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American Airlines
Overall score based on 44,893 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "That I was found an alternative flight and was boarded swiftly."
Cons: "That my flight was delayed four hours or more and then cancelled so I had to be transferred to a totally different flight in the early hours of the morning and that my luggage was delayed and travelled on a different flight to mine. The entire experience was very discouraging."

Cons: "Wifi was not working in the airplane unfortunately. You could connect to it but it was not working at all for anybody '"

Pros: "Friendly crew, nice meal, relaxing flight. Really appreciated the opportunity to get the Dasani Lime sparkling water. Nice, healthy alternative to soda and such. I appreciated that loud PA system announcements weren't being made all night long during the flight. This allowed me to get truly relaxed and enjoy the flight part of the experience. Thank you."
Cons: "I flew economy so I have no complaints. The movies weren't my cup of tea, but I was exhausted and slept anyway, so it didn't matter."

Pros: "Biscotti, pilot, crew"
Cons: "Seating is so uncomfortable, unable to recline more than an inch or so, then everybody rushes around making you return to an upright position! What's the point?"

Pros: "Fairly regular updates from Captain, approx every 15-30 minutes. Flight attendants were ok, performed duties as expected. Announcements were difficult to hear over sound system. I don't know if Captain and the flight attendants were soft-spoken, or if the volume was not turned high enough, but I could hear less than have of what was said over the audio system."
Cons: "On the plane for approx six hours. Sat for two hours at the gate, then another hour on the tarmac. Would have been more bearable, but AA's seats are sooooooo close together, that there is nowhere near enough room to stretch legs when weather causes delays. AA's seats are the most uncomfortable (in regard to space and lumbar support) of the three major airlines."

Pros: "Crew was nice"

Cons: "Missed connection flight because they were late taking off, stuck in Munich all day. Only some of us got our second ticket to begin with even though we were told to check in to both through AA. They did take responsibility and pay for our lunch though so there's that."

Pros: "Seats were comfortable."
Cons: "Two hour plus delay in plane on tarmac then long flight with entertainment not working. Crew could care less."

Pros: "Love these Non-stop to Austin even though they are always full. Thanks for this luxury of non having to transfer in Dallas."
Cons: "The down side is that these planes are smaller so we didn't have any entertainment and therefore no place to charge digital devices. There is however, wifi to purchase."

Pros: "Plenty empty seats, so I had enough room. Arrival earlier than scheduled, crew provided good service"
Cons: "Food (I had pasta)was lousy, the little TV screen was EXTREMELY unresponsive, Most of the time it would not work - unable to make selections. Seat 19C"

Pros: "Crew"
Cons: "No WiFi"

Pros: "The flight went very smoothly once we were finally on our way."
Cons: "Kiosks that worked were rare. Crowds trying to get boarding passes and finally getting their luggage checked were huge. Not enough staff to help confused passengers. Overall, the situation was something I have never experienced with any other airline."

Pros: "The plane and facilities were all very nice."
Cons: "Requested a raw vegetarian meal when prompted but message was not delivered to airline evidently. Flight attendant did not attempt to find alternate meal and implied we had not followed proper directions."

Cons: "Tight conditions, lousy movies& music, video system did not work well, 1 hour wait on runway"

Pros: "Good food & movies."

Pros: "In general it was fine"
Cons: "The flight was not cheap and when I went to select my seat, it revealed that to not sit in the middle row would cost me an extra $60 each way. A bit much on the misc charges folks."

Pros: "Crew was excellent and live tv options"
Cons: "Temperature on flight was freezing cold!"

Cons: "No priority boarding for people with babies and toddlers"

Cons: "My flight was cancelled, then rebooked three times, when I finally was able to fly almost 24 hours later, the flight was delayed by over an hour. Not acceptable service at all. Not interested in ever flying with American again."

Pros: "Glad AA offers a direct flight from Philly to Amsterdam."
Cons: "The flight left over two hours late, for reasons never provided. We were not alerted until after I arrived at the airport (thanks for the timely email, AA). I also dislike having to pay extra for a seat after I've already paid for the ticket!"

