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Find cheap flights from Myrtle Beach to Richmond

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Richmond Byrd Intl
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Airline reviews

Pros: "The pilot kept us updated."

Pros: "The chargers and movies on the flight. The seat was comfortable. The flight attendants where awesome. I loved the flight!"
Cons: "No changes!"

Pros: "Crew was good. Seat uncomfortable and hard."

Pros: "Everything was on time and ran smoothly. The seats seem to have more room than most airlines. They were generous with drinks and snacks"

Cons: "Needed assistance for limited mobility to make connections at ATL was not provided. Caused us to miss connections and had two falls trying to get around. Air France was terrible. Very limited food and beverage service left us hungry and thirsty on 7 to 10 hour flights."

Pros: "The crew was amazing and seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "After there was a problem with the plane once we had boarded, they were able to switch us to another plane at another gate. There was a short wait, and we only had a delay of 35 minutes."

Pros: "Comfortable aircraft. Great crew."
Cons: "can't think of anything"

Cons: "5 hours delay. Most of that time we were on the runway. We even had to deplane and board again. We were given all kind of excuses till the pilot himself said that this is unheard off !!"

Pros: "The cAbin attendant was really good"

Cons: "No problems at all!"

Pros: "The crew was great"
Cons: "No video screens, the choice of snacks is very weak"

Pros: "Friendly staff. Entertainment selection is impressive (though I didn't use it). Drinks and snacks are provided."
Cons: "Boarding process was time consuming due to poor organization from Delta. Unloading process takes forever for the same reason. Despite booking at the same time my fiancee and I didn't get seated next to one another."

Pros: "The flight was great from beginning to end. I have no complaints."

Cons: "Poor service"

Pros: "Everything went smoothly"
Cons: "???"

Pros: "Boarding was quick and prices were fair"
Cons: "I sat next to a creepy intoxicated man during my flight and I was not helped out. When I first sat down he was speaking to me and trying to hit on me but I showed that I wasn’t interested. I didn’t even have to sit down to smell the alcohol on him. During the flight he tried to place his head on my shoulder and tried to get close to me. I was too worried to call for an attendant because he was intoxicated but when the attendants would come and offer us food I tried to make it clearly visible that I was anxious and uncomfortable and NOTHING. To make it worse they continued to serve him alcohol!!"

Cons: "The flight was delayed by more than an hour. My seat's entertainment system was broken, so an 8 hour flight with not much to do other than sleep."

Pros: "Love the 757 entertainment system"
Cons: "snack mix is not great delayed takeoff"

Pros: "The plane was really nice. It was awesome being able to view movies on the flight."

Pros: "Crew was lovely"
Cons: "CRJ-700 is too small. Only one bathroom & it was broken. Hour late to depart & no explanation given. Never turned off the seatbelt sign & we ended up on the plan for approx 2.5hrs for our 1hr flight."

Pros: "Getting off the plane"
Cons: "This flight was fine compared to the first"

Pros: "The boarding was well as the crew."
Cons: "The seats to small and the food was not that good."

Pros: "Short trip"
Cons: "Boarding process. Paying to check bag when people with roll-on bags were allowed to check them at the gate for free."

Pros: "See above..."
Cons: "See above"

Cons: "The service was horribly they dilate my flight 24 hours and I lose my flight yesterday because from Washington to Atlanta the flight was late and from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa leave early"

Pros: "Flight was on a 787! Great plane"
Cons: "Food was mediocre for an international long haul fight, and was served by a completely indifferent staff! My prearranged seat choices were switched to a no recline rows and rebooking after a unnecessarily missed connection became 7 step comedy of errors ,aside from quality aircraft this felt like a budget operation."

Pros: "Flight was 3 hours late leaving due to frost on wings. De icing truck wouldn’t work so they waited until sunrise and parked the plane in the sun. Real hi tech solution."

Pros: "Flight was nice"
Cons: "Boarding was slow because boarding is done poorly"

Pros: "I liked the fact that the flight left on time and landed ahead of schedule."
Cons: "The flight was rough. The coffee was horrible though."

Cons: "I paid extra to sit comfortably only to have the seat adjoining my occupied by someone who expanded over onto my seat! Leaving me barely any room to sit comfortably."

Pros: "Excellent job"
Cons: "N/a"

Cons: "The seats are very small even for a petite person."

Pros: "Service was excellent in spite of the terrible weather conditions. Flight attendants were very friendly."

