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Qatar AirwaysOverall score based on 11230 reviews
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The three people behind us continued kicking our seats and after two attempts to resolve, they got aggressive and loud. Very uncomfortable and frustrating for 15 hours flying.

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The three people behind us continued kicking our seats and after two attempts to resolve, they got aggressive and loud. Very uncomfortable and frustrating for 15 hours flying.

Clean the toilet more often.

Pros: "Great crew, excellent staff at the airport. Planes were nice and comfortable. Food was ok. They have an excellent price to quality ratio; you can often get great prices on some of the more popular destinations and the service is 5 stars."
Cons: "Some alcoholic drinks"
Pros: "N"
Cons: "No gate for departure or arrival. No business class longe in Cape Town."
Pros: "The crew was amazing. One of the onboarding staff was exceptional. Some onboarding staffs were unfriendly."
Cons: "Not allowing a laptop bag unlike Etihad, Emirates and other airlines was a bummer."
Pros: "Excellent service on both flights. Truly a 5 star experience. Well done Qatar Airways."
Cons: "Nothing. Keep up the good work"
Pros: "Attentive and efficient"
Pros: "Crew was wonderful. Entertainment very good."
Pros: "Nothing as such"
Cons: "Was in 9D both USB power and touch screen not working ."
Pros: "The crew was polite and professional"
Cons: "The food was disgusting The plane is dirty The bags are treated badly"
Pros: "Left on time, arrived on time. Children aboard did not cry !uch."
Pros: "The seats are comfortable; food is good."
Cons: "Our luggage hasn't arrived due to the short layover and due to the feact that the first leg plane was late."
Pros: "Attentive crew, good menu"
Cons: "Providing in-ear noise-canceling headphones instead of the typical around ear noise-canceling headphones"
Pros: "Good Service.Efficient"
Cons: "No Phone charging facilities on back of the seat unlike other Qatar aircraft."
Pros: "Amazing crew, new planes"
Cons: "Food can be adjusted to the cuisine of the destination."
Pros: "The Crew was amazing. The Seat were the best Selling point fort business class"
Cons: "More space for the arm rest ans legs space"
Pros: "On line flight experience"
Cons: "The food has to improve especially they have to provide fresh food"
Pros: "The service was perfect the aircraft was clean and tidy. The pyjamas were a great added bonus and comfortable."
Cons: "There was nothing to complain about."
Pros: "I had a family emergency and couldn’t go. I wasn’t allowed to switch my flight or change it. Lots of money spent with nothing in return. Unfortunte."
Pros: "Everything really.They run the airline very smoothly and professionally from boarding to disembarking."
Cons: "They tempt you with so much food lol although some of the food wasnt too appealing.toilets very clean and seemed to stay that way throughout long 17hr flight.good leg room for a long legged guy like me.felt sorry for lady with two young children.She could have been allocated better seats."
Pros: "Smooth flying regardless of the air wake turbulence, excellent treatment from flight attendants. I felt safe during the flight."
Cons: "Give more time for checking in the luggage, Cancelation my flight with 0% reimbursed on my funds, on boarding time 10 minutes delay was truly unfair."
Cons: "Ok"
Pros: "The food and flight staff were good"
Pros: "Great"
Cons: "Too long, lol"
Pros: "Business class seats were comfortable."
Cons: "No WiFi, Poor list of shows"
Pros: "great service from flight attendnants."
Cons: "Old aircraft for flight from Doha to Nairobi, no personal entertainment etc."
Pros: "I really liked the service. Most of the flight attendants were very friendly."
Pros: "Excellent customer service, from the check in process, to boarding, to flying 21 hours from Boston to Phuket with infant- we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so accommodating and helpful as we traveled with our 7 month old a lot g distance."
Pros: "Dedicated to customer service"
Pros: "All around a great experience."
Pros: "Dallas to Doha wheel chair service and boarding was good."
Cons: "My parents did not get wheel chair in Delhi after that long,tiring journey..this is the service airline provide,it's so disgusting..they didn't even get the porter..they had to carry the heavy luggage when they have problem in walking..I am so disappointed.what is the use of this survey."
