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Pros: "The plane flew me safely to my destination. Nothing unpleasant happened. Those are the best things I could say about it."
Cons: "Overhead bin space was full when I boarded (I was in row 9!), so I had to check my roll aboard and hold my backpack at my feet the whole flight. The bin space above my row was being used to store trays of snacks for the food service. Don't they have somewhere else to store service items so bin space is available for passengers? In explicably we left sunny and calm Burbank 45 minutes late. No water was offered until we'd been on the plane for 2 hours."

Pros: "Smooth flight . Pilot kept us in constant contact. Crew was excellent ."

Pros: "The crew was great. They seemed to show that they cared. A passenger next to me was not feeling well, so one of the crews kept checking on her, offering her water and ginger ale."
Cons: "The Wi-Fi connection was spotty throughout the flight. Maybe because it was an older plane (A320). I flew in A321 BOS-LAX and the Wi-Fi was much more reliable."

Pros: "Complimentary snacks and drinks."
Cons: "Broken seat back, broken tray table, audio input didn't work."

Cons: "There was an issue with the booking System. I received a text that my flight was delayed 2 hours then 20 minutes before the original time another text that the flight is now on time. This screwed up the entire trip"

Pros: "Couldn’t access movies- button was blacked out"

Cons: "One hour delay on plane. Over weight. Hot plane. Uncomfortable"

Pros: "The crew did a great job taking us to our destination safely appreciated all there efforts for sage travels"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "JetBlue is def the best airline to travel! Amazing staff, extra leg room, and great entertainment with there onboard tv’s! Couldn’t enjoy a long trip without JetBlue"

Pros: "The crew was professional. The seat had great leg room. The flight and landing was very smooth."

Cons: "Woman next to me overflowed into my seat."

Pros: "The 1 person boarding crew was hard working, professional and patient on a very full flight. Flight was excellent. Captain was as expected."
Cons: "A flight attendant forgot my drink, I only asked for sparkling water. Seats are quite small and uncomfortable. Wish there’s extra leg room."

Pros: "Decent leg room, love in flight seat back personal tv and movies."
Cons: "Couldn’t take off on time from Burbank airport due to short runway, full flight and slight wind. Delayed multiple hrs."

Pros: "Friendly Crew, on time and orderly."
Cons: "Plane was old. My seat did not recline, and the audio jack didn’t work"

Pros: "I like the full foot room in the aisle seats, unlike some other airlines. I like boarding through front and rear doors at Burbank, wish all airports could do it. I like having internet. I like that the flight left reasonably on time and landed without too much delay."
Cons: "The cabin was too warm, even when I stripped to a tee-shirt. The seats were too narrow, the middle seat passenger took both arm rests and I could not access media controls easily. When the seat in front of me reclines, there is not enough room to use a lap top fully open. Serve drinks first."

Pros: "Seats and WiFi."

Pros: "Flight and efficiency."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "My direct flight ended up a one drip in Albuquerque, instead of arriving in JFK at 6 am I arrived 7.30 am and it took another 20 minutes to get out of the plain. I told them I am 73 years old and two knee surgeries I needed an isle seat instead they gave me the seat at the end of the plain and a middle seat too. It was the worst flight I had with jet Blue."

Pros: "Flight was smooth and on time"
Cons: "Long waiting at security check point"

Pros: "Smooth ride slept all the way through. Got upgraded to even more space which I was pleased about :) helpful and pleasant stewardess at the front of the plane"
Cons: "Everything was great"

Pros: "The crew was good and the boarding was organized"
Cons: "I am tall so the foot space was a big deal for me. I ended up having leg cramps the whole flight"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "The flight was good"

Pros: "Best coach seats EVER!!!!! Friendly staff!"

Cons: "I really love flying Jet Blue. I don't mean to criticize, the following is written in an effort for improvement: The hour-long delay and the long wait time on the runway. A passenger got up to use the bathroom right before we were going to take off - we had to wait for her. Another passenger pressed the flight attendant call button right after lift-off. All of the food for purchase was sold out by the time it got to the back of the plane. And I could be wrong, but I don't remember going through safety instructions because we were waiting for a while and then had to hurry when we got clearance from air traffic control."

Pros: "Very friendly and professional crew. Ceated a nice atmosphere."
Cons: "Enjoyed the trip."

