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RSW — Colombia
Sep 10 — Sep 171
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 9/10
Sat 9/17

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  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Colombia is February.
  • Morning departure is around 27% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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American AirlinesOverall score based on 48371 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "The plane was completely packed despite the COVID pandemic. A stranger sat next to me on the plane (distance of about 6 inches, not 6 feet). What social distancing? And yet they conveniently said no food/drink beverage for safety reasons. Good way for the airline to save a few bucks. Other airlines (like JetBlue) block out adjacent sears and give snacks in individual bags but this... I flew several times since the pandemic began and this was by far the worst. What a joke of an airline. Never flying them again"
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Cons: "The plane was completely packed despite the COVID pandemic. A stranger sat next to me on the plane (distance of about 6 inches, not 6 feet). What social distancing? And yet they conveniently said no food/drink beverage for safety reasons. Good way for the airline to save a few bucks. Other airlines (like JetBlue) block out adjacent sears and give snacks in individual bags but this... I flew several times since the pandemic began and this was by far the worst. What a joke of an airline. Never flying them again"
Pros: "We appreciated being upgraded to first class using my segments."
Cons: "For a 2 1/2 hour flight in first class all we got was our pick from a basket of chips. Horrible!"
Pros: "Great stewardesses"
Pros: "I liked how convenient and smooth everything was, from the price of my plane ticket to the pick-up and drop-off of my rental vehicle. Also, the text notifications I received upon landing that informed me how much time I had I had between flights & where to go!"
Cons: "Honestly, there's nothing that comes to mind for me as far as improvements go."
Cons: "just the food options were not that good. all other things were ok."
Pros: "Very nice crew, smooth boarding, made up time from late arriving aircraft. Surprised and impressed by how good AA was relative to how I remember it."
Cons: "Wifi was unreliable."
Pros: "After couple or three hours the seat get to be a pain on the tailbone. Also I am 6'2" so already a bit of squeeze. Can't stretch out legs. Was an Airbus 319"
Cons: "Not much other than more room and more cushion in seats. Quick boarding in group 4, friendly crew, the Taco salad was actually pretty good. Watched 2 movies, both still premium on the pay channels."
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Very nice crew!"
Pros: "Fight was reasonably smooth. Flight was on time."
Cons: "Being able to afford 1st class"
Pros: "I like to staff and flight."
Cons: "My legs are too long for the seats"
Cons: "On both segments of the trip American changed my seat which I. I’d not realize until boarding. Way to late to protest. You pay for preferred seating but then get bumped to a lousy seat with no explanation. Likely because I was a single traveler and an American employee wanted my seat. Better not happen on the return flight"
Cons: "It is clearly the policy or American Airlines to discriminate against passengers based on their class of flight"
Pros: "Arriving in SFO for Christmas"
Cons: "Gate changed 4 times...late boarding and even later departure 2 hours. Put us on a small plane and then do maintenance. not cool."
Pros: "food, drinks, seats, price"
Cons: "Terrible service from crew. Bad odors from bathrooms."
Pros: "Pleased to get luggage with tight connections. Exceptional crew RSW- Charlotte. Good legroom in overseas flight . Please do on all flights"
Cons: "Tv screen didn’t work on trans Atlantic flight"
Pros: "Comfortable seats"
Cons: "Nothing I didnt like"
Cons: "My flight got cancelled with zero notice and I almost ended up on a 18 hour layover which would have resulted me in missing work. The staff was very unsympathetic and not helpful. There were 10 people behind the counter and nobody could help us. They were all just spacing out. Ultimately, I was placed on the flight, but had to rush to every single one of my four connecting flights. I am a frequent traveler but this is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. Avianca should be embarrassed to be associated with star alliances."
Cons: "The flight was delayed due to weather"
Pros: "Nothing to complain about!"
Pros: "Comfort and food"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Flight attendants"
Cons: "Very cramped searing"
Cons: "My husband started coughing really badly. I rang the call button to see if a flight attendant would come and maybe help me. Eventually, after about 6 minutes, he managed to control his breathing and still no flight attendant to be seen. Only after 20 minutes while distributing the meals, one of the attendants shuts the call sign of and continues. This is not the service we usually get from Avianca!"
Cons: "I loved the fact everything was exactly like the booking information. No hassles and no issues."
Pros: "All"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight network sent an incorrect name to the airline and i had to go under so much trouble the day before just to correct itz"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "The fact that the flight was cancelled and I was unable to reschedule from this airport, resulting in an increased price of almost $1,000."
