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American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,799 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I missed it. And the lady at the counter was so disrespectful..."

Pros: "Boarding process was easy and flight was smooth."

Pros: "The crew was great. Seats were awesome - right behind premium class so the extra leg room was great to have on such a long flight."
Cons: "We booked our flight in May for a flight on 30 September and our seats were not next to each other. Total opposite ends of the aisle. Lame."

Cons: "Flight was delayed about 10 minutes. :("

Pros: "Comfortable plane."
Cons: "K&yak was awful. Tossed me to a low end third party provider once booked. Never go through them again."

Pros: "The flight crew was pleasant!!"
Cons: "The seats in that plane felt cramped and had less space."

Pros: "Good trip"
Cons: "Nothing wrong"

Pros: "Crew was fantastic!"
Cons: "Go go in flight and in flight video not working for majority of flight."

Cons: "The entire entertainment system was down the entire 6 hour flight. Crew attempted to reboot the system several times with no luck."

Pros: "Very good crew."
Cons: "Hate the kiosk check in"

Cons: "American Arline’s gave us a meal voucher and hotel stay. Left be t day. Not happy."

Pros: "There was no wifi or entertainment via the app."

Pros: "On-time, 20 minutes early!"

Pros: "the crew was very friendlily and the flight was great and confortable."
Cons: "none"

Cons: "Flight cancelled and had to travel 60 miles at my expense to a different airport to get another flight same day"

Pros: "The Boeing 787 from LAX to Auckland was noticeably more comfortable than the Airbus 321 I flew to LAX to start the trip. Food was actually good!"

Pros: "We got there"
Cons: "Seats"

Pros: "Individual view screen"
Cons: "Small seat"

Pros: "Quick and painless flight"

Pros: "The smooth boarding process and the enterainment."
Cons: "The limited food option. In general, there's not much vegetables. The food is either a pasta dish (quite heavy) or a meat dish with potatoes or rice."

Pros: "staff fine On time"
Cons: "Review misleading - I didn’t use entertainment and this flight does not have food"

Pros: "Everything was good"
Cons: "Food was not good at all."

Cons: "Flight was delayed 35 minutes. No reason given."

Pros: "Really glad this segment exists!"

Pros: "was a pain checking extra baggage. No one seemed to know what to do.. Apart from that AA was good."

Pros: "The people where great. But this does not make up for what happened."
Cons: "1. Undisclosed LAX bus ride time limit to get to gate. BS 2. Undisclosed LAX bus ride to gate. BS 3. Alaska Airlines never explained at ticket purchase that it was at American Airline Terminal. Caused a 8 min walk to AA terminal from Alaska terminal. BS 4. None of this was explained at ticket purchase. Not happy. Probably will never try to fly Alaska Airlines again."

Pros: "Less lay over need pleasent crew"

Pros: "Overall it was very comfortable and smooth flight."
Cons: "The airplane was looked new, clean and the seats were very comfortable."

Cons: "Baggage was lost!!!!!"

Pros: "the plane, a 380, had comfortable seats, fewer occupants, more and easier access to bathrooms, did not like the larger plane I flew on going to Australia, it held 700 persons could physically reach the lights and when on, they didn't disturb anyone vegetarian food was delicious and nutritionally sound and varied love the soft blankets"
Cons: "not a very good choice of current movies"

Pros: "Nothing to expect from Domestic fight."

Pros: "On time and efficient. Reasonably comfortable by the (appalling) standards of modern airlines."
Cons: "The entertainment systems were old and poor. Only a few terrible movies to choose from, and my wife's screen came going dark for long intervals."

