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MTY — Alabama
Oct 29 — Nov 51
1 adult
0 bags
Sat 10/29
Sat 11/5

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AeromexicoOverall score based on 10147 reviews
Airline reviews

Will allow only carry on baggage on staff appreciation not space availability or over head space capacity.

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Will allow only carry on baggage on staff appreciation not space availability or over head space capacity.

All late, take off, arrival, getting the gate, all bad

The flight was on time. I missed some food, at least a snack I only got a cup of orange juice.


Good choices were not great the salmon lox was not of great quality. The flight attendant assigned to my section literally disappeared, was not very helpful or generous, while his counterpart the female attendant picked up his slack. She was thoughtful and accommodating to the passengers with whom she interacted.

Pros: "Everyone was perfect...!!"
Cons: "Real meal is necessary, we appreciate the snacks but real meal is necessary."
Pros: "Service was great"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Aeromexico Boeing 737s are great. No complaints here."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The puntuality"
Pros: "Missed it"
Cons: "Give back money"
Pros: "on time"
Cons: "AC on boarding!"
Pros: "Checking was fast and easy."
Cons: "Seat cushions were super uncomfortable."
Cons: "Not every flight has internet access"
Cons: "Temperature in cabin whille boarding was ridiculously hot . They didn’t turn the ac on until we took off. Very uncomfortable"
Pros: "Excellent flight. Aeromexico is great"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Everything was great"
Cons: "Everything was great. Love Aeromexico"
Cons: "Pric"
Cons: "Entertainment system stopped working 1/3 of the way into the 4 hr flight. Gate personnel at LAX were not ready for our arrival and it took an exceedingly long time to deplane. Initial beverage service was slow - didn't begin until 30-40 minutes after take off"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "NA"
Cons: "I did not like that I was assigned a seat at the back bulkhead when there were several empty seats available)"
Pros: "Aeroméxico has the best in flight service aboard of any airline today!"
Pros: "vuelo sin demoras"
Pros: "No puedo creer que estuviéramos 15 minutos esperando al personal de tierra para que. Nos abrieran la puerta . No es la primera vez que me ocurre ."
Pros: "Brand new plane"
Cons: "O"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Soft flight"
Cons: "Little bit of turbulence for wheather conditions"
Cons: "No food, no entertainment"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "Korean translation sucked. Also food was bad."
Pros: "Thank you my flight was great the airline took tine to make changes to make my flight less stressfull"
Cons: "Nothing I disliked."
Cons: "Delayed as usual, 1 hour flight tend to be 2 hours in the airplane. Turbulence"
Pros: "costumer service"
Cons: "The way they operate now where you have to pay for checking luggage and that we depart 30 minutes late and Apparently Aeromexico is been having problems with the tickets they don’t work when you go to the scanner and you have to go back and print your boarding pass that’s a problem because you have to start back in the line"
Cons: "Se abordó el vuelo después de casi 1 hora de lo programado, hubo demasiada confusión con la información y filas para el abordaje, aunque tenía mi asiento asignado desde la compra y ratificado con el registro en línea me cambiaron a otro lugar dejando mi equipaje de mano fuera de vista el cual fue maltratado, nos dieron cacahuetes y elegí jugo de naranja el cual estaba en mal estado, y lo peor de todo fue que tuvieron muchos problemas con la entrega del equipaje, muchos tuvimos que esperar otra hora y el colmo: perdieron una de mis maletas."
Cons: "Aeromexico is the worst airline I have ever flown including many throughout Latin America, Africa and other developing regions of the world. Our first flight was delayed an hour not because of weather or maintenance, etc. Just because “our planes always late” as the person at the gate put it. Because of he delay, we missed our connection and we have been delayed 24 hours. Horrible."
Pros: "They were friendly and professional"
Cons: "hablo Espanol no bien"
Cons: "Realmente mal servicio a cliente la aerolinea solo quiere sacar ventaja y cobrar de mas por el transporte de tu equipaje"
Cons: "Our flight got changed and we received no notification. Instead of 1 stop we ended up with two. Two flights were delayed therefore we missed the third one. Just a terrible experience. The staff was very rude, had no people skills, and didn’t know how to explain the situation."
Pros: "Punctuality"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Terrible staff"
Cons: "Gate was changed before bording, gates closed before plane departure time regardless of not all passengers present. Missed the flight and Aeromexico made us pay to grab another flight while it was Aeromexico personel that refused to allow us in even though it was not yet departure time and said plane doors were closed."
Pros: "Thr dervicr"
Cons: "I have to pay $60. Dollars"
Pros: "Movies"
Cons: "This was the last time we trust kayak"
Pros: "Provide a service of excellence when the delay is so great because people are upset and should mitigate the anger."
Cons: "Why leave first flights that originally departed 1 hour or two later"
Pros: "Flight was only minorly detailed (this is a major plus for Aeromexico, which is ALWAYS late)."
Cons: "Flight was minorly delayed"
Pros: "It was long, but the airline made everything smooth for the trip"
Pros: "Crew very courteous"
Cons: "Delayed for hours, no reason given."
Pros: "Once again I expected to had at least in this flight a decent meal on board cause I was starving, I overpay this flight from Houston to Guatemala City it was a last minute ticket, so at least I expected to have a good meal instead of snacks, peanuts and a small drink. The space within seats was really small, I got bad luck to be trapped between to guys, so the flight was really uncomfortable to be a 2 hours flight, they overbooked the flight from Monterrey to Mexico City in order to make more profit, really hot and humid inside, really old plane, just enough to achieve the goal which is transport people from A to B no matter what just bring it here."
Cons: "The space within seats was really small, I got bad luck to be trapped between to guys, so the flight was really uncomfortable to be a 2 hours flight, they overbooked the flight from Monterrey to Mexico City in order to make more profit, really hot and humid inside, really old plane, just enough to achieve the goal which is transport people from A to B no matter what just bring it here."
Pros: "Restroom was clean"
Cons: "I was seated in the last row of seats in the plane in the aisle side. Passengers annoyed me while making the line to access the restroom. And a flight attendant kept complaining in a bad mood about the line in the bathroom. All these factors made my trip not to be the perfect experience I always have with Aeromexico."

