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More variety in the entertainment - for instance more competitive sports -soccer, basketball, etc

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More variety in the entertainment - for instance more competitive sports -soccer, basketball, etc

For 13 hour flight seats were slightly uncomfortable, not much room. Otherwise, everything else was excellent, food, cervice, entertainment, very pleasant.

Pros: "The seats were comfortable. The entertainment system was wonderful."
Cons: "The crew was disorganized."
Pros: "Everything."
Pros: "Everything."
Pros: "Yes very"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Entertainment, vegetarian options for food"
Cons: "Bit more comfortable seat"
Pros: "Food, seat, entertainment"
Cons: "The staff though friendly was found to be unhelpful. I was literally carrying three bags and a toddler in my arms, and passed by at least three crew members. But none of them bothered helping me. Your measure of success is not just how well you treat your business class. That’s not being world class"
Pros: "Everything was good and nice. Had a good time and felt welcomed. Had a really good experience."
Cons: "Handling flight delay"
Pros: "Friendly crews. Excellent food. Great service. On time arrival."
Cons: "They could provide hotel for transit passengers with long layovers."
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Crew excellent"
Cons: "Baggage collection at Washington could be improved"
Pros: "Crew was very attentive especially effective helping a mother with a spoilt screaming child!"
Cons: "The food was very mediocre!"
Pros: "Efficient, and courteous,seats too were comfy, neat amd clean"
Pros: "Leg room and cleanlness. Polite crew members"
Cons: "No entertainment. Very old movies and mainly in other languages not English. None for blacks to watch or listen"
Cons: "Doha to Washington plane was an old plane where entertainment system did not function properly, seats did not recline etc. Emirates A380 is a lot more comfortable plane."
Pros: "Patricia (cabin crew member) was particularly nice to us, and encouraged us to move to a row of empty seats so we could lie down and sleep for the second leg of our 24-hour flight. Air ventilation on this plane is excellent. Food was good. my low-lactose meal found me even after I had moved seats. overall excellent flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The food was not served well. There were no snacks on the flight. The service was not even prompt. If I request for juice/water it was served to me after 30-40 minutes . I was travelling with a baby and the staff was not even considerate about it and attending fast. I requested for a mineral water bottle as I ran out of baby water for making milk for the baby and the staff was so reluctant and told "they are done" and just left.I am really dissapointed with this. I doubt if I would travel with qatar again"
Pros: "Very comfortable flight and helpful crew"
Cons: "food options exhausted pls tell ground catering to provide more food"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Food is good except Chicken coconut curry"
Pros: "Seating and comfort is great, as long as you are not seated next to a 'larger' person or a person with restricted mobility. Not a fault of Qatar airways, but probably the norm in most international flights in Economy. Food was the best of all the airlines I have flown, and the correct temperature as well."
Cons: "Seat width could be a little better, but this is the norm, I would assume across all airlines."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth; Plane was clean; Flight departed on time;"
Cons: "Flight arrived late for no obvious reason; Crew was good but not as good as what I have experienced in the past with Qatar and other airlines"
Cons: "Display showed TV news, not boarding Info. Boarding Zones were announced only once, if you missed it stuck in security you have no way of finding out."
Pros: "I flew from Bali to Doha and then Doha to Dulles after an 8 hour layover. Both flights operated a Boeing 777. The planes were spotlessly clean both flights. The menu choices were amazing and the wine selections were very good. What made the difference was the attentiveness of the cabin crew. I would particularly like to commend the purser and the flight attendants on flight 707 DOH-IAD for their assistance and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty"
Cons: "Flight 707 was supposed to have the new Qsuites in Business Class, so it was disappointing that without prior notice the airline switched to an aircraft with normal (but quite good) business class seating. Nevertheless, the purser and the flight attendants made the flight memorable in a very positive way."
