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MKE — Sweden
Sep 23 — Sep 301
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Thu 9/23
Thu 9/30
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  • Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Sweden is October.

FAQs - booking Sweden flights

  • Most visitors from Milwaukee will not be allowed to enter Sweden. Diplomats, border workers, healthcare professionals, transport personnel, relief workers, and travelers visiting for urgent family reasons may enter Sweden.
    Read more about travel restrictions for Sweden

  • Visitors from Milwaukee are not required to quarantine after entering Sweden.

  • Visitors from Milwaukee must present a negative RT-PCR (NAAT) test taken 48 hours before departing to Sweden.

  • Masks: Recommended on public transportation.

    Restaurants: Open with restrictions

    Bars: Open with restrictions

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Top airlines flying Milwaukee Milwaukee-Mitchell to Sweden

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
American AirlinesOverall score based on 46314 reviews

Cons: Some of the Crew members were not covering their nose with their face masks

Pros: Crew was very hospitable
Cons: Flight was a little late taking off, so punctuality could have been a little better

Cons: No video working

Cons: Over booked flight

Cons: The cabin was hot for the whole flight

Cons: There was a delay on the departure

Cons: Very uncomfortable and very cramped seating

Cons: We sat in boarding in about 90-100 degree heat for over an hour. Everyone is drenched in sweat and should have never boarded.

Pros: Boarding was fairly quick and on time. Transfer in Phoenix was no problem. Luggage arrived OK.
Cons: Seating is too small and too close to next rows. Unhappy with having to pay for seat assignments and checked bag while watching gate agents refuse to enforce overhead bag size limits.

Pros: We got there.
Cons: Long delay. We were worried we would miss our connection and we had to dash to catch our next flight.

Pros: The crew was friendly to me on the plane but the gate staff at both Charlotte airport and Las Vegas airport were rude
Cons: The overall experience and when I missed my connecting flight because the plane wasn’t ready and we had to turn around because they let someone who was actively throwing up on the plane than decided she needed to go back we sat in that plane for 2 hours on the tarmac

Cons: Small plane, forced to valet checkin carry on luggage, no drinks or snacks :/

Pros: After the initial delay, the female desk agent got us on another connecting flight without a problem. Second flights attendant was also great.
Cons: They boarded the plane, only to tell us they had to de-ice, which is understandable. However, after waiting 20 min for the de-icing that never came, they made us get back off the plane because of mechanical issues. The captain/pilot was rude to the woman working the desk over the radio, to the point where she had to leave the desk and go speak to him in person (she knew we could hear everything.) That conversation is also how the whole line of people was informed that then knew about this mechanical issue since the night before, and chose not to fix it before boarding all of us. After getting to Philadelphia later than expected, we were forced to pay for hotel food that was horrible and overpriced. Only to then have our plane be delayed AGAIN because of mechanical issues, again the pilot not giving much information to the attendant she was faced by a room of 40 angry people and had no answers. The departure time slowly crawled out longer, and the only reason I knew was because of having the American app. Information/communication on all ends was poor. I usually fly Allegiant, which is notoriously “cheap,” and I’ve never had an experience like this. Happy my boyfriend has flown with American before and knew to give us an extra day so we didn’t miss the wedding we paid $800 in airline tickets to attend. Just disappointed.

Pros: Routine flight. No problems noted.
Cons: No major complaints.

Cons: Overseas flight and the seats were so tiny. I literally have bruises on my legs on the sides and on my knees from being crammed into the seat in front of me. I'm 73" tall and I couldn't even lower my tray all the way to set food and drink on it.

Pros: the gate attendant was very nice as my husband was stuck in security line (I have Pre check) He barely made it, but the guy never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He was kind, calm and reassuring.
Cons: Our flight attendant seemed to have a chip on her shoulder from the moment we stepped on the flight. I had a broken foot and it was difficult for me to fit my boot and personal item under the seat. Rather than assisting me, she barked commands and quickly walked away as I attempted to address the situation. - poor attitude - failed to ask if I wanted a biscuit but simply slapped one down on my tray table (I HAVE CELIAC DISEASE) - American really needs to catch up with the other airlines and offer a GF option to those of us who have immune disorders. - no WiFi

Pros: Crew was very friendly
Cons: Food was so bad The seats were so cramped

Pros: The crew was friendly
Cons: The staff wouldn't except my registration for my support animal!!