Power charge not working on my row. Could not use phone properly on trip during it. 35 minute taxiing upon arrival. 35 minute departure delay. 20 minute boarding delay.

Good service and courtesy of the staff

A lady who wouldn’t shut up next to me. And the baggage crew ( probably not American ) out my bag on with everyone else’s and it was to go to the security


Great all around.

I like the timeliness. The meal could have been better though.

Flight canceled

Cons: "Excellent service!"
Pros: "Crew was great. Plane was clean."
Cons: "My bag could have arrived with me in Des Moines. Instead I had to go back and pick it up the next day."
Pros: "Efficient crew"
Cons: "Super crowded and hot"
Cons: "Social distancing"
Cons: "No turbulence"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "This flight, along with the bulk of AA flights, were cancelled, leaving me stranded and missing work meetings."
Pros: "The flight was on time and things went smoothly for the most part!"
Cons: "The male flight attendant was rude and short when answering questions and providing service!"
Pros: "Nothing. It was a miserable 2+ hrs."
Cons: "Work harder at making flying more comfortable for travelers without breaking the bank."
Cons: "The crew could not have been any less accommodating for a nursing mother flying without my baby and needing to pump. I will be writing and submitting an official complaint to American Airlines ."
Pros: "Was comfortable"
Cons: "It was very turbulent and we could not be served anything. But still a good flight."
Pros: "Puntual, connexion gates very closed,"
Cons: "I need to paid 100$ or more to have a seat"
Pros: "Service and boarding was smooth and friendly."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They forgot to plan a pilot....also the crew was 45 min late"
Pros: "Being prompt"
Cons: "Ran out of food I liked."
Cons: "Delayed"
Cons: "See above"
Cons: "A huge queue due to AA policy to un respect BA policy of free 23 kg checked luggage of Int’l flights. A scandal, a shame. Won’t travel anymore with BA & AA."
Cons: "We were rerouted by JustFly prior to our trip. Instead of Venice - Philadelphia-Tampa at noon, we were moved to Venice - London - Chicago - Tampa. Flight from London - Chicago was delayed 6 hours. Of course missed connection in Chicago. Spent night in Chicago and arrived home 48 hours after leaving for Venice airport."
Pros: "Friendly staff"
Cons: "Issues with times changing for departure"
Pros: "The staff was welcoming and it felt good!"
Pros: "Crew was very nice Flight was very comfortable"
Cons: "Mediocre snack/meal"
Cons: "Because they canceled my flight and i had to buy another ticket for 380$ and after that I realized my chair was available and i took a picture. It was really bad and i never choose again American Airlines."
Pros: "Boarding was a breeze"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Nothing !"
Cons: "Service was horrible. No leg room. Flight attendants were gossiping loudly behind me. Flight was late to leave and we were stuck at the gate once we landed."
Pros: "Boarding process, information flow, crew hospitality was excellent and professional."
Cons: "Food was very basic and bland. Drink choices were fine."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Equipment malfunction at 11 pm is always really nice."
Pros: "Friendly crew"
Cons: "Zero entertainment. Flight sat on tarmac as they tried to fix some technical issues after taxiing"
Pros: "Great crew. Friendly and reaponsive. Easy boarding."
Cons: "4 hour flight from SFO to Charlotte. No food beyond snacks. No entertainemt options. No electrical outlets."
Cons: "We did not get on this flight because AA's scheduled it 90 minutes after landing from an Int'l flight. Why don't airlines schedule a minimum 3hours between Int'l-domestic connections. half the plane was stressing and freaking out about missing their connection even though the plane landed on time. "AA is not responsible for customs/security delays". Well, your customer service agents would have a lot less work if you didn't have to reschedule 100 people per flight. The time the plane drives/parks at the gate, you get off the plane and make it through customs, get your bag, recheck it (if need be, we didn't this time though), get through security and get to your gate, you'll be the luckiest person in the world to do that in less than 90 minutes."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I felt like cattle. Horrible for long haul flights."
Cons: "This boarding by groups is inefficient."
Cons: "one of the worst trip ever. although there were many turbulances, the captain did not appear to be proficient along the way. The landing was horrible as well."
Pros: "I will only book a flight on a 777. The wifi and movies are a great perk!!!"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "entertainment displays on the back of every seat headrest. Nice room on Main Cabin Xtra, even with someone in the middle seat."
Cons: "1 of the flight attendants was pushy(older caucasian lady)"
Pros: "Eventually we made it"
Cons: "Plane was delayed because a door wasn't working (old). Business class entertainment was a tablet that was collected an hour before we landed. Food was very bland."
Pros: "Great free Wi-Fi with a variety of movies to watch. Helpful, friendly crew."
Pros: "Staff was friendly and flight was timely."
Cons: "Bad smell on the plane and 20 minutes of turbulence."
Pros: "our flight were on time. Staff was very helpful, I walk with aid of a cane."
Pros: "Flight took off and landed on time."
Cons: "Nothing really. A very typical flight."
Pros: "He enjoyed everything about the flight it was comfortable the crew was excellent he met nice ppl thank you for the safety and class."
Pros: "."
Pros: "Staff was very courteous and friendly."
Cons: "The flight was operated by American Eagle, on a small regional commuter jet. We had to board from the tarmac and climb a steep flight of stairs to board. Not advisable for anyone with limited mobility."

There was no entertainment like there had been outward bound. I did have my own though. It was cold in the cabin. Hate ac on at 16C! Why travel in a fridge ?