Cons: "I used Qatar airways 3 times so far. In the last flight, were a connection has 8 hours between 2 flights, they deny me to stay in a hotel. The last 2 flights which have exactly the same schedule, I used the hotel in that 8 hours between the 2 flights. I asked why, they told me that my ticket is not eligible to the hotel, although, I bought the last two times from Kayak, with almost same price. My first flight with Qatar Airways was on July 2017. My second flight with Qatar Airways was on August 2017. My third flight with Qatar Airways was on Jan 208."
Pros: "From Joburg to Doha, the plane was clean and the food was good. . From Doha to Washington, not so much. I went to 3 bathrooms and all the sinks were stopped up."
Cons: "The food from Doha to Washington was beyond awful!!! I wud scrap that whole menu PLEASE. I WAS SEVERELY DISAPPINTED. The previous Quatar flight, the food was different and very good. Please check on this. Also, the sinks were stopped up. Gross."
Pros: "Helpful and friendly flight staff, comfortable business class seating that provided privacy and room for personal carry-on bag and toiletries."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "Excellent staff, good service."
Cons: "A Long. Trip"
Cons: "The crew at the ticket counter was quite rude. Our suitcases were 2kg heavier so, in front of them we opened and removed items and then they still made us go through security all over again"
Cons: "Food"
Pros: "Solid movie selection, good food"
Cons: "You have to go through security again at the Qatar Airlines gate, which takes extra time"
Pros: "I was expecting to get a room myself near airport but Qatar Airlines provided room with meals at no extra cost"
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "For the first time, my vegetarian food was pretty good and I didn't have an upset stomach as soon as I landed in India. It was a miracle for me. Thanks, Qatar airways."
Cons: "The seat was uncomfortable as usual, I am in my 60s. But most of my economy seats are somewhat the same, so no difference."
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Catering and seating. They ran out of food and drinks"
Pros: "The seating, crew members, and entertainment was really good."
Cons: "I was given two options to choose from for brunch which were scrambled egg with sausage and paratha. Upon asking for paratha I was told that they ran out of Paratha. This happened very first time with me. Even though the crew provided me with excellent service I was surprised to hear the Qatar Airways could run out of food?"
Pros: "-Great selection of movies, Ted talks, and games to view on individual screens, headphones were provided. - Blankets and pillows were provided to everyone, along with a kit with toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and eye mask. - Adjustable head rest."
Cons: "- Tiny, cramped seats and aisles. I'd heard the Quatar has more leg room than other airlines. This is definitely not true. If the person in front of me reclined all the way, they crushed my knees and I'm only 5'7". - Bathrooms were dirty by 4 hours into the 14 hour flight. Sinks clogged, garbage can overflowing. Not just one bathroom. Gross. - Worst flight attendant service I've ever had, and I don't expect much since I've traveled a lot. Service was rushed, coffee cart for our side of plane never arrived, when I walked to the back to ask for some, they couldn't find the milk and made a fuss about looking for sugar. Lots of similar examples throughout the flight. - The baggage claim carousel number never appeared on the screens at IAD after landing. Other flights showed but not Quatar. We waited a while then walked around to check them all until we found the right carousel. Never seen this happen before. - One of our bags never appeared, so we waited until all luggage had come out and checked with the counter. They found our bag somewhere and brought it over after a 20 minute wait. No explanation given. Good thing we'd counted bags."
Pros: "The best service"
Cons: "Nothing bad to say"
Cons: "I have flown previously with Qatar and was not so impressed. Everything was great this trip up until my return to the United States. I should have suspected a problem when I was requested to change seat in order to assist a family who were in separate seats. Moving was difficult as the plane was being loaded. I managed to get to the seat offered to find someone sitting in it. To top it off the individual was wearing a surgical mask and carrying a large immigration bag. I requested a seat forward but I was denied and I later saw other passengers moved forward to seats that I was denied. If I had known that the flight would have been full of possibility sick immigrants I would have chosen another flight or airline. At certain times the smells were very bad. I felt as a ff member I should have been treated better or been made aware of possible health risks."
