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3/2XNA - MEX
8h 36m1 stop
3/27MEX - XNA
27h 29m2 stops
$493Multiple Airlines
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Operated by Multiple Airlines
5/3LIT - MEX
10h 13m1 stop
5/10MEX - LIT
8h 47m1 stop
$559American Airlines
View Deal
Operated by American Airlines
4/11LIT - MEX
8h 40m2 stops
4/26MEX - LIT
11h 05m1 stop
View Deal
Operated by Aeromexico
4/26XNA - MEX
9h 20m1 stop
5/1MEX - XNA
10h 49m1 stop
$561American Airlines
View Deal
Operated by American Airlines
4/11LIT - MEX
14h 28m2 stops
4/17MEX - LIT
16h 30m2 stops
$562American Airlines
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Operated by American Airlines
2/28LIT - MEX
5h 19m1 stop
3/7MEX - LIT
12h 04m2 stops
$564American Airlines
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Operated by American Airlines
4/4LIT - MEX
10h 10m2 stops
4/11MEX - LIT
15h 16m2 stops
View Deal
Operated by Aeromexico
5/10XNA - MEX
10h 04m2 stops
5/17MEX - XNA
6h 59m1 stop
$565American Airlines
View Deal
Operated by American Airlines
4/30LIT - MEX
18h 22m1 stop
5/9MEX - LIT
7h 35m1 stop
View Deal
Operated by Delta
4/3LIT - MEX
15h 16m1 stop
4/12MEX - LIT
10h 50m1 stop
$570United Airlines
View Deal
Operated by United Airlines
4/2LIT - MEX
19h 51m1 stop
4/10MEX - LIT
21h 15m1 stop
$580United Airlines
View Deal
Operated by United Airlines
4/14XNA - MEX
7h 07m1 stop
4/18MEX - XNA
24h 31m2 stops
View Deal
Operated by Aeromexico
5/4LIT - MEX
13h 31m1 stop
5/12MEX - LIT
12h 04m1 stop
View Deal
Operated by Aeromexico
4/13LIT - MEX
3h 39m1 stop
4/19MEX - LIT
15h 02m1 stop
$591United Airlines
View Deal
Operated by United Airlines
4/8LIT - MEX
15h 16m1 stop
4/17MEX - LIT
21h 15m1 stop
$600United Airlines
View Deal
Operated by United Airlines
4/22LIT - MEX
9h 50m2 stops
4/30MEX - LIT
12h 41m2 stops
View Deal
Operated by Aeromexico
7/19XNA - MEX
13h 49m1 stop
7/26MEX - XNA
20h 32m1 stop
$613Spirit Airlines
View Deal
Operated by Spirit Airlines
3/13XNA - MEX
12h 59m2 stops
3/30MEX - XNA
8h 52m1 stop
$615Multiple Airlines
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Operated by Multiple Airlines
7/19XNA - MEX
19h 12m2 stops
7/26MEX - XNA
20h 32m1 stop
$618Spirit Airlines
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Operated by Spirit Airlines
4/24XNA - MEX
20h 04m2 stops
5/2MEX - XNA
12h 19m1 stop
$663Multiple Airlines
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Operated by Multiple Airlines

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Top 5 airlines serving Arkansas to Mexico City Benito Juarez

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 29326 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Customer service"
Cons: "If was cheaper to Checked baggage"
Read more about Delta
Pros: "Customer service"
Cons: "If was cheaper to Checked baggage"
Pros: "Everyone was perfect...!!!"
Cons: "We need a real meal, we appreciate the snacks but real meal is necessary."
Cons: "No hubo comida suficiente"
Pros: "Everything was good starting with boarding to disembarking airplane. Crew was respectful and the airplane seemed to be clean in general. I’m flight entertainment is excellent and made the flight seem a lot shorter."
Cons: "Boarding pass has specific alphabet zones but boarding was done via cabin number which was slightly confusing. I didn’t realize that zone E is part of cabin 2. I think more clear instructions should be given."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Crew was amazing"
Cons: "Gave the option to chose seat"
Cons: "A late flight due to a mechanical problem. Missed connection and Delta was of little help."
Cons: "Very bad service, airline unrespectfull, discortesy"
Pros: "Great and faster"
Pros: "The flight was on time at departure and 30 minutes on arrival."
Cons: "Since I got a good deal on the ticket, my boarding zone was “Basic”. That kind of sucked, but I still could fit bag in the airplane so it all worked out"
Cons: "Put in early flight"
Pros: "In flight wifi"
Pros: "First time flying into Daytona and it was super easy."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Overall ok."
Cons: "Cabin was freezing."
Pros: "Fast easy on time"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing cause it didn't happen"
Cons: "The fact that my flight was delayed so it didn't matter because the flught was delayed all the way til the next day."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seating"
Pros: "everything was perfect. Even though our flight was international the delta airline app allowed us to complete check in process without major delays. - 5 star in flight service and flight attendant personnel"
Cons: "I liked everything"
Pros: "Food service was good."
Cons: "The the audio stopped workin halfway through the flight."
Pros: "Flight was ok."
Cons: "Soggy bun sandwich prepackaged with mayo that was not up my standards. Broken video screen meant no entertainment other than the book I brought."
