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Sun Country Air
Overall score based on 9,093 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Quick entry. One flight attendant was very friendly."
Cons: "First class upgrade was suspect. Seats were all visibly torn. Very busy ailes to bathrooms for first class. One flight attendant was a bit rude. Other attendant was very nice. But didn’t feel upgrade was at all worth the money. Also had to try three times online and twice in person for upgrade."

Cons: "We were fully boarded and then were delayed 1 hour without any explanation. They also had poor in flight service and very uncomfortable seats. No leg room at all and if the person put their seat back the 5 degrees it could move, there was no way to be comfortable because the seat in front presses against my knees."

Pros: "Crew excellent, very attentive"
Cons: "Marginal comfort, for an average sized man."

Pros: "The plane was not full so seating was comfortable."
Cons: "Check in line was really long. But luckily the terminal was small so I still made it to my flight on time."

Pros: "Nice flight attendant"
Cons: "Not much of a choice in beer. 2 light beers and 1 full of hops. How about an amber or low ipa with flavor? No leg room in seats. Plane was hot. Very uncomfortable ride."

Pros: "No communication"
Cons: "Our flight was moved to three different gates and delayed, incrementally, by over 4 hours, without even an overhead announcement/update. I realize that while frustrating, delays are inevitable, but communication can go along way! Return flight was only delayed about 1.5 hrs."

Pros: "We left and arrived on time. No bags got lost. Were happy with having our carry on luggage checked for free."
Cons: "Got hungry mid-flight (4hr trip). Would have purchased food but chose not to because options were poor and expensive."

Cons: "My flight was canceled for unknown reasons."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and accommodating"
Cons: "No entertainment options and boarded front to back, which takes longer"

Pros: "Tv/wifi on board"

Pros: "love the leg room. nice crew."
Cons: "carryon baggage size limits were odd size and charges for checked bags were higher for second bag."

Cons: "The seat size kind of small."

Pros: "Flight was on time, and organize in boarding ."
Cons: "None, but actually could not so rating for food and entertainment, as this actually n/a"

Pros: "Direct flight. Nice staff."
Cons: "Delayed Crying baby next to me for half th flight. Skipped over for food, crushed by rude passenger in front of me."

Pros: "Boarding was organized. First class etc.first, rear of the plane second then the rest. The plane took off on time, great! We arrived early. great!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I like how the flight attendants came around twice to offer us drinks."
Cons: "There was an issue checking in online. I couldn't reserve my seats on the plane at home (I tried twice; once the day before my flight and on the way to the airport), and so I had to take extra time to go to the check in counter at the airport to get my boarding pass."

Pros: "Seat arrangement."
Cons: "Two toilets for more than 100 persons. Crew members are rigid and not flexible."

Pros: "All went well"

Pros: "Not too uncomfortable."
Cons: "They censor their films. We watched two comedies over our two flights, and both were obviously edited for content and language. Why? We paid to watch these and were never made aware we were not seeing the full film. I'll avoid this airline in the future because of this."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Pages removed from flight magazine"

Pros: "I got an exit row!"

Pros: "The flight itself was great, the only problem was when we landed we waited on tar mat for almost hour. Already a 4 hour flight so it added additional hour. Otherwise check in , flight and baggage claim was great."

Pros: "Last minute trip to MN and back to Bay Area. Went for a funeral. Flew Sun country for the first time both ways. Best experience I've/we've had flying in a while. Thank you. We'll be back - especially if y'all go to the east coast."

Pros: "For only $15 more I upgraded to a seat with more space and was very comfortable. With the baggage fee only $20 (not $25 like other airlines), I was very happy with the affordable upgrade."

Pros: "Smooth flight with great service. I enjoyed the food options! Great curbside service to quickly check our bags. ;)"

Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "no basic snack"

Pros: "First class"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Arrived early at destination"
Cons: "Luggage took almost 40 minutes to show up at baggage claim. This may be an airport issue, but you are the only ones that ask for feed back, so pass it along if you can."

Pros: "Drinks were offered twice."
Cons: "No complimentary peanuts or pretzels."

Cons: "Seemed a little cramped"

Pros: "everything"
Cons: "nothing"

Pros: "It was the first time I'd flown Sun Country, and it won't be my last!! They made my travel enjoyable, the crew was friendly and cheerful!"

