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Low season

October Best time to beat the crowds with an average 53% drop in price.

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March Most popular time to fly with an average 49% increase in price.

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$544 (avg. price over the last 2 weeks)

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$235 or less

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$318 or less

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  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $318 or less one-way and $235 or less round-trip.
  • High season is considered to be February, March and April. The cheapest month to fly is October.

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Top airlines flying Port of Spain Piarco Intl to Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl

Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews

Copa Airlines
Overall score based on 12,649 reviews
Airline reviews

Pros: "Copa was convenient and easy. Very easy boarding process and I appreciated the day flight."
Cons: "This is a business class that is equivalent to a US carrier domestic first class. Good seats, not lay flat but wide on my 737-800. The food and service emulated say American Airlines Domestic 1C as well. Everything was just good enough, and much cheaper that international business on the majors."

Pros: "The crew was great and good customer service"

Pros: "The flight was smooth"
Cons: "One Cooa employ tried to force me to check my carry on. They did not ask if I wanted to check it. They told me I must. They ridiculously placed the bag on top of the carry-on measuring device and told me it was too big. I had just gotten off another Copa flight from Port of Spain where there was no issue at all."

Pros: "It was an old plane, no WiFi!!! There is was an hour and half delay which no one made it clear as to why ."
Cons: "the manager at the counter at IAD insisted make the connection in Panama City! Of course after landing in Panama City I missed the connection. Had to stay at a hotel and I purchased business class ticket but they don’t have business class seats available on the next flight and book me on economy"

Pros: "Seat comfortable. Staff accomodating"
Cons: "In flight entertainment"

Cons: "Business class is terrible value for money. 5 sogfyt chicken nuggets with a tiny bowl of lettuce. Disgusting waste of money."

Cons: "Traveling with another airline!"

Pros: "Crew was friendly, food was good and seats were comfortable"
Cons: "Delivery of baggage at SFO terminal"

Cons: "Boarding procedures"

Pros: "Very un-experienced Air hostess..They seriously need training. Also they need language training in English"
Cons: "Air hostesses can not understand English, and ATTITUDE is bad . Need massive amount of proper training"

Pros: "Si me gusto el servicio en general"

Pros: "The crew were great and the flight very smooth."

Pros: "The flight was comfortable and routine - no problems"
Cons: "Really didn’t have any concerns."

Pros: "Everything was top notch!"

Pros: "Crew was pleasant and efficient in performing their duties, the meal choices were very good and both flights departed and arrived on time."

Pros: "The crew was nice."
Cons: "Some form of entertainment"

Cons: "Food on COPA is terrible."

Pros: "I liked the fact that we were able to get free meals and the first check in luggage free."
Cons: "NIL"

Cons: "The in flight entertainment selection was small, could have been bigger"

Pros: "Like the service of food"

Pros: "Very good"

Cons: "Did not happen, forces to spend the night in Panamá due to airline miss-management and miss-planing. Ruined my trip!!"

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Pros: "On time. Short layover"
Cons: "I didn't know that if you are sitting in rear section and there is a line to the bathroom, you aren't allowed to use the one in front, even if there is no line"

Pros: "Baggage policy for copa, food service"
Cons: "Only flying into Panama then Guatemala. Would have landed in Guatemala then Panama"

Pros: "No entertainment at all"

Cons: "Nothing Everything was great"

Pros: "The cancelled my reservation the day of the flight. It took me 24 hours to get home and I had to re-book my own flight and take united airlines."

Cons: "The food was horrible and the seats need to be redone"

Pros: "Easy connection. Very sharp. My mom felt so fine."

Pros: "There really isn't much to complain about with Copa as they're prompt and efficient. I usually fly on their Embraer E190ARs which are pretty spartan when it comes to additional amenities as compared to the Boeing 737 fleet. However the business class seats are comfortable have a reasonable recline for such a small aircraft."
Cons: "If you're flying on a flight operated by Copa Colombia, be prepared for business class being European styled with regular economy class seats except on the E190 there is no middle row to block off."

Cons: "Old episodes of series. Need newer movie options"

Pros: "I like the service from the crew. They were very professional with the rules. And accommodating to me because I didn't speak spanish."
Cons: "First-class didn't give drinks until off of the ground, but ask what would like?"

