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Colorado Springs (COS)
Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King
Wed 6/23
Wed 6/30
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Low season

OctoberBest time to beat the crowds with an average 45% drop in price.

High season

DecemberMost popular time to fly with an average 33% increase in price.

Average price round-trip

$856(avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

Good deal round-trip

$929or less

Good deal one-way

$347or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights to Saint Thomas Island from Colorado Springs for $347 or less one-way and $929 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is October.

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Can I fly to Saint Thomas Island? Are there any travel restrictions when entering Saint Thomas Island?

Can I fly to Saint Thomas Island without having to quarantine on arrival?

Do I need to take a coronavirus (Covid-19) test before flying to Saint Thomas Island?

What documents do I need to fly to Saint Thomas Island?

What other coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions are there in Saint Thomas Island?

How long does a flight from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island take?

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island?

Do I need a passport to fly to Saint Thomas Island from Colorado Springs?

Which airports will I be using when flying to Saint Thomas Island from Colorado Springs?

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island?

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island?

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island?

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island?

Top 3 airlines serving Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

American Airlines
Overall score based on 45,746 reviews
Airline reviews

Cons: "No masks"

Pros: "They offered some entertainment"
Cons: "Took no caution with coronavirus. Packed the plane with the seats full and all rows filled. I was not expecting this especially since my flight was not cheap."

Pros: "Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable. Only negative is out of your control - bad weather in DFW held up departure 5-6 hours. Much of that was on the plane, but crew kept us notified. We had to return to the gate and wait another couple of hours. Awful trip, but not your fault. What I was surprised by was no comp hotel, and the discounts were not rally good discounts."
Cons: "Most of my issues were ATC problems, not AA. The AA personnel kept us informed, etc. The one thing you can control is hotels if delayed to the point of missing all connection until the next afternoon. I understand not compi9ng BUT, when google maps shows better rates at local hotels than your "discount" program, that's sad."

Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "Snacks"

Cons: "Ask the ticket agent and flight attendants about changing seats and they weren’t helpful. Also their response was abrasive. Didn’t appreciate it!"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "The customer service, both on the phone & in person"

Pros: "Nice and easy. Smooth the whole way"
Cons: "."

Cons: "Na"

Pros: "Excellent food and service, great entertainment options"
Cons: "Seats too close together very little leg room"

Cons: "WiFi entertainment not working"

Pros: "No flight. It was cancelled."
Cons: "Find a sooner alternate flight"

Cons: "If we had access to the WiFi to watch shows earlier like United does, that would be nice."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Flight was canceled. Ruined my plans and reason for flying."

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "ages they don’t came"

Pros: "Nice crew!"
Cons: "Flight delayed"

Cons: "Very old airplane used for this route. Upgraded to business but seats and pods are old fashioned, uncomfortable. Newer pods and planes used in other routes make the entire trip more comfortable. The video system didn’t work properly, hard to figure out what to watch."

Pros: "Everything was very smooth and pleasant overall."

Pros: "Good seat though cramped."
Cons: "Cramped. I don't like in flight credit card offers."

Pros: "First class seating comfort and service. Even my flight in the main cabin was relatively comfortable, but I'm a smaller stature person so... On time promise kept every flight."
Cons: "Extreme noise from the plane at certain times (mostly takeoff which can't be helped, I guess) Sitting in the first row of first class you get the light from the flight attendant kitchen area right in your face (Seat 1A-3A specifically)"

Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "None."

Cons: "Our luggage was ruined and our stuff inside in bubble wrap was smashed to bits!"

Pros: "Nice airline very accommodating. Loved first class"

Pros: "Smooth flight"
Cons: "Being delayed"

Cons: "Essentially a bus ride with the comfort of a wooden bench."

Cons: "This was my first time flying First Class. Not only was my flight delayed but everything was changed last minute. My seats, layovers, EVERYTHING! I was better off paying for a regular seat. I'm a young African American and the stay treated me as if I didn't belong in First Class! Not to mention the last time I flew into LAX American Airline lost my luggage! I have proof to show! Absolutely ridiculous!"

