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Airline reviews

Pros: "The atl to bwi leg was not great. No inflight entertainment and the aircraft looked old."
Cons: "A newer aircraft that doesn't show its age would be nice"

Pros: "Everything..."
Cons: "Brighter, kinder and nicer faces."

Pros: "The crew at Missoula airport was amazing, and most friendly"

Cons: "Seats are tiny"

Cons: "No option to watch movies"

Pros: "Crew ok ... not engaging"

Pros: "I liked having the entertainment system on the Minneapolis to Atlanta flight. I was able to watch the football game which made the time go by more quickly. The crew was excellent and provided good service even though I did not have any food or drinks."
Cons: "I am always dismayed by how long it takes to get passengers on the plane. Once on the plane, it also takes too much time to get passengers seated. Passengers continue to bring luggage which takes up too much space in the overhead bins and have more items than permitted. I do not bring luggage on board because it is too hard to find space and it holds up the boarding process."

Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Other travellers where rude"

Pros: "The flight crew was great"
Cons: "I was left at a gate and wasn’t informed of the gate change. I was in a wheelchair and needed assistance. I was left and almost missed my flight. I arrived at the gate with 15 minutes before takeoff. The agent was very rude...she said my seat had been given away. After checking she was wrong."

Cons: "No AC for an hour before takeoff - very uncomfortable. Audio for tv did not work."

Cons: "1.5 hour reason given!"

Cons: "B.S. all the Delta Boarding groups. Geez, have you lost all common sense! C'mon... I understand the ill/med conditions passengers. How about 1 kid, then 2 kids then 3 kids, w/ cataracts, bladder probelems, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Paper, Plus 1, Plus 2, Main Cabin 1, 2 and 3."

Cons: "They could improve the boarding process."

Pros: "Crew was great (once they arrived)"
Cons: "1.5 hour delay added 5+ hours to our travel day. Not fun..."

Pros: "Very professional crew."
Cons: "The plane was delayed 1 and a half hours getting out of the gate because of a malfunctioning fuel gauge"

Pros: "The Crew on this flight was great and the flight was quick."
Cons: "The flight was delayed 3+ hours and Delta kept pushing the delay out further without giving any updates as to why it was so delayed, and when I inquired at the Delta desk at the gate the woman was very rude to me as she snipped that it was a mechanical issue."

Pros: "Staff were friendly. Nothing they could do about the maintenance issue that we experienced."
Cons: "Hour delay due to a maintenance issue. This was a hassle in and of itself, but the flight was also on New Year's Eve and ended up getting us to Buffalo about 20 minutes before midnight, which was a bit disappointing when I had made previous plans for the night. Also, I found the cabin to be very cold during the flight, but it was pretty short so I didn't complain."

Cons: "Plane was so small I couldn’t even put my backpack in overhead and nobody told me to check it even when I asked"

Pros: "Had a great experience with Delta all around. Seating and crew were lovely, in flight entertainment was great. Overall, very pleasant experience and flight was on time."

Pros: "Food Getting moved to the exit row for the extra leg room"
Cons: "Didn’t like having to wait so long to book my seat and ended up on the back row the worst seats on the plane"

Pros: "Nice employees and service"
Cons: "Seat room"

Pros: "Crew were nice. Flight itself was short. Was quick boarding considering how busy the flight was"
Cons: "Plane was very old. Seats were rigid and not very comfortable. No entertainment. Just basic really."

Pros: "Friendly crew."
Cons: "Flight was fine."

Pros: "Delta employees are a cut above American AIrlines and I have to say everything went very well with the flight. THe last flight I took on American went horribly wrong and it was not even completed."

Pros: "At the counter the staff is friendly, nice."
Cons: "There is no one to organize the lines to the self check in on the computers, basically a mess, nobody knows how many lines are there."

Pros: "The crew were nice and friendly. The plane was new with lots of amenities"
Cons: "The new plane has NO leg room at all. It’s the worst leg room i’ve Experienced for such a large plane. I’m 6’1” and my knees would only fit if I spread my legs wide and sit back deep into the chair."

Pros: "The crew on this particular flight was probably the nicest I've ever encountered on Delta. Sadly, that is rarely the case."

Pros: "How nice and gentle they were."
Cons: "Long waiting lines."