Flight cancelled

Fly United

The flight attendant, Angel lives up to her name- what an angel! I love her! She was so helpful and attentive and patient. My daughter spilled some juice on her shorts and not only did Angel help me clean up my daughter, she did not hesitate to pick up my daughter’s dirty shorts and neatly packaged it away for me! She went above and beyond her future to provide THE BEST customer service and flight I’ve had in over 20+ years of flying. Thank you, Angel, please continue to excel at exceptional customer service professional!

Pros: "The flight attendant was amazing and tried to compensate for the other problems of the flight."
Cons: "The air conditioner was broken so the entire flight was extremely hot. The plane was so small that the engine vibrated the seats the whole time. It was miserable to be on the flight."
Pros: "Getting a meal and drink"
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "Hard seats"
Pros: "From checkin to landing, it was a good and comfortable flight."
Cons: "No problems."
Cons: "As a result of arriving late on Air Canada we never made our flight to Tokyo. Had to rebook and fly Asians through Seoul. Asiana flight was excellent!"
Pros: "Easy boarding and crew kind of ok."
Cons: "There is a toilet for the main cabin right behind row 5. The door was constantly banging due to a long flight from Orlando to SFO 5hrs 23 mins. Very old uncomfortable first class seats with very little reclining due to the toilet being so close. Not good!!! No real entertainment unless you brought it with you. If this is the standard of United first class now think I will give it a miss in the future."
Cons: "Flight attendants didn’t care about service!!"
Pros: "The pilot informed us about various sights along the way. He did so in a friendly and classy way. Nice landing too."
Pros: "the seating was very spaious"
Pros: "I enjoyed that the flight left on time. I also appreciated the main flight attendant. She was very accommodating and friendly."
Cons: "delayed in piecemeal by 6 hrs before move to another gate. than mechanical delay and then cancelled. Arrived at hotel after midnight without food or drink. Substitute flight was next day noon - original offer was for late afternoon flight! That flight had poor service. Attendant dawdled so there were no drinks served."
Cons: "Late and confusion, slow boarding, plane not smooth."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Web have to pay extra for acces internet, and they give you a little bag of mix of peanuts and little cup of coke, think in travels to more than 3 hours its not enough"
Pros: "perfect timing, nice plane"
Cons: "Restroom not clean"
Cons: "Didn't maker it to our destination."
Pros: "In general crew is awsome, the things I didn't like are from the airlines administration."
Cons: "First of all I have to pay for my first bag even If it's an international flight?!?! It was a one and a half hour flight just to cross the border, the ticket cost over $300 and still I get charged for my first suitcase... Second of all, SINCE WHEN PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY TAXES JUST TO BRING THEIR BABY IN THE LAP?!?! C'mon!!!! And the worst, you don't let people now about this so at least we can pay it in advanced since we don't have a choice, but it is anoying that someone leave USA without paying extra just to bring your baby with you and then flying in the same aerline you are not aware you have to pay for him without notice and been inform in advanced. Third and last ... I NEVER GOT MY BOARDING PASS TO PRINT AT HOME by email, either any information or update about my flight...."
Pros: "Not sure!"
Cons: "Crew service"
Cons: "2 hour delay"
Pros: "Time"
Cons: "no food or entertainment"
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "No wifi"
Pros: "kept us advised on why we were delayed. somethings are out of your control abbr I understand that"
Cons: "one of the crew members was not so friendly."
