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Cons: "We didn't really have social distancing on board but it was as good as could. be expected"

Pros: "Super friendly and helpful with connections."
Cons: "The music on the plane was a bit much. Lol"

Pros: "crew was fine"
Cons: "terrible space/legroom. Very cramped tray table, couldn't fit laptop on it. Made me check my carry on bag. not even gate check, checked to baggage claim. Yet there was still overhead space once I got on. Lots of . overbooking - should never happen in this day and age. Delta does not deserve its "#1" rating. The rating system seems biased. Probably paid off by delta. Southwest is way better for economy class."

Cons: "The main economy seats were far too narrow."

Pros: "The crew was awesome! The steward was engaging and made us all laugh and feel comfortable for a short flight when he didn’t have to. He had a great sense of humor and gave the kids cookies and wings. Something I haven’t seen in many years. He and the pilots were great!"
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "I have used Delta long time. Used to be really bad. Today. Good good."
Cons: "Free beer"

Cons: "Nothing given it was a 6 am flight"

Pros: "These Comfort+ seats had the most legroom of any airline (Delta, JetBlue, American etc) short of Business class that I can remember in my adult life!"

Pros: "Crew was awesome. Very respectful and helpful"
Cons: "Food options"

Pros: "Everything met my expectations"
Cons: "Refreshments"

Pros: "I liked the crew."
Cons: "I didn’t appreciate the women at the boarding counter. She had a very bad attitude and was not approachable."

Pros: "The crew was extremely rude. They did not come to collect trash and so all passengers were left holding their coffee/ tea: beverages during bumpy landing."
Cons: "Attendants were rude. I didnt understand why. Also, I purchased a window seat but there was no window in my row. I spent the majority of the flight feeling ill."

Cons: "Worst first class service. Only came by twice in two hour flight"

Pros: "While biased since I was in First class, everything was enjoyable and as expected of a first class experience. The free Wi-Fi on this flight made it extra special- can’t wait until its standard on all flights!!"
Cons: "Only real complaint is that Delta doesn’t seem to restrict size of bags taken as carry on and the time wasted but some trying to squeeze their obviously oversized bags into overhead compartments is painful."

Pros: "The ease of travel that Delta efforts me"
Cons: "Easier status earnings"

Pros: "Good communication about weather and delay"
Cons: "No delay. Consider dropping the $75 standby fee."

Pros: "The flight crew was as positive as possible."
Cons: "It was very late"

Pros: "Flight attendants were great! We had rough weather for the entire flight, and they handled everything great"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Lots of movies to choose from."
Cons: "Delays out of MCI and late arrival, no hope for a decent seat on HNL leg, couldn't sit with husband, huge smelly seat mate, used up 10,000 miles on my account and paid higher price than current ticket price, middle seats, not happy"

Cons: "Boarding was disorganized. Snack mix tasted plain."

Pros: "Nope"
Cons: "They my flight"

Pros: "Crew superb"
Cons: "Better food at a homeless shelter..ugh.."

Pros: "Boarding was easy, plane clean, snacks good."
Cons: "Small plane but that’s not really fixable"

Pros: "Lots of snacks and drink service"
Cons: "No electricity or tv or movies or WiFi"

Pros: "The service, free entertainment."

Cons: "plane was a bit old. tiny tv screen"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seats did not recline"

Pros: "Staff is friendly."
Cons: "My wife's pre-check was not added to her ticket. Plane was extremely late taking off. No entertainment on the flight."

Pros: "The check-in agent was very nice and patient"
Cons: "Our flight kept on getting delays, we were seated separated, a kid was hitting my seat during the whole flight even after skiing the mother to stop her child, not sure what is the solution there but I would suggest that in your announcements in the beginning you could mention a rule of respect to others like in the movies a little subtle regulation about other passengers space respect."

Cons: "The attitude of the employees."

Cons: "It was a 1.5 hour late leaving San Diego (6am flight), one of three bathrooms out, no coffee or tea (wtf?), we circled Atlanta for an hour, ran out of gas, landed in Pensacola, no information, missed the flight to DC ... And it's not even noon"

Pros: "the flight was quick and it was fine. flight crew was polite and professional."
Cons: "i didn’t like that my knees were in the row in front of me, and we hit some pretty scary bumps. i get really anxious about turbulence."

