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LufthansaOverall score based on 27939 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: Lufthansa is a great airline.
Cons: Food was so hot that it was difficult to remove the packaging to be able to eat the pasta.... Desert was ok, brownie was real hard and too sweet....

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Pros: Lufthansa is a great airline.
Cons: Food was so hot that it was difficult to remove the packaging to be able to eat the pasta.... Desert was ok, brownie was real hard and too sweet....

Cons: The least leg room in any flight I’ve taken. We had requested vegetarian and the flight from Frankfurt to Nairobi gave our meal to other passengers.they told us we had to eat the best dish or nothing. This on an 8 hour flight.

Pros: Staff was extremely nice and helpful

Cons: Check-in Seattle was ill organized and folks cut and groused

Pros: The crew was friendly
Cons: Maybe not have my luggage lost and get rebooked to a later flight for no reason

Pros: Flew Business Class with miles program (United). Lufthansa always gives good basic flight experience. Watched two movies so saved some time at home. Lounges are getting better every time I fly. They are especially good, understandably, in Frankfurt.
Cons: Nada. They get the job done.

Pros: Crew were great. Very friendly & helpful
Cons: Lufthansa really need to serve something better than high school cafeteria grade food

Cons: No proper wheel chair assistant and made passenger miss the flight. Airlines have to take extra steps to make wheel chair passengers to reach the gate safely and on time.

Pros: Crew were friendly, boarded promptly
Cons: Food could have been better.

Pros: Tv screens, free beverages, frequent service
Cons: The single most cramped and uncomfortable flying experience of my life. The chair in front of me recliner lined to 4 inches in front of my nose. Couldn’t move legs or arms for 10 hours because it was so tightly packed. I couldn’t believe it was legal to fit that many people that closely together.

Cons: Food could be better

Pros: My seat was next to bathrooms when everyone start using it start smelling too much very uncomfortable sitting there. Food chicken was very salted, they run out of drinks 10 hours flight dinner served at begging no snacks or anything till 2 hours before landing
Cons: At least air fresheners in bathrooms or something better so passengers can sit comfortably

Cons: The flight itself was good. But the connection wasn't. For this schedule, it is next to impossible to make the connection. The gate that the SEA to FRA flighy arrives at is at least half an hour away from the gate that SEA to MAA leaves from and there is a security checkpoint in between.

Pros: The flight attendants were friendly. The seats were new. The movie selection was good.
Cons: The scrambled eggs for breakfast appeared to be powered eggs, or overcooked eggs. The storage bins for the luggage were very small for the middle seats (aircraft was an Airbus A330-200). After several hours of flying, there was trash in the aisles and on the toilet floor. The toilets were dirty and not cleaned. Finally, the toilets ran out of paper towels and tissues with 3 hours to go in the flight, and they were never refilled. The flight attendants put a roll of toilet paper next the sink to use for your hands.

Pros: Lufrhansa is a fantastic airline
Cons: The seat pitch and width were too small.

Pros: flight attendant found me a seat away from the screaming babies.
Cons: I was surrounded by about 6 babies. This is not acceptable for a long flight! I would like to have options as to where I sit. There should be a baby section where families pay more to be in a section on their own!!

Pros: We purchased seats with extra legroom. They were well worth the extra cost as we were very comfortable.

Cons: Very bad food

Pros: Good plane and service

Pros: Crew was very attentive and efficient. Flight was ready to leave on time but was delayed due to security concerns at Sea Tac airport; even though the flight arrived on time.
Cons: I did not have a problem with anything.

Pros: Food was ok. Beer offered at no charge. Lots of entertainment options
Cons: Plane was HOT no air and economy was unbelievably cramped and uncomfortable. 9 1/2 hr flight was torture

Pros: Staff were nice and friendly.
Cons: The plane was dirty. The seatback was not clean, and the tray table was stained. The 9-hour flight did not have any USB ports or outlets for charging. The touchscreen did not work well, and my seat would not move forward or back without me pushing or pulling it. This

Pros: The selection of in-flight movies is excellent. That has been my only positive experience
Cons: Lufthansa is always late, every single flight I have caught with them has been at least 45 minutes late. Additionally they are very inflexible if you want to make a change to your tickets after purchasing. Boarding the plane is handled very inefficiently and takes much longer than most other airlines. The food is mediocre and the drink cart only comes by every 2 hours or so which is far too infrequent

Pros: It was an overall good experience. Very well organized. Since both legs of the flight we're half-empty, it was easier on the crew too. They were nice and helpful. Everything very clean. Entertainment choices were good. Had an excellent entertainment system.
Cons: Food was kind of bland.