Cons: "all those empty seats (20-30) enco plus Still they WON'T upgrade anyone How about some good will and positive press for a change ! They wanted $69 each extra to sit with husband ."
Pros: "Everything was great. Service. Attention. Cleanliness. Quick flight"
Pros: "The crew did what they could and we're professional and curious, but there wasn't a ton to like about this flight"
Cons: "The flight was delayed. Ok, that happens sometimes and it annoying but part of air travel. The real kicker was that once we were on the airplane, they announced that seatback entertainment and wifi were not working, so there was no entertainment on the 4hr+ flight. Additionally, because the seatback entertainment wasn't working, the ability to control your own reading light was disabled, so the cabin lights were left on the entire late-night flight, making sleeping quite difficult. I understand that sometimes these things happen, but there are ways to mitigate- the gate agent could've told us that there would be no seat back entertainment while we were waiting at the gate delayed so we could've downloaded something, but they chose not to for reasons I can only hypothesize. Combine all this with the terrible 3-4-3 seat configuration and you're left with a terrible experience. Will never take this particular flight from Chicago again. It was cramped and one of the worst flights I've taken in recent memory."
Pros: "The crew were pretty quick and responsive and the seats were pretty good."
Cons: "The dinner was alright but the breakfast was awful. The breakfast was the worst I ever had on a flight and the only thing I found edible were the little cookies that came with it. I had the omelette meal and it made me sick taking even one bite of it and the smell was pretty bad too."
Pros: "Short direct flight"
Cons: "That was the worst travel experience of my life. All flights were delayed, customer service was rude, made me sleep on the floor in the airport, recieved no compensation. A 6 hour flight took 36 hours"
Pros: "Very good ,service from.service desk and people on the plane veri nice ."
Pros: "the flight was very pleasant thank you very much"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Our plane departed on time, 6:05 AM. About 6:40 A E turned back towards Boston. There was a problem with the wing. It got repaired. We deplaned. And waited. And waited. Then we needed fuel to be removed. And we waited. And waited. Then we got back on board, got to the runway, and the RIGHT ENGINE didn't start. So they tried to repair it, couldn't (didn't want to fly on that old, broken plane anyway at this point), and we had our flight canceled. All told, I spent 10+ hours at Logan Airport. It was an absolute disaster."
Pros: "Like the treatment,very gentil personal and the attention whit the passengers,like the way to precede my boarding pass, luggage,i like that way to explain process of emergency situation does tips save life's iam happy Great very satisfied services."
Cons: "No coments"
Pros: "Great experience on time"
Pros: "Service during flight"
Pros: "Flight crew was good."
Cons: "Another flight that left late and arrived late!"
Pros: "Same as Co's to Houston"
Pros: "The crew was awesome!"
Cons: "Everything went very smoothly. No real complaints"
Pros: "Everything was excellent, but the best was that the flight time was shorter than expected....coming abd going."
Pros: "Great service. Free Internet and movi9"
Cons: "Seat next to the restroom"
Cons: "It would have been helpful if hanging a garment bag were available, which was the case on my return flights to DC on American Airlines."
Pros: "Left on time,luggage not missed and good landing"
Pros: "Everything went well; great service on both flights"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "Salir a tiempo"
Cons: "Como tratan los equipajes en el aeropuerto de Houston"
Pros: "Flight attendant up front was great"
Cons: "Seats uncomfortable, plane old and shabby and staff unfreindly and unhelpful."

