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DeltaOverall score based on 29333 reviews
Airline reviews
Pros: "I wish the airlines, all airlines would keep the middle seat vacant on all flights!! Such a comfortable feeling and flight. I’ve flown multiple times this summer during Covid, having that middle seat vacant has made traveling by air for me a very good, comfortable thing again. Don’t ever go back to packing us in like cattle car flights!!"
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Pros: "I wish the airlines, all airlines would keep the middle seat vacant on all flights!! Such a comfortable feeling and flight. I’ve flown multiple times this summer during Covid, having that middle seat vacant has made traveling by air for me a very good, comfortable thing again. Don’t ever go back to packing us in like cattle car flights!!"
Cons: "100% as always.. delta has never disappointed! Keep up the good work guys"
Cons: "TVs/outlets on my side and section of the plane were not working."
Pros: "They did not clean with antiseptic the tray tables and tv screens between flights. Because of corona virus scare. I asked stewardess and she said no"
Pros: "The atl to bwi leg was not great. No inflight entertainment and the aircraft looked old."
Cons: "A newer aircraft that doesn't show its age would be nice"
Pros: "Kudos to the employees who really tried to help rather than pay mere lip service."
Cons: "The plane experienced a mechanical issue forcing us to return to the gate after waiting for an hour. The staff was clearly overwhelmed and focused on moving us along (Cheryl) rather than resolving our need to reach our destinations.it wasn’t until we found one extremely patient and persistent employee (LaShondra-?) who booked us through NYC rather than Atlanta so we reached Rochester on the same day. So the questions are- why don’t the airport hold a larger inventory of parts, why aren’t there back up planes and why doesn’t the software better cope with these types of situations?"
Pros: "Crew was lovely"
Cons: "Flight was delayed 8 hours. Both the pilots and flight attendants timed out at different times. After boarding we had to deplane because crew was timing out. Had to fly new crew in from Atlanta. Was in airport from 10:50am to 8pm with airlines offering a bag of chips and water."
Cons: "A late flight due to a mechanical problem. Missed connection and Delta was of little help."
Cons: "Not cancelling our flight"
Cons: "Boarding process was really poor. Long line for just dropping a bag off that I already paid for."
Cons: "Plane was FREEZING!!!"
Cons: "the flight was delayed and so I missed my train home"
Pros: "Crew was great."
Pros: "I liked that we were able to use the go go entertainment from the headrest. Lots of things to choose from to watch"
Cons: "We could of been on time, we had a connection I. Atlanta and had 15 minutes to spare"
Pros: "Early warning about little overhead compartment baggage space. Short flight made shorter in air."
Cons: "No enough carry on baggage space"
Pros: "Flight timing and gate arrival"
Cons: "Boarding"
Pros: "Terrific service."
Cons: "Everything was great."
Pros: "Great service"
Cons: "Look, if your kid is so young that he can’t get in a plane without screaming for four hours, you shouldn’t bring him on a plane and subject 200 people to that. It’s rude and selfish."
Cons: "Full flight. We weren’t able to chose our seats and were put in middle seats in different rows."
Pros: "The staff & crew were friendly. I liked having access to free entertainment. I liked being able to see the tracking of my checked bag (notifications)."
Cons: "My bag was roughed up a bit. Protective belt was torn off & signs of light damage."
Pros: "Boarding was on time; flight departures on time and arrived earlier than expected! Pilot told us exactly what was the status and gave us updates; cabin was well air conditioned; flight attendants were friendly; bags came out very quick! Very nice flight"
Pros: "The crew was very accommodating and found me a new seat when I requested one."
Cons: "My assigned seat was next to a morbidly obese man. He overflowed his seat and took up at least five inches of my seat. The seats have become so narrow that even an average weight male has trouble fitting his shoulders into the seats."
Pros: "AVL-ATL quick flight, small but comfMgr and you could actually roll your suitcase down the middle aisle. No entertainment, food or drink service."
Cons: "On time and nice media"
Pros: "The gentleman that was calling zone 1, etc etc. was amazing. I should have grabbed his name. Kept us informed and thanked us and really appreciated our business. He rocked!"
