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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
Alaska AirlinesOverall score based on 29637 reviews

Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: More than 1 counter open

Cons: I was unable to connect my wifi entertainment once we were up in the air from Anchorage to Seattle but after Seattle to Austin it was no problem

Pros: Very nice crew, relatively quick boarding and nice new- looking & CLEAN plane interior
Cons: There should have been refreshments and a light snack offered on the 50 minute flight!

Pros: In time and bring crowded
Cons: He abut bottled water since there’s nbther service?

Cons: Seats hard and didn’t recline. No food.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Pros: The crew was great. The flight wasn’t overly full. I live the hot tea selections.

Cons: Ran out of meals. The oatmeal was terrible.

Cons: The wifi did not actually connect to the internet, most of the time.

Pros: Great flight and wonderful service
Cons: All was well

Pros: the head rests where best ever for shorter person .crew friendly.kept informed.

Pros: The flight was excellent, thanks to flight attendant, Dan, who embodies the Aloha spirit.

Cons: The flight itself and the crew are typical of Alaskan Air quality, but there was an unruly passenger directly behind me kicking, punching, screaming, and swearing for the better part of the flight which made the surrounding travellers extremepy uncomfortable.

Cons: Had the exact same meal on both of our flights. Flight from Seattle was one hour late in departure.

Cons: Your premium seating snack were dry and boring. Second leg from Seattle to.Vancouver I was charged for free drinks, snack. Then flight was barely 35 mins, waste of money and looked no different from basic seating

Pros: Crew was attentive and very pleasant
Cons: Seating

Pros: Not much.
Cons: My flight was delayed. I bought this ticket from Anchorage to San Antonio TX. I paid over 100 extra to get this flight then competition just to get there as soon as possible/smallest amount of time traveling. My 9 hr travel became 18. 2 flights became 3. And all they offered me was 75 dollar coupon

Pros: Service was prompt. I like the free entertainment on your own device
Cons: This is unusual for Alaska Airlines but there was a grumpy flight attendant!

Pros: First class away with leg rest on first flight was very nice. Great gate agents in BRW, Anchorage and Omaha.
Cons: Flight was canceled, downgraded to coach on replacement flight, luggage was lost (still waiting), surly gate agent on CRT leg. No need to be so unpleasant.

Pros: The crew
Cons: The chair was very uncomfortable and it was cold. A light blanket and more padding on the seats would make a difference.

Pros: I missed my flight and the lady who helped me get on the next flight was so helpful!
Cons: On my flight I was freezing. I saw first class received blankets and many of them were not being used. I explained to the flight attendant how cold I was and asked if I could purchase a blanket. I’m a very understanding person, but even after all of my attempts to warm up (i.e., drinking hot water, moving around, etc.) I was miserable and on the brink of tears. I understand staff must follow company policy but I found this to be horribly inhumane. After reaching out to corporate my issue was never resolved.

Pros: Comfortable seats, for a sardine can, but that is a given these super efficient cramming of people on the plane days. But the seats were clean and comfortable, the flight crew was professional, and the trip uneventful.
Cons: Bigger seats are probably to much to hope for...

Cons: What food? Alaska Airlines doesn't feed the cattle. Even the Salmon I brought back, one was semi frozen, expected that... The other was not frozen at all??? What's up with that??? Leave that one out on the tarmac or what??? Doesn't matter what "AGREMENT" Alaska Air has with any airlines. Make you go through TSA again and there isn't enough time to catch a flight 60 minutes later. Much less get bags and check in again. I"m look for a different air carrier. Alaska Air is a mediocre airline and it's okay for them. That landing included a few bounces. The pilot came over the com talking about a great landing. I'd hate to see one of his bad landings.

Pros: I had been upgraded to First class, so you couldn’t go wrong. The flight was delayed over an hour due to a mechanical issue. I am grateful that they watch the planes so closely and fix the issues.

Pros: Everything was on time, crew was nice
Cons: Could have had games on screens on 2nd flight--or anything like that on first flight. Beverage service was extremely slow on 2nd flight.

Pros: The crew was understanding about this red eye to eye and kept off the mic unless totally necessary. The hydration by crew was unexpected . Bathrooms were accessible most of flight . Lastly I had to do baggage at gate and they were so professional. I was unable to give 5 stars for all . My phone has cracked screen.
Cons: That to change my flight to another time is usually 25 dollars but this time their was a 256 dollar flight. N

Pros: The flight from hell is over. I've had better jumps from a C-130. At least I didn't bounce as much and the Army never nickel and dimed us for everything.
Cons: Boarding? Alaska Airline had a 4 hour lay over. Crew? Ask "Chad" a question and when he's done joking around and serving 6 other people, he may get to you. Comfort? You have to pay for leg room. Otherwise your knees are in the back of the seat in front of you. Food? What food? They offered trail mix. You have to buy the cheese platter. After buying the leg room upgrade. forget it. Entertainment? What entertainment? You have to buy the entertainment player. Seriously? After Alaska Airlines nickel and dimes the customer to death they landed on one set of wheels, then bounced two more times.

