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American AirlinesOverall score based on 47081 reviews
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Staff, flight, all good.

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Staff, flight, all good.

Wasn’t allowed to get on the flight even though we made it to our connecting gate 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

It left on time and arrived a few minutes early. The whole process of checking in, seating (got my upgrade thankfully!), and the meals (superb multi-grain healthy salad) were great. It arrived on time (actually a few minutes early). American continue to keep up its promise of customer service. I love being part of the American traveller family.

Pros: "My flight was canceled and I don't know when or how much I will be refunded. The flight was canceled due to "maintenance" and they booked me on a new flight...for 16 hours later on the NEXT DAY. That was not acceptable for me and my travel companion since we have work today. There were no other flights and rental cars were scarce. I was able to book us tickets on a bus, and incurred costs for the bus tickets and the transportation to the bus stop. I want to be compensated for those costs AND refunded for the price of the ticket."
Cons: "Everything. There was also a lot of miscommunication about how my gate checked bag would be handled. Once I got back to Austin, my husband had to drive all the way out to the airport to retrieve my bag because they were not able to give it to me in Dallas. It was a huge inconvenience all around."
Pros: "Flight 1751 Miami to Cleveland 1/11/21. Flight attendants did not enforce mask policy! Family of four sick sneezing, coughing, short of breath. The fathers mask was down the entire flight. Even when the flight attendants picked up the trash. They were informed after the flight they did not comply with CDC, Department of health, and state policies. Their response was “ I made announcements overhead. Didn’t you hear?”. Appalling endangering customers and disregarding Federal, State, and local policies."
Cons: "People promoting safety and doing their job."
Cons: "Departure time kept changing."
Pros: "Great crew"
Cons: "No delays."
Cons: "Entertainment screen and WiFi both not working for entire flight"
Cons: "Its okay"
Cons: "Let me cancel the flight for credit"
Cons: "The communication to the passengers. Our flight kept getting delayed every 30 min. They kept telling us different reasons. We were supposed to take off at 2:40pm and we waited every 30 min delay until 7pm. We have kids so we had to get home. We ended up renting a car and driving to Austin."
Pros: "Free checked bag. Comfy seats back in row 27."
Pros: "The window seat of this plane is so closely placed to the window that you can hardly sit straight up and down. Food is non existent and one drink offered in 4.5 hours is bad service"
Cons: "Virtually everything"
Cons: "They canceled my flight!!!!!"
Cons: "Everything"
Pros: "The flight was on time. The crew was friendly."
Cons: "Too little legroom."
Pros: "Friendly flight crew on full flight."
Cons: "Late take off"
Cons: "Flight was delayed an hour. Poor communication with passengers during the process."
Pros: "Entertainment options"
Cons: "Subpar , cramped flight the entertainment was the highlight"
Pros: "It was on time."
Cons: "Very small airplane for a 3 hours flight."
Pros: "Quick smooth flight"
Cons: "Everything went well with this flight."
Cons: "My flight was delayed an hour plus and I missed my rental car reservation. So now I'm stuck wih no car."
Cons: "Cramped seating"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "I bought travel insurance as I do with any trip. I have a complicated family emergency that forced me to call off the trip. Being that I bought trip insurance, I felt good. Well turns out they make you jump through so many hoops that your travel insurance fee is useless. I sent a letter to Allianz (the company that handles the travel insurance) and blasted them for their insensitivity in a difficult time. Going forward, I will not be purchasing travel insurance in the future. It may sound irrational but if you think about it, travel insurance is the tax on gullible people. You hear travel insurance and one assumes that if you spend the extra money on the insurance and something comes up, you can at least get much of your money back. Don't count on it! It's a 1/1000 chance they will do the right thing so the odds are not in people's favor. If you want to be smart, use the money you would have spent on travel insurance on some pre flight cocktails at the airport bar. Air travel is hellish enough without scams like Allianz!"
Cons: "Leg room/space BA offers is calculated for short and small body frame passengers and it is on not acceptable. It feels like cattle Wagon. BA should show consideration for real passengers not some sort of statistical average. I am 6'4" and sitting in your plane's cabin inflicts hours of body pain. The space given is sufficient for children and teenagers. Also sitting in the hot cabin for extended amount of time is extremely uncomfortable. Why there is no cooling and proper air ventilation right from the beginning?"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Cons: "The fact that we didn't know we were supposed to go to American Airlines to acquire our boarding pass. A heads up would've been appreciated."
Cons: "Was very stuffy and hot. Plane never cooled down."
Pros: "I got home safely"
Cons: "The airport was super crowded and the space in the plane was cramped (and I am a small person - 120 pounds). The plane was not clean and I actually picked up a virus on the plane and am still sick. I wiped down all of the surface area around my seat and still got sick. Airline travel is miserable and crowded and there is minimum service."