Pros: Nice legroom! Easy boarding, everything good and on time. Short flight so didn’t use entertainment.

Pros: Quick flight
Cons: Not a lot of snacks

Pros: Called 1-800 hotline and got a new flight
Cons: Was at gate onntime for flight. At boarding time passengers were informed if there was an issue with the plane and maintenance is on their way to check out the problem. 30 minutes later we were still till that maintenance is on their way. One hour later there is still no information as far as when the fight will leave but they kept updating the boarding time. There was only one person of the counter who could help re-assign passengers to different flights due to their layovers. After waiting in line for 40 minutes and the line making no movement I called the airline 1-800 hundred number and explain my situation to the American Airlines Airlines representative. they really give me a new flight that left 20 minutes later after my call if I did not call I would not mean it that flight nor any other fights that morning because they're all in the afternoon.

Pros: The complementary beverage was a welcomed surprise!

Pros: Nothing special about the flight it went smoothly and that's good.
Cons: Peanuts not offered as a snack and the snack packs are over priced

Pros: The crew was lovely. Really nice, and did a wonderful job with the cart service.
Cons: We ended up being deleyed about 30 minutes, in damp weather. It's not like it was snowing. Not sure why it took so long. B/c of baggage charges now everyone brings a carry on. This seems to slow the process of boarding as know passengers are asked multiple times to check baggage (for free, which is the one nice thing) before boarding b/c the overheads will be too full. Group 6 which I was in seemed like it was just the rest of the plane. Super busy, took me forever to get to my seat all the way in the back. Why don't airlines reverse board? People sitting in the back should board first. I feel like this would save so much time.

Pros: Nothing to like. If I could give them 0 stars I would
Cons: Tight connection from our previous flight yet the counter folks were rude and rushed us. My daughter is obviously 7 months pregnant. Because our connecting flight left milwaukee over an hour late, we had no time to even grab a sandwich, no problem we will buy food on the plane. Wrong! The food is was gone so quickly that by the time they got to us, they were out of everything. Oh did I mention we also had 3 children ages 2, 7, and 9. Oh yes and the entertainment? Small screens mounted on the ceiling of the plane. How about updating your equipment?? Plane was old. No USB to charge your phone and stream from their App. Terrible. We own a 2nd home in Maui and travel there twice per year. Looking at other options.

Pros: On time departure & arrival; helpful staff at check in & at the gate; plane was comfortable.
Cons: Nothing.

Cons: I really did not like that I was unaware why I could not check in on my phone and then I get to the airport and the Alaska desk is closed. My phone just says the plane is sky west, me and the other workers at the airport had no idea what this meant. Very frustrating experience trying to check in, finally walker talkie a guy that new it was American. Frustrating I thought I would miss my flight, why not clearly state it's not an Alaska flight.

Pros: Plane was nice, seemed fairly new. There were two outlets for my row installed on the supports of the row of seats in front of us. Looked like it was made for plugs from a number of countries. Pretty nice feature. Headrests has an adjustable pillow that you could use to cradle your head for sleep. Didn’t use but seemed interesting.
Cons: Seats too narrow. There weren’t especially narrow. In fact, I’m sure I’ve sat in narrower ones. This is just a feature of every economy seat I suppose, but it’s still a negative. O

Pros: Cheap seat had leg room

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Delays when other airlines with same destination did not have them. The constant asking if is move seats. No means no.

Cons: The tsa in chicago was very unorganized. The tsa workers were extremely rude.

Cons: delay, then no sandwiches available for purchase onboard during a 3-hr evening flight

Cons: They were not honest with the information given by stewardesses

Cons: Rude staff, they changed our flight 2 times and did not offer a drink or food

Pros: Captain did his best to make up time
Cons: Flight was initially delayed an hour, then bumped to 30 minutes late.

Pros: I like that on American you still get a complimentary cup of coffee, a bag of pretzels, and a normal sized seat. I'm OK paying for that after trying some of the budget airlines!
Cons: Wish they had a gluten free snack, still that's really not a big deal at all!

Pros: Liked the little compartment above the tray for electronic devices and the outlet below helped keep my grandsons tablet charged for the flight! Liked the headrest - had flaps that folded out for support if you needed a nap.

Cons: Will never fly American again

Pros: Nice new seats
Cons: Crew came by once with drinks, never came back through with food/snacks. Never came through with water, as they usually do later in this flight. They spent most of the time chatting in the galley.