Pros: "Everything but the boarding."
Cons: "The boarding seemed to take forever. The crew could’ve performed the boarding process while getting the people who were waiting for upgrades at the same time. Splitting work could’ve worked and to not let all of us wait."
Pros: "Seats were comfortable"
Cons: "We landed at a different airport than we were supposed to and no announcement was made. We weren’t updated at all! When we finally landed in bogota we missed our connections and couldn’t get on another flight for 14 hours"
Cons: "Staff at N Carolina were rude and had there heads buried in there computers! Acted like they were doing you a favor to answer a question!"
Cons: "."
Cons: "gate assignment took too long"
Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Luggage is lost"
Pros: "In seat entertainment screen and USB charger. The chicken salad"
Cons: "Flight crew were rude, wasn't sitting next to my partner on the same booking for both flights. Had to pay for wine, they couldn't even give just one complimentary wine with dinner. Dinner was bad except the small chicken salad was good"
Cons: "The first class flight attendants were VERY RUDE to the passengers getting on the plane, especially the male flight attendant. While serving drinks, instead of saying things like "pardon me", they would say "move" (as was said directly to me) and get out of the way" (as I herd him say to another passinger). Very disrespectful way to treat a person, let alone a paying customer! Btw...I am a middle class 5' 11" tall college educated male."
Pros: "I. Did not take this flight had a family emergency had to get home right away"
Pros: "Boarded on time and was easy"
Cons: "The food"
Cons: "Why do I pay $25 extra to check my bag when everyone else brings theirs to the gate and checks them for free?"
Cons: "Sticking me in the middle row"
Cons: "The crew was rude and were just sassy."
Cons: "Didn't ask for any food so can't rate that or entertainment"
Pros: "They got us seats on a Latam flight later in the day."
Cons: "I don't like being bumped from a flight when you have e-tix in hand from a month previous purchase for three travelers."
Pros: "Great food and headphones"
Pros: "Entrtainment and food."
Cons: "Crew service and attention very poor. Terrible experience with flight reconnection for me and my group of 5 people. Had to wait 5 hours for the crew to confirm ticketing, w.e were lied to and watched how others got preference before us. Crew gave us inconsistent explanations and had no knowledge of how to solve the problem."
Pros: "everything was polite with a lot of courtesy service was given excellence I would recommend to everyone at all times everything was clean too"
Pros: "Best airline ever"
Pros: "The seats had head rests"
Cons: "Rude staff, flight was delayed. No food or drink service."
Cons: "Tight space"

Quick and friendly

Private business class seats

The flight was canceled after 3 hours waiting. The crew was rude after all the delay.

Cons: "The air conditioning"
Pros: "Flight connections,"
Cons: "The seating was cramped, no entrainment package."
Cons: "Entertainment system issues throughout the entire aircraft. The audio jacks in my entire row were inoperable."
Cons: "Seats with more room and more padding. Snacks."
Cons: "Would've been better if Air Canada had not downgraded the land to a propeller plane!"
Pros: "Super comfortable business class seats"
Cons: "The seat padding was a little worn."
Pros: "The people at the gate. Excellent the girl from El Salvador"
Cons: "The worst, the attitude of a crew member named Andrew."
Pros: "The rest of the cree was awesome"
Cons: "One crew member was disrespectful - Her name is Brianna"
Pros: "It left on time"
Pros: "Had to emergency reschedule the trip home due to a medical emergency in the family. Explained the situation and urgency to the AC client services rep. He got my wife and I on the next flight out (and first one in) from an alternate airport (Fort Myers instead of Tampa). They waived any rescheduling charges and billed flight differential charges of under $10 each. It was very much appreciated that in the middle of or crisis, we found a friendly and helpful response from an Airline that too often has received bad reviews. In my books, you folks are #1 when it counts. Thanks so much!"
Pros: "On-line checkin with app and mobile boarding passes like a breeze compared to Sunwing catastrophe. And what a great landing with no visibility at full throttle to counter cross winds. Impressive!"
Cons: "Charged my wife’s seat even though she is Altitude 25K"
Cons: "Boarding was a disorganized free-for-all. Complete chaos and the gate staff seemed unable to manage the situation. The plane itself was an aged 767 with uncomfortable, cramped seats and no entertainment options whatsoever. Haven't taken an international flight this bad in years. Entire cabin smelled like the lavatories for the duration of the flight."