Pros: "Good movie choices"
Cons: "Too cramped. No leg room"

Pros: "I dont like that you change my flight and I have to wait 8 hours at the airport to flight to Mexico City"

Pros: "The crew are very friendly, positive and have good sense of humor."
Cons: "The flight got delayed badly"

Pros: "Snacks and drinks were yummy and very appreciated. Entertainment was great. Tons of shows and movies and all for free. There was also free iMessage only WiFi which was enjoyed while messaging friends and loved ones while in the air."
Cons: "For the amount of passengers boarding, they started the boarding process way too late which resulting in a delay taking off. The entire boarding process felt sloppy, disorganized, and hectic. They allowed passengers to board that were seated at the end of the plane while some 1 was boarding, causing tons of congestion. The boarding process was the slowest I have ever experienced in all the flights I’ve been on. The crew was ok, but slightly snappy/rude like typical New Yorkers. The flight from ft. Lauderdale to New York was much more pleasant."

Pros: "Staff was friendly. Flight was smooth."
Cons: "Media kept freezing. They had to reboot the system several times."

Pros: "Attentiveness, service, and smiles!"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Although the flight was delayed, when it was time to board and take off, this was extremely efficient."
Cons: "Delayed flight. However, I know this sometimes out ot the airlines control."

Pros: "Delta’s crew were professional"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, reclining only about an inch is not enough for a 5+ hr trip"

Cons: "The airplane was freezing cold. I had on a sweater and jacket and was unbearably cold. The entire plane was miserable. There weren’t any blankets either...this is not the"

Pros: "Flight attendant insisted to take my jacket. She didn’t return led. I forgot jacket in Cincinnati"
Cons: "I need my jacket"

Pros: "Service was excellent in spite of the terrible weather conditions. Flight attendants were very friendly."

Pros: "The entertainment is good; several new movies"
Cons: "The dirty seats, the awful food and wine"

Pros: "El personal abordo muy amable llegamos a tiempo"
Cons: "En el ahereopuerto de guatemala para chekiar las maletas siento q nesesitan mas personal estuve una ora y quince minutos para poder chekiar mi maleta"

Pros: "The boarding agents were especially helpful and friendly to my disabled wife, travelling in a wheelchair."

Cons: "No communication between different parts of the airport; early arrival, over 2 hours getting through baggage claim; good luck rechecking your bag; almost missed flight with a 2 1/2 hour layover. Workers on the ground don't care, or either don't know what's next on the transit through the airport."

Cons: "All "carry-ons" were taken at the jetway, which was fine. But, when we landed, as passengers were trying to get off of the plane, the attendants were putting all of the collected luggage at the entry to the jetway. It created congestion. Then, anyone who had luggage, had to lineup against the side of the jetway, awaiting their luggage, and increasing the congestion. First, it was inconvenient. Worse, if there was any kind of emergency, I believe it would have created a unsafe environment. Very Poor Design & Process ! ! !"

Pros: "Fast as always. Very professional"
Cons: "Inwasny aware my small pocket knife wouldn't be accepted at the airport even though it has been cleared before and the staff was a bit rude about it.the food"

Cons: "1. Boarding order is not by seating making boarding very inefficient"

Pros: "The food was extremely good on this flight, as was the aircraft interior."
Cons: "The TSA queues in Orlando were awful."

Pros: "The flight attendants."
Cons: "Wi go didn't work and wasn't free."

Pros: "The friendliness and helpfulness of flight attendants was outstanding"

Pros: "Crew was great. Plane felt good and clean."
Cons: "My flight from Gainesville to Charlotte, we had to deplane down plane steps. I was told we would have jetway every flight. I have had hip replacement and steep steps very uncomfortable. Unable to deplane down them with both purse and small carryon. Someone always has to help me carry my carryon plus theirs as there is no provision for help from the airline. American seems to be only airline to do this, I will have to reconsider flying with you in the future."

Cons: "Why do we accept this humiliation from AA, they charge for breading inside the plane, they don't give anything nice to eat or drink, and the tickets are more expensive than others. You know why?, Because we are stupid"

Pros: "Being relatively on-time was nice for a change."
Cons: "Seats are tight / uncomfortable. Crew could be better at spotting intoxicated passengers and not continuing to serve them."

