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JetBlueOverall score based on 20576 reviews
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There was no Wifi or tv usage as they were non-functioning. This is the reason I book with JetBlue.

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There was no Wifi or tv usage as they were non-functioning. This is the reason I book with JetBlue.

The flight was uneventful except that the flight was late leaving the gate by about 4hours. On top of it when we arrived in PVD our gate wasn't ready thus we had to sit on the tarmac for 30 mins. Jetblue flights are becoming a no-frills carrier so the expectations are low. At least you get a drink + can, snacks were so so.

Jetblue didn't take care of our flight, they didn't care that we were traveling with a 2 year and month old baby and they bounced us to Delta and almost didn't ride us. They don't care about families.

Pros: "given the current situation here and around the world, the crew is doing their best which is very good."
Cons: "sanitizer at the waiting area before boarding, maintain the social distancing when board and existing, insist that it must be followed, disembark row after row"
Pros: "The extra leg room was great!"
Pros: "Friendly crew members."
Cons: "Check-in procedure."
Cons: "The issue was NOT the flight this morning, it was that I was left to sit 6 hours, getting no sleep, before the flight the evening before was canceled. I understand that weather can cause disruption but there is NO WAY it should take until midnight to make the decision to completely cancel."
Cons: "I enjoyed traveling with jetblue"
Cons: "Delays and nonstop messages about ETAs and gate changes"
Pros: "Entertainment center didn’t work the entire flight"
Cons: "Despite numerous resets, entertainment center (entire menu) was a bust"
Cons: "Evetying was excelent"
Pros: "A good experience over all"
Pros: "Crew and the seat was great"
Cons: "Each leg of my flight the entertainment did not work"
Cons: "Flight crew had to be switched out. Delayed a few hours-very little communication regarding delay."
Pros: "Our flight was delayed due to weather. Every effort was made and ultimately the wait was minimal as compared to the original estimate. The attendant at gate 4e was so courteous and kept us constantly informed. Staff are always courteous, friendly and work very hard to help. Jet Blue is definitely my preference when flying."
Cons: "Punctuakity"
Pros: "Everyone was very curteous"
Cons: "My flight was to leave at 9:00 pm and did not leave until 10:45. I did not arrive until 1:30 am in Providence. I am handicapped and found this very difficult for me. There was no explanation as to why. My family was extremely concerned for me"
Cons: "Departure was delayed, then it made an unscheduled stop in Jamaica for refueling! A 3 hour flight ended up taking 7 hours. On top of that the plane did not have a way to recharge a cell phone. The entertainment choices as well as the tv screen were poor and then there was no way to turn off the screen."
Cons: "I was seated in the second to last row in the middle, could not sleep on this flight either"
Pros: "Completely exceeded our expectations! First time flying JetBlue across the country and we will definitely continue to use this airline as much as possible when taking these long flights. Everyone was friendly, the seats were comfortable and spacious, and it was just overall a great experience from beginning to end."
Cons: "When a flight is not full, it would be nice to be able to sit in one of the “even more space” seats without having to pay the full price."
Pros: "We were very happy with practically everything with our first impression of this airline as well as the customer service."
Cons: "We had to pay a little bit of money to upgrade our flight and now we found out that if we apply for the one credit card of theirs the fee would be more then refunded over the year."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by 3 hours , this is the worst experience ever, I would never fly with jet blue again !!!"
Pros: "Great flight attendants"
Pros: "Efficient polite crew"
Pros: "This will definitely be our new go to for travel"
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour and a half and then once we boarded we sat on runway for 20-30 min."
Cons: "No TV service both ways of my trip. Passanger seat control come out of place."
Cons: "Lost both of my bags!"
Pros: "First time flying with Jet Blue. Alyssa made it very comfortable for me as she apologized for TV not working and a very sticky tray table for past flight. She did it with a smile and offered a free drink. I didn’t accept, but she didn’t have to offer."
