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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47665 reviews
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Aa es la mejor aerolínea . La atención es excelente y eficientes

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Aa es la mejor aerolínea . La atención es excelente y eficientes

The person sitting next to me took my storage space under the seat but other than that was pretty good service and the food was not terrible.

Pros: "When we did get in the air, the flight seemed to go quickly and we got there fast."
Cons: "I upgraded to 1st class for both flights but the plane seating was very dismal and hadn't been upgraded in either of these planes for a long time. After we boarded the plane we were told that no drink, snacks or food would be offered. The attendant shut off the lights as soon as we got in the air and kept it dark in the cabin until 10 minutes before we landed. She never came around to check on us once or ask if we needed anything. I was so thirsty when we landed. I have decided that I will either go back to United Airlines or check out the 1st class options at American Airlines better next time. This might not have been their fault, I'm not sure what it was, but the flight was late landing and we took off an hour late as well which really put me behind schedule."
Cons: "There are too many announcements on the screen before you can start watching entertainment. It takes about 15 minutes."
Cons: "Short flight, would have appreciated if when asking for pretzels the flaggt attendant didn't hand me the spare bag of his pockets."
Pros: "Really enjoy flying first class."
Cons: "Excellent"
Pros: "Good entertainment choices."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seat with insufficient legroom wouldn't recline. Inadequate overhead storage (full flight)"
Cons: "The seat went back three inches. I was about to spasm after 4 hours. No movement whatsoever. The flight crew could have moved me but I suppose they were told not to as I had a cheap ticket."
Cons: "2 hour delay"
Pros: "It was standard AA service"
Cons: "After flying in Delta Comfort+, American’s forward economy section is just nothing."
Pros: "Crew was tight, friendly, flight comfortable & painless."
Cons: "Sat waiting for gate for 30 min"
Pros: "Amazing crew and boarding process (given our priority status), great food throughout the flight."
Cons: "Seat comfort"
Cons: "The communication on the actual flight could have been better. The flight from Houston to Charlotte was not very informative as in weather conditions, traffic, or the time in which we landed was not gone over."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and easy"
Cons: "The plane could have been cleaner"
Cons: "Smoke in cabin, has to return to Houston. Then they never transferred our luggage as promised."
Pros: "The crew was polite and professional"
Cons: "At Miami check in, American had 40-60 automated terminals available for self check, but only had EIGHT open for use. Caused a needless bottleneck and the transition from there to the bag drop was also poorly laid out and did not provide a logical nor efficient route from one to the other. fix it!"
Pros: "On time flight. We were even a little early."
Cons: "Those seats are just crammed in there aren’t they?"
Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Absolutely no accommodation for seat assignments and the lady at the gate was so rude for even just asking to sit next to my fiancé even though there were tons of single people on the flight."
Pros: "The flight itself was fine."
Cons: "The gate change was not announced on my phone app (changed from E7 to D49). I hate leaving out of Terminal E at MIA. There is no point to having TSA Pre-Check if you have to stand in line with people who don't have it. I have to remove my liquids and laptop. It's such a shabby, run-down terminal."
Cons: "Gate change and delay in boarding. Delayed landing and made connecting flight difficult"
Pros: "Much better the typical American cattle class. Qantas actually served real food. Cabin was spacious."
Pros: "NA"
Cons: "Multiple delayed flights leading to short connection time. Despite meeting stated time, denied entry and surprises that my ticket was changed with no effort to correct said error at the gate despite adequate time prior to take off."
Pros: "Crew was good, flight was on time"
Cons: "Old plane, no TVs"
Pros: "Crew was nice"
Cons: "Not enough leg room. They did a gate change and I almost missed the flight because nothing was announced and when I looked at my phone app it had the previous gate."
Cons: "Flight was delayed so had to drive to connecting city just to make it home."
Cons: "My bags were not checked all the way to my destination, I had to get them re-tagged and checked for this part of the trip and the American Agent was EXTREMELY rude and made us pay oversized bagge fees even though our baggage was within the Qantas allowance, the main carrier for our flight."
Pros: "The plane looks like new. Great seats, phone and tablet holders at the seat back, USB outlet and a smooth flight."
Cons: "The WiFi did not work and so no entertainment for a flight of almost 4 hours."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Tight seating leg room non existent."
Pros: "Landing and deplaning"
Cons: "Literally everything else"
Pros: "Was able to sleep"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Our plane was given to another group going to Orlando so we were delayed almost 4 hours. This after a 5 hour layover."
Cons: "Gate lady was funny about being pissed about the delay."
Pros: "Great service in first class"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Movie and tv selection was good. Boarding was a cinch, we took off exactly on time, seats were comfortable, too."
Cons: "Airline misplaced my boyfriend's checked back with our duty free Portuguese wine in it. It still hasn't been delivered to him the next day. They had three hours to get the bag on the flight."
Cons: "Flight crew was late and didn’t try and make things move faster to make up time. Kept saying they wanted to go Puerto Rico and that’s where they should have been going."
Pros: "Nice leg room"
Cons: "Doors closed early for my 6:28am flight. I couldn't fly until 1:18pm. Crew says that doors close 10 minutes before flight. The doors on the 1:18pm flight stayed open well after 1:18pm. The flight was then delayed until 1:50pm."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by 90 minutes because the incflight mint flight was late"
Cons: "The A319 outfitted in this way is to freaking tight!!! There is not even close to enough leg room for an average sized American male. I'm no taller than six foot and not overweight. You must fix this issue. I will look for other carriers whenever possible."
Cons: "3rd flight in two weeks suck sitting next to a morbidly obese person. They should be forced to purchase two seats."
