention to their line. Would have been helpful."
Cons: "Despite having made the reservation over a month in advance, my partner and I weren't assigned seats and ended up in different rows--both in middle seats that did not recline. Flight was significantly delayed."
Pros: "This was the first flight in approximately 10 years where everything worked as it was supposed to. The flight was on time. Our crew were pleasant, friendly, and warm - this has been the missing element for a long time. The new plane was comfortable."
Cons: "I still could not get my PC to work with in-flight entertainment."
Cons: "Bad cancellation policy. I would've been charged over $200 to cancel a single leg of my journey (no other changes or add'l flight). Would not do business with United again."
Cons: "I was just disappointed that this leg of my trip my seat didn't have an outlet to charge my phone like my first flight. My phone was very low on battery life so that annoyed me. Your planes are older looking than some other airlines I take."
Pros: "Economy+ seats were very nice. Gates were close."
Cons: "Having content viewable on your app is fine, but finding out last minute that for some reason your device doesn't work with the system is annoying. There didn't seem to be any food or drink service, which was odd."
Cons: "Horrible delays and reboarding and then none of the crew tried to make anything better. My flight attendant practically threw one of the cheap bags of snacks at me"
Pros: "On time and people nice"
Cons: "Everything. Very good"
Pros: "I like that I was put on another plane and went from Richmond to Chicago. It was a very small plane but mine was overbooked."
Pros: "The pretzel snacks had flavoring added"
Cons: "My seat didn't recline My arm rest wouldn't raise My flight was delayed for hours There wasn't another available flight I could switch to I lost a whole day of work from getting in at 1:00 AM"
Pros: "Flight attendants were great, all smiles and very kind."
Cons: "The United staff at the gate desk were terrible. Very rude, unwilling to take care of customer requests or even try to show any customer service."
Pros: "We left on time and got in 40 min early, direct flight, crew was friendly"
Cons: "Seats were smaller than usual flights, no window seats left when I checked in, under seat leg area small, the TV was repetitive and no music options, if there were plugins on the flught!, they were hard to find. No free WiFi for T-Mobile in flight texting, standing in line while waiting to board after walking all day...the boarding took ages and people kept cutting (first class, disabled?)...it'd be nice if the crew acknowledged why people were taken out of order like "okay, first class you're all set!" Or "thank you for your service" so we knew it wasn't 20 people randomly jumping the line."
Cons: "The flight attendant was rude to me while I was boarding. There was room for my carry on in the overhead compartment but she told me I had to keep my bag under the seat in front of me. There was also an extremely overweight person next to me, I couldn't lean back.I had to ride the entire flight on the edge of the seat stooped over. They should have made the large man buy 2 seats."
Pros: "Yes was really nice"
Pros: "They were timely."
Cons: "I don’t think I showed good judgement using this airline. The “low fares” are a gimmick because the price is comparable to a normal airline once all the add ins are taken into account. I think charging for a carry on ridiculous. The cabin wasn’t clean. A brown fluid dropped from the in cabin baggage compartment on my clothes during the flight. Never again."
Cons: "No assistance with check in process. Two out of two flights more than 45 minutes late. $100 for two checked bags. Even charged $5 for water on flight."
Pros: "New plane nice crew"
Cons: "Small tray tables"
Cons: "The attendant at the gate was rude and trying to rush us through . Did not want to wait for me to get my boarding passes on the phone. She was agitated by the time it took to unlock my phone and get them shown."
Pros: "My refund"
Cons: "The lack of customer care at the airport counter and on the phone until a Supervisor was finally connected. I appreciate Jam, for all her help and she apologized for the staff! Thank you"
Pros: "Boarding was efficient, planes were on time, crew was nice."
Cons: "When we arrived at our destination we sat on the runway for nearly an hour before we could deplane, we were given an estimated wait time of 20-25min. This airline will also nickel and dime you for everything. Charged $40+ for carry on luggage or checked baggage and more if you dont add the luggage when you check in online, which makes the low fare completely irrelevant. Didn't even have free water on the plane, had to buy a $3 bottle. They also charge you $10 if you don't print your own boarding pass and $8 to pick your seat. Won't fly with them again."
