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I had an expired ticket for a free drink from the team. it expired during the pandemic. I purchased a drink when i think it would have been really sweet for them to honor it. Between trying to be safe and travel when i felt comfortable, I missed the deadline. It would be different it we hadn't been locked down all year. Just felt like if there was a time to be nice that was it and the stewardess mussed it. All good.

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I had an expired ticket for a free drink from the team. it expired during the pandemic. I purchased a drink when i think it would have been really sweet for them to honor it. Between trying to be safe and travel when i felt comfortable, I missed the deadline. It would be different it we hadn't been locked down all year. Just felt like if there was a time to be nice that was it and the stewardess mussed it. All good.

Pros: "I appreciate that Delta leaves seats empty, for our health."
Cons: "Snacks were all sugar-laden. Not good for anyone!"
Cons: "Excelente"
Pros: "Crew is amazing!"
Cons: "The Plane!"
Pros: "The delta checkin desk were exceptional."
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Flight was on time out of JFK, and quick and easy to board. We took off on time and landed 30 minutes early. This is was a great trip, and I love Delta."
Cons: "We were seated near the back of the airplane. The heater came on midway of the flight, by the time we landed, it was difficult to breathe because it was so hot. The flight attendant all relocated from the back of aircraft to the front aircraft where it was cooler, I assume. I was worried for my son."
Pros: "Flight attendants were friendly and appreciate gate agent's enforcement of the two personal bags per person."
Pros: "Nice crew"
Cons: "No leg room for 6’6” person."
Pros: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "Lot of turbulence. Provided videos/entertainment without providing headphones"
Pros: "Atlanta airport was busy and we circled for 30+ minutes, which nearly caused us to miss a connecting flight (customs and all). The Delta pilot was good at communicating with the passengers though."
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "flight was diverted an hour away for refueling because of weather over SLC. But SLC opened before we even landed at Grand Junction, CO. I had 8 mins to run between concourses to catch the next flight. My bags didn’t make the flight and have perishable food items. But it is what it is."
Cons: "WiFi"
Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour. Missed my Easter dinner plans... :("
Pros: "Crew was gr8, seats comfy and space between seats was great, great space for legs"
Cons: "The quality of the forks and knife, I had meat for dinner and the fork broke two times. Coffee needs to be a little more stronger. Keep it up!"
Cons: "The delays"
Pros: "Lots of leg room, smooth flights and plenty of notification of any upcoming turbulence. Delta did fantastic with keeping everything from check-in to landing friendly and professional. Will definitely fly again"
Cons: "I was assigned a seat on the last row of the plane--these not only don't recline, but it feels as though they push you forward. Also, the engine sound was so deafening with such intense vibration that I was unable to hear the flight attendant speaking to me from 2 feet away, much less anything overh"
Pros: "Yes"
Pros: "The seats felt roomier in this smaller plan than the bigger ones and one of the flight attendants was lovely!"
Cons: "It was so dirty! The flight attendant who spoke over the PA mumbled and was not clear at all in anything she said. Maybe she was tired and had a long day but she definitely didn’t seem to want to be there. I didn’t know that you got a receipt with your seat number on it because it wasn’t explained and that was my first time flying Delta in years. Overall one of the worst flights but thankfully it was fast!"
Cons: "dirty plane"
Pros: "Chairs was comfortable"
Cons: "I had a kid kicking my chair the whole flight."
Cons: "Double booking and payment of flight. Dropped flight bookings. Not a good trip"
Pros: "Flight crew is helpful. We travelled with my 82 year old mother who needed some assistance, especially for our short connection times, and they made sure she and our whole group made it to the connections on time."
Pros: "Flight was ok."
Cons: "Soggy bun sandwich prepackaged with mayo that was not up my standards. Broken video screen meant no entertainment other than the book I brought."
Pros: "Crew was fantastic and very helpful."
Cons: "Not sure who was in charge of loading the plane with food for purchase, but they forgot it all entirely. The crew was kind enough to give extra snacks. Kinda curious how you forgot to load a plane with food for purchase and how did the crew not notice in advance? I would think that is one of their checks of the cabin. Not mention who ever signed off saying they filled the plane with food for purchase lied. Very frustrating not only for the crew but for the passengers."