Cons: "the drink service came through pretty late in the flight. i asked for hot tea. a few minutes later i was provided with extremely hot tea. about 10 minutes later it was a temperature i could tolerate drinking. about 1/3 through the drink i was required to throw away my drink because we were preparing for landing. i understand that, fine. bad timing. it’s just a drink. what was unsatisfactory is that the attendant rudely commented “you have to give us your drink. it’s not that long of a flight.” the comment made me feel like i had done something wrong even though i had just been drinking my tea as soon as it was at a drinkable temperature. i was not impressed with the attendant. also, there weren’t any biscotti cookies."
Pros: "The first leg had awesome pasta.Then, on the 2nd leg, Philly to Denver, they had a "pay for meal" option for turkey with Chutney sandwich - again, delicious. I should add that the service was very good as well."
Pros: "Staff was great!"
Cons: "Seats were really uncomfortable up and reclined. Overhead baggage was full by the time I boarded and there was no enforcement of the carry-on baggage sizes... This needs to be addressed and contributed to our lack of comfort, noting this was the last leg of an 18 hour journey. My body still hurts today after a good nights sleep."
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice trip was uneventful."
Pros: "Snacks"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Personnel; lack of customer service"
Pros: "No excuse on a night flight does the temperature to be 80 plus degrees on the plane."
Cons: "The plastic seats and extreme temperature was brutal. They shut the AC off of down somehow."
Cons: "They lost our baggage and communication was terrible"
Pros: "I fly this route with American pretty often. The cabin crew was good. Everything else seemed sub par."
Cons: "Our take off was delayed, officially due to fueling the plane, but if the plane wasn't fueled ahead of time, someone failed to do their job properly. Also, while I'm starting to think that A320s just suck mechanically for landing (they always seem to land harder than a 737), this one seemed a little extra rough."
Cons: "Unexplained delay in leaving but only arrived about 10 min later than scheduled. Took an hour from pulling into the gate for bags to arrive though which caused me to miss my shuttle. Never had to wait more than 15 min for any other airline at DIA."
Cons: "They did not check the toilets before we left so we were diverted to St. Louis and I arrived in charlotte 3 hours late"

first class was really comfortable

WiFi didn’t work. But they let me pay for it, $50, before the pilot reported the WiFi had to be rebooted. I planned to do computer work on the flight and this put me behind so I’ll be doing work tomorrow while also supporting my son in surgery at the hospital. I will not be flying United again for awhile even if they advertise cheaper flights with similar amenities.

Pros: "Crew was nice, but they left on time and got us here almost 30 minutes early."
Cons: "For one my bag happened to some how end up on another flight I arrived at 4 pm in denver and didnt get my bag till 11 pm yesterday evening"
Pros: "I’m handicapped and requested wheelchair assistance when I booked flight. Not once was it ready I had to ask for it at every leg of trip, going and returning. Took morning flight home to connection and when landed was told that flight was cancelled and rebooked my on another flight which was fine but didn’t have the seat available that was originally designated and the woman at customer service didn’t care. New flight delayed 3 times and I ended up being in Newark for 9 hours and got a total of $30 in vouchers, had anyone that gives these vouchers out bought anything in an airport before? And the $30 I did get I had to beg for as well. No more united for me thanks."
Cons: "90 minutes late, changed terminals on us right before boarding so another flight could have our plane. No leg room, crazy landing and stale pretzels."
Pros: "On time, nice stewardesses who kept after drinks, offered refills, good snack(maple cookie) pilot again commented. Comments on turbulence especially calming. Also like a little geography like what river we are over. Deveops personal relationship"
Cons: "It was a fine flight but let me talk about boarding in general. After your special groups seems like you should load back of plane first? Window seats first? Boarding is a series of hurry up and wait experiences. I do not like feeling like cattle waiting in gate ramp or walk then in aisles. Must be better way. Please don't let people bring on 3 personal items and carryon. Make them check carryon or?"
Cons: "delays were long, video sound is too loud for an evening flight. too many adds play on the screens and over the PA system"
Pros: "Seats were comfortable, we were in first class. United provided a good selection of recent movies."
Cons: "United stewardesses have little to no interest in their duties. Questions were clearly an annoyance to them. The leg of flight from Denver to Des Moines was very uncomfortable, seats much to tigh, no leg room. Gate staff in Denver were exceptional. United needs to revisit their time for loading. We preloaded, I had a broken leg, I was traveling with a special needs woman. We just reached our seats when other passengers were prodding us to sit so they could board no time to settle. Not impressed"
Cons: "my checked luggage was delayed a day"
Cons: "There were no blankets"
Pros: "Agent was able to get us on an earlier flight. She was very helpful and friendly. 2 of us shared 3 seats in the emergency row."
Cons: "Pay entertainment. Can’t shut off screen. Cycles same ads. Super annoying! Seats are crammed. Service is as minimal as they can get away with. I prefer delta! Don’t fly United if I can help it."
Pros: "The flight attendants were so nice, and although our flight was delayed and hour and fifteen minutes and our layover was an hour and fifteen minutes, we were able to make our connection! Since our connection to Portland in Denver was the last flight of the night, they were able to hold it for us. This was wonderful because there weren’t many flights out that weren’t booked solid for the next day. The attendants on this flight were great about updating us with information for the connections and telling us when we would land in Denver."
Cons: "The plane was delayed over an hour for cleaning. It was frustrating to say the least."
Pros: "The plane was not cleaned prior to departure so the bathroom was disgusting. One of flight attendants cleaned it , probably not her job but appreciated. The staff was terrific with an exhausted group of passengers."
Cons: "This flight was more than two hours late. The updates were not shared at the gate and we were strung along about the departure time. If a person didn't have the app, little to no info was available."
