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AeromexicoOverall score based on 9577 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "Everyone was perfect...!!"
Cons: "Real meal is necessary, we appreciate the snacks but real meal is necessary."
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Pros: "Everyone was perfect...!!"
Cons: "Real meal is necessary, we appreciate the snacks but real meal is necessary."
Cons: "Seat space"
Pros: "Flight amenities like movies and internet"
Cons: "A little more friendly staff"
Pros: "The crew was fine. I did not like the seats, we could not be comfortable."
Cons: "I already had my seats numbers but when we checked in they changed them. They were not comfortable at all, because I have 2 little girls, they could not lied down to be more comfortable."
Cons: "Online checking doesn’t work? And you won’t know that until you’ve wasted 20 minutes going round and round...."
Pros: "the flight was on-time"
Cons: "Food could have been better"
Cons: "This flight had hidden bag fees. Also, it took over an hours for bags to come out the carrousel."
Pros: "Great service and comfort"
Cons: "2 hour delay, terrible"
Pros: "Great crew and good pilot."
Cons: "No onboard entertainment and no meal selections."
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Not charge for the extra bag"
Cons: "I was not happy to be told that I could not take my carry-on in the plane because the plane was supposably full. Several people that came after me had their carry-ons and there was space. My carry-on bag was a gift and it was damaged just like I told the attendees it would happen."
Cons: "Will not travel with this airline again"
Cons: "Boarding process. The Zone lines are formed a very long time before boarding really begins. Why?"
Pros: "Overall, my flights with Aeromexico were smooth and comfortable. I especially appreciated the airport staff allowing me to load a zone ahead of my assigned zone so that I could easily get my viola in an overhead compartment on the plane. Lots of points earned there, thank you!"
Pros: "I loved to have a very good meal, a nice tv that worked after all, there was a blanket"
Cons: "I didn’t like the headphones, the line to the bathroom was always very long because there was only 1 bathroom to all the plane"
Cons: "After being in the airport for over four hours waiting for the flight to depart, I was not allowed to board the plane because the airline had somehow given my seat to another passenger, even though I was sitting right in front of them. I have never experienced such a ridiculous situation. What is worse, the airline was completely obsolete in helping me resolve the issue."
Cons: "The flight was never listed on any airport screen and the gate was not provided on my boarding pass (this was after I couldn't get a digital boarding pass for no reason that was ever explained to me). Stressful and frustrating experience."
Pros: "Everything, it was punctual dispite the chaos México City Airport is, the food was awesome (first class) and we arrived sooner."
Cons: "This is not about Aeromexico. Migratory police is hard now, do not have connections inside the States or you would loose it"
Cons: "Rough Landing"
Cons: "Rude staff. Airline doesn't respect its own carry-on bag policy. I was forced to leave my bag at the door despite being one of the first on the plane. Seats very close together -- my knees were up against the seat in front of me all night."
Pros: "2 problems - there wasn't enough time scheduled between my connection in mexico city when i was coming from florida to get through customs so I missed my connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff around to assist. - the personal screens in each seat on the last flight from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't be shut off and I was forced to have commercials being flashed very close in front of my face when I wanted to relax."
Cons: "2 problems - there wasn't enough time scheduled between my connection in mexico city when i was coming from florida to get through customs so I missed my connection and there wasn't any aeromexico staff around to assist. - the personal screens in each seat on the last flight from Mx city to Guadalajara couldn't be shut off and I was forced to have commercials being flashed very close in front of my face when I wanted to relax."
Pros: "Aeromexico keeps impressing me! The professionalism is great. The timing and ease of boarding was perfect. And the leg room and on-board accommodations make it a comfortable journey. Definitely now among my list of favorite airlines!"
Cons: "Service and food were very bad"
Cons: "I had to document my luggage in every airport"
Cons: "Departure was late."
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Cons: "Did I have to pay for my baggage"
Pros: "Nice plane"
Cons: "Delay, gate change, reissue of boarding pass. It was confusing. Mostly airport issues, not Aeromexico."
Pros: "No Kosher food option is unfair and not right."