Cons: "Really poor leg room. I am 5"9 and my legs were hitting the seat in front of me the entire time. Seats do not recline. I felt like I was in MTA in the sky. Will not use again."
Cons: "We booked a flight to Vegas for our 14 year anniversary. When I searched for flights, Spirit Airlines came up. We hadn't ever flown with them prior to this trip and the price was decent, so we booked it. There was no warning about all the fees that would come along with the decent price! When we boarded the plane we were told we had to pay $65.00 per bag! (Not to check our bags, but to actually carry our own bags onto the plane!) It cost us $130.00 to get home with 2 small bags. If we had known this from the time of booking, we would not have chosen to carry on our luggage but checked them instead. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Not to mention the lady at the gate was incredibly rude."
Pros: "This was my first time flying Spirit Airlines and there was nothing that stood out to me as being exceptional."
Cons: "Didn't realize til checkin that I had to pay $40 each way to bring A carry-on. I paid extra for "security shortcut" which did not exist in the LAX airport. I showed my ticket to 3 different TSA agents who waved me on thru the same line as everyone else. Between the carry on and security shortcut I paid an extra $100 on top of my fare. I could have flown a major airline for the same overall cost. To make matters worse, I was seated next to a large woman who took up almost a third of my seat who was coughing the whole flight. She kept waving down the flight attendants for cups of ice and they seemed to ignore her more often than not. Ice is the only thing that's free. Even water costs $3. On the flight they bribe you with free miles to fill out a credit card application. I don't want to fly spirit again even if it's free, sorry!"
Cons: "I had two carry on cases at LAX, a briefcase for my computer and a Samsonite small case that would have fitted in an overhead compartment. The attendant at the ticket counter told me it would cost $59.00 to carry it inside the plane and $52.00 to put it as checked in luggage. So I agreed to send it as checked in luggage. On my return trip I did not ask any questions, I paid $52.00 repeated the same experience. Later I found out that there were passengers carrying similar size cases in overhead compartments. I am thoroughly disappointed with Spirit Airlines for singling me out and charging me $104.00 to increase their income."
Pros: "The airplanes seemed new, and the flight back was on time."
Cons: "Primarily the pricing is deceptive because things that included in the ticket price on most major airlines (e.g., 1 carry-on bag, a seat on the plane, soft drinks) must be paid for after buying the ticket. Fees just for a carry-on bag and selecting a seat on the plane added up to nearly $130 over the advertised ticket, and would have been more had I not checked in before leaving for the airport."
Cons: "Flight from Dallas to Chicago was delayed 2.5 hours, so they pulled me off the plane when it was finally time to board, telling me id miss my connecting flight. There needs to be a better way to handle that, the level of inconvenience set upon me was massive."
Cons: "Cancelled my flight TO Chicago. Next flight they could get me on was four days later! Then, lost my luggage on way from Chicago back to Portland. Agent lied to us that an agent had gone down to baggage desk to help us...we were sitting AT the desk the entire time and no one showed up. Now no one is available to discuss location / status of my suitcase, and the ETA. No one answers the phone at the number given to me. Poor, poor customer service."
Pros: "Nothing, it was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. The crew was nice but there was a lot of shotty things going on with the aircraft that I've never experienced."
Cons: "Flight was delayed multiple times then rescheduled back on time. Seats were worse than hard plastic ones from gradeschool, my back is still hurting me. Oxygen masks came down during the flight which worried me. Plane made all sorts of weird noises. Plane was filthy when we boarded. There were crumbs and food all over the floor. I would never suggest flying with Spirit, super unreliable."
Pros: "On time, good customer service, great prices for flights"
Cons: "High costs and additional fees like buying your seat (which you HAVE to do if you want to sit next to your flight friend), and high costs for bags (knowing this we may have went with another airline)"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My company paid for a flight then I had to pay 18 more dollars for my set and another 175 for one more bag and a level and water cofffee and pop 3 bucks a hit a beer 8 dollars and mixed 12 fly some one else there's too many hiddden charges"
Cons: "I thought the lady was a bit rude when I asked to go use the bathroom. And I also thought the crew was up and down the aisles way too much on this short flight."