Pros: "The crew did the best they could under the circumstances."
Cons: "The flight was scheduled for 7:45 pm. Due to the storm the day before, my flight out of Miami was cancelled and I was told that the flight out of W Palm Beach was my only option. I paid $150 for an Uber at 4 pm. At 6:37, I got an email with news of a two hour delay. I would’ve appreciated an earlier notice. But much worse was the boarding experience. As half the passengers had boarded, someone announced that we had to have everyone boarded and seated in 5 minutes, or else the crew would time out, and we’d have to stay in WPalm. This set off a frenzy, with seated passengers yelling at the people boarding to hurry!! I was told by the pilot while exiting in LGA, that we made it by 30 seconds! It could’ve been handled so much better!"
Pros: "Confort"
Cons: "The floor was litte bit dirty"
Pros: "Smooth take off and landing"
Cons: "N/A"
Pros: "I was not able to change seats..."
Pros: "Left early and arrived early."
Cons: "Smallest bathroom on a plane I've ever seen. Could barely sit down without my knees banging into door or wall."
Pros: "On time; safe flight"
Cons: "Service from boarding to landing was impersonal. No headphones etc. Etc."
Pros: "Customer service"
Pros: "The stewards and flight was overall fine. In fact I found the stewards to Atlanta from West Palm very accommodating."
Cons: "I have reservation on booking Comfort plus next time I fly though. There appeared to be no difference in the seating or service as economy. A lesson learn I guess. I will atillflyDelta but stick to economy. I saw no perks"
Pros: "Crew seemed nice enough and everything flew on time."
Cons: "The seats were so close together, my femur (upper leg bone) would not fit in the space provided. I am 6'3" and have been a very faithful Delta passenger, but I cannot see flying with them anymore if I have to upgrade just to get minimal comfort. It is indecent. I will investigate other airlines."
Pros: "2 Delta employers went out of their way to address our messed up situation and make sure we got home without robbing us blind."
Cons: "My row didn't have sound on our entertainment system. I was able to move to another seat and they did compensate the couple that was next tho new with beverages and miles to their account."
Pros: "Just getting to my destination"
Cons: "Service very poor and seats very uncomfortable"
Cons: "Flight left late and missed connecting flight in Atlanta. It's 9:30 pm and I'm still stuck in Atlanta airport."
Pros: "They did fly.... finally"
Cons: "Missed connection to Bangor. Had to overnight in NYC. Substituted smaller plane for this transcontinental flight."
Pros: "On time. Funny pilot"
Cons: "Flight was delayed"
Pros: "Crew did an outstanding job"
Cons: "No entertainment"
Pros: "Clean, polite, informed"
Cons: "Delayed"
Pros: "Got from point A to point B"
Cons: "nothing all was good as expected."
Cons: "Flight was 7 hours delayed and every 2 hours of waiting they delayed the flight 2 more hours"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, the crew on board was nice"
Cons: "Boarding and unboarding was unorganized and hectic. Also the crew broke my luggage and because I didn't go to the counter right afterwards I can't be reimbursed for it"
Pros: "Left on time. Boarded easily and arrived early"
Cons: "Flying :)"
Pros: "Excellent crew. Better drinks in comfort plus BUT NO SCOTCH!! Bummer."
Cons: "Seats are NOT comfortable even in special comfort plus ( too thin)."
Pros: "The flights were on time and the entertainment system worked great."
Cons: "They overbooked (as usual) and bumped me from the Atlanta to Los Angeles leg of my journey. This put me 24 hours behind and cost me hotel money."
Pros: "Love the in flight entertainment. Wouldn't pay an extra fee for it, but love it as a complimentary perk."
Cons: "Luggage took over 45min"
Pros: "Good service and very attentive."
Cons: "Better entertainment options."
Cons: "Everything"
Cons: "Should have had better back up plan to get flight out even with weather issues. Should have had better communication as to status."
Pros: "Crew was good."
