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Pros: Middle seats not booked. Cabin very clean, bathrooms kept tidy throughout trip. Very friendly crew. Appreciated cold drinks and selection of snacks,

Pros: Crew was great, cabin was clean
Cons: Wi-Fi was very spotty.

Cons: Stop pandering fear with masks.

Pros: A330 plane. I love widebodies
Cons: Be ontime

Cons: People wiping down their seats during the flight .... how silly

Pros: My flight got delayed twice. Had to get rebooked.

Cons: Nothing

Pros: When i asked for a window seat at the gate, i was provided one in the comfort zone. Very impressed and pleased. However, the remaining two segments were the opposite. Staff at the gate did not assist in any way for the remaining two flights.
Cons: The flight from Bend to Seattle was delayed a couple times and caused us to arrive when our connecting flight was already boarding. Luckily we were able to make the main flight on the trip.

Cons: During this trip all my flights got delayed and I was told that I could not get a hotel room and had to pay for myself.

Pros: Only selection of movies but that’s all!
Cons: Flight delay could have been explained better, boarded the plane and sat in for about 2:30 min, crew could have been more proactive but NO! Food especially thinking this dinner time in business class fare very small portions! Wi-Fi paid for full flight but it was turned off in the mid of the air!

Pros: Seats in economy are never comfortable. And someone also reclines their seat. But overall bathrooms were clean and food was good. Really no complaints about the flight itself or the crew!
Cons: Carry ons are too big! People should not be allowed to bring a piece of luggage inside the cabin. They are very heavy and some people cannot even lift them to place them in overhead compartment. Makes boarding slower and more complicated. Seats need to be a little wider. If a big person sits next

Cons: The flight was an hour and a half late.

Pros: Everything. Food, staff, checking in. All were great
Cons: Would have preferred they let me choose a window seat. I wasn’t given the option

Pros: I liked the wide variety of movies and snacks available.
Cons: The kid behind me wouldn't stop kicking my seat.

Pros: Very smooth and friendly TSA personnel at the security point. Very friendly and respectful of the military. My husband is a Vietnam veteran.

Cons: Connection time was very short and arrival and departure gates were very far apart. The gate attendant at the arrival gate wasn’t very helpful or sympathetic.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Food, cramped seating.

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: Delayed and then arrived at airport and sat on tarmac for too long waiting for clearance to go to gate

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Food was just a snack

Pros: The bag service
Cons: The flight delays

Pros: The flight was good but the air didn’t work again plane was warm the space was limited but the movies were good the flight attendants were OK

Pros: Excellent gate personnel, spacious and clean plane
Cons: Some crew members were a bit curt

Pros: Flight was good. Left on time. Crew was attentive.
Cons: Did not assign seat at check in. Had to go to gate and check in. Staff handled it well, but it was inefficient. Wasted time dealing with it.

Cons: Small seater aircraft was cramped

Cons: Customer service was lack luster...

Cons: Flight delayed 2 hrs

Pros: easy but long day coming home
Cons: however on the initial trip to cozumel we where rerouted from kc to huntvilles therefore missing our connecting flight to cozumel so the airline was accomodating and reseated us on a flight to cancun instead and I was thankful but i know that that flight was cheaper when i booked this but i didnt want to make the treak to cancun and bus and then ferry to cozumel but ended up doing that anyway is there any way at all to be compensated for the diffrence I am not upset at all but that made for a really long day getting there Just putting it out there

Pros: Flight team were wonderful!

Cons: Food sold out and there was nothing left

Pros: Excellent crew
Cons: Entertainment system did not function at all during the flight

Pros: It was a great flight.

Cons: Coffee is terrible! Get some medium roast for coffee aficionados. Not everyone has the American taste in coffee for a dark roast.

Cons: Extremely long queue

Cons: Change d for WiFi. Cheap

Cons: All was well

Pros: Crew
Cons: Having delayed flights

Pros: Everything
Cons: Not enough entertainment choices

Cons: Plane was hot but that seems common for these small planes during the summer.

Pros: Got us home super fast
Cons: The most uncomfortable flight I've ever had

Pros: Crew
Cons: 3 hours there before the departure.