Pros: "Beverage and snack service"
Cons: "Seats too narrow"

Cons: "Flight boarding was an abomination as it was delayed 6 times. Then we had to board (by bus) to a location about 1-2 miles from the gate. Gate agents DID NOT keep the passengers updated. A simple announcement every 10-15 minutes would have made a big difference. Also video screens on several rows did not work, no entertainment for a 7 hr flight."

Pros: "Had to sit in the middle row and I wasn’t given the option to get an aisle sit during check in."
Cons: "No flexibility for seats"

Cons: "My registered luggage was sent LAX->MDE and i had a short change in MEX. Running out of the LAX->MEX plane, the crew the said: "don't forget to pick up your luggage".. and then all went pairshaped. One member of MEX staff claimed the baggage is going directly to destination, another said that it won't and i need to pick it up myself and do god knows what with it. LAX->MEX flight delayed by 30mins, 1hr change time. Everybody relaxed just me loosing all my boozy contraband as i had no choice but to put my registered luggage thru security."

Pros: "Traveling mid day and on’s my new favorite!"

Pros: "Pleased we upgraded to comfort plus."
Cons: "It was an older 747 which didn’t have power to the Sears. The video system was also old with poor quality."

Cons: "I dont like that we wasted 3 hours delay in the fiarst fly, makimg us waste more time at los angeles it was a really nightmare"

Pros: "Comfortable seats"

Pros: "Everything was excellent"
Cons: "Excellent job and keep it up"

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "2.5 hour delay for no apparent reason at first (supposed mechanical issues with plane) and then waited on plane at gate for a missing pilot who never got picked up from his airport and got stuck in Chicago traffic trying to get to O'Hare. Eventually had to take pilot from another flight before leaving at 8:45 when flight was scheduled for 6:00am."

Pros: "Layout of aircraft"
Cons: "Couldn't find USB port."

Pros: "I loved his pilot. His take of and landing were so smooth. I wish I could request him and his co-pilot for every trip I take. The flight attendants served and did not hang around and harass you like some do. They were efficient."

Pros: "Efficient boarding and helpful flight attendants"
Cons: "I was sitting in a "Delta Comfort+" seat in an exit row. The extra legroom was nice, but the tray table was so far forward I could hardly reach it, and there was no armrest on the window side. The seat covers appeared to be heavily worn, with tears and padding falling out in some places."

Pros: "The leg room was great, the blanket and pillow provided was great and the crew did not disturb me."

Pros: "Great staff, polite and helpful"
Cons: "Small seats"

Pros: "Food was good, I had the fruit & cheese plate. Very good. I had a wheelchair so she took me directly to the doorway of the plane. Very nice young lady from West Africa. Nice selection of recent movie releases."
Cons: "My seat would not recline. Uncomfortable for such a long flight."

Cons: "That I missed my son graduating from the Air Force"

Pros: "Nothing. Didn’t get to take the trip and had no customer service to assist in any respect to have a voucher or credit or anything. Garbage"
Cons: "Everything. Coronavirus lock down sucks, but some sort of accountability would be nice for having my money simply stolen."

Pros: "good service"
Cons: "a better airplane"

Pros: "The food, comfort"
Cons: "The crew, some of the crew were a bit rigid, didn't seem to like what they were doing"

Pros: "Fast and efficient"

Pros: "Everything was good, the food, the comfort, the entertainment, the service"

Pros: "Speed of boarding"
Cons: "No TVs on back of chairs, small seats. Gate agent asked everyone with a US passport leave their bags at the gate because the "overhead bins were smaller than normal and there was no room" - this was not true, the bins were regular sized and half empty."

Cons: "Should have bilingual people working there"

Pros: "The extras that I was not used to anymore, like a snack and movies. Also punctuality."

Pros: "The crew was lovely and the flight felt short since the entertainment sytem was available and operational."
Cons: "Much better than some other airlines no names mentioned."

