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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Alaska Airlines
Overall score based on 29,235 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Direct flight"
Cons: "None"

Pros: "A full complément of movies to choose from"

Pros: "Crew were helpful"
Cons: "WiFi went on and off. It charges me twice then rebates one. Frustrating experience."

Pros: "On time and arrived early."
Cons: "Neck massage would be nice :)"

Cons: "Nice plane. Decent leg room, pleasant flight."

Pros: "Leg room was good."
Cons: "No food service during flight."

Pros: "Flight attendants were very nice."
Cons: "Flight was one hour delayed, on time would be better!"

Pros: "Food was good, comfortable seating especially since 1/3 of the passengers were unable to get to the plane on time so there were Lots of empty seats Seattle Airport was a NIGHTMARE to manuvere from gate to gate. My husband and I had OUTRIGHT RUN from one end of the airport to the other."
Cons: "A Shuttle to help us get from our late Alaska flight gate arrival to our connecting Alaska flight we wouldn’t have had to FULL SPRINT FROM ONE END OF THE AIRPORT TO THE OTHER TO THE OTHER. My legs we’re QUIVERING by the time My RUN got me to my other Alaska flight just as they closedthe doors"

Cons: "Cold in a plane"

Pros: "Awful experience"
Cons: "No gate when we landed"

Pros: "On-time departure, slightly early arrival Effective entertainment system with many choices"
Cons: "No live TV options (for news on election night)"

Pros: "On time. Safe."
Cons: "Seperate seats with my traveling companion. No entertainment."

Pros: "On time and nice crew."
Cons: "Was told there was free entertainment in flight but was not true."

Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Price was high"

Cons: "Luggage was lost on arrival at Kalispell. Promised $25 refund but did not receive."

Pros: "Safety Video Comfort of plane Entertainment system"
Cons: "Food / Drinks are a bit pricey. Pop - only get a glass. Not the whole can. Flight attendants were not the friendliest."

Pros: "Staff was great at calming nerves. First time flying overseas in almost 20 years"
Cons: "Leg room was minimal and choices for food were small compared to other airlines I flew with the same day."

Pros: "Flight on time Early arrival Good in-flight service"
Cons: "Uncomfortable seat belts."

Pros: "Fast service!"
Cons: "It’s good for economy class!"

Pros: "The overall experience."
Cons: "How times were pushed back instead of leaving on time."

Pros: "Every Alaska Airlines employee went above and beyond to make sure our family had a great travel experience. Our seats were assigned together, we were not charged for checking smaller bags, and the beverage/snack service was fast and they checked back often. Seats on this plane were roomy and the flight was not over-crowded. Boarding and de-boarding were easy and relaxed. Arrived ahead of schedule."

Cons: "They didn’t even ask us if we wanted refreshment! Attendants not very nice hated this trip!"

Pros: "On time no problems. Staff very professional"
Cons: "Rotten grapes in my cheese platter."

Pros: "Staff member Jennifer helped me out so much, Thank You. I got a seat I wanted and there was some great room. For a big guy it matters. Jennifer deserves a Golden Star."
Cons: "But even then the seats are so small, thin not wide. It is how they are built with these side walls in the thighs. That hurts my sides. So much that I had pain till I got home and an imprint on either side. Almost like a burning or piercing pain."

Pros: "The crew was very nice"
Cons: "We were delayed 7+hours!!!!"

Cons: "I’ve was falling from the vent above my seat and into my hair and onto my lap... I called the flight attendent over to ask if it would stop and she told me it would not stop, it happens to any window seat because of the vent... I’ve flown a lot and NEVER had ice fall out of the vents repeatedly. Her response to my question was rude and she made me feel stupid for asking about the problem in the first place. The people around be we’re even shocked by her stern and rude response."

Cons: "Prop plane made a lot of noise- never was on one before"

Cons: "They cancelled my flight 2 days before departure and attempted to book me on another one that was unrealistic for me to make. This forced me to drive the 10 hours home-resulting in me missing a half day of work. Although I am obligated to uphold my commitment to flights booked they seem to have no sense of responsibility on their end."

Pros: "Happy to now have a direct flight from SEA to SBP!!"

Pros: "Friendliest"
Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "Nice crew, helpful. Coffee was good. Seats were pretty comfortable"
Cons: "My ears Filled up and hurt on decent. I tried all the tricks but didn't help. Maybe cabin wasn't pressurized enough?? Also wifi should be free!! We pay enough for the flight, that's not nice."