Cons: "The entertainment app didn’t worked"

Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "I didn't get to Dallas. There was a mechanical failure. We all had to deplane. I was put on the flight for the next day."

Cons: "The plane was very hot when boarding and then very cold while flying. It was uncomfortable."

Pros: "efficient boarding process, friendly crew"
Cons: "boarding time was delayed, too hot, seat was in the last row middle, crew delayed the flight unnecessarily by trying to seat a family together, lights were on when people were trying to sleep at midnight"

Cons: "Didn’t fly"

Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "We boarded late, they were unable to seat our family all together, and the seats were uncomfortable."

Pros: "Good, cheap flight that gets the job done. No issues boarding, seats were fine. Cannot comment on most things as I fell asleep almost immediately."
Cons: "Would've been nice to have had an eye mask / blankets on a red eye flight..."

Cons: "Could be more caring staff"

Cons: "More seat room side to side"

Pros: "Seat ok, crew was good and flight left right on time"
Cons: "Just the entertainment need to have options"

Pros: "Everything on time."
Cons: "The air conditioner on the plane."

Cons: "Asked for ginger ale, was not given one"

Pros: "Sat in exit and it"

Pros: "Crew sucked. Not helpful or caring."

Pros: "The crew on this flight was excellent."
Cons: "For the fourth flight in a row with American the flight was late. I guess you don’t want to be in a hurry with this airline and have a long layover if you are connecting."

Pros: "Premium economy seats/service made the flight much more tolerable than previous overnight flight to Europe. Would definitely fly this class again. Non-stop from Charlotte to Madrid made travel relatively short."
Cons: "However, only reasonable flight options where red-eyes. Would also recommend noise cancelling haedphones."

Pros: "The non stop flight Guatemala- Chicago"
Cons: "Just a cookie and drink for international flight(4 hrs +)"

Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "Kayak scheduled my flights too close together, with airlines that wouldn’t handle my checked baggage. When my first flight was late, I missed my connection and had to buy a new ticket, as the airline couldn’t or wouldn’t change my itinerary. As I was in a foreign country without a phone or computer and with very limited time to fix the problem, I just had to buy a new ticket."

Pros: "The flight was not filled with passengers, so a number of passengers had a whole row of three seats in the Dreamliner to sleep on."

Pros: "The people I spoke to on the customer service line and then especially at the service desk in Miami were able to help me get a sooner flight so I didn’t have to be driving home until the wee morning. I am VERY grateful to them and American Airlines policies which empower its employees to assist its customers."
Cons: "I have to say, I’m a medium sized 6 foot guy, but I felt very uncomfortable in the seat with another 6 foot man to my right. I felt like I couldn’t use rest my shoulder, since he was using the armrest. i know this is a calculated decision made by very high ups, but the seats just need more comfort. I was even in an exit row, which has more legroom in comparison, but the actual seat was almost painful."

Pros: "Entertainment options."
Cons: "This new low life category where you cannot even pay to be treated like a human."

Cons: "Delays and more delays"

Pros: "Entertainment, crew"
Cons: "Several flights were delayed and canceled on last minute."

Pros: "The flight was on time."
Cons: "Tired of less friendly, overweight domestic fight attendants (this is not the case on Asian Airlines (i.e. Korean, Japan)"

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "Friendly crew and on time arrival we great. Seats are closer on all flights so comfort has suffered. Hard to use a laptop on the tray in economy. Lavatories all in good order and abundant entertainment choices for a domestic flight."
Cons: "As mentioned above the seat distances are tight in economy."

Pros: "The Crew was friendley."
Cons: "Could not checkin on internet."

Pros: "Made every effort to make up time lost. Ice cream treat was nice. Appreciated express transfer help between flights which were a bit close because of delay."
Cons: "Delay leaving London due to sensor malfunction. Did not care for hot savory pastry."

Pros: "Rebooked before we got inside"
Cons: "Landed early but were left on the taxi way for nearly an hour while the gate wasn't ready. The first gate had a plane at it with "mechanical issues". Then it took about 30 minutes to get a different gate. Why do they give short layovers when their performance is not stellar?"

Cons: "That all the passengers were rechecked at the Gate by TSA without offering any explanation as to why, if it was a domestic flight, why were they requiring ID again. And checking bags."