Pros: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"
Cons: "I can’t make it in mexico city on tuesday, wednesday’s performance had to be cancelled and we need to pay the cancellation fee 11500 mexican pesos of the studio and musicians"
Pros: "Flight attendants were great"
Cons: "We were moved to the Exit row, but the woman at the ticket desk said that the seats reclined...BUT they did not!! So, that was a bummer!"
Pros: "The food and enterntaibment are always nice. The captain was super friendly and opportune with his communications. Seating was as fast as possible and boarding was swift."
Pros: "the service, on time departure, early arrival, FOOD at no cost"
Cons: "nothing...everything was great"
Cons: "Food."
Pros: "Great service."
Cons: "No power outlets. No WiFi. Limited movie selection."
Pros: "Good i like i could watch movies from my phone"
Cons: "Not sure"
Pros: "Overall experience was great, landing, crew, snacks, movie selections it all was great"
Pros: "Easy transition from one gate to the next.."
Cons: "The food was not fut for human consumption and the servers did not care"
Pros: "Being able to watch movies"
Pros: "Seat was upgraded."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "No leg space whatsoever. I'm 6'8 and am being told to keep my legs in while it is near impossible or I'm eating my legs. I became so uncomfortable I became nauseous. Anyone above 6'4 is having a rough flight."
Pros: ":("
Cons: "Bad food"
Pros: "The service was exelente"
Pros: "Flight was on time, crew was friendly, plane was clean, and boarding was painless and efficient. Food was served which was a huge plus. I appreciate having a choice of almonds for a snack."
Pros: "Even though I was disappointed by not being able to get the boarding passes from Delta for Aeromexico’s connecting flight to Bogota, I had an agent greet me after customs in Mexico to issue the boarding pass so I could use the transfer flight line. Excellent service throughout the entire trip."
Cons: "Confusion over my boarding pass at the Delta terminal in Detroit."
Cons: "My registered luggage was sent LAX->MDE and i had a short change in MEX. Running out of the LAX->MEX plane, the crew the said: "don't forget to pick up your luggage".. and then all went pairshaped. One member of MEX staff claimed the baggage is going directly to destination, another said that it won't and i need to pick it up myself and do god knows what with it. LAX->MEX flight delayed by 30mins, 1hr change time. Everybody relaxed just me loosing all my boozy contraband as i had no choice but to put my registered luggage thru security."
Pros: "In some Delta flights that I had in the past the plane was just ok, not bad, not good. But this plane ATL-MEX was great, very nice and conformable plane, it looks and feels excellent!"
Pros: "Tudo conforme esperado em um voo da Delta."
Cons: "Nada a reclamar."
Pros: "They hade entertainment"
Cons: "No food"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "In between Delta and Aeromexico changed my flight and made me travel more than 24 hours. In addition, I was traveling with a suitcase and nobody was able to pick it up for me. Layover time was 6 hours originally. Service from Aeromexico at JFK is the worst"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "I did not receive acknowledgment that I had cancelled the flight... and I still received 'updates' to give uncertainty to the status."
Pros: "had connecting flight ready"
Cons: "the plane was 5 hours late, we did not even get free internet of a coffee or a free drink in the waiting room after debarring or in the waiting room connecting was ok, they had boarding passes ready but suitcases took forever to cross customs...getting bags almost an hour"
Cons: "WiFi doesn’t work."
Cons: "Sandwich for dinner"
Pros: "Arriving to the destination"
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Pros: "Flight on time"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The staff"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Check in. A nightmare Boarding. A nightmare Waiting 1 hour for the bags to arrive. A nightmare"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The puntuality"
Cons: "The staff were pleasant and professional - the online check in was efficient. Really excellent and no recommendations for improvements."
Cons: "Could have got upgrade Oh Well the rest was excellent"
Cons: "Flight was delayed."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "WiFi"
Pros: "One of the flights at least had onboard movies."
Cons: "Better organization, And no discrimination from the airport staff at Mexico City. Including the lack of information given (sign showing on time) when clearly there was a 3 hour delay and the gate number kept changing and none of the staff knew what was going on"
Cons: "Just a little better food please"
Cons: "A strong snowstorm prevented me from arriving to the airport on time (highway was closed). Flight was at 3:15. After over 5 hours on the highway I finally arrived to the airport at 2:27 and the Aeromexico counters were empty. A lady from Lufthansa told me the flight had just closed and suggested that I call aeromexico’s phone number. I did that and the gentleman on the phone told me I should go to the check-in counters. I mentioned they were empty and he had no other suggestions. After an hour on the airport and on the phone with no progress I booked a trip with United and traveled home."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed our flight and we missed our connection. They made us pick up our bags and wait overnight outside the terminal. It was cold (no doors). Only concrete slabs to sit on. It’s our compensation given. Not even a blanket"
Pros: "The business class amenities were amazing. Food was great and service was great."
Pros: "I made it to Mexico"
Cons: "Nothing bad about this flight."
Pros: "Efficient and respectful staff. Treat to have wine with the pasta dish that was served."
Cons: "I am only 5'2...a short woman so the seat does not fit me . My feet can not rest on the floor and the headrest does not adjust for me. It makes for a most uncomfortable 18 hours from Lima."
Pros: "The plane was not full, so lots of space for my long legs and for a nap!"
Pros: "Check in process fast and friendly."