Pros: "Nice crew, no delays"
Pros: "Everything went fast & smooth"
Cons: "No leg room"
Pros: "Air crew was excellent"
Pros: "It was great"
Pros: "my seat did not recline so i was very uncomfortable."
Cons: "Flight was moved up from 830am departure to 6am departure with very little notice, and my layover was reduced from almost 2hrs to 30 minutes. Then, my bag was lost. Terrible."
Pros: "Early arrival!"
Cons: "Didn’t know that I didn’t have a window on the row I was on"
Pros: "The boarding was easy, crew was super and the travel was awesome."
Pros: "The boarding process was smooth, friendly staff."
Pros: "I ran from B terminal to E terminal to catch the flight and as soon as I sat down, the flight attendant offered me a cocktail as she could see I was out of breath"
Pros: "The entertainment options and noticing the little touches that Delta is making to improve the brand and experience."
Cons: "Seems like there are legacy "attitude" issues with the crew. I sat on the aisle yesterday, and SEVERAL times I was bumped, quite rudely, by passing crew. In one instance, as they passed to pick up trash, they took two of my three items. They started walking on, and I tapped them as they passed to pick up the third. She brusquely turned and said: don't touch me to get my attention. No please; quite rude, and unnecessary."
Pros: "No headphones available for flight"
Pros: "Attendants were courteous quick and attentive. On board entertainment was awesome. Kept us fed with main course snacks and beverages throughout. Made a 10 hour flight bearable."
Cons: "Music selection available was seriously lacking but the movies and games made up for that. Also Air France going into Greece was not as good. Seats had a gap between seat and window, food left much to be desired and service was not as courteous as delta's."
Pros: "Majority of the crew was pleasant"
Cons: "One flight attendant was EXTREMELY rude to me for no reason"
Pros: "On Time"
Pros: "Great!"
Cons: "Great!"
Pros: "The crew has a good vibe, makes for a pleasant trip"
Cons: "First time for me to have delayed baggage, made me think that somebody is not minding the store."
Pros: "The flight attendant. Lovely and professional."
Pros: "The flight attendant was wonderful and was funny on the flight. Kayak kept me informed of all gate changes and delays."
Cons: "The Delta app did not update about any of my gate changes nor were they announced by the gate agents."
Pros: "At least the plane didn't return to the gate and we departed 7 hours late."
Cons: "All the delays and gate changes with no explanations and only informed via text message. The weather wasn't even that bad. Missed the connecting flight to Bucharest and part of vacation time."
Pros: "Meg, our stewardess came out to tell us there would not be any coffee on a 6 AM flight and that we had time to get coffee, if needed. She kept us informed of flight delays, helpful with my bags."
Cons: "There was nothing that could be done, but due to construction at the airport, waited on tarmac for an hour before we could get to a gate, then they had problems with the ramp and that had to be addressed. But pilot was very good about keeping us informed on delays and he was as frustrated as we were."
Pros: "Food was OK, ice cream at mid-flight was my favorite thing. I liked the choice of movies. Drinks are also good but why not include pure cranberry juice? It goes great with vodka."
Cons: "Boarding is ridiculous. Everyone who is not some kind of VIP is asked to line up and is treated like cattle. 5-feet tall woman holds above her head a sign with the zone currently boarding. Nobody can hear or see anything. Why not use the big LCD displays at the gate??? In the plane they had to restart the computer system as some TVs were not working and it took longer than they said. Toilets were kind of stinky and I could smell them from my seat on row 26. Blankets are way too thin for the blasting AC."
Pros: "We upgraded our seats to Delta Comfort, at a cost of round $90 per flight. It was well worth it!"
Cons: "Luggage went elsewhere"

For a delayed flight, and one that most choose because of the amenities, no one apologized for the lack of amenities. A simple, “we are truly sorry” announced to everyone would have gone miles. Instead, the crew kept trying to almost conceal the total lack of available entertainment and even feign like it might “sort of work” until the last minute. I was traveling with my life partner, who intended upon and did work the whole flight (despite zero internet, even for the little time avail that we are aware of when traveling to/from PR), but also with a just turned 6 year old who had been looking forward to using “his own” screen for the last 2 weeks. Underwhelming to say the least. The crew’s apathy didn’t help.