Pros: "We eventually got there"
Cons: "No communication, no direction. Over an hour late and it was handled so ineffectively"

Pros: "The crew was excellent..."
Cons: "Wasn't very comfortable n I was very tired. The entertainment and Wi-Fi needs improvement."

Pros: "The landing..."

Pros: "Friendly staff."
Cons: "Seat was broken and wouldn’t recline. Tv screen was so distorted it was unwatchable. Audio system had loud static that prevented listening to music. Awful experience. Never flying this airline again."

Pros: "The staff some of them was polite"
Cons: "I had to check m carry on bag and there was a lot of room on bored"

Pros: "Great take-off and landing"
Cons: "Turbulence"

Cons: "Both me & my husband’s seats didn’t recline which is unacceptable for a red eye flight. We couldn’t sleep at all! Also, a flight attendant was very rude when I nicely asked about hanging storage for our garment bag. I never leave negative reviews but this flight was very disappointing and makes me not want to fly Jet Blue again."

Pros: "Checking in"
Cons: "Delayed on take off"

Pros: "Some of the crew were very nice and friendly. Fairly pleasurable for a red-eye flight."
Cons: "Some of the crew were very nice, but one was very unpleasant to the woman sitting beside me. Her seat was broken and he basically didn't care and acted annoyed that she was concerned about it upon boarding. The pilot was impossible to understand when he spoke over the PA system. I liked that he let us know what was up, but we couldn't understand him I believe because he spoke REALLY fast."

Cons: "Not enough leg room your flight attendants took the cabin space above the first two rows for their own stuff. I DID NOT PAY FOR MY ONE CARRYON TO BE SIX ROWS BEHIND ME. I boarded ar exactly 9:04 pm. Ridiculous"

Pros: "Boarding went quickly."
Cons: "There were no Promised movies on flight 359 from JFK to BURBANK. And the watch selection was riddled with horrible TV shows and horrible commercials. There were more commercials than TV show. There are no organic options for drinks, or food."

Cons: "Had to move to a different boarding gate. But it was ok the crew members were friendly while be professional had a comfortable flight"

Cons: "I had an aisle seat and because of this my poor arm was constantly bumped from passengers and the flight attendant passing. I had to sit slanted in the seat. Luckily the middle seat was unoccupied."

Pros: "My bad experience had nothing to do with the crew the weather was just terrible which made my flight bad the crew was awesome."

Pros: "I was very comfortable, being tall and needing leg room."
Cons: "That being said, entertainment was old school and didn't get a real snack/meal."

Pros: "The flight attendants were pleasant and courteous"
Cons: "The boarding was delayed and the boarding area was crowded, Boarding was delayed due to high number of wheelchair passengers. I was seated in an Even More Space seat, yet was placed beside a woman who was obviously suffering from some degenerative condition, and was slumped over towards my seat. The result was that I was uncomfortable the whole way back to Kingston."

Pros: "Left on time, arrived ahead of schedule"
Cons: "The cost of the luggage"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly Flight was okay"
Cons: "Female attendant was very unpleasant"

Pros: "Satisfied"
Cons: "Seating"

Pros: "Flight was comfortable and assistance to check in was good"

Pros: "Pleasant crew and a safe flight, relatively spacious seating."
Cons: "One of my pieces of luggage was left behind. However it came subsequently on the evening flight. Not sure why this was so. I received an apology and that showed true customer service spirit"

Cons: "For a 60 year old lady...I waited so long for help at the Kiosk."

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "I love the movie options and complimentary snacks."
Cons: "One crew member was not so friendly. She had a very serious, almost angry, look on her face that made me hesitant to ask her for water. Even when I did ask for water, she seemed annoyed so I never bothered to ask for a cup of ice. I dont expect service with a smile all the time but she appeared miserable. Maybe that's just her face but I'm used to a more pleasant crew at Jet Blue. However, the lady that greeted us on the plane was nice throughout the whole flight."

"The staff was good, movies were good, snacks provided were OK, some type of sandwich would be nice on these longer flights."

"Fast and affordable"

"Ross, the flight attendant. Won't fly another w his working it."

Pros: "The cleanliness, the upbeat and sweet crew, the pilot did a great job taking of and landing, and controlling the turbulence. Communication was great."
Cons: "More leg space"

Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "The exit row that I paid up for, for leg room, didn't have extra leg room. First world problems."