Horrible experience. Arrived 2 hours before flight. Went to check in 1:15 before flight and was told that I needed health questionnaire. The clerk said NOTHING about checked bags. When I returned to the counter 55 minutes before the departure time I was told that they stopped accepting checked bags 1 hour before the flight. They would not allow me to check in and board. Had to reschedule the flight for two days later.

Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "Less people on the flight during pandemic. Improve boarding process."
Pros: "Convenience and easily accessible"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "I liked the affordable price of the ticket. The crew was nice."
Cons: "The check in counter was understaffed considering there was a storm and delays, it would have been good to try to call a few extra people to help with the check-in process"
Cons: "The crew was horrible Rude Especially Mariyel"
Pros: "On time and safe, and low cost. What more could you want?"
Cons: "No food, no entertainment (as expected). OK for budget airline."
Pros: "The price"
Cons: "Checking in at Spirt sucks.. First they make you checkin ar a kiosk which prints out your boarding pass before you get in line. Then you almost go with the same process with them. They should have a kiosk machine which print out the baggage tag and a bag drop off to make their operation run more efficiently"
Cons: "The pilot was very knowledgeable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The delay"
Pros: "The price was lower but flight was on time."
Cons: "This was our first try using this airlines. Because the attraction of Spirit Air is the base price, the airline employees don’t go out of their way to please passengers in any other way. Don’t expect food, entertainment, or any attention to you. Bag drop employees were our first exposure to the airlines. They were fairly rude."
Pros: "It didn’t crash. Flight crew was great."
Cons: "Delayed. Hidden fees. Uncomfortable. Sucky."
Cons: "I booked the flight from georgia to florida by mistake, when i called the airline to try to correct my mistake i was told that the new price for modifying my flight was $209 on top of the $100 or so I had already spent. Then I told the customer service rep who i had on the phone that it would be cheaper to just book a new flight, which she let me do."
Cons: "Nickel and dime you on everything u don't save any money going with Spirit over any other carriers"
Cons: "I am not sure who to discuss my experience with. I ended up being booked on the wrong day, cost me an additional $135 to rebook and then booked in my wife’s name, an additional $390 to rebook again, not mention a wasted 5 hours in Phil Int. Airport. Suggestions on who to talk to?"
Pros: "I slept the whole ride back lol"
Cons: "Changed my flight times earlier within two weeks of the flight. Only to delay the flight to the original times when we got to the airport. Thanks for making me sit at the airport for 8 hours spirit."
Pros: "Ok flight"
Cons: "Seats were to tight and man do they suck for comfort"
Pros: "The price was half of what larger airlines were charging, but glad I didn't have my usual one checked bag on this flight."
Cons: "Baggage fees for a carry on were ridiculous. $57 for a regular carry on to store in the overhead bin. With gas prices falling to record lows, why do airlines still charge these additional fees? Oh, I guess we're used to paying them, so let's not stop now. For my carry on to fly with me, it cost about 20% of the total fare. The percentage of total fare price would be much higher, but my particular flight was $259. If I had flown into Ft Lauderdale instead of Ft Myers, the fare would have been $103, making the baggage fee over 50% of the total cost...this should be looked into."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "cancelled flight-have yet to receive refund for bags and seat selection, had to pay inflated prices to book flight home"
Cons: "I got charged for my carryon."
Pros: "On time."
Cons: "High baggage fees. 2 checked bags (minimum weight) cost 1.3 times the cost of the seat, more than doubling the overall cost."
Pros: "Quick boarding"
Cons: "Flight takes longer through spirit than other airlines to same destination"
Pros: "On time to depart from Seattle"
Cons: "Did arrive to Houston a bit early but we sat on the plane past the arrival time due to no available gate. What a waste."
Cons: "Had to pay for water."
Pros: "low cost ticket airline staff great"
Cons: "NA"
Pros: "The color of the plane."