Pros: "I had no problems the gate agent was very nice and I did get the basic economy which that only did I have to pay for my bags but I also got the last seat in the back in the corner which is OK I guess I’ll pay more attention to the fair I still probably saved a little money but I don’t know that I save that much I think that sometimes the boarding agent needs to pay attention to the carry-on luggage for sure bring a lot carry-on luggage which doesn’t allow for others to have carry-on luggage who were in the later groups and then they get penalized with their bags being checked as there’s no more room and they’re not basic economy but other than that I like taking United they have nonstop service between Orlando in Houston and it’s been a wonderful experience most of the time and I think the airlines do a pretty good job considering the traveling public themselves to be very challenging at times professionalism and courtesy works both ways and unfortunately people buy tickets and think that it’s a one-way street. they then run to the media who loves to make it about the big guy versus the little guy anyway good job united and I will continue to fly you when you’re the most appropriate carrier to get me to where I want to be."
Cons: "Nothing I just need to pay more attention to my ticket purchase I didn’t realize it was a basic economy until after I bought it which meant I had to pay for my bags which added $50 to my fair which wasn’t that big a deal but then I got a seat all the way the back in the corner which really wasn’t that bad either but if I went to Carrynon a bag I was allowed to do so"
Pros: "The flight crew was very helpful and very nice. I was traveling with my 7 month old daughter by myself and the crew made sure I was taken care of."
Cons: "When I got off the plane and was waiting for my stroller and car seat to be brought up from the cargo hold, I received the car seat first in good condition. My stroller, however, had the clip busted off that connects the car seat to the stroller and cannot be replaced. So my entire travel system is now unusable. I know this happened on my transfer from Houston to Denver because I had to use my stroller when I got off of my flight from West Palm Beach to Houston and the entire thing was in tact. This is extremely frustrating because this travel system is $450 and is now unusable. And what's even more frustrating is that these items have to be gate checked and are given "special handling" tags when they are checked. The clip that was busted off is a pretty substantial piece so my stroller had to have been handled extremely poorly in order for this clip to bust lose."
Pros: "The flight was on time"
Cons: "This was a smaller plane (4 seats across). Knowing this, they didn't bring enough luggage carts, so they only brought some of the luggage to the baggage claim and didn't tell us this. 5-6 of us waited and waited and finally asked someone who told us that they had to go back to the plane to get the rest of the luggage. Those of us still waiting got to wait another half hour for our luggage. Talk all they want, United just can't seem to get it right. PS: those of us who had to wait were the ones who got to the San Antonio airport the earliest and thus our luggage was on the plane first."
Pros: "Once again, United was exceptional in providing the utmost care and service for its passengers."
Cons: "No complaints."
Pros: "We had an aisle each! The staff were friendly too."
Cons: "A slight delay"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "6 hour delay. Sending the plane from Denver to salt lake and back to Denver before a 7:55am flight was supposed to take off . Having 1 person on the plane from Salt Lake to Denver. Forcing a full plane of Denver durango customers waiting for 6 hours"
Cons: "The Gates changed,Flight Delayed half an hour."
Pros: "free movies on the flight with the united app"
Cons: "The flight attendant was late delaying boarding 20 minutes. Once they started, people were lining up to board. This is a normal behavior however, there employee decided to stop boarding because she said people were crowding. she stop boarding for another 20 minutes. Now, this was a large flight and there wasn't enough room for everyone to stand off to the side. She was rude and there was no reason for this especially when the flight attendant was already late. The plane was delayed 45 minutes due to this"
Pros: "The flight attendants"
Cons: "Well no movie screens, and when you get on the plane they say there is internet movies, but you need to download the ultimate app for United to have it work!! The internet was so slow I could not download on my iPhone 7 Plus with 256 gigabytes and well No Movie!!!! It is the first time that I have not watched or played something in maybe 40yrs!! Also I asked for a seat that would recline and they gave me the only seats that do not because the emergency exit was behind!! The had no sandwiches or salads, they only had chips, crackers, etc"
Pros: "Nothing I won't be flying united again!"
Cons: "The lady at the gate when boarding was not friendly and was not willing to help us get seats together. I was traveling with my mother, husband and two infant children. And it was like pulling teeth to get any information out of her. She did not even tell us we could board early to get situated on plane! I also called earlier that morning and spoke with a man on he phone at united who told me he put us all in the same row. That was a lie bc when we checked in at the gate to get our seats the lady said no one was sitting next to each other! That lady was rude and short tempered! Awful experience will never fly again!!"
Cons: "Limited overhead space"
Pros: "Busy & hectic with a very full flight, but staff was attentive & friendly."
Cons: "All fine"
Pros: "Suitcase arrived at the carrousel on time , much better than Houston."
Pros: "The associate at the desk confused my flight for the next flight. I was given the wrong information and I watched my plane depart from the gate. Upon realizing that employees of that gate had left, and we're not coming back, I had to ask passing personnel about my flight to find that it left already and that I had already been rebooked without being notified. I now had to fly from Houston to Chicago to Nashville. The new flight boarded almost 2 hours later than expected, and upon landing in Chicago, I had already missed my connecting flight to Nashville by 35 minutes apparently. Unacceptable."
Cons: "Bad communication between crew and guests . We sat on the runway for over an hour before them told us what was going on . The most rude and awful flight attendants I've ever had . Same thing with landing no communication as to why it took so long till the end , over all I'll prolly never fly United again and I would like a full refund ."
Pros: "The best part was relaxing at the United Club before the flight. I will try and book flights with United and go to the club especially when returning home."
Cons: "We volunteered to take a later flight if needed. It was a little chaotic, but the ground crew did an excellent job getting us on the flight."
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to maintenance issue (as usual) and the employeea didn't even try to accommodate with those that had a connecting flight. They were pretty much like oh well, just get a hotel for the night. I swear United hires the rudest people!"
Cons: "Two delays"
Pros: "Nothing actually except it was on time.. I do appreciate being able to bring my little dog on board with us although it cost alost as much as another seat. Thanks for letting us bring her."