Pros: "When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! The plane was undergoing maintenance but they found another plane and did not have to cancel the flight, and ultimately got us to our destination safely. Crew was very nice."
Cons: "Flight was delayed 4 hours so my half day of travel became a full day, half of which was mostly wasted at the airport. Would rather have been with my family than sitting at the airport."

Pros: "Good seats after being moved. Flight attendants were great."
Cons: "4.5 hours late leaving. Returning flight 1.5 late on return flight."

Cons: "We were downgraded from Main Cabin Extra rows 7 and 8 to row 30. We were told that we will get refund automatically. However, we received nothing. Getting a refund back is now becomes a very complicated process with zero transparency. Main Cabin Extra is kind of a scam. We bought it specifically for an extra leg room. However, on the flight from PHX to BOS, all seats in the economy class have the same leg room. The agent explicitly told us that on this plane all seats are the same. So, they offer product they do not have and collect money. Sounds like a scam to me."

Pros: "Friendly flight crew."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled and was rebooked the following day. Plane arrived to my destination 25 minutes late."

Cons: "We didn't have hot beverage service due to turbslsnce and the attendant never came back to offer my 84 year old mother another choice"

Pros: "Great announcements by lead flight attendant."

Pros: "Good service from the flight attendants."
Cons: "BA and AA don't have their computers coordinated so if you book on BA, but the flight is on AA, your booking reference number for check in, etc., does not work. You have to call customer care for AA to get their booking reference number."

Cons: "The bag hanging down from the bottom of the seat in front of me."

Pros: "Had a airline steward named Scott that was very pleasant and nice all throughout the flight."
Cons: "The plane was late/delayed going from Dallas to Colorado and the plane going from Colorado back to Dallas was late/delayed as well ."

Cons: "After having my flight delayed 4 hours causing me to miss my connection, I was placed stand by on a different flight through another city so I could try and make it home on time. I was the first person in line for stand by, but the flight was full so I knew it was a long shot. Waiting at the gate, I was excited because one person didn't show and they were giving him a two minute wait time before I could board. During this wait time a woman passenger came over and said she had just been given a ticket change at the gate counter. The agent at the gate was furious because the flight was sold out and said the woman should not have received a ticket, but should have been placed on stand by. She went over and scolded the other agent for this mistake. Okay, so she should've been placed on STAND BY behind me in line. After the unprofessional arguing between the two agents, they both admitted it was a mistake and she should be second in line for stand by, BUT they did not honor this and placed her on the plane bumping me. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight because of this and extremely inconvenienced my family and in addition had to pay an extra 75 dollars out of my pocket to keep my dogs at their kennel an extra night because I arrived home 5 hours after expected. I understand that flights end up getting delayed and the agents are doing the best they can to accommodate travelers, but admitting a mistake and not fixing it to make it right is unacceptable. I notified American Airlines of my situation and only received a form letter with enough miles to get me 1/8 of a flight. I don't even care about the miles because I don't plan to ever fly with them again, I want the money for the dog kennel I had to pay extra. I was visiting my husband who serves in the US Army causing separation from our family for long periods of time and this extra headache and expense due to the mistake of American Airlines was disheartening."

Cons: "Your plane needs outlets to charge electronics. Unless your gonna show movies on your flights, ppl need a way to entertain themselves for the flight. If they burn through all their battery power, it's an inconvenience to try to charge it in the airport when they land. All of the outlet Chargers in Chicago, Seattle and Philly were broke as well. The U tied wing was amazing. Your prices are great but to keep ppl from rather paying more just for one or two more luxuries, try fixing this."

Pros: "The professionalism of the crew."
Cons: "The flight left late and they did not explain why their was a delay. The landing was not smooth. It was a rough landing."

Pros: "everything went smooth"

Pros: "no change in take off was a good relief. crew was great and all smiles"
Cons: "."

Pros: "Smooth ride"
Cons: "Advertised snack pack wasn't the one in the brochure. I had to pay for something I didn't care for. And couldn't put my purchase on my new AA MC because I am new."