Pros: "Everything, the plane was big and comforting, the fly attendants were very courteous and professional. Awesome fly."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I think they should learn from other asian airlines, about Special veg meal.also more one cleans levatory."
Cons: "Nothing Other than dservice provided by Korean crew members"

Pros: "Crews are very friendly, thank you"

Pros: "Great seat space"
Cons: "No wifi"

Cons: "No usb or wall chargers. No inseat entertainment and glitchy wifi entertainment"

Pros: "On time. Quick boarding."

Cons: "Sitting on the runway after landing because the gate is occupied."

Cons: "Flights that long should have on board entertainments and food"

Cons: "Ace was broke on plane, no wifi or entertainment options, lots and lots of being kept in the dark waiting and waiting after already boarding the plane or landing on the runway"

Pros: "Flights were boarded efficiently and on time. Crews were courteous and helpful."

Pros: "good crew and good plane overall good flight"
Cons: "gate got changed about half an hour before boarding started"

Pros: "From the onset of booking the flight, checking in, the crew. And the The soft landing!!"

Pros: "Personal TV had a large variety of new movies. Crew was pleasant."
Cons: "Pull down tray was not clean (had a left over food from last trip)"

Pros: "Right in time and crew very responsable."
Cons: "The audio for film's didn't function in many places of the plain."

Cons: "The man sitting next to me had too much BO used much of my space."

Pros: "Great flight easy boarding, friendly staff. Had a very satisfactory travel."
Cons: "If I had not contacted the airlines myslelf to ensure that the second leg was still intact and i was still supposed to board, they would have canceled this leg of the trip as well. Because i drove to JFK, nyslelf on that day to make it for this leg. Luckily a friend had told me to contact the airline directly about this, otherwise BA would have canceled it since i did not come vie first leg of the trip. No one from Kayak told me to do this."

Pros: "One crew member was very funny and helpful which unfortunately we forgot his name but he looks like Oscar from the Office if that helps. He was awesome! And the food was pretty good too."
Cons: "James. One of the crew members on our flight he was extremely rude and had no interest in helping you with putting your carry on away and if you have to put any effort he automatically says "you have to check this in" luckily my boyfriend got up and arrange the baggages easily and done. James was obnoxious, rude, and very unfriendly. The entertainment was absolutely terrible. It was a 10 hour flight the movie choices were slim to none. When I took a flight from New York to China and rode United Airlines we had every movie selection imaginable."

Cons: "no luggage cost were included and because I had two short flights I paid $200 usd twice costing me an additional $400 dollars"

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "N/A"

Cons: "Plane was very old and not well cleaned. Very rough and shaky landing."

Cons: "No curtain on the back of the flight to block the light. The tv and audio is left turned on on a red eye flight. Food provided is a bag of chips. Mediocre flight will not take again."

Cons: "I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF MY FLIGHT TIME CHANGE. I NEVER RECIEVED AN EMAIL FROM KAYAK or justfly or interjet about the time change so when I showed up at LAX, I had missed my flight. Absolutely unacceptable"

Cons: "Just stop the delays!"

Cons: "We was delay from Monterrey and the flight never go to Monterrey"

Pros: "The crew AWS helpful. The captain was a polyglot"
Cons: "The temperature was extremely warm. Jus a bag of potatoes instead of a sandwich"

Cons: "The AC’ the cabin was too hot"

Pros: "They were gentil"

Pros: "Flight attendants were nice and the seats were comfortable due to increased legroom."
Cons: "The Mexico City leg was a nightmare. Upon arriving we did not know our gate. They had a desk with one person working and 50 people needing help. I asked about the gate and it was not assigned yet. I was told to check back in 20 minutes. This went on like this for over an hour, still no gate."

Cons: "I did not take this flight. I received notification early in the morning that my flight would be 1 hours late. Then as the day progressed I kept getting notified it was going to be later and later so I decided to book an earlier flight on latam airlines. When I recheck led to see when my flight actu"

Pros: "The crew is great no problem"
Cons: "The flight from Mexico to Guatemala was delayed for more than 4 hours and from Mexico to Tijuana it was better delayed by one hour only"

Pros: "The initial cost"
Cons: "I’m Very upset for their lack of flexibility. tried to change my departure day To connect flights and it was gonna cost me way much more than getting a new flight on a premium airline."