Pros: Everything went well on the flights, very cordial and friendly staff on the ground and in the air.
Cons: The last 3 flights thay I've been on from Seattle to Nashville, it seems that it is too warm, would appreciate if they turned up the air conditioning.

Pros: People were as nice as they could be but they were not empowered to fix a stupid problem with an obvious solution.
Cons: They arbitrarily changed my connecting flight - I ran and made the flight ! But they had already switched me to the later flight without telling me and then wouldn’t let me board MY FLIGHT even though there was space so I had to wait an hour and a half for the next flight

Cons: For real? Just cookies?

Pros: On time no problems. Staff very professional
Cons: Rotten grapes in my cheese platter.

Pros: i flew from seattle to orlando and although it was a long flight i was very comfortable with ample leg room
Cons: on this leg of the trip i asked one of the attendants for help with the in flight entertainment and the only suggestion i got was to rent a tablet from them.

Pros: It was pretty long flight - 6 hours. Crew was friendly; we were getting drinks and litttle complimentary snacks during all flight. We didn't have screens so it was nothing there. Some options were available for purchase. Food was available for purchase. I would love to take another flight with Alaska airlines.

Pros: Alaska Airlines is top-notch on-time comfortable seating service was impeccable and a great experience all around can't wait to fly them again

Cons: I was held on the tramsc and then missed my flight to Tucson. Am sitting hear for several hours waiting to get out of San Jose. You guys owe me!!!!!!!!!!!

Pros: Good service this time, but plane was delayed which made connecting a major rush

Pros: Planes same more spacious. Crew excellent. Boarding quick and efficient
Cons: They did change my flight by several hours which was disappointing as I had a very short stay made shorter. No compensation not able to get me something better. Also resulted in a 5 hour layover in Seattle. Don't like paying for entertainment or food when I pay $1000 for flights. Feel cheated and buckled and dimed. Also did not like no free checked bags. Again I find all airlines that do this insulting. One bag should be included in our flight. How many people fly without any. That is one reason I often fly southwest.

Pros: I liked the service from the associates overall.

Pros: Plane was clean and we landed safely.
Cons: No seat assignment until after plane was boarding. Had no choice but to sit next to bathrooms. Plane was loud and uncomfortable.

Cons: Most uncomfortable flight as far as seats were concerned. Literally felt like we were sardines. My second flight which was a much smaller plane was 10 times more comfortable.

Pros: Very good service
Cons: They sent one of two bags on an earlier flight than we were on and we thought they had got lost

Pros: Service, nice plan and easy ride to Honolulu.
Cons: I don't the seating arrangement in a 737-800. Three rows on each side makes the window and middle passenger very uncomfortable.

Pros: i liked that the flight attendants were attentaive.
Cons: the wifi which i paid for didnt work the entire tome and it was frustrating

Pros: That I was finally able to go home.
Cons: My first flight to Alaska was delayed and my flight leaving was cancelled completely. I called customer service and was told I would be given a refund for all the trouble my cancelled flight was causing making me late for work and my ride being unable to pick me up at the new landing time. I never received a refund and my rebooked flight got cancelled. I almost didn't get home on that flight either, but the customer service agent found me a seat. I never received a refund and I missed out on pay at work. I never want to fly Alaska again!

Cons: Baggage crew was so careless in loading bags onto plane. There were two bags and a car seat that were thrown and missed the conveyer belt and fell off the side.

Pros: Flight was okay
Cons: Asked staff if there was a double seat available in the back...she said she didn't think so but never got back to me I told her I was concerned that my dog was bothering the people sitting on each side of me. I flew to anchorage on Delta & it was the first time taking my dog & they actually showed care & concern for her. Sorry Alaska no longer partners with Delta

Pros: 1st, I got upgraded to TSA precheck so security was a breeze. Was able to change my middle seat to a window seat in an exit row at 24hr check. It was a full flight, but no fight to get suitcase space. And the flight attendants were very clear & concise in their directions & food/drinks went very fast. Thanks, Alaska Airlines

Pros: We arrived late for a connecting flight--that was about to leave--and were transported by van literally from the plane to the connecting plane. The driver quickly took all our boarding passes and checked us in at the gate. We left just a few minutes later! The crew helping us make that flight were so quick and took care of us. The other travelers and I were impressed and very grateful to barely make that flight. We were all sure we would miss it when we first landed. Thank you to all you wonderful people who made that happen!
Cons: I'd like to see movies on the flight for no charge. But we don't live in those days anymore, do we?