Cons: "You put us all in very back seats and I am clostifobac.. It WAS HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE... LOuD AND NO RECLINING AND IN A CORNER.. OMG had to stand up most of way to keep from freaking out. And.. I HAD RESERVED MY SEATS..MAKES NO FRICKEN SENSE.. The tkt guy was rude when I told him I reserved our seats and now we are all 3 scattered everywhere alone. I think that's WHY HE PUT US IN THE VERY BACK BEING HATEFUL BECAUSE I WAS NOT HAPPY THAT UNITED DECIDED TO SEPARATE US FROM ROW I TO 30.. Also I am paying to bring my children to Mexico and I can't get points for it. Just sayin..."
Cons: "Unable to pre-check online. Unable to check at the check in machines--had to go up and check in at the counter, long wait because there was only one clerk. We were then given a ticket just to get through security and had to check in a second time when we get to the gate for seat assignment, which is ridiculous. Why couldn't that be done at the 1st check-in? The clerk told me she will call me when she has the seat assignment/ boarding ticket but she never did and I had to go back up to ask for them when it was getting close to boarding time. At the last moment minutes, volunteers could check in their carry on for free....It would have been nice (and less hassle) to have that option at the 1st check-in."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I'm usually a patient person, but my flight was supposed to leave at 525am and didn't leave until 730. This was the first flight in the morning. We boarded, waiting 30 minutes on the plane, they told us to get off because there were computer issues. Why wasn't that checked before everybody was boarded? Once we got on the plane we had to wait another 30 minutes for the crew to get someone's luggage from under the plane. Why wasn't that done while the computer was getting fixed? I didn't get to Denver until 1040am missed my flight and didn't get to get on my connection until 500pm. In the meantime I called to get on a different flight at 1, but the guy on the phone didn't actually book me a seat. The gate people weren't very nice."
Pros: "Friendliness of the staff"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "It was pretty cheap"
Cons: "Our flight was delayed because the pilot wasn't there. I feel like this sort of thing always happens with united. When I went to ask for help about my connecting flights I was treated like I was the one inconveniencing them. And the response I got was there's nothing we can do if you miss your connecting flight the only one going out today is at 10 pm but it's completely full already. I feel like it was the worst customer service and while I realize the lady I spoke to was probably not the one responsible for the captain being Mia she could have been more kind and more helpful by 100%"
Pros: "Very friendly and helpful staff."
Cons: "The fact that we had a connecting flight to minot from Denver. Arrived late to Denver because of weather, but my stroller that I had left on the jetway in Seattle was never put on the plane which I didn't know until I got to minot. I was going to wait for it in denver, but I would have missed my flight to minot had I waited 5 more minutes. We arrived to minot only to find out that our 3 suitcases, one stroller and 2 car seats were never in the flight. Awful! And my connecting flight was even delayed an extra 55 min so I don't quite know where my things are."
Pros: "Nothing! Rude people, rude service, smaller plane size, crappy food with a smell!"
Cons: "Everything! Rude people, rude service, smaller plane size, crappy food with a smell! Attendant even went as far as saying "This is why I prefer working with first class" to his co worker, making reference about a passenger. And even went as far as saying "I really need a drink after this one" when the passenger overhead his first comment and asked him why he's being so rude to her family and no one else. Also didn't bring us or the passenger behind us any water when we asked, and when asked again, he rudely said "You will have to wait, can't you see I only have two hands. I haven't gotten to your row yet" which he had, and passed, which is why the man behind us mumbled to us, and we made a request too."
Pros: "It was inexpensive"
Cons: "Twice on this trip, the plane was not at the gate, since it needed to be delivered.......In Houston, when it was delivered, the gate agent reported that the interior was too hot, they had to cool it down. Then, after we were all on, the crew arrived, saying they had just been assigned to our flight. Needless to say, the flight was over an hour late, many of us missed our connections and had to spend the night,"
Cons: "My flight was scheduled to leave at 4:51 pm. I arrived at the airport 2 and a half hours before my flight was to leave and I read the departure board to see that the flight was delayed due to maintenance. Then I saw that it was delayed again because we were waiting for a flight coming in from the Bahamas. Well my flight didn't take off until about 7:30 pm. I arrived in Denver around 10:00 pm which made me miss my shuttle to the Springs. I am a diabetic and was in need of my medication so I needed to get home. I spent extra money to take a bus to downtown Denver and a grayhound bus to the springs and a cab to my home. So my trip cost my an extra $55.00 dollars I didn't have. I have always taken United but after this experience, I will never again take United."
Pros: "The crew is AMAZING!!! Personal, professionals, they go above and beyond my personal standard of customer service. Very comfortable atmosphere. Not to be mistaken with the uncomfortable seats. I like to think United doesn't overlook the work ethic their employees represent the company with on a day to day basis."
Cons: "I travel for work from Grand Junction, Colorado to Dickinson, North Dakota every 4 to 6 weeks. I always fly United. On one occasion I met family in Colorado Springs, so I bought a round trip ticket from Dickinson to Colorado Springs. I missed the second half of my round trip flight from Colorado Springs to Dickinson. I had to pay my own cab fare from Colorado Springs to Denver to catch my flight, because your plane, that i paid for a flight on, had mechanical issues and didn't make it to Colorado Springs. Second, my flight in Denver was cancelled 3 times and almost a fourth. I all but got down on my knees and begged to catch the fourth flight they tried to cancel. Third, I didn't even get to fly into Dickinson. So instead of somebody coming and picking me up in Dickinson which is a 30-minute drive from where I work, somebody had to drive 3 hours to Williston where you guys ended up getting me. Which cost me 3 hours of gas money to get picked up, instead of 30 min of gas money. I didn't get either of the flights back to North Dakota that I paid for. I've asked for the reasonable request that I be refunded 50% of the cost of the airfare and the $235 it cost for cab fare. When I contacted United about this I got the runaround from everybody. At this point I've pretty much accepted the loss, and the financial hit. I'll continue to fly United only because it's pretty much my only option. Just make sure you keep the crew around. They're great. I'd hate for the experience to go from unsatisfying, to miserable."
Pros: "Boarding was smooth. Everything on time. Friendly people."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats. They were a little cramped in the width, but unbelievably cramped to the person in front of me. Spirit has more room."