Pros: "the crew were very helpful providing all information I need it"

Pros: "Felt very clean and so glad they are not selling every seat"

Pros: "Crew was great! Friendly"
Cons: "Monitors for in flight entertainment didn’t work."

Pros: "Check in at the airport- Delta is so friendly and helpful!! Flight crew was wonderful"
Cons: "Seats are snug"

Pros: "Crew was awesome! Service was quick!"
Cons: "One flight the plane was quite warm and the air overhead was blowing warm air.. didn’t cool down until we were preparing to land and then it blew warm air out again.."

Pros: "Poor service overall. Seats were just like in the economy area, not much different."
Cons: "Better service"

Pros: "Baggage handlers extremely fast"

Pros: "Food was decent. Entertainment was decent."

Pros: "Yes"

Cons: "Aircraft was too warm. Needed more air!"

Pros: "Decent leg room for economy, lots of food offered, excellent choice of movie. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Additional security check at the gate is unnecessary, annoying and insulting. Worst then third world country."

Pros: "The crew was good. Now fast but good."
Cons: "The food was pretty basic."

Cons: "Add A Display Board For When Cabin Sections Are Boarding"

Pros: "Our flight crew were great. Pilots were great too."
Cons: "I missed my connection due to weather in Minneapolis. Was diverted into Milwaukee, but nope we are diverted to Chicago, but wait no we go to Milwaukee. Deboard into a close gate area. Rest rooms were closed. Then once refueling is done get back on and make Minneapolis at 12:15 am. Connection missed"

Pros: "crew was amazing"
Cons: "there was water leaking from window during landing and the food was not hot and was just bland and uncooked"

Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "One free beer"

Cons: "Flight was delayed by an hour. No explanation given"

Pros: "The ctew was awesome, super sweet and very acomodating"
Cons: "Its a flight to WV (my birth place).... it is what it is... smll planes, tight quarters and people who don’t get any of that and are not happy anout any of it"

Pros: "great crew"

Pros: "Not crews fault that DELTA changed my flight at last minute!"
Cons: "Yes...not change my flight at the last minute and causing me to miss my connecting flight. Then making me reschedule my flight with only options that I now have (2) layover and then arrive in Korea another day later, that then caused me to miss my college orientation day!"

Pros: "On time this time"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Having three seats."
Cons: "I had three seats to myself! After getting elbowed all the way from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, I was tired and I slept three good hours."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed flight, b.s. about why we were late, kept changing the reasonfor being late, unfriendly service"

Pros: "On time flight courteous service"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Very kind staff, no complaints about my guitar and even helped carry it to a closet (thanks sooooo much), nice veggie meal, everything was on time."
Cons: "Pretty rough turbulence, but that wasn’t their fault of course."

Pros: "The check in was well staffed and went smoothly and easily. Loved the large movie selection and picture quality."

Pros: "fast flight"
Cons: "Wi-fi sucks"

Pros: "Movies, baggage price, snacks, friendly! And check carry on when full fir free"

Pros: "I love the aesthetic of the new planes. Boarding was seamless and the staff was great! More cookies please!"

Pros: "Great to have movies on a domestic flight. Friendly crew."
Cons: "Boarding was a shambles resulting in late departure. Seems to be common in the US, but the zone system of boarding with back of the plane going on last seems counterintuitive and I can't recall it taking so long to board a flight. Also took a long time disembarking."

Pros: "The plane went where it was supposed to go."

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Step stairs, no help getting up or down. You should use a Laeger plane and a jet bridge. It was awful down and up and down stairs, then walking across the tarmac, not sanded,NOT SHOVELED. Have you gone mad?"

Pros: "Not much to like."
Cons: "our connecting flight was delayed 12 hours. The person who checked us in for the flight to Idaho falls checked our baggage for our return flight home, which was an entire week later. So our baggage got sent back to our starting destination and not Idaho falls"

Pros: "I really enjoyed the movie selection on my personal entertainment screen. The movies were New releases and there was a good selection. Staff was also very friendly and attentive."
Cons: "The cookies on the return flight with Delta were nice, but the mini meal on the flight down with Aeromexico was even better!"

Cons: "VERY bumpy ride- scary"

Pros: "Everything especially the snacks and in flight entertainment."