Pros: Movies and on time departure and arrival
Cons: Crazy uncontrolled child in row across from us.

Pros: Flight crew
Cons: Delay due to maintenance

Pros: The crew was very apologetic
Cons: The fact that we were an hour and 45 minutes late leaving. I know they say weather was the cause and not their control, but every time...yes, every time I fly American there's a delay. Every time I've flown United I arrive early.

Cons: Delays and no communication on transfer options

Pros: Comfy
Cons: Sat on tarmac for 1hr and 20 minutes since tower mix up and plane was bigger so confusion on seating. I feel stressed cause I will be missing a full day of work because of this delay and pretty pissed off. Would like some sort of compensation

Pros: Great Workers, and Super nice staff.

Pros: Taking off and landing.
Cons: Boarding was slow. Seating was cramped.

Cons: Turbulence was horrible That there is no internet

Cons: The lady at baggage check-in was rude and persistent on not letting me board due to a slight fold in my passport. Other coworkers did not agree, and allowed me to proceed. She also spent 20 minutes in back searching for information while I waited and the line filled up. My luggage was also lost (the last to handle the luggage was this lady) and I needed to retrieve it 3 hours after my flight arrived.

Pros: The plane actually left without a cancellation
Cons: Every flight on this trip was delayed

Pros: Check in process was fast and easy!
Cons: More comfortable seats

Pros: Everything was good.
Cons: There was no problems whatsoever.

Pros: Nothing outstanding comes to mind. TAP Portugal was a million times more hospitable and accommodating.
Cons: They allowed us to check a bag, without telling us that it definitely would not make it to our next stop on time. Almost all the passengers on our plane had to return the next day to collect our bags, at our own expense. This had happened to the flight before us too. There were no apologies to us

Pros: Crew was friendly.
Cons: Couldn't find out online which gate my flight was leaving from. Long bus ride from jetway to plane. No in-flight entertainment, uncomfortable seats.

Cons: Infotainment system

Cons: Flight was bit chilly, though that’s better than being stuffy

Pros: The flight attendants were really nice and kind and the onboard entertainment was nice
Cons: LEG ROOM! This was less than normal space! The seats were so close to each other I couldn’t even straighten up my knees! This is a long haul flight, it is not humane to keep people folded in 3 for 12h!

Pros: friendly crew
Cons: more leg room

Cons: More space and reclining seats please!

Pros: Arriving ahead of time
Cons: Too hot in the plane

Cons: Being put in standby after we booked 3 months in advance and loosing our luggage

Pros: Iberia

Pros: The lunch in the flight back. The service was good.
Cons: The spaces between seats and the bathrooms. It should be a person checking if it look okay after 2 hours flying.

Pros: Seats were comfortable, pleasant staff, good ent. good wifi and none of that loud chit chat through the flight like tha American companies.
Cons: The only thing I was a bit disappointed was with the meal. I don’t eat red meat and requested it theough the website, but nithing special was arranged and I ended up eating pasta. Pasta is fine and I love it, but people that don’t eat meat need to have vegetables added to their meals, or at least an egg. And for breakfast the only option was a ham and cheese sandwich, so I didn’t eat.

Pros: The plane didn’t have coach puls class that I paied for and they gave me an upgrade to business class! Great Surprise!
Cons: None

Pros: Nothing special
Cons: Nothing special

Pros: fast boarding
Cons: food is expensive

Pros: More space since there wasn't people
Cons: Paying for food

Cons: Bad customer service. Food was stale and I threw up

Pros: The staff was rude and not helpful. Check in was below standard.

Pros: They took invalid information from my travel records which resulted in my passport from 2006 being on my ticket for 2017. Aside from not helping me getting on the plane, and or another connection, they proceeded to tell me after the fiasco that they are in no way elligble to refund anyone and are a 3rd party, therefore not liable. $700 and its not there fault. They just pushed all the paperwork
Cons: The fact that no one in this company is liable or helpful in tge slightest after they have your money

Pros: Comfortable flight good crew and entertainment

Pros: NOTHING, now waiting in airport for four hours.
Cons: 55-minute connection across terminals - five of us missed this flight. Iberia didnt even offer a voucher for breakfast. Makes this an overnight nightmare

Pros: Exit row seating has plenty of room
Cons: The cabin temperature was unbelievably low, everyone was complaining about how cold it was, rubbing and blowing on our hands. The woman next to me was concerned about being made sick because of prolonged exposure to cold. Then they forced us to buy blankets for 25 euro. Unless I hear that this flight was unique I won’t ever fly level again no matter how discounted the airfare

Cons: The choices of movies and entertainment on a 9+ hour flight was not good.