Pros: "the ride was good"
Cons: "if you ask a stewardess if the airplane from Houston to Leon has a power source for the iPhones you get - scolded, "sir, this is not a 737". Really. Would I ask if i knew the particulars of all the plane sizes in your fleet. I asked because I needed one and do not study the amenities of each plane. Try some politeness with the "idiocy" of passengers slammed into a window seat by your automated seating computer. Next. To fill out the forms provide please offer a pen. You can put your name on it if you like, make it a gimme pen. I tried internet unsuccessfully, then joined United Club to get wifi, only to discover after too late its only at the airport; then tried go go wifi; only to discover we flew out of range, again no notice that there was a particular range - your inflight ap services are not friendly revealing the shortcomings of a purchase."
Pros: "nothing"
Pros: "My flight started off with getting to the airport only to find my flight had been canceled in the morning and rescheduled at an earlier time while I was at work. I don't check my phone or email while at work. Fortunately, your staff was quickly able to put me on a flight that left an hour and a half after my original flight, but would put me on a connecting flight with American Airlines in Chicago. The AA flight had engine trouble so it turned around and we borded another plane after we landed. The original flight would have had me to my destination by 9:30 pm. Instead I arrived at 1:08 am the next day. I am frustrated that my flight was canceled so close to my departure. It was a great inconvenience to those picking me up at the airport. It added to my stress. It made it much less likely that I will fly United again. Maybe you had good reason to cancel my flight at such short notice, but it severely tainted my experience and opinion of United and American Airlines which had been fairly positive until now."
Cons: "The inconsideration for my schedule. The last minute change."
Cons: "The KAYAK APP sucks i selected annother date And time And missed the flight as a no show. I selected the date for next thursday And the APP moved it And booked it for the same day. impossible to take it was Erich And not the date i wanted. I reeboked it in UNITED direct payed 75 USD and fixed kayak mistake. Never use this sh...t again"
Pros: "I found my seat with no problem."
Cons: "The flight left Houston late. The check in process was fine, we were asked to check our bags because the flight was full. Once on board and seated the flight attendant came on and said there were 5 bags without the proper tags for people to claim. How could they have improper tags when the person at the gate was giving the tags out? Four bags were claimed and with 1 bag (blue) left the flight attendants asked us 3 more times "whose bag it was?". When no one claimed the bag one more person from United came down the isle holding the bag asking everyone one last time. I heard him say "I was told to do this". At this time 4 more people boarded late. I thought after a certain amount of time boarding would end?"
Pros: "The flight was cheap!"
Cons: "The flight was cheap... Meaning you even have to pay for a drink. They didn't even offer water and in the winter it is incredibly dry. I also almost paid 50 dollars for a carry-on that I was entitled to. Luckily I called to confirm that I've personal item is included."
Pros: "it was everything i expected it to be - minus a few details, but all in all, you get what you pay for. For the price point, it was def a better experience than Spirit which is important. They might not be my first choice but its fair and comfortable enough."
Cons: "i sat a few rows from the back of the plane and the bathroom had a permeant musty smell as if it was old and gross. the flight was about two hours and the flight attendants never asked me what I wanted as my complimentary drink - i thought that was kinda crappy."
Pros: "Clean and comfortable seats"
Pros: "simplicity."
Cons: "help but i had to pay to change my flight during Harvey. I paid double because of it. second time they did it free of charge, it should have been free of charge my ticket was 157, it bacame 300+. seats dont recline. tough for your back."
Pros: "Everyone was so nice, from the sweet girl who checked our bags in Houston to all the flight attendants on the plane."
Cons: "The girl in Houston could've used some help"
Pros: "The initial ticket price. I was just needing a cheap flight to SLC from Houston to pick up my family and drive them back home. So for the price I didn't need any luggage and it was perfect and cheap."
Cons: "The lay over. The cost for a 12 oz can of soda is two dollars. The rude staff. The fact that my flight should of got there at 11:45 and instead it got there at 2:00 am."
Pros: "On time friendly crew great price"
Cons: "No recline on seats poor room for legs"
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "The airline charges for carry-on bag!"
Pros: "Everything was on time"
Cons: "The landing was miserable, getting off the plane took about 35 minutes."
Pros: "Slow boarding, poorly trained crew, charge you for every thing, and uncomfortable seats, no inflight magazine, don't even give you water."
Pros: "How attentive the crew was. They took time to explain the Frontier app in great detail and answered all my questions."
Cons: "That you had to pay for one piece of luggage. I can see paying for two but not one.The rates are great but it was made up for in luggage charge and price of snacks and soda."
Pros: "Evetything went smoothly; the staff were all very kind and helpful and there were no problems being kicked outta my seat, like United, haha!"
Cons: "I never appreciate having an extra Bill for both a carry on and a checked bag- I wish it all would be one lump summary so the process didn't drag out and my pleasure in finding a good priced seat wouldn't be dashed by tacking on $55 extra in luggage."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Seats are not comfortable"
Pros: "Everything was well run and ontime"
Pros: "After our long delay I was rewarded a $100.00 flying voucher to be used on a future frontier flight. That $100.00 was more than I had paid for my flight in the first place."
Cons: "Our flight had a continual delay. At first it was only supposed tonbe about 30 minutes, but it ended up being a 4-hour delay. The plane needed a new wheel but the part wasn't in hand so we had to wait for another plane to fly in the Part."
Pros: "Staff was very friendly and efficient."
Cons: "Food options were awful, especially for what they charge for food."
Pros: "Timeliness"
Cons: "Uncomfortable, charged for everything. Not the Frontier of old."
Cons: "Everything..I will not ever fly Frontier again. The cost to pick a seat, baggage, carry on's, snacks on the plane, and shitty customer service from flight attendants. I could have flown Delta non-stop AND have everything included. I will make sure tour spread the word. Awful customer service. Caused many people to miss connecting flights and made them pay for overnight hotel stays, missed work, etc. No sympathy or willingness to do right by the customer."
