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  • American Airlines, Qatar Airways and Alaska Airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Indiana to Texas. Confirm policies on booking site.

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Top 4 airlines serving from Indiana to Texas

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46358 reviews

Pros: It's American you know what you get
Cons: No room as always but you have to wear a mask next to another mouth breather and they still keep it hot!

Cons: Being on Delta

Pros: Very nice!!
Cons: Snacks

Cons: There was no gate agent in Santa Fe. I had to leave two very expensive bottles of alcohol I’m the trash because they don’t have adequate staff to check my bag.

Pros: Good seats and very clear

Cons: Gate agent was cold rude and incompetent

Pros: When we did get in the air, the flight seemed to go quickly and we got there fast.
Cons: I upgraded to 1st class for both flights but the plane seating was very dismal and hadn't been upgraded in either of these planes for a long time. After we boarded the plane we were told that no drink, snacks or food would be offered. The attendant shut off the lights as soon as we got in the air and kept it dark in the cabin until 10 minutes before we landed. She never came around to check on us once or ask if we needed anything. I was so thirsty when we landed. I have decided that I will either go back to United Airlines or check out the 1st class options at American Airlines better next time. This might not have been their fault, I'm not sure what it was, but the flight was late landing and we took off an hour late as well which really put me behind schedule.

Cons: With Covid they could hand out a bag containing water and a snack.

Pros: Entertainment on seats
Cons: I sat in seat 12A- the window was so hot it was burning my arm and I was extremely hot. Not sure if it’s from the engine heat or sun but it’s probably a mechanical issue that the 737 should address. Horribly uncomfortable trip.

Cons: The entertainment center at my seat was malfunctioning. Movies were starting passed the beginning and the system was crashing.

Cons: Boarding is so disorganized. Really Group 9 is just a way to make the passengers wish they had chosen a different airline.

Cons: Every seat sold. No social distancing. Mask rule not enforced.

Pros: The seats were comfortable and it was easy to catch a quick nap.
Cons: I wasn't offered any type of sanitation wipes like I was on my way departure. The airport in Mississippi disnt offer any type of sanitation such as hand sanitizer or a reputable substitute. Sure their were bathrooms, but that's very inconvenient to have to use every time you touch something.

Pros: On time
Cons: Some social distance inside the plain would’ve great

Cons: Smooth and enjoyable trip unlike the second leg to Aspen

Cons: They need to stop selling the flights at full capacity

Cons: It being on time

Cons: All seats were booked, no covid-19 social distancing

Pros: Horrible seats

Pros: Great crew
Cons: Snacks

Pros: Travel is becoming a pain ... what’s new?
Cons: Just the way travel has become —loathsome

Pros: Entertainment Screen in the seat back in front of me
Cons: Deplaning. On one of my other flights this week they released us 3 rows at a time to limit social distancing. Thought that was going to be the norm but I guess not.

Cons: Accommodates

Cons: First time wearing face mask all the time. It was okay.

Cons: Everything

Pros: Timely and efficient
Cons: Seats are really small

Pros: Easy
Cons: All was good.

Cons: Great

Cons: No food or beverage service during covid-19

Cons: Social distancing

Pros: Efficient

Cons: remove justfly

Pros: Nothing
Cons: The flight boarded twenty minutes late despite the plane being at the gate early scheduled departure. Baggage took another forty minutes to load. Then they decided there we were overweight (data that should be known before the cargo was loaded) and off loaded two people. Then after another delay they realised that off loading people meant off loading their baggagge, total delay nearly 2 hours The hedset socket on the entertainment system did not work The USB port did not work THey ran out of food after serving three rows, loaded four sandwiches, no wraps and 2 cheese plates for a full evening flight that was over 5 hours in duration including the delays.

Cons: Paid for a seat with extra legroom, but passenger in next seat allowed small child to run back and forth in the legroom. Nothing was done when observed by crew

Cons: Late. Again. For no good reason.

Pros: The seat was cormfortable and the entertainment was dope!
Cons: Communication. The pilot did not say when he was landing and considering it was a rough landing it would have been helpful to say. He said we shall be landing like 40minutes before Then quiet

Pros: NA
Cons: Multiple delayed flights leading to short connection time. Despite meeting stated time, denied entry and surprises that my ticket was changed with no effort to correct said error at the gate despite adequate time prior to take off.

Cons: The plane was not full. I sat in row 32 with two people on either side of me. In the row in front of me there were no people in it. What’s up with that? We also sat on the tarmac at the time that we were supposed to be deplaning. We were waiting on another plane to back out of the gate for 10 minutes. What’s up with that?? American Airlines, get your act together!!!!!

Pros: Super great flight attendant in first class. Very friends and beautiful smile. Nice to see on stressful days traveling. Nice job!

Cons: First flight TUS to DFW was delayed by 3 hours causeing us to mist all the remaining flights. Had to scramble to find other flights DFW to LHR and LHR to DUB. We arrived at our destination 10 hours. No reason for the delay was given. Lousey service on AA.

Pros: Great films and tasty food
Cons: Had to run to gate after two buses to reach correct terminal. Saw info that flight was closing. Held up at gate due to confusion with my boarding pass. Limited leg room on flight. End of flight huge queues at Dallas airport for security. After a long flight a passenger does not need to be corralled through excessively long winding lines.