Pros: "The Air Canada app to have access to the entertainment on board did not work."
Cons: "Very cold plane"
Pros: "Smaller airport with quick checkin and pleasant staff."
Cons: "No entertainment system and have to pay to access in flight wifi to access a movie."
Pros: "The crew and in flight entertainment were ok."
Cons: "Flight delays and poor information concerning the delays characterized the trip. I will not fly on Air Canada again. I should checked their reviews prior to booking with them - it appears this is a common problem."
Pros: "Friendly folks"
Cons: "My flight was first delayed, then cancelled, and there wasn't even bad weather at either airport. I still don't know why the flight was cancelled. My alternate flight had to be from a different airport and that flight was also delayed. I went from a non-stop flight to a flight with a layover... a 7 hour layover. Was not fun sleeping at the airport. On top of that, I had paid to select my seat and it wasn't honored on the flight back. Somehow I was unassigned because of the flight change during departure but I was still charged."
Pros: "Overall good flight in terms of smoothness, safety, timeliness, etc."
Cons: "No enrertsinment without downloading google app for phone or pad. Short announcement about this made shortly before flight and we did not react in time to do it. Thought I would read but overhead lights broken; complained three times before fixed."
Pros: "If you want to here the story please call my Spiros At work Monday 613-226-6573"
Cons: "Instructions on Air Canada's website when you Google "how early should you get to the airport flying Canada to USA" say you should get there 3 hours ahead of time. For a 6:40 flight I got to the airport at 3:40, as instructed, and checkin wasn't even open. Per Air Canada's website "You should arrive at the airport three (3) hours before your flight's scheduled departure time. Pre-board security screening for departures to the U.S. opens at 3:00 AM. Exception: 20 minutes for flights departing from Toronto City Airport (YTZ)." Check in staff told me I should have gotten there 2 hours ahead. This is very conflicting. Considering I was heading to a 10 hour trade show, believe me that hour of sleep I lost between 2:30 when I had to get up for this flight and 3:30 when I could have gotten up sure was missed. Correct and consistent instructions to passengers go a long way."
Cons: "People who insist on bringing their "carry on" luggage on board. The cases are clearly over sized and then they get to put them in the hold for free, meanwhile, those of us who are honest about the size have paid to check their luggage from the start. Everyone should be able to check one bag for free and anyone who brings more than real carry on should be charged a fee. It would speed up onboarding and off loading and would not create the danger of suitcases falling on people's heads when they are put in the overhead bins."
Pros: "Plane was clean and entertainment was great. Crew was good."
Cons: "Boarding process has more than 50 people in line to attend all flights and I almost loose mine. Need to run to the gate because of lack of organization."
Pros: "all the staff was very pleasant"
Cons: "I couldn't use my laptop with Windows to watch a movie because the airline didn't have the app that works for Windows"
Cons: "No wifi"
Cons: "The seats are very small and uncomfortable."
Pros: "The 3 hour flight was good. Boarding was quick. Staff was friendly."
Cons: "The air canada Rouge entertainment is not updated. It had all the same shows / movies more than a week later. They should change entertainment selection more frequently."
Pros: "Everything was great...but there was a medical issue on board and it would be good to hear that the guy who got 'ill' is ok and that it was nothing serious that anyone else could have contracted from him. Paramedics boarded the plane when we landed, I assume it's nothing serious but would be nice to hear from air Canada to confirm. Other than this unfortunate event ... everything was great starting with the staff at the ticket counter."
Cons: "This flight and my next connecting one (also Air Canada) were both delayed by 45 minutes each. That's an hour and a half of wasted time. Thankfully, I just assumed there would be a delay so I booked a later connection in advance. The weather was perfect and there was no explanation on either flight as the why we were almost an hour delayed. I'm expected to arrive 2 hours in advance of a flight. Why is it so hard for this airline to be on time?"
Pros: "The legroom on Rouge is horrendous. My 6' teenage son was so wedged in we could not move/stretch his legs whatsoever. Problem is, Air Canada gives us no choice but to fly "Rouge" to our destination. Once my flight pass is completed I am seriously thinking of moving moyalty to Westjet. I can't take Rouge discomfort any longer. Also - due to turbulence on the flight they decided to withhold food and beverage service without any announcements the entire flight. Nor did they distribute iPads. Far into the 3 hour flight they came with water. That's it. The insult to injury was that on preparation for landing they said their "canned" announcements that they were coming to collect iPads and any remaining items. Oh and did I mention we left 2 hours late? And the fact that the Premium passenger got meals and we had to smell them all flight long? Funny how that works. Very disappointed, Rouge."