Cons: "Due to the earthquakes, the film festival I was going to was cancelled. Ten days prior to the flight I called AeroMexico to cancel and they said there would be a cancellation penalty, which was fine. When I tried to redeem my credit, they said there was also an additional "No-show fee" even though I called to cancel 10 days prior, which left a total of $70 credit after all their penalties. I called and emailed to complain but they did nothing but pass me to someone else who was equally unhelpful. I will never fly AeroMexico for any reason in the future."
Pros: "Same"
Cons: "Same"
Pros: "The crew was very nice."
Cons: "The screen at my seat did not work. Nobody told me why or mentioned it to me. While I was sleeping a flight attendant took away my tray of food before I was finishing eating."
Pros: "Entertainment, food, service, it was awesome!!"
Cons: "The airline"
Cons: "I was sent to 2 different locations in the airport and missed my flight because of incompetence so I had to pay $1200 extra for another flight to get home."
Pros: "Nothing. We’re not there yet"
Cons: "Everything. AM customer service is beyond horrible and unhelpful."
Pros: "It was great! Great people,great food, entertainment,blankets, pillows,music, great view in the eye."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "In general the service was good!"
Cons: "In México city needs to be better organized the people from Aeromexico who attende the customers!"
Pros: "I liked the meal and courteous attendants, however getting served at 3am was a little strange."
Cons: "We waited on the tarmac for 90 minutes waiting for 20 passengers from another flight. That's too long... we missed our bus in Chicago because of it. My seat was also broken and wouldn't lean back, making for a long, sleepless night."
Pros: "Good customer service"
Cons: "Can do better on the snacks"
Pros: "Que fue rápido el abordaje al avión ."
Cons: "Que los asientos no se podían reclinar...el viaje fue super incómodo."
Pros: "Hello, I checked in a dog in Detroit, The crew was great once they found out they can accept a dog. At first they were saying no because of partner with delta. I explain I booked the dog already and give all my required documents. Once in Mexico the documents were given to the authorities and when the crew in Detroit made copies they kept the originals and gave me the copies and they made me pay 1800 pesos for a vet to come and sign the paper.. I spoke to aeromexico in Mexico City and they said they are sorry but nothing can be done... This cause me my traveling money and 3 hours of very stressful times for me and my dog who had to stay in the box the whole time. Robin Martin"
Cons: "Included in the first box"
Cons: "Gate assignment was not released until 15 minutes before flight. Flight was delayed one hour. Then it was delayed on run way 45 minutes."
Pros: "Un pequeño retraso a la salía de México, sin mayores inconvenientes"
Pros: "The crew were very nice and the liked the movies they have available."
Pros: "Did not like anything about this flight"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 2 1/2 hrs in Huatulco, due to President of Mexico flying in and air space not allowed. this caused us to miss our connecting flight in Mexico City to LAX. AeroMexico supervisor in Mexico City was not going to accomodate us at all. We had 12hrs until the next flight out. We asked the supervisor to check in our luggage-this was denied. We asked the supervisor to allow us to visit the VIP lounge to rest and this was denied. Supv did not assist us in locating a hotel. We spend 12hrs in Mexico City airport, dragging our luggage around until we were allowed to check it in, in the middle of the night. We have flown AeroMexico numerous times before. In June 2016 we purchased "6" tickets for Cancun with AeroMexico. In 2017, we will NOT be flying AeroMexico. We will book on a different airline."
Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "The meal was cold"
Pros: "I was upset to learn my seats didn't recline, as was not given the option to change them. When it was booked I was not offered to pick seats and didn't realize they were already chosen for me. It was an overnight flight without reclining seats. There was no TV for viewing. I couldn't sleep because of the terrible seats and no movies."
Pros: "The crew service"
Cons: "Bad entertainment"

Have to say the airport crew for this flight was terrible, the attitude of the ground personal was not something I expected from AA. They were rude and prepotent. Made a comento to customer service and the just answered that their personal are professionals. They asume they are never wrong and we the customers are the problem. Big X for AA.

I am allergic to cats and when I boarded I discovered the passenger behind me had a cat and it was under my seat. I knew that if I spent the entire flight with the animal under me I would go into distress so I asked for a solution. The team ultimately moved me from my business class seat, which I paid for, to the back of the plane. To me, that was not a fair or equitable decision, at no point did they discuss moving the cat as an option which I find disappointing.