Pros: I had a connection flight to JFK I came before the time about 15 min and crew saw me but she told me, sorry someone took your seats I lost around 4000$. This happened at Dallas airport.

Cons: It was very cold on the flight, even with the blankets we were given.

Pros: Not much.
Cons: Staff at the check-in counter made fun of my surname. Bad start but not noteworthy unless combined with the rest of the experience. The flight was delayed causing me to miss another AA connection by minutes. Waited in line to be told I wouldn't get on a flight til the following day, they couldn't help with accommodation and I wouldn't receive my luggage until the following day. In short, AA left me stranded in a strange city at midnight with no accommodation and no luggage. It was 18 degrees and I was in t-shirt and shorts. What a memory.

Pros: On time, even with de-icing. Very empty flight, so lots of room to spread out.
Cons: The older md80’s that AA is still flying are really showing their age. It will be nice when they update their fleet.

Cons: I was on a flight to Dallas on an American Airline flight which arrived late due to weather conditions, and the connecting flight didn't even wait for me although they know why I couldn't make it on time. And I was only late for about 5 minutes.

Pros: Very friendly, constantly hard working crew. They didn't stop moving through the cabin for the whole flight. Swift boarding.
Cons: Extremely poor food. Airline food is rarely enjoyable but I had two mouthfuls of my pasta and left the rest even though I was hungry. Dreadful "entertainment " system. 4 tiny screens over the centre row is seats showed the in flight movies. This on a transatlantic flight. What decade are American Airlines in?! The fleet look like they date back to the '90's at best!!

Pros: smooth check in and boarding etc
Cons: Wifi wasn't working so no entertainment

Pros: The entire fly, connections, food and both crews excelente. Flight on time.

Pros: Easy boarding
Cons: A little Snack

Pros: Quick boarding, on time.
Cons: The flight attendant checking people’s bags and boarding passes at the gate was not friendly.

Cons: The padding on these seats.

Pros: Nice crew. Friendly and responsive
Cons: Recliner chairs

Pros: The crew was good and the flight was smooth.
Cons: The seats were far too close to have any kind of real comfort.

Pros: Flight attendants were great.
Cons: Bag check agent could have been a little more friendly.

Cons: Flight itself was great. Seats are very narrow

Pros: The price was excellent.
Cons: The flight was delayed for two hours.

Cons: 2 hour weather delay. Flight didnt arrive in Tampa until 1:30am. Hard time finding transportation from airport that late

Pros: Crew was friendly and helpful
Cons: Offer at least water at no charge.

Pros: Plane was comfortable, crew was fine, but
Cons: Three hour delay? Unacceptable. Not entirely the airline’s fault, but still..3 hours. Not good.

Pros: Nothing is good on this flight. It was delayed by 7 hours and the communication is not proper
Cons: Customer service

Pros: The boarding wasn’t smooth, there were 3 women at the podium listing zones and it was very mumbled and low, quite hard to hear despite the small area dedicated to Allegiant passengers.
Cons: The women at the podium listing flights could have been friendlier and more customer service oriented... there was a lot of mumbling into the speaker for boarding ... and the person kept giggling into the mic. Once past boarding, everything was great !

Pros: Great fares even for last minute booking.
Cons: Services and comfort as expected for the price.

Pros: Definitely the price. Boarding process was pretty quick. Flight attendants seemed nice.
Cons: Left a little late, but still arrived on time, so that was okay. Seats aren't the most comfortable, but that's expected. Was still able to get a little nap in.

Pros: The gate agent was amazing and super helpful.
Cons: Seats are tight and not very comfortable.

Cons: it was very hard to hear the stewardess

Pros: Flight attendants were nice.
Cons: There was no one working at the counter when we arrived at the airport and there was already a sizable line. We waited about 10 minutes before anyone showed up to assist customers. Not sure what was up with that. Very uncomfortable seats and crowded seating on plane which is typical these days everything else went fine. Flight left and arrived on time.

Cons: my Luggage did not make it to Reno.

Pros: Great airport for getting to Florida. Good prices

Cons: Flight was delayed 6 hours.

Pros: The check-in line moved quickly and our representative was very friendly and encouraged us to download the app rather than pay for boarding passes. Good experience all around

Pros: People in my row.

Pros: Standard no frills airline
Cons: No room for overhead bags near my seat. I paid $25 to sit up front and $35 for a carry on. I paid extra with the goal of deplaining first. Crew refused to allow me to stow the bags in the front bin, had to place it 10 rows back. If I didn’t run to my gags as soon as Wen landed would have been the last to deplane. If allegiant is going to charge so much for carry on, they need to find a way so front passengers are not squeezed out like this.

Pros: I’m 5’10- tall for a woman but average height I’d say overall. I was so cramped in that seat that next time I will choose another airline to get more rom.
Cons: No free water?! That’s just cruel considering the flight was over 2 hours.

Pros: The service is not extravagant but completely adequate. Also, it is very consistent every time I fly them.
Cons: Nothing at all.

Cons: Lands in South Terminal of Austin’s airport, meaning you have to shuttle 8 miles to get to main terminal or long term parking. Unbelievable! Very inconvenient...

Pros: Boarding at the new Austin South terminal was a breeze!
Cons: It's ridiculous to make passengers keep their personal items on the floor when most of the overhead lockers are empty. Ridiculous and dangerous.

