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LGA — Idaho
Sep 3 — Sep 101
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Sat 9/3
Sat 9/10

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  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be May and June. The cheapest month to fly to Idaho is January.
  • Morning departure is around 5% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
DeltaOverall score based on 31140 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Seats were a little dirty especially for the COVID-19 going around."
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Cons: "Seats were a little dirty especially for the COVID-19 going around."
Cons: "Boarding crew not very friendly"
Cons: "Everything was good"
Pros: "Crew was great, check in was fast. Overall great experience."
Pros: "crew was fine"
Cons: "terrible space/legroom. Very cramped tray table, couldn't fit laptop on it. Made me check my carry on bag. not even gate check, checked to baggage claim. Yet there was still overhead space once I got on. Lots of . overbooking - should never happen in this day and age. Delta does not deserve its "#1" rating. The rating system seems biased. Probably paid off by delta. Southwest is way better for economy class."
Cons: "Seats are tiny"
Pros: "The entertainment"
Cons: "Departure times"
Cons: "3 hours late!!!"
Pros: "The crew was amazing"
Cons: "Other travellers where rude"
Pros: "There were a few hiccups with the overall flight process, but the crew was very friendly and informed everyone in a timely manner of the situation. There were also good snacks. Also, flexible baggage policy, which was great."
Cons: "The boarding situation is odd and less organized or structured than any of the other airlines I've flown with."
Pros: "N/a"
Cons: "Explain why there’s over a 2 hour delay"
Pros: "The crew was fantastic. The seats were very comfortable and the entertainment screen functioned perfectly with a great selection of things to watch."
Cons: "The boarding process seems slightly longer for delta than other airlines. I figure you’re aware of this and are working on streamlining this. Further while the safety animation yo have made is cute is a little confusing at times."
Cons: "No WiFi. Little service."
Pros: "Everything was good except boarding was delayed several times and even after everyone had boarded. We arrived 2 hours behind originally scheduled time as the result."
Cons: "Delta needs to try harder to minimize flight delays."
Pros: "The seats were ok."
Cons: "The flight was delayed over 3 hours so I missed my connection in Chicago to Seattle. I’m now stick in Chicago overnight and have to be on a 6 am flight tomorrow. The Delta staff at LaGuaurdia was extremely rude and not helpful at all. Hate Delta......"
Pros: "Didn’t like security. They were rude"
Cons: "Security"
Pros: "Our seats were assigned at the gate. Somehow we were given the comfort + seats. Very nice! Thank you!"
Cons: "Please reduce your delays - again we took off with more than an hour delay and by definition you are responsible of that disagreement, you are the company I am paying for the service...."
Pros: "The crew was nice"
Cons: "The food"
Pros: "I did get home eventually"
Cons: "Flight was delayed. Seats are cramped."
Pros: "The crew on the airplane was great. We had 2.5 hours turbulences but the crew started to give out drinks as soon they got the ok from the pilot"
Cons: "We went in LGA to the Baggage drop off and the employee there was super rude. On the flight to New York with Delta we had to check our carry ons at the gate because it wasn't enough room for bags in the we asked when we checked our one suitcase if we can/should check our carry ons to avoid having to do it at the gate. The delta employee told me sure no problem. He checks in my one suitcase I purchased gives me the tracking paper and says ok have a good flight. I asked him so what is with our carry ons and he told us that that would cost 25$ and we can't check those in at the drop off?!?We ended up taking the carry ons with to the gate and then off course there wasn't enough room on the airplane that we had to check it in. And surprise it was free?? We had never issues with Lufthansa, icelandair etc. with checking our bags at drop off to not needing to carry it around and than still end up to check it at the airplane. Every airline has been more than happy that we volunteer to check our bags that they don't have the trouble at the gate."
Cons: "flights all on Delta - about one a week for 3 months straight - and yet when Delta cancelled my flight and re-booked they did not give me any upgrade or loyalty as I saw it - I had paid extra for Delta Comfort and they told me the flight they re-booked me on simply did not have any comfort available. However, I was not the one canceling the flight and re-booking - that is their problem and after so much loyalty for years I feel like I should have gotten some kind of upgrade for free...If I have to cancel - I have to pay fees - but if they cancel - I lose ...despite being a very loyal SkyMiles customer. I am quite disillusioned with Delta now and will have to look around to see what other airlines there are now - and my entire family - and what kind of loyalty they give to their loyal customers. It needs to be a two-way"
Pros: "The crew was nice and did the best they could"
Cons: "The flight was late, extremely turbulent, and was spent mostly under 10k feet, so wifi was available for only a very short time"
Pros: "The last time we flew Delta, we were underwhelmed. Our flight was delayed several hours and there was nothing exceptional about it when it did finally leave. That was 5 years ago, and there's been a lot of changes. There I'd now in-flight entertainment, reasonably comfortable seats, and everything was on time."
Cons: "Virtually no food options."
Pros: "There were many delays and cancellations due to bad thunderstorms at LGA. Despite a few hours delayed (because the airport was closed due to the storm), the flight was still schedule to leave! I was very happy about that. They did issue waivers for those who could not make the later time. Once delta got the ok to fly.. The flight left the gate very fast and we arrived and exited the plane super fast too. The process was so efficient and quick, I did not feel the waiting period. The flight attendance were so happy and positive, they made he flight very enjoyable. Great job delta!"
Cons: "8 hours waiting in airport for a flight that could have been canceled at 3pm and given us our day back. We are traveling as a couple and one of us has a medical procedure scheduled that can’t be canceled. The lack of preparedness for this weather situation is disheartening."
Pros: "We landed"
Cons: "They need to raise the temp on these planes. Give free blankets or put a warning on the boarding pass saying that you will freeze."
Pros: "Snack"
Cons: "I was delayed over 2 hours"
Pros: "The flight crew made me feel like my daughter and I were part of the crew. They were so accommodating, professional and funny."
Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "This was an older, smaller plane and it had more leg room. Appears I’ll have to start checking Delta to see what birds flying the leg."