Cons: "The boarding took a long time then when they called for the zone 3 they told us to hurry up. The steward was doing everything by hand motion. You couldn't hear what he was saying. The plane was extremely noisy and we asked what the noise was none of the crew answered. This is not the normal service that I am used to from Delta."

Pros: "Loved that they had access to connecting info on board"

Cons: "11 hour overnight delay. Timed out crew. We were given a pillow and blanket to spend the night on the floor in the airport. We we given drinks and a snack box."

Cons: "No communication between different parts of the airport; early arrival, over 2 hours getting through baggage claim; good luck rechecking your bag; almost missed flight with a 2 1/2 hour layover. Workers on the ground don't care, or either don't know what's next on the transit through the airport."

Cons: "There were extra seats to begin with and I was traveling alone with an infant. She barely slept the whole flight and I had a stuardis in a red dress who whem I asked for for a beverage made it seem like I asked for it right now. Didn't say a word Else to me until it was time to land and my daughter had just fell asleep. She told me. I had to take her out of the baby carrier. My daughter needed a diaper change and there were no places to change her. I tried to change her by the door really fast. The stuardis said no go change in a bathroom I asked which one had a changing station they said none and to just change in my lap. Plus my car seat was broke when I got it back."

Pros: "When I went into customer service and explained that I lost my flight because of bean at the immigration for almost 2hrs and the woman she say u going on the next flight, one hr later I was heading to my destination Richmond."

Pros: "Fast boarding, everyone nice."
Cons: "Wifi was yo and down the whole flight, about 20 times, so kids were not entertained."

Pros: "Lady said she was taking the seat I paid an upgrade fee for. Crew did nothing. Said I should take her seat."
Cons: "Crew"

Pros: "It only took them 10 minutes to turn things around to make up time for the delay."
Cons: "The seat pockets were not cleaned."

Pros: "The leg room was great, the blanket and pillow provided was great and the crew did not disturb me."

Cons: "TSA in Atlanta was a nightmare. Really just a little kindness would go a long way."

Pros: "Got to Richmond on time."
Cons: "Had the same problems with loading. Loaded from the front, not enough room for carry on, slow us down causing us to take off late. Made up for lost time though."

Pros: "Food and choice of entertainment was excellent."
Cons: "Was stuck with the middle seat so I knew what I was in for."

Pros: "Una hora de retraso"
Cons: "Una hora de retraso"

Cons: "Family of 6 with 3 minors. Could not sit any of us together."

Cons: "Flight attendant was very aggressive and confrontational."

Pros: "yes, no on sat on my row coming or going"

Cons: "Been non discriminatory"

Cons: "Overall good flight however the WiFi didn’t work"

Pros: "awesome"

Pros: "The crew was pleasant. The flight was smooth even though we flew through clouds the whole way."
Cons: "If you don't purchase a seat in advance, the airline puts you in a middle seat even if the plane is not full. I don't really like that."

Cons: "Usual complaints - chaos boarding and deplaning, poor entertainment options for free, headset not working. Had to deplane by stairs - we were parked next to an unused jetway."

Cons: "Snacks could be better....seats are small.... it was free WiFi and no Tv"

Pros: "Crew were friendly"
Cons: "Delayed 3 hours for maintenance. Changed gates 3 times. Not well organized"

Pros: "On time flight, entertainment and food options."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats."

Pros: "Easy boarding. Crew was friendly."
Cons: "Both the to and return flights, I was never able to get their entertainment to work on my iPhone. The website fails to load in the browser even though I’m on their in flight WiFi and following instructions specifically"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Opportunity to buy food on a 3.5 hour flight. Pretzels just doesn’t cut it on a ‘dinner time’ flight."

Pros: "Great Crew"
Cons: "More room"

Cons: "Didn’t fly"

Cons: "Your staff needs to utilize better communication. I scheduled the first flight of the day, and it was delayed. We were stuck on the tarmac for an hour without anyone telling us what was going on. We had to return to the gate to refuel and we left at the time we were suppose to arrive to Charlotte."

Pros: "Very good service"
Cons: "Ok"

Pros: "Take offs were a few minutes late but we arrived on time at each destination due to savvy pilots and great tailwinds. Staff was in a good mood and so were the passengers, no Scrooge’s!"
Cons: "The only BBQ in Dallas Airport Terminal C is a chain spot....boooo!"

