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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
China EasternOverall score based on 6669 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "The worst air travel experience I’ve ever had."
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Pros: "The worst air travel experience I’ve ever had."
Pros: "It’s hard to complain about the comfort when the price of the flight was so good."
Cons: "Audio headphones provided for the inflight TV service were kinda bad and it’s a special plug so regular wired headphones we use in the US don’t work. Not a complaint just an observation"
Pros: "Great customer services On time Clean Everything was perfect . Also they didnt have more chicken food since i don’t eat pork so one of the flight attendent gave me her food so i could nt be starving . Thats was amazing from her . I dnt remember her name but just wanna say thank you"
Cons: "They couldn’t find my reservation. I almost missed my flight."
Cons: "Very unorganized and dirty inside cabin"
Pros: "Courteous and helpful crew. China Eastern served QingDao (Tsingtao) beer, quite good, German recipe from the 19th century."
Cons: "The menu was ok but I’ve had better on an Intnl flight. The plane seemed to be short a bathroom, only 3 in the economy cabin. The flight was not close to full but one bathroom wasn’t kept clean."
Pros: "It was cheap but I would not do it again"
Cons: "I made friends with another passenger who when texting his number introduced himself as ‘XYZ, flight from hell’. That pretty much sums it up but here’s a laundry list of issues I faced on the trip 1. They landed us in a different airport in China and did not inform us on how to get to the other airport (PVG). After several failed attempts of catching a taxi that accepts Visa or US dollars, we finally got a bus that ferried us 2. They also did not automatically transfer the luggage, so I had to carry my two checked in bags to the other one and then stand in a 45 min queue to get them checked in again 3. Unhelpful ground staff 4. Delayed second flight. After a shitty eight hour long layover, we got another 2 5. Horrible food 6. No ear plugs are available in the plane 7. Not a single apology from the crew about the delay Also, anyone who doesn’t speak mandarin needs to understand that the crew in China is not well equipped to understand and help you, so be prepared to have the translation struggle"
Cons: "We did not receive the seats we chose months prior when we originally booked. The crew was not engaged and unhelpful. There were no veggie options so we did not eat. We received buns and desert. Terrible service overall."
Pros: "Seats were fairly comfortable, and food was tasty, although very small portions, and no fresh fruit or salad"
Cons: "Almost a mission impossible to reserve your seats in advance - felt like I was back in the 90s. Unnaceptable in our digital age. Old movies in “new releases” entertainment section"
Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time"
Cons: "Long lines at immigration and security. Crowded and uncomfortable lounge. Had to walk up the stairs to board the plane, which was parked far from the gate."
Pros: "food was good, enough movies, and stewardesses hard working. was sitting in the economy comfort seats"
Cons: "Great !"
Pros: "The China Eastern Airlines website is always down. It was impossible although we had seat numbers, they changed our seats numbers and we all had to seat separated, including our 12 years old daughter."
Pros: "Seats little hard. Back and butt hurting all the way there. Crew kept pumpin into me while I was sleeping. Food ok, not amazing. Long wait to get on the plane. Overall good."
Cons: "Hard seats. Long wait to board. Food can be better."
Pros: "Food"
Pros: "Excellent service and comfort."
Cons: "I had read several reviews concerning cigarette smoke coming from the cockpit and thought maybe it was an overly sensitive individual near a heavy smoker whose clothing/hair gave off an odor. On the leg of our journey from Hong Kong to Shanghai I found out it was true. If China Eastern ever wants to reach the next level of service they've got to stop this."
Pros: "The crew was nice. Too late to eat dinner, so I cannot comment on the food."
Cons: "As usual, flight was late with no updates on the new time. The only airline I could tell that was diverted to another airport due to weather. Incredibly bad luck, or just laziness, I’m unsure, seems it’s usually China Eastern that this happens to. The gate was changed, or so we thought, but it was back to the original at boarding. The flight parked a long way from the terminal, even with travel weary people on board (4 hours late getting in, after 11pm) and we had to take a bus to the terminal, then wait an hour for immigration as it was late at night. Sorry to complain, but this seems to be a trend with CE. You get what you pay for."
Pros: "The seats were good, and the food was OK. Crew was polite and helpful."
Cons: "We booked 4 seats together, but we got seats separately, all four were middle seats, and they should have done better job."
Pros: "The entertainment was great n the flight attendants were the best. I enjoyed the 14hr flight. I highly recommend China Eastern Airlines. The chow was delicious & the Jasmine tea was super yummy"
Cons: "Not Applicable."
Cons: "Baggage lost/delayed"
Pros: "Flight attendants very attentive, courteous and professional. Even while children were sleeping during meal distribution. We were offered sandwiches for them to eat later. Phone can now be used in airplane mode. USB charger via screen."
Cons: "Monitors sometimes turn on. Harder to give rest to eyes when lights turn on all monitors."
Pros: "Service transport from the lounge to The aircraft"
Cons: "The line at the counter getting the boarding pass and the long walk and not clear directions at the transfer are. The worst feeling in the hole trip"
Cons: "The seats were terribly uncomfortable and once reclined did not un-recline by themselves. There were no basinettes for the baby. And there was no power supply, USB or wifi for working."