Pros: Delta Studio with closed caption
Cons: some series do not have closed caption

Pros: Nonstop quick flight

Pros: Efficient, comfortable, on time

Pros: The captain was informative about the delay in taxiing/takeoff, and the in-flight beverages were good.
Cons: I was in a middle seat.

Pros: Was on time, in fact early. Boarding was smooth
Cons: The CRJ is just very small. No room in the overheads, no room below. Seat didn't recline, all average carryons have to be gate checked, the usual. Well it still beats driving!

Pros: I had an empty seat next to me. Flight took off on time and arrived early. Crew was pleasant.
Cons: bathrooms were very dirty. No one cleaned them up.

Cons: Made me check a small bag and let others carry on 2 and3 bags very rude

Pros: After canceled, Delta had a hotel and found new flight for next day. Shuttle to and from hotel provided.
Cons: Ten gate changes. Rescheduled for 15 to 45 minutes each time for 6 hours, this lead passengers to believe flight would still happen. Which a backup flight was not booked. Frustration!

Cons: Very long delay leaving Shanghai. Was 90 minutes late arriving in Tokyo, so I didn't have time to run into Narita town for some real food as I had been planning.

Cons: Every seat sold. No social distancing. Mask rule not enforced.

Pros: The flight was much awesome
Cons: The Frodo add more food please

Pros: Free entertainment and snack. Customer service was great with my bags and had options for picking up and delivering
Cons: My bags were not there when I landed

Pros: My crew was very attentive

Pros: How quick American Airlines moves to keep people on time.
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Crew and food and drink options fine. Comfort level in First Class much lower that expected. Update the aricraft please!!
Cons: Couldn't recline the seat very far. No USB outlet. No multimedia options. Get into the 21st century!!

Pros: Great Crew
Cons: Was a great flight

Cons: The return flight was cancal very late

Pros: On this flight was a female flight attendant who anticipated my every need. I wasn’t flying first class, but still, she went out of her way to treat me very well. Her personality and hospitality made my flight relaxing, made me feel loved and appreciated, and the flight felt like I was already home

Cons: Flight was canceled

Pros: Very helpful crew.
Cons: Too often the video screen I’m given doesn’t charge up and it has to be replaced mid flight. This happened again during this flight when 2 screens didn’t charge and had to be replaced before the movie ended. The crew was helpful, but this problem is annoying.

Cons: Flight delayed 2hrs - but no fault of the airline.

Pros: The crew is good and attention
Cons: They need to prevent to inconvenience or un conformity towards to the people or customers becouse they don't give information in time

Cons: We have arranged for a wheelchair assistance and there was none available and we had to wait an hour after the flight landed for a wheelchair!

Cons: Bag check fee is steep for students.

Pros: The crew was awesome, very attentive and helpful.
Cons: The plain was very old meaning no screens, outlets, pretty much no entertainment what so ever. Seats are cramped.

Pros: Boarded and left in-time. Arrived a little early. Friendly crew and good app for entertainment on smartphone or tablet. App tracks baggage.
Cons: Long lines for self-serve bag kiosks at LAX and not enough agents to assist. Baggage agent left the desk saying she had to go on a lunch break and another agent had to take over. Seemed like some confusion with the staffing which slowed things down.

Cons: Plane was late arriving from California because of mechanical problems. Then we sat on JFK runway waiting to take off. Pilot said we'd be taking off in about 9 minutes. A half hour later we took off. In the middle of the flight a loud horn went off in the cabin. It lasted for about 20 seconds. It was really quite alarming given the earlier mechanical problems. No explanation ever given.

Pros: boarding and checkin bags
Cons: Co-pilot didn’t Board the plane and flight got delayed for 2 hrs. Most probably AA knew that co-pilot didn’t arrive and they still boarded everybody only to be left stranded on tarmac. that’s totally unacceptable. And we all could have waited in the terminal. Hope they fix that problem for future purposes. Similar major delay by 6 hrs with a previous travel and they finally cancelled the flight. It’s just getting worse with AA delays.

Pros: Seats which I choose where very comfortable.
Cons: Would have like a choice in food severd

Pros: Efficient flight.
Cons: Our party of four All had separate seated, two kids, even though we checked in at the earliest possible moment our only seat change options would’ve cost $400 to sit together.

Pros: I made it
Cons: I had to run for all its worth.