Cons: "No screens at all for a 5 hour flight. No charging outlets. Terrible flight comfort."
Cons: "Almost 4 hour delay."
Pros: "Crew was snappy in getting people in plane and checking in carry ons since occupancy had been reached."
Cons: "Lack of adjustable headrest on seat."
Pros: "Crew helped us find new seats on board."
Cons: "American Airlines changed our seats after ticket purchase so that we were not sitting together. We chose seats at check-in in San Francisco so that we could sit together. When we landed in Miami we discovered our seats had been changed yet again and we were seated in different rows, middle seat!"
Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "Feeling of being cramped"
Pros: "Crew was great!"
Pros: "Flight attendant was a little rude"
Pros: "I liked that we arrived on time. Besides that. Not much."
Cons: "Having to us use our cell phones to watch a few channels was terrible. No movie. No help. You were just left on your own. Total of waste of time. Give us a monitor. Give us options. You are American Airlines, not Allegiant Air"
Cons: "Todo bien"
Cons: "They left me! I know I was a “runner” but they knew I was just already going through security and it’s only a 3 terminal airport! They even asked if there were any runners!"
Pros: "Service from crew was fine"
Cons: "No delay! Got notification that our flight was one half hour earlier. Then boarded aircraft, and it had electrical problems. Delayed. We had to get off. Then board another aircraft."
Pros: "Time of flight"
Cons: "Aircraft had no screen, old, uncomfortable"
Pros: "Fast"
Cons: "No amenities at airport"
Cons: "Crampt space, cold cabin"
Pros: "None"
Cons: "Long delay"
Pros: "Movie options were good."
Cons: "The a/c was not working well and t"
Pros: "The service was excellent and the flight on time. Love American."
Cons: "The seats have been refurbished and if you are a plus size the seats are uncomfortable."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Seats and space"
Cons: "Entertainment via internet could NEVER be really be done complitly. And the flight attendants did not know how to help costumers"
Cons: "Poor service"
Cons: "Dallas to San Juan San Juan Dallas American Airlines has the worst seat of any airline flown by us fare almost 2000 dollars for round trip and the seat is small hard uncomfortable even for a short flight this is no business class!!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Cold cabin"
Cons: "The cabin heat was way too high, I actually was sweating. Boarding took 35 minutes"
Cons: "The seats are very tight."
Cons: "Last minute cancellation and reschedule if original flight with 20 people hounding the gate for standby status. Craziness. These last minute revisions mist stop"
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "Horrible customer service, excessive baggage fees, rude counter staff, no leg room, narrow seats"
Pros: "USB Outlets are nice to have"
Cons: "Nothing was bad on this flight"
Pros: "Nice crew clean airplane"
Cons: "Initial flight was cancelled after 2 hours delay. My next flight was scheduled the earliest possible by AA which was 24 hours later. No transportation,hotel or miles compensation for this. I had work and responsabilities the next day. TThe scheduled trip was supposed to take off at 7:45. Boarding started late and was very slow. My bag fit the meassurements and still was forced to check it (which I did not want to do as I did not want to be waiting an hour for my bag at my arrival as I had work early the next day. In addition there was airplaine traffic as it was "rush hour" instead of flying at 7:45 we departed almost at 9pm!!!! Have to pay for food Quality of tv monitors very poor And in an uncomfortable position No movie options No wifi although stated the aircraft has Non functioning electrical plug"
Cons: "That all the passengers were rechecked at the Gate by TSA without offering any explanation as to why, if it was a domestic flight, why were they requiring ID again. And checking bags."
Pros: "The pilot was a riot, the flight was on time. Again, nothing wrong, nothing special. As it should be (if only we had more leg and seat room, and I am pretty streamline)."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Super old planes, no had a tv."
Pros: "Puntuality"
Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "The television was in the aisle and couldn't be properly seen. Also there was no outlet charger. During boarding, even thou they called by group number, the crew allowed a queue in the front, making it confusing who was in line and who wasn't. Better wait till the end to board that get in that mess"
Cons: "There seets are two small. And they dont sell alcohol. That sucks."