Cons: "Broken TV"
Pros: "Schedule"
Cons: "Entertainment wasn’t working, they constantly run out of fresh food. It has happened several times in different flights. Luggage delivered late. Too long of a wait in Fort Lauderdale"
Pros: "There as nor'easter the weekend I flew and this was one of the first flights out so it was full. The staff did a great job and the flight was great. Many people were in the airport for 8-10 hours prior to the flight and jet blue did well under the conditions"
Pros: "when we finally left it was a fast flight"
Cons: "the delay"
Pros: "As always I'm never disappointed with jet blue. Great snacks and the wifi and tv are a plus! I only fly jet blue when available. Direct flights from Richmond Virginia are awesome."
Cons: "Not a thing. 0 complaints"
Cons: "The movies"
Pros: "Great flight great experience"
Cons: "Long lines at TSA checkpoint."
Pros: "Excellent customer service."
Cons: "Issues with on board entertainment - credit was provided."
Pros: "The service of our flight attendant and the smile of the pilots.."
Cons: "Everything was excellent."
Pros: "Great process, easy boarding and smooth flight."
Pros: "Great customer service and attentive staff. I would definitely ride Jetblue again."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Cheap flight, plenty of room, free snacks, on time.. what more could you ask for?"
Cons: "It was all great!"
Pros: "Lisa was great . Thank you for making my trip so pleasant"
Pros: "No food for 11:30 flight - even though it was lunch time. snacks are "fair" at best Ontime seats and space are fine"
Cons: "very limited TV and movies ... other airlines are better ..."
Pros: "Snack food selection was good. Attendants were great. Check-in was awesome. Boarding/leaving the plane was fine. Wi-fi worked for me, as did the the TV."
Cons: "Honestly, on my flight, there were no problems at all."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "A total mess and short of information"
Cons: "The flight was scheduled for 7 pm and departed at 11:30 pm. I got to Boston Airport in a international flight at 2 pm"
Pros: "Boarding is much more efficient than usual airline classist hierarchy."
Cons: "No USB ir AC outlets. Tiny screens and no choice on movies"
Cons: "International fly without food, what a shame!!"
Cons: "LATE,"
Pros: "Boarded and took off on time ...landed early comfy seat and great shows"
Cons: "I had to change my flight the first person I talked to quoted me 425 per person to do so called back and provided the quotes price online and deal was done"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 5 hours without reasons given"

We were confused with our assigned seat.

There was not food or entertainment. It was a short fly.

You guys already know that coach sucks.. *lol* You got us all packed in like veal fattening pens. *lol*

Pros: "Great flight crew, comfortable, clean plane, early arrival."
Cons: "Better free entertainment options."
Pros: "Loved it all. Thanks for helping me get home to Australia when other airlines couldn't."
Pros: "Delta service and comfort is always excellent."
Cons: "All is great just keep it up"
Pros: "The space between passengers."
Cons: "Nothing it was perfect."
Cons: "Seat could have been more comfortable"
Pros: "Seat was comfortable, boarding was good"
Cons: "WiFi didn’t work, my tv didn’t work either"
Cons: "Boarding zones is confusing. What does boarding zone "basic" mean?"
Pros: "Departure dealyed more than 2h."
Cons: "Flight crew begging for good score/rating. They literally did nothing. No service. No nothing. Why would you get a 5 when you literally did nothing. Maybe a 3 at best. But pleading for a 5. Sorry. You get a 1"
Pros: "Although we had to get a replacement plane due to fuel leak on the original, Delta accomplished the switch quickly and efficiently. The Captain came out to greet us, and the flight crew was pleasant, courteous, and professional."
Cons: "The little individual TV screens are tough to see for older eyes."
Pros: "The flight landed early. Check-in staff were great."
Cons: "Boarding was a debacle. Flight was oversold. Passenger had trouble boarding when their group was called."
Pros: "The Movie selection was pretty good for such a long flight."
Cons: "Seats front to back is WAY too short in economy. Person in front of me put their seat back putting my movie screen 2in in front of my face. Plus, when a meal arrived, I had to put my elbows into my neighbors seat to cut because I couldn't put them front to back. Crew seemed uncaring."
Cons: "Delays due to Democrats not making deal"
Cons: "Not enough seat room on plane. Hot not enough air flow"
Pros: "The seats felt roomier in this smaller plan than the bigger ones and one of the flight attendants was lovely!"