Pros: "Hard to find positive when your knees are hard pressed to metal bracket of the seat in front of you. They should be ashamed squeezing that many seats in to make an extra buck. Shame on you Air Canada."
Cons: "There is zero legroom in the seats! At 6'3" my knees literally jammed the seat in front of me. Sad to see profit has created the need for this much discomfort."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Tight seating, unable to sit with my wife, no food, indifferent service, delayed flight due to baggage issue at departure, length of time for baggage to arrive at carousel. Not very likely to book on Rouge again."
Pros: "Great crew and on schedule."
Cons: "One of the better flights I have taken no complaints."
Cons: "Food not included on long flights. I've travelled in third world countries where snacks have been provided on one hour flight. Had to wait for 1/2 hour to disembark."
Cons: "Flight left late"
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Once again great airline!!"
Cons: "Food is meh at best but is reasonably price for quality"
Pros: "Boarding was extremely smooth. Staff were courteous, flight even left early."
Cons: "We have flown hundreds of times (including Rouge) and NEVER had I had my check in weighed. Evidently it was 2 pounds too heavy and they made me check it, despite it fitting properly in the overhead. If you have these "rules" then Rouge you need to be consistent about implementing them. Rouge seats are NOT comfortable. Absolutely no leg room and paper thin seats. No electrical outlets and a terrible movie selection. I really wish they'd go back to "regular" Air Canada flights."
Pros: "The high tech of the airplane."
Cons: "I was situated in between 6 screaming kids. As you can imagine. Not fun."
Cons: "Delayed 2h"
Pros: "The flight attendants were wonderful. Everything was great but they stood out to me and my experience."
Pros: "Very smooth landing!"
Cons: "PA volume was bit loud"
Cons: "Connecting from London through Toronto to Winnipeg couldn't be accomplished in a 2.25 hr layover. Long line for immigration and and enormous line to go through security again meant I missed my flight and the next one was full. It gave me 5 hours to think of all the reasons why I won't connect through Toronto again."
Pros: "The flight was on time and the service was SUPERB!!!"
Pros: "The flight on its own was just fine."
Cons: "We were delayed about five hours because of a mechanical issue, resulting in a plane change. Although it was apparent they knew about this well in advance, we were not told ahead of time. We could have spent way less time in the airport. The staff were all very friendly, but when it came to compensation we were only given a $10 meal voucher near the end of our five hour wait. Most people had eaten by then, so it felt like it was the very least they could do to make up for the inconvenience."
Cons: "Crew absent at gate in Montréal on return flight which caused a 25 minute + delay. Entertainment system earjack was broken and I needed to hold my "earphone plug" higher in order to hear proper sound, otherwise nothing."
Cons: "Stewredess who did it did not apologise Had smelly shirt and wet jesns for 3 hours"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Upgrade seating"
Pros: "Amazing crew, great service."
Cons: "1 hour delay due to maintenance but the ground crew and pilot kept us informed."
Pros: "The lady at the checkin was very considerate and suggested that I am only allowed to bring one baggage. So she suggested if I can combine my both luggage as one, then I should be all good otherwise they will charge double- scary."
Cons: "Light travellers like us should be given more latitude to choose 1 bag size 17x10x 5” and one laptop bag size 12” X 10” x 3”"
Pros: "The pilot told the passengers before the flight took off that there would be some turbulence. It was nice to know about it beforehand"
Cons: "The crew started serving first class passengers BEFORE boarding was complete, which forced the passengers who had not boarded yet to wait in line until service was complete. This sent a poor message to the economy class telling us we were not important customers"
Pros: "Boarding was fairly fast and the the flight was on time."
Cons: "I can’t complain. Flight wasn’t full so I had the row to myself. That being said, I find the seats are too close together. I am tall and never have enough leg room."
Pros: "Nothing"
Pros: "No problems"
Cons: "No issues"
Pros: "Horrible experience with travel assistant at Newark. All United ground staff were rude and extremely slow. Complete chaos in extreme weather situation."
Pros: "20 minutes early landing, despite the weather"
Cons: "Despite dozens of empty seats in Economy Plus, flight attendants refused to allow anyone to move into the 8 vacant rows keeping us crowded in coach economy."
Pros: "Nice crew. Frequent updates regarding turbulence. Early arrival."
Cons: "There could have been entertainment and/or WiFi but it was broken."