Cons: "They kept texting that there was a one hour delay...then another and another.. they just should have told us there was a four hour delay from the beginning !"
Cons: "I paid $108.00 in advance to reserve my two seats each way. $27 each way per person. I made it clear that I wanted an aisle and window seat each way. I was told that I was given this but I received a window and middle seat. Could not change last minute."
Cons: "Seats were made of hard plastic and did not recline. No radio or TV. No free food offered. Waited hours as they had to locate a mechanic, repair an armrest and then do the paperwork to prove that he had finishes the armrest!"
Pros: "Non stop option, Competitive price in spite of all the add-ones"
Cons: "More legroom,"
Cons: "Just a bit delayed"
Cons: "Frontier is ok. Staff was friendly. The price for the flight itself was great,but the cost of bags and seats was way more than the flight.The seats aren’t very comfortable,not at all plush.If I hadn’t been sitting with my daughters, it would’ve been even worse. I’ll pay more for comfort next time."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Rude airline stewards"
Pros: "Only direct flight"
Cons: "Landing was delayed but they can’t control that"
Cons: "Delayed take off with no reason explained, roughly an hour"
Pros: "The price was cheap"
Cons: "The seats were miniature, you dont get any food/snack included, it took 1 hour to get our baggage, it took 49 minutes to get off of the plane, the pilots were late on the flight there, the plane was delayed 1.5 hours on the way back, you have to not only pay for the flight but then you have to also pay for your seat. I will never fly frontier again."
Cons: "It really ridiculous to advertise as a cheap flight but in the end they change for everything."
Pros: "Frontiers crew and the aircraft were fantastic! Crew was very accommodating and professional - extremely pleasant. Accommodations on the plane were a little cramped but comfortable and very clean."
Cons: "Somewhat cramped putting my bag under the seat in front of me. Not a lot of leg room and the seat does not recline."
Pros: "Inexpensive flight"
Cons: "Boarding , they didn’t register my boarding pass"
Pros: "The flight attendants let me change my seats without any question. Quick and easy flight."
Pros: "My seat mates and non-stop flight. Pilot's professionalism"
Cons: "Pressure to pay for personal luggage Flight crew drama"
Pros: "Price was excellent. Crew was outstanding. Upgraded seats were roomy and comfortable."
Cons: "Both legs of the trip had two hour delays. Boarding was unorganized. Gate staff was not pleasant. Some food and drink items were not available."
Pros: "Plane was clean. Everything was good. Don't usually fly your airline. Plane was new."
Cons: "The plane took off over an hr late due to lack of heat and the pilot had to reboot the system, once the plane finally took off the flught attendsnts then explained they would start the beverage service but were iut of most options and we could get ready to pay for what was left, maybe if they offered complimentary beverages at that point would've been a nice touch."
Cons: "Was unable to make it"
Pros: "Liked the price. Liked the service."
Cons: "Hated the seats. Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "Better looking plain than the last Frontier one, Pilot was more smooth at take off and landing."
Cons: "The boarding crew were nasty and the gentleman was more focused on looking sexy in his heels and long nails. Why do we pay for a flight and then for a seat? Why not fly standing and not pay extra? That's a funny way to just take more money out of our pockets. Have us pay for basic seats and then have the ability to upgrade."
Pros: "crew was very friendly"
Cons: "plane and bathrooms were dirty stinky and old worn down! most uncomfotable seat ever!! i was sore before we pulled away from terminal! fold down tray was the size of a cell phone!"
Pros: "The flight attendants were funny, friendly and helpful!"
Pros: "Good flight arrived early, liked drop off at luggage pick up"
Cons: "Seem. A bit of confusion prior to boarding. Crew was pleasant. Eish tre frontier trenton had rou d trips to Pittsburgh"
Pros: "Once on the plane, the flight was fine. No problems."
Cons: "Not the airlines fault, but a bird strike made them switch out our plane for another. Good idea, but the announcements kept saying we were 15-20 minutes away from boarding, but the same 15-20 minutes about three times in a row. We left about an hour late. I would prefer it if you were just straight with us the first time. "Ladies and Gentleman, it will be about an hour. Our new boarding time is XX. Be back here by then and we won't leave without you." Also, the desk crew should have asked the passengers to have a seat instead of standing and blocking the area. People were trying to get by and it was difficult. Also, on a completely different topic, healthier snack choices would be appreciated."