Cons: "It was so dirty! The flight attendant who spoke over the PA mumbled and was not clear at all in anything she said. Maybe she was tired and had a long day but she definitely didn’t seem to want to be there. I didn’t know that you got a receipt with your seat number on it because it wasn’t explained and that was my first time flying Delta in years. Overall one of the worst flights but thankfully it was fast!"
Pros: "boarding the plane was simple and easy, and the flight crew, what I saw of them were friendly and attentive to first class only."
Cons: "another boarding passenger had to explain that I was in his seat, because the lockers/overhead bin for my row was over his row making seating confusing. the cabin seats were so close to each other that a normal sized person could not sit without elbowing the person next to him or her."
Cons: "It was very hot and did not cool down"
Pros: "Beverage and snack service"
Cons: "Seats too narrow"
Cons: "Food."
Cons: "Entertainment Poor. Not to many movie for 14 hours trip"
Pros: "Being able to watch movies"
Cons: "The boarding process is quite confusing with all the different categories of people prior to the actual listed "zone" boarding. As an example, if you have a "Zone 2" boarding pass, you think you will be second to board when in reality that means you are second to last to board. After those who need extra time, those with small children, active military, premier, whatever.... all that covers about 2/3 of the passengers. Then of course there's all the stepping over those who already boarded which seems to slow the process overall. It would be better to ask these questions when making your reservation. Then, the zones would be appropriate based on how you made your reservation to begin with."
Pros: "Great flight attendant by the name of Jeff..super courteous...friendly..not at all presumptuous! Great selection of “ newer” movies"
Cons: "Prices they charge for snacks."
Cons: "No tv screen"
Pros: "I liked the check-in kiosk, but only because I had no bags to check. I liked being able to choose my own seat. I liked that the flight was uneventful. I liked the staff at all stages, they were friendly and helpful."
Cons: "They made me shove my purse into my knapsack to fit within their two bag policy. That's a first for me. My Delta flight did not do that."
Pros: "Very friendly and professional gate agent and flight attendant"
Pros: "Still the best great airline"
Pros: "I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel"
Cons: "I lost the flight To hartford and I pay 4 the hotel"
Pros: "Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. - The gals at the ticketing desk were extremely helpful and cheerful."
Cons: "Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. A literal ‘run-on-sentence’. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. -The onboard staff was nice enough. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent. Maybe that one shouldn’t be the one making all on board announcements… and please fix the horrendous crackles too!!! -It seemed our pilot was in training… during our short flight a series of right and left turns were made, no effort to avoid turbulence, and the landing was surprisingly hard. It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! What’s up?"
Pros: "I liked the fact that I was able to watch a movie on my phone."
Cons: "The flight was very rough at times."
Pros: "I was able to sleep!"
Cons: "Could not get comfort upgrade"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Layover"
Pros: "The flight trip coming to an end."
Cons: "Boarding is inefficient. Attendants were friendly but not attentive. The entertainment system was malfunctioning. This was not a pleasant experience."
Pros: "Nice service , but flight was delayed , but that's not Delta dakut as it was weather related"
Cons: "Nice sercixe and crew and generous with snacks and water"
Pros: "-forgot to charge me for wine"
Cons: "-chair was broken -tray was broken -had to spend $33 for wifi that didn't even work -didn't have everything they say they offer to guests on the flight"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "Well delta over sells their flights every time and have to buy people out of their seats. This would be fine if it didn't mean that your seats have to be changed last minute and without your knowledge. I choose a window on purpose because I am claustrophobic. I did not pay for upgrade because I was able to select a seat that was a window...had I known it could change I would have. Zero communication just surprise you have a. Ew seat."
Pros: "Able to watch an interview. Then part of a movie which makes the time fly."
Cons: "Late departure. Late arrival. So I got my car and landed in terrible traffic. Which I had hoped to avoid."
Pros: "Boarding was efficient, crew was professional."
Cons: "STILL annoyed that $300+ only entitles me to a cup of soda and a bag of pretzels..."
Pros: "The infotainment screen on back of headrests."