Pros: "Ease of boarding"
Cons: "Purchasing extra leg room"
Cons: "A very old B757. late departure. No explanation."
Pros: "Economy plus seating in an exit row was maybe the best airline seating I've had outside of first-class. The on board entertainment was better than average."
Cons: "The flight crew, save the one male attendant couldn't possibly seem and more disconnected and uninterested in passenger comfort or safety. The eldest attendant was simply rude and seemed annoyed at having to do her job. The other young woman couldn't seem to keep the cart from bashing into seatbacks or herself in the aisle and the flight was NOT rough."
Cons: "Plane was cold! But better than hot!"
Pros: "Left on time, friendly crew, comfy flight."
Cons: "For reasons I still don’t understand my baggage didn’t travel with me and I was not able to get it until several days later"
Pros: "Boarding quickly"
Cons: "No PED was available didn’t have anything for entertainment if you weren’t buying it seems every thing available for 3 hour flight and flight was scheduled for 2 hours and 55 minutes No snacks made available came thru once had a small bag of pretzels cup of coffee and never came back"
Pros: "Extra legroom..all is good!!"
Pros: "The crew was polite. The flight was comfortable."
Pros: "It was the worst trip I have ever taken. Delayed 2 hours due to air traffic control problems, then they landed us in Baltimore and decided we were gonna take buses to Newark. They put us back on the plane and drove around the runway for 2 more hours until I finally had a panic attack. I got off. Then they pulled everyone off and 3 busses took us to NJ, arrival at 4 a.m....HORRIBLE crew had timed out, horrible stewards served up water in cups and were yelling at people to sit saying we were NOT getting off the plane."
Pros: "The flight attendants very sincere & nice. I love that their was a lot of leg room on the flight as well."
Cons: "There was no entertainment alternatives."
Pros: "on time"
Pros: "We loved the small terminal at Sky Harbor, with the cute little discounted parking lot, no more that 100 feet away. We loved the location of Avis Rental Car, directly across from the baggage pick-up exit doors, at Regional Southwest. Our flights were all on-time, and the crew was extremely professional."
Cons: "No need for reclining seats. These cause a problem with leg room, for the person behind the "recliner.""
Pros: "Plane was fine but cheap seats suck"
Cons: "It was a miserably long weather delay that turned into a sleepless. nIght in the airport and on the too cold plane. Not their fault, they kept us updated but updates were always more delays."
Cons: "Seats are ridicoualy close together and the aisle's width to short. Every time someone moves, they are bumping into people seated in aisle seats. Boarding and replanting is a nightmare. Asked to help clean up plane before leaving. For all this, I paid $650."
Cons: "Flight was delayed almost every half hour from 4 pm til 9:30. We finally boarded the plane to be ushered off without anyone letting us know anything. Flight was cancelled and we flew the following day"
Pros: "Uneventful, on time! Knees will never be the same, but small price to pay - or so I'm led to believe by your marketing. Also paid 10 bucks for internet- seems excessive."
Pros: "Everything was great!"
Pros: "There was room for my carry on on both flights."
Cons: "The bathroom on the plane smelled of urine. The only snack offered on both flights was a stroopwaffle. Seat didn't relive at all."
Cons: "The seats are Uncomfortable. The food no longer exists. They give you two ounces of drink"
Cons: "AC was extremely cold"
Cons: "After booking my flight months in advance United change are seating and separated us. Spent hours on the phone with no explanation and no assistance. Didn't even help me upgrade when I was willing to pay for it. The worst of it all was the nonsense that their customer service kept spewing. Brushed and straight up lied to. Will do everything possible to never fly united again"
Pros: "Any"
Pros: "Trip and treatment were ok... but tv is way expensive. Avianca offers you a wide range of movies and tv series for free."
Cons: "They would not honor their refund policy with proper documentation submitted four weeks in advance."
Pros: "Lost flight other one took longer not happy"
Cons: "Lost flight other took too long"
Pros: "Had the ability to connect in my phone to the app for free in-flight entertainment. Other United flights will have the TV in the headrest but charge you for wifi or to watch TV or movies."
Cons: "Our flight got delayed 3 hours (which I understand happens) but they boarded group 1 individually, group 2 individually, then combined groups 3, 4, and 5 in the same line. I was in group 3 but was stuck behind people in other groups. Also, they ran out of room in the overhead storage which is frustrating when you're flight is already pushed out to a later time - the last thing I want to do at 1:00 am is wait for my luggage because it had to be checked. People brought on carry-on suitcases along with 1 personal item which were huge tote bags or backpacks. There's got to be a way to monitor overhead storage for items like that - if it's the size of a carry-on, they should need to check their suitcase. The snack was lack-luster. I went on a 5-hour flight to Seattle a few months ago and one cookie with no protein is hardly filling for that long of a flight."