Cons: Did not realize this flight was operated by American

Pros: Flight attendants
Cons: Very cramped searing

Cons: Two of crew very chatty with each other on their personal lives, finances, friends and family.

Pros: planes were on time, good flight

Pros: Boarded in a timely manner.

Pros: Flight was on time
Cons: The plane was too old. It is shameful. Avianca should stop using this plane

Cons: American Airlines baggage check-in at Paris CDG was total chaos. It took 1 1/2 hours. They need a systems analyst to review their process; especially for customers using their ticket kiosks during check-in when the lines get long. There's never a problem when the lines are small (duh !!). The staff involved in baggage check did well considering the poor process flow they had to deal with. The entire flight crew was great. It is management that is falling down on the job.

Pros: Plane was not full so more space. Original seat whilst legroom was plentiful the aircraft hull made the seating experience cramped. Poor interior space design. Entertainment excellent helped me concentrate on work. Left late but made up time in the air given arrival time this was good.
Cons: Food especially snack was absolutely dreadful. Cabin staff were polite but have done one too many transatlantic flights and the process whilst polite is a transaction. The customer is not special.

Pros: the flight was on time and everything was fine.
Cons: the boarding process is more chaotic than necessary. groups 5-9 board at the same location and people in higher groups stand near the front so you can't tell if you should wait behind them or step around. there was only a single power plug (in economy plus) for 2 seats and it was a cigarette lighter style.

Cons: All was excellent! Only the internet was not working good , payed for all flight access but most of the time the internet was not working. Anyway I contacted support team and they refunded me

Pros: NA
Cons: No individual TVs, electric plug nor WiFi

Cons: AA changed my flight plans without advice me. THEY ARE BREAKING MY BAG. The flight was very late. They ask me to pay $300

Cons: The crew was abrupt, harsh, spoke down to the passengers, sighed, rolled their eyes, etc. It's their job to serve drinks, and attend to passenger requests and needs. They made it seem like they were being put upon to get a glass of hot water or coffee. If someone asked what type of juice they had, they rolled their eyes and answered rudely. No one smiled and seemed friendly

Cons: Flight was cancelled

Pros: That this flight didn't get cancelled
Cons: Well I didn't like that we sat at the airport for nearly 10 hours after multiple flight delays and cancellations. Why not just let us know we aren't going to be flying out. That way you could reduce the 10 hour anxiety attack and mixed emotions coming with all the drama. I also didn't like that the only flight we could get the next day was into San Jose (not SFO which is what I paid for) there wasn't any offer of reimbursement for hotel, taxi or flight. I also missed 2 extremely important fairs that my company was expected to participate in on Saturday Morning. I didn't like that when we landed in San Jose our bags were in SFO. Then American Airlines didn't want to get us a ride to SFO which we finally received after a lot of arguing which I don't find ideal. I feel like AA didn't take any responsibility. They kept saying it was weather related which I can't accept because other flights (including AA) were coming and going the entire day!!! One customer service member said the plane we were supposed to be on had to be maintenances and another said they didn't have a flight crew. The whole day was a disaster and it cost my thousands of dollars and many many hours of stress and anxiety.

Pros: The service from flight attendants very goood. Even the chicken dinner was as good as many restaurants serve with tastey sauce and cooked just right with nice tossed salad and even apple pie desert. We got served free beverage 3 times on 9 hour flight from Paris to Dallas. The entertainment options were amazing: So many new movies or video games or e-reader were added plus with individual screen in front of each seat! They will be my first choice. New seats also had extra padding and were more comfortable! Wow1
Cons: A little more leg room would be nice.

Cons: Both flights delayed. A six and a half hour drive took nine and a half hours by air.

Cons: Ct for. R

Pros: Courteous and professional crew
Cons: Delay taking off, due to technical issues with aircraft. Seat area is much too small for an adult.

Pros: Pleasant crew, pretty good food and films.
Cons: Significant departure delay, contradictory information from initial airport check in to gate staff, beverage selection is okay but prices for more than the basics are astronomical.

Pros: typical somewhat comfortable seating
Cons: VERY cramped.

Pros: The seats were comfortable and had good foot space.

