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DeltaOverall score based on 30147 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Movies were outdated flying to Amsterdam, coming back was great"
Read more about Delta
Cons: "Movies were outdated flying to Amsterdam, coming back was great"
Pros: "Crew great....moved passengers around near us for Covid related separation."
Cons: "Cramped.....too many seats in too small of a plane....I'm 6ft / 190 lbs"
Cons: "Great crew and flight! Cheers!"
Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "Everything else"
Pros: "Crew. Alcohol and water bottles. Food. Entertainment. Comfort"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "All"
Pros: "pilot was great... made the landing at key west seem easy!"
Cons: "Flight attendants seemed to really like their jobs!"
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Organization of entry gates. Sat in the plane for about 30 min after landing."
Pros: "The male flight attendant giving the pre flight and pre landing spiels kept the passengers rapt with his droll humor. Kudos..."
Pros: "Fine crew. Fine entertainment."
Cons: "Clumsy boarding process. After a 2.5 hour delay on tarmac before takeoff there was almost no food on board for a 6-hour flight"
Cons: "The flight was an hour and a half late."
Pros: "The crew was okay. Could be better"
Cons: "Variety of snacks and drinks"
Pros: "Delta crew and offerings are great."
Pros: "Our flight crew were great. Pilots were great too."
Cons: "I missed my connection due to weather in Minneapolis. Was diverted into Milwaukee, but nope we are diverted to Chicago, but wait no we go to Milwaukee. Deboard into a close gate area. Rest rooms were closed. Then once refueling is done get back on and make Minneapolis at 12:15 am. Connection missed"
Pros: "The female crew were really nice to my 3 year old daughter and made her feel at ease on the flight. Hi"
Cons: "Boarding at the Punta Cana airport was disorganized. People just got on whatever line they wanted and no attention was paid to whether passengers were first in line vs last in line, priority seating vs general, traveling with kids vs no kids, etc."
Pros: "Delta does an overall nice job."
Cons: "Food is OK. Service is friendly though. Comfort + was nice. Bathrooms were not great, smelled, could use a refresh."
Cons: "Flight was delayed over an hour. Missed my Easter dinner plans... :("
Pros: "The crew were great. A little too warm on the plane at the back of the plane and too cold at the front."
Cons: "Since this was the first leg of two, the person who checked us in did not check our bags to the final destination. Then, when we went to go to check in for our second leg, they wanted to charge for our baggage again. Not cool Delta."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing, keep at it"
Pros: "The closeness of the airport in proximity to my house as well as the ease of finding your gate and boarding."
Cons: "There were so many passengers and such a small plane. There was NO leg room and the lady in front of me wanted to recline her seat, when I’m already claustrophobic to begin with. It was hot and the air above our head was barely working. There was one flight attendant who was blatantly rude to an elderly lady about her bags under the seat before the flight took off. To make this all worse, I had to suffer through all of this discomfort for over an hour for a 25 minute flight."
Pros: "I’m always pleased with our delta flights to and from Atlanta. Our flight was on time, the comfort plus seats are comfy enough, and the flights are quick and easy."
Cons: "Everything was great on our flight."
Pros: "Free wine and spirits and food really not too bad in economy Very large movie and tv show library - something for everyone Friendly cabin crew"
Cons: "Overhead bins a bit small on this older 767-300"
Cons: "dirty plane"
Cons: "The crew was terrible & rude."
Pros: "Professional appearance of flight staff accommodating and sincete"
Cons: "Had a 5 hour layover - booked first class but this did not entitle me to use the delta lounge in seattle. Snacks only on the flight."
Pros: "Mobile entertainment was great and the crew was lovely."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed, which is a understandable part of travel. But what made it worse was that we didn’t have any visibility on our actually departure time. We were first told our flight would be delayed an hour, then the departure time was moved up 40 minutes without any clear messaging. We caught an email from Delta, but if we hadn’t, we might have missed our flight. The plane was also abnormally loud on board, and the air pressure seemed to fluctuate throughout the flight, making the experience uncomfortable."
Pros: "Comfort Plus seating was good for the long flight, lots of choices for entertainment."
Cons: "Some crew members were rather cold in their manner, either disinterested or grumpy. Electric outlet didn't work. On screen entertainment touch screen was very difficult to use (unresponsive to touch)."
Pros: "They did take care of the situation in a timely manner and switched my flight were I made it in my time line . Switched to American from Atl. to Houston"
Cons: "Was informed the flight delay due to equipment ,"
Pros: "Good movie choices"
Cons: "Too cramped. No leg room"
Pros: "On time, comfortable, great flight attendants."