Pros: "It was a good and comfortable flight and a nice crew allthough it was Operators by AA"
Cons: "The food is not overwhelming."

Cons: "Horrible service and was never notified so I was not able to make either of these flights."

Cons: "Finally took off at 12:15 AM on a flight scheduled to depart at 7;30 PM the day before!"

Pros: "Gave us plenty of food and entertainment"
Cons: "the touchscreen for the inflight entertainment wasn't working properly - slow/unresponsive on the right side - and the announcements were deafening over headphones"

Pros: "Crew was helpful and provided sufficient food and drinks. Plane was late."
Cons: "The plane was late. Took a long time to turn over and the seats were not very comfortable. This was a flight operated by American Airlines"

Pros: "Food and crew were excellent. In flight entertainment vast."
Cons: "Seats were terribly uncomfortable. I was sandwiched between two men in an aisle seat of 4 and our arms were bumping into each other the whole time because the seats were smaller than the people. It was the most back and lower lumbar discomfort I've had."

Cons: "Plane needed to be updated. CRT TVs still? More space in seating for such a long duration flight. Head rests that don't rise more than a few centimeter. What's the point then?"

Pros: "I had never flown coach and decided to try it at a ridiculously low price. It was fine. I slept well and the service was above expectation for Coach"
Cons: "It was difficult to get to the rest room because it was a full flight"

Pros: "Another great flight. On our plane the entertainment was free and I was able to watch a lot of movies. We even landed early"
Cons: "I know it was a very long flight and my butt and legs were hiring by the time we landed. Also I'm lactose intolerant. And I wasn't able to eat any of the food. But it did look good. But overall a very good flight."

Pros: "Flight on time. Crew were pleasant."
Cons: "Usb charger would not charge tablet in flight. Tried multiple sources since there were 4 of us-none worked."

Pros: "Flight was crowded , they stored my bag without fee which was greatly appreciated"
Cons: "Plane was too small for international flight"

Cons: "Had to book a flight to Providence and then rent a car to drive to Boston since there were no other available flights to Boston today."

Pros: "The quality of aircraft"
Cons: "The service lacked any sort of empathy. The crew on this flight especially the African American lady, I think are in the wrong profession. Didn't care at all. Seemed miserable."

Pros: "Nothing really. I feel for the crew. The space is so small and confining there is no room to work or move around"
Cons: "We thought we would get some decent amenities with a name brand carrier but American has basically become like Spirit or Frontier. International travel used to be exempt from impossibly small seats, lack of in flight entertainment and terribly overmatched crew members scurrying to try and complete their duties. Terrible. But the good news is if you pay an extra fee they will let you get on the plane first. More time to be miserable! Hoorah!!"

Pros: "our original flight was cancel due to snow, and we were placed at a hotel and food vouchers were given as well"
Cons: "no head set were passed out making video entertainment useless"

Pros: "Seat were larger and comfortable"
Cons: "AB 320-200 flight for +5 hours and no entertainment. Nothing on the flight. Could not pre-board on line, so instead of a zone 2 loading sequence we got zone 4. as a person who flies to Europe 4-5 times a year I do not enjoy getting on a plane in the Zone 4-5 sequencing."

Pros: "AA provided free headphones, free movies, music, and such."

Pros: "I booked the flight specifically because it was advertised and booked on British Airways, which is considered a nice international airline to fly. The flight was swaped to American Airlines, and I was put on an international flight that was archaic, I would have been better off flying a prop plane from the 1970's."
Cons: "I booked the flight specifically because it was advertised and booked on British Airways, which is considered a nice international airline to fly. The flight was swaped to American Airlines, and I was put on an international flight that was archaic, I would have been better off flying a prop plane from the 1970's."

Pros: "Boarding was pleasant, flight attendant was very nice. Served several snacks and choice of drinks."
Cons: "no entertainment"

Pros: "Boarding was efficient, check in at PHL was quick, cabin attendants were good. Food was fine."
Cons: "Entertainment system seemed to overload and choke at times. Seats were ok but no coach seats are great overnight."

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The entertainment screen for seat did not work. A crew member indicated that he would try to fix it, but he never reappeared and nothing was done to alleviate the problem. They could not have cared less."