Pros: An old aircraft but well maintained. Crew was courteous and efficient. No food or entertainment
Cons: Delay in receipt of baggage at Chicago

Pros: American Airlines for me is always better than Spirit but not as good as Jet Blue.
Cons: This trip was different except that I was disalpointed they didn't warn passengers about the whole island power outage until the plane was landing. No doubt this made a more convenient flight for them but I will always value a company that puts its customers first. The scene at the airport was very chaotic with reservations scrambled, bags missing and cars being rented by employees with flashlights.

Pros: Overall very good
Cons: Nothing specific

Cons: This flight was operated by American, but sold by Iberia and ticketed by When I tried to reserve a special meal, each party (American, Iberia & said they could not do it, that the other party had to do it. So, in other words, no company took responsibility for my customer satisfaction. So I am ultimately blaming American Airlines accountable since they, not Iberia or, contracted with the food service provider at the airport.

Pros: Boarding was a breeze

Cons: A plan to deal with a hostile mom with a screaming kid that was out of control.

Cons: Alligient air is an excellent economy airline that flies non-stop to smaller cities.

Cons: Allegiant plays games with seating to try to milk more money from passengers.

Cons: The plane was filthy. It made me sick thinking that im stuck on this plane that they never the peak of sick season.

Pros: Space Seating Hospitality
Cons: Maybe complementary snacks

Pros: The boarding was quick and efficient, the plane was really clean.
Cons: It would be nice to be able to recline the seat, and if at least water was served (even if snacks and other drinks cost money).

Pros: Crew unfriendly, unprofessional, and not courteous,

Cons: 2 hour weather delay. Flight didnt arrive in Tampa until 1:30am. Hard time finding transportation from airport that late


Pros: Everything was perfect. New plane, super clean!! Even though the seats don't recline, they're still quite comfortable. I love how wide the aisle is...people have plenty of room to move around.

Pros: The crew was the best on any flight I have been on. Love their jokes.

Cons: Very uncomfortable

Pros: No The crew was not friendly at all
Cons: I honestly am angry that I was charged for things others where not.This is ridiculous

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Super rude personelle

Pros: The flight attendants, the space on the plane, the prompt departure and arrival!
Cons: Media has not been reflective of my great experience.

Pros: Great crew fast service and flight smooth !
Cons: I’m tall and have some back issues I found the seats very close and not too comfortable ! I tried to get A seat by the emergency exit but wasn’t early enough on my pick !

Cons: 5 delays between for a 4:27PM flight that eventually took off at 3:15am. My biggest issue is the unrealistic delay that could have left us in the airport for 11+ hours. Very thankful that they did allow me to change departure locations to another airport at no charge. That flight went well, even arrived early.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: The flight was delayed by hours, with no explanation given. It was coming from Florida, with no bad weather in between. It caused us to arrive at 1 am.

Pros: Easy boarding, very nice crew. I would definitely recommend spending the extra for Priority, it is much faster.

Pros: We were delayed on takeoff, but pilot made up a lot of the time I. air

Pros: Like the newer plane. The crew was nice.
Cons: I purchased 2 bulk head seats for more leg room and because they changed the plane, my seats were no longer in the bulk head. We didn't have extra leg room and I would like a refund for the price I paid to upgrade my seats. It is impossible to get service on the phone, since even the customer service number the flight attentendant gave me, still put me on an unbearable hold time. Please refund my money for the seats that you did not provide me with.

Pros: The flight was delayed for almost 4 hrs, but the staff was excellent. From the check-in agent, the gate agent, the flight attendants and pilots - everybody was upbeat and helpful.
Cons: Just the continual delays, but the mobile notices were so helpful in not coming to the airport for a delayed flight. As always, the fact that the seats don’t recline makes the trip more uncomfortable.

Pros: It was exceervice

Cons: The seating is terrible. Everyone is like sardines packed away.

Pros: No Delays All went smooth & arrived early!

Pros: None
Cons: Ground personnel

Pros: Nonstop on time and as expected

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Both departing and return flights were delayed by just over 5 hours.

Pros: Flight attendants did the best they could; just a bad situation. It happens.
Cons: Said it was a radio problem, but we were delayed, told we were leaving, delayed, de-planed, changed planes and finally got in nearly four hour late.

Pros: 2 hours and one flight. Done!
Cons: No entertainment

Pros: Flights were all on time

Pros: Cleanliness, friendliness, on time.
Cons: Charging for drinks and snacks snacks..