Pros: "Ok beer prices food limited and expensive"

Pros: "I think being nice is a job requirement for Sun Country airlines."

Pros: "The computers went down the day before the flight and the phones said they were too busy try later. But the personal service at the airport was outstanding, which completely made up for the glitch. And the crew were extra friendly."

Pros: "-efficiency of boarding -friendly crew -small airline means transfer in Minneapolis was just a few seconds walk -ticket price"
Cons: "-rock hard seats, bad even for coach, but I'll bring a cushion next time -Sun Country unfortunately has its gates in the INTERNATIONAL terminal, so beware TSA lines on the way out of SFO"

Pros: "The crew was great!!"
Cons: "No complimentary snacks were served and it was a 4 hour flight."

Pros: "Overall quiet,uneventful flight."
Cons: "On a long flight from MSP to SanFrancisco, I've always had flight attendants coming down aisle several times with water. Not at all on this Sun Country flight. Disappointing."

Pros: "Nice bear selection. Good legroom."
Cons: "Unable to select seats once you got to the airport. No in flight entertainment. No real hot meal (even for purchase). No wifi. Seats barely recline. Late takeoff on my first flight making the connection tight. Lack of mobile tickets."


Pros: "The general attitude of the flight crew was great. Warm and kind, fun and full of smiles."
Cons: "The picnic pack was the only thing I could eat and was told it was no longer an option but still on the menu. Ended up not getting anything and was not thrilled by it."

Pros: "Crew was very practical and personable. Food was airplane food, so I didn't expect to be impressed, and wasn't. Using and advertising the use of one of the local restaurant's (one that is a classic in that city) seasoning on the burger was a definite plus. Probably the only reason I bought a burger as a matter of fact."
Cons: "Update your damn planes. No movies? No music? Just a crummy little tablet if I want to watch something, and it's not even complimentary. It's inconvenient, and I'm expected to pay for it. Compared to Delta, not impressive at all."

Pros: "Oooh... and a new plane to boot! :)"
Cons: "Will need WiFi for business"

Cons: "They lost my bag. Service in retrieving ,\my bag was terrible."

Pros: "Service, communication, inflight service the best! We like to fly first class whenever possible and SunCountry is one of the best first class environments. Flight crew, food, service in flight always the best!"

Pros: "Crew was very kind, and being able to bring a carry on with no charge was a huge benefit."
Cons: "No snacks."

Pros: "On time"

Pros: "Upgraded to first class - YaY. The personal media pad was cool."
Cons: "Flight was late"

Cons: "1st flight had 1 hrs mechanical delay. connecting flight was delayed another 3 hrs due to mechanical issues and this was at the hub airport. needless to say, it took me twice as long to get to my destination."

Pros: "Flight attendant was very fun. It was her birthday and made the day fun for everyone."
Cons: "Seats are always too close together - left to right and front to back. A sad reality that only improves for the well-to-do."

Cons: "Delay luggage"

Cons: "I could not check in online nor selecting a seat in advance. Getting the boarding pass and the seat was a nightmare. British neither American could not help me out. Horrible experience"

Pros: "The flight crew was quite lovely."
Cons: "People all over the coach section were complaining about not being able to sit together. Families with babies, couples, even ours (though the kids are old enough for me not to be truly worried as some were). Somehow reservations seems to have messed up an entire flight. We gave up trying to fix it for fear they would make it worse. Then the woman at the gate tried to get folks to volunteer to give up their seats on an overbooked flight. But she was screaming at us. Unbelievably unpleasant to be yelled at over and over again and told we could lose our seats. The poor weather likely caused flights to be rerouted into PHL so our flight out to SFO ended up 1/3 empty. FABULOUS. But the gate experience was horrible and the legroom, had it been a full flight, was miserable. I'm in search of an airline with a humane approach."

Cons: "Person in front reclined the entire flight. I was squeezed in a a small box. Seats should not recline that much"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Was missed due to delayed flight"

Cons: "The terminal 52A-J is a disgrace"

Cons: "No signage for checking bags. Was total cluster. No one knew where to take bags or what line to be in. Employees kept telling us we were in the wrong line but didn’t seem to tell us what was the correctly line."