Pros: "Very few positive things"
Cons: "The flight was late my about 2 hours which led for me missing my connecting flight in Cancun. The Interjet crew in Cancun was not helpful and we had to insist that the delay was not our fault and to find us another flight to Lima."

Pros: "Everything worked pretty well"
Cons: "The confirmation number I got was not the same the airline had so I had to call and waste a lot of time in order to get the confirmation number which allowed me to check in"

Cons: "they lost my luggage that ruined the whole flight"

Pros: "The Crew did their job. They were polite"

Pros: "Seat did not go back at all."
Cons: "Food"

Cons: "We were flying from Guatemala to lax and we had to change airlines in Mexico City from inter-jet to volaris. The itinerary only gave us two hours to clear customs. Volaris wouldn’t let us board. We ended up stuck in Mexico for two extra days. I’ll be Contacting you when i get home for a refund."

Cons: "Flight was on time with adequate leg room. Very helpful checking and attentive flight crew"

Pros: "More leg room than previous flights"
Cons: "Boarding was confusing (all in Spanish) and slow."

Pros: "Boarding was fast and smooth."
Cons: "The cree exchanged our seats because we had kids seated on the emergency exits. But these seats were assigned to us by interjet system automaticly, I Seems like the “seats assignment systems” is not working properly."

Pros: "Speedy delivery of checked baggage and leg room is pretty good"
Cons: "Long waits at check in, almost two hours delay (no announcement or apologies from the staff), had to take a shuttle to board the plane, no entertainment in the plane, no WiFi ir phone charger, noisy engine. I will definitely not recommend this airline."

Pros: "Not too much. Maybe price ?"
Cons: "Long flight delay. They also lost my baggge for 4 daus"

Pros: "The staff was very professional"
Cons: "The plane was too warm."

Pros: "Comfort"

Pros: "El espacio del avión se miraba ENORME por haber eliminado la clase ejecutiva."
Cons: "Las butacas no eran reclinables ni muy acolchonadas."

Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "Seat 19E did not recline"

Pros: "The economy seats were very comfy, like the + ones on US airlines."
Cons: "The always on TV with ads was annoying. Coffee could have been better but wasn't terrible. Boarding was a tiny bit chaotic but fine."

Cons: "Original connecting flight lost amd will need to wait at MEX airport to next day. Now travel time to CUL will have aproxx 24 hours. Not good at all!"

Pros: "Either provide food or entertainment !!!"
Cons: "No food !!"

Pros: "It was fast and easy."

Pros: "There was plenty of leg room, the flight attendants were friendly and helpful, and the onboard services were good, especially for the low ticket price."
Cons: "My bicycle was damaged in transit. I have begun a claims process with the airline, and hope for a fair resolution."

Pros: "Crew did not offer beverages for 2 1/2 hours into the trip and when I got up to see if I can get water they were nowhere to be found. They were upfront inside with the pilots. They never walked around to see if people had seatbelts on or if seats were not incluned before takeoff or landing Also there was no entertainment at all!! Also not even a place to charge phones. Felt terribly cheated for the price I paid. Certainlt Not a low fair price for a low fair airline. Then we went in circles for 20 min before landing and the captain never even mentioned it.!!! We landed 20 min late There was also not enogh cups out to get our own water if we wanted and the bittle that was there was empty an No flight attendant to check on that!!! Weirdest flught ever. Felt like we were alone w no crew around even walkung down the aisle once to check on us!! Will definately not fly interjet again!!"

Cons: "Luggage was lost and Interjet's costumer service was horrible! If it would not have been for the hotel staff assisting me, I probably would have never received a phone call in return or my luggage."

Pros: "Roomy seats, fairly organized."

Pros: "I like that fact that they gave us a complenentary sandwich with our flight."
Cons: "I didn't like that they served us food 3 hrs into our flight. They didn't offer us any water or snacks until 3hrs into our flight. Usually the flight attendants give you at least drinks and snacks an hour into the flight since you loose you water content as your in the air."