Pros: "This was our first time flying Delta and it was a very pleasurable experience. Boarding was very straight forward and the seats allocated comfortable. A surprise for us was being asked if we would like to move seats from the back of the aircraft to Comfort Economy (we think it was to do with weight balance! but appreciated very much none the less). The flight attendants were very professional and helpful, as you would hope all attendants on all airlines would be. We'd gladly fly Delta again anytime."
Pros: "The on time departure. The air hostesses were very attentive. Fast baggage arrival"
Pros: "At least the flight wasn't cancelled?"
Cons: "Five minutes before the scheduled boarding time, it was announced the flight was delayed by 1 hour 25 minutes. I am almost certain this was not weather-related, according to flight trackers. I understand that weather delays are essentially out of airlines' hands. However, if the delay is caused for other reasons like "mechanical issues", or any other errors or miscommunications within the airline itself, then they should be held liable. My time is worth money, so any delays not weather-related should result in a reasonable refund based on the duration of the delay. An apology doesn't placate customers' frustration and inconvenience due to delays."
Cons: "When the passenger in front reclines their seat it was in my face The legroom wasn’t terrible but I had a hard time even reading since it was so close"
Pros: "The flight was practically empty!"
Cons: "Paid for comfort, Delta offered free drinks to everyone. Unfortunately though the flight attendant did not bring us the alcohol we ordered and mixed 3 different kinds of whiskey into two glasses! We always are given our bottles separate from the mixer. Oh well. Did to being in so late it took us an hour to get a cab in Detroit."
Pros: "Delta made the experience great"
Cons: "Flight was delayed almost two hours"
Cons: "Food .gate changes"
Pros: "Made friends on the way to Maine!"
Pros: "Plane clean."
Cons: "Unorganized boarding at LGA."
Pros: "Flight was on time, flight crew was kind and helpful, pilot was smooth and kept us informed of the flight status."
Cons: "Nothing!"
Pros: "For a short-haul flight on a small CRJ, it was the most pleasing and comfortable flight. No delays and everyone was pleasant from ground staff to flight crew."
Cons: "Delta doesn't manage their flight schedules and personnel with backup or standby crew in order to assist whenever there are delays across domestic flights. The plane was late to arrive at the gate and we were also told that while the pilot was ready to take off, we couldn't leave because we were waiting for a flight attendant to land from Pittsburgh (we were in La Guardia airport in NYC). delta would rather I convenience the flyer instead of hiring more personnel or figuring out standby or backup plans for delayed flights."
Pros: "Flight attendant had nice attitude."
Cons: "I asked for an aisle seat to provide relief to my right leg. I was given an aisle on my left. This was compounded by sitting next to a man so large that part of my space was taken, and this was Delta Comfort. Had I been given the requested seat, I would not have the sore neck and back I now have from leaning for 2 hours."
Pros: "Seats were reasonably comfortable."
Cons: "Boarding process was ok (they bused us over to the plane and then had us walking out halfway to the plane's stairs before frantically sending us back on the bus because the plane wasn't cleaned yet). Not a big deal but we were traveling with a 10 month old so miscommunications like that cause a larger inconvenience than usual. The real downer on the flight was when we needed hot water quickly to warm our infant's bottle. The stewardess had begun beverage service and was about 8 rows away from us. My wife hit the call button, expecting the stewardness to come over somewhat quickly. Instead, she just continued beverage service and got to us about 15 mins later. By that point it was too late and the baby was wailing from hunger. When we asked why, knowing that we had a small child, the stewardness didn't just push the cart forward and attend to us more quickly, she said she didn't want to do that. No apology, not even a sense of remorse. At the end of the day, a customer's experience will always be tainted by poor service and that is what we received on our flight."
Pros: "The flight attendants made the safety briefing extremely lively and personal, a wonderful break from the normal tedious process. The rest of the flight was quiet, uneventful, and pleasant in part due to their good nature. I cannot have gluten or soy, and I was brought a complimentary bag of potato chips that were gluten free - the one and only time this has happened! I hope to fly with this crew again someday."
Pros: "Delta changed me to another flight without charge and the rep was very accommodating and pleasant"
Cons: "Multiple delays, from 8:15 to 8:49 to 9:05 to 9:39 to 10:12 to 10:19 to 10:25. I am not joking. Honestly, if the delay is due to 'maintenance' for an incoming plane that has not left its originating destination, why quote any time at all? The check in rep did provide an announcement at 8:15 that although the time of departure had moved to 9:05 , he did not see how that was possible since our plane was on the ground in Richmond undergoing maintenance. I was in LGA. When I heard that, I changed to another flight, so the outcome was not as bad as it could have been. I am aware of these other times since my email is packed with Delta's notifications, which I welcome usually."
Pros: "Friendly service. On-time."
Cons: "No tv's in airplane."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. Boarded, day on the runway for nearly 3 hours, and then cancelled. No hotel allowance and all hotels near LGA full."
Pros: "FA"
Cons: "seats were crowded"
Pros: "I loved getting an email with my baggage claim number."
Cons: "The food was the same snack they give in the evening and afternoon, even though it was morning- pretzel, peanuts, or cookies."
Pros: "No one within 6 feet of me."
Pros: "No traffic to LGA. No security lines. First in line to take off."
Cons: "Snack options are very poor."
Pros: "Tight seats"
Cons: "More accurate notifications of flights"
Pros: "Crew was as helpful as they could be."
Cons: "If we had the option to get off the plane earlier. We sat in the plan for almost 4hrs before it took off it was super hot and I was hungry."
Pros: "The Crew was friendly and professional"
Cons: "More entertainment options and food"
Cons: "Delayed significantly. When we landed there was no gate for us to taxi to. All around a bad experience."
Pros: "Скорость"
Cons: "Сиденья хуйня"
Cons: "I would blame this on myself but had a second incident with CheapoAir. The date was wrong and neither cheapoAir NOR AA would help me to fix it without extravagant fees. Ended up eating the ticket."
Pros: "All the crew were pleasant"
Cons: "There was a delay but we weren’t well informed"
Cons: "Entertainment system for myself and my wife failed after an hour."
Pros: "Service was great in 1st class"
Cons: "The movie Black k Klansman was great but the system had a problem. Not sure if just my seat or the whole digital video system. Every few minutes it would get choppy and unwatchable. I had to rewind and then it would be fine for a while. Like a video buffering problem."
