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Cons: "On time and comfortable"

Cons: "Food and entertainment could better"

Pros: "I loved the film with kabuki characters to introduce safety procedures."
Cons: "More seating room, better ventilation."

Pros: "The crew was great, friendly and helpful. The food was good and the overall service on the plane was great."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed from Los Angeles and we did not make our connecting flight in Tokyo. The next option they had was a full 24 hours later so we ended up taking the train. I tried to make adjustments to one of my flights for the return home and was told that is not an option."

Pros: "The cabin crews were excellent. Food was delicious. Lots of leg room in Economy class. Overall had a great experience"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "All crew are so kind.Great services."

Pros: "We asked for the seafood meal option. Great food and we were served before regular meal service. The ANA staff was unfailingly polite and helpful. The economy class seats were surprisingly comfortable and the entertainment options were well-rounded. We hope to fly on ANA again!"

Pros: "Service Quality"
Cons: "Seat does not recline"

Pros: "The cabin crew was great in services"
Cons: "Priority not thought"

Pros: "The crews' smile and politeness were excellent."
Cons: "The line was way long to check in at the Narita International Airport."

Pros: "Pretty much everything"

Pros: "Food and services were great"
Cons: "Not a large selection to view on the TV"

Pros: "Loved that they offered us ANA postcards on the flight in to send home. I loved that they gave the kids inflatable ANA airplanes. Loved that they were accommodating with our Carry on luggage"

Pros: "ANA great service, as always, outstanding work! The flight attendants so pleasant. American, Delta, or United can't pull off this kind of service."

Pros: "Quality of the planes"
Cons: "Nothing as far as human services. Thai used to be and I have flown Thai since i was a teenager, many many times. I used to every time get excited to fly with Thai. this time i had two Thai connections between Tokyo - Bankgkok and Bangkok-Delhi, both times my two young minor children were automatically seated away from me and each other also during checkin process. it took a lot of time and convincing the agent to get my own children seated with me on long international flights! Food service was worse than expect for name of Thai airways!"

Pros: "The airline offer a lot of food on the plane including Hagen Daz ice cream. The service was excellent, flight attendances were polite and always smile. The seat was very comfortable!"

Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Dinner"

Pros: "Attentive, very prompt when I indicated that there was condensation drip from the cabin roof. Vegan/vegetarian food was well prepared and staff were very knowledgeable with food choices and options."

Pros: "Flight attendants were wonderful, food and snacks were great and seats were comfortable and seemed to have a bit more space."

Pros: "Service"

Pros: "Attentive and polite staff. Comfortable planes. On time flights."
Cons: "I accidentally left an external battery in my check in bag and they stopped me to open my bag and remove it as I was boarding. This is obviously my fault but I wish they had called me up earlier to not disrupt the other passagers and slow the boarding process."

Pros: "The food is great as far as airline food goes, the plane was clean, and staff was thoughtful"
Cons: "The in seat entertainment was a bit clunky"

Pros: "comfortable seats Leg room Amazing crew Good food Free movies I enjoyed all 9 hours!"

Pros: "Flight left on time, service is good and also good entertainment options. Food is a bit so-so frankly but not bad."
Cons: "They take a long long time to let economy class deboard on arrival even after the doors are open. Biz get off first naturally but the staff are sometimes chatting to them for a rather long time."

Pros: "Crew are nice, helpful and polite"
Cons: "Airport problems turned it into a very long flight. We circled around Narita for hours"

Pros: "Comfortable seats and leg room, especially for Economy. Staff was very helping and friendly. Entertainment selection provided enough options to find something of interest. Flight crew was outstanding keeping the flight punctual."
Cons: "Limited food and drink options, and was disappointed when both things I tried to order from the first meal serving were out of stock."

Pros: "It was OK. Time was the same as Asiana and Korea Air."
Cons: "I don't Japan airport."

Pros: "My flight was really comfortable, thanks"
Cons: "The thing I didn't like it was when I was in Tokyo I stayed overnight I didn't know what I expected for first timer like me I wish they give me some kind of a voucher food, nothing big but I really like in Tokyo though thanks"

Pros: "Lots and lots of meals and snacks. I was worried it would be an issue on such a long flight but every time I took a nap, they came back with food or snacks!"
Cons: "Seat would not recline. That should be standard. My back was sore after trip."

