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An international flight with a chicken sandwich and fruit is low quality. In comparison, Avianca provided a gourmet meal and a Salvatore Farragamo flight gift with lotions, eye covers, ear plugs, pen, and tissue.

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An international flight with a chicken sandwich and fruit is low quality. In comparison, Avianca provided a gourmet meal and a Salvatore Farragamo flight gift with lotions, eye covers, ear plugs, pen, and tissue.

There was not food or entertainment. It was a short fly.

All good


Pros: "Good service amazing crew clean airplane good cleaning protocols"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Movies on any flight is great."
Pros: "My flight got delayed twice. Had to get rebooked."
Cons: "I think all was very good"
Cons: "Appreciate the communication from pilot when on tarmac"
Pros: "Crew was exceptionally nice. Live DISH TV unexpected and appreciated."
Pros: "Fast!"
Cons: "Great crew!"
Pros: "Plane was held for at least 40+ min for additional passengers. I was in First Class and no drinks were offered until another passenger complained and then the flight team took a a burden to have to offer anything."
Cons: "New Flight crew."
Pros: "I liked the choices of movies"
Cons: "The seats were dirty and the snack choices are not healthy at all."
Pros: "The crew was friendly and professional"
Cons: "The space given in the seats is just getting ridiculous. The person in front of me reclined and hit my left knee. It hurt for three days even with my doing physical therapy and exercises."
Pros: "Great airline. Crew was great. Comfort was good. Arrived on time"
Cons: "Well the days of reclining seats are over."
Cons: "Bigger plane."
Pros: "The flight was on time, with no unanticipated problems."
Cons: "Traveling first class in the CRJ commuter planes is really just coach as it was 15 years ago."
Cons: "Wifi was completely useless. I prefer to pay to get simething."
Cons: "Almost 3 hours delayed"
Pros: "Funny crew members and very friendly captain"
Pros: "Crew was great. Delta auto rebooking caused me to miss my next flight"
Cons: "Contacting me before rebooking would have saved me $400"
Pros: "The seats are probably the most comfy of all the flights I’ve taken. All the crew was super nice."
Cons: "On my delta app it said we’d have the TVs again but we didn’t have any this time."
Cons: "Comfort"
Pros: "The entire process was easy and seamless. The flight staff was professional and accommodating. Free liquor. Great food."
Cons: "Leg room"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 75 min because the plane wouldnt start. A differernt aircraft was needed to resume ops."
Cons: "delay"
Pros: "Boarding from back to front. Making early boarders wait to the side when they tried to embark too soon."
Cons: "All the people standing in line prior to boarding."
Pros: "Landed safely."
Cons: "Late departure. Almost missed connection. Even though we planned a decent amount of time between flights. Always something causing delays when we leave from Newark."
Cons: "The seats were very close together which made for an uncomfortable experience due my knee injury and upcoming surgery."
Cons: "Flight was delayed until it made me miss my connection"
Pros: "I've been beaten down to expect a bus ride on flights. However, Delta surprised me. The crew members we're kind, and did the best they could to keep us comfortable."
Pros: "Ended up with earlyish boarding and exit row legroom."
Cons: "Online check-in was an ultimately unsuccessful confusing nightmare. Having either a codeshare flight or a passenger with a new passport would probably have been enough to break the online check-in system, and we had both. Straightened out in the airport, but required waiting in a long line where late arrivals for flights an bhour before ours were given priority. Frustrating not to have a seat assignment until boarding had already begin (would have gone SWA if we wanted that mess)."
Pros: "The crew was nice. The cabin very clean. Flight very comfortable"
Cons: "The landing was a little rough"
Pros: "Everything was great, flight attendants were awesome"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I like Delta's onboard entertainment, Delta Studio. I also like that I can use wifi messaging onboard. The flight attendants did an excellent job as usual. I was in First Class so that was nice. I like the ice cream for dessert. I like the snack variety in First Class."
Cons: "For first class the seat pitch is not great. I had a steak, it was dry. The rest of the meal was OK."
Pros: "Not applied"
Cons: "Not applied"
Pros: "Short flight."
Pros: "I really enjoyed the just a little bit larger seats, extra leg room, and the ability to watch a movie on a screen that wasn't my iphone 6 screen."
Cons: "It would be nice to have gluten-free snack options on the flight, since I have to be gluten-free."
Cons: "3 hrs delay My first fly was cancell Atl- Mty So ,they booking me next fly atl-Qro I have to stay weathing 9 hrs and just water and cookies"
Cons: "No on board entertainment."
Pros: "Crew was courtesy"
Cons: "1hour delay from departing LAX runway - not good"
Pros: "Smooth, easy, still long"
Cons: "Still long"
Cons: "Got stuck for two hours sitting in the plane because the computer systems went down."
Pros: "New equipment"
Cons: "Late departure"
Pros: "friendly flight crew"
Pros: "I liked: After check-in, I was given luggage sticker and told that luggage will be collected in Hyderabad which is my last destination, same was printed the sticker."
Cons: "I didn't like: While transition from Mumbai to Hyderabad, i was told to collect the luggage in Mumbai and check-in again which made so worried and confused."
Pros: "Chicken kale salad was inedible. I did not know chicken had gristle!"
Cons: "So so food. Terrible delay leaving Beijing. Gatemoccupied in SEA."