Cons: "Attendants were rude or looked at me like I was inconviniencing them. Not good service at all."

Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Had a 2 hour delay"

Pros: "El servicio en general de la aerolínea y el módulo de información de vuelos"
Cons: "Que hubiera un poco más de espacio entre asientls"

Cons: "I lost my flight, really slow service (40 minutes on the line), bad actitude, NO REFUND. This is mi first and last flight purchased by Aeromexico. I hate you Aeromexico."

Pros: "The food given during the flight was appreciated and the flight crew were nice and attentive."
Cons: "Our baggage was misplaced but we were told it was lost. Then they found one bag and said the other bag didn’t make it on the flight. We waited for 2 hours for the one bag that they said wasn’t lost to be brought out to baggage claims office and then we realized that the bag that was reported lost was actually the bag that they found. I went to update the list baggage report and the lady took one glance in the system and found the additional bag that we were told never made it on the flight in the baggage claim office after all although another baggage claim representative said it was missing 2 hours prior."

Pros: "The service and attention to the customer"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Boarding lines were long, but allowing boarding from both front and rear of plane speeds things up. Small breakfast snack served on flight was nice and appreciated. Pleasant crew members and a nice quiet flight!"
Cons: "Tight seats are tough, but I guess passenger comfort is a thing of the past."

Pros: "Excelente"

Pros: "Flight on time"
Cons: "Entertainment didnt have"

Cons: "I needed assistance and it was kindly provided"

Pros: "The cabin crew on this flight were courteous, friendly and professional."

Pros: "ease, no delays, friendly staff, free movies!"
Cons: "Having to pay an extra $25 tp choose our seats in advance!! :-("

Pros: ""Free" booze."
Cons: "Some of the worst service I have seen. Odd hours to wake and feed passengers, and restrictions on bathroom usage."

Pros: "Not much to like."
Cons: "I upgraded to AM PLUS so that I could take advantage of the EASY CHECKING. WIDER SEATS. BE AMONGST THE FIRST TO GET LUGGAGE. ALL THIS ITEMS WERE PROMISED BY YOU WEBSITE. non of these things happened. I was instructed to email to request a refund. Took ten days to here back and was denied. You guys have a perfect procedure for not giving refunds. Can’t talk to anyone by phone then take 10 days to deny. By that time most will just give up. I am a frequent flyer that will NEVER fly with you again and neither will the employees of my company."

Cons: "There is no veg food option. The staff at airport (mexico city) were very rude and not helpful at all. They tried to take money from us for a stupid reason about my dog. They deliberately took so long that I missed my flight. They gave me ticket in the next day flight and that too in 1st class that costed me almost the whole fair of the trip. I had too much hassle to deal with by booking hotel, taxi etc."

Pros: "Excelent"

Cons: "The bags took forever to come out and we missed our second flight. We didn't know we had to pick up our luggage to be put onto the next flight"

Pros: "I love there service"

Pros: "Attention"
Cons: "Seats are very tight, uncomfortable."

Pros: "I did not like anything. Plane was old, seats were uncomfortable, no leg room, my seat was broken (tilted forward and when I asked if it could be fixed staff did nothing), songs repested themselves, and customs was a nightmare."
Cons: "Read comments above. The flight was tbe worst ever."

Pros: "I liked all en general! The Service was very well"
Cons: "I don't liked to pay the baggage when for a long time one baggage was free!! You need to do something about the baggage!!"

Pros: "To get from GDL to MGM requires 3 flights. Two were cancelled and the other delayed. The cancelations were due to maintenance issues. Delta apparently is flying plans that should be in the shop."

Pros: "food was good"

Cons: "4th row electric switch has not been wking for weeks"

Cons: "Food, entertainment and space"

Cons: "We were the last ones to board there was no place to put our personal items also we were missing items from our suitcases they stole a small camera and jewelry we bought for gifs I will never flight with this Air line again they ransacked our suitcases I'm very disappointed"

Cons: "they were terrible...our flight was delayed - for 7 hours at Mexico City airport! They lied to us constantly and were rude and unreliable..."