Cons: "Screens did not work at all, just a sandwich on a 5 1/2 hour flight, bathroom doors did not lock, overall a poor quality flight."
Pros: "I liked how staright-forward the whole process was. No different if I was flying anywhere else. I didn't feel like I didn't know what was going on because I didn't speak Spanish."
Pros: "Include meals"
Cons: "Arriving at Mexico city airport there were lack of communication for the connecting flight. We had to go from one end to the other of the terminal."
Pros: "La tripulacion fue super amable"
Cons: "Both planes delayed and carry on luggage lost"
Cons: "They didn't make announcements at the gate, no last call for boarding, etc. They also changed my departure time out of Lima, which caused me to miss my connection in Mexico City and caused a 5 hour delay."
Pros: "Food, entertainment, comfort,"
Cons: "Crew was really RUDE"
Pros: "Horrible! They changed my flight to much later. I’mnstill in mexitco city waiting for my flight to Lima. Hated it."
Cons: "It changed last minute. I was supposed to be in Lima for my dad’s surgery"
Cons: "Back sit bit reclining. Food was a croissant with one piece of thin meat! Headphone plug was broken"
Pros: "Attentive service"
Cons: "Food was scarce and not great flavor in Clase Premier, ni comparison with other airlines and even with other Aeromexico flights. Also, the entertainment screens were general, small and with a lot of glitches"
Pros: "She was not interested at all in providing a good service, rude with older people, not a smile at all during the flight. In the connexion from Mexico city to Santiago the flight attendances were very nice, but I don't understand why you keep in the job someone that is not in the mood for working excellent"
Cons: "Never took that flight as I missed the connection. It is a shame how things are done. I had 1.30 min of layer. If it was organized properly I had way enough time to catch the plane but the immagration doesn't care about the time of your flight. No one helps you anywhere. Then I was sent from one place to another before finally finding someone who knew what to do. And course no apologies at any moment"
Pros: "2 problems - there wasn't enough time scheduled between my connection in mexico city when i was coming from florida to get through customs so I missed my connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff around to assist. - the personal screens in each seat on the last flight from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't be shut off and I was forced to have commercials being flashed very close in front of my face when I wanted to relax."
Cons: "2 problems - there wasn't enough time scheduled between my connection in mexico city when i was coming from florida to get through customs so I missed my connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff around to assist. - the personal screens in each seat on the last flight from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't be shut off and I was forced to have commercials being flashed very close in front of my face when I wanted to relax."
Cons: "My baggage was lost never arrived at Mexico City!"
Pros: "That I got there on time."
Cons: "Over booked the trip and got stuck in the Mexico, missing a 1 at work."
Cons: "Music was not working and limited selection of movies"
Cons: "At the time to pick up bags it was very confusing, people saying it was on a different band, information was not clear and my bag was already in the floor, for a long time. Very confusing how people on the ground have different information to what the screens are saying"
Pros: "Nothing. I will never fly this airline ever again. The movies were OK."
Cons: "We got to the airport and turned out that our flight was delayed so much that we’d miss our connection but the crew at the counter was so incredibly unhelpful it was beyond frustrating. The customer service line was unreachable and basically there was no one to talk to. We’re stuck in Mexico City for a day."
Pros: "Punctuality fir boarding, service of crew"
Cons: "The over charge of the 2nd baggage"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight cancelled. Didn’t let me board even with boarding pass. Want to chat me multiple fees and charge almost double of a new ticket. I went online and buy a ne ticket. Bad customer service."
Cons: "It’s both a low cost airline (they charge you per bag) but with the prices of a high end airline. Makes American Airlines look like Singapore Airlines. Sucks big time"
Cons: "Flight delayed 2.5 hours. Terrible customer service. Lack sense of urgency once time to go. Lack of coordination. Horrible customer interfacing and attitude"
Cons: "All of the flights were delayed on our trip to Cancun from SFO. One of the flight delays caused us to miss our connection from Guadalajara into Cancun. They did not have any other flights to Cancun that day so we were put on a flight into Mexico City then finally to Cancun. We understand things like this happen with travel, but the lack of compassion for the situation was shocking. They were not apologetic at all! The lack of communication in English added to the frustration. This was our first and definitely only time we travel with Aeromexico!"
Cons: "1am flight would have been nice to sleep. But being in the very last row aisle seat right next to the galley and bathroom was impossible. Very noisy wish people often bumping into me. Seat was terribly uncomfortable and the arm rest was broken making it even worse"
Cons: "We fly in 777 plane, but the crew member already occupied all of my overhead baggage space. I need to move two seat back for my bag. I am already the first passenger on board of the plane. That also cost the other passenger think I occupied their baggage space and be not too friendly with me during the trip. The notice board in the airport is confuse, we know the gate and the depart time, but no one show up until 120 min before the plane depart. And finally the plane delay and no information show the plane will delay for how long. Bad information in the counter My handle of the sit is broken I have photo to proof if you would need it, I save it with me. The lighting system in the plane is very stupid or may be the crew don't know how to operate, every time they just turn on all the light no matter we are sleep or not! This is a red eye flight passenger should have a choice to not get disturb, when the light on I need to turn it off every time! And the next passenger don't really know how to turn the light off that always on during the flight! Super bad flying experience. Not comfortable at all. Can't sleep much!"