Flight attendants were particularly friendly and helpful.

Don't change gates at the last minute.

Tarifas muy altas...servicio de silla de ruedas excelente

Delay on the time

The on board crew was awesome, weather delayed flight, missed connecting flight, landed at a diff airport. No sign of baggage. Anywhere.

Little space between seating

About an hour late, sat on runway waiting for fuel long time. Then there was no ground crew to get us in the air, had to wait on them.

Cons: "Too much to write down. Start at the counter and work yourself to the plane. I hope you get it right eventually, I’ll be flying Southwest"
Pros: "We ask for help with a 80 year old woman that needed assistance signed up for help o get her from one terminal to her next carnet flight no one accepted her."
Cons: "Only saw what was supposed to have happened but didn’t no help from the air line period."
Pros: "empty plane awesome"
Pros: "Crew was great, pilot was amazing through the rough turbulence. Thank you!"
Cons: "Either less stingybwith Basic Economy or take one less chance to repeat that it is basic."
Pros: "Crew was awesome!"
Cons: "it was great!"
Cons: "Had abnormally long delays today!! Added 4.5 hours to my flight today"
Cons: "This is my second time bad experience with ticketing desk crew. The lady (Her name is Maria) at issuing boarding passes was real rude. First of all she doesn’t know how to enter India OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) information. She was keep saying I do not have a visa to go to India. Which I do not"
Pros: "After couple or three hours the seat get to be a pain on the tailbone. Also I am 6'2" so already a bit of squeeze. Can't stretch out legs. Was an Airbus 319"
Cons: "Not much other than more room and more cushion in seats. Quick boarding in group 4, friendly crew, the Taco salad was actually pretty good. Watched 2 movies, both still premium on the pay channels."
Cons: "The female staff at the desk where the luggage is dropped and boarding passes are issued was very rude. A little smile makes a difference vs being rude to customers. Apparently she needed to know that she is getting paid because customers like us choose to fly AA or BA"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The overall boarding process was great although slightly delayed. The in flight entertainment was great and the plane was clean. The announcements made by the pilot were comforting as we experienced a rough decent."
Cons: "The plane was very warm and the flight attendants were not very nice. We had to sit for an extended period of time and when we finally were allowed to get up, the flight attendants were rude when I had to head toward the restroom."
Pros: "food, drinks, seats, price"
Cons: "Terrible service from crew. Bad odors from bathrooms."
Cons: "Flight to and from AL on American Airlines were both canceled - I was switched to Delta on the ‘to’ trip and stuck in AL another night on ‘home’ trip"
Cons: "My flight got cancelled with zero notice and I almost ended up on a 18 hour layover which would have resulted me in missing work. The staff was very unsympathetic and not helpful. There were 10 people behind the counter and nobody could help us. They were all just spacing out. Ultimately, I was placed on the flight, but had to rush to every single one of my four connecting flights. I am a frequent traveler but this is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. Avianca should be embarrassed to be associated with star alliances."
Cons: "My husband started coughing really badly. I rang the call button to see if a flight attendant would come and maybe help me. Eventually, after about 6 minutes, he managed to control his breathing and still no flight attendant to be seen. Only after 20 minutes while distributing the meals, one of the attendants shuts the call sign of and continues. This is not the service we usually get from Avianca!"
Pros: "All"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "The crew met their requirements. I dont think you’ll survive they dont go beyond."
Pros: "Nice staff!"
Cons: "A bit bumpy!"
Cons: "Flight network sent an incorrect name to the airline and i had to go under so much trouble the day before just to correct itz"