Pros: "Seriously! Delayed flight departure for one hour at LAX then, one hour before the original departure time they cancelled the flight. Not weather-related. Bad bad bad."
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "We stayed in line for like 40 min to check in but all of a sadden agent say that the system shut down cuz we were late, so they basically left me at the airport with nothing... spirit is the worst experience ever..."
Cons: "I understand that spirit is a cheap airlines particularly serving those without luggage; however, when having luggage I spent $200 for a flight to pdx to lax - not a good deal. $200 for that flight should come with some kind of incredible perks which is not the case with spirit where you don't even get proper flight updates on the screen or tray tables. Also, it is clear that your airlines prey on those who follow directions as I saw handfuls of people walking through the gate with their luggage and not being charged, my boyfriend/travel companion for example paid nothing for his luggage, disregarded all memos via loud speaker and walked on with his unpaid for luggage. The experience with spirit was undesirable in every way and I will never chose this airline over another (luggage in hard or not) after the poor experience and being completely ripped off. I plan to share this message with social media and yelp sites as well."
Pros: "I have severe back issues and wad unable to lift my carry on into the overhead bin. I asked one of the flight attendants for some assistance. And for lack of a better word or expression, she gave me what can only be described as "stank face." She rolled her eyes and actually let out an audible sigh before grabbing the bag from my hands and shoving it into the bin, then walked away without so much as a word. I attempted to thank her and got no response, she just turned and walked away. I can say with all honesty that i have never been treated so rudely on any other airline."
Cons: "I didn't have a flight on spirit, they rebooked us on Delta."
Pros: "Truly the worst airline I have ever flown. They nickel and fine you with add on fees and surcharges that aren't communicated at the time of purchase. Unethical business model. Passengers"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit manipulates their prices and the way the system works to look like they are cheap flights but get you in other places in order to make way more money off you. I almost had to play 100 dollars because of bag issues that weren't my fault. Luckily my family was flying southwest and they were able to take my bag with them. I should have stayed with dependable southwest airlines. Another guy next to me payed 100 dollars for a carry on bag. And customer service is really bad specially in Portland airport pdx. Will never fly spirit airlines again and will recommend friends and family not fly with them either."
Pros: "KAYAK was great easy to use"
Cons: "spirit airlines is the WORST company, form terrible customer service to even worse flight service cancelled flights without notice half way to destination leaving you stranded with a 20$ dollar food credit regardless of length of stay at whice ever they decied to leave you stranded!!! They also charge a hidden baggage fee of 50$ per carry on, and 150$ per checked bag, whice is completly rediculous. Not sure how this company is still in business. TERRIBLE HORRIBLE CRIMINAL."
Pros: "My flight from Chicago to Portland was seamless once it left the airport. I don't know if the delay was a Spirit Airlines or O'hare issue, but the result was a significant delay."
Cons: "There is almost nothing that would make me use this airline again. My flight wasn't even cheap, so that definitely didn't make up for the fact that I paid $50 both ways for my carry on bag, and one $30 seat fee so that I could request a window seat on a cross-country red eye. Water is not free on the plane, and still there were no seat back pockets, so the water bottle I bought (and didn't want in my bag w/ important documents) rolled around on the floor all night. I'm a small woman, and there was barely space for me to fit in the seat. Uncomfortable, expensive."
Pros: "It was clean."
Cons: "You can't even get a thing of peanuts for free. You have to pay for everything. Even if you did decide to pay for a soda, you could barely fit it on the fold out table."
Pros: "I am not a negative person, but there is honestly not one good thing I can about Spirit airlines. I can't even say it was terrible and worth the cheap price - because they nickel and dime you about 10 times over."
Cons: "Everything. The million things I was charged for was almost comical except that it was so expensive."
Cons: "40lb weight limit for checked baggage. Small size limit for personal item. Time delays while waiting on hold with spirit via phone. First time flying this airline and certainly won't be a customer again."
Pros: "when we left the plane I was rejoiced"
Cons: "hidden fees, rude staff, no water!"
Pros: "not much."
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, Charges for water , never fly again with this airline, not worth trying to save a dollar having to pay extra for luggage to and from destination."
Pros: "Your staff."