Pros: Crew is very friendly, seats are extremely comfortable and good room overall, comfortable flight.
Cons: Hi, To be honest, it was embarrassing to serve that dish on such a major airline. Chicken with bbq sauce and corn or something like that. Was distasteful I couldn’t take more than 2 small bites.

Pros: The Entertainment, the Food and the nice and friendly manner of all personell.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Such great personnel in the air - can't say enough how much I appreciated them.
Cons: The airline as a whole, however, encourages you to book with them under the reasonable assumption that connecting flights with Lufthansa will be achievable. Now that I've seen Frankfurt, There was no way they could actually expect any of us to make our connecting flights. And they offer no compensation. When I did get another flight, it was terribly delayed. Talking in line with regular European travelers, they said they expect it. Also met several fliers at the service desk attempting to connect via entirely different routes, all having the same experience.

Cons: Crew was not nice at all. They would skip us along the way while serving others, or even drop ice on us, and never said sorry once (instead, they would say it's only ice, or if I want 2 since they skipped me already twice when serving tea unlike the passengers around me on both sides). We paid nearly $6k for the 3 of us, but the crew made us feel as if we paid nothing. The entertainment system did not work well, and most of the time the movies refused to play. We were always suggested to restart, and were not even given free access to internet as an alternative. No one ever apologized for anything in the entire flight, it felt like this flight was a favor.

Pros: Flight went smoothly boarding was a little delayed.
Cons: Getting to gate 10 minutes after boarding time and no one had boarded yet.

Pros: Everything was generally good and normal
Cons: Except the plane was roasting and had no vents

Pros: Service , on time

Pros: Services, Food, Crew
Cons: IFE doesn't had much options.

Pros: service, care for my 85 pound dog and his kennel while traveling halfway across the globe! Thank you! Flight was smooth, services on board excellent.

Pros: Aircraft crew was decent.
Cons: Seattle to Frankfurt aircraft was the dingiest and most crammed aircraft I have ever used on an international leg. The seats were tiny so much so that some other passengers were not able to fit in! The lighting was gloomy, restroom dirty within the first hour of the flight, no space to keep any magazine or books on the back rest of the seat in front of you, etc. Overall - such a bad experience. Not expected from Lufthansa, especially as I have had great experience with Lufthansa earlier.

Pros: The view - flying low over the northern extremes of Canada was superb. Thanks to the pilots etc.
Cons: The flight was late arriving at Frankfurt. I requested a notification to my connecting flight. Crew member frowned, turned away and in formed me, "We don't do that". I ran to the Connecting Lufthansa flight and barely made it on time.

Pros: Boarding was done very quickly. Unlike the norm nowadays, people weren't cramming every single inch of space in the overhead. In addition, the flight wasn't full so my travel companion got to enjoy a full row to himself while I enjoyed an empty seat next to me to stretch out. The food was very good. The staff came by quite a few times to offer orange juice or water. The entertainment syren was excellent. I watched four full movies on the trip and have in mind at least a couple more for the return leg.
Cons: Not a thing.

Pros: Lots of room on a 747 - Lufthansa will probably retire them all soon. They handled my special meal request online and loaded the meals on the plane.
Cons: The crew didn’t bother to confirm who had requested the special meals, and they perhaps were confused by the size of the wide body rows, so they served my dinner to the passenger in the window seat (seat K) instead of me (seat H) By the time I realized what had happened, my row mate had eaten half the meal. The crew also rammed my knee with a beverage cart while I was dozing. Not the best showing ever...

Pros: service, good quick flight
Cons: late departure in Frankfurt; high noise level of the Embraer plane;s engines; failing AC in the cabin

Cons: There was light turbulence in some parts during the flight but the captain never turned the "fasted hour seatbel on" sign which was strange.

Pros: The crew were very helpful and polite. The seats had plenty legroom. The food was excellent, and entertainment was also very good. Most importantly, there was no delay.