Pros: I arrived safely Tommy Destination
Cons: It was so hot boarding and unloading. There was no air. Staff was curt and not very friendly as of assistance.

Cons: We were moved gates a few times. Delayed a few times, finally on a plane and they deboard the whole thing. No one seemed too apologetic at all. Pretty much who cares, after spending money and being moved all over seeming like they cared would've been nice.

Pros: Crew was nice
Cons: No wifi

Cons: Did not purchase any food and there was no entertainment offered

Pros: They offered a direct flight from Cincinnati to Austin. The price was good, even though they charge for carry on.
Cons: They land at the Austin airport, kind of. Once we landed they took us to a Remote terminal which required waiting for a bus to fill up and then take you back to the actual airport. There was no quick way for the bus to return and it has to drive for 15 to 20 minutes to get to the main airport. I took 1 complete hour from when I landed to when I got in my car in lot D.

Pros: Quick boarding with priority access Friendly staff
Cons: Unclear boarding instructions. Both flights roundtrip were delayed about an hour. Wasn't advised of seat changes and reasons why. Mobile passes were unavailable due to a system issue gate attendants had to check manually. Bring own snacks or eat before flight and provide your own entertainment. Seats not reclining are uncomfortable. Not suitable for someone with back issues. First flight was uncomfortably cold return flight was uncomfortably hot.

Pros: Well, it was a somewhat inexpensive flight out of a convenient terminal.
Cons: I say somewhat cheap, because by the time they ala carte everything, it's not so cheap anymore. As in no longer cheap enough to justify the bare bones service. The flight attendants are basically candy salespeople. I typically need help putting things in the overhead bin, but the flight attendant actually told me it wasn't her job. That indeed may be the airline's bad policy, but she also thought her way of expressing it was appropriate, which it is not. That has to come straight from the top. Also, what kinda janky airline doesn't serve complementary water. Probably the biggest deal though was that my flight was delayed for 2 hours both ways due to a maintenance issue. I know air travel is fairly safe, but given the track record of both Allegiant and Airbus, I was a little worried during the flights. Even though this particular route is convenient for me, I'm going to avoid Allegiant.

Pros: The idea of a more competitive airfare. New South terminal in Austin is nice. Parking is cheaper. Food truck and outdoor seating are nice.
Cons: No wifi. No entertainment options. You have to pay for snacks and regular drinks- even water.

Pros: Low cost, great service, arrived 20 min early
Cons: Seats were kinda tight but I'm sort of used to that

Cons: I paid more to be upfront so I could get off plane faster but there was no room in overhead because people had put their carry on and personal items. I also didn't like that drinks weren't complimentary, especially beings that it was a 3 hour flight.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: They overcharge for bags and their weight limit is only 40 pounds. They leave the desk and hour before take off which doesn't help people who are running late. They charge you to print out your boarding pass. They don't even send the boarding pass through email, you have to download the app. Overall horrible customer service. When call for customer service you can't even get a human representative. I missed my flight and they didn't even have another flight to to accommodate me to get to my destination and no one at the front desk to talk to.

Pros: Smooth boarding

Pros: Great price .
Cons: Landing in Austin and having to walk down a wet slippery ramp and then across the tarmac in a thunderstorm ... got VERY wet . How about a cover ?

Pros: The flight attendants were very nice and helpful.

Pros: The price.
Cons: Having then bill me for each little thing.

Pros: It's a cheap direct flight. Seats don't recline, so if you're tall, you won't have anyone leaning into your knees.
Cons: The seats are really packed in, and people kept slamming into my elbow as they walked down the aisle. De-planing was a bit chaotic, I don't think many of these people fly regularly, and were having some serious heebie-jeebies at their bags being in an overhead compartment not immediately above their head. So before anyone was mobile or doors were open, there were large pieces of luggage being passed around through really crowded spaces. Chill, people. The baggage carousel at the new terminal was poorly designed, shutting down when people went to pick up their bags. It took awhile to get our bags, and we were scolded by the staff for tripping some sensor. I don't know what universe y'all live in, but in this one, you have to move close to the carousel to lift your bag. So the sensor tripped like three times and people were unhappy.

Pros: friendly crew clean plane, speedy service

Pros: The crew was good and had customer service
Cons: After an 36 hour delay and only $8 meal voucher in Las Vegas, highly disappointed!!! The next flight was late arrival and Late boarding. everything to include water and sodas are extra fees. not impressed and will never fly Allegiant again

Cons: I moved my seat when I checked in to sit with a friend and paid about ten bucks for a different seat. I didn't think much of it until I got to my new seat and realized I had paid to sit in a seat that was basically a bench that didn't recline and was right in front of the bathroom so it rattled every time someone flushed. Classy.

Pros: Some of the crew was VERY rude. I was uncomfortable and will never fly through them again.

Cons: And baggage retrieval at Las Vegas was terrible.

Pros: Cleanliness of plane
Cons: Reclining seat would have been nice

Pros: Quick 3 hour flight, easy onboarding. Flight crew was nice and helpful.
Cons: The seats are really cramped, the trays are really small. Window visibility was low due to the size and angle the windows sit on the wall. A lot of turbulence during majority of the flight.

Cons: Baggage check was never on time and seats were dirty and don’t recline. It was the 15 minute long advertisement for a credit card coming through speakers so loud my ears were ringing that convinced me to never use Frontier again.

