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American AirlinesOverall score based on 48692 reviews
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The flights are all packed full and the overhead bins are full of things like purses, stuffed animals, and other lightweight bags instead of putting them under the seat. This makes it hard to get actual suitcases up there. The new hook thing for setting your viewing device on is a nice touch though.

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The flights are all packed full and the overhead bins are full of things like purses, stuffed animals, and other lightweight bags instead of putting them under the seat. This makes it hard to get actual suitcases up there. The new hook thing for setting your viewing device on is a nice touch though.

Quick boarding was great. Seat cushions are hard and painful. Did not eat anything. Disappointed with the nonexistent masking policy. No snack options caused allergy poisoning. Bottled water would not spread the virus so easily


Cons: "Great flight"
Cons: "I always have preferred American Airlines but they seem to have constant problems with the aircraft these days. This causes delays and missed connections. This in turn causes no breakfast or lunch or dinner opportunities. I travel with snacks in my bag at all times now just in case so I won’t get sick for lack of nourishment or water! This last flight I missed my connection altogether and had to take a shuttle home, then catch a ride back to the airport to pick up my luggage and then get my car to drive home. It was 4 hours past my expected time home."
Cons: "Was not allowed to get on slightly early with a car seat and a 3 year old to get situated in the seats, though on every other flight we have been allowed to. There was a delay that caused us to miss our connecting flight."
Pros: "Seats very comfortable"
Cons: "No money for baggage registred"
Pros: "Everything was good!"
Pros: "The entertainment options"
Cons: "The flight was delayed because of another flight before ours and there was poor communication."
Pros: "Gate check of carry-on luggage was nice. The connecting flight from DFW to FLL was on time and the boarding process was very smoothly executed by the gate agent. Well done!!"
Cons: "The flight out of RNO early in the morning was chaotic. One of the kiosks was down and the line to self-check was long and moved very slowly because there was only one agent behind the self-check baggage drop. She did well keeping up but there was a long line of unhappy customers due to the long wait. No snack was offered but I did get a glass of water. Not enough overhead storage for the carry-on bags because passengers get the luggage check tag but brought the carry-on onboard anyway."
Pros: "I feel like there is more leg room in the seats then in other discount airlines! I like the snack and drink, this breaks up the flight a bit. This is nice for me because I don’t like to fly."
Cons: "The staff seemed miserable. No one was nice or even smiled. Just felt like they couldn’t wait for this leg of their day/trip to be over."
Pros: "ok"
Cons: "no food at all"
Pros: "Short flight."
Cons: "Flight got delayed several times. Had to reschedule flight."
Pros: "The crew was very attentive. The seat (as I am sure you know) is not 100% comfortable. One of those little pillows that some airlines provide would have been appreciated as I need a bit more back support."
Pros: "The flight was good. The crew was dedicated."
Cons: "The seats were horribly tight. Too small for a 11h flight. Not everyone is rich or has money to flight first, business or even premium. One day soon or later you're going to have to deal with that reality. We deserve a bit more space for 11h"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Poor ratings for food Is result of not eating any food. No entertainment."
Pros: "Flight was on time. Crew was very helpful"
Cons: "the staff were not knowledgeable on visa requirements at checkin in Reno. As a result my checkin took long at the counter. Small CRJ700 plane was cramped though fast."
Cons: "I think things would run so much smoother if the plane was loaded from the back to the front. That way you don't have to wait as long for people to put things in the overhead and then sit down."
Pros: "Flight box waste of money for sure. The middle seat was vacant and it was fantastic. We travelbwith a guide dog."
Cons: "The boxed food"
Pros: "This was our first time flying Avianca. The flight attendants were attentive and helpful!! We will definitely fly Avianca again to Colombia!"
Pros: "Automatic ticket rebooking"
Cons: "It being cancelled."
Pros: "They refunded my ticket (although I spent over $65 on cabs to and from the airport)."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by almost two hours - I knew I was going to miss my connection before I even left my airport. They told me they could not put my family and myself in a hotel and that we would need to take another flight the next day that had ANOTHER layover."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delays without updates, rude flight staff, lost baggage"