Pros: "Ontime departure!"
Cons: "Conecting flight to Guatemala was over sold"

Pros: "You did not have a category for these persons"

Pros: "Good service and friendly crew"
Cons: "The 5 hours layover in Panama was way too long"

Cons: "the seats were old. No entertainment was available."

Pros: "Me encanto la atención de los aeromosos"

Pros: "All was. Ganythingood"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Excelente !10.0 un placer viajar con Copa"

Cons: "Everything was below standard"

Cons: "Did not ask for volunteers and gave preference to people who di on line check in. Ridiculous joke of an airline."

Pros: "The electricity went out at the airport in Panama which caused cancellations and delays. Copa did not handle the situation well. They did not put extra staff to deal with all the people who missed their flights. It was a total mess. I had to wait hours to get a new flight."

Pros: "- friendly service - complimentary headphones - wine/beer/liquor in economy seat - decent meals served with a smile - airline that doesn't nickel and dime you - attractive male flight attendants - EXCELLENT English"
Cons: "- Panama City's staff. Wasn't sure if it's everything related to that airport, but that crew was horrible. Not friendly and highly disorganized, they left a very sour taste in my mouth after my amazing experience with COPA thus far. They felt like a completely different airline!"

Pros: "Flight left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Anytime I needed something, such as a refreshment or travel form, employees did not follow through on the request or even return to me. It took over an hour from arrival time for luggage to arrive."

Cons: "There was no entertainment on this flight."

Pros: "Planes are clean and crew is nice"
Cons: "Overall they are a poorly organized airline and there is almost no entertainment."

Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing everything was good"

Pros: "The crew of Copa Airlines were very cordial and professional."

Pros: "Staff always amazing."
Cons: "Everything was good overall."

Pros: "Nice new interior"

Cons: "Immediately after all passengers were boarded United discovered the plane had to be replaced. We all had to deplane, wait an hour more for a new A320, and reboard. Also irritating that delays are posted at 15 minute intervals and then updated; so you have to keep updating friends & family via WiFi. If it's predicted to be an hour, say so."

Cons: "Unfortunately flight was delayed for 2 hours on top of a 3h42m layover"

Pros: "I was happy to finally receive a drink one the flight started. A waterbottle at the seat and not other service would have been nice. Wifi was not working. The seats were small and cramped. My seat did not stay either up or kept moving around and would not stay adjusted. However the crew was fantastic and our two female pilots were amazing. Captain Amy touched down in Phoenix was one of the smoothest I have ever experienced."

Cons: "Need to pay for everything... internet, tv, and snack. Long flight when you cant fork out more money for what was free with canadian airline"

Pros: "Although I was allowed a personal item and a carryon. The agent at the plane doors ( Guyanese guy. Insisted I check my carryon, for the reason the flight is full name note I was the second to last person to boaRd the plane. I explained to him I had a shoetc connection to MIA and then to Frankfurter so I did not take any other luggage so I would not haveto wait. He insisted I will get my luggage as soon as I exit the plane in Houston, which I asked him 3 times . The plane was not full there were more than 10 empty seats and lots of luggage space.I got to Houstonew to be told I would have to go the the luggage belt to pick up my bag, which did not appear for half an hour after we landed. I was truly disgusted"

Pros: "I didn't get dragged of a flight due to overbooking. So that is always a positive."
Cons: "United needs to add more entertainment options to all of their flights. Virgin, JetBlue have done this. Why can't United? You have record profits, invest it in inflight experience."

Pros: "Zero leg room! That actually was surprising as most other airlines have a lot more legroom. In flight entertainment was also lacking. Doesn't make sense to pay $7.99 for a 2.5hr flight. A lot of other airlines offer some sort of complimentary in flight entertainment. Also the luggage didn't start coming out for at least 30 mins of waiting at baggage claim. Not the worst experience I've had flying but far from being a good experience. It probably isn't worth flying united unless it's 1st class. But even they had to wait 30+mins for luggage!"