Pros: Low cost
Cons: Flight delays, little info passed to passengers

Pros: That we didn't crash
Cons: Hour Delay Rude flight attendants The most uncomfortable seats ever charge for seating charge for baggage charge for coffee charge for a seat that reclines I surprised you don't charge to use the restroom RANDOMLY CANCELLED MY RETURN FLIGHT Takes 10 mins to get through the recordings on the phone The option to take a survey, loops you back to the beginning of the recording No compensation There is no value in your cheap fares. It ended costing me more to fly your cheap airline. You're awful, just go out of business already

Pros: How affordable the tickets were. I was glad to find a cheap affordable flight to my destination.
Cons: I didn’t like the fact that you had to pay for your seat, after you have paid for your ticket. Why do you have to purchase two things? Next the price for taking a bag. It is too over priced to deliver your bags. A carry on is $40, a check in is $40. Why would you charge for a carry on? Other companies give you a free carry on and $25 for a check in. But not frontier you pay $40 just to bring a backpack. Then you have to pay for the drinks and snacks that they ask too much. $3 for a 50 cent snack, sounds great. The chairs are super uncomfortable, basically plastic seats with a sad excuse of a “cushion”. Looks nice all around, but nothing feels nice. Just everything feels so cheap. Then during my flight I try to get convinced to sign up for frontier credit card?! I have never been on a flight that they talk on the loud speaker for over 5 minutes about how great it is to sign up for their credit card. Don’t sell me stuff when I’m stuck. I can’t walk away I have to sit here and listen. All in all, I won’t be flying with this airline again. I will make sure to always go with someone else. Also make sure that no one I know, has this bad of an experience.

Pros: Cheap
Cons: after typing in my contact information correct, it made it to frontier incorrect. I was UNABLE to resolve online, as when trying to fix my name that the Kayak API messed up (appended first+middle name) it wanted me to pay $1,000+ dollars because it acted like I was transferring my tickets. It took FOREVER to get to a person to fix this over the phone. This is the day and age everyone wants to send you through every possible automated prompt before getting a real person. The flight itself was fine, getting to be able to get on it was a giant pain.

Pros: Flight cancelled from San Antonio to Orlando.
Cons: Frontier never took off

Pros: I liked the fact that the baggage agent didn’t bust my chops for my luggage being 2 pounds over for checked luggage. The lady that checked my bags was very nice about it.
Cons: I didn’t like the fact that frontier entices you with low airfare and then screws you over with baggage fees and seat charges. By the time you pay all their fees, your ticket ends up costing the same or a little more than other carriers that already have these fees accounted for. I also didn’t like the fact that this woman supervisor threw her gate agents under the bus and then when confronted about it she denied it in front of 50 people and denied any wrong doing. What a horrible human being let alone a supervisor of people. Not sure what her name was but she works at frontier airlines in New Orleans Airport. The third thing is that Frontier goes very cheap on their airplanes. We had a brand new plane but the seats were hard and they didn’t recline. Tray tables were tiny and no WiFi. Who the hell doesn’t do WiFi ? Cheap airlines that’s who.

Cons: They say they are giving you a bargain but with fees it's absolutely the same as other airlines but with far more uncomfortable seats and no amenities. Will bnever fly never fly frontier again.

Cons: We had all sorts of issues with this trip. I booked flights months in advance because I liked the flight times and the fact they offered a direct flight. I was then contacted by the airline to say that they had to change the flight times, which unfortunately no longer worked for our trip as we were leaving on a cruise… Both the departing and returning flights were affected. This caused us to have to stay an extra night in Orlando as the flight was too early for us to be able to depart our cruise ship and get to the airport. They did offer us $50 vouchers per passenger for the inconvenience but that did not nearly cover the cost of the hotel or transportation that was needed. Boarding for our departing flight seemed fine. We arrived at the airport an hour and a half before our flight with no issues. However when we arrived in Orlando the airline had lost all five of our suitcases containing everything we needed for our week long cruise that was departing the next day. The airline could not tell us what happened to the bags or where they were, or when they would arrive. We were forced to spend our extra day in Orlando shopping and replacing clothing items and swimsuits for the cruise. It was a huge pain and inconvenience and put a huge damper on our trip. They did offer a reimbursement amount per passenger per day that we were without luggage but I have a little confidence that I will ever see this money. The lady in the baggage office was as helpful as could be but it was clear that this happens far too often. I also did not like how you are nickel and dimed for everything on this airline… You have to purchase seats to ensure your family will get to sit together, pay a higher amount for checked baggage than other airlines, pay for carry-on bags ( in retrospect I should have done this since they lost our checked bags) and you have to pay for any drinks (including soda or juice) and snacks while in flight. This was our first time flying frontier airlines and the whole experience was a major turn off.

Pros: Smooth taking off and landing
Cons: They ladys didn't check well when taking off, seats were layed back ...two in front of me. Didn't like how we had to pay for a drink, the paying almost for one suitcase was a sad face . Probably wouldnt use frontier again

Pros: When I told people I was taking Frontier, they scoffed, rolled their eyes, and joked that I'd have to pay to use the bathroom. Well, it wasn't THAT bad. In fact, I got an assigned seat (in contrast to Southwest). Plane was fairly new, and the seat wasn't too small (then again, not super big). One flight attendant tried to make the atmosphere festive since we were going to Vegas and some people got absolutely shit-faced on the flight. I thought this was kind of cool, but I'm sure some people were annoyed since the drunks got VERY loud. For the price, I would definitely go to Vegas from Indy on Frontier again.
Cons: 1. The guy in charge of the check-in area yelled at one of his employees and humiliated her in front of me. Super awkward. 2. They really do charge for water. OK, I can see charging for a Coke, but water? I thought there was a law saying airlines HAD to provide water on request for health reasons. Then again, I had a huge water bottle from home, so why am I bitching?!