Cons: "He flight was extremely cold and they did not have any blankets. Very uncomfortable."
Pros: "There were no seats available together so we were upgraded to the extra room seats so that we could all sit together. As a mother flying by herself with 2 children, one of whom is on the Austin spectrum this gesture of being able to keep us together meant so much to all 3 of us. Thank you"
Pros: "I was traveling with two teenagers and originally there weren't 3 seats together. When we got to the gate they had reassigned our seats for us to sit all together. I appreciate that."
Cons: "We had already pulled out of the gate to leave when the captain informed us the plane had maintenance issues and we had to wait for a gate. We waited. When we got to the gate he announced the crew had timed out and that we should take our things and get down to wait for more information. Once at the gate we were told they were trying to put a new crew together for us, including the pilot. While we waited they did provide good quality deli food for us. I appreciate the food but the 5 hour delay, I did not appreciate."
Cons: "Delayed for 4 hours"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "While trying to get help with my boarding pass, the woman behind the counter was so rude and nasty. Yelled at me for being at her desk when another American employee took me there."
Pros: "I liked the 2 x 2 seating arrangement. Leg room was adequate."
Pros: "I got these flights for dj jobs I had under a us p2 visa. My original flight to dallas was delayed from 12:56 to 8pm which would of landed me in dallas at 2:21am but the club Fat Rabbit closes at 2am Which in fact was a 1300 (US dollar) loss. I re booked my ticket to Austin from Vancouver this morning because the only reason to go dallas was my job. Was supposed to fly in have dinner play music get back on the plane n go Austin but going to dallas was irrelevant and a 7 hour delay was absolutely ridiculous."
Cons: "The fact I lost 1300.00 us has pissed me off I'm contacting AA about this I have my visa papers n contracts to show proof if not action is taken i will be contacting a lawyer"
Cons: "Delayed on the ground and didn't make up any time in the air. Arrived 45 minutes late."
Pros: "New plane with leather like seats and good entertainment system."
Cons: "Board keeper rude to several guest who didn't want to check in their bag when there was plenty of room on the flight."
Pros: "Other than the delay, it was your basic 1 hour flight."
Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour."
Pros: "once i was allowed to board the flight attendants were kind and apologetic"
Cons: "they overbooked the flight. when I asked for clarification about what I should expect, people at the gate were rude for without provocation. They told me I had no seat and were unapologetic about their mistake. when they, at the last minute, said there was room, they assigned me a seat that was already taken."
Pros: "Crew were friendly and helpful, the magazine was worth reading and the flight was smooth and on time."
Cons: "The seat felt like a wooden block was strapped to my back."
Pros: "Landing at Logan and getting off American airlines"
Cons: "We arrived at St Stomas airport 85 minutes profile to our flights departure. The female manager, Latoya, at the desk was overly rude and completely out of line the way she was speaking to guests. Apparently American Airlines requests 90 minutes before departure to check you in, however their website does say they will try to accomadate customers that have arrived late. This employee refused 24 people access to the flight that we had booked and paid for. She related that she could put everyone on standby for the next and final flight out of Saint Thomas and standby for multiple connecting flights from Miami to many different parts of the country. This is because American Airlines over books their flights on purpose and has no problem leaving people stranded at an airport. Another employee related that it was easily accomplished to confirm is for the flight as we would have plenty of time prior to boarding since the aircraft had yet to arrive from its original location. American Airlines would not speak to any of the paid customers and would not look into other flights to see if there were other options to get customers home. When we boarded the plane there were still 4 customers that American Airlines stranded at the airport with no more flights out of the airport that day. This was an absolute disgrace and it was disgusting to see how the American Airlines staff were treating people. Their companies customer service has nothing to say other then sorry. I will never fly American Airlines again and now know why so many other people also feel this way."
Pros: "Checkin was fast. Crew is always pleasant."
Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable. I chose to upgrade my seat and was charged but i couldnt see any difference between my seat and anyone elses. I dont understand how it works. Then I was refunded the upgrade amount..."
Pros: "The crew was kind and courteous. Highly professional and helpful."
Cons: "Aside from flying through a huge storm which is out of anyone's control and arriving 20 minutes early only to have to sit on the plan as the terminal was occupied, my trip was great."
Pros: "The flights were on time. The crew friendly and seats comfortable."
Cons: "Not a better selection of food items."
Pros: "Loved the idea of a screen in front of me, but mine didn't work"
Cons: "the flight was 4 hours late. we were constantly shuffled to different gates. the internet on the flight didn't work."