Pros: "Some crew members were really nice"
Cons: "First plane broken; they got another one that came in...with electrical problems!!! Arrived over three hours late and nearly missed my cruise. No excuse! AA could check their aircraft the night before, mine was the first flight out. #AAwful flight."
Pros: "Prompt on time service."
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "It was incident free."
Cons: "I can't comment on food. I didn't get any."
Pros: "The Pilot still got us here on time, even though we took off late"
Cons: "The flight attendant in my section was sharp & cranky. We never recieved snacks."
Pros: "Great flight"
Cons: "everyone was friendly"
Pros: "The flight itself was fine and the staff were friendly."
Cons: "Didn't like getting herded onto a shuttle bus where most people had to stand packed in like sardines, only to idle for 15 minutes and drive in a circle back to the gate because there was something wrong with the plane. Then the ambiguous delay that lasted three hours."
Pros: "Entertainment on screens"
Cons: "The gate agent made us starting in boarding group 6 out of 9 to check sizes of bags in the size box and she got into a verbal fight with another passenger. One guy told her she could board but the gate agent said no it didn't fit and she couldn't board. Then the agent claimed she had to gate check her bag and claimed there were no overhead spaces left. So everyone after that had to gate check. When I boarded there were at least 8 empty bins and I had not even gotten to my seat in row 22. The gate agent lied and slowed down the entire boarding process because she want to win a fight and show dominance over a passenger."
Cons: "Delay"
Pros: "She was amazing!! Juggled many tasks and got at least 15 of us on via standby. She was a pleasure to work with!!"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Attendant at gate insisted my daughter's carry-on bag get checked because he put it crooked into the sizer. When I adjusted it and showed him that it fit, he still insisted that we check it. Unpleasant way to start our trip."
Cons: "Why can't the crews in in LGA communicate with the passengers during the boarding process like at other airports so that it won't be a mad mob press to get on the plane. The gate agent using the PA didn't or couldn't enunciate, and folks just 15 feet away were asking what she said."
Pros: "Wheelchair was ready in La Guardia airport, but transfer from gate C to gate B had impossible stairs or shuttle outside. This option required another security check which was terrible. TSA personnel was rude and incompetent. In the end there was no need for such scrutiny and we were released, but the emotional impact lasted for hours."
Cons: "American Airlines has to be the worst airline I’ve ever traveled with. They canceled both of my flights and scheduled me for flights the next day each time. Customer service pretty poor. I opted to take a train instead. They didn’t reimburse me either. Awful"
Pros: "My flight to Frankfurt was a disaster. Delays at LGA caused me to miss the connection. Two very nice AA customer service phone staff attempted to help by booking me on a Lufthansa/United flight out of JFK that same evening. HOWEVER, I got to JFK only to discover I had NOT been ticketed. A lengthy call to AA resulted a a lame apology -“we don’t do that” they claimed, but the had previously! And had booked me, so what the heck was this??? I’m still fuming!"
Cons: "Lies! They rebooked me on a Lufthansa flight out of JFK and I got there only to discover “they had made a mistake.” Utter garbage excuses."
Cons: "Everything. Flights canceled due to "weather" but every other airline was flying to these locations and the customer service experience was miserable at best."
Cons: "New cheap fare is honestly offensive trash."
Pros: "Left on time Nice flight attendants Arrived early"
Cons: "Runway time in New York"
Pros: "The fly departed on time"
Pros: "Everything was good from boarding to communication from the crew till we got off...I've heard a lot of bad things about American but I had a good experience :)"
Cons: "Well it wasn't a big deal since it wasn't a long flight but I wish they had gave a bagel or something for breakfast but it wasn't a big deal they gave pretzels and a beverage..."
Pros: "Food was good"
Cons: "No entertainment on the flight"
Pros: "Everyone was pleasant & professional"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "My flight was delayed and redirected to a nervy airport. The staff at this airport was all on board and ready to assist everyone is getting the most current information and putting us a new connecting flights"
Cons: "The check in at LGA was not the smoothest. Most of the kiosk weren't working and was making it hard to check in"
Pros: "My neighbor."
Cons: "We sat on the tarmac for over an hour for no apparent reason."
Pros: "Arrived early. Smooth flight."
Pros: "Speedy boarding"
Cons: "Unmotivated crew, uncomfortable seats."
Pros: "Excellent aircraft. EJR190. Not big but very comfortable aircraft. AA has decided to give actual leg room. Nice experience even in the back of the aircraft."
Cons: "AA needs to work on boarding logistics at LaGuardia. It's confusing to have to shuttle across the tarmac to another terminal. If the flight times had been closer I would not have arrived in time to board."
Pros: "Good crew."
Cons: "The plane was delayed for two hours!"
Pros: "The crew's response was better than expected."
Cons: "Snacks were a bit too expensive."
Pros: "It is good"
Pros: "This time every thing excellent"
Pros: "The younger male crew staff was good Female staff poor Plane itself was poor . Seat Tray kept unlocking as latch old and faulty Connection was good although airport shuttle to gate uncomfortable due to navigate stairs with carry on"
Cons: "Apparently due to staffing issue I sat in a plane for 2 hours before it took off causing me and my partner to miss our connection."
Cons: "Good service ! Window seat!"
Pros: "I appreciated the service and attention. I got to the airport early and was given the option to take the earlier flight to DC"
Cons: "There is no inflight entertainment"
Pros: "On time"
Pros: "I believe that a cup of juice and small coffee cookie only its unacceptable. Not even coffee is lame"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Plane is small, overpacked, delayed. I lost my shuttle to the Keys and had to stay overnight in Miami."
Pros: "I slept."
Cons: "The crew was overall terrible. For someone who also works in customer service, I was actually appalled at the behavior of the AA crew/staff. The flight attendants were ok, but the boarding crew was terrible and unbelievably unhelpful. I asked a staff member at check in if i needed to check my bag and he seemed really annoyed by my question, and refused to be of any help. Wow! He was so unbelievably rude. I ended up paying $25 to check a bag I didn't need to check. I was so disappointed. In the future, I think I will try to avoid flying AA."