Pros: Cabin crew did reseat a passenger when there were two tallish men in same row.
Cons: The seat on the LGW to MAD leg of my journey was very painful and uncomfortable. Seat pitch was very short. I have never seen such close seats in 45 years of flying including bargain airlines let alone more pricey higher quality airlines like British. Iberia was supposed to be an extension of British. When I arrived at MAD I went to the Iberia desk and tried to make an upgrade to their "business" class which was not up to the level of British's Premium Economy. At the Iberia desk at MAD, or online, or on the phone to upgrade the short leg of my return trip without raising cost of my whole round trip from USD $1250 to over USD $4000! years.This was RETURN part of my journey! Also was not able to choose seats ahead of time at MAD when I landed, online, or on the phone. British also said that I could not upgrade just the first (MAD to LGW) leg of my return journey. I would have to upgrade the LGW to TPA also. It is critical to me that I can physically fit into the space between my seat and the one in front. Emergency evacuation would be very difficult for all pax with the short seat pitch. My having to sit sideways with my legs in the aisle would make it more difficult for other pax to to evacuate in an emergency. Since I need a wheel chair I can no longer request the exit row as I have done for 45 years. British should be aware that bad experiences with partner airlines tarnishes their reputation. As a premier airline British should pressure partner airlines to maintain seat pitch at no less than 32 inches which is still tight for many people. Since not all partners have equivalent classes of fares, British should allow mixed classes. For example on a TPA to MAD round trip journey, it should be possible for the transatlantic legs to be at Premium Economy prices, and the short legs LHR or LGW to MAD at business class prices. Feel free to contact me.

Pros: Shortness of flight
Cons: Flight attendant would not help get luggage into overhead. Inattentive for food and drink needs.

Cons: Food could have been better.

Pros: Vivo en Madrid. Estuve de vacaciones en Venecia.

Cons: Delays delays delays!!! Terrible!! We were waiting 7 hours!! No compensation was offered!

Pros: Iberia has started upgrading their planes and this one was quite comfortable for a long flight with good legroom and comfortable seats.
Cons: We boarded 20 minutes late with no explanation, then took off another 30 minutes late with no explanation or communication at all. The flight attendants were not friendly or helpful. The food was mediocre. Our entertainment system was not working at all for half the flight, they reset it about four times to get it working. Once it was working, my husband's screen was not responding at all. Flight was smooth and pilots made up some time in the air which was appreciated.

Pros: This wa a short, one hour flight. it's hard to rate the experience with a flight this short.

Pros: the food and the entertaiment
Cons: long trip

Pros: Movie selection was good.
Cons: Not really an Iberia issue but Barajas airport needs to fix this. The queues for Passport checks were completely unruly - no single lines, the dividers were left wide rather than keeping people single file, people were then jockeying for position to get through- because most were now risking missing their flight, tempers flared. Everyone was angry. A very unpleasant airport experience. Which certainly lends itself to an unpleasant flight experience. People were so worked up the tension was palpable. A problem easily fixed, if only there was some care. The passport check attendants moved at a snails pace. It felt deliberate. In these trying times, I was not impressed.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: They forced us to check our bags at the gate even though we had an international connection to make in London--to continue flying to Chicago. As a result, we had to go through customs and security in London, and would have most definitely missed our connecting flight back home to the States if not for a woman in customs at Heathrow who let us cut to the front of the line. I will never fly Iberia again and will be lodging a formal complaint.

Pros: Not once have I had a positive experience on American Airlines. I actually booked this ticket 4 times before finally receiving a fully confirmed itinerary. Only to get on the plane in SLC and sit on the tarmac for 90 minutes causing me to miss my connecting flight. The replacement flights I again missed because American couldn't find anyone to give the travel voucher to an airport an hour away for the replacement flight they booked. I've never seen a more consistently incompetent company.
Cons: On top of all of this, my bag is lost. I'm at my destination and have been for two days and American airlines all can't get me my luggage so I can start my vacation. This is the biggest joke of a company and I'm disgusted with their lack of accountability, responsibility for the problems they've caused and the insensitivity they've shown for their screw up.