Pros: "On time . No significant delays cost of ticket low."
Cons: "Tiny plane with small seats never that comfortable."

Cons: "Mobile boarding passes did not work and required us to go back to the service counter and print the tickets. Luckily we had time but this was a hassle given we were traveling with our 3 year old. The woman at the service desk quickly helped us print the passes but stated the mobile boarding passes tended to not scan. They should have told us to print the passes the first time we were at the counter if they knew the mobile passes tend to not work."

Cons: "rerouted through Philadelphia."

Cons: "They changed my flight schedule that made me have to arrange my travel plan"

Pros: "Flight attendant actually seemed to enjoy job even had genuine smile. Made that the most enjoyable flight I’ve had in awhile"

Pros: "The flight left on time and arrived earlier than expected. Great job by the flight attendants as well! I thoroughly enjoyed my flight back home."

Pros: "Smooth and quick flight"
Cons: "Warm, no refreshments"

Pros: "Went without a hitch"
Cons: "Na"

Pros: "Delayed flights. Bumped from my first class ticket. No food. Lack of adequate response from AA."

Pros: "On-time departure from PHL; on-time arrival in RIC, my checked bag was on the flight."
Cons: "Nothing."

Cons: "If there was ever a staff that was more eager to shirk responsibility I have never encountered it. At this point you might as well crash the plane and blame a duck. I am personally offended at the shear incompetence of the people employed by your "company.""

Pros: "The service was fantastic and so was the food!!!!! Loved the movie options as well."

Pros: "Accommodation of letting me and my kids sit together."

Pros: "Although the crew encountered a maintenance issue with the aircraft, another aircraft was provided and we were able to take off within an hour. So glad it wasn't cancelled!"
Cons: "Could not bring a guest into the Admirals Club during the flight delay, although I was allowed to do so on the same outbound leg. There seems to be inconsistency in the way the guest policy is applied (e.g., flying first class international)."

Pros: "The flight was delayed 4 times until we were unable to make our connecting flight. We were sent home to try again tomorrow. Meanwhile other flights AA made their connections. Total bullshit. I suggest they couldn't round up a crew."
Cons: "You are kidding."

Cons: "Service was terrible. Uncomfortable and good was not at all tasty"

Pros: "Customer service at American Airlines was amazingly good. They figured out the mess that the third party agent, WEBJET.COM made and fixed it."
Cons: "The third party agent,, was horrible. American airlines contacted them several times about canceling the ABQ-ORD flight and they never responded. WEBJET.COM did not put their name on the electronic ticket so I was unaware of who to contact. Finnair was not particularly helpful. They discontinued my chat conversation and didn't have an option to call back so I had to wait for 20 minutes. American Airlines was impressively helpful. They figured out that WEBJET.COM had canceled one leg of our fight and reinstated the flight. American had also contacted WEBJET.COM numerous times and WEBJET.COM had never responded."

Pros: "Great first class staff."
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "there was no entertainment for a very long flight. also, it was night time, and the fasten seatbelt signs are so big and bright that it is impossible to go to sleep! Our plan was delayed for 2 hours, meaning we did not get in until 230am. it was exhausting!"

Pros: "The crew on the flight were nice and helpful. Even though it was a short flight"
Cons: "Nothing."

Pros: "As a bonus, I was bumped up to Business class on the way back because the flight was full. The lie-flat seat was amazing and food in Business really was "next level.""

Pros: "Comfortable seats. Quick boarding. No delays."
Cons: "Again flights attendants were a bit dry."

Cons: "Same as above"

Pros: "Nice landing."
Cons: "Leg room"

Cons: "No wifi, no headsets to listen to tv"

Pros: "The boarding process was efficient and the staff was friendly."
Cons: "The plane was antiquated and the seat space and leg room were minimal."

Pros: "todo me gusto"

Cons: "3 hour delay due to maintenance issues on two planes."

Pros: "Flight is only an hour so not much to get wrong."
Cons: "We were delayed and I felt like information could have been shared with passengers in a better way."

Cons: "I was so sick of waiting for the delay and remembering my horrible previous flight that I opted to meet my friend who lives in North Carolina and will be driving home to Richmond instead."

Pros: "The flight was on time and the crew efficuent"
Cons: "The airplane was cold."