Pros: "I had a guy offer me his window seat. Nice guy. It was only 2 hrs. We arrived on time. Pretzels and drinks."
Cons: "No entertainment."
Pros: "Everything up to departure. Sat in line for almost an hour."
Pros: "Free games and movies in the headrest TV. Really cool"
Cons: "It was extremely hot and uncomfortable on the plane."
Cons: "The new boarding pillars with Priority, Sky, Zone 1, Zone 2, etc was a mess. In concept it should be a good process, but it was just a sea of people asking each other which boarding group they were in. Going back to asking those who are in a particular boarding zone to form a line and doing so each zone at a time seems like a smoother process."
Pros: "I trusted Delta to take of my clients; Delta usually did. Rather, the employees of Delta did. Now when I travel, I prefer Delta (when they aren't too much more economically). Let me change that to I used to prefer Delta, because the times, they are achanging. My home airport is Atlanta, I'm usually traveling to Seattle or Portland; Delta is king in those routes. There's more flight time options, and the entertainment available is better."
Cons: "Here's where the picky comes in. I downloaded the 'Go Go" wifi app beforehand. When I tried to connect I received a message that it wasn't available on my routes. Why couldn't they tell me that it might not work on my routes before they took my money? Further, why wasn't it available? It's not like I was going on a multi city/country trip, this was Atlanta to Portland non-stop. Then there's the 'Premier Seating". I opted for it on my outbound flight and received TSA Pre Check. I didn't buy the seating coming back; I did not receive TSA Pre Check. Coincidence? My fare was more than Alaska Airlines was offering it for, I paid for the wifi that didn't work, and in order to avoid the back of the plane, you must pay. So, I guess I'll be going to Alaska Airlines. They don't have as many flights, but I don't feel dinged for more money every time I turn around."
Pros: "Fast boarding, crew, entertainment."
Cons: "Not enough lavatories, space is crazy small and the time should be changes. Arriving at 8am after spending half day awake is crazy. Unless you sleep the entire flight wI think no food no restroom."
Pros: "Stewards"
Pros: "Everything on Delta's part was very well done, and all of their employees were great. Arrived a little early, and very nice entertainment system over their wifi"
Cons: "Expensive ticket, ATL airport staff rude (not Delta employees)"
Pros: "good crew. great seats."
Cons: "I would like to have tv screens in flights from Bogota to Panama. No entertainment at all. But from Panama to Miami it was perfect."
Pros: "Everything. Great airline"
Cons: "The space between the seats"
Pros: "They closed the flight 30 minutes before the departure hour."
Pros: "Food was great, movie selection was really good too."
Cons: "If the airline is not going to unload the passengers at a gate the busses should be available inmefiatly, not half an hour after arrival."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Boarding lines are awful"
Pros: "Crew was pleasant. Food was good. Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was delayed about 40 minutes."
Cons: "On my way to Colombia- I was made to pay $40 to check my skateboard, even though I was allowed to carry it onto the plane from the US to Panama. On the way back I was told that I could bring it on the plane if I took the wheels off. I did. They did not allow me, and made me check it anyway."
Cons: "Non entertainment system"
Pros: "Bety good service abording..."
Cons: "The entreteniment"
Pros: "The crew was friendly on all 4 legs of my trip. The short flight from PCY to BOG was fine."
Cons: "I hate the seats on COPA flights. Economy Plus or First Class...doesn't matter. They are horribly uncomfortable."
Pros: "Timeness"
Cons: "There is not entertaiment. The food could be better"
Cons: "Security was redundant and disorganized. Gate staff were uninformitive."
Pros: "Smooth flight"
Pros: "Great. Flight"
Pros: "Atención and food"
Cons: "Was late"
Pros: "Everything was very quick"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing special"
Cons: "Crowded lounge in Panama with no fooe."
Pros: "free wine"
Cons: "seat didn’t recline due to exit row"
Cons: "Service was not helpful."
Pros: "courtesy, punctuality and comfort."
Cons: "FOOD..."
Pros: "Nice and friendly crew. Punctual."
Cons: "No legroom whosoever."
Pros: "Service was great. Food was good. The flight attendants were attentive and the planes were new."
