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China SouthernOverall score based on 5530 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "clean and new plane with enough rrom for decent comfortable foos was ok, fish dish was a bit too salty."
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Pros: "clean and new plane with enough rrom for decent comfortable foos was ok, fish dish was a bit too salty."
Pros: "The attendents work so fast, it was so amazing and they always have a smile on there face."
Pros: "Crew was amazing"
Pros: "Very clean, new plane, excellent boarding and flight. Good entertainment options."
Pros: "The food on the way to China and on the way home was horrible. They stopped serving cup noodles too. Only sandwiches when I asked for other option when the main course weren’t good."
Cons: "I didn’t like the food choice at all. The fish didn’t taste good. Chicken with pasta tasted cheap and the beef with potatoes were spicy. Should have make the spicy sauce on the side in case for people who can’t eat spicy food. They used to serve 3 meals now cut down to 2 meals... maybe it’s time to reconsider another airline."
Pros: "Pros: Very pleasant and helpful crew flying back."
Cons: "Cons: Small seats, food was scarce and mediocre (considerably better on our flight away versus coming back). On flight to China, crew were quite curt. The in-flight entertainment was low-quality--both my and my partner's tvs were broken for our return flight."
Pros: "The team was very pleasant and helpful."
Cons: "The movie selection was not the best for US movies."
Pros: "I was really impressed with the care and attention given to us by the crew. This was a very comfortable flight and I am looking forward to flying with China Southern many more times"
Cons: "There could be more diversity in the entertainment"
Cons: "They did not have a vegetarian option available to me on board. They should have offered bottled water for a a flight this long to avoid dehydration. Also my entertainment system was faulty. It didn’t offer a wide selection of movies and halfway through the flight or completely shut down. I couldn’t even listen to music or track the flight. Staff also had difficulty understanding my English so I gave up on communication."
Pros: "Flight attentendents are excellent"
Pros: "The service was outstanding. They had a person waiting as we got off the first flight to guide us to the second flight. The stewardesses were attentive and outstanding. The seats were comfortable, the food and movie optons were top notch. I can't recommend business class highly enough."
Cons: "I loved everything about this flight!"
Pros: "Flight was on time, boarding was smooth, new equipment, crew very efficient, polite and helpful."
Cons: "The food was mediocre at best."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable flight back to the states for a 15 hour flight the crew was not that attentive"
Pros: "Food was generally excellent. Entertainment good, but game choices limited, movies were censored for content."
Cons: "1. Boarding and un-boarding should be by bridge, especially in sub-freezing weather! What is China Southern's problem with this? Every boarding/unboarding has always been by bus, and we had to be exposed to the elements. Since we were traveling between two warm places, we were not prepared to be out in freezing weather. 2. Layover in CAN was terrible: It was too long (10 hours); Guangzhou Baiyun had NO HEAT and so was very cold, too few charging stations, and very spotty wi-fi. I could not use my credit card in at least one place. At a McDonalds (probably a knock-off actually), the cashier was quite rude, allowing native Chinese customers to cut in line in front of me and unapologetic with their "no-credit-cards" policy. Customer service personnel need better training in international relations."
Pros: "regular meals, decent inflight programming"
Cons: "Service can be very erratic. On both long-haul CSA flights I took, attendants spoke poor English, which was surprising given the route. This is a perfectly OK airline for the price. You get what you pay for, in a way. But if anything drifts from the original plan, you're screwed. On Thurs Jan 4 we were diverted to Chicago due to bad weather. CSA has ZERO ground presence at Ohare. They gave us poorly-worded, vague instructions while still on board the aircraft for how to proceed once we disembarked-- and then their crew went off to hotels and rested, while most of the passengers stood stranded and confused in the airport terminal with NO assistance whatsoever. We were NEVER formally told when to reboard, or when our flight might take off again for JFK. We were NEVER told what kind of arrangements would be available for passengers to rest and recover-- and we landed around midnight, mind you. Passengers shared info with one another that they gleaned from 3rd party websites-- we all helped each other out, because CSA was useless. I recognize that it was an unusual situation due to extreme weather but it was indicative of the kind of customer service one can expect. Which is, not much."
Pros: "Very attentive and pleasant stewards in business class. Boardjbgblrocedures good."