Pros: "Airline stewards were friendly and provided good service. Seats had the television screen in the seats instead of the monitors that come down from the ceiling. Everyone could choose what they wanted to watch."
Cons: "Flight was delayed but that worked to our advantage since our initial flight was delayed. We would have missed this one. Only a couple connecting flights were announced by the flight attendant and where to go. Ours was not mentioned and no direction given on where to find our gate. We had to go to an information booth that only told us somewhat how to get to the gate. It was a long distance and we weren't sure if we would make it or not. Need to improve communication with passengers."
Cons: "On June 29 Aeromexico Flight 2683 arrived in Mexico City airspace and the Captain informed the passengers that the plane would have to refuel in Alcapulco due to inclement weather in Mexico City. The website reports NO inclement weather on that date or at the time that AM 2683 was to land. I observed partly cloudy skies from my window seat as well. The ground crew in Alcapulco was unprepared for AM2683 and the fueling was delayed. After doing so, AM 2683 landed AFTER my connecting flight AM 684 was scheduled to depart at 1:05 AM on June 30. A female connection agent met me at the baggage claim and informed me that that AM 684 had not been held and had departed. The female agent was unhelpful, dismissive and rude. In fact, she had taken a personal cell phone call at the connections desk prior to assisting passengers of AM 2683 which lasted many minutes. She escorted us to the Aeromexico counter where I waited 30 or more minutes to speak to a representative. The representative at the Aeromexico counter informed me that there were NO flights to Quito until 1:05 AM on July 1. I asked if she could book me on another airline and she informed me that because the delay was weather related Aeromexico had no obligation to accomodate me. She booked me on AM684 for July 1. I asked where I was to wait for the next 24 hours and she said Aeromexico had no obligation to pay for lodgings. She gave me food vouchers for the airport. I immediately logged onto and found a Copa Airlines flight to Quito leaving that afternoon which was in fact OPERATED BY AEROMEXICO! I booked that ticket myself and waited in the Mexico City Airport for 14 hours. What would have taken 10 hours took me 22."
Cons: "their seating chart and the entire seating experience sucks"
Pros: "In this day and age when Airlines are making you pay for every little thing; we were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful service and attention to the customer Aeromexico still gives to each customer."
Cons: "Nothing - we loved our whole experience."
Cons: "My flight was moved around then cancelled and I didn't know. I also never got a refund for the flight so I really didn't know! Then I got to the airport and said that they canceled my flight but they got me on a new one for the first leg to Mexico City but then there were no flights for my second leg to Cabo"
Pros: "nothing at all"
Cons: "Our flight was cancelled about 20 minutes after the departure time for an overnight flight. We spent 2 hours in line waiting to talk to an Aeromexico representative, by which time any chance of getting on another flight was gone because it was too late in the evening to get another flight. The BEST option they could get for us was for us to drive 3 hours to another airport at 1am to catch a 6am flight and 2 additional flights after that with another airline. We were told that when we arrived at the Austin airport, that a representative could refund us the money for the car rental before our flight. However, there was nobody at the Aeromexico counter at the airport. We called the "Customer Service" number and the lady could not help us at all in ANY way except for offering to sell us another ticket.... needless to say, worst customer service experience. When we arrived, our bags (which were carry-ons that were taken from us at the gate) didn't make it with us on the flight, so we had to wait another 2 hours at the airport for our bags. Needless to say, worst travel experience ever."
Cons: "The flight was delayed and we had to sleep at Mexico City for few hours,no good information in Mexico and we had to go to different places to get information, been in that airport wasn't a good experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Bad planning, the flight was cancelled after we were on board for 2 hours, they schedule a direct flight for the next day! Making me lose, time, plan and money"
Pros: "Flight attendants were not friendly or welcoming. Some were extremely short and I could easily tell they just did not want to be there. Food was terrible. aircraft did not offer wifi. Announcements were not clear. Announcements for boarding and all other changes were made in Spanish and rarely in English. If announcements were made in English it was made by recording device which were not clear. Will not be choosing Aeromexico again!!"
Cons: "Overall experience terrible."
Pros: "Seats together, food on board, amazing service from the call center, Spanish speaker crew."

Stay away from American airlines.

Flights delayed, rude crew, bad policies

The had more than one hour of delay

Pros: "Attention, and flight"
Cons: "Seat I don’t like to seat in the middle"
Cons: "Dealy"
Cons: "It was a very good flight"
Pros: "the seats are ok, but service was awful"
Cons: "the fight attendants attitude"
Cons: "The seats a but squishi. Everything else ok. Thank you."
Pros: "I was by automation assigned to a window seat, which I always seek to avoid. But before the flight, I had read in the WSJ, that such a seat was one of the safest, for health reasons! I give thanks to the random seat assignment gods!"
Cons: "Fix internet"
Pros: "Space between the seats"
Pros: "My seat mate"
Cons: "The flight attendant"
Cons: "Not more room, just room in general"
Pros: "Horrible staff at LAX boarding gate. Been treated horribly by incompetent and rude AA staff."
Cons: "Hire only friendly people for this type of job. Hire people knows basic math. Train their well on how to communicate with people."