Pros: "The Dreamlines is terrific. Great service, attentive staff & clean airplanes & food."

Pros: "The crew onboard were very nice and attentive."
Cons: "At check in, they had me stand in the same line three separate times. Aeromexico personnel were very rude and even threatened me that I would not be able to fly. They were very inflexible and made me feel that they don't need my or anyone else's business. Even the supervisor enforced the rude behavior of the check in staff."

Pros: "Love this Airline everything about it"

Pros: "the crew was great!"
Cons: "The boarding was a little delayed movies or series might be interesting to have as an option to watch"

Cons: "People were mad and with attitude"

Pros: "Transfer through Mexico city airport is a nightmare. You can clear immigration, get your luggage, clear customs, transfer terminal, check in your luggage, going through security, and finally get to your gate. All without any clear guidance from the airline or the airport. I will never fly through Mexico City again."

Pros: "Free checked bags!"
Cons: "All communication referenced Areomexico confirm # but had to call to get Delta # in order to do online check-in."

Pros: "Excellent price, Entering Mexico in a small city like Guadalajara was fast and trouble free"
Cons: "Boarding area and airplane was very hot, the vent over the seat had a very slow fan, and when squashed between two hot people on each side, the flight was uncomfortably warm (bear in mind this comes from someone who is not used to much heat. ..:))"

Pros: "The plane size was amazing"
Cons: "the crew seemed like they wanted to be anywhere else but that flight. I saw one crew member knock a woman in the head with a sleeve of paper cups - I don't think she even apologized. They pushed people out of their way in the isle. It was crazy"

Pros: "Liked games on plane"
Cons: "It was Areomexico but really it was Deta. My husband travels with oxygen so we did what Areomexico needed but not what Delta needed. We did have a doctor note so that saved us. When we got to Mexicothey sails our liggage was not there because we were in the wrong terminal. No one spoke English but it was there because we were on Delta. When we left almost went to wrong terminal. If it is Deltal call it delta not Aeromexico."

Cons: "Delayed flight by three hours, then right before flight they had no gate and kept promising we would have one in ten minutes. That went on for two hours. Then they moved it back another 5-6 hours and everyone waited in line for another two hours to get things sorted out before they cancelled it. Also when I exited From Cabo they made me go through security all over again because they had no boarding pass for this flight. Big waste of time and money."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The desk worker at Mexico city Airport ignored me while standing directly in front of him.I had to apprach him first.customer service should require a greeting and "how may I help you"...I asked for a seat change window .he made the change but did not tell me it was the last seat on plane.would have appreciated this information prior to agreeing with change M management needs to educate the staff at the Mexican Airport proper customer service. The gentleman name was Ismael.,thank you."

Pros: "My flight ticket said in big words Auromexico. So i arrived 1h 30min befor my flight departure. The lines was small but the atendents were so slow. And was in line for more than an hour. When it was my turn, the lady said that my flight wasent auromexico that it was with delta. Then why does my ticket say Thank you for flying with us Auromexico in huge words on top?!!! By the time I got to the Delta counter it was closed and my flight was leaving. I complaint to Aurom mexico and Delta but they didnt do anything but say your going to have to buy a new ticket at full price. And they said the reasone my ticket said auromexico was because they are partners. But they why say auromexico instead of saying Delta air lines?"

Pros: "The flight was on time, nice crew."
Cons: "Only pretzels and drink on a 2.5 hour flight."

Cons: "Missed flight in DFW. All other flights full. Had to reroute thru Miami"

Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "I never felt like writing a review but I feel like I should let other families with little ones know. My wife, 2 year old son, and I was boarding at the gate and they couldn't scan my son's boarding pass. They quickly went over to the computer station and gave my son another pass. We went to our seats and found out someone else is in our 2year old seat. Apparently they gave the seat to someone else at the last second because up to the point when I printed our boarding passes at the kiosk, our seats were still together (and I paid $41/per seat extra to try to keep us together). The other customer was nice enough to switch with our son so were able to stay together at the last min so it goes to show AA priority and service."