Cons: "Did not know what Vegetarian Jain meal should taste like! Even goats and sheep woud not have liked the taste of this special meal. Fortunately, cabin crew member was kind enough to give me a regular Hindu veggie meal rather than my pre-selected Vegetarian Jain meal (VJML) - DO NOT CHOOSE VJML on Qatar, unless you wanna faint from the horrible food! The tray was dirty! Co-passengers in the row behind me were also complaining The audio lead of my headphone would not go into the outlet in the seat armrest! So I had to use audio from neighboring (empty) seat and sync it with video from screen for my seat. What a pain!"
Pros: "Staff were professional, food was good and seats were comfortable."
Pros: "Although I felt Qatar responded poorly to the cancelled flight, the actual flying experience was wonderful and made me forget about the extreme inconvenience and poor customer service regarding the cancelled flight."
Cons: "My flight got cancelled ten minutes before boarding. Workers gathered phone numbers and told us they would call to direct us a new flight. However, no calls were ever made. I had to call the airline multiple times to get an answer about a new flight. In my first call, the customer service was rude. There was also zero compensation for the inconvenience."
Cons: "USD 20 wi fi and you only get 200 MB seems a bit antiquated"
Pros: "Excellent crew who were warm and attentive. Wide range of entertainment options."
Cons: "Food was disappointing. No western option despite it being a London bound flight."
Cons: "Long flight on a 777-200. Crowded aircraft, crew not very attentive to call light, and food mediocre at best. Entertainment service was horrible, old movies and typical Qatar Airline selection of Bollywood films (Expected when flying from Doha, but not New Zealand!) Seat would not recline, but no option to move to another isle seat."
Pros: "Great selection of movies and tv shows"
Cons: "I had to ask for everything. Crew members kept passing me by for food service and drink service even though I was awake. I had to tap/call them each time they passed by. It turned into a joke among me and the people sitting next to me. Entertainment screen is too dim even on highest brightness setting"
Cons: "horrible customer service at Doha Airport"
Pros: "The flight was on time. It was quiet so no boarding issues done quickly. Food was good. Good choice of flights."
Cons: "No Wi-Fi. Grew not a friendly. Seats are very hard after 6 hours. The dreamliner is already aged. The screens are in poor condition already."
Pros: "Staff was excellent"
Cons: "More selection or choices like international food not like focus on Indian food"
Pros: "Flight was on time ."
Cons: "The seating was not organized when people needed to bored. It was busy and people where rushing to get in the plane ."
Pros: "on time no one in my row so i got to sleep good food"
Cons: "enoyed it all"
Pros: "The entertainment selections and the comfort of my seat."
Cons: "The flight was delayed for two hours without any warning, despite being registered for the airline's flight notification system. Service was terrible. The flight crew did not offer any kind of apology or explanation for the delay. Food and beverage service was delayed and the staff was forgetful of guests' requests. Upon our arrival in Doha, checked bags did not arrive until 2 hours after we landed! How does an airport receive a 5-star rating, but takes 2 hours to return baggage to its guests? Overall, a poor experience from Qatar Airways."
Cons: "Food is not up to the standard. They make announcements that there will be snacks like sandwiches and ice creams, but they don't offer that openly. You have to ask for snacks. Now we, US citizens don't like to ask for food just so you know. The crew should offer. if we don't need the food, we can always say no."
Pros: "The QA Crew acted with courage during very severe turbulence, continuing to be professional despite injuries"
Cons: "QA HQ did not respond to the emergency with professionalism. They did a decent job w/hotel accommodation but only the hotel reception provided any communication. Only constant complaints led to food being provided at the airport after a 6 hour wait to board. No compensation was offered by QA when we arrived in Doha. Nothing. Exceptionally poor performance by an airline you expect more from."
Pros: "Amazing and efficient when we had to be rerouted due to the hurricane we had excellent service and care at the hotel which made my stay for a short while a memorable"
Cons: "The plane was quite congested as the seats were very narrow coming back to Miami"
Pros: "It just felt like you are constantly given food and drinks while having an endless amount of entertainment at your fingertips."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Qatar Airways is always impressing"
Cons: "Nothing at all"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Airlines flying from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Cincinnati to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

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