Pros: "Not trying to be hurtful, but not much. The people sitting next to me were nice. The temperature was fine. Nice takeoff, flight, and landing. The seating in the terminal was comfortable."
Cons: "The boarding was completely disorganized. The crew unprofessional. I overheard one crew member say to another "What is it with these Denver weirdos?". Then they complained about work and passengers the rest of the trip. I was in the front row and they must've assumed I couldn't hear them. I could. I know you're trying to reduce fares and making it an more a la cart experience, but $2.99 for a can of soda? Having to avoid the pile of ice that was dumped by the flight crew into the bathroom sink when i washed my hands wasn't very pleasant. The chairs are still incredibly uncomfortable, even in my "stretch" seating assignment ($35 poorly spent on my part). This trip made me rethink the cost benefit of taking Frontier. Flying United or American may be worth the extra money. And that's coming from someone on a tight budget. I used to enjoy flying Frontier and love taking a plane in general. I surely didn't this time."
Pros: "We had a very simple flight down from Denver to Houston. We were going on a cruise after the holidays. The airline lost our luggage and then every single associate that we talked to was rude, unhelpful and seemed to make the situation worse. As we needed our luggage for the cruise I was on the phone for a good majority of our first day on vacation getting little, to no help. Finally I was able to get help from the service that actually delivers the luggage. 5 stars for them! When I spoke to someone on the phone after all of thos they agreed to refund part of my luggage fees but I would like to have them all refunded as I paid a lot of money to even gt the bag on the flight and I did not receive what I paid for. Overall it is doubtful that I will ever fly Frontier again, and I will NEVER Suggest them to my friends or family. Terrible experience to say the very least."
Pros: "It is so annoying that frontier is constantly trying to sell you something. Other airlines sell things drinks or food but they are discreet. It's like frontier staff are working in commission."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "Never left! After 5 hours of delays, flight was canceled & 3 says later I still have yet to get by luggage returned FROM A FLIGHT THAT NEVER LEFT THE AIRPORT"
Cons: "When I arrived two hours early to my flight, it was the first time I heard it had been cancelled. Apparently, due to weather. They said the only time they could get me out would be three days from then or they could refund me. No, they refused to pay for another ticket. So, I had to spend $435 on a ticket for later in the day when I had spent $130. Then, I look to Denver's weather and its perfect for the day. I call my mom, she's outside without a jacket! Where is the weather pray tell Frontier. This is the third and last time I ever use Frontier. Frontier is the worst airline I have ever used."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing the flight never took off and I never mad it to my destination."
Cons: "Everything this is the worst flying experience I've ever had in my entire life I will never fly frontier again"
Cons: "We were charged for a seat on top of the ticket price, our carry on luggage, as well as drinks and snacks on the plane. If I'd known of all of the extra fees I wouldn't have chosen fronteir. Now I know, and won't choose it again."
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "Flight was late, Boarding procedure was not efficient it would help if they seated by seat letter when I boarded I was in seat f by the window but the other two seats were already occupied and they had to get up to let me in this happened numerous times for everyone on the plan causing a long boarding time. Plane had some off issues I think with the fuel pumps or the hydraulics there was a really annoying sound for the entire flight. No wifi Not enough leg room"
Pros: "Flight attendants were nice. Pilot had anger issues."
Pros: "Flights were on time"
Cons: "Didn't know it would cost me $80 to bring luggage with me. Would have liked to have known this explicitly in advance - I'm a graduate student and $80 is a lot of $ for me to spend without budgeting for it. Also - I needed to do school work while on the plane and the try tables weren't big enough to hold a computer."
Pros: "Original price, before the nickel and diming begins."
Cons: "Nickel and diming us on every single thing. Inability to use the tray table for anything more than a cup of water (that must be paid for). Charging for a carry on."
Pros: "Not much. Frontier got me to where I was going."
Cons: "The seats are too crowded, even for a person who is only 5; 4" tall like I am. They were hard and uncomfortable. I don't like having to pay for everything--including extra money to get a seat. The flight was late getting into Orange County. Then Frontier lost my bag. It was not until the next day that they brought my bag to me the next day. Thankfully Frontier waived my bag fee. I won't fly Frontier again just like I'll never fly Spirit again, and I've recommended that my family not fly Frontier. We will fly either Southwest (the best), or United."
Pros: "Not a lot"
Cons: "You pay for everything a seats carry on bag a coke everything had a cost"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Garbage airline"
Pros: "Attendants were very polite"
Cons: "Waiting too long for the next fly."
Pros: "Sat on tarmac 19 minutes before able to pull into gate in Denver. Unacceptable. Baggage fees are ridiculously expensive. Will NEVER fly this carrier again."
Pros: "Clean seats"
Cons: "Unorganized, misinformation on connecting flight, confused staff. Unorganized, misinformation on connecting flight, confused staff. Unorganized, misinformation on connecting flight, confused staff. Unorganized, misinformation on connecting flight, confused staff."
Pros: "flights were on time, gates close together. They had IPA beer for sale."
Cons: "seating was the most cramped I've ever experienced. I needed to get a boarding pass at the airport and low and behold all three of their machines were down. That was a 15 minute wait, compared to the normal airlines with 15 machines it was completely avoidable. I was surprised to learn carry on bags cost $40-45, putting me $20 below the cost of a untied flight."
Pros: "The crew was nice and did a great job."
Cons: "We were delayed on both flights by over an hour. The flight from Denver to Houston was delayed 2 and a half hours and I didn't feel we were adequately informed about when we would finally be taking off. Once we boarded the plane, we were delayed an extra half hour waiting on paperwork. All around it was a frustrating experience."
Pros: "Flight crew was nice"
Cons: "~3 hour delay caused us to miss connecting flight and almost miss 2nd option of connecting flight"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Additional fee for many things and I had to pay multiple time for each fee"
Pros: "Staff was good."