Pros: "Good choice of movies."
Pros: "Food & Entertainment were good. Thankfully the crew seemed to have waited for us."
Cons: "We were late, so some guy took my seat. Attendant was annoyed that I didn't just take any open seat. I wanted the seat I purchased, near my wife. The other passenger didn't gain anything by taking my middle seat as he travelled alone."
Pros: "Crew did the best they could considering the situation."
Cons: "There were multiple delays, leaving half my flight with missed connections in Phoenix."
Cons: "delayed and missed connecting flight"
Pros: "Great attendants excellent customer service"
Cons: "Awful TSAs"
Pros: "Adequately handled the 13 hr delay."
Cons: "Flight delayed 13 hrs for mechanical problems. Seems to be an ongoing problem w/ American Airlines now."
Pros: "."
Cons: "."
Pros: "We were delayed because of weather yet the crew kept us aware of what was going on and still got us there on time. Great crew. Very polite and professional."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "No volé en LATAM si no en AA y en esta compañía al principio no sabían sobre mi reserva y cuando si, no pude hacer el checking online, sino solo en el aeropuerto , en ambos vuelos"
Pros: "Wow crew Good legroom Punctual"
Cons: "One of the two entrees was not available. Need to have vegetarian options on menu."
Pros: "Crew was extremely nice. I dont' like to fly and the take off was so rough, I spent the whole flight in the bathroom. The flight attendant gave me ginger ale and pretzels and let me sit in the back so i didn't have to go back and forth. The other flight attendant had aroma therapy that helped a lot but i was just too freaked out. Those two made the flight as nice as possible."
Cons: "Very rough take off but that is mother nature not the air line :) Took off almost an hour late. LAX scheduled too many flight to land at the same time, Had to wait on the runway in Reno."
Pros: "Clean, smooth flight, on time."
Cons: "Small plane claustrophobia, entertainment required your own debice"
Cons: "Missed my connecting flight to to 3 delays."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No gluten free food available"
Pros: "We left 55 minutes late. Person at counter was annoying. Kept grabbing the microphone, think he liked hearing himself talk. Wanted to valet all the carryons but there was room in the airplane for them."
Cons: "being late and uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "Flight was one time."
Cons: "It was a standard boarding. The standard ride. I have nothing to complain about"
Pros: "Flight research tools."
Cons: "After choosing seats through this website we were kicked out of all of them and was separated from my partner. Every single flight we took was late and we missed a connection due to a late take off. The low cost was not worth the extreme effort and connecting flights."
Pros: "Boarding was easy & seamless"
Cons: "Had to lie about forgetting my phone charger in the waiting area to get off the plane & give my niece a hug who arrived early on a neighboring flight from NY to RNO as we switched off to take care of my dad who just had a triple bypass. If two people are past security - there should be NO ISSUE with them meeting - we have already been screened & a hug or anything else should not be a crime."
Cons: "I still have not received my luggage"
Pros: "Medical emergency response and support was excellent."
Cons: "No pre-boarding for infant. Straight legroom in 13D still had seat in front recline into my knees at 6'5". Extra legroom purchase did not provide any extra legroom. Need to know what seats provide extra legroom for 6'5" tall passengers."
Cons: "On time , pleasant"
Pros: "Everything!"
Cons: "Nothing!"
Cons: "The previous crew did not do some kind of check so leaving Reno was delayed which left almost no time to get to my connecting flight. No one seemed very happy at all."
Pros: "Excelente la atención y los servicios prestados por la tripulación"
Pros: "Politeness of the crew"
Cons: "Not very spacious and entertainment only offered at My own expense"
Cons: "Broken down seat cushion ."

Even though the flights was delayed, all staff at the gate was friendly and helpful. Crew was caring with a positive attitude. The only downside was that the airplane did not have the ability to charge devices.

To many extra fees. Will stick with delta next time.

Nothing could’ve been better

booked a reservation with expedia and it should included 1 lugague and we end up paying $79.00 per bag because all the crew can say. "IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE"

Crew could not help book me seat next to my dad. Thankfully, the right next seat to him was empty.

The flight was delayed for 4 hours due to a mechanical issue they ought to have been inspected before we all boarded. Finally boarding 4 hours later, we missed our connecting flights and didn’t arrive at final destination till 10PM after starting our travel close to 2AM


drinks and a snack on the plane.