Be on time

Pros: "We didn’t crash"
Cons: "Everything. No charging no entertainment food was awful. Few was meh. But you sure got your money didn’t you"
Pros: "They were friendly. Seats are rarely comfortable..."
Cons: "I think all planes need better leg room...."
Cons: "Make sure all passengers can watch movies"
Pros: "The flight delay 12hours, due to no reason"
Pros: "Comfortable seats, great entertainment over wifi on my iPad."
Cons: "Delayed 2 hours"
Pros: "N/A"
Cons: "If my flight hasn’t been delayed and if one of the flight attendants didn’t have an attitude towards me."
Cons: "Delayed 1.5 hrs because of broken bathroom in orginal plane"
Pros: "Departed and arrived on time."
Cons: "Legroom was minimal."
Pros: "Captain kept us updated on everything going on, he made up time and got us to Austin pretty much on time. Staff was friendly. Huge plus was Houston’s terminal updates for United with iPads to order food - made it quick and easy to eat and run!"
Cons: "Gate was changed and Houston is a huge airport so lots of walking, flight was delayed, no snacks and only room temp water offered, no entertainment provided"
Pros: "I like that the Captain made the announcements and updates himself."
Cons: "Repeated maintenance delays that appeared to be never ending. Captain and Crew gave good, fairly honest updates, but they were unable to source another aircraft and got lucky that the maintenance crew was able to fix it. Our row (32 DEF) was even narrower than the other rows and there were no outlets available for charging onboard."
Pros: "Everything was fine once we got on the plane."
Cons: "United took our plane and gave it to another delayed flight, meaning they delayed us by over 4 hours. Didn’t take off until 12:30 am when we were supposed to have taken off at 7:55 pm."
Pros: "frequency of drink/food service. Appreciated the ice cream."
Cons: "Food was not good. chicken or pasta were the choices, we sampled both. Neither was good - some of the worst airplane food Ive had. On our return flight from Munich to Houston we had same choices but it was a different type of chicken - curry chicken - and that was excellent. I would recommend you serve the same thing on your Houston - Munich flights! Seat comfort (bottoms) not so good."
Pros: "Pilots did a nice job."
Cons: "Speakers at boarding gate mostly inop and didn’t hear announcements."
Pros: "Food, Snacks"
Cons: "Leg Space"
Pros: "It was a nightmare. They changed gate numbers with no notification so I was at the wrong gate. Then they left 20 mins early which they aren’t suppose to do. Was stuck at the airport all day waiting for another flight to open."
Cons: "Got so good exercise from walking all over Newark airport."
Pros: "crowded, hot"
Pros: "We did not crash. Eventually we got to our destination."
Cons: "All flights were awful. None were on time. I paid for economy plus aisle seat but was put in economy middle seat anyway. Asked for refund and was sent to 3 different people. The final person, a gate agent for my departing gate, Peggy Hunter, told me that she has 35 years experience and she knows everything about United Airlines’ processes. Told me the only way I might get a refund is to submit online but that paying extra for a seat upgrade doesn’t mean I will actually get one and that I should read the fine print on the ticket. Had previously spoken to another gate agent who had told me that I could ask for a refund at the departing gate. Wifi didn’t work. On one of three delayed flights had to beg for water to take my medicine. I will make extra efforts to avoid using this mediocre airline."
Cons: "I didn't like how they switched my seat and stuck me in the middle of to stinky people"
Cons: "Seats were small with not much leg room"