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Plane malfunction resulted in delay, and missed connection. Rebooked connection flight was canceled. Now in day 2 of eaitingto get home."
Pros: "Everything but the boarding."
Cons: "The boarding seemed to take forever. The crew could’ve performed the boarding process while getting the people who were waiting for upgrades at the same time. Splitting work could’ve worked and to not let all of us wait."
Pros: "Flight was on time"
Cons: "The plane was too old. It is shameful. Avianca should stop using this plane"
Pros: "The flight was a quick 39 minutes from Chicago, the staff was friendly. Good flight."
Cons: "It's snowing!"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable"
Cons: "We landed at a different airport than we were supposed to and no announcement was made. We weren’t updated at all! When we finally landed in bogota we missed our connections and couldn’t get on another flight for 14 hours"
Cons: "Domestic flights with American are atrocious. The plans cram too many people into such a small space. Leg room is non-existent."
Cons: "Nickel and diming people for every little thing. I didn't mean to select a paid seat upon making my reservation on-line, and I couldn't get it to come off. Had to pay anyway."
Pros: "Very little legroom for a 5 hour flight."
Pros: "Boarded on time."
Cons: "Left 25 minutes late. when I asked the flight attendant to let me move further to the front so I can leave the plane quick and not miss my connection I was told that there were no other seats. I looked and YES there was at least 5 other seats in rows much closer than mine! Also upon arrival we did not get off the plane for 15 minutes . My connection was boarding already. I had to go from gate E 6 to gate B14 in a flash at the age of 66 I barely made it out of breath and they were about to close the doors! I was not a happy camper when I was told in the flight 5406 that I had plenty of time!!! not to worry!!!"
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Luggage is lost"
Pros: "Finally had power outlets. 1 for 3. First class crew great."
Cons: "Didn't honor priority luggage tags. Small seats for 1st class."
Pros: "Courteous and polite"
Cons: "Nothing was a great flight"
Pros: "There was an air traffic back-up for a few minutes, and instead of just letting us sit there wondering what was going on, the pilot gave us periodic updates on what was happening, which made the process much easier. Also, the flight attendants were friendly, which makes a big difference."
Pros: "In seat entertainment screen and USB charger. The chicken salad"
Cons: "Flight crew were rude, wasn't sitting next to my partner on the same booking for both flights. Had to pay for wine, they couldn't even give just one complimentary wine with dinner. Dinner was bad except the small chicken salad was good"
Pros: "Great service. With FOOD!!! Real Food! The entertainment system was great ( I played most of the flight) On time!"
Pros: "Food was goof"
Cons: "Staff never smiled or even said hello. May be culture but better training is needed."
Pros: "Service/crew."
Cons: "Entertainment is rather limited."
Pros: "They got us seats on a Latam flight later in the day."
Cons: "I don't like being bumped from a flight when you have e-tix in hand from a month previous purchase for three travelers."
Pros: "La puntualidad de los vuelos."
Cons: "El vuelo lo operaba American Airlines y no parecía una línea con alianza de vuelo ..chek-in automatizado no apareció mi boarding así que hacer fila para resolver..afortunadamente lo hicieron de una."
Pros: "Great food and headphones"
Pros: "Entrtainment and food."
Cons: "Crew service and attention very poor. Terrible experience with flight reconnection for me and my group of 5 people. Had to wait 5 hours for the crew to confirm ticketing, w.e were lied to and watched how others got preference before us. Crew gave us inconsistent explanations and had no knowledge of how to solve the problem."
Cons: "Bhm flight delayed . Threw everything else off"

Very smooth boarding, and excellent crew service. Food needs improving. Please provide eggs for breakfast. Also not enough water provided for this long flight. Crew needs to come around every 3 hours to offer water. Bigger size water bottles. Or provide a spigot to fill water bottles. Crew were always helpful and willing to provide water.