Cons: "They re-directed our flight and didn't land it and didn't bother to announce it over the PA system. Everyone thought we were going to crash or something bad was happening since they were not communicating at all. The emergency exit lights even went on and the stewardess didn't bother to announce anything to us. It was seriously the WORST flight and service I have ever been on."
Cons: "Dirty,late"
Cons: "All the passengers and crew had to wait in Trenton while one man gave a half hearted effort to clear snow and ice from the passenger ramp. We would have been there for two hours if I had not spoken up. Once I did, they brought a replacement ramp that did not have snow on it. It is not nice to advertise to us about your credit card on a loudspeaker that is supposed to be used for safety and emergency announcements. You wake us up to hear an ad??!!"
Pros: "I don't think we shouk pay for soda."
Cons: "Every thing else was fine"
Pros: "The plane didn't crash."
Cons: "The flight was delayed. The connecting flight left without me. I had to get a hotel until the next flight the following afternoon."
Pros: "I have to say that the flight attendants were very nice and attentive! Much much better then the attendants from AA! We left on time and arrived early at out destination! Yes you guys charge for everything and the planes are old and not much seat leg room, but its expected based on the price! Over all a great flight for our money! We had the same experience on our round trip to FL!"
Pros: "Better on/off ramps at Trenton airport."
Pros: "It was cancelled 3 hours before flight with no notice."
Cons: "crowded seats, no room for my knees, since the kids behind us had little room they were constantly kicking our seats and crying, the aisles were too narrow, the seats were uncomfortable, we did not understand that we had to pay an extra chg for our seats which should be part of the original charge (that's ridiculous!), had to pay an unbelievable extra chg for something to drink, and then if that wasn't bad enough, we had to wait for over an hour for our luggage! Never again will we book Frontier!"
Cons: "Flight delays"
Pros: "Frontier is inexpensive for a reason. They offer zero perks and charge for everything in addition to you simply sitting on the flight. Extra costs: baggage, a carry on, anything but water on the flight costs money, selecting a seat assignment costs money, no movies or TV on the flight, etc. You want to keep it cheap? Fly with them but expect zero additional comforts."
Pros: "Price was o.k."
Cons: "Leg room not enough. simple water is not offered."
Pros: "The Fare"
Cons: "Waiting 1 hour for a gate to open in Chicago"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled at 2 am. Was told flight was on time at 855 pm. Was then delayed to 11:30. I am not receiving flight compensation emails at this time. This was horrible. The voucher they gave us for a hotel did not work. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE."
Pros: "Fast, efficient and friendly service."
Pros: "Airplane was new. Crew was nice"
Cons: "Late departure. No information from boarding staff."
Pros: "Wish seats reclined. Didn't know you had to pay for drinks. Other than that it was fine."
Cons: "Ha ha! The flight hasn't even left yet. Delayed 4 hours with no attempt to compensate passengers for the inconvenience. We were given $50 toward future travel on this godforsaken excuse for an airline - valid only within the next 90 days. No serious offers to re-book, cab vouchers, or accommodations given. A real disgrace."
Cons: "The seating was horrible. In their defense I'm 6 foot three 230 pounds. However, the seats were like rumble seat with a thin cushion on them that did not move."
Pros: "The price of the ticket. We always take a checked bag and never a carryon so that charge didn't matter to us. No problems with check in and flights were right on schedule. Already booked another flight to same destination."
Cons: "Wish there was more day and time choices. Wanted a Diet Coke and the were out."
Cons: "Surprise! You went through the effort to pack 4 days of clothes in a carry on to expedite your travel through connections. What you didn't know is you'll be penalized anyway, to the tune of $40. Some airlines offer the courtesy of telling you there's a fee, and allow you to prepay a reduced fee. So, what's up Frontier?"

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