Pros: "The crew, the food, the entertainment, all of the things onboarding are excellent. Very comfortable!"
Cons: "None"
Cons: "They did not load the luggage onto the plane, so it was not there when we arrived. There was no sort of remedial delivery service either, so I had to go to the airport the next morning at 5:30am to retrieve it. We were also crammed on a bus prior to boarding and sat on the tarmac for a long time before we were allowed off of the bus and onto the plane."
Pros: "The crew was friendly. Seats were small."
Cons: "Food could be better. Website slow - sometimes unresponsive."
Pros: "the plane was new, fairly comfortable, crews could speak somewhat ok english"
Cons: "they changed the original departure time to earlier but then it was departed later than the updated time. food was on scary level"
Pros: "Food was pretty good albeit small portion. Staff were decent."
Cons: "Quality of ear bud is bad. Not allowed to use electronic device on the plane even in flight mode which is ridiculous because they allow laptops and ipads!!"
Pros: "It got me to my destination."
Cons: "Food was unappetizing. They didn't provide much liquids and we we're not able to use cell phones even on airplane mode. The whole flight was hot. I have tried other airlines and this was not even close to the service that other airlines provide. Won't be using this airline again."
Pros: "Coach seats had plenty of legroom and entertainment screens. They offered free wifi and good food. Beer and wine were complimentary. The only downside is they don't allow phones on at any time. Even in airplane mode. You can use kindles and iPads etc. But some law prohibits phones across the board."
Cons: "Not the airlines fault I think, but phones aren't allowed at any time. They have to be off due to some law. You can use kindles/iPads though."
Pros: "No delay and arrived on time"
Cons: "Connecting flight took too long"
Cons: "Wondering if I can as a n the right flight out of PVG - luckily yes..."
Pros: "The entertainment selection was good."
Cons: "I asked if I could have a aisle or window seat and was told there was nothing available at the counter, however there were plenty of seats available on the plane."
Cons: "Unprofessional!!!One of the flight attendants was coughing all the way from Shanghai to NYC!!! Unbelievable Chinaeastern will allow a sick employee serve on the flight!!'Now I'm sick!!!"
Pros: "Was fast and smoothly landed . Desert was awesome, but meal was strange."
Cons: "Food,"
Pros: "It's cheap."
Cons: "The air ticket from Shanghai to Wuxi is not an air ticket. It's a bus ticket! I had to stay in the coach 3hrs. I can't believe you guys never mentioned about it! Disappointed!"
Pros: "We got snack and drink for a short flight with big smiles"
Pros: "Seats ok Crew was good"
Cons: "No headphones for ife Food horrible"
Pros: "There's only one type of red wine and they ran out."
Cons: "They have one tiny bar of soap in there restroom..."
Pros: "Seats were quite comfortable and was given blanket and pillow. The best part was the entertainment system, had a lot of good movies and the touch screen was definitely the smoothest I've experienced so far."
Cons: "Food wasn't that good. Crew was alright."
Pros: "unlimited movies games and entertainment in headrest. food was good and hot portion was hot cold portion was cold. blanket and pillow available upon request. seats were comfertable."
Cons: "seating was close. was given a meal after an hour into flight and next meal was given ten hours later. this is unacceptable."
Pros: "Good value for trans-Pacific business class Adequate flat seats"
Cons: "Crew was mechanical Menus not available Unexplained take-off delay Food variety & quality inferior Inferior earphones No pajamas Weak amenities China Eastern is inferior to Hainan (Beijing-Chicago) and has a lot to learn from ANA or Cathay Pacific"
Cons: "The flight was delayed over an hour and a half and the ground crew were not very helpful or friendly."
Pros: "It was cheap flight ."
Cons: "No organization when it comes to passengers and anyo e can do what they want when chibese are going anywhere ."
Pros: "Getting out of Shanghai, after having to pay for flights, we had already paid for"
Cons: "We have no idea how to get a refund on our two paid for fist/business class tickets??? Help!!!"
Pros: "The food was good given I had specialised meals, in which it was provided with ease. The plane ride was easy and comfy (6'3) enough leg room for my hight unlike most. Not overly strict with luggage, always asking for a better to serve. Transportation to and from the provided hotel was easy crew was helpful, hotel staff arranged everything including pickup time, wakeup call, and breakfast. The Chinese officials were helpfull as well since they had to check my luggage and assist me for I forgot to removed my batteries to my carry on instead ."
Cons: "4 hrs delayed"
Pros: "Very Attentive staff, but with some language difficulty."
Cons: "1. Couldnt use mobile phone for reading only (mobile phones had to be completely switched off). I wont be flying China Eastern because of this rule. 2. Boarding and unboarding on tarmac was inconvenient. 3. Movie selection not up to date"
Pros: "Two and half hours delayed. This is a consistent problem when flying China Eastern"
Cons: "2.5 hours of delays"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable flight. My seat was broke and I was not able to rest. The plane was very old and smelly."

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