Pros: "The flight was fine - once I was on it."
Cons: "Thanks to weather (what weather?), the Friday 8 flight was canceled. My only chance to get to Cincinnati "on time" was to take a 6am two-part flight from Newark via Charlotte, arriving in Cincinnati at 1pm. All around the American Airlines section you could hear people say that flights had been canceled like this all week. I did not have time in Cincinnati to do half the things I wanted to do, and I had so little sleep on Friday night that I had to spend too much of my first Cincinnati night in bed trying to catch up with lost sleep, Thanks, American! This was to have been the head-clearing out-of-town break I sorely needed after a period of over-intense work."
Pros: "Amazing crew !!!"
Pros: "It really miss timed, not like was expected!! Bad taming for take off was really as I expected , thankx good I was there to early!!!"
Cons: "It was very hot on the plane and uncomfortable for most of the flight."
Pros: "Comfort was pretty good"
Cons: "Food, Crew behavior and entertainment"
Cons: "I had my back and they made pay extra to check in. After inside the airplane everyone had their back back with them."
Pros: "The seat was not super comfortable but for a 3 hour flight it was good."
Cons: "More movie selections."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "H m"
Cons: "The flight from Denver to Fresno was uncomfortably cramped."
Pros: "Customer service in Business Class."
Cons: "No communication with airlines as far as flight information. The airlines sent me gate change which was incorrect and almost missed my flight"
Pros: "Extremely uncomfortable flight"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and shorter than I thought."
Cons: "I was told that I had to gate check my bags which had all of the necessities to travel with my child ( snacks, books, toys) due to it being a full flight. When I boarded, there were still several overhead storage bins completely empty. Very annoying. The crew could have physicallt assessed and checked before assuming due to flight capacity."
Cons: "The air did not work on this plane and it was hot and uncomfortable! Usually once you take off the plane cools down. We sat on runway for 15 minutes due to weather(which the airline cannot control). However once we took off the air still did not work and the plane was uncomfortably warm with little air movement."
Pros: "Absolutely nothing."
Cons: "I missed my connecting flight due to delay and thus had to spend unneccessary money for a hotel, as well as an additional plane ticket to Cusco. Thanks for nothing."
Pros: "Chicken wrap was very tasty. Very attentive flight crew."
Cons: "Seat of 1.5 hours on board the flight, but understand it's beyond the airlines control"
Cons: "The fact that I wasn't able to sit with my travel partner"
Pros: "Short flight"
Cons: "Chilly in the cabin"
Pros: "free movies on the flight with the united app"
Cons: "The flight attendant was late delaying boarding 20 minutes. Once they started, people were lining up to board. This is a normal behavior however, there employee decided to stop boarding because she said people were crowding. she stop boarding for another 20 minutes. Now, this was a large flight and there wasn't enough room for everyone to stand off to the side. She was rude and there was no reason for this especially when the flight attendant was already late. The plane was delayed 45 minutes due to this"
Cons: "My luggage lock was broken."
Cons: "The default on the browser defaulted to April 9 when I was actually booking the ticket for April 2. So I had to forfeit the $317 ticket. I use kayak a lot - can anything be down ?"
Pros: "Smooth flight and on time great customer service"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "You have to pay for TV which is wrong and the snacks are horrible. Need to put better entertainment together and better food to paying customers not just to your first class members everyone should be treated special because all of our money pays for the company to stay a float"
Cons: "Food, entertainment and baggage claim"
Cons: "All of it. EVERY SINGLE BIT..."
Pros: "How helpful and polite everyone was.. This is only my second time to fly and was a good experience. Thank you"
Pros: "All was good"
Cons: "O'Hare airport. Bad signage to economy parking."
Cons: "TINY seats! I'm 5'11 and I had a hard time being comfortable and I find it incredibly unfair to have to now pay more for the exit row??? The person in front kicks back their seat and suddenly the TV screen on the back of the seat is in my lap"
Cons: "I got the last row, it smelled like pee from the very beginning and couldn't put back the seat because it was to close to the wall. It was a very early flight and I was super tired, the ac wasn't working correctly, it was hot."
Cons: "Why was I not able to select a seat for the second part of my trip? Why was the agent announcements inaudible?"
Cons: "Bumped my head getting into the seat!!!!! The coffee machine was broken hence there was no coffee - this was a 10 am flight and the choice was a cool drink - Very poor."
Pros: "Staff was attentive and kind"
Cons: "No meal, no TV, late departure"
Pros: "We were upgraded to first class on our connecting flight and my husband and i sat together. That made up for the first flight, because our seating separated us three, which I didn't like."
Cons: "Delayed flight to Denver and our seats were not together."
Pros: "This airline is better than most of the others."
Cons: "The delay at the end of a long day kicked our butts. United's communication via boarding agents, the United App, etc was terribly delayed and unacceptable. Not having pilots in place to fly the plane was unacceptable. We will find an alternate airline in the future if possible."
Pros: "Crew was excellent, flight attendant welcomed us with a big smile and helped us with priority boarding with infant."
Cons: "Being a small regional aircraft it was missing on board wifi or entartainment."
Pros: "The plane didn't crash"
Cons: "I was originally scheduled to fly to Cleveland from LGA at 8:30PM. At 12:30PM I got a text from United informing me that my flight had been cancelled. My only rebooking option on the same day was a 9:45PM flight out of Newark. Newark is significantly farther away from my apartment (2 hours vs. 30 minutes) but I took it because it was my only option. After a 2+ hour trip to Newark and going through a disastrous check-in process I found out my flight was delayed until 10:30, then 11, then 11:41. Hardly any real announcements were made until the end when the gate agent stopped hiding. No apologies were made and wasn't even offered water for the inconvenience."
Pros: "Great crew. Good communication."
Cons: "Lazy airline. Wouldn't tell me before hand whether or not flight was delayed or canceled. Waited until flight was invevitably delayed before were were told it was. Cost me a day. Lost work. Asked airline beforehand about conditions due to whether and was blown off like I was a dumb person who didn't matter."