Pros: Prompt check in, flight took off on time
Cons: Asked if I could move to an empty seat and was told I would have to pay for it even though there were many empty ones, after paying for all luggage including carry on it was not much of a savings

Cons: Flight attendant wouldn't let me go to the restroom before take-off.

Cons: My flight was supposed to leave three hours ago and we are still sitting at the gate. They boarded the plane, told us they had to "reboot" the computer and had us all get off. We have only been given information once since we deboarded and that was "we don't know what's going on"

Pros: Staff was polite onboard. The price was pretty amazing for such a last minute flight, even after paying for the extras here and there. On my return flight there were no delays and the crew even got us in 45 mins early. Outbound flight was very delayed but they took accountability and offered a voucher.
Cons: Staff at the kiosk desk they were snippy and short. A lady and her son were waiting in line and never even acknowledged. Flight was not even on the screen at the airport, and once a monitor showed the flight it didn't indicate it was late. Pay for choosing a seat, bucket seats that don't recline, pay for you to have a bag, pay for water... feels like gimmicks to charge more because they offer such low fares. Also, Frontier is notorious for delays which can interfere with plans and was experienced on outgoing flight.

Pros: price and little wait time, although after cost of carry and flight bagagge it wasnt a good experience.
Cons: The service was sub par, they charged me 80 for carry on and the plane looked horrid. At least if youre gonna be cheap, be cheap and dont keep charging cause if you do then its criticizing it for the next tier.

Pros: Flight delays, uncomfortable seats, all the extra charges for seating, luggage, snacks defeated the purpose of cheaper airfare. Gate hadf incorrect flight info. Frontier will not be my first choice for future flights.

Cons: Flight cancelled. No other flights offered & unhelpful/unfriendly ticket taker. Choice words will never use again.

Pros: The crew was welcoming.
Cons: The fees were excessive! I flew American the week before with no fee for a carry-on. $40.00 was a shock. I bought my tickets through Kayak, and was not given a chance to choose a seat after the purchase (not true with American). When I remembered that I did not have a seat, I had to pay another fee of $13.00. I usually would not mind that there was NO service, not even water, but, again, this flight was so close to another that it was impossible not to compare. I will not be flying with Frontier again.

Pros: The credit and staff were friendly.
Cons: I could not get online to get my boarding pass. (Twice) I had to pay for my luggage even though I only took one piece. It took me an hour to get my first boarding pass because I had to call and they had to walk me through it because it wouln't let me on. The second time the man told me the website was down which wasn't true. I had to get my boarding pass at the airport. Lastly, you have to pay for any drink or food you get on the plane. There is nothing cheaper about Frontier although it appears to be cheaper. With all these fees, it is more than say , Southwest.

Pros: Getting seated near the front was nice.
Cons: I had to bring my wedding dress and called ahead to make sure I had it figured out. Most airlines have a closet type storage area by the flight attendants and frontier does not. I was told over the phone I would have to buy a seat for my dress so I did that. Then when I went to the airport the lady was pretty rude and said that it was incorrect and it would be dumb to do that and I wasn't allowed. Then I had to pay an extra fee as well. Once to the gate we were delayed and the plane was there the entire time. We were scheduled to take off at 6:55 and boarded at 7. No reason for the delay and they didn't keep us updated. I was not very happy with Frontier this time.

Pros: The flight attendants went above and beyond. After having to make an emergency landing for medical reasons the whole crew was very accommodating and very friendly and cheerful unlike other airlines I have flown on. This was my first time flying on Frontier and I was very impressed. Will fly Frontier when ever possible.

Pros: The only thing I liked about Frontier was getting off of their plane.
Cons: Where to start? The 5 hour delay was horrible. The customer service was non existent. I've never see such rude people. We asked for their names to report them and they refused to give us their names. They lost half of our luggage. All of this was just the outbound flight. On our return flight we walked up to the gate right as they were closing the door. Thy refused to let us get on but offered to rebook us another flight 2 days later. Asked the speak to a manager and it turns out she was a We had to buy another flight on Southwest Airlines to the tune of $325. All of this and never once did anyone apologize or try to do anything to make it better. There is a reason Frontier is cheap. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from them as you can.

Pros: The fight was on time and the fact it was direct was an added bonus. The price was fabulous and I felt I got a real bargain.
Cons: The seats were plastic, seemed narrower than usual and did not recline. My flights were less than 2 hours but it would be uncomfortable to sit in them much longer than that. The charge for carry-ons seems excessive.

Pros: The flight was faster than the delay
Cons: 2 hour delay, crew was aggravated.

Pros: I made it home in one piece
Cons: Frontier is overpriced, has terrible customer service, is always late, and has the most uncomfortable seats I've ever experienced.

