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When to book first class flights to Phu Quoc

Are your dates flexible? We break down the daily and monthly prices for first class flights to Phu Quoc, so you can find the best time to fly.
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To calculate monthly average prices, KAYAK takes all prices for each month over the last year for first class flights to Phu Quoc, removes the top 0.1% to account for outliers, and then takes the median of all the values for each month.
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To calculate daily average prices, KAYAK takes all prices for each day before departure over the last year for first class flights to Phu Quoc, removes the top 0.1% to account for outliers, and then takes the average of all the values for each month.

FAQs for Phu Quoc first class flights

  • How long is a flight to Phu Quoc?

    Flights from Incheon5h 28m
    Flights from Ho Chi Minh City1h 06m
    Flights from Hanoi2h 05m
  • How does KAYAK find such good deals on First Class tickets to Phu Quoc?

    KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Phu Quoc for economy class as well as First Class travelers.

  • What is the best airline for first class flights to Phu Quoc?

    The highest-rated airline by KAYAK users offering first class flights to Phu Quoc is Vietnam Airlines, with an overall rating of 7.4.

Top airlines flying to Phu Quoc

Need help choosing which airline to fly first class to Phu Quoc? KAYAK airline reviews give an overall score for each airline based on loads of factors, including comfort, boarding, in-flight entertainment and more, to make your decision easier. See airline scores according to KAYAK reviews.
Korean AirOverall score based on 1264 reviews
Airline reviews

not too bad but not too great either. Service on all airlines declined ever since covid. Your Delta Stewardess are not that friendly at all. :-(

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not too bad but not too great either. Service on all airlines declined ever since covid. Your Delta Stewardess are not that friendly at all. :-(

You did not put me on a Korean Air flight! so I do not have nothing to say

My flight was diverted to Atlanta and I was not given enough time. I paid my travel on April 23, 2023. It was originally Delta from Norfolk to NY, then Korean Air from NY all the way Philippines which is my final stop. Instead from Atlanta to Korea I flew Delta which is okay. Then Korea to Philippines, I flew Asiana Airlines. What I did not like, Ieagle did not sent me an email that my flight was change and so when I went to check in Wednesday the 10th, at 4:30 a.m they told me my flight was delayed at 6;00 p.m and diverted in Atlanta and I am flying Asiana from Korea to Philippines. I do not appreciate that Kayak or Ieagle chenge our flights 5 times and then last minute change again during my day of flight. I hope that you will not make any changes of my flight o Feb 15th because it has to be the same flight with my husband. That is the reason why we made the arrangements early on.

Wonderful cabin crew!!!!! Food was poor, in flight entertainment was just ok. They need to serve more water on a 15 hour flight--we were dehydrated and kept asking for water.

Going through security a third time to get on the next flight was again utterly ridiculous and unnecessary. We were in a International secure area once again and as far as I'm concerned should not have been put through the gears for absolutely no reason. The United States can get all the information they need from the travel itinerary, there was no need to be forced out of a secure area to personally interview everyone on a connecting flight to find out their US immigration status.

Flight arrived early, fantastic, since it is short flight, no food being served

Always fly with Korean Airlines. Best service great food. Nice and clean as always.

Crew was awesome, absolutely the best, Food was excellent also. Movie selection was mostly modern duds. However, I love Korean Airlines

I was handled by some very rude CSA's in DFW. I was forced to check my carry-on as I was flying economy. You are now allowed only 10 kg total on all carry-on items. As my carry-on was 10 kg, and my backpack was 2 kg, I was made to check my luggage. I find this procedure unfair, as many other passengers in economy CLEARLY had more than 10 kgs. If KA insists this is their policy, then it should be enforced uniformly for everyone. TO INCLUDE Business and First Class. They are allowed 18 kg now. From my perspective....absolutely ridiculous. This was the first time in over 35 years I have been made to check my carry-on. I am EXTREMELY disappointed 😞

Spokane airport was easy to get through. Seattle having my arrival and international departure gate so close to each other was fantastic! The waiting area though was a bit confusing about where to sit for my gate.

Crew was not helpful. Other passengers in first class were over served blatantly over intoxicated.

We just spent $6000 on our first trip since pre COVID and we were stranded on the runway of our departing airport for 2 hours and 15 minutes while our layover was only an hour and a half. We were told by the pilot we were next for de-icing and then got bumped by 3 other planes. Pilot went on to say they only had one guy working the de-icing where they usually have at least 2. In Rochester. In the heart of winter. Someone missed a step and should be fired. I'm not done.

Food service was bare-bone. Better bot to have any at all rather than hand out premade coffees and cookies to random few passengers.

Bag drop off was slow and annoying. Only 2 agents at the entire delta desk, and no one directing traffic for what line to be in, many confused people slowed down the process. Boarding was fine. Seats in Delta comfort plus were fine. Snacks were great! Definitely a bonus. The entertainment system was awful — old, slow, not responsive, and completely unable to play games due to some kind of error. But on the other hand, thank you to Delta for the free WiFi. That made it better.

Crew was great. Friendly, calm, interesting, happy to be there. That makes a huge difference. Plane was very quiet. Also quite empty so I had three seats to sleep across

Crew were exceptional. Plane was quiet and quite empty, so I had a row to sleep across.

Everything would be much better if Kayak stopped nosing into my business with Delta.

The seats are too hard for long flights but otherwise- the process was smooth, the staff attentive, and there was to keep you occupied during the journey if needed.

The seat could use more support or cushion. I'm in my 50's and have back issues so the seats are a bit hard for longer flights.

Everything was very good other than I had selected a specific seat when I booked the flight and they changed it once I checked-in the day before my flight. I was still in first class but lost my aisle seat for a window seat. Being tall, the aisle offers more comfort so I always select an aisle seat.

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