Pros: "Slept for the majority of the flight, and no issues. Probably 1-2 inches more legroom than I normally get on other airlines"
Cons: "Waited in line for like 20 mins to just print out my boarding pass."

Pros: "Only airline I try to fly because of their excellence!"

Cons: "I wasn't allowed to check in at the kiosk because it was approximately 40 minutes prior to departure, and there were no ticketing agents operating the counter. When I asked the supervising TSA agent at Kalispell airport for help, he took my ID to the ticketing agent at the gate past security and asked her if she could check me in and print a boarding pass for me from there and she did not. I was traveling with two other people in my party, one of which checked in approximately 10 seconds before I did on one of the kiosks and the other checked in approximately 5 minutes before me. I had my flight booking confirmation email on my phone, my receipt for the $497 ticket, and I was very polite in asking for help and very polite in receiving the bad news. The Kalispell airport is very small (there are just 3 gates), so I understand that the ticketing agent in the gate may have been so busy that she couldn't use the computer and printer at the gate to check me in and print my pass, but as someone who works in customer service I must say I was extremely disappointed in the verdict of my dilemma. I maintain full responsibility that our group had made it to the airport with little time to spare, and could have prepared differently, but from what I witnessed between my group's experience and my own, there could've been a touch of customer service added to our experiences. When I called Alaska Airlines customer service to rework my flight, I was charged a $211 change fee. I called customer service 10 minutes before my flight's departure time, so I was very clearly not late, there was no line at the security checkpoint, and I could see that the other two people in my group made it through security and to the gate in no more than one minute. I explained that there was no ticketing agent at the main counter outside of security and that the agent at the gate did not see any possible solutions for me. To say the very least, I am extremely disappointed in my experience with Alaska Airlines and the Kalispell airport and am truly discouraged by the sense of entitlement that I felt from the airline employees, the TSA employees, and air transportation as a whole. Again, I maintain responsibility for my dilemma, but would expect actual customer service for someone who very clearly made a mistake but is being extremely polite and calm in asking for help in a situation where there was ample time to correct the mistake, especially since there were others in the party that had successfully checked in merely seconds before myself. I know that sadly, my shared experience won't make much of a difference in anything, but I can't stress the importance of customer service in this world where it's a dying practice. I'm certain there are employees with Alaska Airlines that would have handled the situation differently, but for this particular experience I will not be flying with them again."

Pros: "Free beer"

Cons: "Got to SFO -no luggage. Switched to Virgin America in Portland. Two hour layover - it should have made it"

Pros: "Smooth take off and landing"
Cons: "Could not access the in flight entertainment"

Pros: "Everyone was fantastic! The crew kept us up to date in the terminal about any delays. In first class our stewardess was attentive and kind. I love Alaska and love when I get to fly with them."
Cons: "There was nothing disappointing about this flight or experience."

Cons: "WiFi didn't work at all. Couldn't open any websites on Gogoinflight."

Pros: "Friendly crew. On-time flight. Decent coffee. Safe arrival."

Pros: "Crew was friendly and professional. These small planes are never exceedingly comfortable, but we had a very pleasant flying experience despite that unalterable fact!"

Cons: "We had a 4 hour delay, with a departure time being pushed back 4 times. Ground personnel was informed of the shifting departure times long after the passengers knew because of electronic notifications. At a 1:45 am arrival most passengers had to spend the remaining night at the airport. The captain had the audacity to wish us a pleasant "evening" in Portland. No compensation was offered other than a $12 food voucher given at 8 PM when most passengers had eaten and which could not be used in a coffee and snack shop. The $12 did not cover a full meal at a restaurant that accepted the voucher."

Pros: "Good flight, the personnel was helpful to me in treating my instrument well."
Cons: "The attendant at FCA was horrible, but I don't think she works for Alaska. Extremely rude, forced me to check my guitar in baggage instead of gate checking it."

