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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Alaska Airlines
Overall score based on 29,231 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "The pilot could have informed us of a delay getting to our gate. Instead, we sat on the apron in the plane for 15 minutes before the flight attendant informed us of the reason for the delay."

Cons: "Delayed flight."

Cons: "Boarding was very slow and agents switches my seat without notifying me. Had to wait in long line twice."

Pros: "Phone charging outlets, but this is now quite common with international flights."
Cons: "Hospitality: Flight attendant crew lacking hospitality and services to guests. It was a 2 pm flight and they all seemed either burnt or unhappy. The services was a bare minimum. Unfortunately, we have seen far better services with other international airlines."

Pros: "Quick boarding because not many passengers."
Cons: "Need larger luggage room. Lots of people were waiting because a guy just could not fit his luggage in overhead bin. Airplanes are very old."

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Nothing was exceptional"
Cons: "The entertainment system was terrible. Kept getting thrown off in between while watching a movie multiple times"

Pros: "The air conditioning?"
Cons: "Nobody ever wants to be advertised to (use our credit card?) after paying a few hundred bucks for the ride. I don’t care how many other airlines are doing it, cut it out."

Cons: "Great flight back"

Cons: "Delays"

Cons: "Not that the airline had any control, but the turbulence was the worst I'd experienced (and longest-lasting) in the 40 years I'd been flying. The crew kept everyone comfortable, informed, and safe."

Pros: "- Good service once we were on the plane - Free wifi for texting - Inexpensive since Southwest got more pricey"
Cons: "- Flight was an hour late - instead of being honest about the delay it was like "Just another 15 min... we'll be ready to board shortly..." - The gate was SO FAR from the plane. We were in the shuttle bus for like, 10 minutes. WTF?"

Cons: "For the first 1.5 hours of the flight one of the flight attendants was talking bad nonstop about previous customers. Then when we landed there was a passive attitude in her tone when she told everyone to exit the plane quickly because they had a flight leaving right after and needed to clean the aircraft in a timely manner. Overall a poor experience traveling to San Diego Alaska flight 1164 September 12 6:00am departure."

Cons: "It left 3 hours late . No free email or Facebook"

Pros: "It was a smooth flight - crew was really nice."
Cons: "Nothing - it was all good"

Pros: "Flight from Newark to SanFran was smooth, and entertainment options were great!"
Cons: "Crew wasn’t overly welcoming (though certainly not rude at all), and boarding was rushed at the gate just to stand in huge line waiting to get on aircraft."

Pros: "Empty seat next to me."

Pros: "Arrived on time. Nice staff. Good sandwich."
Cons: "Everything good."

Pros: "Boarding was relaxed. Adequate space in the overhead compartment. L sufficient leg room. Leather seats with adjustable headrests. Courteous, warm and compassionate stewardess. Cold beer."
Cons: "Flight delay due to weatheri'n the fly over states."

Pros: "Seemed roomy, crew was nice."

Cons: "I had a window priority seating, and without notifying me they change my seat to a middle seat and when I called to change it was pretty much told, no other seats available... Too bad."

Pros: "availability"
Cons: "cost"

Pros: "For such a short flight, it was an amazing trip to SFO. Friendly crew and service was top notch."

Pros: "Alaska crew and free refreshment."
Cons: "That you allowed me to choose seats together so I could sit with my daughter and then that all got thrown out the window and we had to sit apart departing and arriving. I bought these seats 5 months in advance on a barely half full plane. It's not right."

Cons: "Seats are hard and transmit all movement from row behind"

Pros: "Flight was on time and the staff was friendly."

Cons: "Crew was trying to be funny but it fell a little flat. Seats were small and cramped, no place for luggage overhead. Poor selection of beverages."

Pros: "Boarding was fast. Waited less than 10 minutes for my luggage."
Cons: "First time traveling with Alaska Airlines. I was traveling with my husband and son(5yrs old). Neither my husband or i were able to sit next to my 5yr old. I have travel with other airlines and they automatically put one of us to sit with my 5 yr old."

Pros: "Efficient- friendly staff at the counter and on the plane!"

Pros: "Flight attendants were great. Didn't have to wait long if I asked for refreshments."
Cons: "Needed more instructions on making your cell phone work to get movies, especially that you had to do it before you took off."