Cons: "Could give more time before baggage and check in. Arrived exactly one hour before flight and ohh my god........ Management however pulled some miracle...."
Cons: "Our extra legroom premium seats didn’t feel like we had much more room. No TVs, WiFi that didn’t work...left a lot to be desired. I know the standards are pretty low in the US compared to other countries, but for a plane that seemed relatively new, the lack of standard technology seemed cheap."
Pros: "Very kind flight attendant. Flight on time."
Cons: "My entertainment screen did not work."
Pros: "Flight attendants were great."
Pros: "Ok trip"
Cons: "Could not watch movies on app or website.. “technical dificulties” made the trip longer and dull"
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Power outlets at some seats"
Cons: "Little entertainment choices, no complimentary food, late, charged for even the most basic seat selection"
Cons: "They have very long and annoying credit card announcements"
Pros: "nice gate, crew Very efficient boarding Very quick and efficient takeoff Rosario"
Cons: "We have a 4 hrs flight nothing to eat wasn't offere, when we arrive to Mexico we have to pick up our luggage from one gate to and other far away! Very frustrating because I have to take other flight to Veracruz, it supposed that I have to pick up everything when arriving in Veracruz. Rosario"
Cons: "One of the stewardess felt like she was at her house with unwanted visitors, I guess. Very senile and careless attitude"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "It's was my kids first time fying and no entertainment. Wi-Fi didn't work. And the kandng was a bit scary."
Cons: "delayed. and boarding crew had no clue how to handle boarding. senile behaviour of a specific old lady"
Pros: "Early!!"
Cons: "The snacks."
Cons: "American flight attendant service"
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "Very comfortable cabin,"
Cons: "couldn't get the in flight entertainment to work"
Pros: "Everything was great. Easy boarding great comfortable seating and friendly efficient stewardship"
Pros: "nice aircraft I really liked the double seats on both sides of the isle, an ultimate aircraft for patrons traveling in pairs of two."
Cons: "It was too short of a trip for $$"
Cons: "a little delay in the departure connection flight ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Unexplained delay, more than 4 hours. Terrible"
Pros: "It was on time & staff were pleasant & effective"
Pros: "Nice flight attendants!!"
Cons: "We boarded an hour late with no explanation then left even later because we were so far back on the run way. Also the last checking me in was not the kindest! Nor was the man who scanned my ticket to go on the plane."
Pros: "Attention"
Pros: "The handed out the customs forms just before landing because they were too busy chatting. I had to fill up the form during landing and got dizzy. During the fligh I asked for water and the stewardess forgot about it."
Pros: "American Airlines has alot more commodities than most"
Cons: "Alaska sold passengers to American"
Pros: "Good space on first."
Cons: "The boarding process is not organized, even if you're flying first you have to "elbow" your way in. The headphones or the connection are wrong the noise coming of it is terrible, couldn't watch a single movie. Unusable. Tried moving it around and changing for another unsuccessfully."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Leg room - i feel like it's the smallest of any carrier worldwide."
Pros: "Segundo vieja con American Airlined y segundo fiasco. No vuelo más con esta ruta si la compañía que o uypera el vuelo es AA."
Cons: "Siempre embarque con retraso. Asiento poco cómodo, comida pobre, tripulación no habla español, el monitor de mi asiento el sonido no funcionaba correctamente y las películas escasas y fuera de temporada. En los dos vuelos que he realizado he tenido el mismo problema."
Pros: "Flight crew"
Cons: "Delay due to maintenance"
Cons: "Fast boarding on coach."
Pros: "Punctual!"
Cons: "no entertainment! Nothing. On the flight from Mex City to LAX the bathroom facilities were so limited that some Economy class passengers had to try to use the business class or first class facilities' An FA then came on the intercom and said Economy class must only use their own facilities and this is according to an FAA regulation. THat is a straight out lie. If you eliminate bathrooms from Economy class to squeeze in more seats this problem will persist. American Airlines should be ashamed of itself."
Cons: "Boarding was slow. Flight to Chicago which was at the same gate took way too long to board. Could not figure out the problem. Took WAY too long to get wheelchairs to unload passengers off the plane that was to take us to Dallas. Sat on the tarmac for additional 20 min. Delay cost me an additional 2 1/2 hours later in Dallas and FIVE hours in London airport!!"
Pros: "boarding was well organized and flowed well crew allowed us to move to open row of seats"
Cons: "It seemed that asking for extra service was an imposition on the 'gossip session' for the crew standard fare of biscuits"
Pros: "The crew, boarding went smooth"
Cons: "The seats too close ,I drop one paper I could hardly bend over I am 5ft tall"
Cons: "The automatic machines wouldn't check me in. The lazy who checked me in manually have me wrong information about my luggage. The affect on the Mexico side have me MORE wrong information about my luggage. Ultimately, my luggage was lost. Still waiting for them to find it."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The most horrendous costumer service & treatment from AA employees aether in the LAX airport and on the phone by costumer service."
Pros: "Actual travel was OK. I arrived as per any flight"
Cons: "Baggage policy on my fare rate. Ended up spending about $300 to check a carryon. (proper size and weight) I knew it was not included in the fare, but assumed that I could check it or carryon for a *reasonable* fee. Checkin personnel not sympathetic despite travel being forced by coronavirus eviction. Great fare turned into an expensive full fare."