Pros: "While flying to Portland from Maui, our next flight was cancelled. No one notified us of this while on the plane or as we exited the plane. My mom found out while I was in the bathroom. She talked to the person at the gate we had just arrived at. She told us we were rerouted to a better flight and told us to go to a specific gate. When we arrived at the gate, Rainy (your employee) explained the situation again calmly, printed our boarding passes, told us we had an hour to catch a bite and worked on seating us together on the plane (I am traveling with a child). When we came back to the gate to board, she had taken care of our seating issue and was very nice. If you are going to cancel a flight on a customer, this is exactly how it should be handled. Better flight, better time, calm and helpful staff. This was the most enjoyable flight of our trip. Nice size plane and great staff. Just maybe need to notify the on board stewardess, she doesn't need to project or yell to be heard for the courtesy of those who have been traveling all night."
Cons: "Knowing that we got very little rest on the overnight flight, I was looking forward to a good nap on this flight. I was getting it until the airline assistant decided to have a very loud, very long conversation with a passenger. I could barely hear the passenger, but the employee was speaking as if on stage at an ampitheater! I know where she use to work, how she became a stewardess, how many cities she has worked from, how many days she has off, and again how many cities she has been to, AT VERY LOUD LEVELS!"

Pros: "As the title,I get lost my luggage and didn't find yet,it was four days ago and My luggage still in USA!I have been back to China before 2days ago,the staff of the luggage lose and found gave me the promised,that they would sent the luggage to China,so that I can find it back,but no one contact me until now!my China mobile phone number is:86-13826482180.i have been try thousands time to call ur customer service number,but no one was picked it up...~I m still looking forward ur airline company will contact me,thanks!have a great day!"

Pros: "The flight was short"
Cons: "Flight is overcrowded and they allow too many too large carry-ons, which delays boarding and makes for an uncomfortable flight, and this is all caused by the Alaska baggage fees for checked bags."

Pros: "Crew was very polite and courteous."
Cons: "I'm over 6' tall so the plane is a little small for my liking. The cabin is cramped and extremely loud due to the props. The flight took a little over an hour, so at least you don't have to deal with it for too long."

Pros: "Flight crew"
Cons: "Delay"

Pros: "Flight was outstanding, only complaint was the security in Boston. It was very slow."

Cons: "Nothing. Great shirt flight"

Pros: "on time. Seat was fine."

Cons: "Check in was slow, I had to pay $130 for 4lbs of overweight bag, $200 to change a flight, they screwed up the first change and almost charged $200 more until I asked them to review the “quality assurance” call, the flight was delayed because they had to find a new crew, and again because of a part."

Pros: "the boarding crew was very rude. it is a really bad experience."

Pros: "Boarding was very smooth"
Cons: "Crew was late arriving to what would have otherwise been an on-time flight"

Pros: "No delays all on time United gets A+ for service"

Cons: "Way too small a plane for the flight length."

Cons: "Better snacks"

Pros: "This plane has more space than larger plane, was more comfortable."

Pros: "Crew was great"
Cons: "Airbus seats comfortable but not the same on the Boeing 747"

Pros: "The flight was fine, no drama. Crew was s great. But damn that is an uncomfortable plane. We were only on it 3 hours and I found the seat to be so short in the seat pan my back and legs were aching an hour in to it. You are really are just pearched on the seat. Also the aisle is extremely narrow. You almost have to walk side ways down it."

Pros: "Lufthansa was great"
Cons: "TSA in SFO treated us like vermin. Issuing confusing orders and barking at us to come and go. I almost cried that I had returned to this beautiful country to be treated like an unwelcome criminal."

Pros: "Boarding speed was too notch."
Cons: "I can't blame United for this, but we had to circle around Heathrow a couple of time and even had to perform and emergency pull up because there was an airplane still on the landing strip."

Pros: "The price, the mango sorbet, short flight into Belgium, the coffee, the water being offered often"
Cons: "The tray was very dirty and obviously had not been disinfected from the previous flight. So I brought it to the attention of one of the crew members, and I felt like she made fun of me in front of other passengers for not liking my tray dirty; and she got a little paper towel for serving, wet it with a bottled water, and wiped my tray quickly. Not hygienic at all and not a word of apology. AIR FRANCE is so much better when it comes to customer service! Also I did not like the constant interruption on the speakers, very loud in my headsets and difficult to watch a movie on tiny screens. The crew members seemed very bossy and uncaring, if not actually rude."

Cons: "Not being able to request a seat on the aisle."

Pros: "The flight was fast."
Cons: "The flight attendant was an angry person. Her attitude was appalling."