Cons: "I brought a small carry on backpack with my duffle bag and was told I couldn't my small bag on the carry on, had to manage to stuff it in my duffle bag, when I get to check in ladies with purses bigger than my small bag were on board. Besides this unpleasant 15 min of worry everything was great."
Pros: "The flight went as expected"
Cons: "I did not get notice of a last minute Terminal change, and had to run to the gate, even though I was at the terminal 3 hours before my flight. I signed up for push notifications, texts, and email, but Igor no notice."
Pros: "Sadly, I am unable to find anything positive to say, aside from one customer service agent at LAX of the 7 I dealt with"
Cons: "The lack of accountability. Rude staff. The TSA was even more welcoming. Any time I had a question, I was pawned off to another agent, who would ignore me. I had to walk back and forth from gate to gate and was charged $310 for luggage."
Pros: "There was nobody in the middle seat, which was nice."
Cons: "The wifi broke, and the flight arrived one hour late. It wasn't the best experience."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "Quick flight"
Cons: "The run from one gate to the other side of the airport, catching a tram to reach it in time."
Cons: "Departed over 3 hours late"
Cons: "The flight was overbooked, and I had to check my bag because the plane ran out of space for carry-one. Thankfully, this service was free."
Cons: "Arrived in SFO late due to delay from SBP on flight 5022. Rushed to the gate for flight 5992 which was scheduled to board at 2:00 and depart at 2:25. Arrived at the gate at 2:12 with 4 other passengers, 3 of which came from flight 5022. Found the door to the jetway closed and no airline employee to be seen. One fellow passenger ran to a neighboring gate to ask an employee for help and was told they could not help us. Another passenger called united customer service and was put on hold. At 2:23 the united employee emerged from the jetway and told us that we had gotten there too late. When we told the employee that all 5 passengers had been waiting at the gate for ever 10 minutes, the employee argued, insisted that we were lying. This was not only extremely unprofessional but also added insult to injury after we had missed this flight due to fault 100% on united's shoulders and none of our own. I am completely baffled how an employee could not wait just a few minutes when you have 5 passengers rushing in late. The employee could have looked in the system and seen that we were already on the ground and coming from a near by gate. I was rebooked on flight 1889 at a later time. After boarding 1889 a maintenance issue was detected requiring all passengers to deplane. It is beyond me why this issue was not discovered until after the flight had been boarded, when at that time the plane had been sitting at the gate for over two hours. After being delayed over an hour we were on our way to Austin. Ultimately I arrived in Austin 5 hours after my original arrival time due to the incompetence of united airlines. I was disappointed by the lack of professionalism and compassion by united employees throughout the ordeal."
Pros: "We were on the beach and could have hung out a full hour more if given ample notice... Not too happy about that..."
Pros: "Great view. My wife and 3 year old's seats were separated and I had bought a ticket on this flight home at the last minute so my seat was quite far away. The gate agent went above and beyond by loving some people and putting all three of us together!"
Pros: "quick and efficient way to get to O'Hare."
Pros: "Very polite and helpful staff"
Cons: "Food could be better"
Cons: "These stroopwaffels are too sweet."
Pros: "They double booked my seat and forced me to sit in an emergency exit row. Pretty sure this is against FAA regulation."
