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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
LufthansaOverall score based on 28063 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Al the flights was nice with no issues"
Cons: "The food that I have with Lufthansa was super bad and there’s no Choise, however, the connect flight wit with United airline have very good food and , what I want say is United airline airplane much better than Lufthansa in every thing even the seats is much nicer"
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Pros: "Al the flights was nice with no issues"
Cons: "The food that I have with Lufthansa was super bad and there’s no Choise, however, the connect flight wit with United airline have very good food and , what I want say is United airline airplane much better than Lufthansa in every thing even the seats is much nicer"
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Boarding could be better organized"
Cons: "Too short a connection between flights. Missed connection. No priority for those with connecting flights. No customer service to ensure passengers know which gates to go through and if passenger has chance of making flight. No recognition of time it takes to get through customs and security to make connecting flight. Actually any semblance of customer service was lacking for passengers to make connecting flights."
Pros: "The flight was quite comfortable."
Cons: "I find it hard work doing such long flights these days."
Pros: "Confort"
Cons: "The crew and the food, specially the food."
Pros: "Same as other answe"
Cons: "Same"
Pros: "Crew was great. The food Was good."
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable and there was no air control."
Pros: "the crew was good , seat was not so comfortable"
Cons: "seat need to be more soft for a trip during 8h //"
Pros: "I didn't like that my bag wasn't delivered from Frankfurt to Barselona"
Cons: "Paying more attention to bags transportation between plains"
Cons: "Security check at the Frankfurt airport is illogical and terrible! It took 90 minutes to complete the security and go from one terminal to another!"
Cons: "I had ordered pre flight online duty free shopping. Got a confirmation e-mail telling me that articles were reserved for me and I should approach crew members on board for the articles I had reserved. Reality however was that my pre ordered articles were not registered in their system :-("
Cons: "Im tall and couldn’t affort the better spaced seats so I was pretty cramped on most flights and I paid over $200 to even get those, just so my wife and I could sit together."
Pros: "Very nice new clean airplane (beautiful), excellent crew"
Cons: "Lufthansa may consider reworking the boarding area"
Cons: "The crew were not very friendly. They were snappy and were irritated by requests. Often walked past us instead of offering drinks, felt ignored. The TVs did not work properly for many people."
Pros: "Loved the German touches like real silverware, good wine, and German movies with English subtitles! Also appreciated lots of liquids and never had to go searching for hydration."
Cons: "Everything was great until we landed and I stood up in the aisle. A woman two rows behind opened the overhead compartment and pulled her huge backpack out, landing it right on my head! OUCH! I scolded her and she apologized, but, REALLY? Perhaps the crew needs to reiterate how dangerous this is to do! My head still hurts a little on top, almost a week later. Ugh."
Cons: "the seats and service as a whole"
Pros: "Lufthansa is a good company overall. The entertainment system was very good."
Cons: "The usual - cramped space although I was fortunate enough that the middle seat wasn't occupied"
Cons: "never got to goddamn frankfurt"
Pros: "The crew was excellent and always there to help. They managed a 15min boarding due to being well organized."
Cons: "I’m 5’7 and my knees were touching the seat in front of me- there is no way to be comfortable. You pay an extravagant amount of money and get squished in there like sardines. It’s disappointing."
Pros: "Flight attendants went above and beyond helping my little granddaughter who was ill with a fever. Economy Plus is very comfortable with great service. My special meal was delicious."
Pros: "Smooth flight. Great food and drinks. Very helpful staff."
Pros: "Flight was on time, boarding went smoothly. Seats not too comfy, knee room seems to be shrinking with every flight (transatlantic routes mostly)."
Cons: "I like wathcing European movies (German, French, etc.) when flying LH, but unfortunately they rarely have English subtitles."
Pros: "A regular predictable LH flightqq"
Pros: "Great flight crew, inflight entertainment and food"
Cons: "Damaged bag...working with airline to get replacement"
Pros: "Lufthansa has it all together and knows how to fly. I recommend to everyone!"
Pros: "Good flight...excellent landing."
Cons: "delayed boarding then waited three hours after we boarded for deicing. The piolet and crew did not update us. Made the flight very long."
Pros: "Crew was nice."