Cons: "Nada"

Cons: "This is like my 3rd time flying and there is always delays not sure why but I normally fly united and didint have as much issues"

Pros: "Almost everything. First time flying with Alaska Airlines thought the food would be better o thought the food would be better on such a long flight but it was enough to snack on until I got to Seattle great experience in between flights was able to get an earlier flight to Denver"
Cons: "Wish there was a little bit more offered for food but overall a fantastic experience mahalo"

Pros: "Being able to check in using my mobile phone."

Pros: "chargers at seats"

Pros: "Great customer service aboard!"
Cons: "Cabin temp - too cold."

Pros: "Attendants were super friendly and very efficient. Seats were comfortable & our plane home was early."

Cons: "Delays layover very poor"

Pros: "The in flight entertainment tablet I rented ($10) was really nice. It had some very new movies, fun games and more on it. Most of the flight crew was kind and polite, minus one woman who seemed to hate her job and the airline. I was pleased that the flight wasn't canceled as many others into PDX had been that day due to an ice storm. Felt safe even with turbulence and threat of a slippery landing."
Cons: "One crew member, an older woman, seemed really bitter. She openly expressed frustration with Alaska in front of passengers on multiple occasions and was very rude and brusque with us customers. She made me feel like a nuisance for even just being on the flight. Otherwise the seats were just so small and uncomfortable. It was a long flight to feel smushed and have a sore tailbone from the total lack of padding."

Pros: "Love your direct flight to Santa Barbara.wish you had more than 1 daily."
Cons: "Long walk to terminal on return,glad it wasn't raining. I was in back . Crew was a little loud talking to each other on last stretch of flight. They kept opening and closing the overhead bins during the flight . I have no idea why ,but it was somewhat annoying."

Pros: "Enjoyable professional friendly staff - too windy bumpy for service except for water. Very pleased with everything. Appreciated words from pilots tonwgat to expect for weather-"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "Flight was decent and stewardess were kind."
Cons: "The flight changed from Alaska to Hawaiian airlines in San Diego. They were in different terminals way to close in time to each other. We had to leave security and go back through tsa to get to the connecting flight and missed boarding. We got to the gate at 10:05 with a flight of 10:15. They knew we were coming but still have our seats away. They told us that they couldn't delay the flight and let us on the plane. We had to wait 24 hours for the next flight with no way to get anywhere and no hotel. We slept in the airport and had to go through security again just to get to our flight. Once we boarded and were seated the gangway moved away from the plane. We waited and then the gangway came back to the plane and 4 passengers were taken off the flight. How can they delay the flight to take people off but not to let us on the plane the previous day?! My mother was born in Hawaii and our family was going to get birth place where she lived and I missed that opportunity because they wouldn't let us board because it would delay the flight. It would have delayed a 6 hour fligh for 10 minutes. Our luggage made it on the flight but we didn't. I'm extremely disappointed in the way it was handled by the ticket counter agents."

Pros: "She was outstanding and very helpful in dealing with Ana issue I had with a further booking on American Airlines"

Pros: "On time, within 5 minutes. Great customer service."

Pros: "Seats, beer selection, very friendly staff I will be flying again if I get the chance and I never say that anymore about other carriers."

Cons: "Nothing it was great"

Pros: "I don't have any bad thing to say about the overall trips it was wonderful the stewardess was as nice as it could be and the pilot did a good job of landing and taking off so my overall trip was wonderful I would not change a thing"
Cons: "The only"

Pros: "Because I did get HERE on time."
Cons: "When you book a trip. You never figured in the plane having problems. So after a Two hour delay.on the first flight it was was very tight to make the other flight. But they were nice enough to hold the the other flight from everyone to make it aboard"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I will not fly Horizon again"

Cons: "Wait time to board was delayed 20 minutes."

Pros: "Bad weather came in n I was rerouted on Time"

Pros: "Terrific meals, active flight crew and very attentive."
Cons: "Blankets seemed dirty and seats were cramped. Gate was changed but that was not communicated well, so we almost missed the flight."

Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "Small, loud plane with cramped seats. No hot beverage service."