Pros: Flight attendant was very helpful. She went out of her way to bring me a special tea. Large selection of entertainment.
Cons: Food could've had more healthier choices. Also, kid-friendly food would've been a plus. Not enough leg room. Headphones were only working for one ear which is really bad for the ears. Air conditioning was really turned on really high and gave me a headache and the sniffles. I started throwing up during landing time. Horrible.

Pros: Food was pretty good except for breakfast. Hospitality is great. Wish there was more access to water.
Cons: Big passengers sitting near smaller passengers is annoying as they encroach on the limited space that exist and armrests suck as per usual.

Pros: Our attendents were clearly focused on our needs. Efficient and still very human and kind. A real treat.


Cons: A kid next to me keep shifting and kick me and nudge me all the time. His dad was trying to stop him from moving too much but couldn't control entirely. I kept waking up

Pros: Lufhansa did a great job. During flights, everything was good.
Cons: Security check in Frankfurt was terrible, violating all human rights in every possible way! Please don't tell me that it is for passengers safety; such a humiliation cannot be justified by any reason! Since Lufthansa uses this airport for the most of their flights, I would not fly with this company anymore

Cons: We were told by the Delta baggage handler that they strike one day each quarter. This would have been helpful information before we booked our flight from Kayak. We had to delay our honeymoon by 12 hours and fly into a different airport. Delta was great though and the Luthanza agent who rescheduled us was also great.

Pros: Check in smooth and professional. Please change places with Asia air so you are in front of rather than behind the hoard of people.
Cons: On my flight from Seattle to Frankfurt I had one stewardess repeatedly skip me. She was a bit older. I thought after the first overlook she would take extra care but did not. This resulted in me having to ask the crew to repeat their previous steps just for me. "Hi, I know you are serving coffee but I wanted red wine". She was a bit clipped about having to repeat steps but what was I to do? She never looked up enough to see my hand and clearly didn't look at my face. She also didn't pick up my hand towel. I essentially had to rely on the rest of the crew but the care from this lady started to feel purposefully negligent of me. The rest of the staff was friendly and efficient. I also thought we were supposed to get an was never offered. Couldn't check in online. Was fine once I got to the countr but could you trade space with Asia air? It makes sense to have them at the end as they have a huge hoard of people it would be nice not to have to go through and several spots to check in. Check in at the desk otherwise was smooth and professional.

Pros: The crew was especially great!

Cons: Legroom

Pros: food good
Cons: techical problems announced AFTER plane was fully boarded, took 1-1/2 hours with no refreshments offered except the water bottles at seat. However, captain did make periodic announcements as to progress of repairs.

Cons: From Helsinki to Stockholm I missed my flight because we boarded late. Once in Stockholm I had to take two different planes for my destination and in result loosing time

Pros: Getting off the plane.
Cons: SAS like other airlines gives you a chance to bid on a nicer seat. If the offer is accepted, your card is charged the amount you bid and you are upgraded. If your offer is not accepted, you keep your seat and are not charged for bidding. I placed a bid for a nicer seat and was informed the day before the flight that my bid was rejected. But when the plane was boarding, I went to the man at the desk and asked if the plane was full. He informed me that it was not, and that I could pay roughly $300 for economy plus, or $1000 for business class. Online, I was ALLOWED to bid $200 for the economy plus seat. If they are going to reject this offer and then have the seat fly empty, they are a bunch of dicks. They had a chance for me to be a happier customer and to make more money. Now they lost both. What was also terrible is that when I family with an infant was moved up a few seats, I suggested to the lady next to me who wanted the newly vacant aisle seat that she ask the flight attendant for it. The flight attendant said it was fine. As the lady sitting next to me went to her her new seat, and old man from a few rows up took it. Another flight attendant had promised it to him. So, now the two of us are crammed, she's pissed that the seat she said she could have she couldn't, and I'm there like "My god, they wouldn't even take my money to let me have a nicer, EMPTY, seat." Poor communication, poorly run. Try another airline.

Cons: If you want to have a different meal than what they offer, you have to contact customer service before hand. I never been on a flight so far, where there wasn’t a vegetarian option. So I was pretty surprised when they just offered beef fajitas. I asked for a vegetarian option only to find out there isn’t none. The flight attendant wasn’t super nice about it either, she just said you have to order it online. But at no point I got an email saying, if you want something different than what we offer, tell us! So that was pretty annoying...