Cons: "The airline had trouble with the plane. After we waited 3 hrs in the plane they cancel the flight. They offer a hotel but it was very dirty"
Pros: "Nothing. My fight from San Juan to Miami on Friday Oct. 7 was cancelled because of hurricane Matthews, since I didnot buy a roundtrip with AA they did not reimburse or offer me a credit for my returning flight. I contacted AA in two ocassions and both times their personnel were impersonal and even rude to me with the whole situation. I ended up losing $250 because of choosing American Airlines. I will do my best to avoid traveling with American ever again, and I will spread the word, as well. I felt robbed, so unfair."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Friendly polite staff. Plane left and arrived on time."
Cons: "No have owned screen TV"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Comfortable seat"
Cons: "Lack of entertainment"
Cons: "One hour delay sitting inside the plane with no pilot!! And to top it off, the air conditioner was off!! Will never fly American ever again."
Pros: "Overall good flight"
Cons: "I did not like the time needed for boarding/ settling in. But that is a factor of people not following instructions. Not the crew."
Cons: "Terrible airport assistance, many unnecessary customs checks, uncomfortable seats, on flight bad service and late flight times."
Pros: "I was going home"
Cons: "Late flight no pilots andt broke my luggage."
Cons: "I didn't like the American airline people who checked my bag. She threw it because I told her nothing was breakable in it."
Cons: "Gg"
Pros: "Everything was on time, no delays."
Pros: "Should have individual tv's like jet blue does. There shoul be a family travel area for people travelin with todlers. better service and better food. Faster luggage pick up."
Cons: "Nothing. Expesive flights, an unprofessional flight attendant name Sarah, fighting with the customers. No entertainment. It was a nightmare"

Great trip. Well organized and great crew

Cons: "The flight was delayed for approximately 3 hours for mechanical problems."
Pros: "Service by the ANA crew was excellent"
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "In flight entertainment."
Cons: "After flying ANA, the flight run by United was noticeably different, beginning with check in staff who were not at the desks until 12:30. Flight attendants were much less friendly than staff on ANA flights. They seemed impatient with any request (headphones) before they were "ready" to distribute"
Cons: "Additional price for baggage , plus 8$ for a crapy meal in airplane"
Cons: "Free WiFi kn the plane was hardly working even over US mainland, before it list connection with outside internet over ocean. But it is something I do not care much about."
Pros: "Crew was amazing. Very professional and organized. Plane was clean and seats comfortable."
Cons: "No seat entertainment."
Pros: "Excellent. On time."
Pros: "The flight attendants were very courteous."
Cons: "Seats are way too close together. I am 6’ tall and if I wasn’t sitting with my rear pressed against the back of the seat, my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me. Zero elbow room. I’m fairly skinny and still thank god I had the aisle seat because with arms at my sides, my shoulders touched the small woman next to me and stuck into the aisle so that when the drink cart came by I had to physically lean toward the windows to get out of the way. No entertainment unless paid for, which is fine, except that the flight attendant and the announcements both stated that at least a movie was included. Outdated jet. No where to charge anything. Couldn’t work on my computer because to type, my elbow took up most of the other persons seat."
Pros: "Lounge"
Cons: "Delayed flight which kept pushing back for more then 5 hours. Got booked on the next flight got middle seat. Flight attendant was rude and short with people. Not very personable. Plane was so hot everyone was sweating."
Cons: "When to Newark airport to check in, crew were very disorganized and very rude. Nobody was willing to help us and everybody tried to avoid people who looked like they needed help. Worst airport ever."
Cons: "The flight was late getting out of Charleston and we had a very long walk in Chicago. By the time we got to the gate mos people had already boarded. It could have been much worse if we had not nearly ran to the gate. Other than that all was good."
Pros: "Roomy seat and quality entertainment"
Cons: "Not much - food wasn't from Ritz Carlton"
Pros: "We were serviced in the way we expect from United."