Was horrible. Attendants from Peru so rude and bad. The plane broke down after over an hour flying. Had to return and spend another 1000$ in another flight. They left us waiting like animals with no accommodations or hotel

The pretzels were ok, but a wider assortment of snack choices would be better.

I really wish American offered some type of free messaging.

Pros: "Even during a delay the crew remained professional. There was something wrong with the plan and I appreciate that safety was the main priority."
Cons: "My 1 hour layover turned into a four hours past 2am arrival."
Cons: "Connection"
Cons: "Boarded too many people and there key bridge filled up. Also, on a night flight just skip the credit card ad and let me get to sleep"
Cons: "The gate in Dallas changed three times, which caused me to walk all over the airport. Then the flight was delayed 3 hours with little communication"
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "Free wifi, free upgrade to first class"
Pros: "Comfortable seats and functional entertainment"
Cons: "I placed my order for my meal and never got the meal. Crew was asleep and only served those that asked for their meals or stayed awake. Never got asked if I still wanted my meal or any other service during the flight."
Pros: "Seat was okay. Crew was definitely amazing."
Cons: "I wish the seats were even just an inch wider and more legroom for really tall people like myself."
Pros: "The atención"
Pros: "Food and entertainment is nice. A bit larger seats would be nice or at least make the first clase section more affordable"
Cons: "Make the first clase a bit less expensive. The price for an extra luggage is incredibly excessive. $200.00 for and extra suitcase round trip, really?!"
Pros: "Good flight"
Cons: "Nothing. Process was smooth"
Pros: "Boarding, entertainment"
Cons: "Arm rests were immobile, meaning could not take advantage of empty seat next to me."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The service from the check in desk to the stewardess"
Cons: "The flight attendant was awful. She didn’t even serve me drink and snack."
Cons: "It was an old plane (with short First class) and they changed various time the departure time without explaining until letting us wait without news for an hour on the plane before takeoff... and arriving at Miami without a door available, we had to wait further 30+ minutes in the plane"
Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "Delay, the waiting room was very hot, very small place for many gates. Not enough seats for rest until my flight comes"
Pros: "Please get a terminal that lands at Bradly terminal. busing around and waiting like cattle is not fun. I am sure First Class also feels this way."
Cons: "excessive wait and shuttling."
Pros: "Very nice gate, crew Very efficient boarding Very quick and efficient takeoff Rosario"
Cons: "not much selection for in-flight food and nothing for entertainment. Rosario"
Pros: "Nice flight"
Pros: "Good job of the tripulation"
Cons: "Audio of Entertainment, maybe was the headphones, but was not good"
Cons: "Jetblue Have a miserable attitude to their customer"
Pros: "Crew was sweet and accommodating, much better than my previous flights with AA. Flight was clean and take off and landing was quick despite the delay."
Cons: "Second flight to get delayed in the span of a week. Bags took an hour to be distributed at baggage claim. On flight meals have no variety and are too expensive for the portion sizes."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I was in line for 25 min I was there 90 min before but took me 25 min to check in and the lady said I was late for only 3 min I was waiting on line I still had 87 min before my flight and the lady didn't check me in for only 3 min that was my 25 min in line"
Pros: "Overall I liked a little of everything such as the entertainment, staff friendliness, comfort etc."
Cons: "The food would be the one thing I didn’t like, there is only one option of a snack and it’s not very fulfilling."
Pros: "Best crew on American Airlines. Very friendly. They moved me to middle row with empty seats and I was able to lie down and stretch my legs. Being 67 years old I really appreciate that kind of attention given to me. After I woke up stewardess came and asked me if I was able to sleep well and gave me ice cream and coffee . You don't get that kind of personal attention anywhere else. Great job!!"
Cons: "The crew looked very bored."
Cons: "No online updates or warning about flights for inexperienced flyers"
Pros: "The flight attendants."
Cons: "I was sitting in an aisle seat, a guy with a backpack hit my forehead. I was massaging my forehead and felt wetness. I was bleeding, the passengers next to me gave napkins and I pressed it to stop the bleeding. The flight attendant gave napkins and ice, the pilot was informed. He had Atlanta fire and rescue meet me at the gate upon landing."