Cons: "I did not enjoy this flight at all because I did not make it to it, Instead I was charged $140 because of that. While on the phone with customer service they tried to make me cancel my whole entire connecting flight instead of telling me that I have a chance to make it to the second one."
Pros: "Nothing...worst airlines ever"
Cons: "Everthing"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Uncomfortable sitting."
Cons: "did not inform the extra charge for carryon."
Pros: "$55 for an extra carry on fee beyond your 1st personal carry-on / bag. For women this is a purse! $50 for each checked bag SURPRISE!!! That low fare isn't so low when you read all the disclosures that are buried on other pages I think Kayak should start asking about how many bags you have as part of their pricing structure so you can really compare travel costs!"
Pros: "The price."
Cons: "Everything else."
Pros: "Great entertainment by crew"
Cons: "Easier way to obtain food"
Cons: "$50 for each bag. this $100 total extra for the round trip. RIDICULOUS! and NO BEVERAGE! Better have lots of extra cash with Spirit Airlines."
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "too much time to setup the flight, pay the ticket then pay the seats then pay for bags... in the website or it will be more expensive if you go to the counter... after all of this I prefer to fly any other airline"
Pros: "Never again"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "Professional air and ground crew. Good flight."
Cons: "Don't like baggage policy-keeping fees hidden. Couldn't get boarding pass online. Have to do everything at airport."
Pros: "My flight from Chicago to Portland was seamless once it left the airport. I don't know if the delay was a Spirit Airlines or O'hare issue, but the result was a significant delay."
Pros: "they dont give us any info we boarded and then were sent off the plane. no explanation no nothing. its ok to have problems. it is not ok to have staff who cant deliver an answer for whats going on."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "$52 for luggage? 1st bag?"
Pros: "The seats are awful! They shouldn't use these planes for cross country flights as the service and comfort is not good. You can't even get a glass of water without a charge"
Cons: "Seats and service"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight canceled the day off for no reason had to spend 399 to catch s fought home"
Pros: "The crew was very nice and accommodating."
Cons: "Crammed in. Ticket price was good but by the time you pay for luggage and seating the value diminishes."
Cons: "That there was a dirty napkin and fork still on my tray table when I went to sit down. My friends and will never fly spirit again; you are charged for everything and the seats are very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Arrived 3 hours late with no real explanation, besides that they had to shift the bags around for weight distribution. I honestly feel lucky we even survived because it doesn't appear spirit has any clue how to run an airline. Won't ever choose spirit again, it's not worth the discount."
Cons: "don't know never got on the plan it was cancule"
Cons: "Not including basic things like water is ridiculous. Being a bargin airline but charging extra for everything is not worth it"
Pros: "Exit row seat"
Cons: "Almost everything else"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Bare bones; seats are firm yet uncomfortable. Feels like riding the city bus"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "First of all, I was never informed of the exorbitant fees for having a bag. I've been flying since I was literally in diapers, and have NEVER heard of paying for a carry -on. Especially something ridiculous like $55. I did not have the money at check in, and the people operating the kiosks were miserable, mopey, unhelpful drones. I ultimately had to call a friend and ask for money to be wired for this unexpected gauge. I was lucky to have gotten there so early- I have never spent so much time in an airport Pre-security. It's disgusting to have a business model based on such deceit- lure customers in with a cheaper flight price, only to stick them with pricey fees for virtually EVERYTHING once they get to the airport. Sleazy business at best. Once on the flight, there was so little legroom I could hardly sit up straight without my knees pushing into the seat in front of me. I felt bad for the attendants reading off scripted bland jokes on the intercom. Needless to say, I will NEVER be flying Spirit again, and will be advising all of my friends similarly."