Cons: They ran out of food by the back of the plane where I was.

Pros: We flew from Anchorage to Boston via Seattle. If there had not been a delay in Anchorage, the flight would have been excellent. However, there was a mechanical problem earlier in the day with a plane to Cincinnati. Our flight was scheduled to leave Anchorage at 4pm, but Delta decided to take our pane from us and use it as a substitute for the original but nonfunctional Cincinatti plane. A ridiculous decision. The Cincinnati people already had missed all their connections, but now all the Seattle people missed theirs as well. When we finally got to Seattle 3 hours late (just before midnight), the desk agent said that Delta had no hotel rooms for us and also no hotel vouchers. We thus had to find a room and pay for it on our own. The next day, we had been rescheduled to Detroit and then on another flight from there to Boston. The flight to Detroit arrived nearly 30 minutes late, and we just barely made our connection. Had we missed it, we would have had to spend that night in Detroit. Delta did its best to keep the two of us together. On the Seattle-Detroit flight we were on opposite sides of the aisle in the same row, but that was in a row right behind a bulkhead, making it easy for us to walk over to each other. On the Detroit-Boston flight we were next to each other. Both flights were completely full, so Delta must have made some effort to keep us together as well as possible.
Cons: Delta should not have made the dumb decision to take the Seattle-bound plane and use it as a substitute for the malfunctioning Cincinnati plane. Delta should have provided accommodations for the stranded travelers once they arrived in Seattle.

Cons: The exit row door in 12B kept making a high pitch squealing noise...very unnerving

Pros: I felt safe on this flight. Middle seats were empty, plane seemed clean, masks, etc. were in place. I flew Sun Country a few weeks prior to this and flight was overcrowded and COVID precautions were way insufficient.

Pros: Free entertainment
Cons: More comfortable seating

Pros: No issues with this flight.

Pros: Exit row seating for no extra charge
Cons: Seat mate not friendly

Pros: Good seats
Cons: Flight was delayed and my luggage didn’t make the plane.

Cons: The Anchorage airport was FREEZING cold and it was August, maybe a little less AC IS IN ORDER

Pros: Crew was extremely friendly
Cons: Cleaner window

Pros: comfort plus really makes a difference
Cons: include at least 1 checked back with comfort plus or some kind of discount.

Pros: The crew was amazing
Cons: Ran over 2 hours late with no explanation

Pros: Excellent crew!
Cons: Need better snacks.

Pros: Good service
Cons: Video system locked up at my seat

Pros: The seats were awful .how many can squeeze in. .horrible
Cons: Room to breathe, move a little

Cons: Flight Delayed > Pilot on Connecting Flight

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: Old plane

Pros: Everything was fine. Delta did a great job.
Cons: The kid screaming in my ear for 3 hours

Cons: Poor service

Pros: I liked the service to see if there was a chance to upgrade because of the connecting flight and even though there was a delay in the plane arriving to Alaska, the quick turn was excellent and we were in the air within a short period of time.
Cons: The comfortability and that’s rear even if I had the middle seat. I had it on my way towards Alaska and didn’t have any issue

Pros: wow, got in 3 minutes early, its a short flight, but its no joke trying to get out of ATL on time! Great job!

Cons: The new "class of service" rules are really awful. "Pay for privilege" is terrible customer service.

Cons: Cabin was too hot!!!!

Cons: mi luggage has not arraive! im in the city with out stuff and it will delay my trip schedule

Pros: I got home on the day I planned.
Cons: This is the second time we've flown from NYC to SC on Delta and it's the second time they messed around with the departure time. We actually got back to SC pretty much on time but the confusion is aggravating and stressful when you're ready to get where you are going. Both times we got to SC when scheduled and Delta appears to think that makes everything fine. Not quite...

Pros: nothing
Cons: the flight attendant gets the order starting from the back and by the time she gets to the front there's no more selection for breakfast except for what is left that nobody like.

Cons: Crowded seatibg

Pros: Smooth. Fast boarding

Cons: Cramped seating for premium Econ

Cons: Flight was 30 minutes late because the gate was understaffed. During the flight, the crew told us they couldn’t serve us because of turbulence, but then served first class.

Pros: Crew was very helpful.
Cons: On the way to Minneapolis the plane was BEYOND PACKED. There was no room for even my backpack.