Pros: "New planes, in seat entertainment"
Cons: "Very hot plane, never cooled down."

Pros: "OK for a short flight, we were just given water and nothing else probably because of the short duration. The IES is OK but you have to bring your own WiFi device to be able to stream their media which is free"
Cons: "Seats are too small"

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "crew"

Pros: "Honestly I enjoyed every little moment. I haven't traveled to Atlanta in 9 years and let's say traveling with AA is great. Starting from the check-in up until baggage claim in atl. Everything was speedy! I'm so happy that I went with AA I had a spectacular arrival."

Pros: "Great seat space"
Cons: "No wifi"

Pros: "The lax to atl flight was on a much better plane with all the modern features to make the 5hr flight comfortable."
Cons: "The atl to lax was an old plane and wasn't comfortable for a 5hr flight"

Pros: "It seems like the plane was recently renovated and I loved the comfortable seats."
Cons: "There was virtually no free entertainment available."

Pros: "Forgot to load meals for first class! Otherwise good"
Cons: "Still waiting after long walk for baggage"

Cons: "Never got a complimentary beverage. The cart only delivered to some of the rows"

Pros: "Nothing much beside the fact it was cheap."
Cons: "Basically, when i was boarding there was a 60 min call for closing the gate, which I went up front to check in. However the front person totally ignored me, and I missed my flight coming back. After that I had to pay extra $275 (or close to that amount) to reschedule the flight. Worst experience ever."

Pros: "The entertainment was amazing"
Cons: "We were delayed multiple times and landed extremely late"

Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Someone opened nail Polish on the plane and I wish the flight attendants would have addressed it because it was horrible."

Pros: "The flight and boarding process was smooth with no issues. The crew and pilots was the best!!!!"
Cons: "Wish we had peanuts as an option for a snack."

Pros: "Left on time!"
Cons: "No peanut options for gluten free customers"

Pros: "All flights were on time and arrived early."

Cons: "There was an incident on plane between passenger and flight attendant, where a drink was spilled on me and ruined my dress and shoes."

Pros: "Price space, time"
Cons: "Waiting.. but better to be early than late"

Pros: "Upgraded inflight entertainment had more free movies tv and games. Seats had limited recline range and were thinner and harder. Food choices were good and aisle service was typical of today's coach. Enough room for overhead even in boarding group 2. USB adapters in each seat"
Cons: "Flight was delayed one hour ten minutes due to a late plane arrival."

Pros: "Everything was pretty decent.. Best part was the price.. Boarding was good staff was good"
Cons: "Wasn't enough room.. kind of tight.. Couple more inches all around would have been perfect though"

Pros: "Went out of the way to help me make the flight. .....were both nice and helpful !!!"

Pros: "The pilot apologized for the delay and promised to get us there as quick as he can, if that was possible. But, it was thoughtful of him."
Cons: "Although I was informed that the flight was delayed, it was too late, I was already at the airport. A two delay ended up being three hours delay. When it was time to board, we had to wait for a crew member, further delaying boarding. Finally on the flight, I was served cold coffee!!! There was no blanket!"

Pros: "I could ask for the whole can of soda on any flight. A passenger told me that delightful news."
Cons: "I'm tall 5'9 and my knees were literally up against the seat in front of me."

Pros: "I like how very clean. flights attandant were all well dress and clear. They performed a wonderful safety demonstration."
Cons: "I did not like how plane was not on time; plane was late. American Airlines need to purchase a new plane."


Pros: "I thought frontier was worst but american is not too far because american flight can not fly on time."

Pros: "I like the fact that the price was reasonable and the airline didn't charge for EVERYTHING! I didn't feel robbed."
Cons: "Turbulence"

Pros: "The planes people and service."

Cons: "I missed my flight in Atlanta heading to LA on my way to Brisbane, Australia on Saturday 16th July. The ground staff wasn't at all helpful in trying to get me on another flight and in fact sent me to Delta! The lady there couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. Sadly I wasn't compensated at all and had to pay to re-book the flights on the Sunday 17th. On my return from Brisbane, American Airlines had cancelled my flight to Atlanta as they said I was a 'no show' heading out. Thankfully I was able to get a seat on stand by. So, no I'm not a happy customer."