Cons: "The amount of luggage people bring as carry ons."
Cons: "Rude staff,"
Pros: "Very nice and smooth flight, lasted even less time"
Cons: "The lady at check in couldn't give me and my boyfriend seats next to each other, but thankfully there was a very nice lady who agreed to exchange seats in the plane."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled in Newark for an unknown reason. Luggage was then delayed because nobody from united cared to change it onto the new flight I was assigned to."
Pros: "They gave us free entertainment"
Cons: "We took two hours in taking off"
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant and ask are you comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was great"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "That all the passengers were allowed a carry on bag, the flt was full and they made a lot of people check their bags, not fare!!! This airlines breaks their people into 5 different classes, I'm not sure what or how they do it, I was a 5, I boarded last, people climbing over each other, use to be back to front, after 1st class, of course. It was ridiculous."
Cons: "I booked my flight over 5 weeks ago, and was given an aisle seat. When I checked in online, my seat had been changed to a middle seat. I tried to change my seat online, and was only given the option of 1 other middle seat. I have to have an aisle seat because of arthritis, and I need to walk around during flight. There were long lines at the desk at the gate, and I couldn't stand there to get my seat changed. Now I'm dealing with lots of leg pain as a result. I NEVER would have booked this flight if I'd known I would'nt have an aisle seat. IT IS "BAIT AND SWITCH"!"
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "Dinner was served within 1 hr of takeoff and breakfast 1-2 hrs of landing. Nothing served inbetween. There was about 10-11 hrs of nothing. No drinks or snacks served. Very poor service in compairison to other international flights I have taken."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues after waiting for 3 hours. The next flight they put me on was the next day on another airline. They put us up in a shity hotel and the meal vouchers only worked at the airport where everything was closed by then or hotel which had no restaurant. United offered a $50 compensation which is a kick in the teeth compared to the inconvenience I was put trough. If I don't get properly compensated from United for that horrible experience I will never fly them again and tell everyone I know to never fly United."
Pros: "The crew -- friendly and informative."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Polite, friendly, and professional crew."
Cons: "Seating too tight"
Pros: "Fast boarding!"
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable, entertainment is non existent."
Cons: "The flight was filled with crying children Im"
Cons: "At least have some TV’s ."
Pros: "Flight crew was funny and very nice. They had some good jokes, livened up the mood and they walked around frequently to make sure no one needed anything. Landed early and left on time."
Cons: "My spirit flight to Florida was delayed so much i missed my flight home. Great start to the new year. They wouldn't even comp my hotel."
Pros: "The flight was smooth from take off to landing"
Cons: "The staff was inconsistent and conflicting of regulations in regards to infant seating."
Pros: "Couldn’t enjoy the flight"
Cons: "I wish I could have enjoyed my flight with my family. Leaving for a wake, and now I’m stuck behind . Attempted to fix or get another flight , and customer service through spirit air and kayak was poor."
Cons: "For such an expensive ticket, the dissapointment of the flight getting cancelled is real.."
Pros: "very funny crew"
Cons: "smelly and cramped."
Pros: "Service"
Cons: "No seat reclining"
Pros: "Non stop"
Cons: "Late small space"
Pros: "Friendly and humorous staff. Smooth take off and landing. Clean inside."
Pros: "The flight was smooth from take off to landing. We even arrived earlier than expected. Flight attendants had good sense of humor. Pilot was there to greet us and was friendly. I knew there would be no frills as they explain that on there website. I new what size my personal Item had to be for no charge. So if you are looking to be pampered this is not the airline for you. But if you are looking to get from point A to pint B non stop and on time this is the airline for you."
Cons: "When I arrived in Boston I had accidentally left my purse on my the plane I didn't realize this until I got down to the baggage claim. I went back up to see if someone could check to see if it was there and the man we where asking (Scott) just kept saying to check at the baggage claim area. I kept trying to tell him that I left it on the plane he kept insisting I go to baggage claim area. This was 12:15 a.m. which I am sure he knew there was no one there and my purse would not be coming out with the luggage. Needless to say I was upset because it had my cell phone, I.D. and money etc.. So finally went back up to the gate where we came out and there was a young man who was locking up and I told him what happened, so he went onto the plane and found my purse. the other man (Scott) just walked away. I was grateful for the young mans help.. Other wise the flight was fine."