Pros: No issues boarding as a group of 6, including one child. We all had at least a personal item and/or a carry-on to stow. The flight was easy, comfortable, and the free movies were current and definitely helped pass the time.
Cons: We were seated right behind the delta comfort+ and saw the special snacks they got. Being teased by that is not a huge deal, just a little disappointed by the regular snack selection, the snack mix was definitely subpar.

Pros: Was able to sleep for once. Nobody in center seat.
Cons: Crying babies

Pros: Crew
Cons: Got in over an hour late. 140am

Pros: Delta has great seats, friendly employees and engaged managers and pilots. Even their customer service Center reaches out to help on suggestions. I am flying to Portland for School over 40 round trips and I am saving $4,000 vs Alaska Air. Plus I get miles and discounts with the Delta Amex Card. I am very pleased.
Cons: I don’t like harsh change in schedule fees but it forces me to plan. I wish the Seattle to Portland Eve flight landed in time to catch Portland Rail system at 11:50 PM

Pros: Gate personal kept us notified about flight delay. Flight crew was very positive on plane and they were as miserable about the delay as we were. Snacks and drinks were brought out. The gate crew keeping us updated is what saved the name of Delta. If she didnt do that people would have been angry.
Cons: Flight was supposed to depart at 0730. Actual departure was 1045. Three out of seven of the flight crew were not happy about how badly they were being treated by call center and /or management while they were delayed with us at gate. Snacks were brought out because of delay but they were just junk food. Nothing I could eat due to allergies.

Pros: The crew was very nice, professional and overall excellent.
Cons: I don't care for the MD planes.

Pros: Counter agent found reservation but not ticket number(?). She was very helpful and nice but Delta reservation system was a total mess. Barely made boarding even though we arrived airport plenty of time before the flight.
Cons: Counter agent.

Cons: Hard to get comfortable even in easy comfort but easy comfort is better than typica arats.

Pros: Polite and thoughtful crew took care of our needs. Beverage service came through at least twice. Crew persevered through difficulties with the in-flight entertainment system and finally got it to work for us. :)
Cons: N/A

Pros: Majority of the crew was pleasant
Cons: One flight attendant was EXTREMELY rude to me for no reason

Pros: The flight got us from Anchorage to Atlanta on time.
Cons: No A/C vent controls for each seat. No reading light for seats. No flight attendant call light buttons were accessible. NO WiFI or video entertainment. Coach plus seats were just like the rest of coach, just in front of them. Seats would not adequately recline. The plane was still PACKED.

Cons: No food, no entertainment.

Cons: Not a fan of the distance between our arrival gate in ATL and connecting flight to BUF. Couldn't be helped, I suppose.

Pros: Short comfortable flight.. good entertainment to choose from.
Cons: Everything was good with this flight..

Pros: We have been flying Delta more often lately. Great service, newer planes in and out of Alaska, and affordable first class tickets. Snack basket had chocolate bars...
Cons: Short 3 hour flight-no complaints

Pros: The Delta crew on the flight was wonderful - but the crew at ATL really shined. A huge amount of people for connections arrived at the same time and needed to get through customs and the staff were very calm and efficient in directing everyone and making sure the line moved.

Pros: Entertainment. Center was great
Cons: Boarding has been made so complicated it's a joke.

Cons: Three bags were left at Paris and were delivered to me only after more than 48 hrs - lock of one bag was missing and other bag was in damaged condition

Pros: Got an upgrade to Comfort + Delta is the best major airline in USA for sure

Pros: This was the worst flying experience I have ever encountered.
Cons: We sat on the tarmac 3 hours, then deplaned to a holding area for another hour and then were told the flight would be delayed until 1 pm the next day. I booked this flight in order to arrive home 7 hours earlier than originally planned on Alaska Air. I finally arrived 20 hours LATER THAN I WOULD HAVE ARRIVED!

Pros: Crew were lovely, let me sit in the cockpit. Drinks/snacks were rapidly distributed to facilitate sleep during the redeye, legroom in my extra legroom seat was sufficient, and bathrooms were large. Also, we left swiftly and arrived on time.
Cons: Lack of IFE screens was disappointing and the seats had zero padding.

Pros: Uneventful flight. Departed on time. Arrived ahead of schedule (good thing). Excellent crew from nose to tail.
Cons: PA system at gate was awful. Instructions were inaudible.

Cons: I missed boarding by one minute and was told there was nothing they could do. Our connecting flight landed on the other side of the airport and after literally running through DFW, we were told our flight home had already boarded, we arrived at 6:21, flight left at 6:30. American Airlines screwed us again. Just paid $300 for a rental vehicle so I could make it home.

Pros: Not much
Cons: The customer service, both on the phone & in person

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Missed flight due to not being able to access terminal because of stopped Skylink. Arrived at terminal while plane was still boarding but was told I could not board cause it was the final two minutes. Horrible customer service. Asked them to please contact the gate and let them know I was enroute on foot. They refused.