Cons: "Panamá has the worst airport next to LaGuardia I’ve ever connected through. Crowded; dirty restrooms and poor food options."
Pros: "Comfortable and short"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "The crew attention"
Cons: "The very ugliest seats. The last ones don't go back to sleep."
Cons: "I cant say that it was good since i didnt take the flight. I had to make a change so it was cheaper to just fly with some one else rather then pay to make a change with Copa. On the way down it was not that bad. I was just not happy with the change price but it is what it is."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "EVERything was perfect. The only thig is to uodate the movies selection. Def will travel again with copa"
Cons: "Did not leave on time No screens for personalized entertainment. Badd f"
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "The food"
Pros: "Food was decent."
Cons: "Wasn't given headphones when asked."
Pros: "This was a good flight. There are more business-like type travelers in the morning and traffic to the airport runs smoothly so early in the morning."
Cons: "My flight was fine and the time seemed to go by quickly."
Pros: "Good service. Has entertaining and food was not bad. Service is friendly. We had a small delay and the captain was communicative and tried to bring us faster to our destination."
Cons: "Bathrooms are super small"
Pros: "I liked the seats, drinks and food."
Cons: "I would have loved to have a veterinarian option."
Pros: "Flight was good...ease of making reservations...choices and time available"
Cons: "not much to say here"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Rude crew, old plane, no entertainment"
Cons: "Got bumped from flight"
Cons: "Then they took my husbands passport and went through all of his belongings which took another 15 minutes. We had just been screened in Bogota."
Pros: "Licor gratuito"
Pros: "Crew very nice"
Cons: "No vegetarian options"
Cons: "Only middle seats available; couldn't be seated next to travelling companion."
Pros: "I have absolutely no complain about this flight or the crew, they were all diligent and helpful."
Pros: "it was ok."
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "I had taken a COPA flight 2 years ago and the leg room was unacceptably cramped. On this flight the coach seats were given a bit more crucial space. The plane boarding and baggage handling was as fast and pleasant as possible."
Pros: "Everything perfect. On time, good service"
Pros: "The flight was on time and enjoyable."
Pros: "I have never bought a flight ticket with Copa airlines...."
Cons: "Not only they do not offer gluten free menu, but they didn't have the fruit plate I asked for. They gave me the regular food and I ate only the salad. It was the worst stomachache of my life. The flight seemed eternal. The crew did absolutely nothing! It was the worst flight ever."

Everything went smooth

People need more than soda and pretzels on long trips and planes should be properly fueled before allowing people to board.

It would be great if the line for immigration were to move smoother. Spent over 30 minutes in line and almost missed my flight.

Cons: "We waited in the shuttle bus for one hour while they determined the plane needed maintenance and found another plane to warm up"
Cons: "Many of the crew members seem as if they hated their jobs. I hesitate asking them anything."
Cons: "Well the flight was delayed out of Indy and then due to some emergency at Ohare, we taxied for at least 30 minutes causing me to be late for my connecting flight and now I'm still here waiting for my new flight which is delayed."
Cons: "I love it"
Cons: "Delayed flight"
Cons: "Crew needs to improve their attitude"
Cons: "Limited legroom is a problem. Otherwise, the flight was fine."
Pros: "They rerouted me so I at least salvaged some of my trip."
Cons: "They rerouted me for no reason making me miss my reunion."
Pros: "Comfortable wifi enabled jet."
Cons: "Flight delayed over 2hrs. Inbound aircraft mechanical trouble. No info provided by airline. Maddening 10 minute rolling delay. "Your flight is boarding in xx(10) minutes and no airplane is at gate. It's just ridiculous."
Pros: "All was great - we even arrived early."
Cons: "Not even a cracker"
Pros: "The cost."
Cons: "I could not even get the flight rebooked I never got on the plane Los Angeles and they acted like I was there and all was well. I never checked in.. emergency led to a reschedule but contact was never accommodated."
Pros: "Not much here. The seats were ok, but the rest of the flight the airline was just poor."