Pros: "Cancelled and couldn't get us another flight for a week so we found a Jet Blue flight instead"
Pros: "No delays, orderly boarding, flight went smoothly."
Cons: "Spirit charges you for EVERYTHING extra, including just choosing a seat. The problem I had was with bags. They are very expensive, less so if you join their frequent flyer-type club, which I did. I decided one of us would not bring a carry-on to save money. At the airport it appeared our one carry-on was actually small enough to be a "personal item," but there was no way to remove the charge that I had already paid. I wanted to remove it for the return trip, as well, but there is NO WAY to do that on the website. Their justification is not to create delays at the airport, but that doesn't make any sense. To make a long story short, I paid for bags and a club I didn't need."
Cons: "I bought a bag of mixed nuts from the "menu". but, there were pretzels, and sesame sticks in it. The menu said nuts, the bag said nuts, except for the fine print. Since when does a bag of nuts have to be checked for fine print. I wouldn't have purchased this item, don't like pretzels. The boarding began almost fifteen minutes late, not once did the boarding crew make an announcement relating to later boarding."
Cons: "I know this is my own fault for not reading about it but I wasn't prepared to spend $100 on luggage so that put me in a bit of a bind financially for my trip. I thought I was getting a good deal on ticket prices but with luggage prices I could have gone with another airline cheaper. Plus a complimentary water does f seem like too much to ask on a 2-1/2 hour flight."
Cons: "I had to cancel flight because a family member illness. Sprit only gave me about $72 credit and that was only good till April."
Cons: "Didn't offer another flight same day, boards at airport weren't updated with proper information"
Pros: "Eventually arrived safely"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"
Pros: "I liked the price :)"
Cons: "Everything is ok, at just over 100 USD I'll fly strapped to the wing."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled, it was mayhem!!!"
Pros: "Landed early"
Pros: "Everything was easy. I was able to book my trip at the last minute easily and quickly."
Pros: "Cheap flight"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable and cramped"
Pros: "The gate attendants were calm and professional."
Cons: "After a 3 hour delay, the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. The gate attendants announced that they were going to hand out cards with contact information to get re-scheduled on another airline. Spirit did not have another flight available to Baltimore until Tuesday (this happened on a Sunday). The agents on the phone number we were told to call, could not book us on another airline and told us to talk to the the gate attendant. The gate attendants told us to talk to the agents on the phone and around in circles we went. Finally the gate attendants started booking us on other airlines. That took an hour. We had to stay an extra night and we got out the next day on American. Spirit did comp the hotel room and the flight but I forgot to ask for compensation for the bag check on American. A word to the wise. The next day we received 2 $50 vouchers from Spirit for a future flight. Not sure I'll be using them."
Cons: "It took me 4 hours to check in online plus holding on Spirit's 800 # for assistance for over an hour & never was answered. I was so anxious about not being able to check in and purchase my bag fee I was having a panic attack. I will never order Spirit tickets again because of the necessity of pre-registering online. What happens if their computer system is down? NEVER AGAIN"
Pros: "Since minute one my husband and I felt the Racism. He aproched to the bording counter little after Carla (Afro-American lady) announced the cost of extra bags per customer. Just to confirm we understand clearly. Long story short, we paid $65.00 for an extra tiny hand bag, wait for our zone got called, watching people waliking into the bording check counter with more than one personal bag and HER sawing it and NOT saying absolutely NOTHING about it and letting them walked in without any inconvenience. Noticing that, our zone got called, walked into the line, my husband mentioned her about what he saw on others, SHE did NOTHING else beside ignored him."
Pros: "After booking with kayak were the price stated includes taxes and fees at check in I discovered I'd be paying for a $10 boarding pass and a $55 carry on. This made my flights price increase by more than 35%. I found there practice very deceptive and felt as though I was being shaken Down."
Cons: "My flight was not crowded at all, which is very nice as a traveler. However the crew would not let some move seats until well after take off and cruising began. We were told it was due to take off and landing. If landing was so important, why did we not have to move back to the original seats?"
Pros: "Jan 2 flight was cancelled due to crew issues. Spirit refunded me and said I would have to find another flight with another carrier. They could not get me to Chicago till Jan 5 which was unacceptable. As soon as I use my mileage points I am done with spirit. They don't leave on time and this has been going on for years"
Pros: "At least they gave us a refund"
Cons: "The fact that it didnt happen, and there were no more flights available for two days. Had to rent a car and dtart driving..."
