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FAQs for Pau first class flights

  • How long is a flight to Pau?

    Flights from Paris1h 27m
  • How does KAYAK find such good deals on First Class tickets to Pau?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Pau for economy class as well as First Class travelers.

  • What is the best airline for first class flights to Pau?

    The highest-rated airline by KAYAK users offering first class flights to Pau is Air France, with an overall rating of 7.6.

Top 4 airlines flying to Pau

Need help choosing which airline to fly first class to Pau? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to KAYAK reviews.
DeltaOverall score based on 11818 reviews
Airline reviews

nothing Delta could do... the person sitting next to me was huge and overflowing into my seat

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nothing Delta could do... the person sitting next to me was huge and overflowing into my seat

Great, on time departure, friendly and accommodating crew, great leg room, Smith flight

Crew was great! I need wheelchair assistance and they knew who I was and updated me that my chair was on its way and to just hang tight. There was some turbulence but the captain announced we would be going thru it and he handled the plane well. Landing was soft and his.

Honestly, I didn’t expect that I will experience this long time wait during the check in. There was only one person who was taking care of the passengers for the economy class and it took us to wait about one hour to do our check i. As a result we barely get to the airplane as the gate was at the end of the airport. That is totally not professional where one crue is working at the registration desk with economy and 3-4 crues are helping for the business class.

Aircraft very cramped. Check-in was great with an agent helping us. Food was almost non-existent. Pre-flight went well once I got the app reloaded on my phone since we don’t fly much anymore.

I like that it got us where we were going. Everything else needed work. It was 1/2 hour late and we took off an hour late. The plane had to be cleaned and the disabled loaded on board before we could take off which took forever and then we sat at the terminal FOREVER before we took off. The ride was so bumpy that they couldn’t serve drinks and snack but to about 1/2 the plane. Seriously we should have flown out of Fort Lauderdale. We probably would’ve gotten home several hours earlier.

Flight was on time, the staff was personable & professional, & the plane arrived on time.

Flight was great. DELTA did a fantastic job! FLL airport was chaotic!

You lost my luggage!!! How frustrating!!! Now they can’t find one of our bags!!!! I really don’t have time for this!!!

Fast boarding and exit. Different snacks other than almonds and sun chips.

We left one hour late because of technical difficulties. The economy comfort seats are great for the price. The crew was mediocre, they do not provide a pleasant experience, they just deliver food and drinks and give orders, not very amicable, no service and hospitality focus.

Booked connecting flights with KlM. My serving flight was the furthest part of the airport. On arrival in Zurich. My two cases arrived but only one carry on belong to my son. His three suitcase didn't arrive. After enquiring we discovered they were still in Amsterdam. We landed at 11.12. We eventually left the airport just after one.

Seats are fair enough for medium tall people. Good food all the trip. Fight attendances are warm

I thought KLM was the best airline but the Lima - Amsterdam was 1 hours late, the Brussels - Amsterdam was 2.30 hours late and the Amsterdam - Lima was 30 minutes late

no issues at all... Kudos to the food. This time was really really good

The food was ok. The crew seemed like they were cranky. I had one guy get mad at me for passing in between the storage area to get to the other toilet. I can understand if it's not allowed but reprimanding me like I'm a student saying "This is the last time!" was not appropriate. During my meal time, there was a French family around me. No problems there but when we usually have meals, they are supposed to put their chair in the upright position. These people did not do it and the steward did not tell them to raise their seat in the upright position. However, I was told to do so! So, me and another person next to me had to eat with the monitor almost touching our faces. Furthermore, a lady in front of me was putting her feet up and preventing another elder passenger from putting her seat back. To make it worse, she was continuously hitting her back into her seat, shaking my monitor while I was watching a movie. A crew member did speak to her about it but then she accused me of pushing her seat forward! The crew member gave me a death stare and told me to stop pushing the seat forward. I did not even touch her seat at all, if I did, she would know it. Her boyfriend also stood up and tried to push her seat even further past the maximum decline to no avail. None of these people were reprimanded but the steward, some bald guy, was extremely friendly with them and did not even try to instruct them to do anything until it was time to land. I resisted the urge to really argue with them because I would have obviously been seen as the aggressor (I have no idea why). I hardly said anything on this flight except "more wine please" and "sorry" if I bumped into someone accidentally. Overall, it was an annoying flight and I had to resist the urge to yell at the steward and the people he was overly friendly with. The happiest moment of this flight was leaving it.

Overall a good experience. We were disappointed when we had to check our carry on due to the plane being full. KLM hadn’t notified us and we had valuable items in the carry on but they still made us check it. Some of the food was great and some was mediocre. Crew is really kind and funny.

One of the vstewardeses wanted to bump me of the plane for absolutely nothing. There is CCTV in the plane ans everything can be verified. Very disappointing , you all will see, o other 5 years and the passangers who does not smile to flight attendent will be bumped off...