Pros: "Seat have enough space for legs. Airplain was clean and crew was friendly and pilot was nice as well, we had some air bumps on our way, so pilot took time to explain why he turned on seat sign, as well as he told 5-10 minutes before start lending that it is ladt change to get up to use restroom if someone needs it. The landing was smooth"
Cons: "Employees of united in Tampa airport are rood, to be exect lady Jennie M (or something starting with J and inial M) It was my flight back to Chicago. I had basic economy which means I can have only one personal bag (which I did, but it is lil bigger then regular women bags) I new it will fit cause I am flight with it all the time if I am going only for a few days and on those cheapest tickets. She gave me hard time telling me that my purse is to big to take on board and was making me to pay for that and the tone with wich she dpoke to me wasn't nice. When I told her that in Chicago they let me go with that bag, she said: "those united employees are not doing there job, if you want to go with it go, but I'll call too ur gates and they will charge you double for that bag" Which noone did, they did not even stoped me on gates, because my bag is perfectly fitting under the seat."
Cons: "Significant delay"
Pros: "Best united flight I've been on in a very long time!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They charge de luggage, didnt gave anything to eat, the luggage in orlando came like 2 hours late. The flight back from Houston was cancelled with no reason, they overbooked the flight.. and worst of all the only offer us a $10 disccount in a cheap hotel.. no food nothing"
Pros: "Everyone was friendly, but touchdown was kind of brutal"
Pros: "Very nice crew"
Cons: "Audio jack did not work and no one bothered..."
Cons: "We reserved wheelchair assistance prior to the flight. We had to wait an extended amount of time to actually get the wheelchair assistance with 5 kids 7 and under. Due to the wait we almost missed our flight, we were literally the last to board the plane. We were hoping to grab some breakfast for the kids as we had a long flight and did not have time to do so because of this delay. This is why we called ahead to reserve the wheelchair. The people checking in did not seem to care about the delay and only told us to be patient. Sad, unfortunate experience with accessibility issues."
Pros: "Staff was very friendly."
Cons: "I only had 2 nights in chicago and one was completely ruined as we got in so late that the event we were supposed to attend was already finished. We also were sitting for a long time and it was very uncomfortable while waiting to take off. We didn't get any beverages after sitting for a long time and finally did once we were in the air which was 2 hours later."
Pros: "Food in the airplane and the quickness of the arrival."
Cons: "They left us at the gate waiting for a long time without an assigned seat. They didn't announce boarding time, we were waiting for so long and the crew saw us sitting down and didn't call us. The flight almost left us. The lady at the airport was extremely rude, I asked her her name and she refused to give it to us. The delay was absurd."
Pros: "The airplane crew"
Cons: "They left us waiting for hours at the gate without assigning us a seat. When I finally made the line for the third time, the rude lady gave us a seat. Then they didn't call for by groups and we were about to be left on boarding time."
Pros: "Nice crew, on time"
Cons: "Tiny cramped plane"
Pros: "Being up in the sky so cool."
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "Very Rude while talking to me at the airport. Was not happy to assist me and other passengers even though it was the air-line mistake for cancelling the flight and delaying the flight. Will never fly with this airline ever again."
Pros: "Unforeseen delay was well managed by United!"
Pros: "The fact that priceline said there was nothing they could do."
Cons: "The fact that my pregnant wife and i were stranded in la guardia airlort and had to shovel out 800 dollars for last minute one way flights."
Pros: "Very accommodating and easy. I brought a animal on board and they were helpful."
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "On time! And great service"
Pros: "One of the flight attendants was very customer-friendly. I had asked for a meal and they had a long, in drink service so it took awhile for her to come back to me. She didn't forget and she gave it to me at a discount so I was very happy about that as well."
Pros: "Free entertainment offered on our flight home."
Cons: "Confusing baggage claim information/lack thereof, spotty WiFi, difficulty locating a United representative to resolve our seat issue"
Pros: "Everything , great service , very attentive , smooth flight ."
Pros: "All luggage had to go in the belly of the plane. Made boarding way faster. Clean aircraft with pretty comfortable seats."
Cons: "Nearly everything.....won't even consider united again"
Pros: "The flight was on time."
Pros: "Can't really remember if I liked anything."
Cons: "Unfriendly crew. Flight delayed by more then 2 hours. We were moved from gate to gate 2-3 times. Totally disorganized."
Pros: "The crew kept us up to date on the ATC delay."
Cons: "Weather in the DEN area and Eastern Colorado generated a ground stop in DEN delaying our departure from ICT for about 2 hours. Even with the overall delay in DEN my SMF flight was long gone putting me on a late flight into SMF. This of course lead to a short night's rest...just another day of travel on the airlines."