Cons: "I did not like having to pay for EVERYTHING. I didn't like the the lack of staff hands-on help when it came to boarding. But most of all I was absolutely disappointed and angry at the fact that something as simple as the starter and or fuel injector, whichever it was wasnt thoroughly checked out on a pre-flight check. Whether its your procedure or not THAT is unacceptable. We were headed to the runway before they realized it and we sat still for about 20-30 mins. Which I can only imagine means that they were having problems starting the engine in question and that they were entertaining the thought of taking off if they could get it to work. If there is something wrong with an engine, regardless of the issue, there should be an immediate check by the proper crew. On top of all this I had to wait at PDX for 3 hours because the ride I had arranged had a certain window of time to pick me up and I missed it. I didn't get picked up until 10pm"
Pros: "never flying spirit again"
Cons: "80+$ baggage fee for what on other airlines is only 25$, no free soda not even free water, worthless second rate citizens bilked by company that offers you nothing other than the chance to slide you credit card."
Pros: "Inexpensive Tickets"
Cons: "Gate was changed last minute, and nobody bothered to inform all of us who were waiting at the previous gate. I later discovered an email about the gate change, but the Spirit board and the gate signage hadn't changed, so I wasn't checking email. Everyone rushed down to the new gate, and had to walk outside to board. Seats on Spirit are pretty cramped and uncomfortable. They don't recline (at all), and they are thin, so you feel everything happening in the pouch behind your back. The most annoying aspect of the flight, however, was the unending sales pitch about their credit card that was made by the flight attendants as we made our descent. It was ridiculously loud, especially after a dark late night flight, and just kept going and going. I don't fault the staff, who are probably responsible for selling, but I do fault Spirit for forcing a captive audience to hear it ad nauseam. Overall, you kind of get what you pay for here, and I would still fly Spirit again IF they were considerably cheaper than the competition. BTW, remember that Spirit charges for carry on luggage. We shipped our via UPS, which was half as much, thanks in part to shipping via my workplace."
Cons: "Poor flight connection time- we waited 6 hours for our connecting flight at Chicago. Poor gate change arrangement- changing gate without changing the boarding on the arriving/departure board. My daughter and I sat outside of the boarding gate for 2 and a half hours and were informed the boarding gate had changed. When we realized the gate changed, we rushed to the gate, the gate closed. We ran to the customer service. The staff there wasn't sympathetic and showed no interest of helping us to get on another flight to Portland asap. Instead of connecting us to the flight that we could arrive at Portland on the same day, he told us two choices of flight: same flight at the same time on the next day; fly to Dallas next morning and then fly to Portland arriving Portland at early evening. It was already 8:45 pm at the time. I asked was there any earlier flight we could take as my daughter has to be at a camp orientation the next day. He was rude and refused to offer any further help. As we walked away , my daughter saw a nearby boarding gate showed a flight to Dallas in 20 minutes. We rushed back to the Spirit staff and asked him to put us on that flight. He said it's already too late. If he would had tried at the beginning, we would have a chance to be on that flight, and be back to Portland next day. We ended up buying tickets from another airline to fly home that night. In summary- Spirit Airline: expensive after added all other fees, ending up paying more with very poor service, lack of convenience of larger companies that have more flights , small seat space; you will be treated as a bargain seeker and deserved no respect or service."
Pros: "Good price, very convenient schedule"
Cons: "Gate change announcements can't just be by email - I have a dumb phone. My daughter turns hers off to save the battery. Etc. The gate change for Spirit Airlines 655 ORD to PDX never appeared on their departure board, the previously scheduled gate, or the gate they moved to. Had I been hurrying from another flight or from long lines at security I would have missed my flight. If this is your first time flying with Spirit, read the rules carefully to pay for what you want and only what you want."
Cons: "everything. 2 hours waiting in 1./2 hour increments due to 'maintenance'. After that we were offered a full refund or to book the same flight next day. I chose the latter. The next day, four hours before the flight, it was already delayed 1.45 minutes. I canceled the flight and it took Spirit more than a week to refund the money."
Pros: "Honesty. You get a great price ticket with bare bones. It is up to you if you wish to add meat on the bones, and you pay for it. Nothing is hidden. You know completely what to expect!"