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Crew was great!
Cons: I'm a frequent flyer with AA; it's very dissapointing that I have missed my connections with AA about 60% of the time this year. I don't know what's going on with the airline, but it seems they are falling behind the curve in terms of punctuality. Seriously thinking about changing airlines.

Pros: the crew was amazing and the seats were awesome
Cons: on this trip nothing

Cons: On the red eye from Anchorage to LAX in Business class the A321 was ok as far as comfort. Same duration flight fromLAX to MIA, same plane, but we received a nice pillow and blanket, as well as a little travel kit and bottle of water. Seems strange there are different standards for the same duration

Pros: Crew was good. There was a lot of movies available. A LOT!
Cons: The boarding process was the WORST!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Everything comfort communication

Cons: Tiny seats...

Pros: Gate for flight to Paris from Chicago was changed at least 4 times. At the gate boarding was supposed to start at 10:15. Kept getting delayed until 11pm and then it finally got cancelled. Noone directed us on what to do. It is 20hours later and I still haven't made it 6to my destination.
Cons: My luggage is lost and none of the American Airlines have been able to locate it. I will never fly with American Airlines again.

Pros: Flight attendant was a little rude

Pros: Very pleasant and on time

Pros: Tulsa to Chicago was nice.
Cons: First flight was delayed, reschedule for new flight 4 hours later, second flight delayed. Barely made connecting flight. Plane was almost empty, I’m 6’4 and asked mid flight to move to exit row because my knees was pressing into the forward seat. 1 person out of 6 seats were in the exit row and the gentleman attendant denied my request. I didn’t flinch about my full day of delays and connection issues but on an empty flight it would have been nice to catch a break. I landed in Pittsburgh at 12:30 at night and got to my hotel at 1:30am with an 8 am presentation. AA delays really have created a discontent with my business trips. As I use AA as my primary airline I hope this doesn’t continue or I’ll switch to United for future business trips monthly.

Pros: Flight delayed for 12 hours. Had to reschedule both flights
Cons: See above. Missed work.

Cons: Noting all was great

Cons: This was an updated 737 with pleather seats and a sleek look inside. But what matters most is leg room for me. There was none. I flew for 5 hours in totally cramped conditions. I loved the page in the mag about seat exercises to keep your leg circulation up. Couldn't bend my knees even. Disgusting

Pros: On time departure, early arrival. Comfortable journey. Our pilot was a woman! Go girl power!
Cons: The WiFi did not work. You couldn’t download the American Airlines app. The crew forgot to give me my complimentary drink. After attempting for 10 minutes, Gave up.

Pros: Flight to Philadelphia was on time
Cons: Coach shared with American Airlines. Service not nearly as good as British Airways. Changed our connecting flight back to SFO without notice. Was a big hassle for us trying to get on an earlier flight which was the original time we booked initially

Pros: Food was good. Staff was polite.
Cons: Both flights were late leaving. Plus then we waited on board for a long time. Once on board and waiting, no explanation, no updates. No idea what was going on or why. An announcement would have helped a lot. Philky-Prg: Long delays with food , staff was slow on the Philly -Prg flight. Seemed like they didn't want to be there. No info from flight crew. Phily to Prg - Crappy old plane that should not be flying over seas anymore. Applies to both flights unless specified.

Cons: the payment didn't work but I got no notification. When I got to the airport I couldn't check in. It took a lot of time with more fee to figured it out. A terrible experience

Pros: American Airlines was fantastic. The plane was new and nice. The crew was wonderful. No problems.
Cons: Never will I book through a third party again. I was not able to choose my seats or upgrade my seats until I got to the airport. Also, I was not able to get a boarding pass for my 2nd flight until I got to the 2nd airport which caused a minor problem at immigration. DO NOT BOOK WITH WEBJET!!

Cons: Rude crew

Pros: On time smooth ride
Cons: I booked using expedia, but Kayak was sending me updates & info. I did not receive our booking record finder number, so I couldn't check in with my phone, so we got terrible seats in the back.

Pros: Boarding on time and arrived to my destination on time.
Cons: no comment

Pros: I was able to upgrade to the best seats for a small fee. Flight was great, staff was courteous and very caring.
Cons: Inconsiderate passengers that get on the plane when they are sick and try to infect everyone else with their illness.

Pros: Entertainment Captain Food

Pros: Good entertainment
Cons: Bad organization during boarding

Pros: It was on time and there was a pillow & blanket waiting in every seat.
Cons: Poor video screens, no choice in fils without downloading & paying for their WiFi, and film language kept changing randomly from English to Italian!?!