Pros: "Even though the flight was delayed on departure, it did not cause a delayed arrival. The crew was professional and courteous."
Cons: "There was very little legroom in economy seating. My knees touched the back of the next row making a very uncomfortable 5 1/2 hours. I think it is ridiculous to have to pay additional fee (up to $99) for extra legroom. I think it is called "premier economy" seating."
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "No leg room"
Pros: "Didnt like anything. Hate little planes!"
Cons: "Even though plane was not full, I wished my seat from the very last row was moved closer to front or center of plane. Would you like to be seated next to bathroom for a 40 minute flight??!!"
Pros: "Ive had a hip injury so walking is problematic. I was worried about my 45 minute transfer time in Ohare. The boarding attendant at Charleston ordered a wheelchair to meet me. I got to my plane as it boarded. A distance I couldn't have walked, much less in the time allotted."
Cons: "Not enough time between the two flights for the distance between the two terminals."
Pros: "I was informed all the time"
Cons: "The plain was delayed for too long"
Pros: "On time arrival."
Cons: "Turbulent Flight"
Pros: "everything"
Cons: "They had us wait in the runway for almost an hour not good when you have arrived airport not organozed"
Pros: "We left Chicago very late. The plane had not been fueled before boarding. We waited what seemed like an eternity. while the pilot apologized repeatedly it was still ridiculous to have to wait that long for the plane to be refueled when it should have been done before boarding."
Pros: "Overall, good. The champagne pre-take off was probably the worst I've ever tried. Service was variable. The seat and in flight entertainment are good."
Pros: "Smooth, quick flight. Bags were out in record time. Overall, one of the best flight experiences I’ve had in a long time"
Pros: "I liked that the plane was clean. Comfortable seats ( had the big chair)"
Cons: "I didn’t like that on top of paying the airfare, I had to pay for a seat. I didn’t appreciate not being able to bring a carry on unless I paid even more. And I certainly didn’t like the fact that after all the money I spent you couldn’t even provide a free snack!"
Pros: "Crew was friendly and efficient. We had a weather delay from thunderstorms and the pilot kept us appraised of updated departure time."
Cons: "Had to pay $30 extra for my 5 lbs of souvenirs that put my bag over 40 lbs."
Cons: "The flight attendants spent the whole flight playing, loudly talking and eating. Made it difficult to rest."
Pros: "Good communication"
Cons: "Missing a connection flight due to a delay and having to rebook to the next day and driving to the airport twice."
Pros: "It was cheap."
Cons: "We left an hour late because another connecting flight was late coming in. While I can appreciate them trying to get everyone on board it just continues to make other travelers late. We made our connection just barely but our bags did not."
Cons: "$400 for a 2 hour flight, and they still charge for carry on! AND takeoff was delayed. Does Spirit have a discount deal with FLL?"
Pros: "Great staff, very friendly."
Cons: "Expensive food and drink, but understandable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They just want money for everything"
Cons: "I showed up 5 min to late and couldn't get on the plane"
Pros: "Good seats, good baggage space, on time service"
Cons: "My flight got delayed to the next day. Then the next day it got delayed again. It cost me alot of time, money and ruined my holiday plans . They did not refund me for anything. This is the second time this has happened with spirit and I will never fly with them again."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Charging for "WATER" in what is supposed to be "FIRST CLASS" did it for me. I would rather pay twice the price and fly on a carrier that doesn't nickel and dime you. I am surprised that they don't allow but so many breaths before they charge you for air."
Pros: "The flight was cool. Staff was cool HOWEVER the lines was extremely long. They don't open their front service in time. I barely made my boarding time and there was A Lot of people for the same flight behind me."
Cons: "Dirty plane. Extremely dirty plane. The fees for almost EVERYTHING was extremely!!!! Expensive. They are getting their money outta ya butt!! straight up!!"
Cons: "It was delayed"
Pros: "My passengers"
Cons: "The uncomfortable ride"
Cons: "The fact I almost missed the flight because it was never disclosed that I would be charged a ridiculous amount of money to CARRY ON!"
Cons: "Delayed!"
