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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

China Southern
Overall score based on 5,521 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Overall good"
Cons: "A"

Pros: "as expected"

Pros: "I thought the seat were better and were very uncomfortable!"

Cons: "Should have leg rest and phone charger outlet"

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Yes"

Pros: "seats are comfy fast boarding on time"
Cons: "not enough food"

Pros: "The plane was clean and the boarding process was very smooth. The crew was professional. The selection of movies was outstanding."
Cons: "There was not as much legroom as I would have liked. We had Asian Veg meals which were a little bit too much the same each time."

Cons: "Good"

Cons: "Bags lost"

Pros: "Service"
Cons: "Cancelation flightnothing"

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Leg room in economy is tight"

Pros: "same as above"
Cons: "Same as above"

Cons: "The food"

Pros: "A-380 seems to be significantly quieter than the 777."

Pros: "Excellent"

Pros: "Fav in crew inattentive/ and reluctant to enforce any airline guidelines"

Pros: "The multiple bathrooms"
Cons: "The food"

Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "Non"

Pros: "China Southern has nice customer service, good entertainment options and decent food. They moved me to an actual bulkhead seat because i am tall and it made the 13 hour trip easy."
Cons: "All good."

Pros: "Hospitality was good except food. For long route frequent snacks suggested which was missing."
Cons: "Food, beverage, water, liquor supply and bumpy ride."

Cons: "I didn't like the crew too much. There were many empty business class seats so I moved to a window and took my pillow with me. They came and took the extra pillow back! Bizarre behavior. My vegetarian meals were not good at all. Couldn't eat them. 2 identical meals for dinner and breakfast."

Pros: "The pilot was great"
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "A+++++++++++service"

Pros: "I will like to travel anytime with your traveling agency"
Cons: "I like everything about your company"

Pros: "Great space. Easy to get on and off plane."
Cons: "Movie/media monitor did not work. Selection of movies and audio were very limited Takeoff very shaky cabin- scary"

Cons: "The China Southern Airline in GuangZhou could not validate my online tickets during check-in. I was required to pay more than $200 additional fees for last minute add-on for two tickets and spent over an hour doing this. It was not a pleasant experience at all."

Cons: "The airline broke my luggage, which make me very unhappy. They broke the handle as well as the wheels, they were obviously just throwing my luggage around. I am expecting a call or email back regarding this situation."

Pros: "Good movie selection"
Cons: "The check in Desk crew and cabin Crew (specially women) wasn't really friendly, no vegetarian option, unless you order in advance, can't use your cell even for games and music, so I was pretty bored of my 14 hours flight."

Pros: "Great!"

Pros: "na"
Cons: "na"

Pros: "Delayed"
Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "Not your fault but I had to wait for over 30 minutes to get my baggage in LA because the machine did not work for a long time."

Pros: "i was very comfortable the entire journey of my travels"

Cons: "AC didn't work."

Cons: "Too crowded. Seat size small and aisles narrow. Not enough bathrooms."

Cons: "Flight delayed"

Cons: "on the return flight the headphone female jack doesnt connect well so the sound is terrible. i had to use my earphone but the sound only one side. the food is not as good the depart flight"

Cons: "I want to receive info about reimbursement"

Pros: "Very few or none options for none red meat eaters."
Cons: "Food"

Pros: "Always, the level of service must be considered in light of the price--and CS had an excellent price. Food was acceptable, nice blankets."
Cons: "CS serves primarily a Chinese speaking clientele, so they do not need to attract staff with high levels of English. You are flying on a Chinese carrier, not one with a global feel. Service is more than adequate with respect to call button etc. But meal service is "clipped" (for lack of a better term). No extras, warm beer, wine but no liquor. No snacks.They can do better, if they want to compete with the gulf airlines. Baggage took about 45 minutes to arrive at LAX. Very glitchy entertainment system"

Pros: "Would be nice to be able to charge phone."

Pros: "Boarding was speedy and efficient"
Cons: "Little to choose in meals and unable to select this when booking the flight for vegetarian option. Very cramped and uncomfortable. IFE and offered nursing services but crew very poor English to communicate ...more concerned I had to find identification rather than get to person in trouble...then was not needed as someone else in lower deck was already present...frustrating"

Pros: "Overall good."