Cons: "No fruit and cheese available to purchase one the flight. Need more than cookies"

Pros: "Quick flight; helpful and friendly staff"

Pros: "love to fly delta"
Cons: "don't like when they ask to check bags at gate"

Cons: "Agents at the ticketing countet were the rudest i have ever encountered in my years of flying. Had a problem and when i asked for their assistance was given the Delta 800 number and told to call and they walked off. When i called it was a 2 hour wait for an agent. Thank goodness for their app as i was able to.change my flight with the My Delta app. Also they had overbooked the flight and rather than giving assurance to people just told us to wait and "line up orderly"."

Pros: "Excellent service"

Pros: "First time I've seen Delta have zone boarding areas near the gate, kinda like what Southwest does with their boarding numbers. Kinda worked, kinda still a mess. One crewmember was nice to my son at the end of the flight, offered to get him into the cockpit for a photo op."
Cons: "Very little legroom. My knees just barely fit in the aisle."

Pros: "Got delayed due to the computer shutdown"

Pros: "The in-flight service was extremely good."
Cons: "The seat was slightly too short for me. If Delta provided a soft mattress cover, slimiler to that of Virgin Atlantic, then the flat bed would be far more comfortable."

Pros: "Being a tall guy, I appreciated the extra legroom in first class."
Cons: "The boarding in Burbank was chaotic and caused delays. Resulting in a longer delay to my final destination."

Pros: "El tiempo de llegada, aterrizamos 40 min antes de lo esperado"
Cons: "Deben poner a los pasajeros que son impertinentes juntos"

Pros: "Super courteous"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Great crew, very efficient"

Cons: "better trained pilots first hard landing in Jamaica"

Cons: "Phoenix airport is horrible for on time departures. Always."

Pros: "The trip started off poorly with a day delay and rebooking hotel and car at final destination. Not to mention our final destination is San Antonio not Phoenix. We were not rebooked for a flight from PHX to SAT. But after a few hours we were finally booked. We didn’t really appreciate the 7 hour layover at 0100 in the morning and nowhere to get a meal or even coffee. However, the flight had the same crew from the night prior and they were excellent. The flight was open so we were able to get more leg room, less waiting time for the bathroom, and pretty much one on one service from our flight attendants. With all the struggle in the beginning, this particular flight was actually the best flight I have been on."
Cons: "We were ok with the hotel and meal vouchers however, again, the only part of our itinerary looked at was the first flight, not the second into SAT. Had we not questioned the agent, we would have been stuck in PHX with no room, no car, and if we eventually would have gotten a flight, our reservations for car and hotel in SAT would have been cancelled and I would have been out $1700. I already lost money but it could have been worse. Basically, I am paying for a car and room that I am not currently in. Reimbursement for that would have been nice. Either way we will still travel using the travel service and this particular airline in the future."

Cons: "The seats are HORRIBLE on this plane! It was like sitting on a concrete block for 2 hours!"

Pros: "I was able to sleep through the flight comfortably."

Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "No WiFi at all on the plane. Entertainment was only their station on screens on the barriers. As often happens with American First Class staff, they did the requirements in the same way service is better at chipotle than Taco Bell. Interior plane noise was very loud. Must be the last year on lease"

Pros: "The entertainment options"
Cons: "The flight was delayed because of another flight before ours and there was poor communication."

Pros: "Crew was not bad at all. And the seat was comfortable and pilot did an excellent job getting us off the ground and landing. Well done. Great job"
Cons: "We know this is not the easiest job dealing with grumpy people. But we are not all grumpy many of us appreciate your hard word, so a smile at the ones smiling is nice."

Pros: "Airline crew was amazing and handled a person in need of medical care great!"
Cons: "The manager at the check in counter was rude and acted as if we were bothering him because we were checking in. He spoke to my husband as if he were a child and kicked another AA staff from behind the desk because he was ‘the manager’. I’ve never witness such unprofessionalism in my life."

Cons: "There was crowding at the gate.. the staff was rude, sitting on the tarmac over an hour the plane was stuffy and no beverages were offered, no one was knowledgeable regarding if connecting flights would be missed,"

Cons: "I know this flight was considered local so they get away with no serving food but Phoenix to Honolulu is 7 hours long. they need to consider that other passengers took that flight as connection to a previous flight mine was Charlotte to Phoenix 4:45 duration"

Cons: "4 delays.. weather suc’s when trying to fly"

Pros: "We didn’t die"
Cons: "Flight delayed due to fog in Flagstaff. Circled Flagstaff airport for 15 minutes trying to figure out how to land. Might have been better to delay until it cleared up."