Cons: "I was bumped from my confirmed flight and had to sprint across the airport to catch an earlier flight where they put me in the back of the plane in a middle seat with an entertainment monitor that didn't work. The flight attendant said she'd try to reset the monitor and then never came back the rest of the flight. I also was not compensated for agreeing to take another flight than the one I booked, paid for and successfully checked in for. I also got into Austin later than I wanted with this new flight I was forced to take. Overall this experience was a terrible one unfortunately."
Pros: "It was a good flight."
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "United's flight crew was very courteous and accomodating. At a time where customer service overall has taken a noticeable step back in most industries, it was nice to receive good service. Especially considering I was traveliing with my family of five (3 kids under 11)."
Cons: "While I understand this is not specific to United Airlines, I've flown now for about 40 years and this incessant need to monetize EVERYTHING on a flight is just frustrating. I am a 6'2", fit man and I'm not able to get a coach seat with leg room without paying an additional BOTH directions of my flight. This is after paying to check my FIRST bag...but before paying for any food or entertaiment i want to consume during the 3:45+ flight. Yes, charge for WI-FI; charge for alcoholic beverages, charge for OVERWEIGHT baggage. Charging for food and other items which were complementary 10 to 15 years ago is insulting."
Pros: "The seat was comfortable, leg room, no one hitting me when I was sleeping"
Cons: "N/a"
Cons: "First of all I've taken quite a few trips and i normally fly Southwest. Southwest service is always great. I had change of plans and hadon't to fly delta; the crew and the pilot were very rude. I was in the lobby area and i was standing when the pilot of Delta passed by he bumped me and literally growled at me, the boarding process a crew member became frustrated with a family boarding. The plane ride was uncomfortable i am 6'3" tall and had no leg room or shoulder room"
Pros: "Fast boarding"
Cons: "nothing"
Pros: "UA did a good job, but Houston International was closed off/on due to bad weather, so it was a mess."
Pros: "The flight was on time, and the attendants courteous."
Cons: "However, the seats were so cramped, it was pretty miserable, even for just a 2 hour flight. With no snacks even offered because of turbulence, and no working wifi or seat back TVs, there was nothing to distract from how uncomfortable we all were. Plus, Austin's airport layout requires travelers to walk awfully far to get bags and then a rental car. Don't dare be disabled or feeling unwell--you'll never make it! Of course our gate was furthest from baggage claim, & someone's has to be. Nevertheless, it's a terrible layout, w/ pedestrians pushing through boarding queues and where others are lined-up to buy food."
Pros: "Very comfortable plane. 2 seats on a side, 5 thumbs up."
Pros: "Everyone was great. A young lady on my Houston to Austin flight helped me find my seat. A young man on my NY to Houston flight was very friendly!!!"
Pros: "Friendly crew, boarding was pretty efficient"
Cons: "No complimentary snacks on the flight from Austin to Los Angelss. Entertainment was non existent unless you paid for wifi, even then you can't stream videos and no TVs at all"
Cons: "Small commuter jet with small poorly padded seats"
Pros: "I was able to book at the last minute and received a decent price for a flight to st Thomas after I was not notified I didn't have a real ticket with american airlines."
Cons: "There was no food serviced and no entertainment"