Pros: "Flight attendants actually seemed to care about what they were doing. Seats were pretty comfy for once."
Cons: "Flight delayed with no explanation or apologies. Putting two and two together from the airport monitors it looks like they had to swap planes due to a scheduling or maintenance issue. Just another chapter in the neverending saga of delayed American airlines flights"

Pros: "Boarding, comfortable seats, clean"
Cons: "Mediocre service, choice of food was down to one option (and I was on the 2nd row)"

Pros: "Flexibility and helpfulness of staff."
Cons: "I no longer fit in the seats because they keep shrinking the pitch"

Pros: "Quick and did good job"
Cons: "After flying Japan Airlines I wish there were more free food and entertainment"

Cons: "No room, limited entertainment, mediocre food. Was a very uncomfortable, long flight! Luggage late coming off plane, missed connecting flight and was not very helpful in getting rebooked."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No leg room, hot plane, airline staff is friendly but clearly bored."

Pros: "Good free entertainment. Thanks."
Cons: "No good free snacks. Only free drinks."

Cons: "That fact that on both ways they changed our flights which either we got to the destination late or we had to run across the airport so we don't miss our flights"

Pros: "Flight on time. Crew were pleasant."
Cons: "Usb charger would not charge tablet in flight. Tried multiple sources since there were 4 of us-none worked."

Cons: "A guy passed out prior to boarding, then they put him on the flight. We push back from the gate and start the engines and the guy passes out again. Now we are delayed 35 minutes. Why did they put someone one the flight that was clearly sick before he ever boarded then you make everyone miss their connection in Dallas. We got to the gate for our connecting flight 9 minutes before the pushed back from the ramp and they would not let us on??? WTF poor customer service!! Fly southwest from now on!"

Pros: "on-time"
Cons: "crowded, tight even in better seat, no wifi entertainment"

Cons: "No entertainment at all for this cross country trip."

Cons: "Food was expensive and not well put together."

Cons: "As I mentioned in my last comment I was seated at the back of the plane on over four and a half hour flight by the time the food got to me they had ran out that I mention that I'm a diabetic with high blood pressure so I have to sit and suffer for over 3 hours will never ever fly American again"

Pros: "The crew was very nice and competent and obbiously embarrased by whoever in operations screwed this flight up good."
Cons: "Pleane departed two hours and thirty minutes after original schedule because of operational and equipment problems. Plane wasn't even in Philadelphia unti 6:00 pm. The guy at boarding (unlike the boarding in SFO) called way too many groupss individually, First Class, Diamond, Premium, Gold, Priority. This led to many people being refused boarding and told to wait. In SF they simply call first class and then all the rest or the Aadvantage members together before the land boarding. Much faster and more efficeint. Even though the flight was full there less than 12 people in the Diamond, Premium, whatever classes. And the guy taking the boarding passes was a jerk. He actuallly seemed to take pleasure in telling people they couldn't board. Might not ever fly AA again. At least never from Philadelfphia."

Cons: "Due to the delay which caused us to miss our connection we had to get a hotel, which we had to pay for. It also caused me to miss work the following day."

Pros: "Things went ok"
Cons: "The plane was old"

Cons: "Flight didn't exist"

Pros: "There was no warning until departure time that flight was delayed for two hour. Some other american flights were delayed much as four hour or more."

Pros: "Flight delayed due to no pilot or co-pilot. Did not land til 2 a.m. I hate American airlines. Their planes are old, there is no entertainment, the seats are like sitting on a board"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Three separate delays before boarding (boarded three hours late), then another 45 minute delay after boarding to "recalculate" due to fuel burned while sitting at gate, then nonstop announcements and dinging for the 30 minutes during & after takeoff, no screens or outlets, old and uncomfortable seats"

Pros: "Flight Attendant Sullivan added humor and attentiveness to flight"

Cons: "The flight was cancelled and no reason was given. I had to buy new flights on Southwest and ended up having to pay an extra $200 in order to get home for work on Monday."

Pros: "Comfortable seats. Flight left on time"

Cons: "The flight crew was extremely unfriendly especially a redhead woman with short hair. When it was time for beverages, she would yell out at each passenger "beverage!" She had no manners. Probably the worse I've ever had experienced"

Pros: "Everything. I was amazed and extra appreciative that my checked bag made what turned out to be a very tight connection! Thanks!"
Cons: "Everything was great. I would like to connect that it would be nice to have a not applicable rating option for food and entertainment as they are often not applicable but having to choose something effects the overall rating."