Cons: "The airline is so outdated and behind the times of their competitors, their in that they don't have in flight entertainment unless you download their app and give them your email address. On top of that when I originally booked my flights, I had made sure to have 1.5 hr for a layover between my connecting flights. Well, they decided to move up my connector such that I had 25 minutes to run across 2 terminals. They only give you pretzels on the plane, and a single soda drink. They offer you "food bundles" but why do I want to pay $8 for a sandwich that costs $1 to make."
Pros: "Time of flight and on time flight"
Cons: "Lack of gluten free snack Cramped knee room"
Pros: "Flight crew offered me compensatory AA aadvantage miles for screen not working"
Cons: "Screen did not work on video display. As always, seat was terribly uncomfortable. Felt like I was sitting on a wooden playground bench."
Pros: "Flight was not completely full so I got an empty seat next to me."
Cons: "We were delayed due to some balance issues."
Cons: "Lost our bags on our 6 hour layover in Bogota and when we arrived in Lima (our last stop cusco) they were not nice about it at all. So rude. We almost missed our flight to cusco because of it as well even though we had almost a 3 hour layover. Took more than 24 hours to get the bags"
Pros: "The Bogota based crew provided the best service I have ever experienced. Extremely pleasant and customer focused. We were flying with twins and they assisted us through out the flight. Once we landed in MIA they helped us maneuver through the maze to reach the customs & immigration area quickly. All in all a great experience."
Pros: "Latam lounge in Bogota"
Cons: "Pay for premium seats, not enough leg room a rip-off"
Cons: "Left 2 hours late from Bogota"
Pros: "Everything was perfect"
Cons: "Everything was good to be honest"
Pros: "Everything went very well."
Cons: "No room between seats."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "The food was so so nothing special"
Pros: "Everybody answers me any questions that I have. And treat me very Gental. I thought that I lost a Lounge but in my next fly from Bogota to Pereira apair in Pereira airport."
Cons: "No charges for cellphones on first class! (Plane looks pretty new as well)"
Pros: "Friendly customer service, good snacks."
Cons: "No negative actions or interactions."
Pros: "Crew was very helpful"
Cons: "Seating onsite didn't facilitate the experience. Traveling with a minor, it is important to seat with family members how can help throughout the flight. First come first serve seats approach not a good strategy as a customer approach. Charging extra for regular seats to choose online...not a good approach. Not having vegetarian options a big mistake. What do we eat?"
Cons: "No entertainment, no food"
Pros: "Value for money"
Cons: "The staff doesn't hold passengers accountable to carry on bag size and additional bags. It results in cabin luggage storage being full before 3/4ths of the passengers board."
Pros: "Worst plane to travel 5 1/2 hours. Almost no legroom, very small seats."
Pros: "roomy flight, great movie selection, food was great"
Pros: "Their customer service sucks."
Cons: "Their customer service sucks."
Pros: "Arriving early"
Cons: "Having to pay for the wine."
Pros: "I would like to include these miles to accumulate them. I flight with Latam to Río de Janeiro renta y. How can I get them?"
Cons: "When we arrived at AirPort El Dorado, we discovered that our flight was cancelled/has been changed without warning us! They scheduled us a new flight with Vianca and Iberia: Bogotá-Madrid + Madrid-Brussels. My partner and I could not sit together on any of these flights! 1 of 10 hours and of 2 hours! I would NOT recommend AA to anyone! This was full responsability of AA!"
Pros: "Nothing. The entire experience with AA was horrible. Flights delayed, poor protocols to accommodate passengers in other flights.AA does not take responsibility of reimburse or compensate the passenger for cancellation of flights for technical problems of their aircraft even thought the flight is operate by AA. Zero help and communication with airlines (AA and LATAM) involved with the delays, lost connections or frights cancellations. I should be reimburse or compensate for all the inconvenience generated."
Pros: "Check in and boarding was quick"
Cons: "Paying extra for seats"
Cons: "Crowded seating, smaller seats."
Cons: "No TV"
Pros: "Modern plane"
Cons: "Required to board bus for a half minute a ride to get on plane in front of "gate". Business class only 8 smallish seats. Economy have was as cramped as ever. Long restroom lines."