Cons: "Sitting Chairs Service"
Cons: "I caught COVID from the other passengers. They were obnoxiously drunk, vulgar, and distinctly terrible."
Pros: "The crew was great. It’s get what you pay for and they’re very clear that these are no frills flights."
Cons: "Comfort of the seats, but...Spirit..."
Pros: "The crew was efficient with the exception of being told there was a full flight with plenty of seats available. That said, they were able to accommodate a much needed change, so I'm appreciative of that."
Cons: "The delay of 4 hours is such a common occurrence among Spirit, it's insane. I'm not sure why things are always delayed, c acned, or rearranged on this airline, but their planner needs to be reassigned."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "This airline comes from the ghetto"
Pros: "I really liked the crew, they were super nice and cheerful."
Cons: "No entertainment available like past flights have been on. I brought a book though, so it was fine!"
Pros: "the price was reasonable;"
Cons: "inclusion of bags in price; more space between seats; reclining seats;"
Cons: "Spirit flight from Atlanta to Detroit at 7:20AM on 1/23/2019 was cancelled as the airport in Detroit was closed. Therefore I could not make my appointment that day and naturally I could not nor did not need the returning flight. I do expect Spirit to fully refund my round trip ticket."
Cons: "Total Loss"
Pros: "Everything went very smoothly ppl were polite"
Pros: "Nothing, they are not offering Non stop flights from Cle to Msyin the morning any longer"
Cons: "They lost my Luggage, and just wanted to write up a claim instead of actually looking for it and tracking it down"
Cons: "I should have known it was too good to be true. My ticket was cheap, but when i arrived to the airport I was forced to spend all of my pocket money on an overpriced fee for Carry-on and Checked backage! Now I was prepared to pay a fee because that’s with every airline, but those prices were ridiculous. On top of that, I receive very rude treatment! I will never fly with spirit airlines again!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Spirit offers the worst service there is I arrived 1 hour earlier to the flight they wouldn't take my luggage had to purchase my ticket through another airline"
Cons: "I lost my luggages"
Pros: "i would have liked the direct flight and the cost, however I never took the flight because Spirit changed the time of the return flight and I had to cancel both flights. I liked the fact that they refunded all of the charges."
Cons: "I didn't like that Spirit unilaterally changed the return flight to 8 in the morning from 4 in the afternoon. I had to cancel and flew United!!"
Pros: "Couldn’t enjoy the flight"
Cons: "I wish I could have enjoyed my flight with my family. Leaving for a wake, and now I’m stuck behind . Attempted to fix or get another flight , and customer service through spirit air and kayak was poor."
Cons: "Not enough personal space for each person. Very crowded seats and no proper support for your back ."
Pros: "The pilots and crew were professional, polite and considerate of all of the passengers and the late hour."
Pros: "Easy booking and website"
Cons: "A lot of people were out of seats during plane travel to stand around and chat which made it uncomfortable having people hover over me when I was trying to sleep"
Pros: "I have to say that I will be flying with Spirit again. You just can't beat those prices!"
Cons: "For such an expensive ticket, the dissapointment of the flight getting cancelled is real.."
Pros: "There was nothing to like."
Cons: "They delayed our flight twice, then ultimately cancelled the flight. Problem is, we drove 9 hours from Salt Lake City to Denver in order to get these cheap flights. We were headed to visit family and had things scheduled for the next day, including tickets to a baseball game. They told us we had to wait 24 hours for their next flight out, and by this point we weren't sure that flight wouldn't be cancelled as well. They said it was due to "weather" and "air traffic congestion", yet literally every other airline still flew their planes out of Denver that night. It basically translates into: "Here at Spirit we're the lowest on the totem pole." and better yet their customer service was so horrible they could not care less about their customers. We then read thousands of negative reviews about this airline and their frequent cancellations, horrible customer service, etc. and wondered how in the world we allowed ourselves to book tickets with this world-class organization. So now we're stuck in Denver with nowhere to stay. We ended up feeling more comfortable booking tickets with a legitimate airliner for the following morning, and had to get a hotel for the night. Then since we arrived to our destination at a different time than planned our family was no longer able to pick us up and we had to spend $70 on a cab. In the long run it ended up costing us a few hundred more dollars to get to our destination so that we could still do the things we'd had planned. Oh also, they didn't even call us or anything about the cancellation. One of us just happened to check our email and we noticed the flight cancellation. So that's great. And the cherry on top was when we called to get a bloody refund they shorted us $20. So my $20 is now floating around in Spirit cyberspace along with my dignity and sanity. If I could give these guys less than one star I would."