Pros: "arrived on time despite delayed departure"
Pros: "Another flight was issued"
Cons: "My original flight schedule was cancelled"
Cons: "Flight attendants were very unpleasant, when they were handing out the little snacks bags the guy threw mine into my seat instead of handing them over to me. Also the plane was filthy and there were dirty Q-tips in the seat back pocket in front of me that I had to look at the whole time"
Pros: "The staff was friendly and helpful. A young lady on my Houston to Austin flight helped me find my seat. A young man on my New York to Houston flight was very kind."
Pros: "Excellent attention to detail"
Cons: "Turbulence"
Cons: "Flight was very late. Boarding is rediculous. They load from the front of the plane and people go to the back looking for overhead storage and then try to more forward again while the people with seats in the back are coming in."
Pros: "I liked that 1 out of our four flights had more room & personal tvs."
Cons: "I did not like the fact that out of our four flights three were not too comfortable... & no tvs on three out of four"
Pros: "I liked: The rambunctious kid behind me in the security line who was the Asian version of Chris Farley playing Rudolph Giuliani's kid on Saturday Night Live."
Cons: "I disliked: The fact that the flight departed at 6:00 am. It's my own fault for choosing such an ungodly hour."
Pros: "they gave us the whole can to drink on the flight for drinks"
Cons: "the stupid old white man at baggage check in in New YOrk who was EXTREMELY rude and made me HATE flying with UNited"
Pros: "nothing"
Cons: "the stuffs were mean and helpless,your luggage fee was so high ,only give one checked bag for free,this is international airline and you charged the first for 100 dollars and the second one for 200dollars and you let me,a poor little girl felt lonely in the airport and found it nowhere to complain,I missed two flights in one day and the air attendant 's attitude were bad,this was the worst experience ever in my life,I won't recommend United airlines to any of my friends"
Pros: "Always harder to check in on online, add the checked bag but many time I can’t pay. And I check in at airport, they changed $100 instead $80."
Cons: "Refuse all online system"
Cons: "poor"
Pros: "Price"
Cons: "Clean environment. Comfort seats"
Pros: "The flight attendants were nice."
Cons: "The plane is uncomfortable, but this is to be expected from Spirit."
Pros: "The crew was great with the communication !!"
Cons: "Delayed for over an hour"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They overbooked our flight. Our seats weren’t reserved. We missed our flight and had to wait for a later departure. I would rather pay the few extra bucks and not have to worry. I’m never flying Spirit again."
Cons: "I feel like I am wasting my time writing here, cause I doubt anything will come of it. 1. Flights are not cheap!! “bare fare”??? 2. Gate closed around 1 1/2 hours before departure. WTH??? 3. Seating Is unbearable (uncomfortable seats no leg room) I felt like I was in a cattle car. 4. In a night flight why does the crew feel like telling us are cruising altitude and arrival time every damn 5 minutes(Is it illegal to actually sleep on your airline? Hence no reclining.) 5. For some reason there was no gate for us so we had to walk with a baby- Yes he’s cute I know! P.s. maybe if you start putting real seat pockets and reclining chairs the airport will give you a gate!!!!!"
Cons: "The guy at the kiosk wearing a spirit vest checked me in on it, and without asking questions, filled in that I had no carry on bags, and printed my friends boarding pass at the same time, when she wasn’t with me and also had a carry on. When we got the gate, they first said it would be 65 but helped us by making it 55 since it was his fault. However we didn’t know about it being 35 online, and when we showed them something on the spirit website saying they’d help us with that if we showed that site to them, they said they didn’t know what that was and it didn’t mean they’d help us with the cost."
Pros: "Well, I had to stuff everything in my purse into my backpack to avoid paying a $50 luggage fee. In the process I lost my cell phone. Also got in too late to use MARTA to get home, so had to cab it. Whatever I saved by booking this excruciatingly long (but cheap) flight was lost in the details of no cell phone and no option to use public transit. But really, it's not Spirit's fault. I'm just telling you cuz you asked."
Pros: "Crew was friendly, polite and professional."
Cons: "Flight was delayed due to miscommunication around what terminal and gate the pilot was expected. This led to the following two connecting flights to be delayed as well. I was surprised none of the cabins had power outlets, which was a little inconvenient as there was no time between flights to charge electronics between flights because of the delays."
Pros: "Safe"
Cons: "Terrible customer service on Spirit Airlines"
Pros: "Good"
Cons: "All"
Pros: "I liked the service person who maintained a decent attitude."
Cons: "Not knowing what was going on. Not having received notice before arriving at the airport. The 1 carry-on $55 fee is ridiculous. Being directed to United as a replacement without being told it would be 30 mins before the change showed up in their system, trekking all the way over, having them tell me something was wrong, trekking all the way back to Spirit, and then having a different service person snap at me that that was normal, as if 30 extra minutes and unnecessarily going back and forth wasn't anything to do with them. This is my second such experience with Spirit."
Pros: "On my way to Myrtle Beach the crew was great, lively and accommodating. Unfortunately, it was quite the opposite on the way back to NYC."
Cons: "I flew with my ESA. At Myrtle Beach through the check in to the flight, to take off the validity of my ESA was questioned. At check in my letter was passed around numerous time to see if it would suffice. It clearly stated why I needed my ESA. I was also asked in a very professional way if this was valid before one man gave the green light. I didn't feel comfortable disclosing details of my reason for my ESA, or the fact that it was questioned in general. This was a first as my ESA has flown with me through many different airlines, and my condition, paperwork have never been questioned. In addition on the plane I was told my ESA could not be on my lap and had to be under the seat. What is the point of the ESA? Ultimately once in the air I kept my ESA on my lap. This was a point of contention as the attendant kept coming by and asking she be secure under my seat. Truly an awkward, uncomfortable experience."
Cons: "My flight to Chicago was delayed, and my return flight to New York was canceled entirely. The airline offered to change my ticket for another flight later in the week, but none were available. I had to book a last minute flight through another airline to get home. Spirit's help line was totally clogged with an excessive wait time, so I just gave up. Spirit eventually sent me a travel voucher, but it was less than the original cost of then ticket and didn't even account for the extra money i had paid for baggage. The voucher also expires far sooner than my next planned trip."