Pros: "Plane arrived early."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I called around 5 times since june or july to change my flight because I was injured at work and couldn't travel. I called customers service and they told me that I cannot change my flight they dont give another solution they just told me that I have to buy another flight ticket. I will not recommended amy of my family or friends to travel in vayama."
Cons: "Obama ground stop in Philadelphia. No one knew in advance? seating very cramped. Entry to aircraft looked dangerous. It would be easy to fall to the tarmac. Very kow railing."
Pros: "Good options of entertainment."
Cons: "Bad service of few members of the crew. Always seem to disturb them. In the long flight, they never pass to offer water (flight Bogota-Barcelona)"
Pros: "A great ride."
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "My entertaiment system was broke, I let the crew know about it but they never pay attention on this issue, seat 13F"
Pros: "Accuration and responsability"
Cons: "Long conection"
Pros: "Los asientos son incómodos seamos honestos y no solo con Interjet pero obvio si hay mejores"
Cons: "Oraganizacion y compras detalladas en la red ,no puedes pagar maletas y llegas al aeropuerto y te dicen usted ya pago pero nomas por su boleto y les contesto su página mediocre no da más opciones así no se puede"
Cons: "Be clear and honest about late departures"
Cons: "Flight left 90mins late. Crew did not allow passengers to occupy empty priority rows (slightly more legroom), even though this would have made the flight more comfortable also for people in regular economy seats, who would also have benefited from an unoccupied chair on their row (there were 3 empty rows). Seemed like an extremely stingy move on behalf of the airline."
Cons: "Not to change the flight schedule please that is awful"
Cons: "Good service, good airline"
Pros: "The crew is outstanding and the seats pretty comfortable."
Cons: "The boarding is ridiculously slow, they have one person checking the boarding pass and after that one, another person doing exactly the same.. so pretty much is just 1 person checking and you have to go through that twice"
Pros: "The flight was on time and the crew was excellent."
Cons: "Better order in seating passengers in both airports."
Pros: "The crew was very helpful and patient"
Cons: "The flight was delayed one hour. Food on this flight was now downgraded to just potatoe chips"
Pros: "Seating was comfortable for the price and crew was excellent and super friendly. Snacks were great along with complimentary drinks."
Cons: "For the price, not much could be improved."
Pros: "Everything was great, the plane even more room than others that I’ve been on."
Cons: "Interjet post my bag and 2 days later they still have no answers or solutions. Speaking with the agents is probably one of the most frustrating situations ever dealing with an airline. They almost make it seem like I am bothering them and somehow the loss of my bag is an inconvenience to them."
Cons: "They lost my baggage"
Pros: "Very spacious seats."
Cons: "Plane did not take off in time. Had to board a bus before getting to plane. Flight was delayed. Although these complaints may be more airport related than airline related."
Pros: "The flight did NOT have the air conditioning on besides landing and take off. After many complaints to the crew , nothing was done. Everyone on the plane was uncomfortable. It took an hour for the crew to even offer water. I am very upset with interjet. I have been a loyal flyer but it has ended her"
Pros: "The crew and ticketing staff were wonderful. We had a serious issue with. Cancelled route and last minute notification. The agents fixed it and put us up in a hotel with food and transportation. Our trip was delayed by one day."
Cons: "Bought our flight lax to scl 8 mo prior to trip through a vendor on Kayak. Route was cancelled 2-4 mo ago. We didn’t know until we drove 6 hr to Lax. Ticket agents went above and beyond to fix it. It was stressful for a group of 8. 4 of our kids had special needs (adhd,asd, anxiety, ptsd, & RAD)."
Pros: "The space in the airplane"
Cons: "The boarding was very messy and delayed"
Pros: "The seat was comfortable and the flight crew attentive."
Cons: "They canceled my flight from Mérida and were not flexible in helping me have a shorter connection. Very disappointed with the lack of customer support."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Being on time not 2 hours late"
Pros: "Staff wasn’t willing to help with our issues. We were overcharged and told to call customer service to get a refund. However, the call would always get disconnected and the wait was super long."
Cons: "Check in staff could’ve been friendlier and being able to help customers out. She was just rude and had to solutions or any suggestions to make our flight better."