Pros: I loved our flight from Anchorage alaska to Los Angeles California. Flight attendants were kind and helpful. We had plenty of leg room and it was great flight. Loved our window seat.
Cons: I didn't like that the flight attendants snarky attitudes when we would ask for son.

Pros: Nice crew
Cons: Slow and confusing boarding process

Pros: The American Airlines plane was very clean and spacious. The staff were very friendly and attentive at all times. I enjoyed the food served and the selection of movies offered inflight was excellent. I would definitely travel with American again.
Cons: I wish the vegetarian meal was a little better thought out! It tasted a bit like hospital food.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delay, first told it was weather related, then mechanical. Re booked on a flight by AA that would never make connection. Paid over $1,000 for a flight leg that one way and direct on another airline (Alaska air) was $281.00 and the agent took so long to find redirect flight that they couldn't book. Total mess! While struck on the second leg and speaking with AA customer service about the reschedule I was told that they didn't have the ability to rectify the error because they no longer had control of my ticket and that I had to take into consideration that three was an event in San Antonio that caused delays network wide that added tio the initial issue... HOGWASH! 1) it was another AA issue where an AA aircraft drive of the runway while I was in flight on the first errant leg. 2) if they had just been straight from the outset, I wouldn't have been delayed. I will never fly AA AGAIN!

Pros: Customer service at American Airlines was amazingly good. They figured out the mess that the third party agent, WEBJET.COM made and fixed it.
Cons: The third party agent,, was horrible. American airlines contacted them several times about canceling the ABQ-ORD flight and they never responded. WEBJET.COM did not put their name on the electronic ticket so I was unaware of who to contact. Finnair was not particularly helpful. They discontinued my chat conversation and didn't have an option to call back so I had to wait for 20 minutes. American Airlines was impressively helpful. They figured out that WEBJET.COM had canceled one leg of our fight and reinstated the flight. American had also contacted WEBJET.COM numerous times and WEBJET.COM had never responded.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight cancelled

Pros: Grest staff
Cons: Thought the first row seating would provide extra leg room which the reservation page said it would and we paid extra for the seats - not so. it also felt quite claustrophobic with a panel within a short distance of our faces. We had upgraded for better seats but it turns out the seating wasn't better at all. The flight home in seats much further back were MUCH more comfortable. I'm thinking the airline shouldn't book the front seats by the panel as 'better' for the extra price as they were definitely not.

Pros: Comfortable seats, attentive staff, good entertainment offerings
Cons: AA got rid of the video screens on the back of seats.

Pros: The pilot was amazing!

Pros: Everything was good

Pros: The crew was fantastic, the flight was smother and on time, boarding was timely
Cons: The plane was older with a poor entertainment system

Cons: Attempted to make my connection which was in another terminal. Could not get onboard as they shut the doors. My rerouted flight was in a different terminal. Overall a very disappointing travel experience.

Pros: Service and staff were great!

Cons: Flight was canceled. Had to rent a car and drive to make meeting.

Pros: On time, very friendly and accommodating crew!
Cons: My screen didn't work BA to Dallas but I didn't ask for help either!

Cons: I lost this flight! They were supposed to give me a hotel and a flight the next morning, but I couldn't be late so I had to manage myself and pay a lot more to travel with a taxi to Greenville !!!

Cons: Flights a few hours late, and then the time to turn for the better, and asked the staff, they actually said that I would like to wait, this flight service is really too bad.

Cons: Food. Too little food and drink

Cons: There was a delay bc of miscommunication with passengers. We sat in the plane for an hour before we took off. It was annoying

Pros: The flight attendant was very nice.
Cons: The flight was delayed for a few hours, the plane was tiny and uncomfortable.

Cons: Need power outlets at seats.

Pros: Carole was excellent

Pros: The crew was friendly
Cons: The seats are small, no real space, things over all looked run down, feels like I’m taking a city bus but even those have more room.

Pros: All of it was good.
Cons: Nothing.

Pros: Got in early and we were stuck on the runway for a bit. Good flight otherwise.

Pros: The base price is better than Alaska Air. The travel time is acceptable.
Cons: The base price is for a cramped seat with no checked bag included. Food and entertainment are also extras The human element has been eliminated from the check in process.

Pros: Everything went as planned.
Cons: Better customer service.

Cons: The flight was supposed to arrive in Greenville at 6:41 pm, we never arrived until after 11 am.

Pros: It was generally quiet and peaceful. I called the stewards at one point and they were very prompt and attentive.
Cons: Teeny tiny seats on an overnight flight? I had to ask my rowmates to clear the row so I could find my glasses that had fallen under my seat because there simply wasn't room to maneuver even an arm down to manually search for them. This is not to mention that most people sleep on these flights; how is that comfortable for most regular Americans?