Pros: "Watched movies most of flight and the wine was free. The pilots got us there safely."
Cons: "They never called for groups, except 1st class. After they boarded it was a free for all. Wasn't allowed to check in online, had to wait until I got to airport.The seats just keep getting smaller and smaller. The microwaved tv dinner they served was horrible. Someone pooped on the bathroom floor."

Cons: "We upgraded our seats to row 8, priority seating and the legroom was absolutely terrible. I completely regret upgrading our seats and paying extra for nothing. This was a terrible over-night experience. We also did not have Wifi, which indicated we would. The plane was very outdated and the seats were uncomfortable."

Pros: "Efficient. Got to destination on time."
Cons: "My tv screen was not working. I asked four times to see if it could be fixed. Crew could have cared less. Crew seemed a bit rude overall."

Pros: "Clean and not much space but ok"
Cons: "No individual screen and no choices"

Cons: "1 1/2 hour delay waiting for another plane was ridiculous."

Cons: "Don't like the habit of having the staff reserve the last 3 rows of the airplane for personal usage when there are no other spare seats on the plane. Then we were lied to by the attendants that they did this to balance the weight across the aircraft. The seats are incredibly uncomfortable to begin with and mine had a broken seat bag making things worse. All in all a miserable flight to Europe for my kids and me."

Pros: "The new plane."
Cons: "Late departure."

Pros: "A typical American Airlines flight these days. Easy boarding. Very friendly flight crew. Cafeteria food. Left a little late and arrived on time."
Cons: "Squished in seats. No legroom. The usual. (Everyone understands)"

Pros: "inexpensive fLight."
Cons: "paYing for coffee. paying for carry oNs."

Cons: "Kid vomit"

Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "After paying for the flight. We had to pay to get seats guaranteed next to each other. And the charges for everything including a ridiculous amount for a can or soda or water and a snack."

Pros: "Weather is fine here, but a delay in a different city turned into 4 hours of waiting. The $10 voucher really made me feel better though! Total disorganization, it all stemmed from a delayed flight 5 days ago that snowballed into this. Crazy, only fly these guys if you have no other choice."

Pros: "Flight cancelled"

Pros: "We left early and arrived about 20 minutes early"
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats"

Cons: "High charge on baggage. Not even water. I will not want to flight with you again. Sorry."

Pros: "Equipment was relatively new so no issues there. Orderly boarding and clean cabin. Flight crew did a superb job! Cabin crew were polite and accommodating enough. Gate agents were efficient and friendly, Can't comment on the quality/quantity of food or beverage as I opted not to give them any more money, Make sure to download the Frontier app on your device BEFORE boarding or you will have NO entertainment available! The entertainment is complimentary but there's a charge for internet."
Cons: "I had discovered the carry-on bag charges AFTER purchasing the ticket online which is a bit underhanded. My 'bargain' ticket was now the same price as every other airline plus the 'privilege' of food and beverage purchase whereas all the vanguard carriers still offer free carry-on, snacks and soft drinks. BTW unless you're drunk or completely exhausted, don't plan on getting much sleep: the seats were made with some of the thinnest padding I've experienced and you might get 3-4 inches of recline, IF you can locate the lever! IMPORTANT!! If you don't order THE WORKS pkg ($55) when you INITIALLY pay for your ticket, which includes refund waiver along with check-in, carry-on and seat choice, you're stuck with THE PERKS ($45) which has all the above EXCEPT the refund waiver. The refund fee is $99! You can do everything a la carte, but will cost more beyond 1 bag. BTW, do it all online or you'll pay more at the airport. All in all, absolutely fine for the price if you have a personal sized item (i.e. up to a small backpack) but a standard size carry-on or check-in will definitely put a wrinkle in your flight budget!"

Pros: "Smooth flight, friendly crew. Had no problem boarding, or getting my seat."
Cons: "I felt that the additional cost for carrying on my bag was high, by the time you pay that, the price of the ticket is almost equal to other airlines. If you change your seat there's an additional charge for that. Also, I do like the fact that the airline charges for non-alcoholic beverages. I'm not sure if they charged for water, but they charge $2.99 for a regular sized can of Coke. I think that leaves the public with the feeling that they're being ripped off. Not good."