Cons: No choice in main course. Only one option Long time since wine or beer is not offered free on a “major” airline. The entertainment was interrupted a couple of times with adds. Seats are tight and space more in line with a discount airline.

Pros: People were very kind. The food was terrific!
Cons: The entertainment system was slow.

Pros: Boarding was quick and easy. Decent amount of overhead space. The pilot was friendly. USB ports for charging phones at the seat. Free bottle of water at your seat.
Cons: No overhead fan. When flight got really hot, no way to moderate temperature. No choice of food at all, unless you are in economy plus. I don't remember the last time that a trans-Atlantic flight had at least a meant, or fish, or vegetarian dish. Usually, at least two or three dishes. On SAS, everything has to be ordered ahead of time. Some of the flight attendants were friendly, some not so friendly. No free alcoholic drinks even with dinner. Limited regular drinks - they are only served with food, aside from that you have to purchase even the non-alcoholic drinks. The food just wasn't very good, even compared to other airline food. Compared to other companies, relatively small selection of entertainment. I had considerably more choice on a domestic flight than on a 9 hr. international SAS flight. Storage pockets at the seat are pretty small.

Pros: We were in an empty Plus cabin at front. Coming from Miami, the hot towel service would have been nice. I blinked and missed the service. They will quickly skip you if they can. Food weird. Salmon in a box with no bread or rice or anything and a strange savory muffin. Ate neither. No entertainment.
Cons: See above. Sorry. Nothing was good. Came in 10 mins early!

Pros: Flight was on time. Boarding was simple and easy. Staff were excellent in handling the boarding process and very prompt in getting people seated/luggage put in to overhead lockers, free tea and coffee was provided which assured that extra comfort, would definitely recommend.

Pros: The comfort and technology on the aircraft.
Cons: NA

Cons: The crew passed by me TWICE while serving food and I was not sleeping at that time. I had to go and ask for food myself. Also there was a delay about 40 minutes when taking off in CPH (CPH-EWR) because of a fuel-screen malfunction or smth. The pilot was very nice and kept us informed all the time. I still didn't make my connection flight due to the delay and SAS rebooked me which made my already long trip 8 hrs longer.

Pros: We traveled with our 11 month old and the crew was super helpful. It was an 8.5hr flight, we got a middle seat to give him space to play and the staff had a lot of fun engaging with him. They even gave him a couple of toys to play with. Food was just ok, but better than most airline meals I've had. We flew Premium Economy which was a comfortable experience as well.
Cons: Checking in took too long, but that's more due to the new US-bound flight restrictions and process that's supporting that.

Pros: Efficient processing of passengers onto aircraft.

Pros: i ended up missing the flight, due to car accident which involved injuries.

Cons: Not enough characters to express my disappointment.

Pros: Food was very good on international flight. All personnel was extremely polite and courteous. Great movie selection. Everyone was greeted with headphones, a bottle of water, pillow and blanket
Cons: Nothing not to like

Cons: Food was really, really bad. Only one very bad choice ignoring health conditions of different passengers.

Cons: SAS charged me 70 Euros for a small 14 KG carryon luggage. It should have been free. Even Ryan air only charged 35$ for a checked bag. This was ridiculous and service was poor.

Pros: Good boarding, crew nice and professional, lots of entertainment choices, plenty of bathrooms. Overall a very good flight.
Cons: No opportunity to rest on flight back home and wine a bit expensive for a European flight.

Pros: Two complimentary meals in addition to complimentary blankets was very nice. Dimming the lights for sleeping was also nice.
Cons: They did not enforce the boarding of the back of the plane after first and business class, as a person sitting in the back of the plane it was a horrible boarding experience. Should also board less rows at a time from back to front. Even though the lights were dimmed I couldn't actually sleep, since the lights were turned back on too often to try to pass out breakfast less than 4 hours after we just had dinner.

Cons: gate change at the last minute across whole airport, and I am in a wheelchair so it was very challenging. people at airport not accommodating, kind or friendly

Pros: Airplane was fine

Pros: Will choose SAS again.
Cons: WiFi didn't work and movie selection could be a bit better. That's all.

Pros: Not much to say on a positive note, I want to avoid this airline if I can.
Cons: Three and a half hour flight and all they offer free is coffee and soft drinks! The economy seats are small and the flight attendants are indifferent, until it's time to promote their duty free products. Find an airline with better customer service.