Cons: "No TSA precheck, no wifii, no in flight entertainment, Everything cost money from carry on to drinks and food."
Cons: "The carry-on fee was a surprise. Although I can understand the need to restrict what is carried on because people try to avoid check baggage fee, but a carry on fee is ridiculous."
Cons: "airlines have become so cheap! it is sad to see, uncomfortable seats that do not recline and charging even for carry-on bags. frontier used to be my favorite airline because the seats were comfy and the staff was nice and there were free cookies! it felt like i was not being nickeled-and-dimed for everything. now is a different story. would not take frontier again :("
Cons: "Hidden costs for luggage and carry ons"
Pros: "N/A Jose Sanchez 305-763-6132"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Nothing felt "budget" about the flight. it was a great plane staffed with great employees. The spacious seat option really did feel spacious."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "When I boarded and saw the thin, molded seats I braced myself for a long, uncomfortable flight, however to my surprise the seat was the most comfortable Economy seat I have sat in over the last few years. Nothing on United, Americannir Delta compares. Nicely done! In other reviews people have complained about the cost of stowing carry on luggage. I found the disclosures about the fees very clear and easy to understand, which enabled me to select the best option for me. Even when the beverage cart came by and I requested a Coke Zero (which they had!) the flight attendant, verily politely reminded me that they do charge. As I told her, at 30,000 ft, $1.95 seems very reasonable for a can of soda. There were no surprises, and the staff was great. I will definitely fly again."
Pros: "The seating is extremely restrictive. The seats no longer recline. Seating arrangement is a charge item. Carry on bags are a charge item. In flight beverages and food items are charge items. The air in the planes is low quality."
Cons: "The stewards(ess) are bitchy because they are trying to manage very unhappy passengers. They constantly spout warnings to shut up, sit down and do exactly as they say or you will be taken off the airplane in irons by an air marshal. There is no comfort or piece of mind on a Frontier plane."
Cons: "The price of beverages/food."
Pros: "The crew on the way back from Denver were funny and kind and extremely helpful. The flight itself was fine."
Cons: "The prices for the trip. I wish I were explained that I would have so many different prices added on to the trip price. Carry-On price, seat price, Checked bag price (why are they different prices?). Only complimentary drink is water. The trip is more ideal for a weekend trip where all you need is a backpack that can fit under the seat. Then the pricing wouldn't be so bad."
Pros: "Everyone was courteous."
Cons: "Did not know that a carry on cost extra money. No complimentary drinks. Wish things had been more upfront when ticket was bought."
Pros: "Crew was great. Prices on food were good."
Cons: "be ontime not hours late"
Pros: "The crew was funny. We did airplane yoga and they made jokes."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour. There was poor communication to the passengers and on the website. My family members thought my flight was on time for a while before the website updated. While on the jetway awaiting our departure, frustrated passengers started getting up and walking around. The crew began reprimanding us like children with a very undesireable tone. I get the customers were out of line but there had to be a better approach."
Pros: "trip was bad"
Cons: "Turbulence was bad and no complimentary water"
Pros: "This trip was on a newer airplane I believe as it seemed there was a little bit more leg room between rows/seats. Seats did seem a little bit more comfortable than the previous Spirit jet I flew on."
Cons: "Still seemed cramped in the seats with not much leg room. Seats did not recline at all"
Pros: "Staff very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable"
Pros: "It took off on time, boarding and exiting were faster than I’ve experienced on other airlines. I can’t ask for more and was really happy about it for that reason."
Cons: "It’s a budget airline so entertainment was non existent, but that’s really not important to me."
Pros: "Flight good very basic plane like they don’t even have a pocket holder and the tray is minuscule. The chairs are pretty firm but not bad for my 2 hour flight."
Cons: "My baggage was damaged , found open with one of the contents upon top of luggage, found it after beltmstopped and couldn’t find mine, I asked about it and Spirit lady said it’s to the side"
Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Didn't purchase food or entertainment"
Cons: "Na"
Cons: "Not much leg room. They don't serve food. They have outrages bag fees. I don't recommend this airline to anyone."
Pros: "I liked that the staff was very friendly and helpful"
Cons: "I dod not like that a price amount was added for everything extra"
Cons: "Everything. Glee spirit one other time and completely regret it. Haven't flown with them in 4 years. I remember why now. Flight was originally cheaper but by the time you pay all of there fees to get on the plane you're not saving at all. And once on the plane everything costs a fortune so now you've spent even more. They are never on time in my experiences and don't feel the need to give the paying customers updates. After several hours of delays you get the pleasure of being absolutely crammed in their crappy aircraft. NEVER AGAIN!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I arrived at the terminal three hours early, connecting from a non-Spirit flight from Central America. Spirit employees wouldn't check me in, saying they were too busy and I need to wait, but no worry, there's plenty of time. Asked again later and was told to check in online. Checked in online and was told (after the many upsell screens) that I couldn't print a boarding pass and needed to go to a Spirit counter. Went back to the Spirit gate and they said I hadn't checked in so they gave away my seat, and they didn't have another flight until tomorrow. Did I want it? Nope. Bought tickets on a real airline. Will never, ever travel with Spirit again."
Cons: "Online check in was great but after printing boarding pass at home still had to wait in long line to just check bag"
Pros: "Nothing bad, nothing outstanding either."
Cons: "With all the baggage fees and the hassle of having to go back and pay for bags online after purchasing tickets, I'll fly a major carrier next time. After crunching the numbers and inconvenience of it all, I didn't save anything by flying Spirit. You truly do get what you pay for...go cheap, get cheap."
Pros: "None"
Pros: "They shut the doors early I miss my flight they refused to give me a refund waste of money as usual"
Cons: "They shut the doors early I miss my flight they refused to give me a refund waste of money as usual"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Cost of baggage Web site"
Cons: "The seats are cramped and on the way back, they canceled all flights back to Houston, causing us to pay an extra $600 in order to get home to work on Monday."