Pros: "Good leg room"
Cons: "90 mins late out of Guatemala, flew with all three toilets out of service even though fixing them was the excuse for late departure. Bus to pick us up was another 30 minutes late in CDMX. Ran trhough customs with no guidance, not a single Interjet person to help us as it had been offered several times. Flight to LAX was not even in the monitors at the airport, had to run all over to guess the gate. Gate agent was rude and obnoxious at CDMX, called for a supervisor and not only did he never arrive, I was threatened off the aircraft. Flight departed 45 minutes late, almost missed my LAX connectiong. NEVER AGAIN, WORSE AIRLINE SERVICE, LIARS FROM THE TOP DOWN."

Pros: "Good leg room."
Cons: "The plane was 90 minutes late out of Guatemala because they were fixing the bathrooms. They did not. We flew with all three bathrooms out of order. They offered support in Mexico, it was a lie, not a single Intejet employee even tried to help. The bus to our remote positiion arrived 30 minutes after the now we are 2 hours late. Nobody thr"

Pros: "The staff were great as was my flight. Very comfortable flight! I’ll fly Interjet whenever I can."

Pros: "Astounded that the process was so smooth considering that the computer system was down."
Cons: "We asked to move up since there were full rows that were empty; but the crew keep insisting that we should ask later. We asked up until the point when other people started to pick seats for themselves. Would have appreciated them helping us out earlier."

Pros: "El precio es justo para el servicio recibido. No necesitaba más. Los asientos bastante espaciosos."
Cons: "Para el tiempo de vuelo quizá un mejor snack que chips. Un cold sandwich?"

Pros: "People workers"

Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "The flight was delayed two hours"

Pros: "Staff was really nice to answer all my questions. Also, I can take my second bagage for $25 only"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "It will be good if this airline provides help for people over 65 years old."

Pros: "I flight 3 times a year but never whit internet and that experience was totally different. From now on internet will be my first choice for anywhere i have to fly"

Pros: "Comfortable plane."
Cons: "20min delay, but no big deal."

Pros: "Liked that it was more comfortable and food was actually free in flight."
Cons: "Didn't like the fact that I had to pay at a different kiosk for luggage, was told it was a crowd management thing... me I just didn't like it I would of just payed all up front."

Pros: "Always good movies"
Cons: "Overall everything is good , with the actual situation I font think is a problem with the airline or employee"

Pros: "Crew was amazing."
Cons: "Wish the wifi was faster; not that much on IFE. Food was good but not great."

Pros: "Amazing crew and comfortable seats"
Cons: "Food, movies"

Pros: "staff was nice"
Cons: "it was late as always, so instead of getting home tonight, I am in a crapy hotel in Houston ...."

Cons: "food"

Pros: "the crew was good."
Cons: "there was no entertainment for a 6 hour flight."

Pros: "Plane was clean and crew was hard working. Good coffee!"
Cons: "The lines at the EWR terminal were a NIGHTMARE. Will avoid United EWR terminal in the future. Encountered some RUDE customers too (not United’s fault but overall frustration with lines didn’t help)."

Cons: "I don't like not having a TV screen"

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Comfort"

Pros: "Losding procedure orderly, staff helpful."
Cons: "Pretzels are getting old, anything new out there?"

Cons: "Like so many others, my flight was delayed. This was due to the scheduled pilot calling in."

Pros: "Me gusto que el vuelo fue puntual y la cortesía de la señora que nos atendió. Viaje en Business Class y no hubo nada excepcional que me gustara"
Cons: "La película que pusieron fue realmente mala"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "United intertainment app getting stuck on movies"

Pros: "The flight crew was excellent, and the flight was even better. Fort Myers is an excellent airport."

Pros: "Everything was fast"
Cons: "emtertinment screens in the front Row couldn’t turn Iran’s it was a midnight flight."

Pros: "nice plane. good service good job of getting our missing bags to us."
Cons: "delays on both ends. luggage did not arrive with us on either end"

Pros: "United is an OK airline, but their planes are old and not comfortable, entertainment is inexistent since it has old and bad screens and everything is paid, better to have your own tablet."
Cons: "Seats aren't comfortable, airplanes too old, food is bad, crew members don't have the service as Asian or Middle east airlines."

Cons: "Waiting in the airport for 8 hours."