Pros: "NH817 NRT to PNH was one of the best crews ever. Every need was met. Best customer service. NH818 was good too but the attention and attitude was slightly below. Travel Dates: NH817 09/1/2017, NH818 09/04/2017."
Cons: "Very good overall. The entertainment could you a little more choices."

Pros: "Friendly and accommodating crew"

Pros: "The service was good. The seats were comfortable."
Cons: "I missed the Thai crew. The crew was from Japan. No complaints about them."

Pros: "The food on board was great! Crew members were friendly!"

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Food and movies options."
Cons: "Not enough help to put my carry on on the overhead luggage storage."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly and attentive. The food was generous and very good"
Cons: "There really wasn't anything I didn't like"

Pros: "Not much to complain about. If the snacks can be provided at the galley freely, that would be perfect."

Pros: "Excellent service!"

Pros: "on time, great service on flight"

Cons: "Could not fall asleep as the chair would not recline enough"

Pros: "Ana is the best"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flight were shaking badly several times and I feel dizzy"

Pros: "The service is first rate even in economy seating. Attentive flight crew. Excellent airline."

Pros: "Cabin was clean and really comfortable seats. The crew were very friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Choices of food."

Pros: "Young, pretty, and charming stewardesses. :-)"

Pros: "Not overcrowded"
Cons: "Short flight, needed to purchase food"

Pros: "The crew were very helpful and the food was amazing. Entertainment was also very good daughter loved it"

Pros: "Rather new plane; tight, hard, uncomfortable seat architecture. I'm 6 feet tall and 160 pounds -- probably about the 'ideal size' for design. Least comfortable long flight I've had in a very long time."

Pros: "Our seats did not recline, but were locked in the fully upright position, making it impossible to sleep. If this is policy for ANA, many customers will go to other airlines."

Pros: "Meal included on the flight was good."
Cons: "We were not assigned seats when we purchased our tickets. We called to try to get seat assignments and they told us to talk to a gate agent. When we went to the airport to checkin, there were NO gate agents at checkin. You had to check in on a computer and then drop our bag at the agriculture screening point. We went to guest services and they told us to go to the gate. We went to the gate and it was closed with no one there. We asked information and they sent us to guest services. Guest services then got snippy with us and told us to wait at the gate. So, we didn't even know if we would be able to sit together or if we'd be stuck with middle seats on the 5 hour flight until an hour before the flight left. Ultimately, our seats were fine, but the fact that no one could or would help us and the help that was there was completely useless and kind of nasty, convinced us to NEVER FLY HAWAIIAN AIRLINES AGAIN. Oh, and on the plane, they have an inflight entertainment screen on each seat, however, you have to pay for EVERY movie on it. This was not the case on Alaska Airlines, where entertainment was free."

Cons: "Hawaiian needs more free entertainment options. Perhaps one free video on the flight with additional options for purchase. And only one meal option for everyone does not seem to be realistic, especially these days when everyone has some foods they stay away from. A this-or-that option would have been great. Overall, great experience but everything is a little outdated on flights (no wifi)."

Pros: "Smooth Flight"

Pros: "Service was friendly and caring. Really appreciated the warmth."
Cons: "Audio interruptions to offer credit cards felt tacky. I understand the opportunity, but it's kind of a turn-off to be strapped into my seat and forced to listen to a canned commercial. Maybe announcing a free cocktail to all cardholders to get the buzz going, then pass out flyers to anyone who is interested after that"

Pros: "Hawaiian Airlines is always on time and alway have extra seats."
Cons: "Sometimes and connection flight to Maui when going to Honolulu and takes an extra 2 hours of wait time."

Cons: "That we can't keep the blankies."

Pros: "I appreciated the staff assistance, even though I didn't appreciate the airline's protocol. I purchased seats next to each other, when I checked in 22.5 hours before the flight we (2) were split up. The airline told us our option was to purchase upgrades to sit next to each other. I waited patiently for 3 hours before the flight and spoke with a few gate attendants. They were accommodating and put us together, even though they moved us to the rear-most section of the plane and into the center section. Great free music stations."
Cons: "Having a meal on the flight is awesome! Not offering a vegetarian option (and cooking the meat in with the starch) meant that my fiance had nothing to eat but cookies and crackers. Also, overhead bin area was limited, mostly due to passengers bringing larger and larger 'carry-ons' (which are not actually carry-on sized). Hawaiian needs to be more strict about their carry-on sizes for rolling bags. They should fit wheels-in, not wheels to the side. Finally, media is available for free, but only for advertisement and promotion, entertainment media is only available for purchase."