Pros: The flight attendant and getting to the location early!
Cons: United in general

Pros: Uncomfortable seat cushions like all of our United flights. This was the 1st United crew that was at least friendly!
Cons: Uncomfortable seat cushions like all of our United flights. This was the 1st United crew that was at least friendly!

Pros: For the amount I paid I'm surprised all we got was mixed nuts! Very disappointing! I hated watching movies on my iPhone, wished you had mounted headrests
Cons: Free food or more snack options! Tv consoles in the headrest

Pros: My flight attendants on my flight were wonderful and so was the boarding crew at San Fran's airport to Las Vegas were awesome as well. The space I had on my connecting flight to vegas was awesome and the feature it had to charge devices were a nice too.
Cons: The crew at the front desks and at the boarding area for my flight from Anchorage, AK, to the San Fran airport however, were extremely rude. The rating for the crew is a 2 because although my flight attendants were awesome, but the service given to me and to my fellow flyers by the Customer Service Agents/Reps at the front desk and the training of a newbie at the gate, when boarding at the Anchorage, Alaska, airport was terrible. They were extremely unprofessional and did not seem to care that the tones of their voices, their facial expressions, as well as their body language, showed that they lacked the manners and knowledge of compassion, respect and courtesy. Their rotten attitudes were insufficient at making the customers/guests of the airlines feel comfortable before flying. I did not appreciate being spoken to the way some of the reps did.

Pros: Crew was friendly
Cons: Small plane. 70 minute delay. No entertainment.

Cons: Flight was delayed arriving to Greenville and was only informed 10 minutes before boarding in Newark. Flight was delayed another three hours leaving from Greenville. It's as if United books flights on a planned delay and they CANNOT DO THAT. My husband and I go on at least 11 trips a year and I will make sure that I pay extra to go on another airline that is reliable!!

Cons: The flight was delayed and rescheduled four times. The two guys working at the counter had no clue what was going on.

Pros: The attendents were helpful and nice except in the situation I've listed in dislike. The plane left on time and arrived early and we didn't have to wait 20 minutes for a gate to open up.
Cons: I chose the back window seat right in front of the restrooms. Crewmember even said it was the worst seat in the house. Although I didn't pay to upgrade, thee were available seats up there. The attendant even said she would ttry to move things around once people were seate without anyone asking. She just knew our row was going to be uncomfortable.. I am tall with big shoulders, the gentleman next to me was large. All that I ask is the attendant come back after all is settled and explain that it wasn't possible to move things around. Although, if there were seats available I should have been offered a different seat. I have flown a lot on different airlines. I've flown on a 15 hour flight overseas. This is BY FAR the most uncomfortable I have EVER been.

Pros: Even though I was on connecting flights and weather sounded like it might interfere, that was not the case. Each flight went smoothly and easily. It was a fantastic travel day.

Pros: no delays!

Pros: Absolutely nothing
Cons: If nothing else United has been consistent in their late departures and arrivals backed by absolute lies about the reason for delays. Staff says one thing then Pilot says something completely counter. Then the lack of any sort of heartfelt appology adds to the insult. Every flight was overbooked by at least 5 people. Total incompetence. Moreover, United has made profit so obviously more important than client comfort. The seats were similar to a straight back Dining room chair except with your knees in your chest. They even took away the seat back pouch as a smal comfort to place items to be replaced with an 8 inch high mesh that fits nothing larger than your cell phone. A 6 hour flight and 1 drink service with 1/2 glass of soda. Pay $7.99 only to find out that video does not work through Canada which was the majority of the flight

Pros: See above... United is the worst airline out there!

Pros: I ended up missing my connecting flight because the flight left the airport almost an hr late....once i get to my connecting flight...ive missed it...soooo i had yo wait 4hrs for the next available flight & missed my doctors sooo pissed.....
Cons: Missing my connecting flight

Pros: They moved me to a seat right behind business class with more leg room I got a text message about the delay with reason and time. the airplane was new.
Cons: We had a delay because of some other planes

Pros: Some things about the flight were normal.
Cons: Our incoming flight was late arriving at Dulles. We bolted from that flight to the gate for our connecting flight to GSP. Two of our party of six made it and got onboard telling staff we were coming. We arrived moments later - moments later! - but were denied access because they said we were a minute late. Our small plane was just outside the door with access door still open and staff going in and out. Next flight was 5 hours later. We asked to speak to a supervisor and that was ignored until we demanded attention. The supervisor came 1.5 hours after we were denied plane access. Customer concern was nonexistant on this day.