Cons: "Our return flight was cancelled and we received no phone call or email of any kind letting us know. We had a wasted trip to the airport and my buddies vacation time was up the next day so it put him in the hot seat at work. They were very unprofessional at the check in counter while we were trying to figure out what to do. My friend who we were going to see in Denver had flown spirit a few months before to come see me in Texas. And he had some unnecessary issues also with delays and unprofessional personnel. I won't be using them again. Use a different airline."
Pros: "Price was right"
Cons: "Reserved my seat but didn't get it; cramped."
Pros: "Ran on time. Crew was very polite. Flight also arrived early which was nice."
Pros: "Ease and price, legroom was ample as well"
Cons: "I didn't like paying for my water"
Pros: "Pilots did an amazing job with category 3 landing."
Cons: "People were just walking onto plane without scanning in. Boarding attendants were allowing total chaos. Also, why so many flight attendants and crew onboard?"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "On time! Flight was good. Good option for a good price."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The information"
Pros: "Everything was as expected. I highly recommend springing for the big seats on Spirit flights!!! It was well worth it."
Cons: "One small bag for a weekend trip is fine, but the price for anything extra is crazy expensive!!!"
Cons: "I'm not that large of a person, but I had absolutely no room. Tried to read magazine , no room. I did not like the super small tray table."
Pros: "It's a plane. It was a short flight- all was fine. It was cheap, and I didn't need any baggage, so Spirit is the best airline for that. You can't beat the price. Booked the night before- about 16 hours before the flight."
Pros: "Great overall experience, great price"
Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "Both of our flights were delayed for two hours with no explanation. Other airlines didn't seem to be having the same problems. It is rediculous that they charge for bags and that they are the only airline with a 40 pound weight limit when all of the others are 50 pounds. They charge $10 just to print the boarding passes at the airport. All of this they claim saves you money on the fare, but with all of the nickel and diming that they do to you after you purchase the ticket, it is much more affordable to go with another airline. I will choose some one else to fly with next time."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I wasnt allowed on my plane when it wasnt leaving for 43 minutes after i had arrived there. I would have been there the RECOMMENDED hour and a half early if i hadnt run into heavy traffic. Unfortunately, I only had 43 minutes before the plane left denver and the crew told me that i was late and wouldnt even give me the opportunity to try and get to the aircraft before it left. Then they told me that i could pay almost double what i had origionally spent on the flight to wait 4 hours for the next one with a 6 hour layover for thr connecting flight. I had then asked if it was possible to be reimbursed, the guy at the counter started laughing and said no it was my fault i was late. I have never been treated with such disrespect before in my life. I just dont understand, because no where does it say that if you're not there 50 minutes prior to the flight that you forfeit your flight. 50 minutes, i was there 43 minutes prior. Now i wont be able to visit my family for another year because i used my vacation time for that aweful experience with spirit ovwr 7 minutes. Then when i called kayak to explain to them what happened, they told me there was nothing they could do over and over again. Absolutely no help from either party."
Cons: "We booked and it took 30 minutes to move because of the AC"
Pros: "Everything was on time and as expected. The pilots were great and maneuvering around a storm outside of Denver."
Cons: "Nothing to dislike, really."
Pros: "Nothing except that the pilot didn't crash the plane."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Flight kept being delayed and then it was cancelled."
Pros: "It was an absolute disaster coming into DIA due to weather, but the crew kept us updated on events and it was great to be informed of what was going on."
Cons: "Delayed flight, sat on Tarmac for 40 min.."
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "They didn't let us know it was cancelled after 4 hours of waiting due to bad weather even though all the other flights were taking off."
Pros: "I like the cost for the flight and everyone was very nice."
Cons: "I did not like that there was a big delay in the departure of the fight, I did not get to my destination until very late; this caused me to miss several activities planned for my granddaughter's graduation. I would have liked for my bag to fly at a lower cost as well."
Pros: "I did not know what to expect flying first time on Spirit but was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency and kindness of the employees."
Cons: "I was not pleased to find that the weight for a bag was 40 lbs and was charged $25 on top of the $40 bag fee for an overweight bag. This must have been in the fine print for I did not see it and packed my bag to be less than 50 lbs. The seats have no leg room and I found them to be restrictive for my 5'2" frame. They do not recline due to the space "saving" efforts of the airline. If you are looking for "cheap" remember to add on all the fees charged for bags, select seats, beverages before comparing to other airlines."
Pros: "Cheap. Ramen noodles. My personal carry on fit."
Cons: "EVERYTHING ELSE SUCKED!!! I actually opted to drive home 1100 miles rather than fly back."
Pros: "The intial price of the ticket was good."
Cons: "The seating is a tight squeeze. The plane was also very dirty. I'm happy i brought some wipes so I could wipe off my tray before using it. The lady who I checked in my bag at the ticket counter was absolutely rude. She ruined my mood for the rest of the day. Also by the time I finished paying for my bad there and back I could of paid for a nicer flight. I know better for next time."
Pros: "that it was on time"
Cons: "my flight was late arriving to Houston ONE HOUR ... and plan was very noisy and .. PLUS MY FLIGHT FROM HOUSTON TO DENVER FEB 25 WAS OVER 2 HOURS LATE... I AM VERY UPSET SINCE I LOST A WHOLE DAY OF SKINNG WHICH I WAS TRYING TO DO AFTER 19 YEARS LATER .... RUINED MY 4 DAYS VICCATION WITH MY ELDER BROTHER....THEN GOING BACK HOME ALMOST ONE HOUR LATE............................................................................................................................................."
Pros: "The flight attendant was funny"
Cons: "They lost my baggage and sent it to a completely different state."
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Safety measures for airlines flying from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver

Airlines flying from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Houston George Bush Airport to Denver

Flexible cancellations

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