Pros: "enjoy my flight"
Cons: "They cancel our flight back home and refunded our money back and gave my party and I a 50 dollar voucher to only find out that they used a third party airline (Miami international) to get us home and the manager at the airport was the one that told us that. So we barley made the flight back home. Only to get back and my friends luggage was left at the other airport. Never again will I use this airline. It was my first flying experience ever and they happen to taint the experience. Never again. You get what you pay for. The reps on the phone are not knowledgeable and can barley understand you and your situation. If you do use them talk with the airport directly about everything or you will be given the run around."
Pros: "I did not like a single thing about this Airline"
Cons: "I disliked everything. The customer service in the USA was terrible. You're better off paying another airline for a free carry on. Honestly who pays for a carry on, not only that it was $57.00 for a carry on in the USA but in the DR it was $67.00. It should be one price for all. I would never use this airline again."
Pros: "Nothing; we checked our baggage and checked in, once we arrived to the gate they said they UNCHECKED any wife and I and gave our seats to someone else, causing us to spend additional $450 to get home."
Cons: "After being checked in, they UNCHECKED my wife and I and gave our seats to someone else."
Pros: "They refunded me the cost of my ticket when i was unable to board due to their technical problems."
Cons: "I had a 7 am flight The boarding pass I printed the night before would not scan so I could not get through security. I went back to ticketing to print from a kiosk and that wouldn't work either. I got an error message. Finally I waited in line for a ticket agent and by the time I got to her I has missed my flight. The next flight they had was at 6 pm, which would mean missing all the meetings that I was flying to attend in the first place. Since the failure to scan was their fault not mine, she refunded the ticket cost and I booked a new flight on Southwest which has about 10 flights a day to my destination. I was 3 hours later arriving than I had planned. Why don't they provide mobile boarding passes? My only option was to print out. But maybe that wouldn't have worked either."
Pros: "Ran on time. Crew was very polite. Flight also arrived early which was nice."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "They started to load us than unloaded us because they had to change a tire. The seats are to tight and to close. Only 1 of the 3 attendance was polite."
Pros: "The price obviously sets this company apart from the others. They advertise as "Bare Fare" and they follow that since nothing at all, not even the check-in cost, is included in their fare. You can check in and print your boarding pass for free, though. Their planes look pretty nice with their new art and their staff were decently nice. Minor delays."
Cons: "Checked bag costs, lines everywhere, bumpy ride, their website was a complete nightmare and had to open up different browsers and even computers at times to navigate through their faulty coding and technical issues. No complimentary services in the plane. Not even water."
Pros: "Lower prices than most."
Cons: "I lost my debit card. I called and left message where I was suppose to and never contacted back. I used my card on the plane to purchase M&M's so it was on there."
Cons: "when booking flight, your system left me handing for at least 30 minutes. I ended up paying for a flight I never took. will never use your service again."
Cons: "Hidden fees."
Cons: "No other available planes, had to rent a car and drive back to Atlanta through pouring rain. This was the second of 2 flights that were cancelled by spirit. I will no be using the again."
Cons: "Checking my bag took over 40 mins and there were only 3 people ahead of me. Plus I'd already checked in."
Pros: "not much - low fare i guess"
Cons: "uncomfortable seats.. extra fess for almost everything including water.. no legroom.. delays"
Pros: "Crew were friendly, although a bit too relaxed some sitting scrolling through facebook on phones once the plane had landed. Planes were clean. Even though we had to circle for ages as windy at LAX, Captain kept us well informed."
Cons: "Website was down so there was no way to check in online. System was down at SEA-TAC so boarding cards could not be printed resulting in having to wait for ages then was given a handwritten boarding pass.other customers with printed passes were being turned away at TSA line. Baggage prices are ridiculous, you have to pay for carry on AND checked luggage. I had neither but even so my flight wasn't THAT cheap so glad I didn't have to pay the extortionate fees on top of that too. I flown budget many times in Europe but Spirit is very basic. I wish my fare had reflected this otherwise I wouldn't have moaned!"