Pros: "Quick and did good job"
Cons: "After flying Japan Airlines I wish there were more free food and entertainment"
Cons: "No food, no entertainment, no room for luggage, no good."
Pros: "The video screen on my assigned seat was broken so I moved to a seat where there was no one else in the row of, do I had plenty of leg room."
Pros: "excellent from ticketing to depaning"
Pros: "- Great entertainment system and choices - Timely departure and arrival"
Cons: "- Marginal seat and leg room comfort for a 5'11'', 180lbs passenger"
Pros: "They moved me to a seat of my choice because I was in a middle seat with a infant."
Cons: "Nothing in particular"
Cons: "My grandparents were supposed to have escorts and assistants with their baggage, as they don't speak English and are elderly. In addition, one of their suitcases was lost and the other was rifled through. The overall service was very discouraging."
Pros: "Leg room Kind stewards"
Cons: "No gluten free meal options"
Pros: "Boarding, crew"
Cons: "entertainment, 1st luggage payment"
Pros: "On time, clean plane"
Cons: "A biscuit for snak"
Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Got charged to check in 1 luggage. $ 50 roundtrip added extra to my plane ticket cost, it used to be free .I will not use this airline again,now I know your fees."
Cons: "I had reserved seats 31A and 15C for my flights 1561 and 6779, goinf Frankfurt to Dallas, and Dallas to San Jose. The charge for reserving seats was $182.03. Instead, I was put in mid-row seats 42D and 24E, on both flights. No notification or explanations from American Airlines or Kayak, and no refund...yet. Any comments?"
Pros: "I was shocked to finally get a snack. Seems like years since that happened. And we arrived in Indy thirty minutes early!"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "To be business class it's really unconfortable. Just old airplanes that should be changed and It was Avianca (No AA)"
Cons: "They charged me for my baggaged. Said it wasnt included with the ticket"
Pros: "Seats were really neither notably comfortable nor notably uncomfortable. I think they were slightly on the comfortable side. Crew seemed friendly enough although my interaction with them was pretty much limited to requesting a full can of coke for myself and one for my wife. Ticketing counter lady in Phoenix was very helpful with seat switching for us and with allowing my checked bag to be slightly overweight."
Cons: "Would be nice to have more modern aircraft amenities, like power outlets for device charging, and display screens with at least some complimentary entertainment, or at least flight path tracking."
Cons: "-missed my connecting flight at 10pm due to weather. -waited in long line for customer service -received a phone number to book hotel -waited 30 minutes for shuttle -waited behind 8 people who checked into their rooms -when it was finally my turn they had not received my reservation and I was told to take a seat and wait, -eventually I called the booking number again, the call got dropped due to no service in the hotel lobby -I had to go outside to call after midnight! (a female alone) -finally after 45 minutes they received my reservation. -I didnt get to my room until 1am and had to get up at 5 to get the shuttle back to the airport -Frustrating and nerve racking experience"
Cons: "We were stuck from 11 pm to 9am at the airport without food (nothing at the airport was open and nothing was nearby). We did not get the hotel promised. The plane was very small and uncomfortable. I felt sick."
Pros: "Entertainment is great and the crew is always super friendly"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Food. Comfort"
Cons: "Newer movies on the plane"
Pros: "United was great."
Cons: "DCA is a total disaster. Avoid the airport at all costs. The metro is shut down and everyone is competing for very expensive cabs and ride share. Terrible. Worth it to go to Dulles."
Pros: "Seat uncomfortable and not even a tv"
Cons: "The entertainment"
Pros: "Overall uneventful flight"
Cons: "My seat's audio jack didn't work"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I canceled this flight and still received all the notifications."
Pros: "Space on the airplane"
Pros: "Very professional"
Pros: "The best thing about my flight was that it was really empty so I was able to change to a better seat. Everything was quick and easy."
Pros: "We did get to our destination."
Cons: "Flight was late, as always. I couldn’t sit with my spouse. Rows are so tight, one can barely get in/out and we are smaller than normal size. Baggage fees make overhead compartment loading a real nightmare. I wonder what they will think of next to make flying an even more terrible experience."