Cons: "Excellent"
Cons: "May be better food choices. Overall I was happy with the flight!"
Cons: "The crew and the people do the tickets are very rude"
Pros: "The seat was comfortable"
Cons: "I will never arrive to this airport again. It’s too difficult to go to manhattan (especially on Sunday) it’s not worthy to save a few bucks to spend more than one hour in the taxi"
Pros: "older man attendent was rude, condesending to new black femal rookie late flight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMALL seats and plane"
Cons: "be on time, make larger seating!!!!!!!!! no seat should be small no matter what the airfare!!!!!!!!!"
Pros: "Late take off Tv selector did not work Super small plane and seats"
Cons: "On time, comfort seats, working tv Fire the old man flute attendant, he is unfriendly, rude,sarcastic to young black female lovely lovely trainee"
Pros: "honestly, nothing..."
Cons: "there was a huge delay and we got no real explanation or compensation"
Cons: "Four hours delay"
Cons: "4 hours delayed"
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Delay flight"
Cons: "Out flight was supposed to leave by 11:10 PM. United kept delaying the flight until 2 AM when they announced they flight was delayed to 8AM the following morning. At that point we had to stand for 1.5 hours in line in customer service with no information as to why this had happened. By the time we were with customer service it was too late to go to a hotel to sleep, so we had to sleep in the floor of the airport. The flight boarded to leave by 8 AM but we were again delayed in the runway 2 more hours. The last explanation the gave us was that the copilot never showed up. I do not recommend flying with United Airlines."
Pros: "Professionalism and kindness"
Pros: "As expected."
Cons: "No"
Pros: "excellent service. needed assistance since Dad could not walk too well. airport got him a chair and he made his flight with no problem"
Pros: "The flight attendants were polite, helpful and super patient with our kids."
Pros: "The flight arrival and departure times went as scheduled."
Cons: "No movie access without paying for it."
Pros: "Good customer service and it was a wonderful time."
Cons: "Everything was great"
Pros: "the flight left on time"
Cons: "No WiFi"
Pros: "Boarding was fast. Flight was ahead of schedule. Landed 20 minutes early. Staff was great."
Cons: "Not sure why a flight that lasts less than an hour has a price tag of nearly $400 round trip."
Pros: "Good service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything!!!"
Pros: "On time, pleasant crew."
Cons: "No choice of snack, magazine was missing."
Cons: "I didn't like the 2 hour delay"
Cons: "The seats are not comfortable."
Pros: "On time and organized crew"
Cons: "Delays"
Cons: "Absolutely no leg room"
Pros: "The check in staff which was the same boarding staff was below average there was 3 agents who very poor, poor in attitude, poor in problem solving, wished at that moment I had booked on another airline."
Pros: "Nicer plane to MSP"
Cons: "Some of the staff were rude and 3 of the 4 planes were dirty"
Pros: "crew was nice boarding was quick."
Cons: "no meal would be my only complaint"
Pros: "Nice plane with entertainment"
Cons: "not much to add"
Cons: "Missing it."
Pros: "On the departure as well as an early arrival to my destination."
Cons: "I kept getting bumped into by flight crew ever though I was clear from the aisle, and they would constantly be walking up and down. I had to hold in my trip to a restroom until touch down because I didn't want to get caught up in the ridiculous cross traffic on a plane. Overhead compartment adjacent to me kept opening, thankfully, it didn't cause an accident."
Pros: "It was great!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "On time, friendly etc"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Everything about UA."
Cons: "Late full lounge bad food"
Pros: "Everything was great. I had remarkable flight. I was thankful for great seats, and awesome flight"
Pros: "Simple, newer plane."
Cons: "Food horrendous as usual on any american airline."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "One hour late. Space between seats."
Pros: "crew was very polite and friendly"
Cons: "Cramped"
Pros: "It was a direct flight"
Cons: "Even though I checked in early I was not assigned a seat. I had to wait to see if people didn't show up to claim a seat. For a red eye it is difficult to notify family if you don't get on the flight because most likely they will be getting up early to pick you up at the airport. Luckily I got on the flight but the stress of waiting was tough. I was treated just as if I was on standby yet I purchased my flight ahead of time."
Pros: "Easy mobile boarding pass was great on the way to Mexico City. I was kept up to date on the delay coming back to Houston."
Pros: "I actually upgraded to first class for $79 while sitting in the waiting area. I thought it that was a pretty good deal for the price. Seats were comfortable, and very roomy. I was in first seat and had lots of leg room, even though I'm only 5'3""
Cons: "For first class it was ok although not was I expected"
Cons: "Such a long flight and no good food"
Pros: "At the gate, I asked about chaining our seats since they were in the extreme back of the plane. The gate attendant gave us some great economy plus seats for free. I wish I would have remembered his name. But Thank You!!!"
Cons: "It's still a long flight from San Francisco to Mexico City but it's just on the cusp on not getting any freebies, i.e. food, premium drinks. This was kind of a let down but I got over it."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and united told us on the phone that all flights were cancelled for the day. I specifically asked on the phone to be moved to an American Airlines flight later that day, and was told that flight would be cancelled. Drove to the airport because I didn't understand how both the flights were cancelled with perfect weather in the departure and destination cities. The people at the airport moved us to the American flight that I was previously told was cancelled. Would have been much easier to do over the phone, but I was lied to on the phone."