Pros: "That the pilot got us home safely."
Cons: "Honestly I am not a big fan of AA. I made a mistake booking my flight but couldn't change it because it was going to cost an arm and a leg. The staff are rude and don't try to help you. It's just a job for them to get by and it shows. Many including myself isn't big fans of AA. I wish this airline gets bought out by Southwest who understands value and elite customer service. They don't charge every little thing like American. I hope soon they can fly into Colorado Springs."

Cons: "The original flught flight was delayed and we had to wait in a long slow line, however , once we got to desk , the agent was very nice and we had already been rebooked on an Alaska flight. So we never ended up going to Phoenix. The resolution was acceptable but it made for a 12 hour travel day instead of a 4 hour travel day."

Cons: "Food was horribe and no dedicated tv per seat"

Pros: "I liked that the middle seat was open on my flight and that they checked my carry on for free because the plane was filled."
Cons: "I didn't like the minimal leg room. Also, there is no way to try and work on a computer anymore because of the lack of room."

Pros: "Well, there wasn't any entertainment, but that's ok. The flight attendants were nice, and the flight was on time."
Cons: "No complaints here!"

Cons: "Flight was delayed and then cancel altogether. No vouchers provided for the inconveniences."

Pros: "Pretzels"
Cons: "This flight included a lot of delays."

Cons: "Once again the flight was delayed. Last time American Lost my connection TWice! It took me two days to reach my destination. I was cramped in a middle seat and one of the flight attendants was rude."

Pros: "Not a lot!"
Cons: "We had about seven wheelchair passengers booked on this flight and no one had a clue how to manage it. two ended up being carted off to other gates and the rest boarded slowly, resulting in a 40 minute delay departing. When we got to Charlotte there were planes backed up, another 20 minutes to get to a gate. My 90 minute leisurely stroll to my next flight morphed into a race across three concourses. Charlotte is a nightmare under the best conditions, this just sucked."

Pros: "There was nothing I liked. The plane was an hour late and nearly missed my connection."

Cons: "My son was flying on United from Colorado Springs to Denver, then on to Seattle for Thanksgiving. He rushed through as quickly as he could, but the door to the place was closing and it left 10 minutes early. United recorded him as a 'No Show', and there policy now is to cancel the entire ticket is you miss any segment of a round trip ticket. Thus, his entire $900 was forfeited, he couldn't even pay a change fee to catch a later flight. I hate American, and now I hate United just as much. These airlines shills have been allowed to go out of business when they last filled for bankruptcy. We fly in quite a few international airlines, and outside of Alaska, Jet Blue and Delta, maybe Southwest, US carriers are absolutely bottom of the barrel and it's clear that their employees don't care whatsoever. Will never book again in United or American. I'll try Amtrak before either of those carriers."

Pros: "We boarded quickly. That was nice."
Cons: "The plane was old and tiny with barely any room for carry on. And no in flight entertainment or WiFi or anything. Bummer."

Pros: "Excellent stewardess. On time."

Pros: "Staff always amazing."
Cons: "No Wi-Fi available."

Pros: "On time flight"

Pros: "Colorado Springs is one of my favorite airports. It is well run and maintned, friendly and efficient"
Cons: "The seat in the exit row was uncomfortable"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Delayed flights leading to incredibly tight connection times, staff inconsistent with messaging re the source of the delay, zero compassion for customers, offering $700-$1,400 to get off the plane when you charge $200 to change a flight 2 weeks in advance is especially galling! Will not fly with United again whenever there is a viable alternative to my destination."

Pros: "Great service! Smooth flight!"

Pros: "The planes weren’t overly packed and everyplane was on time"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Everyone was really nice."
Cons: "Not enough free food options for active duty flyers."

Pros: "I really like how your flights are inexpensive compared to others when trying to purchase a last minute ticket."
Cons: "The last two times I traveled ( I flew with United Airlines ) and both times my flights were delayed. The first time it was delayed by 4 hours and made me miss an appointment. The second time it was delayed by over 13 hours. It was nice that United had put me in a hotel room for the night, but again it took away from time in which I needed to be somewhere else."

Pros: "Nice staff, helpful front desk and flight attendants."
Cons: "No wifi, carry on fee, small seats"

Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Why can’t the plane be boarded from the back to the front. Seems like that would be easier for all passengers. Also, I picked assigned seats when I purchased the tickets and my husband and I where separated in different rows."