Pros: other airline seats are concave, forcing my back in to a painful posture. I'm 5'2", 120 lbs, so I'm not the normal body; but I just can't imagine who finds concave comfortable. Thank you Allegiant for a chair with a more-flat back.
Cons: I was surprised with the carryon fee and wondered if I would have to pay fees to use the toilet. I didn't use it, so I don't know.

Pros: I never have any issues. Everything is always great.

Pros: Comfort and speed of the flight. Attentive staff!
Cons: Need one craft beer

Pros: The price for the flight and the direct flight make it worthwhile.
Cons: Boarding process was completely chaotic; they had two lines, one for people with paper boarding passes and one for those with electronic passes, but they just let everyone line up all at once which was way too crazy. It needs to be better organized.

Cons: I flew to my "surprised" 50th bday party with family and to meet more family. The aircraft problems overheated engine, caused us to get out of the plane, move all luggages and wait foe a new plane that also had to be cooled off before reboarding. We were tired and hungry. Missed my bday with family. Very very disappointed.

Pros: Their flights are always delayed. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. Not going to fly again with them.
Cons: Entire flight experience.

Pros: Nothing. We were scheduled to fly back to Vegas at 7:07 then delayed to 8:30 then 10 pm then 11:25 pm now 1:15 am. This is unbelievable, unacceptable and ridiculous! And I have to work the next day. This is unacceptable! I just received another update that now we're leaving at 1:45 am . Please do not, again do not use Allegheny EVER again!!
Cons: So many delays. This airline is unreliable, unprofessional! Ridiculous! Please read my comments above. Do not use Allegiant!

Cons: Nothing

Pros: We eventually got to Las Vegas.
Cons: Everything. Spend an it make and book with someone else.

Cons: After arriving to the airport to check in we were told there was a 6 hr delay. Thanks for the heads up since we could've hung out more before heading to the airport.

Pros: No lay overs

Pros: On time. Easy boarding and off loading. Nice staff
Cons: The seat. The people. The drinks. The efficiency. The price.

Cons: They booked me and two others for the same seat

Pros: The flight attendants were very nice and helpful.

Pros: Really smooth flight, quick and easy to Las Vegas...
Cons: Paying for checked luggage...

Pros: Finally got home!
Cons: Flight was Delayed taking off by 2 1/2 hours due to mechanical issues. This flight along with the four hour delay when I flew to Orlando is a disaster. Probably the last time Allegiant will be flown!

Pros: They were efficient and courteous in distribution of beverages and collecting garbage
Cons: They let out 5 rows at a time which was good, then sort of have up after the first 10. But good concept in keeping things orderly

Cons: United needs stricter rules about boarding and de-boarding during Covid. They lag behind other airlines. De-boarding especially needs to be controlled. Very disappointed. Also, after row 21 there are no screens and you have to use your own device. Then provide outlets! Jeeze that's ridiculous. You need to have plugs if you have to use your own device during the flight!

Pros: Without asking, the crew arranged to have my partner and I sit next to each other. That was such a pleasant touch of service for our trip. Also, the connection was perfectly timed at Chicago flying to Bozeman.

Pros: On time & well organized
Cons: All good. Average service, or lack thereof, for American carrier

Cons: Cleanliness of airplane. Vents and tray tables were very dirty

Cons: They made us wait for a group of passengers who caused a 50-minute delay.

Cons: The Boarding was not fair. The most horrible experience in my life and the Customer Service made me felt like a delinquent.

Pros: Flight was faster than expected.
Cons: Stuck with a window seat next to a couple on a group tour. She spilled into my seat so we kept jockeying for better comfort next to each other.

Pros: Flight was canceled.

Cons: Flight was very late departing

Cons: N/a

Pros: On time. Flight attendant was exceptional.

Cons: flight delayed by 3 hours. no reason given- effected subsequent schedule...

Cons: Late....again

Pros: Flight was on time for departing and arriving into Munich.
Cons: Boarding is way too slow, and always seems to be so confusing. There were a couple of crying babies on the flight that make sleeping a lot harder. A German flight should have at least one German bier for their customers. Gate agents moved my wife and I into a row with another customer and gave our seats to single person-which makes no sense to me, so he had two open seats around him, and we were in a full row. B.S.