Pros: "That on our way to get on the plane they said I had to pay an additional cost bc my carry on is a luggage meanwhile and other airlines it’s a carry on I paid for my carry on almost $200 it’s very disgusting"
Cons: "Don’t charger for the the carry on"
Cons: "Delay 3 hours"
Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "What was called a boarding pass at online check-in was not accepted at TSA, had to go back to kiosk, wait in line and get another boarding pass. Was"
Pros: "I got to my destination."
Cons: "This is the cheapest for a reason, and honestly the worst airlines I’ve ever seen. Everything was horrible. 3 hour delay, flights canceled, and people everywhere. The weather wasn’t bad and all other airlines were running smoothly. Also, they charge for everything! Even carry on a and water cost money! Ghetto airlines for sure."
Pros: "Great price"
Cons: "No wifi"
Pros: "Nothing the unprofessional staff made me miss my flight I checked in an hr and a half for"
Cons: "I didn’t like anything, terrible service at the counter"
Pros: "Pay the extra money for it. It's Spirit First Class!"
Cons: "When i checked in I was told that i could take my one paid for ( at check in prices) through the security and down the gate...they had put a green less then 3 people said wait right here when you de plane your bag will come up on ramp ...NOT baggage claim I waited 1/2 an hour before I was informed my bag was now in baggage claim.... Meaning run my butt of get my bag go to check in again through security to board another flight. and no help from this airlines I did make my connection.... really poor to say you will do something then totally screw up."
Pros: "When I booked my trip, I didn't realize that it was picked up by Flight Network. All of their correspondences to me indicated that I was leaving on the correct date but they informed Spirit Airlines the incorrect date. I ended up being a "no-show" and loss $300 because once I called the airlines they told me I missed my flight two ago prior to my scheduled trip! I was stuck in Las Vegas trying to get up enough money to get a ticket home! Why would Spirit use this third party agent after repeated issues with their service? Losing the $300 was a huge financial burden for me and my family."
Pros: "The flight was very smooth and on the return home we landed an hour ahead of schedule. Food was offered a couple times during the flight."
Cons: "I was involuntarily bumped from my flight."
Cons: "I don't like anything"
Pros: "The crew on board was awesome!!!!"
Cons: "Our flight was overbooked because the original plane was grounded so we were kicked off the flight with no advance notice. We were told when we went to check in at the airport that the next available flight was Tuesday. Our original flight was Saturday. It wasn't until my husband demanded to speak to a manager and with much debate to the manager that we got a flight the next morning. Although they had to fly us into Tampa instead of Orlando. Doubtful we will be flying Spirit again."
Cons: "Hour delay caused me to missed my connecting flight."
Pros: "Plane was on time."
Cons: "Not enough space in the cabin, no room for legs, hard to maneuver while standing up or sitting down. Indifferent flight attendants.Even for water passangers are charged."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "See above, if you haven't noticed this flight was cancelled."
Pros: "The flight actually took off."
Cons: "Spirit cancels their flights for no reason and took a day of my life."
Cons: "We canceled the trip an hour before boarding and as it was a trip with my family to know Chicago very short, we could not go. This company does not respect customers and has not returned the money from the tickets, besides that I had to pay a penalty at the hotel where I had a reservation. It's a disaster. I'm not going to buy tickets with that company."
Pros: "Waste our whole day not worth it Lots of late and not a qualified staff."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Flight was great and plane was clean."
Cons: "The baggage prices and the fact you can't even get water without paying. When you walk up to the ticket counter and the reps don't even acknowledge you-that's just rude. At least say something. Bad experience both flights with attitudes on the ground. Flight crew was totally different."
Pros: "Left on time Arrived 20 minutes early Very nice flight crew - They could not do enough for me. Great flight - Great value"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The seats are so uncomfortabl and Charge ge for everything and charge too much for luggage checking"
Pros: "Easy to book"
Cons: "Charging for carry on"
Pros: "Flight was on time Bags came out quickly"
Cons: "Only one bathroom working on plane"
Cons: "Nithing"
Cons: "Needed to change the flight but couldn't. Money down the drain"
Cons: "I registered my TSA number with you, yet I had the cattle heard in front of me because it was not listed on my ticket. Anything I write to you won't matter, you will just say, I understand, so forget the fact that my husband had a business trip and did not go on the first leg of his flight and you all had to cancel his whole ticket? Really>>???? I hate your hairline policies, and will inform everyone I know how you get money out of people."
Pros: "Friendly, roomy for an airplane, clean"
Cons: "No included beverage or snack."
Pros: "The flight was a gift and was least expensive BUT hidden costs!"
Cons: "Everything was extra money, luggage,carrying, pick a seat, no internet, no water without paying, unfriendly staff, when flight was cancelled they were not easy to reschedule. Previous delay was never sent early so went to airport to sign in and told too early could not take bags; if knew was delay would not have come early! This was a gift but I will never use again!"
Pros: "I liked the price of the ticket. I was looking for an inexpensive ticket without the bells and whistles and Spirit fit those requirements"
Pros: "Was charged $55 for a carry on and was never told about this when purchasing the ticket and no complimentary water or drinks were provided. Expensive ticket for such terrivle service."