Pros: "Once we hit the coast we skirted down the coas of Florida which provided a spectacular view. The approach and landing at Key West airport was thrilling and absolutely perfect. We’ve flown Delta many times but this was our first but not last time to Key West."
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sat by the exit seat so the door was a bit more chilly. No food. Small entertainment screens with audio bleed through."
Pros: "What can I say...I love Delta!"
Pros: "Fabulous fight. Attentive staff and I love the free entertainment tv’s."
Pros: "Smoorh travels"
Cons: "Economy seats mot comfortable for sleeping"
Pros: "Pilot flew flawless crew kind and helpful it was a full flight and impressed helpful passengers to get on board was."
Cons: "Disappointed airplane not equipped with free movies. I bought ear buds on return flight for that purpose"
Pros: "So many movies to watch. Keep it up!"
Cons: "The food was too sweet and salty."
Pros: "all flights were right on time. service was excellent. crew was very friendly. Comfort+ seating was excellent very comfortable"
Cons: "The tsa is worthless"
Pros: "Very nice do to Delta employees."
Pros: "everything on schedule; courteous staff and great pilots"
Cons: "everything was very ordinary so cannot complain"
Pros: "The Flight crew was great and the pilot got us there with the least amount of delay as possible. Thanks everyone!"
Pros: "Troy, Karee, and all of the staff on board were amazing! One of the best flights I have ever been on. Hope they are the crew for my flight home."
Pros: "Staff hospitality"
Cons: "Deboarding delay, seems typical"
Cons: "Was never able to get on flight. The plane lost a windshield wiper and didn't have any spare parts."
Cons: "Asked for hot tea but what I got was barely tepid."
Pros: "Low price."
Cons: "Delta provided no information as to why the flight was late. No earlier flights on other airlines were offered."
Cons: "after reaching the destination, it took a lot to open the airplane's doors and letting people out"
Pros: "Gate agent was kind enough to give me a seat upgrade since I wasn't assigned one."
Cons: "That I wasn't able to get a seat until I arrived at the gate"
Pros: "Good entertainment options"
Cons: "They did not even pretend to care about passengers who did not wear a mask. Very disappointing."
Pros: "Inflight movies"
Cons: "Everything! Jam packed flight. and no Covid measures taken. Aweful!!! I will Never fly on them Again! Shame on the Airline!"
Cons: "Flight attendant crushed my backpack"
Pros: "Crew amazing, space great."
Cons: "Security line"
Pros: "All the kind staff from checking in to leaving the airport.!! All well maintained and experienced to cover all very professional,"
Cons: "The variety of food items or snacks on the plane would be so wonderful. Even for purchase."
Cons: "Leaving on time, or not being boarded until we were actually going to leave. We sat on the tarmac for 3.5 hours while we were hungry and thirsty. The communication was poor overall on why we wouldn’t leave. Terrible flight."
Pros: "Great boarding service and flight crew"
Cons: "no in flight entertinment"
Pros: "My baby and I slept the entire flight."
Pros: "Good. Thank You united airlines.!! Excellent 10.00"
Pros: "I was in first class and talked some w/ the pilot during our massive and enjoyed that. But not the almost 3 hr wait. The lunch, a choice of brisket or spinach ravioli - I took the pasta - was quite good. Amazing for an airline now known for service. The wine was also pretty good."
Cons: "The wait, the wait and the wait. Economy passengers - my friend Tanya was in econ - got not much during the wait. At least she had the whole row 38 D-E to herself. I sent her the cheese plate from my meal. Even though the crew kept us informed, it was too little and too late. When I asked the Captain when the missing part blew off he had no answer. Not impressive..."
Pros: "The hotel price did not include taxes breakfast"
Pros: "Friendly crew Friendly Gate Staff Super fast boarding"
Cons: "Seats were tight Overpriced upsell for “preferred” seating"
Cons: "Like so many others, my flight was delayed. This was due to the scheduled pilot calling in."
Pros: "The crew's friendliness"
Cons: "Their tardiness as usual. You can always count on a United flight to be late 99% of the time. The icing on the cake is when they misplaced one of my luggage. Two pieces got sent to 2 different flights. The end result is I have to wait for my second piece of luggage to be delivered on a different day."
Pros: "Never again 1st class with United. Other than the bigger seat, really not much of a difference that would justify the added cost. I’ve been on many other airlines 1st class. I will say that with h United, it’s just not worth it."
Pros: "Late leaving Houston, but the pilots did a great job landing in very windy conditions."
Pros: "Left 5 minutes early and landed 45 minutes early!"
Pros: "Due to a knee injury, I needed more personal assistance, the custermer service & attention I received was EXCELLENT - from being expedited through the check in, special luggage assistance, special seat selection, wheelchair assistance throughout the security & boarding process to the professionalism by ALL the crew after being diverted to Iceland for a medical emergency of a fellow passenger."