Cons: "I did not like having to pay for movies after I paid $80 for extra Comfort seat"

Pros: "Free meal and beveraged"
Cons: "Paying for tv"

Pros: "When we checked in it would have been helpful to have a crew member tell my husband and I that we were not sitting together so we could have tried to address. We didn't notice until we were boarding. The service cart was busy more than our flight to HI."

Pros: "Great service with a smile. Brandon was very courteous and patient with everyone. Professional at all times but very hospital like family."

Cons: "So ac!!!"

Pros: "The atmosphere in the flight was cam and mellow. I love the haeaiin music playing."
Cons: "The food served was a bit gross for breakfast."

Cons: "Tight seating. Limited entertainment options without having to pay extra"

Pros: "The crew was great."
Cons: "Plane was dirty. My seatbelt had melted chocolate in it (from a previous flight) and this mess got all over my pants."

Pros: "Service given was excellent the crew food all was very nice...."
Cons: "Just the wait for recap in the entrance to the terminal"

Cons: "We were very disappointed that there wasn't a complimentary in-flight movie during our 6-hour flight."

Pros: "Delayed flight. Pilots were great about giving information to passengers. Attendants were wonderful."
Cons: "We have never had a long flight without any movie choices or other entertainment for the entire trip. It is not ok to have such a void in offerings for passengers for such a long flight. We will never fly Hawaii again because of this. Seems like this airline has gotten carried away with cost cutting. Sorry to say, I will be sharing this disappointment with friends. We have never flown with this carrier before, but we expected better."

Pros: "The crew was great in helping us try to make our connecting flight after we realized we might miss it. They helped us tag our gate-checked stroller (which we had to ditch) and let us off the plane first. And the pilot notified the ground crew at our connecting flight too. Thank you, we made the flight!"
Cons: "The 1 hr delay in OGG caused us to nearly miss our connecting flight in SEA."

Cons: "The Honolulu airport is difficult to navigate, very confusing, and crowded (not your fault, I know, but airlines should demand more from the airport administration). The entertainment options under "complimentary" all required a payment, even the ones I watched for free on the first leg of the flight from Tokyo."

Pros: "We made it."
Cons: "Some crew members were quite rude and not accommodating. Simple requests for water were not met or were met with serious attitude. No food alternatives, which does not work for me as I have a particular allergy. There was no entertainment or wine available (I booked an international flight -- which in my experience always includes these things including special meals. We were treated as if we were flying domestically, which was not what we paid for). I won't be booking Hawaiian Airlines again."

Pros: "free wine with dinner. and bathrooms were close to my seat. and the free meal with your flight was nice"
Cons: "had to stop the plane and turn around because of 2 passengers. and you have to pay for movies. and old movies to boot. that was lame."

Cons: "I think you could provide 1free movie on the flight since it is a fairly long flight. That plus your meal you would be the only way to fly."

Pros: "The chairs, meal, snacks, drinks,flight info on screen, & crew members"

Pros: "Timely. Relatively roomy aircraft."
Cons: "You have to pay for baggage. They weigh carry-ons."

Pros: "Nothing - relieved to leave finally"
Cons: "Every employee who works in Maui"

Pros: "Staff on plane"
Cons: "Theyou would not check out bags through to wenatchee and we therfore missed our flight."

Pros: "Crew was very friendly and professional"
Cons: "Flight was delayed; initially told 30 mins, then 30 mins more, then about another 30 mins. No real info was given as to the why they had to stop boarding, have passengers get off of the plane, unload the bags, get a new plane and start the process.... several passengers were just told "30 min advisory delay""

Pros: "Everything, the flight was smooth, the food and snacks were great and the service was excellent. Both flights were on time."
Cons: "No complaints about anything."

Pros: "Firstly, this was the biggest plane I've ever flown on, so that on its own was a new experience. Almost everything about the flight was perfect. The flight attendants were very polite, the seats were comfortable, everything was very clean, the complimentary food was great, and overall it was a pleasant experience."
Cons: "My only complaint is about the touch screen in the headrest, it wasn't always responsive to touch no matter how forceful."