Pros: "The crew was friendly and helpful."
Cons: "Had to sit on the tarmac about 30 minutes on arrival in Indianapolis because another aircraft was at our gate. Why couldn't we have gone to a different gate? Arrival was at about 9pm and the airport wan't that busy. This was uncomfortable. Would have been a good time to hand out free snacks and beverages or drink coupons for a future flight."

Pros: "We were at our destination 40 minutes early!"
Cons: "paying for any beverage other than water"

Cons: "Clean the seats off!"

Cons: "Flight From San Antonio to Philadephia, Late for 1 hours Flight from Philadelphia to San Antonio boarding on time, however we have to wait for 1 hour to take off"

Pros: "I'd like to not be charged for a carry-on."
Cons: "I did not like the overselling, extra fees (i.e. carry-on charge)."

Cons: "Flight was 7 hours late because of staffing error and you have to buy all refreshments and basic courtesies."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Frontier is a bait and switch operation. They offer discount fares and when you get to ticketing you discover that they charge $40 for checked bags and $45 for carry on bags!!! I can understand the checked baggage fee only if it was made known prior to purchase but charging more for carry on bags. Also, the staff at the ticketing counter are rude and obviously selected and trained to make sure that they get every penny of their ruthless money. I have flown my first and only flight with Frontier and will never do so again."

Pros: "The crew were all very friendly and the planes were clean."
Cons: "Having to pay for a carry on bag. This will probably be the thing that prevents me from flying with Frontier again."

Pros: "The economical price for travel"
Cons: "No beverage offered except at cost....I am used to having soda or juice on other flights. Delay time at departing airport and no explanation offered. We sat for at least 30 minutes and could see a Frontier plane in distance moving around outside. Customers did not know what was occurring in that situation."

Cons: "Having to pay all the extra fees for a checked bag and carry on luggage."

Pros: "We got to destination 30 mins ahead of time."
Cons: "No leg room and the seats don't recline. No free snacks or drinks. Not even water."

Pros: "The crew was very nice and boarded the plane quickly."
Cons: "Basically everything else was awful. The seats were the worst I've ever sat in on an airplane. There was something poking me in the back the entire flight. On an international flight there should be some sort of food options beyond m&m and rice krispy treats.... I ordered one, and they had none left. There wasn't even a magazine for me to look at while on the plane. Really disappointing experience from stem to stern"

Pros: "Long Flight Delay Due to Weather, Strong Thunderstorms and Tornado warnings. Handled Delay well and boarded when appropriate."

Pros: "Base price. Plane seemed newer and was clean."
Cons: "Staff was a bit rude. Tray table was comically small though with absolutely no complimentary food or drink I suppose it doesn't matter. Extremely thin padding on seats making them quite uncomfortable. While the base fee is low, once you factor in all of the fees for check bags, carry on bags, snacks or a drink while on-board, and paying to guarantee you have seats together, you might as well just fly Southwest because Frontier will likely be no cheaper or just barely."

Cons: "Comfort Entertqinment Crew professionalism Food and drinks"

Pros: "Good price for ticket. Plane boarded quickly and left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Frontier "nickle dimes" you to death. Charge for seat, charge for luggage, charge for something to drink. Add it all up and I'm not sure it is any cheaper."

Pros: "I usually don't fly frontier and was reminded why. The planes don't have seat rows listed on them and once you get to your seat, they're terribly uncomfortable. I guess the price is right to fly but after adding 40 dollars for a carry on item, what I paid doesn't look as good. silly to me that frontier can't afford to offer a free drink as well."

Pros: "The boarding process and the crew were amazing. The flight was smooth and arrived before schedule. Just be sure to account prices for seats and luggage and carry on baggage and food. The prices add up."

Pros: "Firendly crew"
Cons: "The seats are so small and close together that my 6'3" self acutally does not fit in them. There are no headrests. You can even lean forward on your tray table bc the seat in front is too close and the tray table in 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. A middle seat on a Frontier flight is the worst thing going in travel right now."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "The luggage policy must have been informed to passangers prior to the purchase of the ticket. I am unhappy about the fact that I could not carry my small luggage as I used to."