Pros: "The flight was full. I was upgraded to an exit row seat which was wonderful."
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Was excellent i like thank you"
Cons: "Nothing al contrario all excellent"

Pros: "Smiling attendants."
Cons: "After buying alcohol in Guatemala, at the duty free shop, the workers at the shop taped the small boxed jars in bubble wrap - not, I discovered in an official duty free bag. So security stopped me in Houston, I went back to the United counter where they were going to charge me $15 to send it to Sacramento. I didn't spend the money. Dissapointing."

Pros: "On time, very pleasant crew"

Pros: "Comfy seats! So nice when you have a comfortable chair"

Cons: "No one notified me that my trip was cancelled I found out myself and then had to rebook after waiting two and a half hours on hold for someone at United for assistance no one ever answered"

Pros: "No layover and the guy was nice to sit all 3 of us together."
Cons: "Unorganized for boarding, unorganized for check in, no snacks, no meals available on flight or at the airport due to it being a late flight."

Cons: "Everything was good"

Pros: "Economy class is super cramped. One of the flight attendants was unpleasant."

Pros: "old equipment"
Cons: "I slept"

Pros: "Arriving in the states"
Cons: "Charging 28$ to check one bag on an international flight? When did that change and why? I will fly somebody else from now on. What greed!"

Cons: "I had to wait 16 hours, it was a serious delay"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "On time flight and no problems at all"
Cons: "The plane was having some air conditioner issues but the flight crew informed every one of the problem and what they were doing to fix it. They also came around with water very quickly for everyone to help cool them down. It was either push forward and wait for it to cool down once we got in the air or change planes, I was totally ok with how they handled it."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Not entertainment"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The staff was disrespectful when I asked for water the lady told me I had to stand up and get it myself. I try to use the liegjt above my seat to call for another staff and this lady yelled NO No No you have to stand up and get it yourself. Also flight delays, i went on 4 flights with UA this time and they were terrible"

Cons: "Delayed flight"

Pros: "Polite crew, very helpful"
Cons: "Legroom seemed so very tiny. My husband is fairly tall and long-legged, and has had knee trouble, The seat-back position of the chair in front made a normal sitting position impossible for him."

Pros: "We were making an emergency trip to S.F. and everything thing was on time."
Cons: "Though we travel on United and have a United card the price of getting a last minute flight on a plane that was almost half empty was absurd. We will rent a car to return home."

Cons: "Dead battery on plane. Delayed flight caused missed connection. No hotel voucher. Sit in terminal all night."

Pros: "It was clean, the flight attendants were very polite"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "N/a"

Cons: "Two hours Delay not good"

Pros: "The only thing i lkied about the flight was that they delivered my bag even though it came out 3 days later"
Cons: "I had a really bad flight my flight was supposed to be a 8hrs flight n i got home 14hrs later also they forgot my bag n they delivered to me 3 days later i was really disappointed"

Cons: "Need to pay for movies. We need at least some free channels. Also would like to see the map of where the plane is, as it used to be few years ago"

Cons: "Free entertaiment. Not only pay"

Cons: "Delayed, needed to change the second leg"

Pros: "Zero."
Cons: "The flight was overbooked and asked for several volunteers to take later flights for travel credit. Ended up forcing those unlucky souls in the last boarding group off flight with no offer of credit or accommodation. Waited in customer service line for hours, literally longer than it would have taken to take off and arrive at my scheduled destination. United representatives could not find a flight that guaranteed a seat (not on a long standby list) that was even in the same 12 hour period. I spoke with a United supervisor who showed zero empathy or concern with the situation. In the end I arranged for other travel accommodations to drive to my family reunion destination. No refund was issued or offered. I was informed I would have to call United customer service after the date of my previously scheduled return flight to explain my situation. I will personally never fly United again and would recommend the same to anyone. Although for the record, I did receive a single ten dollar airport food voucher for my inconvenience. Inexcusable."

Pros: "The bar tender nice service the flights excelent"
Cons: "The service"

Pros: "Planes are ok."
Cons: "No entertainment, food options, etc."

Pros: "Had to wait standby but got on the flight. Was very happy about that!!"

Pros: "On time clean and friendly staff"

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Guatemala to Vail

Airlines flying from Guatemala to Vail have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Guatemala to Vail

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Guatemala to Vail

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Guatemala to Vail

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Guatemala to Vail

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