Pros: "Airplane comfort, charging ports, entertainment, and crew"
Cons: "Delay after boarding for maintenance paperwork."

Pros: "Starters, the flight was co coached with American airlines which is one of the worst airlines I've traveled so far. They lost my bad, and so far no one can help me locate it. Changed my flight without noticing me, made me run around the airport like crazy trying to catch the connecting flight just to find out that AA airlines already changed my itinerary."
Cons: "Everything. Poor service, rude flight attendants, unhelpful staff."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Having to walk from concourse b to concourse e for my connecting flight in less than 15min before the doors were shut. Was literally in my seat for 5min and the door was shut. Most people (older or families) would have missed it. Shame on CLT or American Airlines"

Pros: "The boarding experience was quite smooth. The flight itsekf was very good. I must commend the piolots for doing a wonderful job."
Cons: "I didn't like the fact that I paid for extra leg room and had to board with Group 7. I think that was ridiculous. I was unable to connect to gogo in-flight internet network. It was the second flight in which it was not available."

Cons: "They lost and cant track my baggage. Very poor customer service."

Pros: "Collecting bags was terribleterriblel"
Cons: "Collecting bags was terrible"

Pros: "The flight crew gave us biscuits."
Cons: "There were TVs that we were sharing between our seats, but no headphones were given out, like on the last flight. My personal headphones are Bluetooth. So I couldn’t even hear what was playing."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 90 minutes"

Pros: "Fast all to boarding and everything"
Cons: "No comment"

Pros: "Got here early"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Six-hour flight. Seemed like a new plane, but no electrical or USB outlets. And considering there were no seat-back entertainment units, we had to use our phones, which ran out of power midway through the flight ... and again, no way to charge. Why not use this plane for short routes and use the better equipment for long flights between big hubs like this one was?"

Cons: "Getting canned and moved to a flight that is five hours later"

Pros: "The people I spoke to on the customer service line and then especially at the service desk in Miami were able to help me get a sooner flight so I didn’t have to be driving home until the wee morning. I am VERY grateful to them and American Airlines policies which empower its employees to assist its customers."
Cons: "There seemed to be some passive aggressiveness present on the flight to Houston. Passengers seemed to be defying in small ways orders from the staff, standing etc. The staff responded quite severely in my opinion, repeating the safety video to everyone’s annoyance because some passengers were talking out loud."

Pros: "AA is always on time! Love the premium economy!"

Pros: "on time, quiet trip, lots of entertainment to chose from. if you like to eat and get alot of beverages you'll love this flight"
Cons: "had to do pre-clearance security screening before getting to the states and no notice given. This takes twice as long and if you don't get to the gate by a certain time you don't get to your flight. Thankfully we were at the airport 2.5 hours early and it saved us!!"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "First of all, the announcements that come on after we take off and last for 20 minutes is very annoying. We have brains, we can figure out how to plug our head phones in to watch the inflight entertainment. After saying the “show” was going to start, it never did. The screens were down the whole time and it remained black. good thing I had my phone with a movie on it, or I would be very bored for the 3 1/2 hour flight. Never flying with American Airlines again."

Pros: "My Business Class upgrade."
Cons: "Needs better snack selection."

Cons: "Airline valet checked luggage, deplaned us then had us wait as carry-on luggage was handed off one by one"

Pros: "Lost bag, came on later flight Totally disorganized TSA on Dallas very rude"

Pros: "Food and a/c"
Cons: "Two hours delay."

Pros: "Good flight. No wait for the luggage,it was deplaned before we reached the claim area."
Cons: "Check in was a little confusing. The line for security was extremely long. After it was a breeze."

Pros: "I booked a codeshare ticket through Alaska Airlines reward program. I was worried I'd be shafted when it came to seats. Not so. I had the row to myself on both flights and just 2 rows shy of first class! Very impressed."

Pros: "Once again, another good and on time flight with American. I was once again surprised."
Cons: "Landing was ROUGH"

Cons: "When I arrived in Kingston after a long day of traveling only ONE of my TWO checked bags arrived that has my clothes swimsuits shoes jewelry and a host of other important items"

Pros: "Extra blanket and pillow. Empty seat to sleep in. Fairly clean interior for the most part."