Cons: "Because of the medical emergency & being diverted to Iceland, the flight time was extended by close to 4 1/2 hrs. The snacks/"food" provided were definitely insufficient."
Cons: "entertainment was intermittent"
Pros: "This United flight left on time and arrived to my destination early, which was nice, unlike my last flight."
Cons: "Wi-Fi and “private screen” entertainment through my own devices did not work. Second time it has not worked at all on a United flight. Food was average (meaning bare-bones for complimentary)."
Cons: "2 suitcases out of 6 came broken, the airline did not accept any claim because they say the type of damage is not covered!!!"
Pros: "Air Canada seats were much more comfortable than the United flight seats."
Cons: "I had to leave the terminal and pass through security again. United did not let me reserve my seat on Air Canada. They did not even tell me where my connecting flight could be found."
Pros: "I arrived safely."
Cons: "It's a zoo. It's a DIY of checking in and checking your bags in. No staff is around to help. You are on your own. Unorganized."
Cons: "I left an important notebook on the back of the seat that was in front of me; I was assigned a seat on the rouse 8. Can you do something to get it back to me please?"
Pros: "It wasn't as cramped on my return trip"
Cons: "Kept delying the flight for a total of 5hours, and then sat on the runway for 1 hour before take off. Was the worst experience of flying by far. Will definitely go back to delta or American as they are more informative and nicer"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "The flights were late and annoying"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Worst airline and customer service in the world."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The leg room & the service"
Pros: "We were told that this was due to the weather at destination ( Newark) but the weather in Newark was fine. Hence, not sure if it is the airline ( United) or the air traffic controllers that caused the delay. United blamed the controllers. The Captain was very courteous apologizing many times for the delay ."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They would not let me travel with one carry-on and one smaller item. They made me check one item. This has never happened to me on a flight before. During the flight and in between during the layover all staff members were very rude. I will never fly with united again."
Pros: "We arrived safely on time."
Cons: "Bathroom is too small. Announcements were anxiety inducing. Sick people on the airplane spreading germs."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was told at check in that my flight was delayed and would not make my destination today. When I asked if there was another flight I could get on, they told me the upgrade would be over $1000, and that it wasn't their problem. Rudest customer service I think I have ever dealt with! I won't ever fly united again!"
Pros: "Plane was delayed for over an hour, not on schedule."
Pros: "Flight attendant had a great personality, and wasn't a robot."
Cons: "TSA took forever, other than that. My flight boards at 0540 and I got there exactly at 0545. The plane already made its way to the runway and wouldn't wait an extra 10 mins for passengers to enter."
Cons: "Horrible attitude by staff at the baggage service desk"
Pros: "4 hours late leaving bc they were waiting on a plane."
Pros: "On time, safe, good landing, friendly crew."
Cons: "Stingy on drinks. No food. No on board entertainment."
Cons: "Wine not good for price. Has to check carry-on bag."
Cons: "My seat was given away and had to rebook on another flight and another airline"
Cons: "Small seats. They r making problem cause of small camera bag and the plain was half empty!"
Pros: "Friendly and caring staff."
Cons: "The entertainment system touch screen on my seat (32D) was slow and not responsive. The crew member attempt to reset the system twice. Not good for a long flight. I noticed other passenger were having the same problems as well."
Pros: "Boarding was easy"
Cons: "We did not get headphones. We were told by a very flip attendant that they ran out. No apology! It was a long flight without entertainment. On our trip TO Hamburg, we had earphones, but NO screens. So both our flights, to and from Hamburg, were disappointing"
Pros: "The seats were comfortable. The crew was kind and attentive."
Pros: "Flight left on time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I appreciated full cans of soda."
Cons: "I tried getting on the stand by list on my phone web browser, but found out later that I was not. This process could be made much clearer and easier."
Pros: "Flight was fine."
Cons: "There was chewed up gum in the seat pocket."
Cons: "Flight was canceled due to not enough staff and it caused me to miss out on money and I wasted my time because I was not informed until 7hours later"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Bay City to Key West

Airlines flying from Bay City to Key West have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Bay City to Key West

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Bay City to Key West

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Bay City to Key West

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Bay City to Key West

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Bay City to Key West

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