Pros: "thiughy it was a good price on the fare. Now I know why"
Cons: "The representatives and staff at your LaGuardia airport need some serious customer service training. Very rude - no one seemed to know what was going on. Flights were pulling up they rebooked and they were fussing at customers. Understaffed and delaying and canceling flights. Would not recommend to anyone to fly with them. Even on connection changed gates 3 times. So customer unfriendly!"

Pros: "The Professionalism"
Cons: "There is not nothing to say"

Cons: "The crew on the return flight home were a bit nasty..."

Cons: "This flight never happened due to an airport and schedule shift caused by the first leg being cancelled."

Pros: "The pre recorded safety instructions. Very friendly crew, they really worked hard the entire flight."
Cons: "Small seats really put my back into a bind. All I wanted to do was sleep and I couldn't because of the pain. It took forever to board the aircraft on top of being delayed over an hour."

Cons: "Security going through my luggage over a candle"

Pros: "Flight and flight crew were wonderful. No problems at all."
Cons: "I was stranded in Miami airport because I was bumped from every flight. I was late to my 0500 flight from Houston because I circled the airport 3 times looking for the rental car return. Tried to check in 5 min. before boarding time. Was told I had to be rebooked. No problem. Next flight left about 0830. Made it to Miami. Was bumped every flight that day. Was #1 and #2 on waiting list for last 4 flights of the day, but was not given a seat. Others who were either employees or also waiting somehow got a seat though. How is this? Had to sleep in airport and pray to make the AM flight. I'm so disappointed that we are not picked in waiting order. No, all the others did not have priority seating or something. Passengers talk while waiting, so I know I'm not assuming this. We also heard the employees conversations about "hoping to get a seat too". None of us were told our new flight assignments were "stand by" either. If I was aware of this, I would have made another flight arrangement or could have driven to my destination! I paid for a ticket, yet employees on stand by flight get priority. Not right!"

Pros: "Flight from LGA to ATL was good. No complaints."
Cons: "Turbulence. I understand this is out of the crews control."

Pros: "The was late and my logged was late i lost my transportation to Fort Benning."
Cons: "The chairs are to closed to each other. America Airline like to change the bording gaited to much."

Pros: "I loved the entertainment options"
Cons: "I did not like"

Pros: "It was a good nice ride. The employee was nice."

Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "I had the worst experience of my life. I was trying to go to Miami for my dads funeral an made a mistake booking the wrong airport an I didn't know until Tsa told me I had the wrong boarding pass. So when I tried to have American change the airport so that I can take another flight not only were they careless about my loss nobody tried helping me rebook they just told me the only thing I can pay $200 plus another ticket for about $600 or use another airline it may be cheaper i thought that was so rude an they would have a little sympathy but they did not. I end up spending $328 an using a whole other airline for a honest mistake I'm just very dissatisfied an disappointed that American airline would do that to me on one of the hardest times in my life an I hope they never treat anybody they way they did me."

Cons: "They forgot too board snacks and not enough leg space"

Pros: "I was reassigned to another flight due to problems with the airplane"
Cons: "There were problems with the airplane. I left Miami 5 hours later after requesting to be put on another flight."

Cons: "First off, the flight was delayed. And then when I was boarding the plane I was forced to check my carry-on bag. They claimed there wasn't any overhead storage left, however when I got on the flight, there was still a lot of room. Very disappointed I had to be delayed at baggage claim for no reason."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delays"

Cons: "It was late. On Wednesday Day 2 of my travel due to American canceling my flight the previous day. To add insult to injury, this flight was an hour late. I think you need a new slogan: "American - the unreliable airline""

Cons: "Flight canceled 2 hours before boarding. Was automatically swapped to a 5am red eye flight with layover. Had to find somewhere to spend the night last minute, and missed work on Monday. The airline never contacted me about the change."

Pros: "The space"
Cons: "ThE delay"

Cons: "We were stuck on the tarmac waiting for a gate for an hour and a half once we arrived in Atlanta. Other than that, everything was fine."