Pros: "I typically dont fly with united, and this was a typical experience, staff was not friendly, terminal and gate change at last minute after I walking all the way to the gate, then another delay after we were boarded, now this was more airport related then United, but after they told us it was a 45min delay someone asked if we can use our phone or computer and the answer was a stern no with no explanation until someone got really upset, just not a professional experience, and this was why I don't fly united. But I had no choice this time."

Pros: "Quick Hop"
Cons: "Just a quick hop to Denver"

Pros: "I really liked the flight attendant. He was funny and kind."

Pros: "Had a flight delay in csprings but United had plane going to Denver for delivery they put us on no one missed their connection yeah!!!!"
Cons: "This was a good trip! No complaints ."

Pros: "Status quo"
Cons: "Flight was late arriving to gate hence late leaving, had a connecting flight."

Pros: "It was two hrs late"

Pros: "COS airport security was friendly, cooperative, helpful. With first flight since knee replacement I was worried about getting through security. TSA personnel were very patient."
Cons: "Seating was tight. Not sure how anyone could watch movies because the screen is so close to face."

Pros: "On time, flight attendants were friendly"

Pros: "Flew to Austin instead of Houston because of weather. Then flew to Houston after 4 hours chilling on a plane in Austin!"
Cons: "Flight missed and now sitting here in an empty airport waiting for my next day flight at 650PM. Btw all local hotels are booked. Thank you United for stranding an active duty Soldier!"

Pros: "Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection."
Cons: "Seats were small, very little leg room also,"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Multiple long delays."

Pros: "Good"
Cons: "Very good information"

Pros: "Flight on time!"
Cons: "The plane was small and bags barely fit on board"

Pros: "Boarding was fast although the flight was delayed 15 minutes. The were very quick and kind."
Cons: "The seat kept slowly reclining and I had to continually pull the seat up. I paid extra because it was Economy Plus and had extra leg room."

Pros: "Great Crew! Very professional. Great communication. Very Comfortable."
Cons: "Upgraded seat on Airbus to phone charger and there wasn't one!"

Pros: "I am fine with the airline other than a 5 hour delay. I I will never use Kayak again."

Pros: "Everyone we dealt with was unbelievably kind and helpful. They had a wheelchair at the gate and helped push my disabled brother which was such a help for my elderly parents to make their connections. When I got my parents their tickets I was very apprehensive that it might be difficult making the connections but thanks to United's wonderful service their whole experience was fantastic. In the future I will always try to book United."

Pros: "United made it so easy to check in & get our boarding tickets. We were traveling with a child and it was a good first time experience!"

Pros: "Went fine...short only 16 min flight"
Cons: "No food :("

Pros: "It was quick."
Cons: "I had to RUN through the airport to get connecting flight. I had to pay and check a carry-on because my first flight was delayed and there wasn't time to wait for my bag. If I'd have known I'd have taken a regular sized suitcase."

Cons: "Boarding is disorganized"

Pros: "Short lflight"
Cons: "NA"

Pros: "Seating was nice, middle seat was empty"
Cons: "I landed at F1 and had to run to C29. No time to even grab a snack!"

Cons: "The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side"

Pros: "My flight wasn't full so I had no one sitting next to me."
Cons: "Snack wasn't very good"

Pros: "On time and friendly crew."
Cons: "Boarding group."

Pros: "Well organized, enjoyable flight"
Cons: "Na"

Pros: "Snacks is good and healty."

Cons: "CRJ700 seats are like sitting on naked plywood. Very uncomfortable."

Pros: "Time and confort"

Pros: "Nice employees"

Pros: "The worse trip. the last 8 people in check in was off on the air plane ."

Cons: "Check in was was understaffed waited for 30 before assisted"

Pros: "Onboard crew was excellent in non first class. First class crew was rude."

Pros: "Quick and on time"
Cons: "Personnel"

Cons: "Take off delayed due to traffic"

Pros: "Like how it's a non stop flight into Colorado Springs."

Pros: "The flight attendants might not even have been there. They did NOTHING!!!"
Cons: "The Crew never said a word. No offer of water, food or anything. Seats very uncomfortable! Best thing it was a direct flight."