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1 stopAmerican Airlines
26h 26mPNS-MTY
1 stopAmerican Airlines
22h 06mMTY-PNS
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 11mPNS-MTY
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
30h 15mMTY-PNS
1 stopAmerican Airlines
9h 01mPNS-MTY
1 stopMultiple Airlines
8h 26mMTY-BHM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
11h 51mBHM-MTY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
13h 50mMTY-BHM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
11h 51mBHM-MTY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
18h 27mMTY-BHM
1 stopMultiple Airlines
5h 21mBHM-MTY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
13h 50mMTY-BHM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
14h 03mBHM-MTY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
9h 50mMTY-BHM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 20mBHM-MTY
2 stopsAeromexico
13h 06mMTY-PNS
2 stopsAeromexico
16h 18mPNS-MTY
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
10h 28mMTY-BHM
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
12h 31mBHM-MTY

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2 stopsAeromexico
23h 35mMTY-MOB
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
21h 10mMTY-PNS
1 stopUnited Airlines
18h 24mMTY-MOB
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
16h 36mMTY-BHM
2 stopsAeromexico
16h 06mMTY-MOB
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
21h 10mMTY-PNS
1 stopUnited Airlines
26h 53mMTY-MOB
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
40h 50mMTY-MOB
1 stopAmerican Airlines
11h 26mMTY-MOB
2 stopsAmerican Airlines
17h 59mMTY-MOB
3 stopsSpirit Airlines
10h 36mMTY-MOB

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Monterrey - Alabama Flights


Monterrey (MTY)Mexico

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