Cons: "This was an emergency trip to see my mother who was in the hospital. The flight was delayed so I had no option but to board the next day since I wouldn't be able to make it to the connecting flight in Frankfurt. They couldn't give me another connecting flight since it was all full. Because I booked my ticket only hours before my flight, they said it might not be possible to fulfil my meal request since there's a 24 hours cut off. However, now I had to cone back to the airport and take the next days flight which gave the airline more than 24 hours from my original meal request. I still did not get the meal I requested, the crew didn't know about it and didn't have any to spare. This was my first time flying Lufthansa, I probably won't try it again."
Pros: "Lufthansa arranged for pickup with a van upon disembarking from my late flight from Pisa and took me through a special passport and security checkpoint so that I was able to catch my MUC-SFO flight. Flight departed late, but pilot made up all tge lost time in flight. Crew was professional, very polite and efficient."
Pros: "My flight from Budapest took off hour later then scheduled. We landed in Munich only ten minutes before the international flight's take off to San Francisco. Upon the Munich landing, eight of us were escorted on a special bus, with a special pass controll and on special routs to make sure we get on the plane on time. Our laggage managed to get on the same plane as well. Thank you Lufthansa!"
Pros: "The flight was delayed due to air traffic control issues. It didn't make a difference for me but many people missed their connection. However, the crew were all friendly and the Captain was very outgoing and communicative."
Cons: "Late flights are never good."
Cons: "New entertainment program didn't have good new movies or music collection, food was not good, some crew members were harsh"
Pros: "Entertainment choices, food, on time, kind crew, and comfortable seating."
Cons: "Crying babies-but that's not the airlines fault at all"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable."
Pros: "The crew were very helpful and polite. The seats had plenty legroom. The food was excellent."
Cons: "We started boarding much later than originally announced. We may have arrived with little delay, however. No entertainment was available, which is not that great considering that it is a three and a half hours flight."
Pros: "Everything was wonderful! Lufthansa is spot on from boarding, to in flight service to the moment you leave. They are helpful, friendly, fun and a wonderful crew where I know I'm in good hands!"
Cons: "S7 asked for additional "fees" to cover flight expenses. They have charged extra for carry on luggage of 2,000 roubles. It was mentioned that it was international flight but they have refused to honor those rules. I have used the same bag on other airlines and did not have any problems."
Pros: "crew"
Cons: "food, entertainment"
Pros: "Almost everything, the flight crew was friendly and timely, the movie selection was great, the flight left on time and arrived early."
Cons: "The temperature near my seat was very uncomfortable, to the point where I was sweating for most of my ride. The passenger next to me, also complained to me as well."
Cons: "Boarding was in organizes."
Pros: "It departed and arrived on time. The boarding process was very efficient thanks to Frankfurt's automated ticked checking gates."
Cons: "No in flight entertainment."
Pros: "First Time on Lufthansa and came away extremely impressed. I'm a million miler on Delta so I know a little about flying a mainline carrier. Lufthansa blew me away with the level of service and friendliness. It was a short (90 minute) flight but they still offered a free breakfast sandwich along with the beverages. Flight Attendants can switch from German to English without hesitation and were very professional. Look forward to flying with them again."
Cons: "Can't think of anything"
Pros: "It was delightful to discover that Lufthansa serves delicious complimentary meals! So few US airlines do that. I also really liked the layout with the toilets downstairs."
Pros: "Legroom is better than many. love having metal silverware."
Pros: "Seats comfortable. Decent legroom. Crew pleasant. Food was very good especially for a very short flight."
Cons: "I did not know I had purchased economy light ticket. With this you can only carry on 18 pounds and must check and PAY to check any other bag. I looked at my reservation from Vaysms and did not see notice of this. Surprised that one hour trip at this price , well over $200, was in this category. Also trying to buy the option for the bag on phone was difficult. Whole page with options would not show and getting English version was difficult probably because page would not fit on screen."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "When i left munich to newark i found out crew of lufftusa was very rude with me during check in."
Pros: "I booked a ticket with Airfare.com using Kayak.com. The booking experience was easy, but the important note I want to make was during a large Colorado snowstorm where flights were being cancelled, I was able to proactively re-book my ticket with the help of Airfare.com customer service. Though it was complicated, I want to make sure Airfare.com gets credit for doing a good job."