Pros: "Loved the plane, crew and complimentary meal."
Cons: "Boarding was a bit messy, yet not too bad!"

Pros: "they served a meal like in "the old days" they were pleasant plane was spotless and new"
Cons: "Zero"

Pros: "The staff was very helpful, however it should not have gotten to that point."
Cons: "Upon purchasing via Kayak 5 weeks prior to departure date via Kayak-I got no confirmation of receipt via email or an option to choose seats. No confirmation of purchase made. Confirmed with credit card of confirmed purchase after 48 hours of purchase. I also needed to physically go down to airport and inquire with desk clerk (who was very helpful) on the confirmation of flight info/code, next the desk clerk picked my seats which he chose window and seat next to (2 parties/traveling with child) not a problem considering I have cronic back issues. Weeks later, the Day before my flight as I checking in on line, my seats were moved to the worst possible place on the plane (2 center isle seats-again back issues would cause constant and periodic standing/sitting rotations at the very back of the plane-46 row, which prompted a second physical visit to airport front desk. Upon arrival first reservation code was not valid, desk clerks again helped out immensly. Desk clerk reassigned both parties to NEW seats (which were the handi-seats on reserve, advised by clerk that this was not "Guaranteed" seats). Later on at Check in time-Seats moved yet again, this time separated from my child (Very poor). After check in was advised to get past security checkpoint, go to gate & see desk clerk fronting gate to inquire about seat changes MAYBE they can help. AGAIN desk clerks very helpful & moved seats to accomidate my circumstances. High Stress & Unwanted anxiety FROM PURCHASE-RIGHT UP TO THE GATE. EXTREMELY POORLY EXECUTED COMMUNICATION, CONFIRMATION CODES WRONG, SEATS MOVED MULTIPLE TIMES & SEPARATED FROM MY CHILD TO TOP OFF. HOPE NOT ALL WAS AS "Stress Inducing" as my purchase. Maybe-BIG MAYBE......NEXT TIME."

Pros: "Entertainment"
Cons: "Refreshment service"

Pros: "Meals are complementary (they pride themselves on being the only US airline that still serves complementary meals) and they had some complementary wine. Staff are friendly and my flights arrived either on time or early."
Cons: "The meals, though free, were pretty mediocre, but then again I guess all airplane food is. The complementary wine was also pretty bad. My sister is lactose intolerant, and they didn't have a dairy-free option for her. They sold snacks, blankets, and headphones but no longer take cash for them. Also I thought blankets used to be free? If you wanted to watch a movie or TV, you had to pay something like $8."

Pros: "Food! Real food! Not just a tiny bag o nuts or pretzels! It's a long flight..that's just not enuf for what you paid for the trip!!!!!!!!!! Awesomest service EVER!!!! I've flown with Hawaiian airlines just twice and I recommend them to EVERYONE!!!!"
Cons: "Kinda high on the price of movies"

Pros: "Everything went fairly smoothly from boarding, in-flight and landing. Food was good and the crew was very friendly."
Cons: "Not sure if this is in your control but there was a breakdown somewhere with the luggage conveyor and it took so long to receive our baggage; especially for those of us who had arrived at the airport early for departure and checked in early, our baggage was the last to be unloaded and got stuck until the conveyor was fixed."

Pros: "meal as part of the flight"
Cons: "limited leg room but in all better than most planes"

Pros: "Definitely appreciated the hot meal and comp wine! Was not expecting that. Thanks much."
Cons: "Overall my experience was a positive one, however I feel the need to express my dissatisfaction with the luggage process. It was the first time (though admittedly I don't travel oftenI I was told I had to print my own tags, using the kiosk. The person receiving the luggage was not very helpful when I explained I wasn't familiar with the kiosk. Though I was the only one in the luggage line at the time He made no attempt to give me instructions. Sent me to a "special services" line which, if I had stayed in it, I may have missed my flight. Fortunately, another airline rep came to my rescue at the kiosk and patiently and courteously completed the procedure for me. Would have liked to have some "free" movies offered as on other airlines I have taken. Fortunately I had a friendly seatmate who invited me to enjoy a movie she purchased, using one of her earphones."

Pros: "Free meal and wine with it was nice."
Cons: "The seat reclining mechanism was completely missing, just a hole where it should have been."