Pros: The only positive is that I actually did make it to my destination and back.
Cons: I have never flown Frontier before, and I never will again. First off, I always travel light and never check bags. This usually means I can check in via the kiosk right away with flights, but this was NOT the case with Frontier. For some unknown reason, I had to check in with the desk agent. There was a line. A LONG line. Not only that, but there actually weren't any desk agents, as they don't show up until 2 hours prior to the flight. It took over an hour to accomplish a task which usually takes less than a minute, and due to the long line I barely made it to my flight, despite showing up at the airport 2 and half hours early. Flight #1 - Like I said, I have never flown Frontier. I didn't know it was possible to make an airplane so uncomfortable. I understand it is a budget airline, but there are ZERO comforts. The seats are grey plastic, completely rigid and with no tilt. They are crammed together so close that finding any sort of sleeping position is nearly impossible. The fact that you have to pay an extra $30 for ONE carry on and then pay for ANY sort of drink/snack equates to actually paying about the same for a flight with another airline. Want to check an item? You're actually paying MORE than you wold with another airline. Flight #2 - Took off over an hour and half LATE because the system was down. The gate agents literally read off EVERY NAME one by one, over 200 people, to check them in and get them on the plane. They also filled the plane from back to front, which is proven to be the SLOWEST way to board passengers on a plane. Flight #3 - This was an early flight. 6am. I woke up with an email alert from Frontier saying that the flight was delayed until 7:30. Understandably, I was upset. This would cause me to miss my connecting flight. Luckily, I decided to go the airport anyway instead of getting another hour of sleep. Good thing too, because the flight was in fact NOT delayed. If I had heeded the alert email, I would have missed my flight for being late. Flight #4 - This flight, on the other hand, WAS delayed. 2 hours. The gate was changed 3 times and another aircraft had to be found due to malfunctions with the first. Honestly, I don't understand how Frontier is still in business. Worst travel experience of my life. I will never fly Frontier again and I have already started telling all of my friends not to use their services. -Adam

Cons: Every time we fly with Frontier we are always delayed for hours. My husband did not even want to fly with Frontier but i told him this time may be different but I was wrong. Flight was suppose to leave at 9pm we didnt leave until close to 12am. Also, I am pregnant so I was so looking forward to arriving on time and getting food and into bed. (restaurants close at 8 at the Indianapolis airport) Very disappointing will be the last time we fly Frontier.

Pros: The crew was awesome, especially on our return trip. I believe their names were Kris and Tait? They were hilarious, made the flight super fun! It was a flight and a show!
Cons: Our flight to Denver was delayed by 3 hours, there were no employees at the Frontier podium until about an hour before our flight was rescheduled to take off. So basically no one to answer any questions. Also, didn't really care for all the nickel and dimeing. I have never been charged for a carry on until I flew Frontier! And when I checked in I was charged to pick out my seats as well. After all was said and done, it doubled the price of my flight. I would rather they include those fees up front than hit you with them later. I like knowing how much I'm going to spend from the get go and pay once.

Cons: Flight From San Antonio to Philadephia, Late for 1 hours Flight from Philadelphia to San Antonio boarding on time, however we have to wait for 1 hour to take off

Pros: Older planes in the fleet that get the job done and keep the ticket costs done low. I've got no problems with that. Sure the seats don't recline, but you're not really gaining anything with that 1° recline just means that the flight attendants don't have to warn you about putting your seat back in the upright position (as if it weren't still upright fully reclined) before landing.
Cons: Again, I get that Frontier is a "budget" airline and they keep the ticket costs down by removing all the additional, complimentary perks, but the flight attendants were borderline rude and they acted as if someone had chastised them for being too friendly with the customers or something of that nature.

Pros: I was very impressed by the fact that military get 100 lbs of free check baggage. I was moving a considerable amount of gear and this save me from a ton of fees.
Cons: Comfort is what you sacrifice flying economy with frontier. By no means was the flight terrible, but the seats do not recline and the tray tables looked small and cheap. Additionally this is no in flight entertainment of any kind to include wifi.

Pros: Cost of ticket.
Cons: There is no wifi..The flight was delayed over an hour and a half. I think the baggage fee is crazy as well as the seat assignment charge. The flights are very reasonable but then you end up spending just as much when you tack on the additional fees.

Pros: Horrible customer service
Cons: How they spoke to me and they couldn't tell me where my bags were. Customer service was horrible!

Pros: one of the waste airline and liers. never said bag have fees.if they see we have a carry on baggage they wait for the last minutes to charge of $60. On cheap flight fare they give the cheapest fare then they wait for baggage. my last trip to Philadelphia other airline offer was $312.00 ist baggage free.i got forntier price around $265. but for the round trip i paid $95 extra for the almost $360. on board very unprofessional idiots are working.i told madom you never told about baggage price.Her answer everything in website.if you are not paying now you going to miss the flight. Before we need only 30 mints required for the domestic flight checkin. now just like international travel time required. 2 hour early.2 hour these idiots using for braggaining with customer. Now readers and customer your choice to travel with these idiots or not. Flight crew below average

Pros: Left on time. Arrived early. Crew was pleasant enough. Luggage arrived safely. Having a non-stop flight from east coast to central Texas was great.
Cons: Price of ticket looked good online, but ridiculous add-ons put price above cost on other airlines. Seats were too close. Felt cramped. Price of snacks and beverages too high. Plane looked a little rough on outside, which doesn't matter, but makes one wonder about maintenance of engines and vital parts. Several years ago I felt ripped off by Frontier. They sent tickets to wrong place but charged me $100 for not having paper ticket. So far with my recent experience this time, I would continue to consider using Frontier.