Cons: "I had a horrible experience with the flight attendent names Berse. I went to use the bathroom upon boarding due to a medical condition and she stated and I quite, “ I don’t understand why you couldn’t have just used the restroom at the terminal?” I said Ma’am I have a a heart condition and take meds"

Pros: "Flight was on time leaving and arriving"
Cons: "Loud screaming children, foul mouthed arguments across the aisle from us and the crew did NOTHING"

Cons: "Terrible seats"

Pros: "The flight was comfortable, attendants were pleasant"
Cons: "The DELAY"

Pros: "Crew was great. Good flight. Safe"
Cons: "Boarded 30 minutes late. Sat on tarmac for 30 minutes while crew ran more plane safety checks. 60 minutes late overall. I understand the need for safety but this could have been done prior to boarding."

Pros: "The flight attendants were absolutely hilarious!"
Cons: "A little delayed"

Pros: "Flight was on time, got my seat assignment on arrival and scored an exit row seat. Perfect choice for a "shuttle" flight from COS to PHX."

Pros: "The crew was supper attentive and upbeat."
Cons: "I did not like the delay for 2 and a half hours. But they did hurry to fix the problem."

Pros: "Pilot kept us posted on details about a few minutes delayed, very professional"
Cons: "Overall good flight!"

Pros: "Efficient boarding process. Friendly staff. Free water! Whoa!"
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable. My butt hurt for the two hours I was on the flight."

Pros: "Great flight, great landing, arrived early, and the price was right. Crew was friendly."
Cons: "The $45 bag fee was excessive."

Pros: "Everything was great except the person sitting one person away from me didn’t stop talking the whole two hours. If there was an open door I would’ve thought about shoving her out. Just kidding ha ha"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Had to pay for a small check-in."

Pros: "The price was very affordable. They operate out of airports near me (MCO)."
Cons: "The seat cushions were extremely thin and uncomfortable. I paid extra for the exit row only to discover that the seat didn’t recline. I wish Frontier had revealed this detail before I upgraded."

Pros: "Do people write here for frontier?"
Cons: "Sat on the tarmac for over 3 hours. A fight broke loose and we had to return to the terminal and then back to the tarmac for more sitting. The crew finally figured out how uncomfortable and frustrated people were getting 2.5 hours to sitting with no air on the tarmac. They relieved their customers suffering then with complimentary water! Now that’s service. Frontier is one of the most base airlines out there. I’m entirely frustrated that they are one of the only airlines that service our podunk airport."

Pros: "Flight crew was professional, courteous, kind and knowledgeable."
Cons: "Check in kiosks need to have military options available to avoid paid luggage."

Pros: "Comfortable and affordable"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Now sitting on a taxiway for the last 45 minutes and counting. Frontier appears to have no idea when a gate will open."
Cons: "Frontier is unprepared to deal with these challenges. Steps could have been take to alert travelers of delays"

Cons: "6 hr delayed"

Pros: "I could fly out of Colorado Springs vs Denver"
Cons: "Seat space, lack of complementary snacks"

Pros: "Boarding is fast and the crew are nice."
Cons: "The seats are horrid, it’s a plastic shell with faux leather wrapping that doesn’t even go around the back. Each seat looks directly into an abyss of grey hard plastic with a tray smaller than your hand. My body hurts so bad that I need another day to rest."

Cons: "No leg room, very hard to get comfortable in the straight up seat"

Pros: "minus some turbulence that can't be helped, the flight was fine."
Cons: "The bag fees and inability to clarify what constitutes a carry on bag prior to arriving at the airport. Also, it's ridiculous to have to pay for seats in advance so that couples actually sit together. Luckily they were able to make a change at the terminal at no charge though would make sense to be done at no charge before getting to the airport. This is nothing new as previous people have written. It's time to make a change Frontier. . ."

Pros: "Price, easy boarding due to less carry on luggage"
Cons: "No reclining seats"

Pros: "It was a pretty quick flight"

Pros: "Great team, friendly, courteous."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Boarding was smooth."
Cons: "Seats hard & too close together. Charge for carry-on was ridiculously high."