Left on time and arrived early! Deplaned quickly and all around efficiency

Worst flight I ever experienced. I highly recommend to do not use spirit airline. They changed my flight more than 4 times. And they never explained why the flight was delayed. And they just offered to me a boucher for food to compensate. Me and my girlfriend had to sleep on the floor of the airport. Terrible experience with spirit airlines

I’ve never had an issue with Spirit. I think people kind gang up on them because they’re an easy target.

Pros: "The crew was amazing the seats where comfortable and the plane was very clean"
Cons: "give a complimentary snack bag, ( small bottle of water, pretzels or fruit bar, and sanitary wipe)"
Cons: "Spirit has jacked up our flights and plans now twice in a row. 100% failure so far. Will never use them again."
Cons: "More pad on the seats"
Cons: "They did not refund our ticket during covid-19"
Pros: "The price for me to fly from Detroit to Austin on Spirit was great. Thank you for making travel more affordable yo see my family!"
Cons: "On the first leg going to FLL, the plane when landed tilted to the right on the pathway and then the pilot gain control of the plane back."
Cons: "Free snacks and movies and reclining chairs"
Pros: "Easy check in Easy to navigate DTW Smooth and uneventful flight"
Pros: "The crew was fun!"
Cons: "It was all on point"
Pros: "Yes / No"
Cons: "Went from an expected 7 hr layover to an unexpected 12 hour layover"
Cons: "Good value upto a point."
Pros: "My landing was great"
Cons: "No one announces the boarding of the flight."
Cons: "I managed to book one of the best seats on the plane....not sure how I did it but I will do it again!!!"
Cons: "Better seats"
Pros: "Left on time, got in early.staff was nice"
Cons: "Not paying for water.."
Cons: "Bathroom was absolutely disgusting. It looked and smelled like it had not been cleaned in a very long time."
Pros: "Crew very attentive with smiles. I don’t care for the tight seating with no entertainment offer. No plane should not be without WiFi. One complimentary drink should be included."
Cons: "Our flight changed fueling plans and caused a delay which made us miss our connecting flight. The connection stopped boarding at the gate directly next to our exit gate as we were getting off of the plane. We were forced to get a hotel room overnight to get a flight the next day with no compensation from Spirit. I will never fly Spirit again."
Pros: "Flight was fast crew was helpful and entertaining"
Pros: "Seat assignment"
Cons: "No in flight entertainment."
Pros: "Crew members were friendly"
Cons: "Delayed flight three times"
Pros: "Polite crew."
Cons: "Well going to st thomas I found my very expensive suitcase have 2 broken wheels. After talking to customer service I was told, "well ma'am the fairs are cheap, you can buy another one". Now landing back into Fort Lauderdale and note a 4 hour delay I find my suitcase has now all broke. Wheels and the 2 prior ones broken now officially broke. Off. It's great if you wanna fly cheap but you literally get what you pay for."
Pros: "Arrived on time."
Cons: "Sitting on taxi-way waiting for a gate spot to open. Put pressure on making connection flight."
Cons: "Boarded. Deplaned. Delayed."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled"
Pros: "They booked me on another airline so I didn't have to fly spirit."
Cons: "The flight was delayed several hours, causing me to miss my connector. They told me they'd give me vouchers for a hotel and transportation in Fort Lauderdale, but instead booked me on an American flight to Charlotte and didnt tell me. Had to sprint across the airport when the American airlines people called my name over the intercom and nearly missed that flight because of the lack of communication."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "40lbs luggage limit when other airlines have 50lbs limit. Seats were very tight - had aisle seat and could barely get my legs inside the row. Nickel and dime you for everything. They bill as low price air fares but when you add up the luggage and seat fares you might has well fly airlines where they offer water free."
Cons: "Seats don't recline"
Pros: "Very friendly, helpful, fair, and hard working ground and air crews. If you pay for a carry-on, you board group one guaranteeing overhead room for the bag."
Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats that do not recline."
Cons: "Boarded late, took off late, rude flight attendants actually said to one customer "if you don't like it don't fly us", pilot couldn't even line plane up to gate so had to wait for someone to come move us; they wouldn't do anything to help people who had tight connection; brought us in at gate that was at the opposite end of the airport from their other flights so with late arrival we had to sprint a great distance to get to our connecting Spirit flight. That was a joke because of course that flight didn't board or take off on time either. Of ur 4 flight segments for our round trip to St Thomas, each and every segment had some significant problem and delay."
Pros: "Flight was smooth."
Cons: "Late departure lead to almost missing our connecting flight."