Pros: Absolutely nothing. It was horrible.
Cons: Worst airline ever. You nickel and dime us to death for every single thing, including just to sit on the plane and have a bag, and the new economy type seats with the tiny tray are very uncomfortable. The crews are rude and treat you like trash for not purchasing extra or applying for the stupid credit card. You can't hear captain announcements, rough flights and landings. Unexplained, multiple delays that inconvenience all the way around. TSA harasses you in front of everyone about even just having a regular size duffel bag. I can't even list everything. It was the worst flight experience I have ever had and I will never fly Frontier again.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: The 3 people in front of me must have chain smoked a carton of cigarettes on the way to airport with the windows up. Flight attendant would not move me-- they had serious attitude and clearly need some customer service classes. Had an allergic reaction from smokey smell sneezing and coughing. Nose burned and started bleeding from the airplane air (almost as if the filters were not changed on the a/c blowing on my face). Seats wouldn't recline. 30 min delay leaving airport (direct flight from Denver to San Antonio, but yet we sat on runway bc of storms in LA???) arrived to SA late at 10:15 pm. Stood and waited for another 30 min for bags to come out with ZERO communication from airline letting us know which luggage carrosel to stand at. Meanwhile the lovely folks at southwest had to finally make an announcement for Frontier to give us any amount of info. Doubt I will ever go this budget airline again. Awful. Saved $75 instead of flying southwest. Wasn't worth it.

Pros: Nice people at counter in Indianapolis
Cons: Flight delayed in Indianapolis.....also didn't like the bait and switch of charging for carry on luggage......up front looked like cheapest available......but these comparisons didn't account for luggage fees

Pros: Price!!!!!! On time too.
Cons: I think you should inform passengers that they will have to pay for carry on bags. But, with that said, the entire experience was still cheaper than any other carrier.

Pros: All my Frontier flights were on time or early. Keep it up! Thank you! Flight attendants were all very friendly and polite.
Cons: What entertainment? What comfort? Your planes are ridiculously uncomfortable. It's almost like they were designed distinctly for DISCOMFORT. I am a small person, and it doesn't take much for me to be comfortable in a seat. I feel sorry for ANYONE who has to sit in these seats, especially larger sized or those with chronic pain or disability. The arm rests are like daggers, almost no space in the seat pocket, and the tray "table?" You're kidding us with this, right? I will not purchase a ticket for a flight on Frontier that is longer than 3 hours. There is no way my body could take that. Hate the "a-la-carte" business. Give us a complimentary beverage - at least. Come on! I can see making us pay for overhead baggage - you'll squeeze every last penny out of that one, but making people pay to choose a regular seat? I think that's excessive greed.

Pros: Crew was fine and patient.
Cons: March trip to Orlando should consider types of travelers - families with small kids. Flight delayed over 2 hours, baggage pickup took an hour. Kids over tired. Argument between grandmother with small kids on couple without kids occurred while waiting to deplane. Seems like flight priority should be altered. Had to wait on flight from Denver? I am sure that flight did not have nearly as many small children on that flight. Early flight to Orlando would make more sense to me. Why an hour for baggage? Due to delay, several of us lost our rental car reservations in Orlando.

Pros: Ground crew missed rehearsal dinner to stay with us 6hrs
Cons: No heads up. Checked in 1.45hrs early & they new we were delayed but didn't say anything. Left 6 hrs late. Arrive at Disney with a 5 yr old at 1:00 am instead of 7:00 pm. If you would have been honest and proactive with Indianapolis we would have been fine. Better off to tweet your problem. Call=hold. Locals=in the dark. $15 food credit each is a good start. $100 each emailed so quickly is impressive but it's a credit to a bare bones airline that charges you for a water after their 6 hrs issue. Could have made snacks and non alc drinks free. NO NO NO. We had to pay another $11 for water, apple juice, food and GL of wine. SERIOUSLY. WANT TO MAKE IT RIGHT??? Missed several opportunities for "Little things that count". Give all $300 to one of us for a free ticket-we won't be flying with our grandson again. I will give you a chance to fix that. Not a threat a promise.

Pros: Fare was reasonable. Crew was nice.
Cons: Seats on plane not designed to recline!

Pros: comfortable seats
Cons: everything has a charge, soda, carry-on and if you check in early you have to pay for a seat. $50 added to the price for checked bags if you do it online. Online check-in was not user friendly

Pros: Once off the ground the flight was fine.
Cons: There was a significant delay fr de-icing. Only updated once on the process and everyone was left trying to figure out what was taking so long. There were several strange noises on the flight and once landed. It would have been nice for the passengers to have been told what they were.

Pros: The only thing I liked was the check-in process
Cons: It was absolutely horrendous we were packed in there like sardines I will never ever fly Spirit again horrible you couldn't pay me

Pros: Crew was very friendly.
Cons: Seats just a little bigger.

Pros: No they weren’t professional at all
Cons: Professionalism

Cons: More pad on the seats

Pros: Nonstop direct flight. Appropriate spacing / distancing from other passengers.
Cons: Departure was late. Seats are too narrow.

Pros: It was smooth.

Cons: Didn’t get to go

Cons: They did not refund our ticket during covid-19

Pros: The price for me to fly from Detroit to Austin on Spirit was great. Thank you for making travel more affordable yo see my family!