Pros: "Seats are very much smaller in economy. Hotel accommodation was no where close to good in comparison to Emirates or Thai."
Cons: "ANAZING flight staff! Friendly and courteous!!!! Loved them on all four flights!!!!"
Pros: "The crew was excellent."
Cons: "The flight was late boarding everyone on time. It was delayed 1.5 hrs. The entertainment system had its fault, as it was difficult to navigate between screens. The seats were uncomfortable and not enough room for such a long flight. The kids were extremely uncomfortable on this flight, as many were crying throughout the journey."
Cons: "I never made it to the Yerevan to Doha flight, because Qatar Airways did not get me to my destination in time. They had an emergency landing in The Azores, after turbulence and several passengers got injured, when the pilot failed to warn passengers to put on their seat belts and they flew into the air, hitting the ceiling before falling down. One passenger had a heart attack. Once they de-planed us in The Azores, not a single Qatar Airways employee helped us on site anymore. Passengers were left in the hands of hotel and airport staff. There was very little communication with the passengers. A relief flight was supposed to come in 12 hours. It did not come for another 35. After the emergency landing, some passengers noticed that a wing looked defective. The disruption may not have been due only to bad weather, but a defective plane as well."
Pros: "Qatar Airlines was amazing food was great and the flight attendants catered to passenger needs."
Pros: "Liked the entertainment options with a large movie catalog."
Cons: "Customer service by phone, boarding process, width of seats, speed of cabin service."
Pros: "The crew and the airline was a great experience."
Cons: "I wish there was more leg space between the seats."
Cons: "The luggage management system was terrible. We had to wait 2 extra hours for a single carry-on that we had to check in before our 15 hour flight. After a 24 hour journey, it is really inconsiderate to add extra hours to the journey. For luggage, I would give a 1, very poor rating for Qatar Air."
Pros: "Entertainment and food"
Cons: "Could not sleep... Need more room"

We need to board a different flight because of technical difficulties.

Crews done good job onboard. Ground stall poor service


Cons: "In-flight wifi and better entertainment."
Pros: "They really take care of ur needs, try to accommodate elderly ppls needs"
Cons: "Food please please I am not saying give excellent food, but please give ok type food"
Pros: "Flight delayed 2 hours"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Service, acknowledgement of the mistakes and efforts to improve on it. No information was provided for the schedule change. The seats were not functional, the entertainment center did not work."
Pros: "Staff"
Pros: "Direct flight convenience! Leg room. Boarding at Delhi. Price."
Cons: "Minimal service - attendants barely came around to offer drinks or collect cups etc. They forgot to get beverages twice despite explicit requests. They were polite though. The food service schedule was odd, especially serving lunch at 2am for a flight that was going to land at 6:30am. Why wake up everyone ? Food was okay except the white bread, pretending to be a croissant filled with what looked like was unmelted butter. Entertainment system did not work at all. And the plane had no wifi or USB ports. If it was not so convenient as the only nonstop between Washington and Delhi, I would not fly this Airline."
Cons: "Aircraft was smelly"
Pros: "Pleasant staff with good service"
Cons: "Poor communication all around Poor aircraft maintenance - outdated aircraft seats Flight delays Horrible flight transfer experience"
Cons: "My TV in my seat was not at all working and the crew was not able to help with any thing."
Pros: "On time.."
Cons: "The overhead light did not work and the headset plugin socket was broken. One of the toilets was permanently doctored as 'occupied' by the crew for their own use to change etc..."
Pros: "Nothing!!"
Cons: "Everything beginning from counter check in till exit of the aircraft."
Pros: "The staff were very nice and we arrived early to our destination. I had enough leg room on the flight."