Pros: "convenience of Burbank airport"
Cons: "staff at check-in couldn't get my TSA pre-check printed on my ticket, got picked out to be patted down in regular line"

Pros: "The AA staff was very friendly. The flight was late due to weather however it did not affect our connection. I believe I paid more more my seat class which proved a power outlet."
Cons: "I really couldn't rate the food or entertainment because there wasn't any."

Cons: "Crew: One was swearing at take off, and another was aggressive with getting my tray table down although I told her I didn't want it down because I already had blankets on me and wanted to relax. I didn't need a tray table forced out on me for a drink I could care less about when I'd rather be sleeping on a long flight. The tray table was also dirty - so dirty that the crew member used a napkin to pull it out. Gross. Comfort: Ruined by the rude staff and the dirty tray table that was forced on me. Water was coming out of the wall. Both bathrooms didn't have soap dispensers (not even empty ones - they never had any out to start with), and by the time I went both were out of toilet paper and hand napkins. Food: Didn't touch it because of how disgusted I was at the flight by this time. Entertainment: Something is better than nothing."

Pros: "Plenty of room for this guy, 6'2", in economy. We had just landed a few hours before from a 8.5 hour flight from Paris. Plenty of seat room. The service was good. Arrived early."
Cons: "There wasn't entertainment options without using your own devise. Much nicer having it built in but I realize that is the way of the future. The seat itself was very stiff. There was no comfort in the chair itself. It looked comfy but felt like a hard chair, unfortunate. No charging stations at Philly and the outlets didn't work to charge phones."

Pros: "Expected turbulence and crew was honest about it and even changed the flight path to Logan to avoid it. It was bumpy but not that bad. free soft drinks and cookies :)"

Pros: "The flight attendants were courteous and the ride was very smooth, I felt at home."
Cons: "We received no snacks coming back home to Jamaica but we give thanks for you guys informing us."

Pros: "all my flights have been ontime and they arrive earlier than the expected better late that never"
Cons: "no complimentary wifi"

Pros: "The flight was ontime and the crew was warm and friendly."
Cons: "Can't think of anything I dislike about the flight. Service was great!"

"Received a notification saying our flight was changed from 8:45pm to 6:30pm. Even verified it with a spirit airlines agent. Not only did the flight not leave early but we were late leaving."

"Flight was delayed twice"

Cons: "The flight was delayed not very organized company"

Pros: "Arrived to our destination (DFW) on time"
Cons: "I didn’t have a problem flying Spirit Airlines because on their site they had advertised that the middle seats of their flights were going to be left open for passenger safety due to COVID-19. I was in for a surprise once we boarded because they had the plane packed. Majority, if not all, of the rows were packed. I do not recommend and will not be flying Spirit again. It’s not worth the little money saved."

Cons: "The flight was maybe a third full. I got a window seat The middle seat and isle seat next to me became occupied by 2 extremely obese passengers. We are in a pandemic! The person next to me was partially in my seat. So much for following the COVID 19 guidelines"

Pros: "No"
Cons: "Be on time"

Pros: "crew was very pleasant"
Cons: "seating pricing"

Pros: "Excellent customer service."

Pros: "Spirit was nice enough to check in my bag and not lose my luggage"

Cons: "Some entertainment could be provided for passengers."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Costumer service, they didn’t give me boarding pass because 10 dollars wasn’t charged for the boarding pass where I have money in my account and you guys charged me full 109$ and they won’t refund or cancel, iam very disappointed and will not use you guys and think it’s scam"

Pros: "Everyone was very friendly"
Cons: "Same food and free water complementary could be ok"

Pros: "Not much on this leg."
Cons: "It’s not a comfortable flight, and had delays that could have been avoided."

Pros: "Basics were fine"

Pros: "Professionalisms and cleanliness"
Cons: "Refreshment should at least be given for international trips /not for purchase inflight ...."

Cons: "Too cold"

Pros: "It was a smooth boarding. Quick to deboard. Comfy seats. Pretty good space."
Cons: "No foot panel to put feet on makes the low back uncomfortable. No complimentary juice. Though luckily I brought enough with me."

Pros: "I like that it wasn't a full flight boarding with smooth and easy."
Cons: "I didn't like that Spirit Airlines always has constant delays even for the most minor of problems. Our flight was delayed because a passenger checked in a bag that checked-in bag was on our plane however the passenger was late and didn't make it to the gate. We end up waiting also for airline traffic on the runway our fight was supposed to take off at 10:45 a.m. and we didn't take off to 11:30 a.m."