Pros: The cheap cost of the flight.
Cons: The floor underneath my seat had melted chocolate smeared all over the carpet. Absolutely disgusting.

Pros: We made it to our destination
Cons: Spirit has the worst seats, changed our seats we paid for without even telling us until we boarded...most airlines would call you to the gate before to inform you. This airline is garbage. Avoid if possible.

Pros: I would’ve like to not wait in the airport for eight hours watching other flights around us leave
Cons: I would’ve like to not wait in the airport for eight hours watching other flights around us leave

Pros: Seat 2 c was great but wish it reclined. Baggage service was good. Flight attendants were nice and friendly. Snack and drink selections
Cons: The wheel chair service was mediocre, too long wait for wheel chair and attendant in Austin and Orlando. The check in process was too congested for a handicapped person. Rows were too close for wheel chair make check -in.

Pros: It got my to where I needed to go....eventually
Cons: Didn’t like the hidden fees such a buying your seat. Good thing I checked my email the night before and saw that. Flight was delayed 4 times with no explanation. Won’t be booking again with Spirit simply over the hidden fees.

Cons: Free snacks and movies and reclining chairs

Pros: Easy check in Easy to navigate DTW Smooth and uneventful flight

Pros: The crew was fun!
Cons: It was all on point

Cons: Flight was 4 hours late!! Just showing up on time would have made it better.

Cons: Knowing a gate change a head of time. Once landed took a while due to the jet bridge not being pulled up.

Cons: Went from an expected 7 hr layover to an unexpected 12 hour layover

Pros: Terrible gate crew, very aggressive and rude for no reason whatsoever. Delayed boarding and takeoff on 4 flights in a row, uncomfortable seats and dirty everything. I will never ever fly Spirit again.
Cons: Almost everything.

Cons: Boarding not clear over overhead. 2 flights boarding at same time, both through spirit made things confusing for passengers. Speaker not loud and clear.

Cons: Good value upto a point.

Pros: My landing was great
Cons: No one announces the boarding of the flight.

Pros: The chicks were hot
Cons: Seats don’t recline and you have to pay for water

Cons: I managed to book one of the best seats on the plane....not sure how I did it but I will do it again!!!

Pros: Left on time, got in early.staff was nice
Cons: Not paying for water..

Pros: Pilots were very late, we sat on the plane about 45 min waiting.
Cons: On time crew, or not board so early if the crew isn’t present.

Pros: Crew very attentive with smiles. I don’t care for the tight seating with no entertainment offer. No plane should not be without WiFi. One complimentary drink should be included.

Pros: The whole service was excellent!

Pros: Comfortable seats and mostly friendly crew
Cons: Judgemental rookie flight attendant Dimensions of a standard size carry-on bag were supplied on website but did not include the wheels. So in the end, I had to pay for a personal item at the gate - which should have been free in my opinion - only because the wheels stuck out 1 inch

Pros: Efficient boarding

Pros: Fast flight
Cons: Seats are not comfortable, plane was dirty

Pros: The Price was great, very easy to book, no hidden cost. Easy to check in. Flight was on time. Overall good experience
Cons: Nothing

Pros: I liked that the cabin staff were relaxed. The staff at the airport were rude!
Cons: Extra fees were outrageous

Pros: Cheap Price
Cons: Delayed

Pros: non eventful flight
Cons: Non flight related left an item on the flight has been difficult to identify who to call/contact on People i've been able to reach have been very helpful.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Flight was cancelled because no crew.

Pros: This is a no nonsense airline I like to call it the bus in the sky. Ifly frequently from Las Vegas to Portland Oregon and I have never had a problem they are always on time sometimes they are even early. The flight crew is friendly and helpful they are always in a good mood.

Pros: Crew friendly checking in great
Cons: No leg room. Seat doesn't recline. Seats too close

Cons: I didn't know that they church 50.00 per luggage

Cons: Baggage fees are unethical I would have saved more money using another carrier that has a standard baggage policy. Felt totally taken advantage of. I will share your shifty pricing practice with every person I can.

Pros: Spacious seating
Cons: All the hidden fees associated with Spirit airline.

Pros: fast planes and super cheap rates
Cons: other people complaining. You do get what you pay for!

Pros: overall travel experience
Cons: paying for snacks/drinks

Pros: Again no delays got on with no issues

Pros: spirit airlines had the cheapest airfare at the time that we booked our trip. the kiosk check-in was smooth.
Cons: we got hungry because of a flight delay so had to purchase in-flight food. the food is overpriced and frankly very disappointing. We splurged for 2 drinks and a snack box that claimed to have a cheese spread - in fact it was more like a dip (liquidy). the crackers almonds were good but the other items were just junk. we have ordered similar boxes on other airlines and got much better bang for our buck. I also think that a complementary beverage service would be nice. We all know that corn syrup is extremely cheap so I don't buy into their ad campaign about how not giving free soda service results in lower fares.

Pros: All Flight attendants are very kind and have sense of humor. Thank you for taking care of us. Appreciate it!
Cons: On your website wasn't clear when I was going to check in on line and it required me to pay $31 for carry on. I have a small bag for my personal items but I have pay extra. It doesn't make any sense for me. And when I clicked submit for check back after process a payment. It went to blank page. It was clear.

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