Pros: Special ordered meal was good, and seat was comfortable. Movies great!
Cons: Boarding was disorganized - signage very misleading. Cabin was stuffy and warm until the plane started moving, and during the trip it did not cool off sufficiently. Would be better if they told passengers about when meals will be served. Stewardess poured old coffee in the basin while people were waiting to use the bathroom. Seat was splashed with coffee. Disposal for paper was stuffed. FYI Breakfast was inedible from ORD to Madrid.

Pros: service on the flight was excellent pilot helpful and informative about weather and delays
Cons: once we got to the airport (JFK)- Iberia ran the flight, we waited over 3 hours (yes 3 hours) for our luggage with very little information about why it was delayed some said security, some said weather we got announcement that it would be there in 15 min then monmentarily but we still waited 2 more hours this experience- esp the poor information in addition to the wait really tainted my expereince. I would not fly Iberia again and recommend that FinnAir not affiliate with them

Pros: On-time with excellent service. Clean.
Cons: TV/movie screen was not working.

Pros: Good seat , short flt. Too short for food.
Cons: Did not know I would have to pay extra for luggage. I may have overlooked something when I booked.

Cons: There was a tall guy sitting behind me, and I was forced and prevented from laying back during a 7+ hr flight.

Pros: The flight overall was very comfortable and the crew were very accommodating and attentive.
Cons: About halfway through the flight got diverted to drop off a critically ill passenger, so instead of it being an 11 hour flight, it was a 16.5 hour flight. Not anyone's fault, but still incredibly inconvenient.

Pros: The crew was fabulous! And the ride was on time and had plenty of entertainment.
Cons: My only complaint is that the seats were very tight in the economy class. We were packed like cattle. I know these were the "cheap" seats but for almost $1500 I would hope for a bit more comfort.

Cons: Iberia should do something about its check-in process, it seems way below the industry standards. 1. Online check is only worth if you don't have any luggage. If you do, there's no point of doing that, because there's one line for both check-in and luggage drop off. 2. If you arrive to the airport 1h45min before the flight (LOCAL flight!!!), you'll be among the last ones to check-in, because you will spend about an hour in the line (there's just two people at the register: one for economy and one for business). In the end everyone in the line will get checked in (thanks for that), but the flight will be delayed and Iberia will blame the security (which takes 5 min to pass, unlike the check-in process.

Pros: Very uncomfortable seat from Iberia Airline.The cushion was almost down to spring. Need to upgrade. Crew are not very helpful. Service is not good. Specially at the Airport, speaking English is very bad. I need an assistance to request for PRM ASSISTANCE for wheel chair, I don't believe that he don't speak English at all, Why would he be in that position. It should have bilingual person. I'm sure whether he pretend too I have walk back & forth to get help for information to have it translate to Spanish. All He does is make priority to all local people, it took one hour to get the wheel chair & then by transfer to intl national airport by bus took another hour, we check in @ 8:30AM by the time we get into the terminal was 12:30PM the flight leave 2 12:45PM. What a service. I will never ever flight with Iberia Airline. What a BAD service. Communication by itself is very very bad, the airline crew hardly can speak English. We have 6 people. We will definitely not recommend Iberia Airline. Thank you.

Pros: No delayed flights

Pros: Very friendly and helpful crew.
Cons: No food or drink offered except for if the customer pays for them, very poor idea.

Pros: Also very nice crew and comfortable plane
Cons: We flew Iberia to Madrid, changed planes and continued with Iberia to Boston. While the plane and crew were great, between Madrid andBoston we were severely bitten by bugs - probably a kind of gnat. I was bitten on the face and arms and my wife was bitten on the face and neck. We are still covered. This has caused us much discomfort (including welts) well as cost to ensure these bugs did not come home with us.

Pros: That agents had another flight scheduled in case we missed our connection due to delay.
Cons: That we were unable to make the connection, missed by only a few minutes which seems like more could have been done to help us get on. Would have liked to be given access to VIP lounge to relax and use wifi to communicate to others our delay to let them know we were okay. Voucher for lunch was at limited vendors, not easy to use. No water in toilet for washing, out of toilet paper.

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Airlines flying from Milwaukee to Sweden have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Milwaukee to Sweden

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Milwaukee to Sweden

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Milwaukee to Sweden

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Milwaukee to Sweden

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Milwaukee to Sweden

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