Pros: "The service and food were great, flight was on time."
Cons: "The TV didn't work very well, it took me 20 minutes to get the movie to play."
Pros: "Generally a smooth flight. My geographically knowledgeable friend pointing out towns, rivers, forests and places we visited in 2012 as we moved across Italy, the Swiss Alps and Germany. Delightful."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Very nice at check in and boarding when we arrived running from our other flight."
Cons: "All fine."
Pros: "My first time flying with S7 — very pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. I will definitely use S7 for domestic travel in Russia in the future."
Cons: "Seats a little cramped, but par for the course."
Cons: "Delayed by 30 minutes on 1h flight is just way too much"
Pros: "excellent crew, the commander of the ship made a nice soft landing, but for some reason water was dripping from the ceiling ... the flight attendant explained that it was condensation"
Cons: "отлично,.."
Cons: "Baggage check in was delayed 3 hours stupid and unacceptable"
Pros: "Everything was awesome. Thanks a lot nothing"
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Súper comfortable"
Cons: "Entertaiment"
Cons: "Very efficient. They feed you even on a flight that’s less than 3 hours"
Cons: "Airline charged for baggage even though I already paid for baggage to be included when making a booking on Kayak."
Pros: "Modern, efficient, friendly, and economical (good price)"
Cons: "Very confusing regarding cost of checked bag, traveling with pet. Some airlines give option to select this ala carte on website and this seems most efficient way to make money for airline and make easy for customer. Please try this."
Pros: "Giving aisle seats to the tall people makes sense. Thank you."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Couldn’t even board the flight. Was given 0 notification that I would require a transit visa through Russia."
Pros: "Nothing good"
Cons: "Couldn’t even get to the airport, wasn’t given any directions on transit visas. So I missed a wedding I was supposed to be present at."
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Luggage is to pricey ."
Cons: "I missed the flight and no flight and no flight for 3 days . I need to cancel thdvtighg on Aug. 6 fromStratopol to Moscow"
Pros: "Very nice food and service! Flight attendants pay attention to any requests."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Good new and clean airplane. Good meal"
Cons: "Boarding was poor"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They did not let me board they moved me from gate to gate until finally i was able to fly but not to kazan"
Pros: "Good and organized airline"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "I had paid for 4 pieces of luggage when I bought the tickets online, but the airline did not have a record of this, because Kiwi.com failed to send them the money. So I had to pay for my luggage twice! Crazy and ridiculous customer service... last time I will use both S7 and Kiwi..."
Pros: "The attendants were Very Gracious"
Pros: "On time arrival in Moscow"
Cons: "Didn’t like boarding up a ramp in the mid day heat"
Pros: "Plane was new, crew pleasant and flight easy"
Pros: "Everything was fast."
Cons: "The plane was a bit cramped."
Pros: "Good service, organized, really good food, comfortable seats."
Cons: "Bad baggage policy. No entertainment."
Cons: "S7 didn't send any conformation or information about my flight. I missed one of them in order of that."
Cons: "There was no S7 rep in Berlin Tegel airport and the agents in Frankfurt did not respond. So my son had to call us in the US to take care of the problem. We got hold of the agent through a US number, but no solution was offered other than simply buying a new ticket for a not so good price. I ended up getting no credit whatsoever and buying a new ticket on Finnair because the S7 offered a new ticket for two days later than the day on which they described event took place."
Cons: "Задержали рейс более чем на 2 часа. Посадка была плохая."
Pros: "The flight was smooth, and the flight attendants were hardworking and attentive."
Cons: "The meals smelled so bad when the trolley went past that I actually thought it was a problem with the toilets. A roll, a slice of brown bread, no butter, a packet of ketchup, and a yellow jelly/jello with tiny pieces of canned pineapple suspended. The main course featured rice that somehow managed to be dry and overcooked at the same time, and a flavorless chicken patty. Our flight was nearly four hours late taking off, because the incoming flight required a replacement aircraft. We were promised a complimentary drink that never appeared. No entertainment on a four-hour flight, which is standard."
Cons: "I didn't like that the air company charged me additional $70 for bagadge."