Pros: "On time Employee are helpful"
Cons: "Cheap flight experience you get what you pay for. And despite the low price (2 fort lauderdale from NYC) Spirit airlines will charge you a carry on fee and/or check in fee(not cool). So when you factor in that cost it's probably worth looking into a more comfortable airline with at least a slight seat recline and some type of entertainment (spirit =no tv)."

Pros: "On time, smooth boarding process"

Pros: "See above also left on time no delays"
Cons: "It was fine"

Cons: "The plane was delayed for 1 hour and it's was impossible to follow the schedule already organized in Detroit for the day."

Pros: "they were on time"
Cons: "no food,no entertainment,no wifi, no smile from the crew, just bland and stupid, but i did reach home on time"

Cons: "never again"

Pros: "Liked the option of seating and the direct flight."
Cons: "Don't like they charge for EVERYTHING from seating to water carry on bag etc"

Cons: "The bumpy ride i find it a bit sceary."

Cons: "I wasn't able to get my flight and the people at the counter was really unhelpful."

Pros: "There service and care in carrying out their job was great"

Cons: "Tooooo easy"

Cons: "Customer assistants were extremely rude. I paid for 2 plane tickets one for me and one for my 2 year old and we had one carry on each spirit made me pay for one carry on and it was $120. Flights might be less expensive but the service and every other thing they charge for is not worth it. Will not fly spirit again."

Pros: "My landing was good and the staffs in FLL was execellent."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight got cancelled and had to go to another airline"

Cons: "I never write reviews because who has time but...others should be warned. You think you are saving money but long run they just rob you. Takes hours to get someone on the phone for customer service, you can't undersstahd their accents and they refuse to help you in anyway stating they have "guidelines". Literally like throwing money out the window. JetBlue for life."


Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "The crew on the way to Jamaica was awesome"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for four hours. When I was on the phone with customer service when I miss my flight, they tried to make me cancel the whole entire transaction. Imagine if they would have done that, I would've been furious"

Cons: "My flight was delayed for 5 hours"

Pros: "On time Plane really clean"

Pros: "Boarding was a breeze. The crew was polite. The food was as displayed via the menu. it was a straightforward and simple process. The flight itself arrived safely so that's really the most important part."
Cons: "The chairs on airbus 319 were truly awful for that long of a flight. I flew spirit for the last leg of my trip in an airbus 320, and that was considerably more comfortable. I will know next time to just spend the money and get the big seats if possible (they were reserved by the time I chose my seats)."

Pros: "The cheap ticket price until you have to pay for everything else which puts you right back in to paying another plane ticket except that the other airlines carry on's are larger!"
Cons: "Carry on bag requirements are too small!"

Pros: "bah!"
Cons: "zero leg room. worst comfort for any flight I've ever been on. when asking to move seats, flight attendant told me "no, welcome to spirit air""

Cons: "Spirit has low prices advertised, but after all of the hidden fees, flying with this airline becomes more expensive than flying with other airlines that are far superior to Spirit."

Pros: "Cost."
Cons: "The one hour delay on the return flight. Very tight seats. Crowded flight."

Pros: "Cleaned of plane"
Cons: "The fact that Spirit rips you off with carry on fee and bag fee! I would prefer that bag price is included in the flight price as also beverage and food as it use to be!!!"

Pros: "Crew was funny and quick to help"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats for tall people. Didn't get a gate right away so plane sat on tarmac for a long time."

Pros: "I slept for most of the flight, and boarding was good. No complaints."
Cons: "A lot of turbulence on descent, as well as a hard landing on a day of seemingly perfect weather."

Cons: "The worse flight"

Pros: "Departed on time, arrived early, comfortable seat, friendly crew!"
Cons: "Tray tables are way too small! Cost to check a suitcase is way too expensive at $50!"

Pros: "Boarded early, left early, arrived early. Can't improve on that!"
Cons: "Totally no frills and they nickel-and-dime you for everything: want to select a seat? Pay. Want to check in at the ticket counter? Pay. Want a sip of water on the plane? Pay. Want to take a carry-on? Pay."

Pros: "The pilot giving a brief introductory speech about his experience in flying was a great treat--to calm the nerves of those who fear flying. The flight attendants were very courteous, too."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Burbank to Kingston

Airlines flying from Burbank to Kingston have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Burbank to Kingston

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Burbank to Kingston

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Burbank to Kingston

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Burbank to Kingston

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