Pros: "Amazing crew!"
Cons: "Keep traveler's updated on delays."
Pros: "Crew was fun. Didn't get to finish movie because no wifi from den to mtj"
Pros: "Great crew! Super friendly! Thanks for making my flight a great one!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Upgrade seating"
Cons: "We had to wait for about seven hours at the airport because the flight was delayed."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for almost five hours."
Pros: "Flight was very late landing and we missed our connecting flight. As a result had to get a rental car in order to connect with our friends. Also it was a baby crying nonstop for the first half of the flight."
Cons: "Better timing on the flight connections."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We could have made our connecting flight. And then our"
Pros: "It’s ok. The airplane is not comfortable. It’s old and small"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Flight was fine. Just like any other."
Cons: "Nothing stands out as being good or bad. But I think all airlines are super cramped these days."
Pros: "No problems"
Cons: "No issues"
Cons: "Despite dozens of empty seats in Economy Plus, flight attendants refused to allow anyone to move into the 8 vacant rows keeping us crowded in coach economy."
Pros: "The flight from BHM to DEN (my connection) was re-routed due to poor weather in DEN. What was supposed to be a 3-hr flight, turned into a 5-hr flight. Thank goodness my layover was originally 3.5 hrs, so that extra time in the air cut into that wait time at the airport, but at least waiting at the airport would allow me to move around and stretch my legs, and not be stuck in THE tiniest plane seat I've ever experienced."
Cons: "Being stuck on the plane for 2 hours longer than the original flight time of 3 hours made my legs ache. The seats were SO incredibly tiny, and there is very little room in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you. You can't fit a water bottle, and barely my tiny purse or e-reader device. Please do away with these super-tiny seats."
Cons: "A very old B757. late departure. No explanation."
Pros: "Left on time, friendly crew, comfy flight."
Cons: "For reasons I still don’t understand my baggage didn’t travel with me and I was not able to get it until several days later"
Pros: "Everyone was really nice."
Cons: "Not enough free food options for active duty flyers."
Pros: "The flight attendants very sincere & nice. I love that their was a lot of leg room on the flight as well."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Good on-phone customer service to make flight accommodations since we missed our connecting flight out of Denver"
Cons: "Insufficient and/or incomplete communication from pilot as to the nature of the delay (unhooked cable), how it was being addressed (the ONLY person that could hook the cable was still at home; then when he did arrive, he was assigned to fix another airplane before ours), and what we, as passengers, could do to help ourselves (United staff was reviewing connections, but then no one ever came back to relay information about that). We missed our connecting flight (we finally departed 15 minutes before our connecting flight left Denver); I had to call customer service while still sitting on the plane, and we were placed on a connecting flight out of Denver that left 4 hours AFTER we should have landed at our final destination. What should have been 9 hours of total travel time (including driving to and from airport, security checks, customs, etc.) turned into 20 hours, resulting in a lost 1st day of our trip."
Cons: "There was no entertainment alternatives."
Pros: "Quick and easy. Nice crew."
Pros: "I am slow walking due to health issues. Coming from Kansas City to Chicago was a problem. My daughter who was with me is physically handicapped. There was no transportation to assist us to get from one terminal to another one when we arrived. Thank goodness we had a two and one-half hour overlay. Going home was a different story. Two wonderful gentleman met us as we disembarked and speedily got us to our flight. We only had 30 minutes and they made sure we were there. Issac and the other man are to be commended!"
Cons: "The fact that no one was there to assist us with transportation."
Cons: "AC was extremely cold"
Pros: "On time."
Pros: "The crew was good."
Cons: "I paid for the internet that never worked. I couldn't watch a movie or TV either. It was t just me, a lot of people around me had the same issue."