Pros: "United got me from point A to point B"
Cons: "Crew was rude, not just to me, but to other patrons. Flight was packed going and the man scanning boarding passes spoke to those of us asking simple questions as if we were stupid and defiant. Was he a prison guard in his previous job? On the way to Newark, I had an aisle seat. One of the stewardesses blazed by me with a cart ramming it into my shoulder without so much as a, "sorry." I'm not a big woman but maybe as I dozed off I leaned over a bit...There is no way she didn't feel her cart hit me. Rudeness, it seems is a part of the culture at United because the flight attendants coming back squeezed past the long line for the bathroom without saying, "excuse me." They did however, say, "I need to get by," and one of them brushed by the gentlemen sitting next to me and bumped his laptop and coffee. Overall it seems that the crew working these particular United flights have forgotten that we pay hard earned money to fly. Some of us are going on vacation, to see loved ones, and some are flying to deal with unpleasant circumstances. The staff may fly several times a day, but most passengers do not. There's a lot of prep and anxiety, that goes into taking a flight and a surly flight crew multiplies that anxiety. No one wants to fly with a crew that hates their job."

Pros: "Overall very good. Friendly staff and timely arrival and departure"
Cons: "More leg room (on first flight) and drinks with ice!"

Pros: "The Crew was nice and attentive"
Cons: "Boarding was unpleasant I had to wait so long to be seated because no wheelchair was available then I had to sit in the rear of the plane I'm physically disabled I had no leg room and my knees were in pain the whole flight then after landing I had to wait 20 to 25 minutes to get off the plane I'm still recovering from that but keep the attendance they were the highlight of my experience"

Pros: "On time."

Pros: "Just happy to be home"
Cons: "That I asked to be put on an affiliate airline they didn't offer which was perfect because I was able to get home to get medical attention"

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Everything. United made no apologies."

Pros: "Good crew."
Cons: "No comfort. Should have picked my seat."

Pros: "Staff excellent"
Cons: "Everything else, space restrictive"

Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "passengers being physically sick me"

Pros: "Good service"

Pros: "Flight price."
Cons: "The service, accommodations, cleanliness, organization from the airline (multiple delays and two gate changes), comfort of seats, & entertainment options were all undesirable. I tend to only fly United when I have no other options. This experience was exactly what I expected from the airline. However, I was traveling with my mother this trip and wish I would've spent the money to fly a different airline."

Cons: "Original flight was cancelled the night before due to aircraft maintenance. Then too find out that United was only flying 1 plane per day from POS but when purchasing the ticket its listing multiple flights is TERRIBLE. The unorganized, under staffed situation in the airport that had NO answers or explanations for people was TERRIBLE. Once on a rescheduled flight having to sit on a plane for nearly 3hrs due to the flight being completely full with passenager and baggage that the required amount of fuel couldnt be added other wise we would have been over weight, not having enough lunches and beverages for all passenagers, missing my connecting flight and also having my luggage left behind and having to wait another day to recieve it. I was in the airport from 430am and didnt make it home to CLE until 10pm......ABSOLUTLYTERRIBLE!!!"

Pros: "Flight was early!"

Pros: "I had an empty seat next to me and was able to have some more comfort on the 5 hour flight"
Cons: "The flight was delayed twice, very frustrating as we were already arriving at midnight."

Pros: "Was impressed w the new plane"
Cons: "Overhead storage a little small"

Pros: "On time, clean newer plane"
Cons: "No entertainment options, were promised free wifi to watch superbowl at the gate only to be told later there were ZERO options for entertainment, no tv, movie or wifi let alone free."

Pros: "That's it was fast and organized"

Pros: "Kayak e mails on gate changes and such"
Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "I liked the coffee."
Cons: "Flight was delayed by at least 45 minutes, making me miss my connecting flight. After that I had to wait 7 hours for the next available flight. Also the connecting flight was all the way on the other side of the airport. No one at the airport would help with directions to the next boarding area."

Pros: "Took off on time and arrived early"
Cons: "Leg room"

Pros: "The crew was awesome. I didn't have any food."
Cons: "I was very cramped. The 2 guys beside me were squished. The plane was 3 seats on both sides."

Pros: "Very friendly flight attendants & the pilots kept us posted on everything which made me feel extra comfortable!"

Pros: "i didnot like any thing"
Cons: "they cancle the flight time so meny and i got other flight cancled"

Cons: "Delayed departure, changed gate."

Pros: "Flight was delayed due to malfunctions and then cancelled and we had to board another plane and wait two hours the arrival time in the destination to Phoenix was 3 hours later than anticipated"

Pros: "As I had stated in the first part of the survey the crew members were again very friendly & helpful"
Cons: "I was surprised at how little space there was for a taller person & again the price's for the food & beverages I thought was very pricey for the average person."