Pros: Seat room good. Food very good. Flight attendants excellent.
Cons: Nothing comes to mind at this time.

Pros: Pleased with everything.

Cons: Cattle call boarding in a culture where standing in que is unheard of.

Cons: Booked SAS Go level which included 1 piece of luggage each. At check-in, we were told that is not the case despite SAS' own website saying that it is. I was charged another $320 and I am disgusted with their business practices which revolve around, deceit, lies andl I would even say fraud! There were many others complaining about the SAS Go luggage issue and then having to pay again. I could have gone with Ryan Air for a fraction of the cost.

Pros: Friendly service, good movies. Easy flight, arrived early.
Cons: Being served two versions of a ham and cheese wrap in a row. Variety would have been nice.

Pros: Had to pay USD 75/bag which was not clear when I booked the ticket. You have to inform the customer about these rukes.

Pros: Everything was on time!

Pros: Scandinavian Airlines was good to work with in person to fix issues.
Cons: This was a connecting flight that was swapped to go to Newark instead of DC due to unforeseeable delays in DC. Not bad in and of itself but they only gave me a few hours notice that my flight was changed (email sent at 1 AM on a 7 AM flight) and I lost my already paid for upgrade to premium economy. They couldn't find any record of me having purchased an upgrade when I went to check in on my 5+ hour flight.

Pros: Very good service with excellent entertainment. Nice smooth flight. An excellent value.
Cons: Passport control in Copenhagen is too slow to allow for a 35 minute layover. We missed our flight to Stuttgart and had to go to the transfers counter. The service at the transfers counter was outstanding and they put us onto a Lufhansa flight. In the end we got to Stuttgart 5 hours later than planned.

Pros: we landed 20 minutes before schedule

Pros: Movie selection/Entertainment choices were good. Food was ok. Overhead storage space was adequate.
Cons: Seats are awfully small and legroom is cramped. The crew was standoffish and inattentive. Beverage service is lacking.

Pros: Entertainment variety
Cons: You had to pay for drinks

Pros: New airbus with good entertainment screenset clean
Cons: Delays on boarding (on departing as well as returning home) Damaged luggage

Pros: The flight was good : excellent pilot and crew. Good takeoff and landing. Short but sweet flight.
Cons: Leg room is a nit short for tall people. Everything else was great.

Cons: I didn't not like the fact that I had to wait too long about 9hrs in Copenhagen. The intial transit time was about 3hrs but the flight schedule was changed resulting to about 9hrs wait at the airport. Thanks to the Service representative I was given 100 Denmark money for food. I was very tired and the 9hrs wait didn't help. Overall, the Service was good. Maybe this was a one off but I wish I knew. I was going to get some rest in a holtel.

Pros: Best movie selection, comfy seats, arrived earlier than scheduked
Cons: Flight attendants were not very friendly, pilot was hard to understand

Cons: They changed departure gate, we sat at wrong gate for most time

Cons: Crew unfriendly

Pros: Food good; nice drinks selection; no food available on demand
Cons: Inattentive service; few entertainment options

Pros: Amazing service.

Pros: Crew was excellent
Cons: Was put on standby because all passengers could not wait in gate area after checkin. Stood in public hallway for nearly an hour - no seating in area where told to stand.

Pros: I am angry about the inability to contact a SAS person.
Cons: You think I should of gotten frustrated on my vacation!!!

Pros: Polite crew, decent space allotment, decent food-well balanced meal. Entertainment was good, quite a few big name movies.
Cons: I wasn't served my second meal/snack, for the second time on my experiences with SAS.

Cons: My suitcase was never put on my flight from LAX - ARN, despite checking in 24 hours early and arriving at baggage drop 2.5 hours before my flight. I still have not received my suitcase in Helsinki, and they can't seem to locate it. I am on vacation in Finland and have no clothes, medicine, or toiletries and everyone at SAS and baggage claim have been very unhelpful.

Cons: 2 hr delay on a 2 hr flight

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Washington to Tromsø

Airlines flying from Washington to Tromsø have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Washington to Tromsø

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Washington to Tromsø

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Washington to Tromsø

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Washington to Tromsø

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Washington to Tromsø

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