Cons: "Flight was at 6:30 I arrived at 5:00 and was waiting on line to check in and told me it was to late- even though I was on time ! I missed my cousins wedding and had to pay a fee of $100 just to jump on the next flight! I wasn't the only person either there was 7 more SPIRIT CUSTOMERS with the same issue- it seem like they were over booked and didn't care ! On top of that my small carryon bag was 100$ for round trip- that's insane! Spirit check in worker we're so rude and nasty and didn't care about their customers! Spirit airlines should be shut down- they steal and play with there customers! I DESERVE MY MONEY BACK OR THE FEE WAVED BECAUSE THIS WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ! My number is 6317454033 klyn thank you"
Pros: "I booked this flight late but paid through the nose. A long lay over When i asked where the sound tunnel was at the Detroit airport, Spirit employees said I couldn't go there WRONG! I went and it was fine. This is one airline you do not want to book last minute because they charge you top dollar and then it's a middle row seat, ($20 to chhose your own seat) NOTHING is complimentary, snacks, drinks or even water. Employees ill informed and not helpful but they smile right at you while their saying it."
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "flight was ok"
Cons: "no snacks. all to be paid separately-additionally"
Pros: "Nothing to speak of"
Cons: "Gruff staff. Constant delays. Uncomfortable seats."
Cons: "I gave Spirit a second chance after a bad first experience last year. I shouldn't have. I was charged $200 to change my flight after realizing that I booked the wrong day and was trying to get home to Kansas City for a funeral the next day. I received zero assistance. I had no choice since it was a death in the family, but I wish I would have had a different option and not flown Spirit. The flight itself was awful too - smelled bad and there was a fly flying around the entire time. Just bad."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Deceiving airline. Every move was a motive to suck money out of you. The counter agents were blatant shamelessly rude even to handicapped people. I love kayak I don't think kayak should be associated with such kind of disgusting behavior and conduct!"
Pros: "The crew was nice, I guess."
Cons: "It started with my flight being delayed a literal 6 times throughout the day, it was the last flight of the day. I checked in the night before and saved my boarding pass as a PDF since I don't have a printer. When I arrive over an hour before my latest and most stable delayed time, I'm not allowed to print a boarding pass at the kiosk and am directed to speak to someone at the desk, but lo and behold, they've already left for the night. TSA tells me they can't let me through because of course Spirit boarding passes aren't scannable. When I speak to the Spirit rep in baggage claim as TSA suggests, she tells me she can't help me, can't print the boarding pass, and that I had to call reservations to REBOOK my flight because I was "late" for a flight that I already checked in for and was still over an hour away from leaving as far as I was updated. Two other men were in the same situation and we basically had to beg people in Southwest to let us print our boarding passes so we could get on the flight. I was successful but I don't think my comrades were because of course when they logged in to Spirit, they no longer had access to the boarding pass, despite also checking in online earlier. When I get through security and the gate, I find out the flight is leaving 40 min earlier than any flight status update reports. NO notification anywhere. I was so hesitant to fly Spirit knowing their history with others but I was going on a < 36 hour trip wanted to save $. Spirit will never receive my business again. They intentionally create systems to inconvenience people and provide poor customer service."
Pros: "Very little."
Cons: "Usury charges for all services, including seat changes, carry-on prices, lack of complimentary snacks & drinks on board. Major complaint. Long delays (hours and hours). Both flights. One 6 hours delay. Another, 4 hours delay. No prior notification. Passengers were forced to spend down time at the airport gates or be charged for finding other flights on nearby airlines with more timely departure. Just for the record, I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. I didn't save money and I didn't enjoy 10 hours of wait time with not believable explanation. (Sent for another plane to fly the route -- same excuse on both flights) Additionally, check in was ridiculously slow. Two clerks to manage hundreds of angry people. The equipment problem that was used as the excuse to send for another plane was justified by the clerk who was checking me in answered my question with the following statement: "You wouldn't want to fly a plane that could fall out of the sky, right? There is no reason that person should be handling customers. That kind of 'in your face' response to an inquiry about a 4 hour delay is unacceptable. We should have been compensated in some way other than be told 'take it or leave it, at our expense. In this case, an 8:55 p.m scheduled departure delayed to 12:30 a.m. boarding time would have gotten us to our destination (LaGuardia to Ft. Lauderdale) at 3:30 a.m. Our pick up plans would have to be scuttled. That, Spirit Airlines is unprofessional and unacceptable. For me, in my first attempt to fly with you, ended any further booking on Spirit Air. With this kind of performance, you will fail. (P.S. I happen to fly a lot and am a million mile customer on American Airlines and a steady customer on Jet Blue. I'd like my survey review to be forwarded to somebody who will actually see it. A response would be appreciated. Barbara Pesin 631 - 766 - 4449"
Pros: "I got on the flight eventually and made it home to Dallas."
Cons: "The crew was extremely rude. My flight was delayed and I received many notifications notifying me of the time change. I arrived with plenty of time to get through security for the new time of the flight. When checking in however the crew told me that I had missed my flight. The plane had not left, the doors weren't closed, and the flight hadn't even boarded. I was devastated. They said I couldn't get a refund and there was no way they could let me board, I needed to arrive an hour early before the original time not the new time. Eventually I was able to speak with a manager after 4 other people arrived with the same issue trying to get on the flight, and I got on the plane. The ticket agent that I initially spoke to was incredibly rude though and had no compassion, nor did she even attempt to do anything to help me. Will not be flying spirit again."
Cons: "Had to wait 2 hours in the plane to take off and 45 to get off the plane. Had to pay additional $55 when getting my boarding pass for a carry on. Had no advance notice about this charge. A check in bag I would understand but a carry on is out of line. At least tell me at the time I purchase the ticket."
Pros: "We landed back in New York & it's over"
Cons: "Sold, thru advertising by spirit airlines, an inexpensive flight. Booked 2 tickets & had to cancel one 2 days prior. No refund. Charged $55 for checked bag & $65 for carry on. Cost me $800 for a round trip to Detroit. Could have driven for $150. Spirit airlines has just sold me the last flight of my lifetime. Come Hell or High water; never again will I fly a commercial airline. Scammed out of money I can not afford. Do not contact me. Do not email me. Do not advertise to me. Now I let it go. Do not bring it back."