Cons: "Plane was late, causing me to miss flight in LA; I had requested an aisle seat but got placed in a the middle of a row of four seats, with a large man on one side and a Chinese woman on the other who both kept encroaching on my very limited space. I had no room, could not sleep and the entertainment (TV) for my seat was non-functional."

Cons: "We got inside to the checkin desk finally after waiting in horrible traffic and lines just to get into the airport. The checkin staff had already left the desk with 1 hr and 10 minutes before the flight. The guy at the information desk came to verify. After making a scene the police/security finally agreed to get someone on the radio. They refused to come back to get us and we were not allowed to go through security. We were told to go to an office in another building but the door was locked, no one home. We continue to fight but couldn't get any progress, missed our flight and ended up spending 10 hours in that airport and then having to wait an extra 10 in China for our missed connection. We went to the office. They refused to help us. Made us pay cash, couldn't take credit card, had to take out 3 different withdrawls, couldn't rebook us, had to call a downtown office. And basically said we were liars and we weren't there on time. Even though they only had the 2 employees working the entire airport for this airline. Still no power in the seats, no wifi, ended up missing an entire day plus the travel day that I was meant to be working. Travel insurance wouldn't cover because it wasn't a "strike" I don't know what else you call it when someone decides not to do their job."

Cons: "2 of my 4 bags, which I checked in, were broken during my travel."

Pros: "Good"

Pros: "Control of my own movies."
Cons: "He very was only ok. I felt like I couldn't have enough water to drink."

Pros: "Overall price."

Pros: "The seat was fine"
Cons: "Everything was fine no problems"

Cons: "Crew speaks only a couple of words in English. Never flying China Eastern again."

Pros: "Over booking, no seat for me fight back to LA"

Pros: "Very comfortable seat. Excellent service. clean toilet."
Cons: "Food."

Cons: "Everything was excellent"

Pros: "Overheard storage is good"
Cons: "Seat cushions could be more comfortable"

Pros: "It’s hard to complain about the comfort when the price of the flight was so good."
Cons: "Audio headphones provided for the inflight TV service were kinda bad and it’s a special plug so regular wired headphones we use in the US don’t work. Not a complaint just an observation"

Cons: "Would love a refund"

Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Everything was low rate budget"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Like on my earlier review , wine selection awful , cheese selection awful , food terrible , drink selection awfu , entertainment I have seen every movie on there , terrible flight"

Pros: "Food and worker take care very good"

Cons: "Lots of turbulence over the Pacific Ocean but that wasn't the airlines fault. Maybe pilot could have flown at a higher altitude to avoid it."

Pros: "Stop doing business with these crooks. They steal money and ruin trips."
Cons: "You ruined my honeymoon"

Cons: "The worst food without a doubt on any carrier I have ever used in the last 20 years. The western menu featured food completely strange to me horrible tasting and smelling like garbage."

Cons: "Great !"

Cons: "Crew services"

Pros: "Price is good"
Cons: "Can’t pick seat"

Pros: "12 hrs went by fast, I was comfortable in my window seat, great movie selection and edible food!"

Pros: "Crew are mostly willing to help."
Cons: "Economy passengers are not allowed to seat on unoccupied seat with more leg room, even though the seats are empty and available the whole flight. That’s a missed opportunity to give comfort to passengers that may give them a better survey score."

Cons: "Way too many announcements. Many were not comprehendible. Gate changes were not announced and continuously kept happening with China eastern airline. They were not efficient with bag storage because people’s bags were all ending up in different aisles."

Pros: "not much CE at their usual"
Cons: "we had no choice of food on both planes and ended up with pork for breakfast. they also couldnt transfer our bags we had to recheck on both outbound and return flights"

Pros: "I liked all the service but I missed my flight yet I was only 50 minutes before and was forced to book another flight to catch up when all I had to do was be helped to make it on the first flight."

Pros: "Low cost"
Cons: "Luggage was not checked in all the way to final destination, need to go thru immigration procees just to pick up the luggage and rechecked in at Pudong Airport, Shanghai, with virtually no one from the airline to help on how to go thru the process. Very frustrating!"

Pros: "Better attention and more organize aboarded. Very good food and great attention."
Cons: "Long fligth and is very uncomfortable the space."