Pros: "Great flight, Wonderful crew,"
Pros: "The staff onboard was excellent."
Cons: "The carrier charges for CARRY-ON's (55 DOLLARS). Sodas and peanuts are NOT free. Aircrafts are outdated and EXTREMELY uncomfortable to ALL passengers."
Pros: "I guess I don't like anything that spirit has - except for the price which I finally disliked"
Cons: "I have my flight at 9.30 AM and I was at the airport by 8.30 AM. I had to find out where the check in counter is and I was at the check in counter at 8.40. By the time my turn came, it was 8.50 and the agent said I am late as the gate closes 8.45 AM. There is no mention in the itinerary that the gate closes 30 minutes before departure and I was there 45 minutes before the take off. I didn't get a next flight. Now, I can't even cancel the return flight and I lost all the money for the trip. I called the customer service and they said they cant do anything except to book another ticket the next day. Why do they think I would ever travel with them again!!"
Pros: "Boarding seemed to be non-problematic and without delay. The flight crew was nice/animated. I would suggest this airline for flights that are less than 1-2 hours and not a flight across the country for the cheapness. Caveat is you pay for carry-ons, but just pay in advance (onine)."
Cons: "The tray tables could accommodate two drinks next to each other and were not full-sized tables. So glad I did not bring my laptop as I would not have had ample space on the table to set it. Seats don't recline. Again, all things considered, you really do get what you pay for."
Pros: "that we landed and I can leave the aircraft"
Cons: "unfair fees on the baggages faulty check-in system unhelpful flight atttendants"
Cons: "My connection flight required me to exit through security from one terminal building to another, and having to re-enter through security. In-efficient and needless work created by Ft Lauderdale air port set-up/Spirit gate allocations. Also very poor signage and terminal maps located in Ft Lauderdale. Not intuitive."
Pros: "Nothing Spirit is a horrible airline and their personal is clueless I will never book a flight with this earline again."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "The crew was super friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Spirit charged 50 bucks for my baggage , and was told at the airport that had I purchased the baggage fee on line, it would have been 20.00 cheaper. When I booked my flight, there was no mention of that."
Pros: "Got me from point A to point B."
Cons: "The seats don't recline, I can deal with a lot of things, but not being able to sleep on a flight is straight BS. Probably the last time I fly Spirit from that simple fact alone."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My return flight is cancelled and I realized that exactly at the time of getting boarding pass and it cause me 12 hours delay to teach my destination as I looked for alternative flight from another airlines ....All in all it's an awful service and awful trip simply I choose Spririt airlines.Charging luggage fee is another worst thing that I realized!!"
Pros: "The price seen on Kayak does not reflect the reality of the charges form the airline. Additional costs for luggage are excessive compared to other airlines and you feel treated like a second class citizen."
Pros: "I miraculously fell asleep while we spent one hour on the tarmac."
Cons: "i don't mind "unbundled" fees, where you pay for only what you use, as a concept. but i think spirit tries to make it difficult for you to save money. i checked in without paying for bags because i needed some time to pack and see whether i could fit things in a carry on. after i checked in, there was no way to add a bag (we're still a day before the flight) without calling and spending an hour with spirit on the phone. you suck!!! also why the hell don't the seats recline!?!?!?!>!>!>!>"
Pros: "Both the Detroit airport and Kansas City airport have the best Spirit terminal, easy quick boarding process."
Cons: "Nothing notable, Spirit was one of the first to charge for every little thing, Now they all are. Just wish they would provide at least WATER on board during flights without charging 3 dollars!"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats, plane was dirty, staff was unprofessional, fees for carry-ons are RIDICULOUS, fees for checked bags are higher than any other airline with A LOWER WEIGHT LIMIT OF 40 LBS. I was stuck at the airport trying to re-pack all of my stuff to meet the weight limit and avoid paying $100 for my "overweight" checked bag. I finally gave in and checked two bags for $90. So much for the cheaper fare. Also, did I mention the plane was dirty? There were crumbs all over the seats in my row and trash in my seat pocket. The seats are poorly designed so every time the child behind me bumped my seat, I felt like I was being probed."
Cons: "My fault but I was surprised be the exorbitant fee for a carry on bag. It made the flight more expensive then all other airlines. The seats don't recline. And they let a couple cut the line at the gate. Now as soon as I got off the plane I started coughing. Do these planes ever get sanitized? I have been on 16 flights so far this year on many different carriers but Won't be flying spirit in the near future"
Pros: "The plane was hours late. There is no staff to tell you when the plane will come. The seats are uncomfortable. Everything, including seats, are extra. I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Had the flu & tried to cxl but all the supervisor told me was "THE COMPANY POLICY" the entire time of the conversation... I got the ticket fare for $196.00 I was being asked to pay $155.00+ penalty + whatever...REDICULOUS! If I don't show up, I asked what was the penalty? The Supervisor sad "NONE" I was sick so I did not show up..."
Cons: "Customer service skill: NONE I was already warned about that airline... I regret not listening to my son about how bad they handle issues... NEVER AGAIN WILL I BOOK THAT AIRLINE!"
Pros: "It was FUN!"
Cons: "Due to the long line we missed our flight, even after getting there 1 hour and 45 mins early."
Pros: "Flight was all anyone could ask for."

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