Pros: "Crew was really nice, funny, and we slept through most of this flight. Bathrooms were clean, easy to use, and easy to access. They had a bathroom light viable to all passengers to see whether or not they were occupied for all 3 bathrooms, which I really appreciated."
Cons: "No complaints. We slept through the flight."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flights are always delayed or cancelled and the customer service rep was not at all knowledgeable or helpfuk"
Pros: "I literally hated everything from boarding to picking up my baggage"
Cons: "The most uncomfortable seats, nothing on the plane is free (soft drinks, snacks, everything costed money). We waited 35 minutes for our bags to be put on the belt.. The plane was old and decrepit, no tvs or any sort of entertainment. Our flight on the way home was cancelled thank god I bought flight insurance because spirit airlines is BS. I'm surprised they're still in business. Oh and I had to pay for my effing seats AND my baggage, including checked AND carry on bags. I'm never giving this airline my business anymore and I suggest all of you do the same!!!!"
Pros: "Not a thing"
Cons: "The fact that Spirit left me on hold 56 minutes."
Pros: "Horrible. Filthy seats and plane. Was told "get off plane and fly with another airline if you don't like it" several times by attendant just for asking for something to clean seat and floor with myself. Then I was thrown off for objecting to such disrespect ful treatment. I will pay triple, double, quadruple to fly with another airline from now on. This airline and its employees are beyond rude and disrespectful. Do not go anywhere near this company. I was warned not to fly with them and I thought it could not be so bad. It was 100 times worse!!!"
Cons: "Spirit airlines claims it has the lowest fares. I had to pay more for this flight than my Delta flight. I was not impressed with the fact that you have to pay for your seats ($10) if you want to know where you're seated when you check in. That doesn't even make sense. Then you have to pay even for water! For goodness sake on a two hour flight that was already delayed by an hour they had nothing complimentary to give us. I was freezing the entire time back to Chicago. In fact I was very uncomfortable because I don't think that the seats even went back. I felt like I was hustled by Spirit airlines and will choose not to take them ever again."
Cons: "I didn't like that you pay for a carry on that is stupid when your flight is already $400"
Pros: "The crew were very nice"
Cons: "Horrible counter experience to the point that I break down, first and last time that I'm traveling with this airline I would never recommend this airline to anybody give them 1 start because I don't see a -0"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The staff was rude from the gate to some of the flight attendants not all. Poor customer service skills. The 2 ladies at the gate let me stand there for 5 minutes and never asked what I needed. One finally came over rolled her eyes and told me I needed to sit down. I told her no because the flight was boarding and she told me standby needs to sit down and wait . However, I had a boarding pass and simply needed a seat assignment and when I said this she sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes again and took my boarding pass. Extremely rude. Inside an attendant proudly walked down the aisle saying "ugh what's wrong with you people and these phones these days." Then proceeded to get on the intercoms and say "I will have them take the plane back to the gate if you just can't be compliant." Were we on a school bus full of children going on a field trip? How about you explain the reasoning and importance behind needing to turn off cell phones and stop use and maybe you'll have more compliance than getting on the intercom and threatening the customers. I have never been on a flight like that and after my flight back home I never will again. Cheap flights or not it was just AWFUL."
Cons: "This was one of the worst travel experiences in my life. After arriving to LGA, I found out that my flight was outright cancelled because the pilot no showed for his shift, and therefore all flights with that plane/crew were cancelled outright. While Spirit did offer to buy me a ticket on another airline, I had to wait on hold for over an hour for my call to be answered by the customer service team. The customer service member who finally answered my call was very polite, but told me that the next available flight to ORD was in two days. When I explained that this was not going to work for me, she then said that the next available flight was at 4pm and connected through DC (1. it was 8am at the time, and 2. I had originally purchased a direct flight). Since I needed to get home to Chicago that same day, I accepted this flight on American, even though I knew I would have 7+ hours to kill in the gate at LGA and there was a layover late in the day in DC (which means there was a chance I would be stuck in DC overnight if the evening flight didn't get out of DC). While waiting the 7 hours at LGA though, I learned that American Airlines has direct flights to Chicago every hour and that each one of those flights had plenty of available seats. Therefore I am extremely upset with Spirit for lying to me. Outright cancelling a flight is bad enough, but then to be untruthful when rebooking because of their company's mistake causing me to spend 13 hours traveling instead of the two initially intended, is completely unacceptable."
Pros: "I would only use Spirit Airlines for 1 day / weekend trips because of the baggage restrictions. And I would only use it so long as I'm cheap. Otherwise, this is the worst airline on the market."
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "First of all, I was never informed of the exorbitant fees for having a bag. I've been flying since I was literally in diapers, and have NEVER heard of paying for a carry -on. Especially something ridiculous like $55. I did not have the money at check in, and the people operating the kiosks were miserable, mopey, unhelpful drones. I ultimately had to call a friend and ask for money to be wired for this unexpected gauge. I was lucky to have gotten there so early- I have never spent so much time in an airport Pre-security. It's disgusting to have a business model based on such deceit- lure customers in with a cheaper flight price, only to stick them with pricey fees for virtually EVERYTHING once they get to the airport. Sleazy business at best. Once on the flight, there was so little legroom I could hardly sit up straight without my knees pushing into the seat in front of me. I felt bad for the attendants reading off scripted bland jokes on the intercom. Needless to say, I will NEVER be flying Spirit again, and will be advising all of my friends similarly."
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "The flight was delayed for more than an hour. The plane was making horrible sounds. It was like a loud Saw. No one told us what the sound was. It sounded as if the plane was going to fall apart. While I understand the need to charge for bags, I can not imagine why my purse and laptop are counted separately. Having people pay for a boarding pass is utterly ridiculous. The website is terrible. The system would not allow me to pay the $80 for my 2 bags when I logged on from home. When I got to the airport, I was charged $100 for my 2 bags. The staff was not very friendly. You could tell they were used to people complaining. They were indifferent to any complaints. For all the aggravation and additional fees, I really wish I had paid the extra to be on a different airline. It would have been cheaper and less aggravating."