Pros: "The staff tried to help as much as possible."
Cons: "I called American Airlines as ssoon as I book my trip to set up and make sure my small dog could fly with me. They neglected to inform me their partner, jetstar, does not fly animals. My luggage did not arrive with me. Both of my suitcases were mangled and broken. Items in my suitcases were shattered and crushed even though they were well packed and protected. We got stuck on the terminal in MSP and missed our connecting flight. When we finally arrived the systems were down and could not get new flights or hotels. We were told we could not get hotels and had to argue for an hour. Even though it was a maintenance issue. I arrived a day late and had to take extra leave. The plane from LAX to Tokyo was horrific. I booked a window seat, was stuck in the very middle. There was no way to charge outlets devices. The screen did not work. And my new luggage was also damaged with even more items destroyed."

Pros: "Nothing. Again, super old plane, no screens, no movies, zero effort."
Cons: "I got tricked into spending $80 for a seat with legroom. I'm 6'6" there is zero compassion and/or understanding for being a tall person. That's fine, I'll pay more. But then I was sat in a 'special' section, the only 2 seats that are narrower than a regular seat. The flight attendant said there was nothing they could do. 5 1/2 hours and I spent half the time standing up to avoid serious cramps. As a tall person I am literally getting phased out of airline seats. My knee to hip length prevents me from sitting in some seats. No one cares."

Pros: "I was happy that my bag arrived on the same flight."
Cons: "Paying for first checked luggage, 30 min. delay leaving PHX, small seats in coach"

Pros: "Over all wonderful!"

Pros: "After boarding and a 20 min wait seated we were told we had to leave the plane because of the broken something . It was fixed and we were off about two hours late. Fresno is a beautiful easy airport."

Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "I paid $150 extra for 2 exit row seats thinking we could use the extra room on the long flight. Unfortunately, the exit row space was cut off by and smaller than a normal row! Our legs were extremely cramped by the time we got to Rome. We had no overhead storage, which was already small, so we had to put our carry-ons multiple rows behind us -- which made exiting the plane a pain. There wasn't any personal entertainment systems, just one tv per section. The food was sub par. The crew was nice enough, but I'll NEVER take American Airlines internationally again."

Pros: "Crew was nice and understanding how uncomfortable the flight was."
Cons: "The seats are now smaller than ever. AA made them more marrow, closer together and less reclining. With 1.2 mil miles I am switching to drlta."

Pros: "Flight crew very welcoming, flight was pleasant."
Cons: "Seating a bit tight. Didn't offer any snacks only ice water."

Cons: "I got stuck in DC overnight and I was not provided with a hotel or meal voucher:"

Pros: "I used points to bump up this flight to first class and was very grateful for the delicious food and extra room. We received good service from attendants who checked on us often to bring extra drinks and answer questions. I see now that it's worth the extra money/points to fly first class. Thank you for making it a great experience!"
Cons: "I felt the flight attendant who first served me was a little brash. We were seated for what seemed like extra time before takeoff so I ordered a mimosa when asked if I wanted a drink. She seemed reluctant to give it to me so I wish she had explained that there wasn't much time or explained any hesitations that she was maybe trying to hide from her expressions. I was only 1/3rd finished with the drink when she practically grabbed it from my hands and said she had to take it away. A warning would have been nice, I could have finished it faster. Then during the flight when I ordered another one so I could actually enjoy it, she still seemed hesitant/judgmental and finally said "that will be the last champagne the plane has." It was an awkward experience that I didn't appreciate. However, this same attendant seemed more friendly throughout the flight and was kind and helpful."

Pros: "Got us in a little early. Nice smooth flight"

Pros: "My husband and I were traveling together to Dallas, and we were unable to sit together-The ticketing agent was very rude when we asked if she could find us seats that were together. She said, "We could ask someone on the flight to switch with us". We paid $738.00 total for both tickets to Dallas, and found it very hard to believe that we could not get seats that were next to each other. We have had this same situation on other airlines, and they were very accommodating to our needs."

Pros: "Crew were very nice and efficient"
Cons: "Move"

Cons: "The delay my fly canceling poor communication I miss my dates etc"

Pros: "Crew was apologetic"
Cons: "No automated safety briefing after 2 hour delay at gate due to congestion at seatac."