Cons: "4:00 pm Flight from Charlotte to Richmond was cancelled; Was unable to reconnect on another flight until 11:00 pm. Waited in airport for over 8 hours. No voucher for food or beverage while waiting. Nothing was even provided on plane not even water"

Cons: "Airline didn't take customs for an international flight into account when scheduling the flight. We had to wait over an hour for "customs" to attend to the arriving flight."

Pros: "The boarding process"
Cons: "I didn’t like the costumer service, nor the way the airline handle my case."

Cons: "Other flights I have been on let us know what section or terminal we are being dropped off at before we take off and once we get there it is had changed. It helps people who are getting picked up a lot easier especially in a big airport."

Cons: "Due to long line @ tsa flight was missed. Extremely upset"

Pros: "Having layovers in other cities so I could get off the plane."
Cons: "Uncomfortable seats, no entertainment, everything is a charge from a basic water to your bags. After 11 hours of traveling, I can confidently say I would never fly this airline again."

Pros: "direct flight"
Cons: "water should be free"

Cons: "Crew from Ft Lauderdale was very unprofessional and were hanging out as a group, laughing nearly the entire flight; they could not even get through an announcement without busting up."

Cons: "Very poor customer service from Spirit Airlines. All flights to NYC were going through except theirs on Tuesday, apparently because of ATC / weather related. This is a BS excuse and cost us one full day extra in Myrtle Beach instead of NYC."

Pros: "Very very inexpensive! And the folks were nice!!"
Cons: "The delay but it wasn't their fault!"

Cons: "Charge for the luggage was $52.00 when I could buy on line for carry on for $37.00. On the way back the charge was $59.00 for the same luggage."

Cons: "Imagine an all you can eat buffet for $5 with all the best things like prime rib and king crab legs. The reality sets in when they charge you $55 for a plate and an $25 for a fork to eat with. If you want to drink there is an additional $25 water service fee. If you need to use the bathroom that will cost you an additional $50. Your $5 buffet has now cost you $160. The only difference between the above scenario and my flight was the buffet actually cost $300 to start with before piling on the additional fees. It is the only airline that flies directly to Myrtle Beach from here. I had no zero options otherwise without long layovers. The one redeeming thing about this flight was the crew."

Pros: "Easy to find seat"
Cons: "How crowded the isle is"

Cons: "There was a weird smell in the row I was seated in. Passengers on later flight where excessively drunk and rowdy and this impeded other people from sleeping. My previous spirit flight made me uncomfortable because everyone was drunk in the exit row (which is supposed to respond in case of emergency)."

Pros: "The ease of using Uber and flying through the shortest security line EVER? PRICELESS!!"

Pros: "Can't complain when departure and arrival are on time and and all employees were nice. All I could have hoped for."
Cons: "Surprised Spirit doesn't offer any entertainment options..... even if they charge for it. Internet or TV? Don't other airlines make money on that?"

Pros: "I had more leg room than I thought I would. Also the window seats were nice. My personal item fit nicely under the seat in front of me too. Flight attendants were wonderful!"
Cons: "A bottle of water cost $3! Come on man :-/"

Cons: "Seats are terrible"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I will never fly with spirit again we never made it to New York and we missed my nephew graduation thanks to you people"


Pros: "Smooth flight, very funny and pleasant crew."
Cons: "$55 for each of us for a carry on bag! Now we will need to do that on the way home too. So it really wasn't a $125 round trip fare it was a $235 per person. I'd rather know that up for and not be out the unplanned money. There were some hidden coats on the cheap car renatal as well."

Pros: "Smooth ride, great crew. first time riding Spirit and certainly won't be my last. You can't beat the price!!!"

Pros: "I had my worse customer service experience in a very long time."
Cons: "I spent over two hours listening to people pretending like they wanted to help me but had no intentions. Airline employees should have no biases but there is clearly racism among people working at Spirit."