Pros: They were very kind to my very tired toddler for a late night flight.

Cons: I didn’t need a second breakfast at 10am, I’d much protégée- a better lunch.

Pros: The journey was smooth
Cons: None

Cons: Delay caused missed flight. Staff did not accomidate efficiently. Ended up on a much later flight and was treated unfairly.

Pros: We have Global entry so the security was a breeze. Everyone was happy !
Cons: Nothing

Pros: Comfort
Cons: Late departure not good with wheelchair disability services

Pros: The flight crew was attentive and polite.
Cons: Though not the fault of the crew or airlines, we were delayed almost 90 minutes because a parent took their toddler into the lavatory while at the gate and they messed it up and plugged the toilet with paper towels and/or pampers. This was after I had a 8-1/2 hour flight from Copenhagen, Denmark. Also, the seat space and amenities are so inferior to international flights. The narrowness of the seat and closeness of the rows makes it hard to be comfortable. After being treated to two meals on the international flight, one small two-inch bag of snack mix is almost pointless.

Cons: Thought we were going to have to spend the night on New Jersey. Because of it. No apologies or compensation. As a result, we didn't get home until almost 3:00 A.M.

Pros: Promptness
Cons: Nothing

Cons: Basic Economy fare will flag at the kiosk for check-in. I'd rather have a warning to indicate no Carry On bag allowed, and flag at the gate for them to check. Both legs of the trip caused an extra 5-10 minutes to wait for help to proceed

Pros: Crew was nice. The plane had good amentites and was clean .

Pros: Hassle free no pressure service
Cons: I loved it

Pros: Horrible
Cons: Everything

Pros: No entertainment due to short flight

Pros: I like that the seats were more comfortable and had at least some padding.
Cons: The gate had no comfortable seats and looked like a minimalists ' lounge. The gate agent did not actively give any updates to the boarding process.

Pros: Boarding and crew attendants were courteous and helpful. Flight left on time and arrived early. Luggage arrived and my time inChicago was short.
Cons: Seats crowded but I was fortunate to not have a person in middle seat. Implied tv was free but system kept asking for my credit card.

Pros: The plane was clean and the crew were pleasant and polite. I was a little surprised that the pilot announced they wanted to leave early; there were a couple of announcements about that while we were boarding. When we arrived at LAX there wasn't a gate available, because we were early, so I don't think we gained anything other than a feeling of being herded quickly.
Cons: Entertainment options were limited; Friends and Big Bang reruns plus some music videos. According to the app, these don't work on Windows 8, which is what I had. The seats are cramped with very little tilt. I had an aisle seat and was hit by nearly everyone walking by, even though it wasn't a rough flight. I would rather not fly with this airline; I don't see anything that they do that would encourage my return business. Frankly, I've had better flights on Southwest!

Pros: No charging docks on plane as military duffle bag open with clothing hanging out on arrival ~ not sure if anything stolen but the threat is very real and it's unacceptable for military bags to be delivered in that manner

Pros: I recommend this company. I ve traveled from reno to buenos aires. Thank you !!

Cons: This airline is so beyond awful. American has the most janky planes, uncomfortable seats, and worst service on the plane. I had to beg the flight attendant to get me a wine because I was asleep when they came by and missed them by not even a half hour... She acted like it was so hard and it took asking 4 times and finally just asking another person. I was so annoyed. They also have shitty food selections per usual. Who chooses those snack items?! They clearly have no taste. I was miserable the whole flight. I usually am not a miserable traveler so this isn't just me being negative, I seriously may write one review every few months, only if something is really good or really bad. The fact that I'm even taking the time to write this says a lot!!!

Pros: Everything went fine no problems and it was XMAS eve

Pros: Flight left and arrived on time. Good service on board.
Cons: For boarding at the gate, attendant scanned boarding passes at one terminal and asked passengers to board next to another terminal across the room. Anyone could have walked onto the plane without a boarding pass, which seems to be a security concern. It felt as if I was seated over the rear wheels of the plane. During taxi and takeoff, there was an irregular bump that made a noise and vibrated the plane every second or so, and sped up as the plane sped up. I was concerned that something was the matter with the tire or wheel.