Pros: "The crew was friendly"
Cons: "I had picked our seats so that my bday and I could sit next to each other, there and back, and both flights they had changed it so that we weren't sitting together and said they couldn't get us seats together because the flight was full. What's the point of picking seats if they are going to change them?!"

Cons: "Open up the waiting area at the gate earlier, there were 20+ people waiting for a place to sit."

Pros: "Apparently Hawaiian is the last airline reminiscent of the 90s (minus the smoking). They have an included meal, complimentary glass of wine for 21+, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, no extra charge for carry-ons and a non-standard somewhat fun safety video."
Cons: "Entertainment is not included, which is not that bad, but since every seat had its own touch screen, it would have been nice to include one movie or tv show for free."

Pros: "Free meals, easy boarding, pleasant crew and comfortable chair!"
Cons: "Flight attendants hurried by without explaining what they were offering or selling. The media tablet was not working well on both flights."

Pros: "Hawaiian Airlines understands perfectly how to ensure flying is a comfortable, pleasant and consistently experience filled Aloha...from the welcoming, ptofessionsl staff, complimentary glass of wine and delicious meal, tasty snack, exacting flight sceduled and overall passenger comfort. Truly the best airline to fly every time!"
Cons: "Would appreciate a comimentary international news program in flight."

Pros: "Food was served! It's been a long time since I was served a complimentary meal on a flight."
Cons: "Entertainment was terrible. Expensive for mediocre entertainment and the complimentary entertainment was terrible."

Pros: "Great service"

Pros: "Great friendly service, generous with food and drinks, comfortable seats, and USB ports that were easily accessible. Other small details made it nice. The soap in the bathroom smells amazing, and the entertainment screens have a privacy filter so that you're not bothered by people watching TV/movies around you."
Cons: "Nothing to really complain about here. More of a general annoyance that occurs on all planes - it irritates me when the entertainment screens turn on when there are any announcements made over the intercom. I had it turned off so that I could relax and listen to music, but it seems like a safety measure so I can't fault the airline too much of course."

Pros: "Flight 22 did not have a gate at SEATAC. We waited over a hour before we could disembark!!"

Pros: "The staff was very accommodating with my brothers broken leg, they allowed him to prop his foot up throughout the flight"

Cons: "Well organized loading, consistent beverage service"

Pros: "Entertaining"
Cons: "Crew"

Pros: "One of the few non-stop flights between Seattle and Philadelphia. Convenient times for my travel needs"
Cons: "There are 9 boarding groups some of which have no one in them. I don't understand why. Seats don't have screens for entertainment so you have to use your own device to. Make sure you have extra batteries since there is no power to charge on board."

Pros: "I had nice leg room as I was in the exit row"
Cons: "There weren’t any USB chargers which was confusing because the flight was 5+ hours long. There were no media options either, or blankets and the plane got cold."

Cons: "We had too little time to switch flights. We were stressed and had to run a lot in order to make it to required connecting flight"

Cons: "This agent spent 30+ min to check us in through a connection flight to Seattle. He couldn't find my wife's reservation, when it should be in the same reservation as me. He tried 5 times, and still failed. Later we found out at the gate that he was using the wrong name (same last name, different first name). Luckily the American Airline agent at the gate was more than competent and efficient to correct the issue in 5 min."

Cons: "The worst flight attendant I have ever seen."

Pros: "Nothing. Someday the airline industry will be disrupted and we'll all remember this and say, "can you believe what we used to put up with, and how expensive it was?!""
Cons: "No decent food available, they ran out. People allowed to play movies loudly with no headphones for 5 hours straight. Uncomfortable seats with no cushioning."

Pros: "Boarding and service was nice"
Cons: "We were delayed an hour because the plan was in the hanger! Why? We were all there, didn't American know the plane should be at he gate! No escplanation as to why the plane was not there other than it was in the hanger! Airlines need to let the customers be flexible especially when are!"

Cons: "close it!"

Cons: "My luggage was damaged and I have yet to hear from an American Airlines representative after I was not ok with a replacement from a luggage company that did not reflect my current luggage brand. Being in the Customer Sevice industry I know this is unacceptable, I would never replace a damaged item with one that was not like the original or ask a customer to do so. I will not fly American Airlines any longer."