Pros: "Attentiveness"
Cons: "Food and boarding"
Pros: "Everything about customer service was great, unfortunately both fights got delayed making it for an extremely long day."
Pros: "Everything"
Pros: "flight left on time"
Pros: "Nice trip"
Pros: "Everything. The service was amazing."
Cons: "Everything was fine."
Pros: "I'm very upset that an earthquake in our destination wasn't enough to cancel! Thank goodness I didn't end up going Friday because they had another earthquake Saturday!"
Cons: "The fact that the airline wouldn't refund my money despite a natural disaster in the area we were flying to!"
Pros: "Excellent flight!"
Cons: "Crew ignored me, did not offer me refreshments, did not respond to my greetings"
Pros: "Everything was great."
Pros: "Not much except crew on board was polite"
Cons: "Delay and bad service at Dulles airport"
Pros: "Everything good. Thank you"
Cons: "The seat did not recline and the smell very bad"
Pros: "No issues; flight was fine."
Pros: "Flight landed forty minutes early."
Cons: "Someone (not TSA) broke into my suitcase, went through the contents and stole a necklace I purchased on vacation. It must have been done by United Airlines ground crew, most likely at SFO. The zipper of the suitcase was partially undone as the suitcase came off the carousel and a hairbrush fell out. However, it wasn't until I got home that it was obvious someone had rifled through my suitcase. Everything was a mess. I'm very disappointed and will hesitate to fly United in the future."
Pros: "We got on time to destination"
Cons: "In flight entertainment was paid! And we had to wait 30 minutes before getting out of the plane"
Pros: "i did enjoy the can sized complimented refreshment"
Cons: "one of the flight member was extremely rude. entertainment Food"
Pros: "Nothing!"
Cons: "I was traveled no with my wife and my son to Des Moines andI documented our 3 bags in Mexico City and "the first surprise" was that they charged in Mexico n I he front desk about $27 USD per seemed that the bags were also passengers and " needed to pay"... The big other surprise was when we got to Des Moines and realized all the bags were opened! wife's jewelry was stolen!!!! UNITED AIRLINES SUCK!!!!!"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "I am furious with Kayak. I bought online 1105 am flight and it switched me without permission. When I arrived at airport and realized what happened I had no choice but to pay 150 USD to return it to my original purchase. Kayak owes me 150 USD. Thank You"
Pros: "The customers service excellent"
Pros: "Just great"
Pros: "The crew was friendly & responsive. The snack options were good & I got the whole can of Ginger Ale, without asking! Overall, a pleasant experience."
Cons: "Nothing."
Cons: "I took forever to have my suitcase coming from the carrousel, almost missed my flight Denver."
Pros: "The airplane stuff was real charming, tho the fly got delayed it wasn't united' fault it was a mechanicall problem and they solve the problem real well and eve get us a hotel"
Pros: "The crew was friendly and very efficient."
Cons: "There was a gate change and it wasn't announced over the PA. The variety of food accessible was not what I expected."
Pros: "Plane arrived earlier than expected to destination."
Pros: "Good price"
Cons: "Very cramped space for economy class"
Pros: "Excellent!"
Pros: "The free entertainment"
Cons: "Seats"
Pros: "Very pleased ! Would have liked a better price, but it was a short notice."
Cons: "Payed entertainment"
Pros: "United is reputable. I like the trust of knowing what to expect, especially on international flights."
Cons: "Both United flights, to and from, were delayed. In both incidents, it seemed that our aircrafts were switched out. Thus., we waited for another to arrive. In the MEX - ORD flight, we stood waiting with our boarding groups for at least 30 minutes. United seems to do well on my domestic flights, but international, I may consider a different airline next time."
Cons: "."
Pros: "Everything was great!"
Cons: "The flight left early cause the storm and I had to spend the night at the airport."
Cons: "Apart from the bad weather, the flight from Houston to Mexico was delayed because we were waiting for two flight attendants that were coming from another flight. The airline needs to have enough crew."
Pros: "Boarded on time"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The flight was good overall although I wish on a 5 hour plus flight there was more food for free."
Cons: "A very expensive item was stolen from my suitcase. Very unsettling. And a claim takes up to 8-10 weeks to process and no guarantee that it wil be honored."