Cons: "We had to climb up stairs to get on the plane. There were elderly travelers who struggled to carry their hand luggage. No help was offered This needs to be remedied. Food also was not too palatable. Could be better Difficult to understand English of the announcements. Also when delayed in landing no announcements made br the captain though we were hovering in the air for 45 mins."
Pros: "Reviews were terrible, but this was better than most US airlines I’ve flown."
Cons: "Entertainment was lacking but it’s not a big deal. I just work or read."
Pros: "Number of in flight movie choices, plane was large enough to move around"
Cons: "Contacting china southern customer service as an English speaker is outrageously difficult and time consuming. Out of 3 meals on the plane only one of them was edible."
Pros: "Arrived on time."
Pros: "They did work with us to help with the seating."
Cons: "We flew from NYC- JFK to Siem Reap Cambodia and back with the airline. On the way back I was unable to choose seats online prior to boarding. We were placed in Row 63, which is the LAST row on the plane and does not recline. For a 15 hour flight this seating should not be used. It is completely unreasonable to think people will be ok not reclining, and honestly the seats felt more straight up than the normal seats. After discussing it with the crew for half an hour on a full flight they were able to move us to other seats. But were unable to move us to business or first for a discount. End point: these seats should not be used! It was so miserable even thinking we might get stuck with them. And if they do stick people there you should be comped, that was not worth the same fare everyone else payed for coach."
Pros: "Everyone was very professional and nice. I have zero complaints."
Pros: "They feed us so much food! Amazing service!!!!"
Cons: "I liked it all!!"
Cons: "We were put on a bus go round to another side of the terminal to walk up the staircase, where I can clearly see that the skybridge is actually attached to the plabe, why can't we go through boarding like normal people do?? Very bad arrangement from Baiyun Airport."
Pros: "comfort level, movie selection on a long flight, and the Flight Attendants were very kind and helpful. Always a lot of legroom"
Pros: "I like also the pilot for a smooth flight and crew is really accomodating"
Cons: "I don't like the music's selections. Toilet amenities should be improved and more chips and fruits shoul be added for long flights."
Cons: "Food was horrible and entertainment center had to be reset 5 times."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "The plane is accessed by bus from the gate, and pretty far away. The stairs to the plane are not handicap accessible."
Pros: "My first flight got delayed and they did delay my connecting flight, but I was rushed to catch the plane."
Cons: "Because of the delayed flight and getting a new boarding pass, my seat that I chose when I checked in was not available, but I guess that's to be expected. Leg space was completely non existent and it was very uncomfortable to sit when the person in front of you reclines all the way back. The food options were small and they ran out of most food items by the time they got to the back."
Pros: "Comfy seats, really nice and friendly staff, and great selection of movies."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, but I know that's not necessarily their fault."
Pros: "I had a long layover in China, was coming from Nepal and the airline provided me with a great hotel room, transportation back and forth to the airport, even a museum pass and city tour. Wow, that's a first!"
Pros: "Having flown internationally often, but never on China Southern, I was more than impressed and please with the complete experience."
Cons: "There were several open seats in business and economy comfort class. However, the airline would not upgrade seats without paying a $1000 fee. Consequently, there were several open seats in business and economy comfort class that were vacant on a 14 hour flight. This is bad practice and a missed opportunity to delight customers without any additional expense."
Cons: "The crews were okay but not that friendly."
Pros: "Some crew member was nice and that's the only nice thing I can say"
Cons: "Some crew member ignored my request or forgot and in eco plus seating there wasn't any crew member there to accept service request light. Food wasn't good at all. Luckily we ate before boarding."
Pros: "Crew was friendly. Free hotel in layover in China (although hotel room was pretty gross)."
Cons: "TV was broken on the flight from Jfk to China. Luggage was lost on the flight back from China to Jfk. The food was awful. The inability to pick seats before checking in is an added annoying hassle. Flight was delayed in leaving from jfk to China. Flight attendant once woke me up to ask if I wanted a hot towel - It's a 15 hour flight - Wake me up to offer food but not a stupid hot towel. Small seats. I'm 5'9 and I was squished and knees killing after the flight"
Pros: "Staff was friendly."
Cons: "A friend and I flew China Southern from Bali to New York. For a 15 flight, one of our TV screens was not working. Both of our luggage were left off the flight. Any money you think you save will come out the other end -- shopping for necessities when they lose your luggage. Have recommended all my friends to never fly China Southern."