Cons: "The internet wasn't working, and the flight attendant told me there was nothing she could do about it. The touch screens on the back of the seat had difficulty responding to touch. The headphone jacks and headphones they gave us on the plane were not compatible. If it twisted even a bit, it would lose the connection. I understand these may seem petty, but they are things we've come to expect on airline travel. If they aren't going to be there, please let us know when we book our tickets so we can plan accordingly. The flight attendant for my section of the plane was cold and a bit rude. I didn't want to ask her for anything."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Late taking off and arriving. Once we landed it took 15 minutes to locate someone to bring the ramp out to the plane. Just incompetence on part of American Airlines."

Pros: "Did not use"
Cons: "Tight seating"

Pros: "The flight was delayed 4 times until we were unable to make our connecting flight. We were sent home to try again tomorrow. Meanwhile other flights AA made their connections. Total bullshit. I suggest they couldn't round up a crew."
Cons: "You are kidding."

Pros: "Being able to board early due to husband's disability."
Cons: "Only being provided a warm cup of water. Paid extra $$ for seating with no other liberties provided."

Cons: "There was a older Caucasian flight attendant that didn't have a name tag on that touched me twice on the shoulder"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delays when other airlines with same destination did not have them. The constant asking if is move seats. No means no."

Cons: "Took forever"

Pros: "On time Attendants friendly Great service"
Cons: "No complaints"

Pros: "Boarded on time."
Cons: "Left 25 minutes late. when I asked the flight attendant to let me move further to the front so I can leave the plane quick and not miss my connection I was told that there were no other seats. I looked and YES there was at least 5 other seats in rows much closer than mine! Also upon arrival we did not get off the plane for 15 minutes . My connection was boarding already. I had to go from gate E 6 to gate B14 in a flash at the age of 66 I barely made it out of breath and they were about to close the doors! I was not a happy camper when I was told in the flight 5406 that I had plenty of time!!! not to worry!!!"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "This experience has taught me to stick with Delta."

Pros: "Smooth at GRR. A little Delay in CLT. It was a good experience because we weren't on a deadline to be somewhere."

Cons: "Got a notification of a TWO HOUR DELAY departing SFO. Rebooked into Charlotte instead of Dallas to connect to Fort Myers. THAT flight got delayed AFTER the doors were closed by another 45 minutes which caused me to miss my connection to Fort Myers AND have American Airlines leave my bag in Charlotte. I rebooked into West Palm Beach to drive to Fort Myers and my bag stayed in Charlotte even though there was ANOTHER 45 minute delay to change a tire on the plane. If I practiced medicine the way the airline handled customers, I'd kill every third patient!"

Cons: "It really wasn't "On-Time", but you couldn't tell that from the monitors. (I'm sure you like to keep your statistics "clean", but they shouldn't be dishonest.) A TSA? agent had us initially wait in a long incorrect line after we picked up our passport scanner sheets even though we told her we had a tight connection. Afterwards, she moved us along with a few others. That line could have swamped us!"

Pros: "Flight was smooth and ontime"
Cons: "Flight was extremely expensive."

Pros: "It was fine. Nothing exceptional. Pretzels and a bloody"
Cons: "Group boarding again"

Pros: "Nothing very unhelpful staff also very rude"
Cons: "How they sell a ticket without seats available?? Very unpleasant flight! I will never buy through and never will flight with American Airlines again"

Pros: "Friendly crew. efficient."

Cons: "Disappointed with the "Hot Box" (Bean Burrito type) cold & never heated up but still served...unedible. Real shame - food just wasted...unnecessary and just adds to costs of flights at end of day :-/ Customs & Gate in Clt delay could have been handled better. Continuously told us we were deplaning and then silence...several times...very frustrating after 9 hour flight. Better communication and organization in customs would be appreciated Otherwise, crew was very polite and overall good job"

Pros: "Customer service excellence The flight attendants were very attentive"

Pros: "Nothing out of the ordinary, which for plane flights is about as good as it gets. No delays, no scares, no extra inconveniences."
Cons: "It's a transatlantic plane flight, not anything I'd describe as a fun experience."

Cons: "Short flight, so food offering was little pretzels."

Pros: "Staff try ed not much they could do"
Cons: "Eventually arrived i. Raliegh after a full day or arranging and crazy stress. Not sure I'll fly American again."