Pros: "Crew, seat contable and price was great"
Pros: "Nothing-- because the plane left without us."
Cons: "Spirit should not be allowed to sell tickets with too short of a connection time than is possible to make if an airport forces you to go through customs between connections. They should also offer reasonable solutions for problems that are THEIR fault-- not just asked passengers to pay additional."
Pros: "I didn’t like the fact not to be aware of the luggage policy and pay 50$ because you don’t have the choice once at the airport. The informations are really badly given before the departure m, the page couldn’t charge on the priceline site and it is the last time I use this medium to book a flight."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Where do I even begin?! Spirit oversold the flight and had an IT failure. This resulted in them running out of seats on my original flight. Additionally, the people working at the counter at the Boston airport made the concept of poor customer service seem appealing (overheard one of the customer service agents talking smack about another customer, who had missed a flight due to an error on the part of Spirit). I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "My trip went perfect! I was nervous about not being able to bring a carry on.. before we got on the plane the lady helped me and it was not a problem at all.. Then once I got on the plane.. the flight attendants moved around people to make everyone more comfortable so I ended up getting a whole row to myself.. Everyone was super friendly.. I usually fly on Southwest, but I was very impressed with Spirit and will deffenifty fly again with Spirit"
Cons: "I would have loved a free little snack or peanuts.. But other then that it was perfect!"
Pros: "friendly staff, punctual,"
Cons: "the trip ended up costing $120 USD more cause they charge $65 for carry ons and $65 for documented bags"
Cons: "I didn’t like that I had to pay to check my luggage and to also choose a seat. I think it’s absurd that you have to pay for an isle seat or window seat. What is the purpose of the ticket i purchased, only to board the plane ??. I’m surprise you do not charge your passengers to use the bathroom, since everything else we are charged for."
Cons: "Snow and full parking lots put me 30 minutes behind my expected arrival time (still before boarding for the flight). Spirit wouldn't let me proceed to boarding. Then they delayed the flight for over an hour, but I was turned away. Very, very disappointing experience. They gave a flight two and a half days later and can't change my return flight. My 5 day vacation just became a weekend trip, when all they had to do was bend their rules a bit because of the weather. I was one of several people they did this to."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "My 85 year old missed his flight because no body help to get in the airplane, he needs a wheelchair, he was abandoned. So disgusting."
Cons: "No complaints."
Cons: "They supposedly charge low fares then hit you with so many fees you end up paying more than a special on a better airline."
Cons: "I was promised a window seat sitting in the last row of the plane and there wasn't even a window it was just the wall. I switched my seat to the back of the plane for a window seat and I didn't receive one. I would love a discount considering I switched my seat to seat next to a window and there wasn't even a window it was just the wall."
Pros: "price"
Cons: "seats"
Pros: "There is nothing that I like with this airline their policy sucks pertaining to baggage over all it's the worst airline never again."
Pros: "It went smooth from check in to final destination. Everybody was helpful and friendly."
Cons: "I liked it all."
Pros: "Friendly service onboard"
Cons: "Really uncomfortable seats, and extremely expensive luggage add ons. Not worth it, at all!"
Pros: "I liked how peaceful it was. No crying or screaming children, no loud adults, no loud games. The flight crew were very polite, courteous, and showed compassion for the passengers. The air pressure wasn't to much. It was just right."
Cons: "No reclining seats."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Delayed 8 hours!! No help to move us to another flight and only option was to get our money back and fend for ourselves. Horrible customer service. I'll never fun with them again."
Pros: "Not much."
Cons: "Everything, mostly price gouging, not a drink even water on plane, packed like sardines, no seat choice except to pay ridiculous amounts.. no more flights if I can help it."
Cons: "Very cramped and uncomfortable."
Pros: "Everything went very smoothly from getting on in Cartagena to getting off in orlando !"
Cons: "You advertise low fares but after you add in the fees for baggage , seat selection and $4 coffee on board , you are the same price as any other airline !"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and on time. The fares are low, but not so low when you factor in everything else you have to pay for."
Cons: "That you have to pay for everything. You can't even get a cup of water for free. Seats are extremely uncomfortable and too close to each other. Can't recline the seats at all and have little to no leg room while sharing the arm rest with the person next to you."