Pros: "Any"
Pros: "In these past six months my family and I have been back and forth on the same route and in four occations this flight as been delayed. My 70 year old aunt lost her other flight in Houston and had to wait 12 more hours overnight wihtout food because all the restaurants were already closed. In our case were a party of five and with 1hr 40min connection. We had to run to the other side of the airport to the international gates not knowing if we lost the flight because when we arrived to Houston the second flight was already boarding. Luckly the flight attendants let us out first before the other passengers and barely made it."
Pros: "From Salt Lake to Houston, there was a really rude flight attendant, a man. Other than that, my entire flight experience was good. They didn't have Dr. Pepper."
Pros: "It was an easy flight and smooth process. Boarded and departed on time which was great. Attendants at the gate were nice, flight attendants on the flight were nice and helpful."
Pros: "Trip and treatment were ok... but tv is way expensive. Avianca offers you a wide range of movies and tv series for free."
Cons: "Awful experience, we left it were it was supposed to, and they left it behind!! The staff at the airport gate wasn't helpful at all, they offer no emotional support but asked us to "make a complaint in baggage reclaim". There, the staff was a little more helpful and gave us a new stroller (very small, not close to ours, but we used it anyway). I had to call many times until I reach a spanish speaker that showed concern for our problem and finally found our stroller and sent it to our hotel."
Pros: "1st class experience was great."
Cons: "Time between load and take off"
Cons: "The cabin was very hot"
Pros: "Thank you for moving me to another flight when mine was cancelled I appreciate that."
Cons: "Movies were not accessible - captions were too small. Movie also froze a few times or became jerky. Not sure whether or not it was your issue or the phone itself."
Cons: "Tiny space, no access to electricity"
Cons: "My flight was delayed by 3 hours which caused me to miss my connecting flight...needless to say I had to stay at the airport for 16 hours for another flight on another airlines"
Pros: "They gave us free entertainment"
Cons: "We took two hours in taking off"
Pros: "Courteous staff."
Cons: "Feet were so cold on the entire flight."
Pros: "I like very much, nice and smooth, I'll recommend this company, food was good attendant excellent and friendly crew. Thank you it was a pleasure travel with United Airlines"
Cons: "United botched my boarding passes at security so I had to run back and get the correct one, catching my bags to see if they were going to the right place"
Pros: "Vegetarian food was available and that was the only likeable part for me. Every else was strictly ok."
Cons: "Nothing exceptional. The flight crew definitely needs to to tone down on their attitude and customer service skills. Short distance traveling is fine but definitely not recommended for long distance."
Pros: "Good flight crew. Made it earlier than expected."
Cons: "Super cramped and very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Boarding was a little challenging. Had issues with a bad check-in kiosk, but the staff handled well and got on my flight. Small plane,but a short flight."
Pros: "The customer service"
Cons: "I was told I had a confirmed seat after a cancelled flight and showed up the next day to find out it was given to someone else. No help was giving took us three hours to finally get help"
Pros: "The first on-time flight I've experienced from United. I also was able to check my bags for free."
Cons: "The passenger next to me was showing unwanted photography of his erect genitals during flight. I was so uncomfortable that I spent most of the flight in the lavatory. I flagged down United stewardesses but they were unwilling to hear about how I was visually assualted. United does not care about the comfort or safety of their young female customers."
Cons: "I was told that despite weather delays I would definitely make my connection on time and to "stop wasting the agent's time" with my questions. Of course I missed it, spent Christmas night in the Houston airport, and nearly lost my job for missing work the next day. I would never fly United again."
Cons: "Lost my bag and didn't give me enough information on giving it back"