Pros: "This flight was amazing! The crew was friendly and helped me when I had a panic attack from flying. It was very appreciated"

Pros: "Long walk and less than an hour. Very difficult for senior. No assistan e available."
Cons: "The pain from carrying bag between gates"

Pros: "Helpful crew"
Cons: "Would have liked to be able to power up digital devices"

Pros: "Movies and plugs"
Cons: "This WAS the worst flight I have ever been on! First no pilot then no gas. Then turbulence the entire flight basically. AND THEN when we landed we couldn't even get off of the plain because there was no one to help us off??!!! Also they were out of food. It was just over all horrible."

Cons: "The captain announced that the flight crew exceeded 9 work hour per day due to the takeoff delay so the passengers were forced to sit and wait in a stuffy stationary aircraft for 2 hours prior to takeoff until a different crew could arrive to service the flight."

Cons: "As it was the continuation of an international flight, I believe I travelers like me deserved to be treated with free food and not just drink and water."

Pros: "Chairs were very comfy and wider than some airlines."
Cons: "Crew not overly friendly and not very attentive, and there were lots of empty seats so there wasn't much excuse. Also, I had an issue with the plane. I think no screens on a cross-country flight is not good business. Not everyone is savvy with go-go inflight. And if there are no screens, could there at least be outlets? I was so tired after my Paris flight and wanted to chill with some go-go entertainment, but my battery was low and there were no outlets. I know not all flights can have these luxuries, but if the flight is over five hours, I think it should be better equipped."

Pros: "Free beverage"
Cons: "My bag was lost and it still hasn't showed up at the airport. Seems like I would get some kind of credit of some kind for this inconvenience."

Cons: "No in flight movie"

Pros: "I got home"
Cons: "No tvs"

Cons: "They cancelled the flight and put me to fly the next day"

Pros: "I had my first experience in the Admiral's Lounge at O'Hare and enjoyed it very much."
Cons: "My traveling companion's tray table was disgusting when she folded it down for beverage service. She asked for a wet towel and the flight attendant was snarky but went to get one without even looking or asking to see what the problem was. Her entertainment console wasn't working so they reset it but instead it reset mine (two seats over) they did this again and I let them know it was resetting mine. I was told that I was not in the seat they were resetting for ...I inquired if perhaps they should try to reset mine and see if it would, in fact, fix did. When she slipped off her shoes the carpet was soaking wet. This was a really crummy, crummy flight."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "See above comments"

Cons: "3 hrs on tarmac then weather canceled flight then hoax shutdown JFK"

Cons: "Charlotte to Seattle flight: The food served in first class smelled awful. Seated in premium seating just behind first class was unfortunate due to the atrocious odor that lasted for 3+hours. There was no option for food service for the rest of the plane. Which was unfortunate as I was very hungry. Due to inconsistent notification that the plane was delayed / on-time (kept switching the notification) we opted to not get dinner in the airport..... To which the plane was was an hour late yet we were told to check in every ten minutes to see if we were boarding. There were no blankets. The plane was incredibly cold. The suggestion I received from the flight staff was to turn off the vent above my head (which I had already done.) I had brought a jacket and was wearing pants. On a 5.5 hour flight, the crew served beverages 45 minutes into the flight (per usual) and handed out a pretzel pack. They didn't come back through with water or beverages again. On other airlines, they promote water at least once an hour to keep swelling and dehydration down. Since I am a pretty frequent flier, I bring my own water. Still, coffee would have been nice. Suggestions: increase beverage service to at least twice / 5.5 hour flight and provide blankets upon request. Food choices and entertainment would also be good. Don't cook stinky dinners in first class and allow it to pollute the rest of the plane."

Pros: "From Seattle to DFW, we had the best flight! Brand new plane with individual entertainment screens!"

Pros: "Staff was good."
Cons: "Lost bag for 24 hours, no entertainment on a 6 hour flight."

Pros: "Unable to Rate food & entertainment (night flight) I can, however, rate comfort since it was the worst crammed in seating ever!! They talk about the increase in violent behavior. Perhaps American Air could step up to the plate and offer a bit of comfort for hard working passengers. How? Easy to figure out!! Give us leg room for crying out loud."
Cons: "Crammed seating... No leg room.... Volunteered to check carry on... (Big mistake) had a longish wait for bags.."