Pros: "All on time as expected"
Cons: "Could not check in online for utair"
Pros: "decent leg room good food"
Cons: "plane too hot"
Pros: "On time, no issues"
Cons: "No entertainment ,"
Cons: "Company change me for1bag drop off on way back from Voronezh to Mockow 35.7$ USA. Ticket was purchasing with 1bag including. I would like to have my money back"
Pros: "Food Cabin crew's attention to children (even though it wasnot the case in a whole, see below) Impressing crew size - all very tall :))"
Cons: "Definitely missed some friendliness from the cabin crew, even though they were professional, just some kind words would not hurt"
Cons: "Flight was on time"
Pros: "good crew, food was ok"
Cons: "no customer service, horrible rules, not organized at the gate and at check in. Will never fly s7 again."
Pros: "The crew was very friendly and attentive. They made me feel welcome."
Cons: "They waited on the other 3 people before me in Business class so the beef option was not available when it was my turn to be asked. I chose the fish and it was very very dry. The potatoes were dry too. The cake tasted old. I was disappointed with the food on this flight."
Pros: "Clean and efficient service. Smooth comfortable flight."
Cons: "Only being allowed one carry on item. My new luggage was stained by something."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "Delayed departure."
Pros: "Great-looking, efficient and pleasant stewardesses."
Cons: "Everything went well, thank you!"
Pros: "Late boarding but otherwise good"
Cons: "Cancelled flight and replaced it with a flight 24 hours earlier but would not work due to visa requirements."
Pros: "Budget airline, decent experience"
Cons: "Fare did not include a single piece of baggage on international flight! Misleading pricing"
Pros: "It got me to where I was going"
Cons: "A 3 hour flight was a 25 hour process, bouncing from one place to the next. Nobody knew what they were doing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Check in took 1,5 hours, while the S7 who was operating the flight representative was just walking around and disturbing the airport employees which made check in slower. There was no space for the hand luggage inside the plane. Seems that it is too small for such flights. The crew was not nice at all. This is the worst flight experience I have ever had in my life. Flew with S7 around 10 years ago, when they were called Siberia Airways - nothing changed since then."
Pros: "The flight was on time, very clean cabin, the crew was pleasant, the luggage delivery was lightning quick."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "thank you"
Pros: "Our bags were lost in the system but an airline representative took the initiative to find them and make sure they arrived on time with us at our final destination."
Pros: "Liked the free sandwich on the flight which was over the lunch hour."
Pros: "It flew"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Plane was clean"
Cons: "Food could be better!"
Pros: "Premium class is good value on the A380 but not quite to par on the older 777s"
Pros: "Quick flight and boarding"
Pros: "No the seat was not super comfortable. In fact it was not even comfortable."
Cons: "The seat size and comfort"
Cons: "A plane made any year after 1990... Last minute flight switch caused great discomfort and VERY narrow seats"
Pros: "They made up some time following a long delay"
Cons: "We were very delayed and no real explanation at first. Also the wrong boarding information was given initially which wasn’t helpful"
Pros: "Great flight attendants."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Ac"
Pros: "British Airways sets the standard for great customer service...even in economy. Great food, helpful cabin crew, and help available everywhere."
Pros: "Smooth flight all the way"
Cons: "Entertainment had issues technical"
Pros: "Food and service"
Cons: "Entertainment system needed rebooting and then lost volume so was not available for about half an hour"
Pros: "The crew members"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "I like being serviced dinner on the flight. I like the personal iPad to watch movie."
Cons: "The seating was a little tight."
Pros: "Almost everythibg was great"
Cons: "The screen wasnt working properly"
Pros: "Boarding. Food."
Cons: "My in flight entertainment was broken and that us quite a disadvantage on a 12 hour flight. I was told it was because the airplane was "very old" which whilst it may be true it is not something I particularly want to hear. I was also told that as the flight was full I could only move seats if someone wanted to swap. I'm not sure if the flight attendant was expecting me to stand up and make a public request?!"
Cons: "Booked and paid for extra legroom seats, but were just given normal seats"
Cons: "As per above"
Pros: "Hospitality from Crew members. Food."