Pros: "-Flight Departed On Time From Newark To Phoenix Sunday 1/3/2016. -Flight Arrived 30 Minutes Early In Phoenix AZ. -United A.L. Fight Staff Is 1st Rate!"
Cons: "-United Airlines Check In Procedure @ Terminal C Newark International, Bag Drop Off & Colridinated TSA Check In System Was OverCrowded, Seemed Un-Organized, And Inefficient! -United Airlines Would Be Better Served To Assign Two Ajirline Agents To Assisit United Passengers With Bag Drop Offs & Flight/Seat Assignmnets. -Also The Fact That United A.L. Charges $25.00 Additional For Each Bag Is Ridiculous! Just Build The Cost Into Each Ticket Peice. Southwest Airlines Is Ahead Of The Curve On This! That's One Reason Why Southwest Is So Successful'"

Pros: "Excellent and friendly flight attendants"

Pros: "Prompt Couteous staff Very crowded"

Pros: "I got there on time"
Cons: "Why not have people board the plane based on sat number? Why this cattle call and stand in line like you're not going to get a seat? Everyone fighting for line position so they can get a place in the overhead bins? Stupid."

Pros: "No turbulence smooth flight. Friendly pleasant pilot. Quickly landed parked and unloaded passengers."
Cons: "Longest security line I've ever seen. I almost missed my flight though I was 3 hours early. Weird set up at departures. At gate warned flight overbookedso we were all stressed we may not even get seat though mine was booked months in advance. I was in zone 4 and they only allowed zones 1-3 to stow carry on items that we had to already lug around the airport for hours. I was forced to check my regulation sized bag in the passageway to the plane as well as everyone else in my zone. Economy seat especially tiny and cramped. Unpleasant flight attendents."

Cons: "4 hour delay because of scheduling"

Pros: "The crew and pilot was very courteous."
Cons: "The flight was delayed three times. It was two hours behind schedule. Then there was a delay in boarding, no entertainment on board unless you buy wifi or previously downloaded the united app to watch selected shows on your mobile device! Appalling to say the least! Whatever happened to the days when you get on an airplane and food and entertainment was a part of your ticket price! Another thing that bothered me was the fact that I had to pay $25 for my suitcase! Really United! Am I not allowed one piece of luggage? I don't like carry my bags around with me so now I have to pay to check it! Shouldn't that be the other way around! Charge for carry on luggage, it's such a hassle and also slows down boarding time, cases congestion in the hallway with everyone reaching for their luggage in the overhead bins! I can keep going, but what good is it gonna do. United airlines suck!"

Pros: "Amazing! Informative pilot, with fun geograpgical facts along the way. SMOOTHEST LANDING I HAVE WVER HAD!! Friendly staff. Flight was great."
Cons: "Planes seats are small, especially fitting 3 people in one row."

Pros: "Everything went smoothly, times were great!"
Cons: "Crew a little snippy.."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They cancelled my flight the morning of, I was rerouted through a later flight to AA when the United employee couldn't speak enough English to communicate, I misheard 2:30 when she actually said 2:13. Showed up an hour early as I always do at Eugene airport, only to have the gate shut in my face...we'd missed the flight. I then proceeded to get in my car and drive three hours to catch a connecting flight to Phoenix through traffic etc etc....only to arrive in Phoenix 6 hours later than expected. All of my evening business meetings, lost. Thanks United, you always seem to find a new way to screw it up."

Cons: "Take off delay due to catering"

Pros: "Even though it was a larger plane it boarded rather quickly for the number of passengers on board"
Cons: "The United Express spoiled me because of its smaller size but being roomier then the second half of my trip"

Pros: "TV service in plane was awesome feature"

Pros: "Theflight out was early and the stsff on both planes pleasent."
Cons: "The seats on flight out had no room and i was on top of my husband in order to give the poor man next to me room."

Pros: "Great Entertainment"
Cons: "Flight was delayed as a result of faulty air condition which made the waiting time very unbearable."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Port of Spain to Phoenix

Airlines flying from Port of Spain to Phoenix have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Port of Spain to Phoenix

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Port of Spain to Phoenix

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Port of Spain to Phoenix

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Port of Spain to Phoenix

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