Pros: "Rapid boarding and on-time take off/landing."
Cons: "Hard seats with no recline."

Pros: "I like the cheap initial price. I did not like paying $35 for one bag :("

Pros: "That they were fairly priced on everything 4 the most part. Most importantly the captains had smooth landings."
Cons: "Grumpy slick at the mouth staff ticket counter and on board. Lazy like, tried to seat me separately from my four year old; did not want to help me find seats together. There is no entertainment.!!!"

Cons: "To pay for seat, carry on. Extra cost was $100."

Pros: "Caring and friendly staff"

Pros: "Getting off the plane"
Cons: "Late! Late! The plane made an unscheduled stop in Memphis to refuel. What's up with that? That took an unusually long time. My guess is they were filling the tank with an eye dropper. Now I know what a canned sardine feels like. Tight quarters and small seats."

Pros: "Clean plane, new/nice seats and on time. People didn't stuff the overheads with suitcases to avoid luggage charges because it costs to use the space. Really smart! Flight attendants were pleasant. The idea to charge for food and beverages was also very smart. The trash from these items wasn't left in every nook and cranny or spilled all over the place. Fares are lower to compensate for the small costs associated with these extras. People simply need to plan ahead, pack smart and pay for the services they require."
Cons: "I really can't complain about the costs, equipment or service. I had a very good travel experience."

Cons: "It's ridiculous that everything except water is charged. A miniscule pkg of peanuts and an ounce of soda isn't going to put the airline out of business, nor should it affect the cost of the ticket. Very petty indeed!"

Pros: "It was a great fly. And the fly attendant were awesome"

Pros: "The flight crew was very friendly. I feel like they put a lot of focus on ensuring they're friendly, responsive and have a nice sense of humor to make up for their airlines terrible timing and equipment."
Cons: "This was my return flight on Frontier and although not as bad as my first still pretty horrible. Upon arriving at the COS airport we were greeted one at check in. We were told they were on "lunch" and we couldn't drop our bags until they finished. There was at least 15 people waiting on Frontier reps to show up and check us in. After that time suck flight was delayed again. Plane was filthy. After looking over the total for the flight it really doesn't save you any money after all the extra fees and poor service. I'll pay more to fly on an airline that shows up."

Pros: "The price of the flight."
Cons: "They charge you $45 for a carry on, $40 for a checked bag! I had one carry on and that basically doubled the price of my round trip ticket! Also, they were very late coming and going...."

Pros: "Friendliness and helpfulNess of gate attendent."

Pros: "The flight was fine. The crew was nice and the cost for the flight was nice. I don't necessarily like everything being an up-charge (seat location, snacks, bags) but, if it keeps the ticket cost low, then I can deal with it."
Cons: "There was a delay and it just seemed like the Frontier employees didn't really know how long it would take to resolve the issue. At first, it's an delay of unknown length and then unexpectedly they are ready to board. The boarding itself was also bad. The line was backed up all the way to where they scan the tickets. I'm not sure why this was."

Cons: "Delayed twice then cancelled without any available flights until after Christmas."

Pros: "Cost"
Cons: "The seats hurt my back"

Pros: "Friendly crew and professional flight"

Pros: "Smooth, on-time flights. Great price!"
Cons: "You pay for even soft drinks!"

Pros: "Everything was AWESOME!"

Pros: "No issues, flight went the way it was supposed to."
Cons: "Hard to see the seat number. Charging for a can of coke? Really? You want to save money, take it from your employees, not the customers."

Pros: "Flight attendant Mitch was great"
Cons: "Sat on the plane for an hour while Frontier figured out paperwork. If your not ready to take off, don't board the plane!"

Cons: "Sat for 2 hours at the gate, then they let us off briefly, and boarded again. Maintenance and paperwork issues seemed to be the problem. Didn't think it was handled very well. Not good when maintenance comes on to duct tape a window either. Also there was a carry on fee of $40 each way, won't fly Frontier again. Wasn't such a cheap flight after all and too many issues. I'll pay more for the flight and not have a carry on fee the day of flying next time."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island

Airlines flying from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Colorado Springs to Saint Thomas Island

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