Cons: Mechanical issues caused 2hr delay and therefore missed connection. Notified @ 10AM as we were walking out the door to waiting über. Tried stand-by on earlier flights that would have made the connection, unsuccessfully. Reassigned to red-eye flight leaving 10PM. Stayed 10 hrs at airport - ended up getting hotel room for the day. Zero compensation from United for meals / hotel.

Cons: This was the flight from hell. Terrible uncomfortable seats. Could not get the monitor turned off and out of my eyes. Plus we were delayed 4 hours in this crappy airport only to get on a really crappy plane. We were supposed to arrive in Tampa before 10 but wound up getting in like a red eye at 1230 am. Lost out on our ride home and we were so exhausted. I cried most of this flight home 2 1/2 hour flight. Nice staff but crappy plane. I am waiting to get a call to get reimbursed for my loss of time at work and the missed ride home.

Pros: Made the flight-arrived home early-good landing!
Cons: Racing to make it-thought we hadn't.

Pros: Late boarding, other then that ok.

Pros: The stewards were awesome. Funny kind and attentive

Pros: Ticket agent got us on a Delta flight.
Cons: Flight was cancelled.

Pros: No delay! Earlier then expected.
Cons: Not to comfy.

Pros: Quick easy boarding
Cons: A bit of delay not to bad though

Cons: No good snacks to even pay for didn't have time to stop and eat in the airport

Pros: had a 4 hour delay due to plane issue. staff was helpful though, kept passengers up to date, and allowed us to deboard when the wait was 2.5hrs+ and go back to the gate for snacks.

Cons: The pilots were late which cost us our departure so that we ran into restrictions based on weather. Thus we missed our connection in Panama City. United should ensure pilots are on time.

Pros: Flights were on time, no delays.
Cons: Three hour Houston delay; I accepted a change in scheduled flights with less delays and $300 compensation, but the offer was withdrawn without explanation. And had to switch seats in the first leg to redistribute weight.

Pros: That I finally got home although it was 4 in the morning!
Cons: Delays started early in the afternoon and continued for several hours. At one point the flight was cancelled. About 30 minutes later another flight was created with a 1-3 am flight. We should have been given an option to fly this late or rebook for free. It was too late to travel at this point.

COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Kentucky to Indiana

Airlines flying from Kentucky to Indiana have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Kentucky to Indiana

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Kentucky to Indiana

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Kentucky to Indiana

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Kentucky to Indiana

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1 stopUnited Airlines
3h 35mLEX-SBN
1 stopUnited Airlines
3h 33mSBN-LEX
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
19h 18mLEX-SBN
1 stopAmerican Airlines
7h 19mSBN-LEX
1 stopAmerican Airlines
7h 49mLEX-SBN
1 stopAmerican Airlines
7h 19mSBN-LEX
2 stopsDelta
6h 20mLEX-SBN
1 stopDelta
5h 36mSBN-LEX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 50mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 26mSBN-SDF
1 stopAmerican Airlines
7h 49mLEX-SBN
1 stopAmerican Airlines
8h 29mSBN-LEX
1 stopMultiple Airlines
4h 42mLEX-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
3h 36mSBN-LEX
2 stopsDelta
10h 27mLEX-SBN
2 stopsDelta
8h 20mSBN-LEX
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 50mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 26mSBN-SDF
1 stopMultiple Airlines
7h 49mLEX-SBN
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
7h 54mSBN-LEX
1 stopMultiple Airlines
4h 42mLEX-SBN
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
7h 54mSBN-LEX
1 stopAmerican Airlines
7h 49mLEX-SBN
1 stopAmerican Airlines
4h 36mSBN-LEX
1 stopAmerican Airlines
4h 42mLEX-SBN
1 stopAmerican Airlines
4h 36mSBN-LEX
1 stopMultiple Airlines
4h 16mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
3h 21mSBN-SDF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 50mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
3h 21mSBN-SDF
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 50mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 34mSBN-SDF
1 stopMultiple Airlines
9h 33mSDF-SBN
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 34mSBN-SDF

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2 stopsMultiple Airlines
20h 22mSDF-SBN
1 stopAllegiant Air
23h 25mSDF-SBN
3 stopsMultiple Airlines
43h 50mSDF-SBN

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