Pros: "Terrible and unprofessional"

Cons: "The butter came with the rolls were not salted, no taste. There was no pepper for seasoning. The crew was nice, but maybe too eager, gave the impression of some emergencies all the time, rushing and almost running, made me nervous watching them. They need to slow down and calm down."

Cons: "服务很好。"

Pros: "The overall seat & comfort was great. The food was presented very nicely and of decent quality."
Cons: "It was clear the pilots were smoking as every 30min-1 hr the cabin would fill with the smell of cigarette smoke. I read this on previous reviews online and found it to be true here. Made for unpleasant trip as it made my eyes and throat feel uncomfortable."

Pros: "Everything, from checking in, baggage handling almost personalized, boarding with no hassle at all, welcoming on board and to your seat. In flight services non stop, only ask what do you want and they will bring it to you. You will never hear a no from the nice crew."
Cons: "I çan't think of anything. Even the restrooms are being cleaned very often by the flight attendants, giving you that freshy feelings. Kudos to the crew."

Cons: "Meals werenot good."

Pros: "The price"
Cons: "The food, the blankets, the entertainment selection, the headphone quality, the boarding procedure"

Pros: "Good meals, attentive staff, and great crowd management."
Cons: "Might be cultural, but the boarding was like herding cats -- the seats are assigned! The DutyFree pickup at the gate makes it supper hard to get onboard and still fit your carry-on. Enforce the carry-on and ONE personal item"

Pros: "Excellent - Arrived half hour ahead."
Cons: "* We were not able to check-in and change the seat on line in advance."

Cons: "The line for boarding was multiple hours long at the China Eastern counter, which made me late for boarding, not giving me enough time to go through immigration and security. I arrived while boarding was in process, not giving me any time to eat, use the restroom, or prepare before the flight. If the line was much longer, and if immigration didn't give me urgent priority, I could have very well missed my flight through no fault of my own."

Cons: "I got home safe. That's it."

Pros: "The food was very bad"

Pros: "They hid the 13 hour layover in Shanghai. Had to pay expensive hotel, as airport HAS NO WIFI unless you have local phone number (China hates foreigners). Avoid China or book airport hotels in advance!!!!"

Cons: "Very comfortable and timely"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "At the time I booked,you did not tell me that the flight from HGH to PVG was not a flight. From HGH took a local bus that I did not where it was for the language barrier Manage to get there...however they send me to a different bus terminal... Where they make me wait again and almost could not take the bus to PIG I arrived very late to PVG so I did not have a choice on a seat I was really a nightmare And Kayak does not have a contact number where can I get some help Danny Kim tel 3108717347"

Pros: "Nice staff!"
Cons: "Sitting by the window"

Pros: "good pailot"

Pros: "The flight entertainment and food were good enough and for that price I would fly again."
Cons: "China Eastern check in is really really terrible, also the check in at Bangkok to China the lady screwed up. So we had to endure customs back in China which made it a terrible layover since they did not let us do anything. They assumed we screwed up our check in on purpose and it caused us a few hours of misery and a bunch of question asking."

Cons: "I was carrying a bottle of water which I had filled at water dispenser at the airport for the purpose of taking my medicines during the long flight. At boarding time one of the staff did not allow me to take the water bottle with me inside the plane."

Cons: "My flight from Shanghai to Qingdao on Dec 19 was cancelled, but the Vayma refuted to give me refund. I am very upset about that."

Cons: "The boarding time was confusing. The times shown on the board a d boarding pass were one hour different."

Pros: "N/a"

Pros: "This is my 4th and hopefully final time flying with this airline. They're still stuck in the past in all that they do, you can't use your phone but iPad ok?!? But you can't use your headphones for the inflight entertainment some hour before landing and none before take off????"
Cons: "Each time I have flown it seems like communicating in English is a forgone conclusion, making request is not available in case you want to change seats or upgrade meanwhile the flight is nowhere near full."

Pros: "Boarding was very quick arrived early"
Cons: "felt that crew was a little bit intimidated by me hard to get comfortable in seat"

Cons: "The person who referred us to the wheel chair assistant in China was rude. And at the boarding gate in Shanghai the staff yelled at a passenger in front of many people. After we landed lax I asked for water so i can take my meds but they said cabinets are locked already. (Of course they can open it if they want to). No ramp for disabled."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Laos

Airlines flying from Laos have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Laos

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Laos

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Laos

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Laos

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