Pros: "The other passengers were understanding and patient."
Cons: "The crew was inattentive and in accommodating. A little water would’ve been nice."

Pros: "I received a fullcan of soda with a cup of ice. Not much else good"
Cons: "The entertainment system has a fee or else you have to use your device to access the United app to access entertainment."

Pros: "It was no airplane for us for another 2 hours. United does it more often then other carriers. We mad it home at 2 am instead of midnight."

Pros: "The flying part"
Cons: "Tiny seats"

Pros: "Didn't think my seat was too comfortable. Had to sit on my neck pillow. But flight was on time. Crew friendly."

Pros: "The leg room and the great service"

Pros: "We'll coordinated."

Cons: "The crew was not very helpful with my concerns. As well, there was a handicapped man sitting on my roway and he received insufficient service."

Cons: "4 hr delay on the flight, terrible experience never flying with United again."

Pros: "Excellent all the way!"
Cons: "It took about 30 minutes to get luggage in Atlanta"

Pros: "It was just a mediocre domestic flight. Nothing special."
Cons: "No movies to watch for free."

Pros: "I liked that I wasn't flying standby. The man in charge of scanning tickets and boarding was very nice also."
Cons: "The comfort was terrible, no technology or internet options unless you paid, seats were not comfortable. Thank goodness I was by the window. There were so many screaming kids. It should be an option to choose kid friendly planes."

Pros: "The flight got there"
Cons: "There is no reason why baggage should take over 60 minutes to arrive at baggage claim at 1130 pm"

Cons: "I was in a middle seat and the woman next to me required a seatbelt extension- which in my opinion means she should have purchased 2 seats. Why should I pay full price for 3/4 of a seat because the woman next to me is overweight?? Moral of the story: Seatbelt extensions = BUY AN EXTRA SEAT!"

Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Same as previous flight"
Cons: "same as previous flight"

Pros: "I like free wifi, aspecial food item like middle east food"

Pros: "It was a good flight no issues arose and the flight attendants were sweet."
Cons: "My headphone jack was messed up so even though I paid for TV I couldn't hear well, it sounded like the speakers were blown. And my headphones work just fine."

Cons: "Updates to delays not informed in a mannerly order"

Cons: "It was very hot, it seemed as if the AC was broken."

Pros: "Arrived 40 minutes early and the boarding process was orderly with boarding by sections"
Cons: "The food"

Pros: "Everything!! Awesome!"
Cons: "My girlfriend nagging in my ear."

Pros: "Great spacious seats."
Cons: "Rude staff at the gate. The lady did not even let me finish my question before saying "No"! I approached her at the gate 1 hour before the flight to explain that I was not able to pick a seat online and I was trying to get an isle or a window seat due to my sciatica nerve pain, but she interrupted and said "no" before I got to ask the question. A few minutes later my name was called by another agent for a seat assignment. When I approached them, the first agent told the agent who called my name "no, she already has a seat" and did not even let me talk! This is awful customer service. I always fly with Southwest, but this time I had to fly with United because of the timing of the flight. I will choose an airline where I can at least get to finish asking a question and apparently that is not United airline."

Cons: "The plane broke and we had to be towed. We didn't land until 2am. I had to get a hotel."

Pros: "On time arrival."
Cons: "Turbulent Flight"

Pros: "I love the check in process!! You go to a kiosk and print your boarding pass and luggage tag and then just go and hand in your bag to an agent. Soooo easy. Then no ones in line forever. I was very impressed with the little extra amount of leg space that is not always on most planes. The flight wasn't very full and the crew was kind and generous with a couple of us wanting to switch our seats around. The tvs in the back of the headrest definitely kept me occupied watching New Girl. Overall, I was very comfortable and got to my destination without getting upset or angry once...which can't be said for all airlines."
Cons: "The security line for united in Newark was RIDICULOUS! It didn't take very long to get through...maybe 30-45 minutes (which I planned for) but the line snaked through two floors and wrapped through the check in area. It just looked incredibly daunting. But I realize that there isn't really much that can be done about that!"