It was nice to be on a legacy airline, people try at least.

Mostly fine. Minor delays departing and arriving. Quite a cramped plane, not so much as regards legroom but very narrow seats. Quiet nice food. Non-working USB charger. Flight attendants were helpful but not particularly proactive — one had to work to get their attention (but all was fine once they notice you), very Dutch style:)

Did not find the wheelchair that supposed to assist and went to a long queue for transit security chk which was very slow and boarding desk wanted to close counter although that they knew that I am minutes away because of their mistake of not providing the wheelchair.

Boarding was smooth and on time. The seat was comfortable and the entertainment worked. Staff were gracious.

Business class in the second leg - CDG-EVN was a disaster.

worst experience ever i choose my seat in advance and also have my seat selected in my boarding and the they told me that my seat has been changed without notify me

I have used Air France and KLM many times it will help if they change their menu's feel like it's been the same for years!!!, Especially the breakfast. Overall the flight was good and enjoyable.

No birding was given for next trip on same carrier, food was very moderate.

We transited through Chad and what was supposed to be a 1hr 20 minutes transit time lasted over 4hrs. We didn't get regular updates until we complained. After a 10hr flight from Paris no form of refreshment given and finally arrived Abuja over 6hrs later and none of my bags came

The line at boarding was not well organized and managed

Crew was professional. Boarding has few seats . Since the plane was not full would have been nice to change seat on the internet

Sky priority means you get to use the KLM business Lounge.

Seats can use more cushioning, it felt very hard. The snack option could be better

Over all good. I had some issues with trying to buy my seat. The Westjet system kept trying to charge my credit card, without getting the seat. In the end after 5 times being charged, I got my seat.

I did not have a meal or entertainment, but flight was comfortable, beverage service was quick, crew was very helpful and pleasant. And a very smooth flight overall.

A good set of flights but my suitcase was irreparably damaged. (Hard shell suitcase with multiple full layer cracks from one corner all the way to the zipper) I needed to rush to catch a ferry so I didn’t notice it until it was loaded into a taxi. It cost over $100 USD to replace the suitcase to travel home.

Flight was on time! Downloaded the entertainment app in advance - worked well

I liked when we actually were allowed to get on the airplane back to Edmonton… What could’ve been better well, not having our flight be delayed five hours could’ve been better… And then canceling our flight from Edmonton to Toronto, and then rescheduling us to fly from Honolulu to Edmonton -Edmonton to Vancouver, and then Vancouver to Toronto with a 12 hour layover in Edmonton pretty much was hell… Total travel time to get home 38 hours that’s really what could’ve been better. The two gate attendants for WestJet in Honolulu told us to come back to the gate to try to make other arrangements because they had to board the Calgary flight 1st and they didn’t have time to talk to me but by the time I came back when they told us to they said you should’ve come earlier to make these arrangements everyone else already changed their flights… We found out later that 30 people did not get on the 2:30 AM Edmonton flight. They ended up getting on the midnight flight to Calgary and making other arrangements to Toronto and so forth which we could’ve taken advantage of that if they had allowed us to when I initially had went up and approached the two gate attendance one of their names was Denise. One of the kindest WestJet employee was the one who received us in Edmonton, who felt so bad about the entire situation she got us for more meal vouchers and flew us first class from Vancouver to Toronto. In Honolulu they had given us two vouchers to use for dinner and they weren’t valid outside of Canada so we had purchased a meal and they were completely useless… But nowhere did it say that they could only be used in Canada So when we received more food vouchers in Edmonton, all of them did end up working in Canada, but it was just so convoluted. Overall, we have traveled to other countries even going as far as Africa… and that experience was far easier than flying to Hawaii from Canada I cannot believe any of this happened and how inconvenient it was We arrived, exhausted after 38 hours of travel, and could not even go to work on Monday. I look forward to hearing from KAYAK or from WestJet for some sort of compensation over the situation.

Delta gave out earbuds for in-flight entertainment, which was nice. But the legroom seems to decrease every year.

Flight late …60 minutes No food No wifi No entertainment system A disaster!!!

Considering that our flight was changed to a day ahead and we were not properly notified, we showed up a day late and had a HORRENDOUS experience trying to figure out what happened and how to get home back to Canada from New York. After spending hours on hold with Westjet and Kayak, we came to the conclusion that we had to BUY new tickets to get home that cost DOUBLE what we originally paid. Not to mention a last seconr hotel room that cost $500 CAD for ONE night because of WestJets mistake. After meals and final costs, we had to reach out to our families for nearly $2000 CAD to get home. How was our return flight? We didnt get to take it...absolutely defeated and furious with both Kayak and WestJet who kept bouncing us back and forth on the phones with NO resolution. Unacceptable. We will be looking into compensation over this.

The seats were very comfortable. However the meal on the transatlantic portion of the trip was not very good, even by airline food standards.

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