Cons: "I had a horrible experience with my flight back home. It was delayed several times, then canceled. I got another American Airline flight which was also delayed over and over, then finally canceled and I was stuck in the airport for the night. I was given a voucher for a Hotel. The Miami shuttle took me to a dark street at 4am and told me to get out, this is your stop. I told him I was not going to get out it was dangerous and there was no hotel in sight. I had him take me back to the airport where I spent the next 10 hours watching my flight get delayed all over again. It was ridiculous. It ruined my whole trip. I will not be flying with American Airlines in the future."

Pros: "Arrived ahead of schedule!"

Cons: "Clean, comfortable plane. Smooth ride. Departed on time, arrived ahead of time:)"

Cons: "The fees for the baggage are ridiculous"

Pros: "Crew was nice. That’s all."
Cons: "Updates on departure. Should be able to see everything in the app. Not have to keep running to the agent."

Cons: "For budget airline it’s awesome. Couldn’t ask more"

Pros: "I was in row 2 and it had reclining seats."
Cons: "They did not have enough people to push wheelchairs at Mac Arthur airport. My husband had to push me & since we don’t know the airport we had to ask every step we went, they had no signs leading the way."

Pros: "The anouncements in Islip explaining the boarding process and warning people about bringing carry ons that they did not pay for were clear, loud and understandable. Crew was great."
Cons: "the seats hurt my butt, not sure if I could do a longer flight on this plane"

Pros: "Crew was very nice. Boarding was efficient."
Cons: "Snack selections are very limited. If we are paying for it anyway the choices should be a little more varied."

Cons: "3 hours delayed. I was late for a important interview. I lost money because of it"

Pros: "The price is right. I do not take any of the extras, do not be tricked by the website that you have to pick a seat. Charging more for carry on keeps the cabin clear, buy a bottle of water in the airport and skip the in flight food service. Planes are clean, reasonabley comfortable. Crews are professional."
Cons: "Boarding could be better. Why don't they load the back of the plane first? Mostly because people can't learn to get themselves on and off a plane. Get on and sit down. Then on arrivial standing in the isle fumbleling to get their overhead bags."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Really bad seats, no room for you. Carry on - charge $50. No free beverages ."

Cons: "Frontier services is the worst."

Cons: "We sat on plane at gate for 1 1/2 hour while crew attempted to fix mechanical problems."

Pros: "flyers were good natured"
Cons: "Boarding agent was not keep updated ,poor PA volume at A 75 , delay of take off 1/2 hr"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Got to the airport at 4am for a flight that was supposed to leave at 6am. The flight finally departed at 11:40am. I missed my non-refundable connecting flight and had to book a new flight. All in all I probably lost $300 because of this situation. On top of that it was my birthday."

Pros: "Efficient, safe, no frills unless you want to buy them."
Cons: "Getting a boarding pass was a little out of the way."

Pros: "I liked that the gave us food vouchers for our wait"
Cons: "That I really wanted to get home. One person missed is brother’s funeral, another person missed their connecting flight. I thought it was poor planning on frontiers part. Many people were getting very upset with the crew and calling customer service. I felt very bad feeling f the crew and many people who needed to be in Chicago when they promised for us to get there. It was upsetting, just tried to make lemonade out of lemons."

Pros: "Great flight from Islip to MIA. Looked at another review about water on flights and I was told by the crew that water is FREE!"
Cons: "Seats are small but newly redesigned."

Pros: "In flight crew was cordial, warm, professional"
Cons: "Everything else was a sh*tshow: bad information, confused and angry employees, flight was 7-hours late"

Cons: "Poor customer service at service desk"

Cons: "Let's begin with the need to pay for your seat selection. Then the fact that the seats do not recline at all, so you are forced to sit upright the entire flight. Good luck if you are over 5'8", seats are not intended for taller people. Also, how can an airline not have wifi or inflight entertainment. Not a bargain at all. Oh and $45 per checked bag, nice touch. Avoid if possible."