Pros: "Direct Flight peasant staff and crew"
Cons: "Flight delayed"

Pros: "Everything was great about our flight on Spirit Air"

Pros: "Direct/Nonstop Flight from DTW is a plus. Low price for the most basic transportation. Cabin crew courtesy was acceptable but it's not hard to detect that they're not the happiest folks in the air these days."
Cons: "What can I say about the "Greyhound of the Skies"? These have to be the most uncomfortable seats in the airline industry, both in terms of cushioning as well as width and the inability to recline even slightly. There arent even seat pockets for the safety brochure...just a flimsy bungee cord. While I don't really have an issue with no beverages/snacks provided (I'm content to bring my own), I wish Spirit would knock off the low ball price game with everything being a cash grab including asking me to pony an extra couple of bucks so you can "green up" through the use of more environmentally friendly supplies (I don't know ding people $10 for a boarding pass, and you on board refreshments are pay as you go). Crews seem to be stressed out whenever I fly....I guess instead of paying them more than their DEAD LAST payscale ranking indicate, the $ you make are passing them by on the way to the corporate board room and executive suite. SWA (and others) manage to have very successful low cost business models without reaching in my pockets at every turn. Given the choice...even if its a little more...i won't be flying on Spirit. Front office....get a clue and read the reviews, lest your aircraft find themselves parked in the desert somewhere alongside all the other carriers that went belly up. End of rant"

Pros: "Great round trip prices, well organized boarding for the complete round trip. If you want a specific service then pay for it!"

Pros: "Spirit was great... you have to purchase your own snacks and there was some no entertainment."

Pros: "The flight landed a bit early and that was great."
Cons: "I had a great flight. I needed a bit more space on the flight down because I sat in the middle. My flight to NYC was great because I got the extra space in a regular seat by sitting at the window. Great flight!"

Pros: "The other airline which actually managed to successfully get me home."
Cons: "Spirit bumped me from my flight despite the fact that I showed up over an hour before the departure. They were not only unhelpful and unapologetic, but actually quite hostile as they informed me that they would be offering no compensation or voucher, and would not place me on another flight for 2 days (although they were still advertising flights for the next day on their website)."

Pros: "Our flight was good. Food & Entertainment were N/A"
Cons: "Paying extra for luggage and carry-ons."

Pros: "I would have rather have driven by the time I left the house to get to my destination it took me more time than if I drove!! Plus it was uncomfortable. I could have slept and drove the next morning and at least been warm and have had a good nights sleep!!"
Cons: "Why could airport not turn on heat? Eight hours seating in a cold chair over night was ridiculous!! Then they gave me a middle Seat when I paid for aisle. I understand things happen but a $7.50 voucher for food is not a good reflection of service!!"

Cons: "I arrived an hour before my designated flight time but the line to obtain my ticket was so backed up that it resulted in me missing my flight. There were only two spirit agents who were taking up to ten minutes with each person that approached the desk which is outrageous considering the fast paced nature of an airport."

Pros: "Not one thing. Rude crew, damaged luggage and horribly expensive with having to pay for everything except the air on the plane."
Cons: "The crew was extremely rude. My daughters luggage was severely damaged including the flat iron inside getting broken. The seats are incredibly uncomfortable and you have to pay for everything under the sun. My flight ended up being much more expensive than other carriers but Spirit was the only one that had an available route to meet our cruise ship due to the snow storm."

Cons: "The airlines lied outright to passengers regarding the reason for the 4 hour delay. Reported a ground delay to Laguardia because of ice and snow. It was 43 degrees in NYC!!!! When I pointed that I ought the agent just shrugged. When pressed repeatedly after several hours by various passengers they admitted it was a Spirit Air systems failure. The gate agents were less than helpful and were down right rude when multiple sought information regarding the delay. ( We boarded, pushed off the gate, sat on the tarmac, then were brought back and allowed to leave the plane and wait at the gate) I will never fly with then again."

Pros: "Fast service"
Cons: "Not enough space on the plane. The seats are VERY close together"

Pros: "i pay for luggage $5the5 go and come i have no fun on my trip you are the worst airline ever i)m 60 year old i want my money back1347-7026957 name zennia-"

Pros: "I liked that the flight was on time and went smooth."
Cons: "I am an average sized person. The seating is very cramped. My knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me, very uncomfortable!! Thank god it was only an hour and a half flight. I thought that the flight attendants were very unfriendly. ANd my cheap flight was not really cheap at all, with all the extras, being one suitcase.... Really 50dollars for one suitcase. Spirit ends up costing more than any other airline and they at least give you a snack and a drink, coffee, tea, water!!!!"