Cons: "24 hrs delay for boarding this flight. No wheel chair provided though I booked."
Pros: "Always 5 stars to the crew and reliability."
Cons: "Seats are not so comfortable or that much leg room in economy. Asian airlines do much better n seat comfort. The entertainment system on this 777 is old and unreliable. Poor viewing aspect and screen resolution. On a 13 hour flight the passengers deserve more for their money."
Cons: "Bumpy but not BA’s fault"
Pros: "Basically ontime although a bit delayed getting started. Crew was attentive . Food Ok. Seating could be a bit better."
Cons: "Somewhat tight seating. More reclining of seat would help. The gate was the furthest away possible requiring a very long walk."
Pros: "The crew were the epitome of professionalism, deftly dealing with the the predictable problems that come with a fully-booked flight on an elderly aircraft. I almost never complete these customer surveys, but on this occasion I felt obliged to make a statement in support of the cabin crew, who were amongst the best I've encountered in nearly four decades of air travel."
Cons: "The aircraft."
Pros: "Good preboarding with wheelchair in JFK a little more hectic in Heathrow but very useful because it is a very long walk."
Cons: "System for communication at Heathrow about what to do when arriving and looking for a wheelchair."
Cons: "I am not a fan of flying it's just something I have to do occasionally."
Pros: "Saff are pleasant, helpful."
Cons: "Flight was late, plane was 15+ years old BA now charge premium prices for budget airlines service (no inclusive baggage, complimentary tea/snack)."
Pros: "El proceso de embarque fue rápido y sencillo. El avión estaba limpio y el vuelo fue ameno."
Cons: "No me gustó que era por British Airways pero operado por Vueling. Quiere decir que no tenía la comodidad de una gran aerolínea sino la de una low-cost. Las sillas no reclinaban!"
Pros: "It was a smooth flight and comfortable"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "Paying $7000+ For a seat like this is a travesty"
Pros: "Very good"
Pros: "always friendly and helpful"
Cons: "The boarding in London. They did not call numbers or rows so people just squeezed...and pushed ... drinks If I sit on a window seat I sometimes do not notice the serving of liquids. I would appreciated it very much if they talk to me when they serve water and juice. Otherwise I get dehydrated. Happened last year on my flight back to the US, too.I had to get up and walk back to get water(2016). breakfast Breakfast used to be better with fresh fruits and cheese.and roll The pizzas are like cardboard, I do not care about. Other wise I am satisfied. Thanks"
Cons: "The BA crew was awful. I was not feeling well and wanted a cup of tea. I didn't realize you had to purchase it. I gave a member of the crew my credit credit card she said out loud "your card is declined" several people heard and then proceeded to hand me my card and walked away. I was mortified. I, of course thinking my bank had put a hold on my account because I was outside the US, called them to find out why it was declined and was told they had no idea and they did even see the $2.00 charge go through and therefore it wasn't declined on the bank's end. The way she handled it was awful, no discretion. I was visibly ill and just needed something warm to help me feel better. Needless to say I will never fly BA again and will let my company know how I was treated."
Pros: "Early, relaxed boarding and departure; upgrade to comfortable seat; friendly and solicitous cabin attendant; large choice of movies."
Cons: "(Not the pilot's fault): Late arrival because landing had to be delayed. Oddly, we almost landed and then had to pull up again - never experienced this before."
Pros: "Good service overall."
Cons: "When taxiing for take off, for some reason the plane was swerving back and forth in a serpentine manner like the pilot was navigating between puddles."
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Food selection, no in flight entertainment"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "We hardly had any water. Entertainment systems were very poor and kept breaking. Mine completely broke. Airplane felt old and rickety"
Pros: "Flight had a good landing."
Cons: "Last seat on the right side and it would not recline. I was ready to sleep on the flight but without even the slightest bit of recline in the seat it was not going to happen. No food No entertainment No comfort No sleep"
Pros: "Inflight entertainment with access to recent movies. Service was good."
Cons: "Fee for assigned seating. No outlets for charging electronic devices."
Pros: "It was short"
Cons: "Lost luggage - no one cared despite it clearly being lost at check in going down a broken bag shute. Plane was late. BA is losing their upmarket appeal trying to compete with cheaper airlines."