Pros: "This leg of the trip was not packed. There was an empty seat between me and the person next to me"
Cons: "This flight was 6 hours. It did not have frontal entertainment, which was not pleasant. They did not offer blankets. The plane was cold as I boarded the plane. I asked for a blanket and was advised they didn't have any. I was so cold the entire flight that I still have a cold due to the flight. I froze the entire flight. I stuffed my arms in my shirt and let my hair down for warmth. Also, I learned my lesson. Pack my own blankie for comfort. I checked my carry on in Aruba due to overhead capacities. My bag had my sweatshirt and the blankie Delta bankie I acquired when I flew from SFO to ATL."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "We were delayed by a mechanical then we waited another hour after that until they finally decided to take some people off because we were weight restricted. Then we waited another hour while they changed their minds and brought us back to the gate to get the people back. Then when we got into SFO at 1 am we had to wait because they had another plane parked at out gate."

Pros: "Crew was friendly. Seats comfortable for economy. Routine pretzel/cookie/peanuts and beverage. The crew picks up the garbage almost immediately after giving it me...huh? Then I'm left holding it the remainder of the flight when the come back through again. Now for the kicker....I had two flights the same day so I opted to buy the All Day Pass for $25.95!!! What? It was a 2 hour flight each way... Can't they prorate for flight duration or something??!! I ended up watching 1 movie "Superman vs Batman" that was 1 of 4 options of movies that come with the $25.95 package. Other movies available are an additional $5.99 to "rent". Wow...ruined."
Cons: "See the pro section it won't let me copy and paste into the con section."

Pros: "Service was outstanding, stewardess was funny, plane was very clean. I will switch from Southwest! Good job!"

Cons: "It was very delayed which I understand happens but then we arrived in San Francisco and were delayed on the runway because of the gate. I think at this point moving us to an open gate would have been nice - we had been delayed for so long - my 8 year old daughter was really having a hard time. Instead we had to sit and wait for 20 more minutes once we were on the ground. This seems avoidable to me."

Pros: "Nothing at all."
Cons: "Sat for 45 minutes on the runway in 100- degree heat. Death."

Cons: "crew delay, delayed our flight and ruined our whole day...really disappointed"

Cons: "Having missed my scheduled flight, when I got on the later flight, we waited an hour on the tarmac to takeoff and 40 minutes on the tarmac in San Francisco for a gate. Basically three hours of sitting on a tarmac all day because gates weren't available. How can that possibly be? Do you not know the plane is coming? Terrible."

Pros: "Entertainment, decent snacks."
Cons: "Delay due to A/C repair, the constant automated video announcements for boarding, cruising, seat belts, and landing. Experience felt cold and utilitarian."

Pros: "Everything was great for a 45 min flight."
Cons: "No issues"

Pros: "Staff at LAX was helpful and tried helping me get to my next flight by moving me to front of plane at the end of flying."
Cons: "My flight to SFO was delayed so it made me miss my next flight. I ran trying to make it to that gate with a 20 pound backpack on my back, couldn't stop coughing for the rest of the trip after that. American Airlines staff told me that I can pay $75 dollars extra to secure a seat for the next flight 6 hours away. I told them I am not paying anymore because it wasn't my fault I missed this flight. Then, they lost my suitcase so they took 30 minutes to find it. I tried boarding with the priority pass members because my new ticket they gave me was for priority and one of the American Airlines staff members kept getting in my face until I was at the back of the line because I was in boarding group 4. I just never have been treated so poorly before my any airline. I travel often so I will never take American Airlines again. The final straw was another delay at my last layover in PHL, which made me and up traveling for a total of 21 hours."

Cons: "Flight was over two hours delayed, the gate crew did not do a good job announcing the new delay times and reasons for the delays."

Pros: "Courtesy and helpful attitude if the crew"
Cons: "Seats had a small legroom. Headsets were available at a cost"

Cons: "Entertainment was terrible No free wifi, no tv screens on seats"

Cons: "5.5 hour flight in first class with no video except on an iPad or other device which require paying for wifi. $8 for a half hour. Lousy."