Cons: "see comments above"
Pros: "The flight attendants were tentative and supportive of our needs"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for 3 hours due to mechanical issues, and I had to miss my next flight. Terrible!"
Cons: "Bizarre that I can't use my kindle (or others their ipad) during takeoff and landing- there isn't even any wifi, so no worries of interference. It's a totally pointless rule and left me bored for those approx 40 minutes."
Pros: "Lacking internet connection, current movies and palatable food, the 5 and 15 hour flights were brutal as a passenger."
Pros: "Food not good"
Pros: "I was worried about such a long night flight with an airline that I wasn't familiar with but they were extremely polite and helpful, the seats were comfortable and a great entertainment selection. To everyone who complained about the food... It was not bad, actually better than most airplane food I have had. And I didn't hear a single person have anything negative to say about it as they polished everything off!"
Pros: "- Nice modern 777. - Modern touch screen entertainment displays in each headrest. Movie choices were good. -Polite flight attendants that spoke good English."
Cons: "-Poor job ensuring passengers followed announcements and safety requirements. -Limited meal choices with poor quality ingredients. -Poor hub city. Guangzhou is not a great place to have a long layover."
Pros: "Price, service and personal attitudes of the crewmembers."
Cons: "Less online services available."
Pros: "whem I arrived on the aircraft I requests two business class seats which was available and we got it, two other passengers came requesting up grades to business class and was told that no seats are available. This was when boarding was complete."
Cons: "When the aircraft took off, I saw air hostess taking turns to sleep in business class seats that was available. Their was three seats available which was kept back for the air hostess to use personally and passengers were refuse the up grade."
Pros: "I liked the foot rest, pillow, blanket and head rest. The entertainment had a great variety of movies, which I enjoyed."
Cons: "The boarding could've been more organized. I only ate one meal out of the three that were served and the noodles were bland. The TV's should have a brightness option."
Pros: "Best seat I have ever had"
Cons: "I could not check in for any of my flights on line. And was not even able to get boarding passes for my second and third flight when I checked in for my first flight. I had to check in at each destination to get my next boarding pass."
Pros: "The food was good, good choices in movies and comfortable but take your eye pillow and earplugs to sleep because the lights on the cabin will come on when serving food and wake you if you are sleeping."
Cons: "They kept one of our luggages back in China... 'Security' reasons. They took my shells I picked from the beach. Who does that???!"
Pros: "I was bumped from economy to business class. This was a unique experience in which I got to travel as a VIP. Economy class with China Southern is better than domestic U.S. carriers, but business class was something else."
Pros: "On time departure, good leg room, and comfortable seats"
Cons: "food"
Pros: "Business class was comfy"
Cons: "Movie choices could be better"
Pros: "The entertainment system was good."
Cons: "We have a 4 month old and we were the first ones to check in but all bassinet seats were booked. No one was even using them for bassinets. Not sure if they paid extra for those seats to have leg room but we had to hold the baby for 15 hours. They couldn’t do anything for us."
Pros: "Ease of boarding."
Cons: "Delayed an hour without a notification of how long."
Pros: "The crew is amazing."
Cons: "The quality of the food could be better."
Pros: "Wonderful seat in first class. Good crew. On time departure and early arrival."
Cons: "The food was skimpy and not interesting."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "When boarding need better arrangements, very unorganized."
Pros: "Left the airport on time, arrived on time, good flight, good service onboard."
Pros: "It was cheap, had a pretty good selection of movies, was able to choose my seat."
Cons: "The food was pretty mediocre, staff was pretty stingy with drinks, ran out of drink choices, not that comfortable seats for a 15 hour flight, most of the staff was pretty rude to non Chinese customers. You get what you pay for."
Pros: "airplane"
Cons: "Website"
Pros: "Flight attendants are excellent, polite, warm and professional."
Pros: "Seats are fairly spacious, crew is there when needed; plane is ok"
Cons: "Food was really terrible - soggy and greasy; very few beverage options New movies are not bew at all, bad options for a 15 hour flight"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time"
Cons: "Long lines at immigration and security. Crowded and uncomfortable lounge. Had to walk up the stairs to board the plane, which was parked far from the gate."
Pros: "It is basically whats its worth i couldnt complain"
Cons: "They should add more amenities like slippers, toothbrush but its all good for what its worth"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Attendants were very attentive."
Cons: "Towards the end of the flight attendants rudely snatched the cord while watching tv. A bit aggressive and not needed."