Cons: "Seats are really close together. You are told this ahead of time, so no surprises there, but they also don't recline. Harder to nap than other airlines... Bring a head/neck pillow!"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The service was awful, 3 of my flights were canceled over 4 days. They did not accommodate me at all and now I'm flying Southwest as I should have in the first place. They're the bomb!"
Pros: "I got back to Portland"
Cons: "That the crew Was less than friendly, they sat and glared at us the whole flight, snapped at people if they asked questions, I don't like all of the hidden fee's your airline changes, I don't know if I'll use you again, and I do plan on a lot of air travel this year."
Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "Everything is an add on and it's so crazy expensive!!! 55 for a carry on and ONLY one way?!?! You have got to be kidding me. Then they make you pay to even select your seats. I will never fly spirit again. Because of all the add ons for the "services" they provide it becomes the same or even more expensive than other airlines. At least with other airlines you get more comfortable seats and TVs, music etc and other airlines won't make you pay for a glass of water on a 4 hr flight.... Never fly SPIRIT!!!!"
Cons: "Horrible service. From checking in my luggage. From the staff at the podium. From flight attendants. Nobody smiling. The way they talk to people very condescending. I gave this airlines a try because I was more of "see is to believe" kind of person. Probably the last time I would fly with Spirit and tell my family and friends as well."
Cons: "Advertised the cheapest rate but by the time I went through the process of getting my boarding pass my bags cost more to fly than myself it's ridiculous. Hey charged $84 for one bag and they charged $76 for a carry-on round-trip even charge three dollars for just a soda he's guys are money hungry I'll never fly with spirit again"
Pros: "Their honesty and the price. They tell you upfront that you are paying for a seat from point A to point B and that's it. Anything extra will Cost you. With that in mind I prepared myself to try and not receive any additional costs and I didn't. The staff was very friendly And helpful and our flight attendant was awesome and made our trip even more enjoyable. Being only 5'4" tall the leg room and seat size were accommodating and comfortable for me. We didn't pay to sit together but we checked in online at the same time and wound up sitting in the same row!"
Cons: "I wish there was a way to know where we were flying over since we were on a 4 hour flight and the scenery was exquisite! Other than that, no complaints!"
Cons: "We arrived at the airport two hours early and got to the gate right when they closed it so we missed our flight. When we asked to switch our flight the attendant said that there wasn't another for another two days and then walked away. She came back 20 minutes later and said there was nothing she could do. After about 15 minutes she changed our flight. I got in huge trouble at work because I missed my flight and couldn't afford another airline's flight home. TSA was extremely rude and the Spirit staff was extremely rude as well."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines provides no services (including water), the seats and tray tables are minimal and uncomfortable, and the seats do not recline. The ground staff are so tired of repeating the same company negative replies to incredulous passengers ("$100 to bring on a carry-on?") that they come across as unaccommodating and surly. My return flight attempt to prepay for our luggage on the website ($40 per bag rather then $50 at the kiosk) took over 40 minutes including having to join the Spirit Airlines club which I have absolutely no intention of ever using again. Read the fine print on luggage weight, extra charges, one personal item before you think this airline is a "deal.""
Pros: "The aircraft was new and very clean. The staff were relatively friendly as well."
Cons: "I understand that not bundling is supposed to make things cheaper, but after I booked my flight and realized my carry-on wasn't included but would cost me $45 extra, I was super frustrated. I could have paid $20 extra to get a flight through a different airline that would include that AND basic accommodations (i.e.: complimentary beverage and snack). I think the idea behind "un-bundling" is good, but I was terribly disappointed with my experience and will unfortunately not use this airline again."
Pros: "I hate Spirit. I really do."
Cons: "I get that this is a low cost carrier. But their business isn't really being low cost-it's tricking you into paying more for stupid little things. Like, I didn't pay to check bags when I first checked in, and then tried to later (online, 20 minutes after check in) and it cost $10 more per bag. Then, when we got to the airport, we were told we had to have our boarding passes printed out before we got to the ticket agent or they would charge $10 per effing boarding pass. Seriously. No option for mobile boarding pass, of course. After you pay for bags (you pay to CARRY ON a bag) & getting an assigned seat, this is not a budget alternative. It just sucks."
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