Pros: "Besides how dirty the plane was, everything else was as expected. Crew was polite."
Cons: "The airplane was very dirty with food littered on the seats, floor and tray table. The windows had disgusting grease. Terrible cleanliness. The passenger before me might have been very disgusting but it's the airline's responsibility to check these things and clean their aircraft for the next passenger."

Pros: "hmm..."
Cons: "the flights were too close, they were set up b the airline nit me, they should know better..."

Pros: "Full flight, we got on smoothly and took off on time. The plane was clean and the pilots during abbouncekents were easy to understand and funny."
Cons: "I had to wait over 1.5 hours to use the bathroom because of the food and drink carts. The flight attendant would not let me use first clsss and told me I had to wait. That was way to long to make someone wait."

Pros: "The boarding process went smoothly."
Cons: "The entertainment options were not that broad. Music for instance was only podcast?!"

Pros: "The fact that no one was seated next to me"
Cons: "Everything else. Got to SFO later than I was SUPPOSED to get to PDX, my final destination. Supposedly due to weather. Not a cloud in the sky......"

Pros: "the price of the flight was the best part of the deal"
Cons: "have to pay for movies, and no good selection of snacks on flight."

Cons: "The plane was old, the Premium Economy was a joke (and not worth the extra $150), food was poor and they lost my bags AGAIN. United has lost me as a customer for good."

Pros: "The crew was very pleasant, food was average."
Cons: "The flight being cancelled. Wifi doesn't even come close to working. No personal entertainment. Communication was poor for the rescheduling of flight that led me to miss the next flight"

Pros: "Polaris"

Cons: "Seats in economy were cramped! Chair barely leaned back at all. Woke up with a sore neck. Cabin was freezing!"

Pros: "The boarding process was as expected and comfortability."
Cons: "I did not like the fact there was no in flight tv, while I brought my laptop the wifi did not work at all."

Cons: "The food was aweful."

Cons: "Too crowded."

Pros: "Departure and arrival were on schedule."
Cons: "We booked a flight on ANA Airlines specifically for our trip to Japan. However, upon arriving at the airport to board our plane we discovered the flight was operated by another carrier. Out intent and desire was to fly on ANA."

Pros: "On time from Checking In and Departure"

Pros: "smooth flight, good service"
Cons: "hold up to board family with 2 much luggage, overhead bins 2 small"

Cons: "Had to circle 3 time before landing due to air traffic."

Pros: "Flight was shorter than expected"
Cons: "Bathrooms were dirty and sound wasn't working for first in flight movie"

Pros: "Excellent attentive care."
Cons: "My first 5 hour long flight did not have a complimentary snack."

Pros: "It was a sparsely populated flight, I was able to lay down and sleep, very nice!"
Cons: "No problems, al was fine and I slept very well. No complaints!"

Pros: "Despite the lack of entertainment options, the ability to upgrade to economy plus made my flight comfortable."
Cons: "No entertainment on board, and you need a plugin installed on your mobile device to make their streaming service work, which I didn't have."

Pros: "Not much ~ no movies, no rental video device ~ nothing"

Pros: "The flight was great and crew was awesome!"
Cons: "There was no working wifi, which was a bit of a bummer. But certainly not the end of the world!"

Pros: "Great help from all the ground staff, especially in Osaka."
Cons: "The food was okay but you need to offer herbal teas for those who want something warm (planes are cold) but not caffeinated."

Cons: "Flight was delayed several times due to no pilot"

Pros: "Porter Service in Las Vegas. The gentleman who helped us was awesome. The rest of the crew don't even compare to the Japanese in service"
Cons: "why would you charge $6 for a 1.5 hour flight to watch TV. Didn't even have time for a movie..."

Pros: "Very smooth and easy. Thank you"

Pros: "Very little good things to say besides it was a new plane"
Cons: "They had one of four meal options left by the time they got to me, a platinum member. The seat also would not recline to 180 degrees"

Pros: "We had an empty seat between us which made the trip much more comfortable. The dinner service was pretty tasty actually. Flight attendants were friendly."
Cons: "Forcing people to use their own electronic devices rather than having in-seat entertainment is obnoxious. Insert typical complaint about tiny spaces on airplanes. The pre-landing snack sandwich was pretty nasty."