Pros: "Finally, got a plane and arrived in SLO!"
Cons: "Flight delayed 2 hours: no information, no explanation. In fact, all cooperating connecting United flights were 2 hours late, not just mine"

Pros: "Great coastal views"
Cons: "O issues"

Pros: "Plane travel is not my favorite, but I was impressed at how smoothly everything went. Had some decent coffee and a delicious caramel-filled cookie during flight that made me very happy. Loved having a female pilot and power receptacles in each row, too."
Cons: "I wish we didn't need the United app in order to use the Wi-Fi. Or, I wish that I had known in advance, since my tablet is Wi-Fi only. Minor thing."

Pros: "No one died."
Cons: "The boarding was he'll at best."

Cons: "Flight didn't happen due to reschedule from delays"

Pros: "Same as my previous flight, the crew was outstanding. Had to avoid a rain storm and no turbulence. The stewardess was great! Everything went well!"
Cons: "Again same as above, comfort was a major hindrance. Hard to get comfortable. Wish the airlines could make seating arrangements a little larger!! Otherwise the experience was great!"

Pros: "complimentary water and snacks while waiting in line to board delayed flight"
Cons: "Flight delay due to late arrival of flight crew. Should have backup flight attendants for these situations, esp. at a large airport like SFO. Getting in at 2:30 am made for a miserable trip. Should have offered complimentary dinner to everyone when there is that much of a delay."

Cons: "2.5 hour delay, people were nice, but I missed my connection."

Pros: "it was ok just a long flight"
Cons: "food too high"

Pros: "Niven cabin crew, helped without complaint when my daughter had an embarrassing accident. Very nice crew."
Cons: "No in seat free entertainment"

Pros: "Everything was on time!"

Pros: "New planes have a bit more room and we arrived early"

Pros: "I was impressed that he came into the cabin to talk to us face-to-face instead of just over the intercom. He was friendly and humorous at boarding, and completely serious when he needed to divert. Explained clearly why and kept us informed of next steps."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "No drinks"

Cons: "It was an hour late."

Pros: "Seat flight comfort"
Cons: "TSA, food was bad in first class,"

Pros: "The people on the flight with me"
Cons: "Landing poor route and way to much turbelance worst flight I've ever been on. As well as I was almost late for my other flight because the pilot took forever to get to the gate"

Pros: "Poor Manuel"

Cons: "The customer service and lousy desk agent made my flight that much worse after flat out ignoring me."

Pros: "See above... United is the worst airline out there!"

Cons: "The old old plane that I flew the 1st leg of my trip. Not having TV or movie screens."

Cons: "selection of tv and movie options on the flight"

Cons: "did not take that flight, the return date need changed and it was more money to change date than it was to buy a new ticket"

Pros: "Flight was on time and boarding, crew and staff were all as expected."
Cons: "This was a "puddle Jumper" flight so seats were small but all as expected."

Pros: "Appreciative of friendly and professional crew"
Cons: "seat didn't recline"

Pros: "The crew kept you up dated, and they were caring."
Cons: "I loved it all"

Pros: "Some gate agents were very helpful and friendly with making (gratis) layover changes due to weather issues in my original layover city."
Cons: "They don't assign seats ahead of time, in FCA...too much "juggling" people around prior to boarding."

Cons: "Lack of room in seats and no legroom."

Pros: "The employees were very helpful."
Cons: "Leg room was good in exit row seat but the seat itself was awful. Very uncomfortable. Having flown in exit row sests before was surprised at hiw bad it was."

Cons: "The airplane was freezing, and I'm 23 years old and very used to flying."

Cons: "My flight was two hours delayed and overbooked so I have up my seat and united ensured we'd get to slo asap but ended up not leaving lax until 8:00."

Cons: "No communication to those of us with tight connections. No communication to the flights we were connecting to so that maybe they could hold the door open maybe 5-10 minutes longer."

Pros: "Friendly accommodating service"
Cons: "Having my seat arbitrarily changed to a middle seat because of an aircraft change. I selected window seats for all flights when I made my initial reservation. Because I am traveling alone is not a good reason to change my seat. Fortunately everything worked out thanks to very helpful gate agents."

Pros: "There was a large amount of room"
Cons: "NA"

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Safety measures for airlines flying from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo

Airlines flying from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Kalispell to San Luis Obispo

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