Cons: "When we arrived to check in, we were immediately told we would not be making our connection, we would be staying in Florida for the night and there was absolutely no other solutions to be discussed and pushed to the side. When I tried to speak with the woman at the counter inside at the gate, she continued to talk on her cell phone, telling me "no, I do nothing for you." I finally said we need to figure out a way to negotiate something, can we please see if any other flights are available that would put us closer to South Carolina. After she reluctantly hung up her cell phone, she searched and said she had a flight to Atlanta but we would be "stuck" there on our own with no luggage and she couldn't do anything about that either. I said I would drive from Atlanta to South Carolina as I absolutely needed to be back the following morning. She said she would make the switch but whatever else happens is on us and not to call her again. She said we would have to retrieve our luggage in South Carolina the following afternoon as she couldn't get our luggage to the Atlanta plane so "don't even ask." I kindly asked her to put my luggage through to our first stop, Florida, we would handle it ourselves. We arrived in Florida, ran to baggage, collected our bags and had them transferred to the Atlanta plane, and ran back through security to make our flight. I can completely understand weather being an issue that calls for no reimbursement, however, the absolutely rudeness and lack of social skills and empathy of the spirit team was disheartening. We will not even attempt to spend money our money with spirit and see if we have a better outcome next time. I will not be recommending this airline and asked my friends to choose another airline for their trip so they would not be treated the same way."
Pros: "Hate the airline"
Cons: "3$ for a water ... $160 for bags. Customer just left hospital and could not carry bags !!! Total total rip ... !!!"
Pros: "The flight was on schedule. The employees represent well."
Cons: "If you are not familiar with Spirit, the baggage fees (that you don't know about until you print your boarding pass) will more than eat up the "bare fares" savings. Hands down the most uncomfortable commercial airplane I have ever been on. If you are taller than 6-foot, you will be especially uncomfortable."
Cons: "First time using kayak to book a flight through spirit. Heard rumors of the airline and they were all true. I'd rather pay a few bucks more with American or another airline that takes its customers seriously. For a 4.5 hour flight and no reclining seats? The list could go on. Never again."
Pros: "There was no one at the agent desk during the boarding time and that's when we all started to look up the status of the flights. Finally someon showed up but was unsure about the delay time. I had to react quick and purchase a flight with American to make it back in time for work. When I called spirit customer service I was told you missed your flight so no refund. After re-explaining my situation it fell on deaf ears. Reality of this is that I won't fly spirit unless it's my final chance to get somewhere that is an emergency. The seats are uncomfortable and not even water is complimentary. Cheap flight but all the add-On are not worth it"
Pros: "The crew was humerus and provided my ease in our travel. The flight was very wonderful!"
Pros: "Nice crew, clean seats"
Pros: "I was not aware of location and almost mist the flight other then that it was on time"
Pros: "I liked nothing except the water views during this flight! My window was dirty though so even that was marred."
Cons: "Dirty window, some kind of oily film, yuck. Dirty seat back in front of me too. A sticky looking spill that no one wiped before we boarded. Seats felt hard and small. But, as always, if we land safely it was a great experience!"
Pros: "Great Value"
Cons: "Late night arrival"
Pros: "$100 each if you miss a flight!! $50 for 1 checked bag each way! No tv, no wifi, no complimentary water!! Plane was delayed an hour"
Cons: "Spirit is a rip off!!"
Pros: "The price and the info from the crew were very good."
Cons: "The boarding area had no air conditioning and no info on arrival times."
Cons: "I don't feel my original fare was at any significant discount and wound up paying more in the end then if I had chosen Delta and got my points. Beside that, not having an electronic boarding pass is a deal breaker for me."
Pros: "The smooth take off and landing"
Cons: "That you have to pay for everything and i mean everything juice, chips, water you name it...."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

Airlines flying from Saint Thomas Island to Austin have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Saint Thomas Island to Austin

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30h 25mSTT-AUS
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19h 50mSTT-AUS

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Saint Thomas Island - Austin Flights


Saint Thomas Island (STT)U.S. Virgin Islands


Austin (AUS)United States

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