Pros: "The flight times and route are great - very early start but you are in Chania for lunchtime."
Cons: "Seats felt cramped. Staff helpful but seemed disinterested, and rather embarrassingly didn't know the name of the arrival airport. The much hyped M&S food was very uninspiring - my cheese sandwich was soggy, bland and slightly chemical tasting. There isn't the option for online check in from Chania to Heathrow, so ignore the error message you get when you try. I'd probably fly this route again but only for convenience not quality."
Cons: "I will suggest a use charger on the plane"
Pros: "Friendly gate staff and crew, new and comfortable plane, and early arrival."
Cons: "The airline overbooked the flight and kicked us, along with 100 other passengers, off the flight and forced us onto a non-direct flight. They violated Passenger Rights, and every member of their staff treated us incredibly rudely. Due to their violations and illegal behavior, I am seeking legal counsel and plan to take the necessary action. I DO NOT recommend British Airways and will NEVER fly the airline again."
Pros: "Because of a sudden mobility problem, for the first time ever I requested mobility assistance. I assume your personnel providing this assistance are some of your lower paid. Their assistance in Bangkok, London and Manchester was fantastic; I wish I had recorded the names of each helper so I could praise them individually. They smoothly got us through check-in procedures, delivered us to boarding gates. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble to them. They made what might have been an unbearable trip totally trouble free. Thank you all."
Pros: "Frequent beverage service and decent food. My wife and I enjoyed catching up on several movies that we otherwise had ignored."
Cons: "Heathrow Airport is a horrible mess. It seems our soft shell carry-on luggage that fit fine above us on our previous British airways flight was now too large and had to be check. This bothered me greatly as multiple individuals with hard shell carry-on luggage rolled by without so much as a word. It appeared that whomever decided the seating arrangements was drunk. All of our previous flights my wife and I were seated next to each other. This flight we were seated in two different rows. After several trades (I think four) we were able to sit next to each other. I had attempted 24 hours prior to the flight to select our seats but was unable to do this without paying $50."
Pros: "Boarding was prompt. Crew was friendly yet professional and courteous. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Choice of entertainment seemed limited, especially in other languages sch as Hindi. Food was alright."
Cons: "We sat on the runway for 2 hours, and the climate control in the airplane was not active. The outside temperatures were high 90 degrees (late august) and the temperature inside the plane reached 80s. It was way to hot, without water."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Our BA flight from Rome to Paris was operated by Vueling. Vueling staff in Rome lacked knowledge of whether or not our bags could be transferred properly to our BA connection and onto our home city. Our bags did not connect and arrived 2 days after we did. Vueling desks were extremely unorganized, staff were not helpful, and boarding the plane after 2 buses hauled the passengers far out onto the concourse was a nightmare. We love BA, but we will never again purchase a flight where Vueling is involved."
Cons: "8 hour delay on top of a 4 hour layover with only a small sandwich and small water to compensate. You had to pay for food and water on the second leg of the flight which was on vueling. When we finally got to barcelona we picked up a mangled stroller that had been like new before the flight. We complained and we were told we would receive a call from the airline. Still waiting for the call. Lost our evening in barcelona and our paid tickets to casa mila."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

Airlines flying from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Bangkok to Paris Orly Airport

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35h 20mBKK-ORY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
19h 30mBKK-ORY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
22h 30mBKK-ORY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
26h 15mBKK-ORY
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
35h 20mBKK-ORY
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
51h 55mBKK-ORY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 10mBKK-ORY
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 15mBKK-ORY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
22h 00mBKK-ORY
2 stopsLufthansa
23h 50mBKK-ORY
2 stopsS7 Airlines
46h 45mBKK-ORY
2 stopsS7 Airlines
46h 45mBKK-ORY
2 stopsS7 Airlines
46h 45mBKK-ORY
2 stopsS7 Airlines
21h 50mBKK-ORY
2 stopsLufthansa
23h 55mBKK-ORY
2 stopsBritish Airways
25h 20mBKK-ORY

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Bangkok - Paris Orly Airport Flights


Bangkok (BKK)Thailand


Paris Orly Airport (ORY)France

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Paris Orly Airport - Bangkok

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