Cons: "Delayed boarding, no overhead room, change of gate.... Kayak informed me of gate change and delayed flight easily 30 minutes prior to board change in the airport"

Cons: "Did not get a receipt/mail of booking, had to call to make sure the flight was actually booked."

Pros: "Got upgraded to Economy Plus ... how nice to have some extra legroom on a long flight! LOTS of movie options for the 6 hour flight."

Pros: "The plane was a newer version so we could watch movies up close and personal, although I'd prefer the option to stop or pause the movie and also to choose to watch whenever I feel like it, like on the Lufthansa planes... those are great! Many choices and full control to pause or start whenever one likes to..."
Cons: "One of the flight attendants wasn't the friendliest, a bit of a "humph" attitude..."

Cons: "Our flights were all cancelled or delayed and they gave us nothing to apologize. We lost 2 whole days of vacation and the cost of our rooms. All of the customer service people were rude. One lady in particular was so rude I had to walk away from the desk. The movie on the plane skipped and was unwatchable. I hate this airline and would pay more to fly another one."

Cons: "The flight had no flight crew, so I had to fly out the following day, missing important client meetings and losing money. I paid extra to fly out on Sunday so I would be able to make my obligations, but didn't arrive until Tuesday night. No refund or voucher was offered, although I asked. It would be nice if they at least paid the difference between the flight I paid for and the cheaper flight I received."

Pros: "They still offer drinks. It was a short flight, so all the bad things didn't have to be endured for as long."
Cons: "Every time I fly United, I realize they shrank the seat size, again. Oh, and the flight attendant spilled my drink on me. Only said, "sorry, buddy" and then got me a couple of napkins... Was friendly other than that, though. O.o"

Cons: "The food was horrible. Even legroom in economy plus was cramped."

Pros: "Seats"
Cons: "Ground staff was racist. Standards vary depending the color."

Cons: "It was very crowded"

Pros: "It was a comfy plane ride."
Cons: "I liked everything."

Cons: "there was no in-flight entertainment."

Pros: "I love that you can fly direct to Pasco now. For years, one had to fly to Seattle and catch a puddle jumper. You're only in the air for about an hour and a half and Pasco has been slowly upgrading their airport. I love how easy it is to visit my family in the Tri-city area now."

Cons: "My flight from Santa Barbara to SFO was delayed, causing me to miss my connection. After sitting in the Santa Barbara airport until 11pm, I was rebooked and sent home."

Pros: "The plane was new"
Cons: "Won't let you check in in advance so they can give you a terrible seat for a 12 hour flight. They won't even let you check in from the point of departure if it's with one of their partners. They also will do everything in their power to not give award miles to pattern airline clubs. It doesn't matter if you give them your United number and even register your United number with the flight for United. They will apply it to the Lufthansa Club and pretend it was just in the state and never actually give you the miles no matter how many times you try. This is not from one experience with Lufthansa / Austrian. I've had this experience many times with every flight I take with these terrible Airlines. I would never fly lifthansa unless it's at least $200 cheaper than any of their competitors."

Pros: "getting there"
Cons: "getting there late"

Pros: "The flight was delayed due to fog in SFO. This apparently is something that happens often, and given that most people flying to SFO are trying to make connections it is very inconvenient."
Cons: "The flight was delayed due to fog in SFO. This apparently is something that happens often, and given that most people flying to SFO are trying to make connections it is very inconvenient."

Pros: "Nice crew."
Cons: "Constant ads on the tv"

Pros: "The flight attendants were nice"
Cons: "Missing my international connection, having to spend 24 hours in San Francisco, not able to reschedule on a different flight. United paid for my hotel and gave me three $7 food vouchers. They only gave me 4oz of soda...I asked for the can and the flight attendant was rude. I wouldn't pay $7.99 for 3 hours of wifi."

Pros: "Plane was not crowded. Less claustrophobic. Bathrooms clean."
Cons: "Sound system. The PA blasting through ear phones is annoying."

Pros: "My flights/trip to Billund were rebooked, because of Lufthansa's strike. So I travelled a different route; Sacramento to Houston, to Toronto, to Copenhagen and from there to Billund."

Pros: "I liked everything feel comfortable flying by air plane"

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