Pros: "Nice cabin crew. Seats not as cramped and uncomfortable as US carriers. Bathrooms at larger so easier to maneuver especially for old and handicapped. Food average. Ample snacks and drink available in the kitchen for self serve during the long 14 hour flight."
Pros: "I like that it boarded on time and the crew were nice in giving us their vegetarian food seeing we failed to book it ahead of time."
Cons: "It was a bit hot inside, their was not constant service, the entertainment has been the same for awhile no updated movies, tv show, games etc and the food was not all tasty, serving just pork and shrimp is poor."
Pros: "Well worth it. Strongly recommended."
Cons: "Bathroom was a bit dirty."
Cons: "Contacting China eastern airlines customer service was very painful. Accent differences being the major contributor for the cause. China eastern website was giving errors out most of the times while we tried to make seat reservations. Ultimately, the seats we reserved online were not given to us for both of our return flights. Special meals ordered was also not provided to us, stating that we were supposed to reconfirm the meals selection once again during check-in time, which I something we have never done in the past with any of the airlines; I did that for my last flight and bingo - I got the special meals for that flight alone. Anyone asking for special meal - please note this point; it doesn't harm to reconfirm though it sounds like an unnecessary step. Shanghai airport has very limited options for vegetarians. Kimchi noodles, Kimchi cake and Bibimbap were the only good options if you are a vegan. Landing was not good: As the flight had to wait for the runway allocation due to early arrival, flight was going in circles near the airport area, climbing up and down; vomiting sensation!!"
Pros: "My first class cabin was dirty"
Pros: "Everything else except the rough ride"
Cons: "The turbulence. I was very uncomfortable and scared. The plane ride was just too rocky and it just lasted too long. Thought it was going to crash. But it's not the pilot's fault I would travel with China Eastern again."
Cons: "boarding at PVG is a mess, and the food is bad, eveb cinoarubf tge vri"
Cons: "It was a little loud satying mear gally seat even though I was in business seat especially when the flight attendants. For boarding, crew didn't make separate waiting line for business class passengers from economic class passengers. It made me wait in the economic class passenger waiting line , it made me wait longer than other airlines."
Pros: "the flight staff and comfort was excellent."
Cons: "You are not allowed to use the phone during the flight even with flight mode so it is quite disappointing."
Pros: "The business class seats were quite good. The crew was excellent."
Cons: "Higher quality of food and more movie choices would have been better."
Pros: "very good"
Pros: "On time; crew curtesy"
Cons: "Wait time to deplane at JFK too long - one hr!"
Pros: "boarding was good staff was nice`"
Cons: "food sucked ' lack of legroom"
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Delayed boarding, delayed take-off, poor service."
Pros: "For the price of the flight I believe this was an excellent airline to choose. I your on a budget this is great. Cant really complain~ 14-15 hr flight and food was good (you get 2 meals) and the crew was pretty nice. All of the seats have entertainment with many new movie releases to choose from as well as a variety of music and video games."
Pros: "They changed my connecting flight for free! I had originally booked a long layover in Shanghai, and a few days beforehand changed my mind and wanted an earlier connection. They were very accommodating in changing my flight. Was actually shocked at how simple the process was. In addition, all the staff on the flight, a grueling 15-hour trip from Pudong to JFK, were polite and helpful the entire way."
Pros: "i enjoyed the amount of meals and beverages and soft blankets on long flights, offered a great range of games and movies."
Cons: "the aisles were very small even for me and i'm considered petite and i had to shuffle sideways down them. many people and not enough restrooms, decent sized lines of people waiting to use the restrooms seemed a safety hazard."
Pros: "Overall a very good flight for a very reasonable price"
Cons: "In two connecting flights I received meal 3 times, I ordered vegetarian meal, and all 3 times it was exactly the same. I am sure it has nothing to do with an airline but upon landing at JFK we were waiting inside the plane near the gate for 1 hour and 40 minutes before we were allowed to disembark. I am sure it was the airport's fault."
Pros: "Did not like much. The crew was not the friendlyess. There was a crying baby and a loud women sitting directly behind our seats. The crew did not seem to know how to handle the lady or the crying of the baby. The annoying sound made for an the most uncomfortable flight ever. The crew did nothing accommendate us for the noise. A better seat up front, headphones or something should have been offered with out request! Even an apology for the out of control environment! Me and my mate will never take China eastern ever again! And will advise others to do the same. There were plenty of seats available to be moved too... The food was the only decent thing on the plan. The bathrooms where a mess and again the crew was horrible except maybe one, but that doesn't make up for the other 5 or so members who where suppose to be helping out."