Pros: "A comfortable flight with good snack and drink selection. The crew really tried to take care of us, but with no in flight entertainment it was a long flight."
Cons: "No inflight entertainment. We ran into luggage issues at our conncecting flight in Seattle after being strongly encouraged to check our carry on baggage in Philadelphia."

Cons: "3rd flight with AA this year. Luggage damaged for second time."

Cons: "The crew was talking very loudly so I couldn't sleep. It's a red eye flight! People are trying to sleep!!"

Cons: "Broken seat and terrible gogo video experience with an attendant crew that was dysfunctional together for food/beverage service. I prefer to not fly AA."

Pros: "The young woman running the admirals club front desk was excellent Friday July 29"

Pros: "Crew was apologetic"
Cons: "No automated safety briefing after 2 hour delay at gate due to congestion at seatac."

Cons: "2 different attendants spilled drinks all over me and my carry on"

Cons: "Never made it because first leg was canceled"

Pros: "Flight was canceled due to maintenance problem, American claimed rebooking was someone else's responsibility. I had to talk to 4 people before they rescheduled me for the next day. American's gates/terminals at LAX are also a pain--you never know if your flight will depart from the hinterlands of Tom Bradley terminal, or Terminal 4 or 6, which can mess you up with parking/security screening/scheduling. I will try to avoid flying American in the future. I didn't get any vouchers for the cancellation, either. BD"

Cons: "The flight to Seattle was late on 30 min And then we were waiting 30 min for the luggage. There was no display on the back of the seat - only common display for 3-5 rows. No current info about flight status."

Pros: "The standard seating had good leg room."
Cons: "The seat didn't have enough padding for a 5 hour flight, I don't think I'll take another long flight on an A320."

Pros: "Was called ahead of time to e alerted to flight delay. But I'm still never flying American again due to the rudeness of the crew."
Cons: "We're asked at the gate to measure our luggage. We did, and while it fit, the material of the bag made it look bulky (but upon touch, it was clearly not a full bag). When we said that it fit; the woman literally just scoffed, said "no" rudely, and walked away. We were polite, so why the rudeness?!! Never again AA."

Pros: "Flight attendants were friendlier than on the earlier flight"
Cons: "That I had to pay so much for an upgraded seat which I needed due to recent shoulder surgery."

Cons: "There was no flight entertainment for a cross country flight! The only option was to stream via my personally device. This would have been fine if there were outlets to charge personal devices at each set!"

Pros: "Comfort"
Cons: "Food/drink"

Cons: "Very conjusted seats"

Pros: "The cabin crew were friendly and efficient. Personal entertainment provided on every seat back."
Cons: "Boarding could be improved if airline would start boarding passengers seated in the rear of the plane first."

Pros: "Quick and easy commute from desert to PNW"

Pros: "Comfortable seats, smooth flight. The European cookies were a nice touch. The crew were very friendly and gave my girlfriend a blanket when she completely passed out on me. Arriving in Seattle, the plane quickly and efficiently de-boarded all passengers."
Cons: "Our first scheduled flight timed out and was cancelled, forcing everyone to de-board. We had to sleep on the airport floor and arrived at our destination very late. The flight times were poorly arranged, as we had to wait 14 hours to get on the next flight. Also, I purchased two boarding passes for both myself and my girlfriend and somehow I ended up in a later group than she did after checking in."

Pros: "The flight was fine."
Cons: "The email i received was from Alaska Airlines but what I didn't know was that it was for an American Airlines flight. Normally this is not a big deal, but in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport the two airlines are in different terminals which required a fair amount of time to travel from one to the other. Had I not arrived at the airport early, I may have missed my flight. The confirmation email I received was labeled as an American flight, but since I received it from Alaska, I assumed I had reserved an Alaska flight. Also, the confirmation email I received from Kayak had me listed as a passenger on an Alaska flight. I'm assuming I originally booked for an Alaska flight, but later on in the confirmation process I was somehow changed to an American flight via Alaska. While I don't see this as a problem for Kayak, I think this is a situation in which your feedback could be useful to help avoid confusion for passengers in the future."

Cons: "The email system set up by Finnair to communicate that my flight had been changed was poor and, therefore, I was forced to spend 24 hours in an airport as a result. Will not ever fly Finnair again."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Ōita to Washington

Airlines flying from Ōita to Washington have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms

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