Pros: "They should have free refreshment also price for luggage is pricey over the phone they tell you one thing when you get there it's different price seats are small I felt like I was in a sardine can"
Pros: "Absolutely nothing because the flight was cancelled and I had to book with another airline."
Cons: "Hello my name is Keith Smith and I flew on spirit airlines on Februray 26 and when I got to LGA for my departing flight I was not notify by the airline before arriving to the airport that my flight was cancelled. I had to spend an additional $350 on a ticket to get to my destination. Spirit is a horrible airline and I will never book with them again in life"
Pros: "Good for people that are going on a 1-2 day trip."
Cons: "The price of the flight is cheap but the quality is also cheap. The seating is very close to eachother and really doesn't matter what size you are, you will be brushing arms with the passenger next to you. That's how really tight it is. And they claim that you are paying less but in reality you have to pay for any type of baggage that is not a purse or bookbag. Which they should mention loud and clear when purchasing online because at the airport, many people didn't know what was acceptable and they were at the terminal having to pay an extra 100 dollars for one little suitcase."
Cons: "No, fight is not a typo. This plane was already delayed three hours as a result of Spirit airlines. We were finally on the runway after sitting in the airport for over two hours without explanation and sitting on the plane for over one hour without explanation. Every one was belted in. We were about to take off. These two women who had been bickering for a few minutes suddenly began throwing punches. The crew broke up the fight and we had to return to the gate. Police came on the plane and removed them. That added another hour to our delay. This is the first bad review I've ever written. I believe that if the other two delays hadn't happened, tempers wouldn't have flared and this fight could have been avoided. I did not enjoy my experience with Spiritt at all. As an economy traveler I loved their prices, but I may not fly Spirit again."
Pros: "The crew kept it moving through the delays. Once we got off the ground, the flight was smooth and easy travel."
Cons: "The gate crew on the NY side did not make a sufficient amount of announcements as people continued to arrive at an overcrowded gate and some misinformation was therefore spread among the passengers waiting for different flights. There was no available entertainment (fine by me) so my survey answer should be n/a"
Pros: "staff was friendly"
Cons: "the tickets were very cheap...but they get you at the cost $50 for each piece of luggage..even a small carry on, so that added to the cost of the 'cheap' ticket. Nothing, not even a bottle of water was free on the plane ride...we brought our own water and snacks bur to not offer free tea or coffee and a bag of pretzels was pretty chintzy. The seats do not recline at the ride was uncomfortable. No tv or movie screen. My flight was only a few hours, but a longer flight would have been miserable"
Pros: "I travel every week. The airline cancelled last minute and were very rude when I called them to figure out an alternate option. Without any help from Spirit, i managed to pay for another flight with Jetblue to the exact same location and yet the reason Spirit cancelled this flight was due to weather. Very odd. I paid for a new flight, extra hotel and the extra transport to the airport and all they said was we can give you $44 refund for your ticket. Wow, that is pathetic. I would be ashamed to represent this airline and I will likely send and email to the FAA regarding this cancelation"
Pros: "I didn't book this flight at a great rate it, was only 20-30 dollars cheaper than other flights. I also booked through a third party, so I didn't realize at time of booking how 'special' Spirit Airlines was. Once it was brought to my attention, I had a mini break down( already stressed out about other details, flight arrangements didn't need to be an added bonus). I throughly read other tips and reviews to make sure I was prepared for the worse. Flight ended up being perfectly average, once I heeded all of the tips. Will I fly with Spirit again?? Probably not...unless I got a stupid cheap deal, and was just a weekend trip."
Pros: "-Crew and staff were professional and cordial -Nobody gave me a hard time about carrying on a bag without paying extra for it"
Cons: "-Online check-in didn't function properly -Check-in at Airport kiosk didn't function properly -Had to wait on line for a long time to check in at counter -Seat was REALLY small (3-4" less than on most other airlines) -Must pay extra for baggage, and baggage fees are HEAVY ($55-100 for carry-on, depending on when you buy it) -Must pay extra for in-flight drinks, including water -Terrible food options (snacks only, no meals) -No in-flight entertainment, or power outlets, or headphone jacks -Crew all seemed tired, overworked and generally miserable (although they were still friendly) My ticket was ~$15 cheaper than a comparable one from the next cheapest airline, who would include free water, snacks, carry-on baggage, more legroom, online check-in, etc. Last time I ever fly Spirit. They're the worst."
Pros: "I got there and back alive."
Cons: "I don't like Spirit's a-la-carte approach to charging. It gives Spirit flights a FALSE appearance of being cheaper than many other airlines. I think that Kayak facilitates that deception. The charge for luggage and other charges should be in the price Kayak uses for comparisons."
Pros: "Bags at carousel were prompt"
Cons: "In my 15 years of flying - this was the worst departure experience I have ever had. Aside for paying for seats and baggage in addition to the ticket, and Spirit reducing the max weight from 50 to 40lbs - my Check in was terrible -and degrading. I was treated with disrespect, sexually harassed by 2 men working the desk while 4 other people on their team chuckled. Then I was treated with sarcasm when I asked clarifying questions about my baggage. They waived my fee for the 3 lbs of overweight luggage, but told me I should be more thankful and that 'was courtesy' since it was Christmas Eve - but then charges the two Muslim women next to me for their overweight luggage. Normally in LGA you walk your bags over to security clearing so when I asked if I needed to, the check in desk scoffed at me - motioned to the conveyor belt and said 'obviously not.' If it hadn't been Christmas Eve, and my arms stock-piled with laptop and coat I would have asked for the manager. The flight was tight, uncomfortable, smelled and they had no food or snack for purchase since catering had not been replenished. Additionally the cabin was plastered with Las Vegas promotions like a subway car. The only silver lining to this trip was that they didn't lose my bags. I spent right under 500 for this flight after all the extra fees - total waste of time and money - I am going to return to flying strictly southwest again after this experience. No self-respecting woman would choose Spirit airline, and no self-respecting man would allow their customer service to treat women in such a way."

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