Cons: "we were delayed 2 hours on take off on Christmas Eve. Rather than cheerfully trying to raise everyone's spirits, the airline staff told us we were allowed one carryon and a personal item. my husband had a backpack and a Christmas plastic bag with fruit cake and figgy pudding in it so he had to pay $65 to bring the fruit cake and figgy pudding. I had a computer bag and a pocket book but didnt have to pay a thing. This is after we paid $50 per bag that we checked. It seems as though Spirit airlines only wanted to make money on all of us traveling at Christmas. Not the right spirit at all!!"
Pros: "The woman at the counter was very courteous and helpful. Otherwise, I was gouged for money at every step. The seats did not recline and there were zero entertainment options, not even an in-flight magazine. I will never fly spirit air again. On a positive note, the flight was on-time."
Pros: "The temp here in Port Charlotte +79degrees"
Cons: "Temp in Minneapolis -50 degrees... NO! I'm not getting on this plane! TTFN"
Pros: "The pilot was fab"
Pros: "Left early and plane was empty"
Cons: "Noisy. No movie. Not very comfortable seats"
Cons: "The seats on the aircraft are the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. They don't recline! AND the tray is smaller than an iPad... Worthless if you want to get work done!"
Cons: "Your seats are very uncomfortable for a tall person. Without the ability to recline the seat and the small amount of spacing between the rows combine to make for an restless experience."
Pros: "The flight was cheap and the crew was GREAT! Luckily I read their baggage (carry on) info before I went to airport so I knew to put my clothes in a backpack for my 3 day trip. Many passengers were upset when they found they had to pay $100/bag for CARRY ON. Got to airport early and was able to change my middle seat to a window. =)"
Cons: "Seats were very uncomfortable and no space. A large person was next to me and spilling into my seat."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was canceled. "Due to weather" i checked every location that plane was and will be near and the most it encountered was few showers. My options were to get a refund. (Good luck finding anything for less than double the refund amount on the same day). Or get a hotel at my own cost and fly the next day. Nothing was offered because "This isn't our fault". I called American to get me out of a bind. Nothing. I called Frontier and they had something but I had to rent a car, drive to Orlando, then catch the flight there. Thankfully i arrived at the spirit flight 4 hours early or this wouldn't have worked."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Long check-in lines"
Pros: "The crew was really nice"
Cons: "The seats are way too small for normal people and that's coming from a 5ft 130 lb 30 yo woman. The guy behind me's knees were literally digging into my back through the seat and he couldn't help it. He was a normal, if anything under average, height and weight. The seats seemed to have been designed by aliens who know little about human anatomy. The seat didn't go back at all and the top of the seat made my neck be pushed forward in a very uncomfortable way. In today's day and age, ergonomics is widely available knowledge. Seats could be a little bigger with still being able to fit a lot of people on a plane. Or maybe even fully adjustable seats. For Spirit to say they "don't put unnecessary commodities" in their price, it sure isn't all that competitive with airlines that do provide at least drinks and a carry on."
Cons: "I took out trip insurance which I could not use with the third party ins carrier. I m an older lady with Heath issues I travel with my companion dog which they would not let me take out of the carrier. Plus they charged me an extra 100.00 . $55.00 for a carry on bag with all the fees in charged I could have upgraded my seat maybe even first class with another airline . Never again."
Pros: "Quick. Efficient .Friendly. Clean. No lines/no waiting."
Cons: "Plane abi5 late in taking off."
Pros: "Most of the crew was nice, with a couple exceptions. Overall it was a decent experience."
Cons: "Plane was supposed to board at 2:45, but didn't even arrive at the gate until after 3:00, and still had to unload. We were finally on board by 3:30 (departure time) but the pilot blamed it on getting the paperwork late, and said we now had to wait for fuel. During that time, a couple storms moved in, and we ended up sitting on the tarmac for over an hour. It's one thing to be late, but it was a pretty pathetic attempt to divert blame to the crew at the airport."
Pros: "Our plane was late arriving and so we left late. The crew did an excellent job of getting us to our destination onky a little late. We were on a newer Spirit plane, which had more leg room and was quite comfortable. The crew was friendly and efficient."
Pros: "good flight, in on time"
Cons: "paying $55 each for a carry on . Ridiculous"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"

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