Pros: "always professional"
Cons: "I had to book a secondary flight, my bother DIED unexpectedly, and there was business... not compassion thrown at me. I completely understand business, but geez???????"

Cons: "The cabin crew can be a bit more friendly. There were several exit-row seats empty and I saw they asked somebody to leave one of those who swapped seats during the flight. If this is the company's policy, they can announce it in the beginning which would make things easier."

Pros: "The crew was fantastic and super friendly. We actually departed the gate a little early and arrived at our destination 30 minutes early. Easy travel the Sunday after Thanksgiving felt like a miracle. You have to know that you pay for all of the extras (including coffee). It's still less expensive than flying other airlines most of the time."
Cons: "I bought a more expensive seat -- you pay for all the extras -- which meant I got an exit row (plenty of leg room), but my seat didn't recline. My flight wasn't that long but it was early in the day, so I intended to get a seat that reclined. I was disappointed for paying $25 for the seat and not even getting a reclining seat."

Pros: "Left on time and arrived on time."

Cons: "Delayed with no information given. No charger ports."

Pros: "Not charged for my bag"
Cons: "This is my 5th time flying frontier and I have never had a flight board or take off on time. This one was an hour and a half late but it tells you that the flight is "on time"."

Cons: "The delay"

Pros: "the price"
Cons: "to early"

Pros: "My flight took off on time no luggage nor carry on but was surprise when found out frontier would charge carry on. Flight was cheap, crews were fine. We arrived half hour earlier then schedule which was great only to find out they couldn't open the plane's door so had to wait for 20 minutes before it opened. All and all I would rate 4 stars and will give another try."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flimsy seats..hurt your butt Tray is smaller ttan notebook No leg room at all....i am 5'5 Charge you up to 45.00 for for a carry-on. Charge you 1.99 for can soda or juice Charge you for water Charge for snacks Charge you extra to sit in the exit seats Flight was late Alanta airport train shuts down at 1 am....had to walk from gate E all the way out. Flight attendants were snippy and rude to others Ask to speak to manager and denied NEVER AGAIN"

Cons: "HAD TO Pay extra for seats No leg room Would not accept my Mastercard to get boarding passes online, but no problem accepting it at airport."

Pros: "We didn't crash or blow up."
Cons: "Most uncomfortable seats I've ever had on a flight, was surrounded by obnoxious people and screaming kids. And the smells. Oh god the smells. Worst flight I've ever been on. Aside from random unprofessionalism, the crew was ok."

Pros: "Good service and very informative"
Cons: "They explain to me with details about the carry on rules."

Pros: "Everything ran smooth. ..from start to finish great job but surprise bag fee was the only negative."
Cons: "Was shocked when I showed up for check in and had to pay for my carry on,so I checked it in.But I scaled back what I normally pack to make it a carry on size so as not to have to check a bag and pay anything because at no time during my booking process was I told about bag fees.kind of a shady practice!!!!"

Cons: "I feel that Frontier baited me with competitive fares when booking the ticket. When it was time to print my boarding pass, there were extra and excessive fees that other airlines don't charge and weren't disclosed at booking. Frontier charges a "seat fee" just for selecting a seat for the flight. They charge a "carry on" fee for a carry on bag. When added to the booking fare, the total cost exceeded what I would have paid on another airline. I feel tricked and deceived. I would not use Frontier again unless they were the only provider."

Cons: "more than 90 minutes of delay.."

Cons: "Confusion on what carry on baggage fly's free and what is charged."

Pros: "Best price!"
Cons: "Probably the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on. Seats are rigid, cannot recline. An 8-hour flight to Europe with decent seats is more tolerable than than my 3.5-hour ride to Cancun. Dare I say it's painful, and I'm not even old!"

Pros: "Only flight that was available on day and time I needed with short notice."
Cons: "Service mediocre, plane was filthy, charged for a carry on,"

Pros: "comfortable seats, wonderful staff, pricing is awesome..."

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