More people at check in

Cons: "Tough landing. Miss the free drink and peanuts"
Pros: "Crew rude"
Cons: "Bad service"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Your policy for missing a flight!"
Pros: "Crew was pretty helpful and courteous."
Cons: "A problem with the plane was found after we'd boarded and the bags had been loaded onto it. We had to get off, change terminal and gate and then board the new plane, which was quite cumbersome. Still better than to have a problem after take-off."
Pros: "The crew were the highlight of the trip."
Cons: "Spirit Airlines required a return-flight from Colombia prior to allowing me to board, even though I will not be returning for many months (or perhaps even years). I purchased a return flight just so I could board the plane and not lose my flight. Upon arrival to Colombia, (review reached word-limit)"
Pros: "Flight was ontime"
Cons: "Inflight enterteaintment"
Pros: "The flight was good"
Cons: "The checkin process was a mess, no body knew where to go. The machines were failing. Lines crossed each other. Just a mess"
Pros: "Nothing at all"
Cons: "Everything. No one knew where the plane was. Nothing was updated to let us know what was going on. Plane was disgusting when we got on it."
Pros: "The personnel were polite and helpful. Plane was clean, basic but OKo."
Cons: "Baggage charges: $280 for 2 checked and one carry-on round trip."
Pros: "Boarded flight quickly, flight left on time, flight was comfortable, landed very smoothly."
Cons: "There was nothing i didn't like about the flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Gate attendant attitude"
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "No legg room"
Pros: "The flight was two hours delayed."
Pros: "Was on time and trip was smooth."
Cons: "For some reason my TSA pre-check didn't show on the boarding pass"
Pros: "1 crew member was kind of nice - but only because we were seriously delayed"
Cons: "-3 hour delay sitting in the plane and was not allowed yo use toilet -seats were uncomfortable and do not recline"
Cons: "Flight attendant never stopped at our row to ask for beverages or snacks and ignored my arms waving as she walked back"
Pros: "The pilot knows how to fly in the pockets, awesome!"
Pros: "The crew was friendly, nice and also funny. Loved that they did trivia during the flight."
Pros: "It was cancelled"
Cons: "It was cancelled"
Cons: "Got on board the plane, deplaned because of mechanical problems. After 3 hours of waiting, flight was cancelled. They wanted to refund the ticket price or reschedule for the next Spirit Airlines flight 2 days later. Finally got approved to rebook with another airlines. Compensated passengers with a $50 voucher good for 60 days. Who would book another flight with this airlines within 60 days? I live in a city not even serviced by Spirit so requested the voucher be valid for 12 months. After an hour on the phone and talking to 3 people, they would not do anything except the 60 days. Staff at desk referred people to call or go on website and were quite rude to passengers. I understand their staff are frustrated but itʻs not the fault of the passengers!"
Pros: "Flight crew was very helpful, kept schedules for connecting flight,"
Cons: "Took forever to get my bag"
Pros: "Counter agent was not helpful not customer service oriented, on the contrary it seems that she hated being there"
Cons: "Ask for suggestion on how they manage thecarry on and she gave no assistance"
Cons: "My experience with Spirit was so bad it would take me three hours to explain how awful not only was the service but the lack of compassion and effort to help correct a problem they created. Terrible."
Pros: "Got me to my destination"
Cons: "Not a comfortable ride. Tight spaces. Squeezes in fees everywhere they can. Even water is $3 on the flight!"
Cons: "Way to expensive. Water. Frigging cup of water was 3 $"
Pros: "flight was fine, crew was great and no issues."
Cons: "flight kept getting delayed and then would be pushed up."
Pros: "This was my first time on this airline.. I didn't expect things to be so great for the price..but they were. The lines were fast, the crew was friendly and warm, and we sprung for an exit row so the leg room was great!"
Cons: "No problems at all"
Pros: "You get what you pay for. I don't have any complaints, everyone knows what they're getting when they fly with Spirit; you're essentially buying the gas with your ticket price. So overall, price was good."
Cons: "I don't think I could ever take another flight for more than two hours. The seats were just too uncomfortable to sit in for a long periods of time. Again, nothing I didn't already know. It's great for short flights!"
Pros: "The flight was exellent, but if they can change a little things that nice. Like give a little drink or something. Water or ..."
Pros: "Muy malo"
Pros: "TSA did not accept Spirit's boarding pass on the smart phone. I had to go back to a ticketing terminal to print a boarding pass, get back in the long line, and clear security."
Cons: "Support electronic boarding pass like all other airlines."
Cons: "Cramped seats, no amenities, charges for literally everything. Paying for the privilege of picking our seats wiped out any savings we had gained by picking this "budget" airline. Don't make our mistake."
Pros: "On time and staff very accommodating"
Cons: "No much leg room"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "customer service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Their plane is small hard to find the gate. And too expensive charge for baggage."
Pros: "Delay for hours and too much information given ."
Cons: "Got to Atlanta everything was shut down. We have to walk 45 minutes to get to our luggage at 2 o" clock in the morning"
Pros: "flight on time , crew ok , plane ok"
Cons: "the only thing to upset me was the robbery of luggage fee ...for a small cabin size I paid 55$ and that took all my appetite to use your airline again...why should I fly with you and pay more with game words...declared price 130$ and 55$ for 1 small cabin bag...thanks I won't have that experience again for sure"
Pros: "Cheap prive"
Pros: "I liked ability to upgrade seats. Good crew."
Cons: "1st time Spirit customer did not like paying for checked bag when I didn't check a bag. All potential charges should not be a surprise."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Paying for luggage- even carry ons, no tvs on airplane, chairs don't recline"
Pros: "It was cheap. On time."
Cons: "They broke my luggage. Made me pay for my backpack which wasnt a suitcase and dont even offer a bevrage complimentary. There was no kind of entertainment to rate. Nor food to rate."
Cons: "I missed the 45 min check-in deadline and was not able to get on the flight. The flight left at 11:15 and I arrived at 10:33. I will never pick Spirit airlines again. I am going to miss seeing my 57yr old mother graduate from college."
Cons: "It's never on time ....."
Pros: "Good flight..friendly flight attendants."
Cons: "Would like free water"
Pros: "Perfect landing"
Pros: "The aircraft looks good as a new"
Cons: "We depart with a 20 minutes delay and charge me for my small baggage"
Pros: "Nothing! I'll spend extra to Fly another airline"
Cons: "Plane was disgusting. The dirtiest I've ever been on. Flight attendants are rude. Toilets are worse then a public concert bathroom. Horrible seats!!bothin"
Pros: "Worst flight ever, service ok, no food or drinks even water was no complementary, the seats were stift, no recliners. Small leg room. And they charge for all luggage even carry on. Never again."
Cons: "Nothing to like."