Pros: "Once in air it was uneventful"

Pros: "everything"
Cons: "wished they had free snacks"

Pros: "These people dont communicate with one another and they are horrible disorganised. On top of it the are chincey(trting to get all the money they can out of you) and all the staff was so rude!!! Horrible airline. But what do you expect with a 50$ ticket...? At least one flight attendant was nice really made the trip a lot better for me"

Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The seats were uncomfortable, having to pay for a carry on"

Cons: "$200 ticket and I still have to pay $45 to bring a bag?"

Pros: "McArthur Airport and checkin, a breeze. Boarding,stress free. Attitude of crew, at gate and on plane, wonderful. Nice re-seating available before take off."
Cons: "No free snacks."

Pros: "Ease of boarding, and the fact that we took of 30 minutes late and still landed just about on time"
Cons: "Seats are a bit hard and don’t recline at all"

Cons: "There was a lack of communication, our flight was delayed however there was no explanation as to why."

Pros: "Very friendly flight crew!"
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "The on board crew do not compare to the quality service in other flights but are much better than the frontier boarding crew"
Cons: "The service was absolutely terrible, the front desk crew did not want to let me in 40 minutes to my flight because they stated I need to be there 2 hrs earlier. This was ofcourse despite me having only a person item and having prepped in order to not have the slightest delay with TSA. I missed all my apartment viewings because of this and an additional flight delay with the replacement flight I purchased. This rendered my trip absolutely useless and an extra cost because I arrived after hours to my car rental and lost my reservation. If I buy a flight, why can't I stand? IF I CANNOT STAND WHY AM I PURCHASING A SEAT SEPERATELY???"

Pros: "Flight crew"
Cons: "Carry-on fee"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and seats were comfortable ."
Cons: "No gluten free food ootions"

Pros: "The price was right"
Cons: "Long lines to check your bags and confusion at the gate in Islip plus seats are uncomfortable on the plane and the only thing they give you for free is water"

Cons: "Flight was delayed more than 2 hours."

Pros: "Flight attendants were quite nice."
Cons: "Boarding was delayed, and when we did board it was all at the same time rather than by zones. Seats on this type of equipment become uncomfortable after about 2 hours."

Pros: "Bad customer service, no flight, left stranded in Phoenix with a tired 12yr old,"
Cons: "There was nothing to like"

Pros: "Garbage airlines."

Pros: "Easy check in and security at O'Hare due to small airlines. Gate was very close to security. Knew about fees in advance, so that was not a problem. Chose seat when purchasing the ticket and was able to get an exit seat at that time. A great deal for round trip flight."
Cons: "Kiosks were down in Nashville causing huge check in line. Not sure if they charge for beverages including juice and pop in flight. Everyone around me chose water."

Pros: "Safety instructions worth the funny copy was great."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "We were delayed wit no apparent reason. Additional fees are ridiculous."

Pros: "The crew was nice"

Pros: "Overall the flight was good, very friendly staff."
Cons: "The seat was very uncomfortable. No free snacks. No entertaimemt"

Cons: "Delayed by half an hour without clear reasons"

Cons: "Being an hour and a half late."

Pros: "I enjoyed no part of this flight. It was terrible."
Cons: "The pilots steered us into the worst turbulence I've ever experienced. People were literally screaming in fear. All in all, it was a terrifying experience."

Pros: "I was surprised at the great price, the lack of issues, and the smoothest landings ever! Will definitely book Frontier flights again. Thanks!"

Cons: "Paying $45 to carry my bag was upsetting"

Pros: "On time. Friendly."
Cons: "All snacks and drinks cost at LEAST $2. Any carry-on that doesn't fit under the seat in front of you will cost you $45 to carry-on to earn the right to put it in the overhead compartment, OR $40 to check it and have the privilege to wait at baggage claim to retrieve it!!!!"

Pros: "Great Service, On time."
Cons: "Seats are pretty thin cushioned"

Cons: "Same as before."

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Islip to Fresno

Airlines flying from Islip to Fresno have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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