Cons: "The women who helped me seemed as if they didn't care about anything I was saying. They were unwilling to help me. And was very rude. I'll never fly spirit again"

Cons: "I bought these tickets through Kayak, which then directed me to priceline. I had no idea during booking that this airline charges an exorbitant fee for every single courtesy. To carry on a bag is minimum $55 and maximum $100. To check a bag is $50. Please tell me, who flies internationally from Guatemala to Boston WITH NO BAGS?! Additionally, soft drinks, which should be complementary are priced at $3. Their motto is don't pay hidden fees for things you don't use, but tell me, who doesn't want a drink on a 2.5 hour flight? The seats were the skinniest, thinnest, most uncomfortable seats I have ever had the displeasure in sitting in and there were advertisements on the overhead compartments, as if I were riding on the NYC subway. Although when I purchased the seats I selected to have my husband and myself sit next to each other, during check in, they tried to charge an additional $10 to rearrange our incorrectly-ticketed seats, so we could sit together as I had originally hoped. We then had the worst layover experience I've had to date, and I've traveled extensively domestically and to 14 countries, some multiple times. We had a 40-minute layover in Myrtle Beach, where 130 people remained on the plane to continue on to Boston. However, nearly all those passengers had different tickets for the second flight and although we did not deplane, we were expected to move ourselves and our baggage to our secondarily assigned seats. For some reason, for our flight to Boston, my husband and I were separated. I would never have voluntarily chosen to be separated from my husband, and I have no idea how we had seats next to each other for our two previous flights, but then were asked to separate for our third 2-hour flight. How is it possible with modern-day computer technology that we could not just remain in our same seats, when we were remaining on the same plane? This was the worst travel experience I have ever had the displeasure of enduring and I will NEVER give my money to this airline again. This airline is a complete scam with all of its hidden costs, lack of customer service and completely inhumane treatment of its passengers. I strongly warn everyone to stay far away from Spirit Airlines."

Pros: "New plane and on time"

Pros: "The woman at the Spirit check in counter in Myrtle Beach airport was friendly, cheerful and downright fun. She put in a lot of extra effort to get my partner and I seated together. Dark hair, I think her name started with an M, but can't recall exactly. Anyway it was one of the best check in experiences ever, and I've had many."
Cons: "Couldn't seem to pre check in without being forced to sign up for the 9-dollar fare club (which I tried for a year and I can say it's a waste - why wouldn't they just be more realistic - nobody expects to pay that little). Probably missed something but I was doing it on my iPad. Worse is being forced to sit through an intrusive an typically loud 2+ minute long commercial for the Spirit MasterCard on every flight! The blaring PA system is very annoying and interrupts any activity you are attempting. What's worse is the completely misleading claims that the gazillion bonus points you get for signing up right away amount to nearly 4 round trip tickets. I tried it once and quickly found that all of the bonus points didn't even cover a single flight. It's downright false advertising."

Pros: "Cheap airfare, however they get you on baggage."

Cons: "Flight 711 out of Myrtle Beach,SC was cancelled without any notification! Only emails I got were one saying my flight was on time and then another, 20min later, saying flight was delayed. My wife and I and about eight other people were there without any notifications of the cancellation and the spirit workers had no remorse and were rude! They did not care we were late for our honeymoon. Thank goodness we at least got our money back but I think there should be something else coming from them for the hassles we had to tolerate yesterday December 14, 2015 considering we had to pay double the price of our original tickets on a different airline."

Pros: "Cheap price. nice plane. It was cramped, but I'm fine with that considering they are a low price airline."
Cons: "My only gripe is that when we arrived at our gate, we had to wait for about 15 minutes because there was another plane there."

Pros: "The flight went well pretty much as scheduled. The cabin crew was friendly"
Cons: "The seats were very cramped barely enough leg room"

Cons: "I flew to SC on JetBlue, which cost me around $90 in total, because they let you fly with one bag for free. Because of scheduling, I flew home on Spirit. My ticket for the Spirit leg cost $78, but at the airport, I was charged another $75 in baggage fees!!! At the airport, Spirit charges you $50 to check one bag. To add insult to injury, they charged me an additional $25 to check my 44 lb bag because it was "overweight," Unbeknownst to me, unlike all other domestic airlines with a weight limit of 50 lbs, Spirit has a weight limit of 40 lbs. The same bag that I flew down on JetBlue for free cost me $75 to fly home, nearly (unexpectedly) DOUBLING my ticket price at the airport."

Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Lack of leg room"

Cons: "They never bothered to tell us that they were going to charge us in our man the leg for our luggage"

Cons: "The water could have been free. I am aware it was a no frills flight."

Pros: "Inexpensive and nice plane."
Cons: " home @ 3:00 a.m. because of a late departure!"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Sat on runway for 2 and a half hours."

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