Pros: "Super fast boarding and flight. Actually arrived an hour ahead of schedule"

Pros: "Flight crew very pleasant"

Pros: "Professional and compassionate handling of medical emergency. Did not mind the flight diversion to Salt Lake City. Captain kept us fully informed as situation developed."

Cons: "Movies should be included in price or significantly cheaper. Maybe some basics included with newer movies costing $2.00 at most."

Pros: "I was satisfied,no complaints."

Pros: "The crew members are very nice."
Cons: "The delayed flight. I want to change the times of my return date due to the delay but I received no assistance."

Pros: "It was my first time flying with United. It was also my first time flying on a plane that was smaller and it was the best flight I've ever been on. I really enjoyed the free wifi and entertainment on board. I have a child that had an electronic device that allowed her to watch a movie. The selection was also very up to date and a decent verity. Very good flight"
Cons: "Nothing it was a very good experience."

Cons: "Everything .. Stupid stand by tickets. Being given the run around. If I originally paid for a round trip ticket they could have handled multiple situations better .. I had 8 stand by tickets whose planes were full and booked to capacity causing me to miss 2 days of work before I finally made it home!"

Cons: "It never happened!"

Pros: "Couldn't hear clearly the boarding agent at the gate. Had no problem hearing the tv a gate away. But my gate agent sounding like he was under water. Had no problem hearing the flight attendants in the flight. The pilot, sounded like he was underwater. Not his fault."

Cons: "Extremely long delayed flight and was highly disappointed by the I was treated as a disabled valued customer. They keep changing the departure time's, I was left sitting in the wheel chair for several hours without any attendant checking on me, had nothing to eat nor drink for several hours, due to the fact that the attendants was extremely too busy or unavailable.. Thus far I have not received my compensation for my flight from Newark, NJ, to Atlanta, GA. I am requesting a compensation. Thanks. Respectfully, Cynthia Lopez"

Cons: "More maintenance delays."

Pros: "Worst flying experience ever"

Cons: "The arrival/departure board at the airport still said the flight was on time when I arrived, but when I tried to check in at the kiosk it said the flight had been canceled. They booked me on the next flight the following day on a different airline but made no offer to accommodate me with a hotel room and I was forced make my own arrangements for the overnight wait for the next flight at my own expense."

Pros: "Even though space was very limited, the seats were comfortable enough to fall asleep in."
Cons: "The flight was delayed."

Pros: "Crew was polite and helpful"
Cons: "I haven't flown united in a while and was very disappointed. The Seats are tight with no leg room. You have to pay more for what would have been a regular seat. If you don't mind being cramped in a small seat, United is okay. Lucky my flight was only 2 hrs."

Pros: "Short trip. Quiet plane luckily."
Cons: "Seems unorganized with over booking or some incident that occurred on the plan regarding reserved seats being given away. Had to ride around for about 5-10 min prior to actual departure to waste gas."

Pros: "Free snacks"

Cons: "Sac to Houston, felt like we were jammed in like sardines, narrow seats, very little wiggle room between rows. As if a five-seat row had been altered to squeeze in a sixth seat, to be able to squeeze more people onto an already full plane. There is no entertainment unless one has an app of some sort on an electronic device of some sort. Nothing is about the paying customer anymore. It's all about how much money can be made....sad Second leg, a flight attendant was rude to my husband, and the boarding was confusing, as zones 1-3 were all called at once, and the attendant quit using the mic, so no one could hear her. Oh, well, hope the flight home is better."

Cons: "We had to sit on the Tarmac for 2 hours for them to change a tire. I asked for a snack because I was starving but they would not give me anything until we were in the air. Finally got something an hour into the flight which I had to pay $9 for a snack box. To top it off when I got to baggage claim my luggage wasn't there because it was still at the airport in my original departure city."

Pros: "Clean, and comfortable"
Cons: "No tv to watch"

Pros: "Everyone was very friendly and accommodating as usual."

Pros: "That the flight landed to my destination on time."
Cons: "The crew were not attentive to customers. Also, I didn't like how the flight time was change to an earlier time."

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