Cons: "Very unhelpful crew Lost my baggage in the way and they didn’t care"
Cons: "Landed at the wrong airport. Pilot and flight attendants had no information. Didn’t get to the correct airport until 3 hours later. No apologies or accommodations were made for my physical disability."
Pros: "A lot of legs space"
Pros: "Excellent service!"
Cons: "Excellent service!"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Better boarding organization"
Pros: "2 beer sandwich and snacks included. Yahoo"
Cons: "More than an hour and a half delay"
Cons: "Started with Delays until was informed cancelled. After waiting almost 12 hour we have a flight available to MEX. Connecting flight in MEX is lost. Now booked for next flight tomorrow 6:40 am. I not good that Interjet does not have any alliance or partnership with other airlines"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service poor and no solutions except for flight is tomorrow you pay for your own hotel bc of there error"
Cons: "2 weeks prior I got a call to cancel my direct return flight. I was offered a flight with stop over in Mexico City, 5 hours lay over and to land in LAX at midnight! Let alone my 2 hours drive to get home with a 9 and 5 years old! Not an option at all considering its a 2.5 hours flight direct!! I ended up cancelling the flight. Very disappointing"
Pros: "The space between every row was amazing. You don't feel crunched like Southwest and many other u.s. airlines seating."
Cons: "The flight attendant for some reason kept rolling her eyes at my wife when she asked for soda water. I guess she didn't like gringos."
Cons: "We encountered some kind of engine issue. We had to stay on plane for more than an Hour was not even offered a bottle water."
Pros: "Was very good for the price."
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "I have no complain."
Pros: "Was happy to get a drink and snack without extra pay, flight was on time and prompt with bags."
Cons: "We purchased our tickets well in advance yet we were not able to sit together. There was no options to choose seats, even for extra pay. it was also very difficult to get ahold of someone on the phone. I was on hold with interjet for over 15 min. Boarding was not by zones (back of plane first) and they checked passorts 3 diffetent tkmes. Quite inefficient use of personnel."
Pros: "Clean aircraft, easy process, little to no turbulence."
Cons: "Just remember that some passengers don’t speak Spanish... even if I look like I do. So when the attendants come around with snacks or water remember to mingle in some English. I was a little lost in translation for most of the flight announcements as well. Other than that the stewardesses were polite and informed."
Cons: "With no screens, at least supply power for our devices!"
Pros: "The screen with the live camera in the front. Really cool"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for more than an hour for some security issue. Also the food is really poor. Just a small sandwich for a 4 hour flight. Really?"
Cons: "Fue un comulo de malas decisiones del piloto 1. Despegar con poco combustible 2. Mentir sobre el areopuerto alterno 3. Llevarnos a toluca y no dejar que los que quisieran pudieran bajarse del avion 4. Volver a despegar para ir a la ciudad de mexico"
Pros: "Everything was amazing"
Pros: "Boarding was in the middle of the night and flawless"
Cons: "It was freezing cold for much of the flight and there was no way to charge phones through a usb port"
Pros: "Price and good luck space"
Cons: "Too long to check into in"
Cons: "They would not let me carry on 2 bags that I have carried on on every flight I’ve done in the past year! I had to pay $2 75 usd!"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "?"
Cons: "The worst customer service experience I have ever had. I will NEVER fly them again."
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Zero entertainment options."
Pros: "I liked that I got to my destination without anything missing."
Cons: "There was a two hour delay which was horrendous"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight canceled"
Pros: "Fast and easy to use! Friendly people ! Interjet is Avery good !"
Pros: "The seats on the planes were comfortable"
Cons: "From Mexico City to Bogota te line for the check in was almost an hour long, the same from Bogota to Mex. city. In Bogota I had to make an extra line to pay a tax fee and it took another 30 minutes. Unbelievably inefficient."
Pros: "To be more on time,better food, more etreteyment,"
Cons: "When I watching the screen I will like to see like more documental from places on Mexico where we can visit and where we can flight or pleases where we can visit and have aventures and how to get to those plaices Thank you and I did have good experience to flight with interjet"

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