Pros: "Got me to my destination."
Cons: "Not a comfortable ride. Tight spaces. Squeezes in fees everywhere they can. Even water is $3 on the flight!"
Pros: "Good Price"
Cons: "It was a mess to check in...."
Cons: "Seats absurdly tight and uncomfortable, no legroom and no real tray table. Had to pay for water."
Pros: "As good as any airline, short layovers"
Cons: "Late night, red eye, flying but certainly cannot complain for the price."
Pros: "Didn't sit next to any wierdos!"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Staff seemed stressed and rarely smiled. I did not get my luggage for a day. I would like to request my $25 I paid to put my luggage on the plane!!!"
Pros: "Everything was fine it just sucks you have to pay for everything the seat room is kinda small"
Pros: "The on board service was statisfactory and curious."
Cons: "For me the seats were too small. I am 6ft3in 200 slim pounds. If i could of gotten an isle seat or emberency door and picked my seat ahead of time even paid more for it would of helped. Getting to check in early does not get you a spicific seat. A child can be put in an isle seat whereas an adult can be put at the window seat slighty more cramped."
Pros: "Big seats"
Cons: "Carryon fees"
Pros: "The staff and crew were very courteous and kind and helped ensure that everything went well."
Cons: "I didn't enjoy the fact that checked bags were 40 a piece, and that I was limited to one carry on. I booked through a third party site and it wasn't made clear to me that this was the policy. Though it is certainly my responsibility to read and understand the fine print, I've had such a pleasant experience with other airlines that I didn't think I needed to. My fault entirely, but I will not make the same mistake again. Further, I met with some friends at the airport on the same flight, and Spirit lost their expensive and irreplaceable scientific instruments. Though I imagine and hope everything will be okay and the boxes will turn up, Spirit apparently has no process for tracking bags. That isn't acceptable to me. Though the experience was overall smooth (minus paying 80 dollars unexpectedly for round trip checked bags) I will gladly and confidently choose other airlines over Spirit in the future."
Pros: "Pilot was on time, fast and great"
Cons: "Flight delayed at the landing gate for about an hour in Atlanta"
Pros: "Efficient"
Cons: "No extras at all.paying for a boarding pass..100 dollars to check a bag at the gate.."
Pros: "It's cheap"
Cons: "About everything else besides the price"
Cons: "The pricing is not really a "bargain" because of bag fees. I could have gotten a better price watching American or United. Regardless, I paid for my bags online $45 each way for an additional total of $90. The crew could not deal with the crowd and not only did they board out of "zone" order they allowed people on board with bags without checking boarding passes/paid for carry on baggage. Never again will I fly Spirit."
Cons: "$100 extra for luggage"
Pros: "Budget +$50 for check or carry on bag. Terrible check in and off load service. Seats don't recline on cross country flight"
Pros: "Dreadful. 24 hours later I finally got home (the flight should have been an hour and a half)"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They booked me on the next flight the next day at 6:00 am. Spent the night at LAX. No vouchers for food or hotel. They would not book me on another flight with another airline."
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Seats"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everyhmthing"
Pros: "It was on time"
Cons: "Uncomfortable planes, and nickle and diming just leaves you uncomfortable."
Pros: "However they gave FULL refund and a voucher. Much appreciated."
Pros: "Nothimg"
Cons: "Missed my flight because their machine couldn't print out my boarding pass, bit it did manage to charge me for my carry on, and I had to go to full service which was out of the lanes. They also had a bag drop lime that was 400 feet long and a passport check lime, because their machines were broken, that was equal in length o the full service. All the lines were chaos. I bought. Ticket from Delta within 1.5 hours of the flight and got home great."
Pros: "The flight attendants were fun and joked around"
Cons: "They were constantly on the intercom like 85% of the time and it was impossible to sleep"
Cons: "No entertainment. Carry on was too expensive and kiosks weren't working."
Cons: "I don't like being nickled and dimed. If you need to charge more for the airline ticket instead of charging for 1 bag, I would much rather prefer that."
Pros: "Made it safe"
Cons: "Mobile site"
Pros: "the flight crew"
Cons: "how late we were to board, almost 3 hour wait to fly to vegas, seats were uncomfortable."

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