Pros: "Flights were on time, quiet, and we were fed sufficiently. We purchased tickets separately, so requested to sit together when we checked in at the airport. They accommodated us to sit together for the first flight, but did not try for the second flight, which is mildly annoying. Leg space was great int he exit rows and pretty average in non-exit rows."
Cons: "The airline lost my travel partner's luggage. Despite a 5 hour layover, her bag did not make it to our final destination with us. While I understand this happens, what was really frustrating was the airline's, and lost luggage department's ability to provide any information about where her bag was and when it would arrive. They were unresponsive for 3 days. They did not follow up, though we tried calling, no one answered nor returned our messages. We finally got information after returning to the airport in person, and they bag was delivered within 24 hours of that in-person follow up."
Pros: "Nice lounge and pleasant boarding process. New B777 aircraft with comfortable biz class layout. Biz class reasonably priced."
Cons: "Food quality way below quality for trans continental flight."
Pros: "The plane left on time, arrived on time, the staff was friendly enough, the food was good - it was nothing extraordinary but it did the job"
Cons: "China Eastern Airlines is not made for tall people. I'm 6'2" and I was very cramped."
Pros: "Air china has the worst service I have ever ran across and I have been traveling for years! The changed my flight a week before my flight out and rescheduled it to miss my connection flight with them. I spent multiple hours on the phone on hold waiting to talk to an agent and they did not pick up. I emailed them.... no response. Finally I went to the airport and the told me the best they could do was get me to my destination 3 days later or I could buy another ticket. Then they lost my bags on the way back. I doubt I will ever get my money back from them despite the fact I spent an additional $200 to get to where I was flying... avoid them if you can and if another air line is a few extra bucks more it my be cheaper in the long run"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The crew was rude. My boyfriend and I felt discrimated against as we were not Asian. Multiple people must have been smoking in the bathroom because the plane smelt of cigarette smoke the entire flight to Shanghai. I am actually appalled."
Cons: "People who worked at check in area need to learn better serving to guests"
Cons: "Delayed an hour to board the flight, then delayed and sat on plane for hour and half before takeoff."
Pros: "Modern plane - nice staff. We were always on time or told why we were not on time."
Cons: "People were screaming and running around the aisles; no one bothered to respect the 'sleep/awake' time, which was not the staff's fault. They also did not serve much water."
Pros: "The staff was really helpful and the plane itself was completely comfortable, with lie flat seating in business class. Great menu and entertainment too. And at a much lower price than the american carriers."
Pros: "Flight was on time, crews were friendly and helpful, a lot of entertainment choices on the plane, food was not bad. We had a short layover in Shanghai, the crews were very helpful to get us check in through express and get to the connection flight on time."
Cons: "Poor entertainment options. A 14-hour flight with limited movie choices and inability to use some electronics is not fun."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "You can't check in online and you don't have seats until you check in at the airport. The check-in process was unorganized and ended up being a nightmare. The food was horrible...pretty much rice and fish which ended up smelling up the entire plane."
Cons: "Packed flight, seemed like 2 Chinese tour groups that had never flown before. Open Emergency row seats were not allowed to be used upon request after doors were closed."
Pros: "After reading all the negative reviews on this airline, I was nervous to say the least, but was pleasantly surprised. The in flight entertainment was better than I thought. The food was also pretty good. Loved the fish dishes. Flight attendants are attentive and friendly. There was a 2hr delay on the flight to Shanghai, to compensate a bit, they offered everyone in the waiting area free water and snacks."
Cons: "They tend to have minor delays. Nothing more than what other airlines would experience though."
Pros: "The food and entertainment were good. The NY to Shanghai flight is a new plane with nice seats."
Cons: "I usually do not write reviews but I promised myself I would go out of my way so my experience will help others. I flew round trip to Japan via Shanghai. All four flights were delayed. The delays are not electronically updated, so don't expect to find out until you reach the gate and see a paper sign saying the flight is delayed. Shanghai airport is a nightmare. For some reason you have to go through complete security check for transferring flights, and the security check had a long, stagnant line both times I transferred. There is only one bag xray machine for everyone transferring flights."

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