Cons: "I will never fly Spirit again. Charging $55 for a carry on is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. My $180 flight turned into a $290 flight. And when I tried to pay for my carry on ahead of time online it said my confirmation code was invalid. Be more forthcoming with your prices"
Pros: "Everything went smoothly. The flight before us out of our gate got completely cancelled, but I think ours was still on time or close to it. My ticket was pretty cheap so I won't complain about the lack of in-flight service, lol."
Cons: "Honestly my only regrets were that my bench was full and there was no snack, but I didn't pay for luxury so it's all good. I think I was missing the food and drink menu, not that I would have bought anything anyway."
Cons: "Low budget nickel and dime experience"
Cons: "Delayed twice for almost 6 hours so far."
Cons: "The flight was cancelled"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Where do I begin? The price seemed reasonable until I arrived and they charged me $55 to CARRY-ON my bag. Would have been $55 to check it but I was afraid they would lose it. Then boarding the plane there was a sign saying "FIT CREW: We have the youngest crew of any airline". To me that says age discrimination and also inexperience. When I finally sat down, there was trash on my seat and also facial oil on the window. It was clear that they did not clean between flights. Sitting down, my seat was broken and reclined every time I leaned against it. I had a child about 5 years old behind me that was disturbing everyone in our area and the flight attendant never addressed the situation with their parent. When the child was slamming their tray up and down on the back of my seat, a stranger finally said something. Also, don't expect to even get water for free. $3 a pop! The landing was also extremely rough. Needless to say, I will never fly this airline again!"
Pros: "Both flights arrived on time; super cheap!"
Cons: "OK, it's crowded and you can't bring a carryon. We packed light and saved bucks!"
Pros: "The flight we were on as a replacement flight was fine. The problem was, we had to wait 2 additional days to get any other flight."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled at the last minute due to weather in Dallas, which is funny, since all of the other planes in Dallas seemed to be flying out. Spirit told us all of the flights the next day were booked, so we had to wait until 2 days later to get on another flight. Terrible service, but what can you expect from Spirit."
Pros: "I got to my destination min early."
Cons: "They only allow 1 carryon. Charge for putting bag in overhead. Rude crew. No water offered during flight."
Cons: "Bag fee are excessive plus 40 lbs maximum for bags is not competitive with other airlines."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Got to pay for even water..."
Pros: "Nothing about it."
Cons: "Delays after delays"
Cons: "I was very unhappy with the surprise boarding fees. I was charged to pick a seat and to BRING A CARRY ON!! I thought that was unacceptable. What only made me more angry was that they didn't even seem to check that I paid for my carry on, which leads me to believe most people weren't charged and only the suckers like me who paid in advance had to pay for the privilege of carrying our own backpacks. I have left maybe 3 negative reviews about companies my whole life, but this one I felt was necessary. I will never fly Spirit again, even if it means I have to pay extra."
Pros: "The flight was competent and there were no major errors."
Cons: "I was thirsty but didn't have a credit card so I couldn't buy water"
Pros: "Boarding was relatively quick and easy."
Cons: "While the flight crew was perfectly friendly, the credit card announcements they made on behalf of Spirit were very loud, disruptive, and ill-timed. Like myself, most customers prefer to sleep or rest quietly during red-eye flights. This was all but impossible during my late night flight from Denver to Detroit. Approximately half way through the flight (after 10pm local time and after midnight for the time of our destination) the bright cabin lights came on and stayed on for the duration of the flight. I assume this was to keep everyone awake for the loud and incredibly drawn out announcement about in-flight credit card offers. This severely impacted my comfort and the comfort of others, as we were forced to play captive audience. I felt like I was enduring a hard-sell tactic from a timeshare salesman, only there was no means of escape. I respectfully suggest that Spirit limit the length of credit card advertisements, and refrain from announcing them all together on flights late at night or early morning (or at the very least engineer a less disruptive form of communicating these offers). After completing the final leg of my roundtrip journey, I will not be flying with Spirit again. Thank you for your time."
Pros: "Seating arrangement. Boarding process at the gate. Availability of food and drink."
Cons: "We had the first flight out. When we arrived at the airport, O'Hare, there was one person working the ticket counter for bag check and about sixty people in line. We stood in line for 40 minutes before the desk was staffed."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from West Virginia to Caribbean

Airlines flying from West Virginia to Caribbean have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

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Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from West Virginia to Caribbean

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