Pros: Boarded on time. That is all.
Cons: After boarding, we waited on the plane for a long time before they said there was a mechanical problem and we would need to deboard while they fix it. After waiting another four hours they finally canceled the flight. They couldn't get us another flight and said to come back the next day to see if there is another flight out.

Cons: I was not told that if I voluntarily checked my carry on bag I wouldn't be able to make flight changes later.

Pros: Plane was on time
Cons: I am 5'4" and had no leg room. My knees touched the seat in front of me the whole time. The in seat entertainment was broken on the entire plane for the flight. Simply won't ever fly in a plane so cramped ever again.

Pros: The one crew member that talked the whole flight was nice
Cons: Entertainment was not given freely, as if you didn't just pay 300 per ticket to fly on United. It would cut in and out just to tell you it wanted your credit card. The seats were so full the middle person doesn't even have room to sit up straight without touching shoulders

Cons: Lost my bag

Pros: Delayed for navigation issues and flight attendants weren't very friendly
Cons: See abow

Pros: Flight was great.
Cons: Only negative was that the seat was cramped, not much room.

Pros: Boarding and crew
Cons: Service, look like you have to purchase everything from food to entretaiment.

Pros: The crew was friendly.
Cons: Boarding 3 times. Had to deplane two times because of maintenance. Sat on tarmac for an hour before deplaning the second time.

Pros: Everything you are..

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They canceled my flight, lost my luggage made me miss events in my life on my vacation and only comped me 20$ food ticket which is nothing in an airport. And I was stuck in an unfamiliar airport for 10 hours waiting for a new flight through another airline. Oh and dod I mention the bag they lost for a whole day was 50lbs of fresh Alaskan seafood and yes it all was thawed.... I will never fly United airlines again.

Pros: Everything

Pros: The flight was really nice! The flight was good comfortable and relaxing. Went to sleep and I never sleep o flights.

Pros: Once on the aircraft everything was just fine
Cons: First of all it was delayed, no big deal but once i checked in I wasn't even assigned a seat. I try to find an agent at the boarding gate and none to be found. They finally arrive 30 min before take off and then assign me a middle seat when I specifically picked my seat weeks earlier and of course was one of the last people to board barely enough time to search for a place for my bag and get to my middle seat in the back of the aircraft. Not even a sorry or any type of compensation for a terrible experience

Pros: New plane
Cons: The way you bord the plane

Pros: On time.
Cons: United has squeezed its Economy class customers into seats that are tolerable only for the shortest. If I were an inch or so taller, I would have found the space intolerable. As it was, my knees were against the seat in front. For a flight as long as this one (over 5 hours from Anchorage to Denver), it was uncomfortable to say the least. The middle of the plane was nearly empty, because United charges $75 per seat for an upgrade. For the round-trip for two of us, that would have added $300 to our bill. The fact that so few are willing to pay the upgrade fee indicates that the increment is too large.

Pros: Crew were friendly and helpful.
Cons: I don't think it's possible to construct a plane more cramped than that, but I'm sure someone will rise to the challenge.

Pros: N/A
Cons: N/A

Pros: Weight restriction on the plane, almost didn't make it out
Cons: Late to leave anchorage because of a weight restriction. Flight was only 3/4 full.

Pros: Good in flight entertainment
Cons: seats were a little less shitty but still shitty

Pros: Again this flight was under booked so there was plenty of room for people to sit where they wanted and be comfortable.
Cons: My layover in DC was nearly non existent due to the flight from Detroit to DC was a bit delayed, but only by 30 mins at the very most. But what I did not like is that my electronic boarding pass I was using on my phone had become expired for some reason, saying my flight had already left the gate as SOON as I landed in DC, but the flight listings said my flight was on time. I then had to visit a customer service desk for them to check what was going on, to check my flight and print me my boarding pass, but they said "I need to hurry"... I JUST LANDED! I then had to hastily make my way to the other side of the terminal just to make the flight that I should have had just over an hour layover for. Was not happy!

Cons: There was a lot of empty seats but the crew never offer the guy seating next to us to move. His elbow kept hitting the buttons and turned on the tv screen while I was trying to sleep. I saw he went to ask one of the crew but was told to wait until flight takes off then no one helped him after. Flight was bumpy most of the time..not a very happy customer

Pros: Nothing

Pros: United simply doesn't care about their passengers. They treat us as cattle, can actually fly in-schedule, have filthy terminals, and nickel & dime passengers at every turn! They charge me $125 for a bad just slightly over 50 lb. and then couldn't even get it there on-time in spite of the flight being delayed. Truly incompetent. All United execs want to do is screw the passengers at every turn, while flying cramped old aircraft, while they OVERPAY THEMSELVES MILLIONS while giving passengers The Bird!

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