Cons: "The entertainment system (TV's on the backs of seats) shut down twice and had to be restarted, loosing where you were in a movie. The food was mediocre. My seat cushion was not attached properly when I boarded, and though a flight attendant fixed it for me, it was still very worn. My chair also did not recline well and once it reclined, did not want to return to an upright position."
Pros: "Nonstop flight Indian vegetarian food. Enough food was provided. Even though flight was delayed leaving New Delhi, it arrived to Dulles 10 mins early."
Cons: "Service does not compare to other airlines such as Emirates, Air France or KLM. Even though food is provided, If you miss the cart they will not come back. You have to pickup or ask for snacks... service does not come to you. Seats are not comfortable. They smells and are old. Video options are mediocre Flight is mostly late. Bathrooms need air fresheners."
Pros: "Only direct flight from Delhi to DC"
Cons: "Crew was lazy and wasn’t keeping the aircraft neat. Seats are tattered, worn out and really uncomfortable. Food was mediocre at best!"
Cons: "3.20pm flight took off at 10.20pm. Sure, the issues were due to bad weather that affected all airlines at Goa airport, but the other airlines recovered as soon as the airport was reopened around 6.30pm. Air India didn’t have a plane show up till 9pm. They even allowed the 6.40pm flight take off before the 3.20pm flight. No announcements letting passengers know what the deal was except telling us that there was a delay. I had to use apps to get the information I needed."
Pros: "The flight was much better looking then the enroute to AMD. The seats were not broken thank god!"
Pros: "Food, convenient and very helpful"
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "When I checked in, they claimed my name in their system wasn't the same as on passport. I could see no difference, and had flown to India with no problem. They walked off with my passport, and left me sitting for a long time waiting its return."
Pros: "Convenient time, location. Good price."
Cons: "The plane was beat up. Many overhead lights did not work ( 3 in the row 18 and 2 in row 19 intermittently). Entertainment system did not work. In row 18 I had to simultaneously run the same program on two sets and listen to sound from one and watch the picture in another because independently they would not work. The air hostess was particularly rude to the elderly couple in row 18 and after watching a few interactions I had to intervene and tell the air hostess that she has to respect the customers and cannot talk to them like that. She would address them with a crinkly nose and condescending tone as if they were smelly uncultured people that she has to put up with. This is when the aforementioned lights and reclining systems in the row would not work and she could not do anything about it. Overall there is a huge potential here for AI if only they can capitalize on the good opportunities. They should fix the air plane mechanical parts. The upholstery can use freshening up. Air India should retrain their crew to make them understand that customers are the reason they exist. I hope they succeed."
Cons: "Everything. Flight was late. Food was very ordinary. Juices, tea and coffee was not any better. Service was Mediocre. Entertainment was poor and very limited. Seats were not very smooth and moved sluggishly - may be very old. Much noise of staff /utensils during sleep hours. Lounge was ordinary."
Pros: "Excellent in-flight service - very efficient and courteous staff."
Cons: "On my outbound flight audio for entertainment was not working, Tray table was wobbly because of a missing screw. Air India had sent a message to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of the flight, but then they were not ready to check in baggage and issue boarding pass when I arrived 3 hours ahead of the flight departure time."
Pros: "Professional and courteous staff. Lots of leg space. Food was OK not great not bad. Domestic leg of flights were on time."
Cons: "Seat cousion was so thin I could feel the metal underneath. One of the three media screen was not working so my daughter had no inflight entertainment system. It did not work even after resetting by the crew staff. IAD to DEL flight was delayed, missed my onward domestic flight. Support staff was indifferent and took 4 hr to sort the issue out. Horrible experience of that day at DEL with AI staff just giving run around. DEL- IAD flight was delayed departure and arrival by > hr."
Pros: "Good inflight service"
Cons: "Delayed boarding and poor entertainment"
Cons: "The screen was not working which is so bad I have been paid so much n travelled"
Pros: "only direct flight available."
Cons: "they need to retire all old planes :( Their food quality is 2nd grade."