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23h 10mBOG-BHM
1 stopAmerican Airlines
16h 25mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
20h 50mBOG-BHM
1 stopUnited Airlines
26h 55mBHM-BOG
1 stopUnited Airlines
14h 21mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 50mBHM-BOG
1 stopAmerican Airlines
20h 54mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 50mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
19h 13mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 50mBHM-BOG
1 stopAmerican Airlines
11h 08mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
38h 26mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
22h 16mBOG-BHM
1 stopDelta
23h 02mBHM-BOG
1 stopDelta
15h 29mBOG-BHM
2 stopsUnited Airlines
17h 20mBHM-BOG
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 06mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
17h 25mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
23h 11mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 30mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
24h 23mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
29h 17mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
13h 23mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
25h 35mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
18h 20mBOG-BHM
1 stopAmerican Airlines
15h 25mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
22h 16mBOG-BHM
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 30mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
22h 16mBOG-BHM
1 stopUnited Airlines
11h 53mBHM-BOG
1 stopUnited Airlines
16h 02mBOG-BHM
2 stopsUnited Airlines
17h 20mBHM-BOG
2 stopsUnited Airlines
27h 17mBOG-BHM
1 stopSpirit Airlines
15h 25mBHM-BOG
1 stopSpirit Airlines
16h 13mBOG-BHM
1 stopDelta
23h 02mBHM-BOG
1 stopDelta
15h 29mBOG-BHM

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1 stopDelta
12h 05mBHM-BOG
1 stopDelta
12h 05mBHM-BOG
1 stopDelta
10h 55mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
14h 55mBHM-BOG
1 stopAmerican Airlines
18h 03mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 30mBHM-BOG
2 stopsDelta
11h 20mBHM-BOG
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
31h 59mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 30mBHM-BOG
2 stopsDelta
13h 20mBHM-BOG
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
18h 40mBHM-BOG
1 stopDelta
10h 55mBHM-BOG
2 stopsDelta
21h 12mBHM-BOG
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 23mBHM-BOG
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
12h 49mBHM-BOG

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Birmingham - Bogotá Flights


Birmingham (BHM)United States


Bogotá (BOG)Colombia

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Bogotá - Birmingham

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