Pros: "Exceptional customer service"
Cons: "No food no entertainment so that's the only reason I gave 1 star to those"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Good customer service, friendly stewards and stewardess."
Cons: "No negative actions. All positive."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We lost our connection to Jacksonville"

Pros: "Nice stress"

Pros: "The plane was very nice and very comfy. Not a whole lot of leg room where I sat (economy) but it was a cheap ticket so I can't complain."
Cons: "Overbooked flight made storing carryons annoying and hard."

Cons: "Both flights delayed. A six and a half hour drive took nine and a half hours by air."

Pros: "Courteous and polite"
Cons: "Nothing was a great flight"

Pros: "There was an air traffic back-up for a few minutes, and instead of just letting us sit there wondering what was going on, the pilot gave us periodic updates on what was happening, which made the process much easier. Also, the flight attendants were friendly, which makes a big difference."

Pros: "Crew was very friendly"
Cons: "On a 10+ hour flight that you're trying to stay awake for, some sort of entertaining is near mandatory. Neither mine nor my boyfriend's TV worked. Even after the crew reset the system twice, they still didn't work."

Pros: "No one sat in the middle seat next to me"
Cons: "Seats and leg room are too small Had to pay to get the exit row"

Pros: "Planes boarded on time"
Cons: "Long wait on runway before take off"

Pros: "appreciated having enough room for my knees not to hit the seat in front of me"

Pros: "Nothing. Flight was late, I was bumped out of my seats that I paid extra for. The seats we had wouldn't recline. Boarding was announced in 5 minutes so lines were formed and we boarded 35 minutes later as we had to wait for one extra cabin crew member. We got charged toe all our bags (see SWA). There was human waste in the bathroom."
Cons: "See above"

Cons: "American Airlines is continually delaying flights. Impossible to actually plan around."

Pros: "I understand that the breakfast cookies are economical, and many people enjoy them, but can we add some variety or switch things up sometime, pleeeeease. My kids love the cookies. thanks Jesse"
Cons: "The cookies"

Pros: "Crew was very professional"
Cons: "My flight was delayed 5 hours"

Pros: "Good pilot...smooth landing."
Cons: "snacks and lack of in-flight entertainment."

Pros: "Never again. I had a connecting flight with a one hour layover and almost missed it. The plane to charlotte was very late boarding. Once i land I rush to my gate because I only have 20 minutes before they start boarding ; I get to the gate and have to wait almost an hour. At this point I still havent eaten because I am waiting around by the gate and the attendants are not communicating any information. Then they finally tell us that the reason the fligt hasnt boarded was because the flight attendant misplaced her luggage in the previous flight and was waiting to arrive to the terminal. Now how is that my issue? American Airlines needs to do better!"

Cons: "Bumpy landing in Charlotte. But it was windy and raining."

Cons: "Return flight was delayed, gate changes unfriendly and unhelpful flight attendants"

Pros: "Everything was good."

Pros: "Movies and music through individual seat monitors were a great idea.The Pilot on our way back was outstanding. He gave truthful and accurate information about delays, was always on the alert for warning us and staff about any expected turbulence."
Cons: "The flight was actual operated by American Airlines, so don't blame Finair. I had to call Finair for a question and they were polite and helpful. The crew on the plane on the flight from Charlotte to Rome were just mean, curt, and generally unhelpful. They did not collect trash or dinner trays for well over an hour after everyone had finished. The Italian gentleman next to us was so disgusted he got up and found the trashcan himself and refused to talk to the flight crew the rest of the trip.It didn't matter because they disappeared after dinner and no one saw them again for 5 or 6 hours. On the flight back from Rome the crew was nice but slack. They skipped all the back rows twice row 34 onwards) when they got distracted during a refreshment service. They also repeatedly told passengers they were out of a specific item on the cart but "you can go to the back and see for yourself if we have any".Customs is out of control. They refused to allow anyone off the plane for over an hour because they had another flight come in "from the islands". Then they yelled at us about calling relatives to let them know what the holdup was. It took 1 and 1/2 hours to get through customs because they made us use the new kiosks then go see a real person and answer questions there too."

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Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Yakima to Charlotte

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Yakima to Charlotte

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Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Yakima to Charlotte

Pre-flight testing

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