Pros: "Travel time and checked baggage till final destination"
Cons: "Almost everything is bad. Cabin smelled like urine. Food options and quantity very less. Cheap plastic trays, cups, spoons and forks. Cabin not maintained. Torn upholstery and broken tray tables. No separate kids menu. IFE systems outdated. IFE dont work on most of the seats. IfE collection and navigation is poor. Never expected such quality on an international route. My suggestion to other travellers. Pack your own food especially for kids. Fully charge and download your own entertainment for your flight on ipad or laptop. Carry a sanitizer or perfume to get over the bad smelling cabin."
Pros: "only saving time because of direct flight"
Cons: "Tvs were not working, food was very medicore given that its indian airlines, it was below expectation."
Pros: "I like the cheap airfare. In spite of all complains, if the fare is more $100 cheaper than other airlines, I will fly again with Air India."
Cons: "The chair was very uncomfortable. Not good choices of entertainment. Flight information (on screen location of the plane, time flown, etc.) was inaccurate. Crew not very friendly."
Pros: "Just timing and price"
Cons: "Flight and even seats are messy and dirty. Foods were ok. Many of on seat entertainment wasn’t working."
Cons: "None of the entertainment consoles are working. Attendants are careless."
Pros: "Food was ok, though the meals were odd. It was an overnight flight and we had a snack, breakfast and lunch."
Cons: "The entertainment systems are antiquated and if you are lucky to get one that works, it only half works. Mine worked but the remote at the seat didn’t so I couldn’t get my reading light to work. I also couldn’t get to all of the menu items in the entertainment as not all of the buttons worked."
Pros: "Inflight Service and notification about schedule changes"
Cons: "Flight delayed by ~2 hours. In-flight entertainment system broken."
Pros: "Great stuff on board. Short and sweet flight."
Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "The food quality was not good. Only once during 16 hr flight they provided beverage service. Rest of the time, they handed small bottle of water with food or asked about coffee/tea. Entertainment system did not work on my seat or the seat next to mine."
Pros: "Overall good"
Cons: "Aircraft was old."
Pros: "food crew"
Cons: "broken screen, not just mine all three people next to me broken leg rest broken food tray"
Cons: "Jyotsna"
Pros: "- Leg room in emergency exit seat (pre-booked and paid for) - Overall service - On-time departure - Far improved customer service levels"
Cons: "- multiple document checks every time I moved! Approx 6 people needed to see my boarding pass before I got on the flight...."
Pros: "Crew were good, light above my seat wasn’t working"
Cons: "My tv was not worked, food wasn’t good."
Pros: "Departure and Arrival timings are great. Total flight time and punctuality of time are a great positive."
Cons: "Air craft interiors are a mess. Seats are falling apart. Very few TV were working. Food is terrible."
Pros: "spacious leg room"
Cons: "everything else"
Pros: "Good"
Pros: "Average - advantage is non stop n timing"
Cons: "Crew attitude, food, aircraft condition"
Pros: "Service was good"
Cons: "Older equipment and entertainment was not great"
Pros: "Flight was on time. I saved almost 12 hours in travel time."
Cons: "Checking and baggage drop off took 2 hours at Delhi airport. I would have missed the flight if not helped by airport staff. There server was down. They issue boarding pass at one counter and do baggage check in at another. You have carry your bags to get them scanned. Airlines staff at airport were so slow as if they had no clue what they had to do."
Pros: "short flight time"
Cons: "old aircraft with non-working amenities pathetic entertainment"
Pros: "Rest if average but expected with Air India"
Cons: "Strangely Air India was not aware we were travelling with our 5 years kids so we had first raw exit seats ! Of course we had to move from there and got finally separarated. At the checking, they told us "you have not informed us you travelled with kids !". A huge food box is given with almost nothing inside. I am ok with no food given but please make sure you do not waste and pollute for no reason"
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