Pros: "I liked the cheap plane ticket, but that's about it."
Cons: "The unreliability, the poor customer service, the hidden costs/fees, the inaccessible website, and the complete absence of basic technology, such as the inability to do a digital boarding pass. I never even got on the plane because it was indefinitely delayed and I had to book another flight on another airline"
Pros: "Hard to name anything"
Cons: "almost everything. Very uncomfortable seats! Especially, was shocked by not giving me even water during long flight unless I pay money"
Cons: "The least amount of legroom I'd ever seen on an airplane it was awful. I'm 4 10 and my knees were within an inch of the seat in front of me"
Cons: "No food. Very uncomfortable. No entertainment. Overall one of the worst flights I've ever taken."
Pros: "I liked the price :)"
Cons: "Everything is ok, at just over 100 USD I'll fly strapped to the wing."
Pros: "Can't beat the rate. If you are traveling light, this is the way to go."
Cons: "Seats are not large, they pack you in there to make this a good rate."
Pros: ":)"
Cons: "My/our connecting flight was diverted to serve other passengers & we had to wait for a long time for a connection. That was in Fort lauderdale/TX. Change of culture is needed for you."
Pros: "No complaints. Got what I paid for"
Cons: "I missed my connection in Fort Lauderdale. Terrible service. Had to pay out of pocket for a hotel night. Very unhappy with Spirit airline."
Cons: "No TSA pre-check, desorganized and absurd line to check-in"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "The male flight attendant was the world's most obnoxious human being. He commanded the microphone and subjected the entire flight to constant one sided discussion of his random thoughts and "comedy." I wanted to open the emergency exit and jump to my death to escape it. I won't fly this bargain airline again."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 3 hrs. And the response and attitude from the staff towards the issue was just unacceptable. "I don't know when you will get there, she says, your only alternative is to get your money back and go make the customer service line" -_-"
Pros: "Nothing positive to say here"
Cons: "My departing flying was delayed an hour - no big deal. I showed up to the airport based on the new departing time. Spirit told me I was late and missed the flight. I showed them on my phone the flight was now leaving at 9:30 am and it was currently 8:30 am so I was not late nor did I miss the flight. They put tags on my luggage that said I was late and wrote late on my boarding pass. Once I got through security, I had time for breakfast and to walk around and still waited 45 minutes - but in their eyes I was somehow late. My luggage did not arrive in Baltimore. When I went to the luggage claim counter the customer service rep asked for my boarding pass and immediately said I was late as they had written it on my pass. I explained to her I was not late and she said she had to call them to verify. She calls O'Hare and says "Hey Girl, I have (insert my name) here, and she says she wasn't late, but her boarding pass says she was... oh ok, that's what I thought". I felt helpless because Spirit lost my luggage and I couldn't say anything about how I was being treated. My luggage arrive 35 hours after I landed. My flight back to Chicago was delayed 3.5 hours. The people working there are so unprofessional it's appalling. Do your research and read the reviews. NEVER EVER FLY WITH THIS COMPANY. I learned the hard way."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Long check-in lines"
Pros: "I got my entertainment from all the Nacional soccer fans. Otherwise, there was none."
Cons: "As someone who's 6'6", the seats, even in the evacuation aisles, just don't have enough width. Also the seats don't recline at all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Were to start"
Cons: "Water. Water. Death by Thirst."
Pros: "The international flight had a slightly more comfortable cabin, but still below the level of comfort I am accustomed to on every other airline Ive flown with."
Cons: "Still upset from the first flight, but this one was a little bit better. The seats still didnt recline, there was no radio or anything. They did have seat back pockets and bigger tray tables. Overall I will never fly spirit airlines again."

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